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Big Brother 20-Thursday Overnight Update

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Last night was really enjoyable to watch and it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a season this much! With only 2 evictions, we’ve had 2 blindsides, a split house, game talk, people looking out for themselves and rid ourselves of a shomance. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but it’s great they’re showing episodes from previous seasons when the feeds are down. It’s also causing people who’ve only seen “modern BB” to go back and watch the old seasons which is also great.


I’ll pick up where Steve left off last night but first…  (sorry, hadn’t done that yet this year) I wanted to mention some stuff from the episode and other random things.

  • Bayleigh seemed a lock for the power app (based on Vegas saying she barely beat out Tyler) but she didn’t get the edit I thought she would so now I’m less sure and that was productions last chance to push for it. Honestly, I’m not going to be surprised if Kaitlyn get it so I’m just preparing you. JC was always a contender for me but he also barely made the episode do I think he’s out. Still, Bayleigh or Kaitlyn is my guess.
  • Twitter is pushing hard for Bayleigh & Rockstar (power app) which means they’ll end up splitting votes as usual. According to vegas, Rockstar almost got the crap app last week so there’s a difference of opinion on Rockstar between audiences. Rockstar has become the voice of Twitter so to speak (first pointed out by Melissa Deni on RHAP) as she says what so many feed watchers are saying….about everything…all the time. (I know there are exceptions) Taran Armstrong, who also covers feeds on the RHAP podcast made an excellent point. He said this shows that if we had “Twitters player” the way we had America’s player, Twitters player would probably be out before jury: lots of passion & conspiracy theories, not good strategy.
  • I think people are finally starting to accept there isn’t a battle back. People became convinced once Julie told Swaggy that Hayleigh voted for him to stay. (Ross Matthews told Steve about votes too but for some reason, people wouldn’t accept it that week) Sam also has the equivalent of a battle back already. The person it’s used on only has to battle themself but it’s practically the same thing.
  • Fessy was getting a lot of love online last night from fans because he wore a Swaggy shirt and Hayleigh was taking heat because she didn’t. They were leaving out the part about him keeping his jacket closed, only opening it a little while he voted and closing it back up in the hallway before he reentered the living room.
  • Speaking of the shirts, I think it was bad ass that Scottie wore the shirt, voted him out while wearing it and continued to wear it the rest of the evening. However, I saw where Dan Gheesling posted on Twitter that he couldn’t “co-sign” the move and he apparently didn’t approve. Dan is the man and I’d rarely disagree with him with ANYTHING regarding BB but has fatherhood made him soft? I mean, does he remember some of the things he did while playing?

Updates from last night:

  • Bayleigh worked the hgs last night after the eviction- braided Angela’s hair, flirted with Kaycee, had a good talk with Rachel. She spilled news to Rockstar about a secret alliance between Swaggy, Tyler and Scottie called The Core. The core is broken but look for this to be used as strategy this week.
  • Fessy, Haleigh and Rockstar obsessed over the 8-4 vote. Because of Kaitlyn, Fessy thought Hayleigh flipped and Rockstar thought Scottie did. (Steve covered this already)
  • Rockstar decides Scottie is an “evil genius” since he wore the shirt to throw people off and he plans on blaming Hayleigh. She thinks he may have voted Steve out last week too.  (Just as she did with her thoughts about Tyler, she can’t keep her mouth shut. I blame Haleigh for this just a bit)
  • Rockstar tells Kaitlyn about the core, ask Kaitlyn not to tell Tyler and she says no problem. They discuss how the women need to bring it back together and get rid of these guys.
  • It took 5 minutes for Kaitlin to tell Tyler she knew about the core. He wants to know the source, she says no, he guesses Rockstar, she says yes and it was just that simple. She says she doesn’t care and they laugh about it. (Later in the night, she pouts he didn’t t tell her before now) Tyler suggests she tell on Rockstar to Scottie but Kaitlyn doesn’t want to. She wants Tyler to be the one to tell him. Tyler says Rockstar has to go soon. Kaitlyn makes sure they’re still planning on sharing a bed. She whines because he keeps taking off and wants to know what he’s doing. He tells her he’s going to go play BB and that he can’t entertain her all the time. (rut roh)
  • Hayleigh finally tells Rockstar Kaitlyn is the one who voted out Steve. Fessy knew this too and didn’t tell Rockstar.
  • Winston and Brett double down on the lie they told Scottie about voting to keep Steve. They’ve tried to blame the flip on Haleigh and Rockstar. They did this before he was HOH and Winston also spent most of the day telling people that Scottie was a rat so he has to be pretty nervous. (This was a stupid, unnecessary lie to begin with and a terrible strategy) They tell Level 6 to go along with it and they plan on telling Sam to go along with it too.
  • The wheels are turning for Tyler and he pushes the Rockstar agenda. He meets with JC and they discuss how they both should do it.
  • Tyler tells Scottie some truths and some lies about Rockstar. Things don’t go as planned for Tyler. Everything he throws out, Scottie throws back. Tyler and Scottie really are working together but it’s obvious they have different agendas. Scottie says the 8 to 4 vote shows the other side is too strong and needs to be weekend. Tyler eventually has to settle for pushing a Rockstar replacement nom idea and that doesn’t get him anywhere either.
  • People have one-on-ones with Scottie and when Sam has hers, she tells Scottie that Winston voted to keep Sam last week. (Apparently, the Bros didn’t get to Sam fast enough) Sam says they either lied to her or lied to Scottie. He says he doesn’t care because it means they lied to somebody. (Everyone except Kaitlyn and the Bros have been honest about the Steve vote)
  • Scottie said he’s only using the “Steve vendetta” as an excuse. He’s making it clear that Rockstar, Fessy and Sam are safe this week. He also doesn’t want JC or Tyler otb. As of now, he wants the Bros and he’d prefer to get out Brett but is fine with his sidekick going.
  • Brett broke the glass on the front door. He slapped it while pulling a dumb prank.
  • Scottie told Winston about the core and said that’s why he had to vote to keep Swaggy. (We know he didn’t but it was good thinking) Rockstar isn’t going to be able to use the core against Scottie. He’s already putting it out there, one of the members is gone anyway and it makes Hayleigh look even more guilty and Scottie more beleivable.

For all you Kevin Schlehuber fans, I listened to a podcast he was on last night and he was funny! He was giving his opinions about the season and telling a few tidbits from last season. Y’all know how much I like a tidbit. He told a story about his method of having someone hide cookies in the fridge so he could get them later (when he was a have not) and how he kept flushing the toilet so he could eat them in the bathroom. Josh once called him out for not washing his hands but Kevin said it was because he had cookies fisted in them. He said they used to hide them down in the grooves between the spikes on the spiked have not beds. The biggest obstacle was letting them dissolve in your mouth because you couldn’t chew, too much noise. For those who didn’t keep up after the season, Jason, Josh and Ramses attended Thanksgiving at his house. He said Paul was planning on going but relative wasas sick. (Sure Jan) He’s a fan of Kaycee and Sam which doesn’t surprise me because he thinks they’re nice. He’s not a fan of the Bros and he doesn’t understand how someone 24 has lived enough life to coach anyone else’s life. Check in later with Steve for updates from today.

Have a great Friday!


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