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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Overnight Recap

Good morning! I’m operating on a little less than 2 hours sleep so I’m sorry in advance for whatever you’re about to read. Have you ever taken cold medicine at bedtime and then had the drowsy part of it backfire on you? Well, that was my night. It feels like you’ve drank an entire pot of coffee with a sleeping pill chaser. I didn’t miss the show last night because luckily for me, I’ve given my husband my cold so he didn’t feel like celebrating his birthday! (Kidding about being lucky….sort of)


As you already know, Angela is the new hoh. I loved that it came down to Angela and Rockstar since those two can’t stand each other. That’s the 2nd comp Rockstar’s done very well in and I could see her winning one if she’s there long enough. She’s going to be Angelas target unless Tyler changes her mind or the apps mess with who ends up on the block. I’ll backtrack and go over the night and why Rockstar’s public enemy #1.

Before the live show:  A short time before the live show, Tyler told Bayleigh that Rachel had approached him, told him about Bayleighs power and said Rachel wanted the two of them to work together to get Bayleigh out next. He said he was sure she was the single vote to evict Kaitlyn in an attempt to frame him for it and he was going to vote to evict her. Bayleigh still thought they had the votes so she was fine with Tylers decision. This is why he wasn’t included in the names being tossed around trying to figure out who flipped last night. He was upfront about his vote and he’d planned it that ways days ago.

Thursday episode: Brett will be the king of BB20 speeches regardless of where he places in the game. We’d talked about him maybe losing Sam’s vote but once I heard his speech, I wasn’t worried about it. He told his made up stories about Rachel but since he didn’t get nasty and take personal digs at her, Sam didn’t have a reason to be mad at him. I remained about 25% worried over JC’S vote though until he said Rachel’s name. Here’s a few thoughts on the episode:

  • I was irritated with the Swaggy segment. We’ve been saying “Yes! The only shomance ended week 2!” (maybe some of you were saying “Yos!” if you want to talk like Rockstar)  I envision Alison Grodner reading Twitter updates, seeing us say “Yos, no more shomance” and she says “back up bitches, we’re not done yet! Get Swaggy on a plane to Missouri…NOW! Since Kaitlyn can’t work a preschool puzzle, we need filler for Thursday’s show! ”  Ok, that may not be exactly how it happened but no sleep, remember?
  • Rockstar is so hung up on who “deserves ” to be there based on finances, I wonder if she’d put Bayleigh in the undeserving category if she saw the size of Bayleighs parents foyer. Lee Summit MO is the 6th largest city in MO, has a median income of $88,000 and 76% of homes are owned instead of rented.  We have a low cost of living so that’s fairly high. The population of just under 100,000 people is approximately 85% “white privileged” as Rockstar would define them. (Just some random trivia for ya)
  • I liked seeing Julie have Casual Friday on a Thursday. We don’t see her in jeans often and lets be real,  she’s probably had a rough week.
  • It didn’t sound like Rachel was pleading her case in the living room during voting.  They aren’t supposed to talk at that time but sometimes it happens anyway. From her interview, it sounded like she didn’t think anything Brett said was going to change the votes so she probably didn’t. She knew she would have some damage control to do with Bayleigh but she thought she’d be in the house to do it.
  • Rachel had a great interview from our perspective but she’ll hate it. Someone with her career goals in entertainment will wish she’d been more composed and witty. I like Rachel and hope she’ll realize that she was giving us a raw, true Rachel which was better than a fake smile and lame jokes. I enjoyed her eviction but felt really bad for her too.
  • I know Julie’s probably had a bad week but didn’t the interview feel a little like a police interrogation? “Who voted for you? Give me names, I want names!” I was waiting for her to bring out a bright light bulb on a string and some rubber hoses!
  • The episode made it look like Tyler and JC should get the credit for taking out Rachel when Angela deserved a lot of it. She didn’t get any credit the week before either for Kaitlyn’s eviction and she deserved some.
  • We found out about the Hacker comp twist and that it will be a 9 person jury. The Hacker twist sounds similar to BB Roadkill. I wonder if the “prizes” are the 2 apps not chosen by Tyler, Sam and Bayleigh. They said it will happen for two weeks and there were two apps left over.

Steve covered a lot of what happened after the feeds came back  and it was what we expected. JC planted seeds of blame, Fessy looked like he forgot his own name and Hayleigh went looking for chapstick to kiss the the butt of the new hoh. Rockstar was crying because her nemesis was still in the house, Tyler spread his cover story around about his vote and Sam went back to the kitchen. (probably whipping up some homemade jam or taking apart the cabinets to repurpose them to  build an airplane)

Feeds After Eviction: Everyone was pointing fingers to find the one who flipped. Rockstar was quick to blame Hayleigh, Fessy fell under suspicion but they mostly settled on Rockstar. JC spread a rumor the past few days that he saw RS and Brett talking alone in a room. He’d be ok with Scottie taking the blame but RS was his target all week and it paid off. Let’s look at the detective skills of Foutte/Hive. Here are the 5 most likely options to choose from. One of them is highly likely and three of them are reasonable:

  • #1-Scottie is a recent addition to the alliance they don’t completely trust and who’s been hanging out with Brett all week. It could be Scottie…
  • #2- Hayleigh has a personal relationship with Brett and gets along well with the other side of the house. She spent a lot of time with him this week. It could be Hayleigh..
  • #3- Fessy doesn’t like competing with Brett for Hayleighs attention but he’s been vocal about the women taking out the guys.  It could be Fessy…
  • #4- There are 5 people in Hive, one of them was hoh so 4 of them voted. Is it possible the 4 votes to evict came from the 4 Hive people? Is it also possible the 5th vote they thougt they had (JC) who ISN’T in the alliance flipped? Nah! Not even a possibility because he said he didn’t do it.
  • #5- Rockstar hates Brett, Brett hates Rockstar. They never speak and have nothing in common but…she probably has a secret alliance with Brett. She also saved him 2 weeks ago even though he tried to ruin her game right before she voted to save him. Yos, this has to be it!!

We got a bit more information on the hacker twist. This isn’t for sure because it’s coming from hg’s conversations only. If they are correct, the person who wins can replace one of the noms, choose one of the veto players and take away someone’s vote. While most of the house was still trying to figure out if Rockstar killed Jimmy Hoffa, along with her other crimes, Sam came up with a plan for all of them to simply stop playing BB. She called a house meeting while Angela was having her one-on-ones. People were worried about how much the twist would mess up their games. She said the twist couldn’t mess it up if they agreed to throw the comp to her. She gave her word she wouldn’t use the power to change a nom, she’d choose herself to play in the veto but not really compete and take away her own vote. You may think I’m crazy but I LOVED this idea if it could’ve actually worked. It can’t which JC and RS were quick to point out. You can’t expect a nominee who has a chance to take themselves off the block, not to take it. They may trust Sam to do what she said but they don’t trust everyone else to throw it. I loved it because I believe Sam’s telling the truth and I think the hg’s believed her too. Ya’ll know I HATE unnecessary twists and it’s a way to ignore it the way they ignored the tree last season. If they let Sam have it, someone still wins so it wouldn’t be a complete refusal to participate. People throw comes all the time. If Sam chose herself to play in the veto but didn’t actually do it, it’d be the same thing Caleb did when they decided to get out Frankie in BB16. Obviously, this plan didn’t go anywhere but I almost wish it would’ve. This season is too great to mess it up with some Roadkill type bullshit. We’ll also maybe lose feeds for most of the day today if it’s an individual comp. Oh well, Sam had the wrong motives but the right solution in my opinion. Nobody in productions asked for my opinion so Hacker comp, here we go…

Bayleigh was a complete jerk to RS last night. She wanted to know if RS flipped her vote and she came at her hard. She talked to her in a very hateful and accusing way. Bayleigh was raising her voice and when RS went from a whisper to a regular speaking voice, Bayleigh told her to lower her voice. At one point, she told RS to shut up. (That’s about the moment I’d have been ejected for punching her in the face)  She went on and on about how everybody’s done her wrong, she’s been left out and has no one to trust. RS reminded her that she hadn’t been left out and they have a final 3 with Hayleigh. Bay wanted proof for something RS couldn’t prove. She told Bay to watch the show after, said she’d never done her wrong and said it very sincerely. I noticed during Bays hoh that RS was often her verbal punching bag. Bay insults everyone but she does it more often with RS. Bay’s just pissed she couldn’t keep her big mouth shut about her app and needs everything to be someone else’s fault. After more than one conversation accusing RS, Bay talked to Brett and he confirmed he had nothing going with RS. Afterward, Bay told RS that Brett cleared everything up for her and she knew they didn’t have a secret alliance. This is the moment Bay apologized to RS for all the mean things she said and asked RS to forgive her……ya right! That didn’t happen. Bay told RS she was cleared and basically dismissed her.  (Bay took the word of the person she has no relationship with and just tried to get evicted over someone who’s been with her since the beginning) RS is going to have a rough week. Brett’s still in the house and that and lone had her in tears. Her alliance is doubting her, Bay is yelling at her and she thinks someone on her side is sabotaging them. Oh yeah, she’s also about to be nominated.

Angela continued her one on one’s while enjoying her hoh wine. (She shared it)  She started with the plan of RS and Fessy for noms with Scottie as a potential backdoor. JC talked a lot and she tuned most of it out. Tyler made a subtle push for Bayleigh as a backdoor and told her they may have a hard time getting JC on board to get rid of Fessy. Fessy told Angela he was a straight shooter and a comp beast for the most part. Hayleigh had an idea without Angela saying it who was going on the block and assured her she was ok with it. RS spoke of it being a crazy night, said she hoped she wasn’t going up but understood whatever happened. Angela told Sam to relax and have an easy week because she wasn’t going anywhere. Bay got the assurance she wasn’t going up and spent some of her time telling Angela how to eat her breakfast and how to handle her hoh. When someone knocked on the hoh door, Bay said “who is it?” before Angela could say to come in.  She still thinks she’s in charge, I suppose. Angela told Scottie he may be going up as a pawn but hoped he won the hacker comp or veto. She said she’d take him down if she won. She told him like she told everyone that her noms were going to be based on the only two people she’d heard would nominate her. Scottie admitted he’d said it but said it was because of Rachel and not Angela. He also said it was weeks ago. She’s playing up the hacker comp and saying her noms won’t necessarily be who she wants out because they’re probably going to change. She did not tell RS she was going to put up people who’d “said her name” like she did to most everyone else. As of now, RS and Scottie will be the noms with RS as the target. Angela won’t be upset if Scottie is evicted though.

I had some thoughts on her nominations, targets and the possible app interference but as usual, I’ve ran long with my recap. Steve may be out of town this weekend and I may be doing some daytime updating. If that happens, I’ll go over that stuff this weekend while the feeds are down.

Have a great Friday!




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  1. Avatar

    Get Swaggy on a plane to Missouri…NOW! Since Kaitlyn can’t work a preschool puzzle, we need filler for Thursday’s show! ”


  2. ShoeLover

    Watching BBAD now!! Who ever suggested the closed captioning, THANK YOU!!! It’s a whole new world out there!! Whisper alllll you want housepets, this girl knows it all now!!!

  3. Avatar

    Hello people just wanted to say thank you for the 70 downvotes on the last post lol it truly is an honor. As you all know I am a loyal bee to the hive but Bayleigh definitely needs a reality check. Talk to me like that and I’ll drag you all over that house pots and pans included lol. Love me a good heated argument but not a bully. I myself do love the twists and turns of the game, especially this season. With the paranoia as rampant as it is it adds just the right amount of drama. I am really excited to see where Bayleighs Head is at at with her app. If I’m on the level 6,5,4 side I’m definitely pushing to backdoor Bay. I don’t think she will use her power because she is silly.

    • danmtruth

      Just as Bay , Hay RS wanted to backdoor TY ( Fess just is clueless why that was a good idea ) The L6-5-4 should strike while they have a chance against Bay As much as I would like to see RS gone Now that you have a chance to get her drop Bay

      congratulations on your 70 thumbs downs After defending the hive you might want to take on a slightly easier cause like Lawyers & politicians the true standers of truth

      • Avatar

        It would be way easier to defend them haha if Bay doesn’t use her app I’m not expecting a lot from the hive this week though. I do think Scottie or Fessy will be booted this week though.

      • danmtruth

        Bay has said she will only use it if she feels threatened on her and only her The HIVE thinks she will use it on any of them sorry no

      • Sassy

        I’d love for Bay to feel safe, Angela put her up, and she wins Veto. Oh the drama that would cause!!

      • Sassy

        I would like to see Bay leave this week with her app still in her pocket, but I like the drama more than I dislike her…

  4. LO1004

    Production’s interference is completely unnecessary this year and they need to step back. This new twist isn’t needed as the season has plenty going on. If they want space to fill, they should bring the Have/Have Not comps back.

    Sam’s idea might be ok in theory, but she mentioned something about not being able to vote if she throws it, and L6 need her vote, so as soon as she said that, I wasn’t on board.

    I noticed Julie’s interview was a bit off and she was reading directly from the cards which I don’t see her doing regularly. Considering the week she had, I’m sure she didn’t really know of much going on in the house.

    Bay and RS. When people speak down to others, it’s usually because they think they are better than the other person and watching her in action last night made me sick, and I don’t even like RS. Bay needs to accept the fact that she made no relationships other than Swaggy in the first couple weeks and now she’s paying for it. No one will be loyal because they have no reason to be and she can’t demand answers because now all of a sudden she feels like playing the game. I hope they BD her this week and she can talk to herself about how great she is in the jury house alone.

    • Avatar

      1000% agree with everything you wrote! Hoping Bay gets the boot this week for sure. She is horrible!

      • Avatar

        I agree as well! I hope she gets the boot too. She has been condescending and arrogant. Her true colors showed during her HOH. Hope she gets backdoored…

      • stillstanding

        i had hope for bey. (looking forward to a woman of color winning – yes i said it) what a disappointment! not only making super bad decisions – spilling the beans on her app, not even questioning tyler, revenge decision on putting brett otb, even tho is he a threat and an a**. most of all she is rude, condescending, egomaniac.

  5. ElaineB

    Thx Mel! Even with a cold/on meds, you still entertain and enlighten. The Chris segment was definitely filler, and it could have been left out….don’t care about the supposed ‘love affair’ between Chris/Bay. Personally, I am glad that there aren’t any other showmances, especially after last season’s “Den of Soiled Sheets”. I would like to see Brett continue to flirt-mance Hay, in part to move her to the ‘dark side’, but also because it pisses off Fessy.

  6. danmtruth

    Was there anyone from the HIVE who did not promise if they won the HACKER To come up and tell Angela and figure out what to do Like I don’t know ? NOT USE IT to keep her noms the same

    Svengoolie TY just keeps hypnotizing people to tell him all there deepest secrets

    All the HIVE members must have caught RS math deficiency syndrome Every time they go over and count the votes they think one of them has flipped At the base there are 5 of them Excluding when one is the HOH they all voted together Except each vote need more than 4 votes so the always included other people they were not loyal to But thought they were fooled to be loyal to them Yet those people KC,Angels TY and Jc never did Than the hive always turned on each other as the flipper NO NO NO you never had the other votes Einstein Math its not that hard Good thing RS works at gentlemen’s club were the patrons are looking at other things and not looking at the wrong change she probably is giving them

  7. kneeless

    IF, and It’s a BIG if, RS was smart she should consider actually going to Brett & trying to work with him. Of course, it’s too late now but she’s been on the wrong side of the vote every time, except Kaitlyn. Rather than crying, think girl, think!

  8. HappyHippo

    When I woke up this morning level 6/5/4 we’re talking and acting like their plan was to backdoor bay? Maybe they were just throwing out ideas…
    I feel kind of bad for RS. Still absolutely cannot stand her viewpoints AT ALL but the way bay was talking to her on top of just barely losing hoh and Brett not leaving to going on the block…rough week for crayola. Bay needs a slap in the face.
    I hate production adding in twists. I would love to see just one season go straight through without any twists..just pure gameplay!
    Also the swaggy insert was absolutely ridiculous. So scripted and so unnecessary! We got rid of his ass already. Leave it that way
    Thanks Mel! Get some rest 🙂

  9. mm22

    Sam’s spot light clip was about her family n friends n hometown cheers
    Bayleigh’s was all about Swaggy C
    Do we really care what he’s doing outside the house? Nope !!!!

    • Jenny

      Well, if there’s a Swaggy Baby on the way… now they’ve set up a whole special episode about the first BB baby!!!! That’s the only excuse I can think of for the “meet the family” bit. Maybe they can get married at the season finale… and then we’ll have a one-hour reunion episode where everybody gushes over the baby. Ugh.

  10. danmtruth

    Mel meds or not great job !

    Bay is back to reading her bible Bless her heart Than again she might be getting ideas of different ways to smite people

  11. Painter1

    Once again we witness the Hive miss interpret another eviction. I agree they can’t count numbers and really have no clue who is working with who. Ty keeps slithering his way in and out of their alliance but they can’t see it? Too funny.

  12. danmtruth

    housepets just got a message from BB so feeds will be down for a while I think

    talk among yourselves

    RS seems defeated does not seem like she wants to talk to anyone beside her Hive friends Buck up buttercup grab a mitt get in the game SOCIALIZE

    Need some sort of messy comp Things blowup there face Dive in gunk Did you see on the old seasons the comp they sat on a small piece of wood and were slammed into a padded wall Something like that

  13. Avatar

    I was struck by just how great Bayleigh’s family seems to be while she, herself, is such a terrible person. This seems to be a case where the apple fell far from the tree!

    • Avatar

      Bay said that her mother is very loud and her father is more laid back. That being the case, she has seen how her mother acts, that being loud and shutting people down is the norm, and likely acts that way outside the house, too.

      Run now, Swaggy!

      • Painter1

        Don’t worry Swaggy will disappear when he’s late with her lunch.

      • Avatar

        What I see in Bayleigh is a 25 year old immature Young Lady, & Chris, aka Swaggy at 23 years old is even more immature. I do not foresee this Showmance going lasting outside of the House.

        Swaggy before he got in the BB House said he knew what game plan to follow, “stay in the Middle.” Or otherwise be Lowkey, he was none of that. But as we all know when you get into the BB House all plans go up in smoke, because the house changes you!

      • Jenny

        Hard to be “low key” when you give yourself a ridiculous nickname and strut into the house wearing a shirt bearing your nickname and have a whole suitcase full of shirts w/your name to hand out to the HG’s, plus another pile to throw out to your adoring fans on the outside.

      • Avatar

        Jenny, do you remember Jen Johnson from BB Eight??? She wore tee shirts with her name on it throughout the Season, until she was evicted. Granted Jen didn’t throw shirts to the audience when she left though, lol?! 😀

  14. Shivani33

    When Angela and Angie RS were talking alone, Angela told her that who she nominates is NOT who she’s after. This could be the truth. Or not true, but soon after their talk, RS went through her hell with Bay’s flip-out. I don’t know what Angie’s mind retained after that scalping. RS also tried to get into the DR after the Bay blast and waited at the door weeping. But Angela was in there and Angie couldn’t gain entry.

  15. Shivani33

    Tyler’s Cloud lit up on screen. Was it a production error, or did Tyler just ignite his power?

      • Shivani33

        Helen shortly before this feed blackout for noms. Tyler watched it on the kitchen screen. Scottie and Angie caught it, too, on another screen.

    • Colby

      I doubt he used it. He knows he is safe with Angela, and is in pretty good with Bay since she gave him all the app details. Plus Angela promised Bay she wasn’t going to put her or Fessy up, so I really don’t think she was going to use it. I would think that Tyler and Angela would have talked again and he would know that.
      But if Bay did use it and put him up, he will have 2 chances to save himself / be saved, the new twist and veto, and I don’t think they would vote him out anyway. He is in pretty good with everybody.
      But who knows what conversations may have happened that we don’t know about……
      Hopefully they were just flashing all the apps on the screens because of this new twist or something, or maybe just an error like when they flashed the kiddie puzzle by mistake.

    • Sassy

      Is produvtion outing Tyler?

  16. Shivani33

    If Tyler did use his Power app, he did it just before the currently ongoing nom ceremony. Very interesting!

  17. Avatar

    When this season started and L6 split off as an alliance, I immediately rooted against them because it seemed to me that they were used to being in the pretty, athletic, popular clique and the rest of the house would be treated as outcasts. I also wanted to root for Bay as she lives near where I live and I would have a rooting interest. Boy, have I changed my thoughts now! L6 (or 4) have their act together and play very strategically while Foutte/Hive are a bunch of selfish whiners who can’t come up with any strategy because they are so paranoid of people in their own alliance and don’t see L4 as being their true enemy.

    And Bayleigh is THE WORST. She is a poor representation of my home state (she was the 2017 Miss Missouri) and I hope that CBS does not dwell on the Swayleigh showmance after this season ends.

  18. Helen

    I thought I saw someone say that the timed comp for hacker was done in the house…if so,I wonder if it has anything to do with the climbing wall?

  19. Avatar

    More stats on how well off Bayleigh is: Looked up Bayleigh’s parent’s house on Zillow. It’s nearly 4400 square feet and worth $575,000. That may not sound like much to those living in NY or California where tiny two BR house sell for that much, but consider the estimated worth of the house is over 6 time’s the area’s median income and over 12 times Missouri’s median income of $45,000, they are very well off. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think money should be a factor as to who wins BB, but I know it is a factor to some, particularly Rockstar.

    Also, Bayleigh went to a private college, Baylor, a college that costs $60,000 a year to attend. I suppose it’s possible that she got a very significant academic scholarship as her mom said she had a photographic memory and was 1 point from being labeled a genius. Also, Bayleigh herself bragged that school was easy for her and she graduated college in three years.

    • ShoeLover

      Hi TwoBits!!

      I agree with Baylor University!! It is a private university and close to $60,000 a year. My oldest graduated 2017 with his BSN. As for Bayleigh, she didn’t do premed. She got her degree in Business, BSB. Plus there is no premed or medical school there, we know this because my son is now a nurse and during all the Baylor visits that’s the one thing they kept saying, no premed or medical school, that is done after you leave here with a Bachelor in Science, and then you apply for your premed/medical school. Being pretty smart and graduating in three years is quite doable if you take a lot of dual credit courses in high school. My son did that and entered Baylor as a soft- sophomore, basically a semester and a half ahead of his class. Sorry for the long long text, but it sort of rubbed me the wrong way when Bayleigh said she was premed. Stretching her truth I guess is one of her stategies..

      SIC ‘EM BEARS!!

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