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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Recap

Good morning! We survived an extremely slow week in the house but it’s over and hopefully things pick up with a new hoh. Nominations will be today and plans for them were discussed last night. Before I get into the overnight recap, I wanted to mention a few things from the live episode.

  • Julie looked lovely last night or as Haleigh says (without looking at her) she looked “radiant.” I’ve been puzzled by her stylists choices over the years but this season, I think she might have a new one.
  • KC did a better job with her speech than last time. It wasn’t great but it was better.
  • What does Fessy have against ducks?
  • Did anyone else feel for Scottie while watching his interview with Julie? He’s in love, evicted and on top of that, doesn’t have any form of public speaking as a career choice.

We saw the start of the hoh comp before the show ended and it was the comp many of us thought it would be. The balls didn’t fall from the sky this time but it was the same comp. All I thought of when I saw the set up was the clown shoe and Jeff from his comp years ago.  REALvegas4sure, the twitter leaker, sent out a tweet at the end of the show saying it would be aired on the feeds. People started complaining because the feeds didn’t come on for a long time. I was surprised by how many people were saying they were canceling the feeds because they didn’t get to see it. Sure, it was disappointing but it isn’t as if CBS announced it was going to be shown and then didn’t show it. We were told it would be shown by a Twitter leak. I think because this person has been right many times, people have started seeing it as an official source of information.

According to the leak, they were going to show it to make up for the short length of last week’s HOH comp. They ran into difficulties with the comp setup and because of that, they would have blocked the feeds anyway once the comp started so I say easy come, easy go. Maybe the disappointment is easy for me and anyone else who watches BB Canada. Their feeds go down for 12 hours at a time. Granted, the feeds are free so I guess you get what you pay for. Oftentimes, they block the feeds for hours right after a comp or a ceremony (when there’s the most fighting and drama) because they want to save it for the show. (This isn’t related to anything but Canada also tapes the Thursday “live show” a few hours before it’s aired which I find very odd) Canada’s BB is AMAZING so it’s worth the trouble imo for anyone interested in checking it out.

Last night, we also learned the start of the comp we saw on TV was only done for TV.  They gave more detailed instructions and restarted the comp after the show ended. They had to pause the comp 2 or 3 times because something kept breaking and had to be repaired. We think it was the lollipops that were supposed to move back and forth as an obstacle for the rolling balls. In the end, Angela was the new HOH. We went a long time without a repeat hoh winner. It’s actually tied with BB6 at 8 weeks and that’s a fitting season to be tied with. The team mentality is comparable to that season too and the move Fessy made this week is similar to what Howie did during his hoh in BB6 when he was also tricked into putting up allies.


The really good stuff will happen later today but here’s what happened last night after the feeds came back:

  • Fessy and Hay began to argue because she was sure she would be going otb. You can see he thinks she’s crazy and wrong while she’s planning on blaming it all on him.
  • Hay was upset because she saw Brett celebrating with Tyler and KC. She didn’t get why they weren’t doing that with them. (We know the deal L6 made was fake but IF it was real, it’s supposed to be a secret so why would they be celebrating with Fes and Hay anyway?)
  • Fessy is VERY proud of himself. He made sure everyone knew the first unanimous vote happened during his hoh. Later, Angela said Fessy had thanked her and she told L6 that it was no problem and she’d vote out Fessys alliance members anytime he wanted. Hay even told him he was trying to take too much credit for the week. He said he’ll look like a genius if Scottie was really doing shady stuff. He also thinks he looks like a genius for giving the house Sam as this week’s target. (If it walks like an idiot and talks like an idiot……it’s Fessy)
  • Sam stayed to herself and mopped the storage room and cleaned the frig.
  • They got a rare booze delivery.
  • Brett was excited to be able to hang out with his friends again since pretending won’t be required anymore and they had a L6 moment doing their hand thing.
  • Angela requested sleepovers in her hoh room. Tyler’s already called Saturday when he’s done being a have not. JC wasn’t thrilled.
  • We knew Angela didn’t want to win but this may have been a hard one to throw. We won’t know until we see it played out. She barely beat Tyler and KC was close behind them.
  • Hay said Tyler was giving her tickets during the comp but Angela wasn’t. That’s another reason she thinks she’s going up.
  • L6 was trying to meet up but Hay had Brett “cornered” downstairs, that was KC’s word. Once he finally made it to the hoh, KC asked Brett if Hay had pet him enough. Lol
  • This was Hay playing the game hard using her killer instinct strategy that KC was referencing:
  • L6 had some conversations over how to approach the week. I think Angela knows she’s already screwed with Bay and RS for votes so she was trying to avoid going back on the fake deal she made with Hay & Fes. She considered still putting Sam and Hay otb. Everyone including JC told her it was a mistake.
  • Angela was worried Sam would put her up if she won (true) and wanted to tell Hay she was a pawn.
  • Brett thought Fes & Hay had to go up together to avoid Fes using a veto to take Hay off. He was right but he kept complaining about Sam and didn’t realize he was making it worse. (We get it, you’re over Sam but if you don’t want her otb, SHUT UP!)
  • Angela knew what she had to do and was just dreading doing it. She said it was best for L6 but maybe not best for her. (yes and no)
  • After some encouragement and team talk, it looked like the noms would be Fes & Hay.
  • Fessy continued to tell Hay he’d fixed things for her so she shouldn’t worry. He thinks Sam and JC will go up with Sam as the target. It never occurred to him that HE could go otb at all.
  • Hay asked to sleep with KC and KC pointed out there were enough beds for everyone to have their own now. (Hay may panic if she had to play the game instead of playing with people’s hair)
  • Hay said Scottie would’ve won the comp if he was still there. Some said it was luck and some said it was skill. Either way, Kryssie won it during OTT so I think it was anyone’s game. She had to almost self evict once over the equivalent of a paper cut, remember?
  • Hay pouted because she wanted another week in the hoh room. Be ready for her to start random arguments with Fessy this week snd blame him over her going otb. She probably won’t remember that she put Angela otb, put KC otb and put Tyler otb during Angela’s hoh week.

Angela will be going back on a recent deal she made with Fessy and Haleigh but she has to get out one of them. We know there’s a battle back now and the hg’s were talking about it too. A Foutte person will be coming back so if they get one out this week, there will still only be two of them in the house after the battle back. Yes, Sam will probably nom Angela if she wins an hoh but so will Fessy and Haleigh so she needs to strike first. I think Angela already knows this and just needed a pep talk to get her geared up to do it today. It’s what I expect to happen but check back for Steve’s update later to find out for sure. Have a great Friday!


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  1. hogwild

    I guess this week will be dominated by two people throwing a temper tantrum for being OTB.

    • ShoeLover

      Yep!! And why do we have to always see their secret yuckmance instead of others? I have noticed on BBAD when a conversation is getting juicy they either break for commercials or go back to the dreaded same sh!t different day duo!!!

  2. Avatar

    best case scenario, Haleigh gets evicted, Scottie wins battle back, DE next week happens Fessie/Scottie go home then during DE the other one goes directly after

  3. dfdsgs

    Hasn’t historically the one that won the battle back been given some sort of safety? If that is the case I can see them trying to tailor the game to Bayleigh’s strengths to get her back in the house for the drama factor.

  4. Bastosko

    Battle back, hmmmm…. Since this is the show with the mantra of “Expect the Unexpected”, and every board and long time fan can almost predict what comp would be next or how certain things will occur (and even a spy inside this season), battle back would be the only way to get over on the fans.

    I would bet that it wasn’t planned and was a last minute production thing of OMG!!! They are wiping out all our drama players, we MUST get someone back to create anxiety and drama. This will show them to “expect the unexpected” again. Even though it has been discussed for the last three weeks of when it would occur (smh).

    What a lame ass way for production to try and create tensions. After season 17 when Victor won all 3 battle backs seems they would have learned it isn’t entertaining, was way to predictable and the hamsters are going to vote out the winner first chance they get.

    Just let it go, when you are voted out, you be out!! And if they let Scottie take all that stuff, don’t replace it. To bad so sad.

    • Sassy

      I agree, rarely do they have new comps and the battle back happens every year. I like the insider letting us know what’s going on, but the houseguest should have to be surprised! It doesn’t even seem that they are surprised with the comps.

    • Avatar

      I’m pretty sure this is a result of Kaitlyn not being able to put a puzzle with only a few pieces together.

  5. TerryD

    Regarding the battle back; I’m wondering if perhaps the jury members are being kept separated until then so they can’t collaborate. Since Julie revealed certain details to Bay that she didn’t to the other jury members, it would only be fair. Of course this is CBS so I don’t think they really care about fairness so much as they care about ratings. Also, I don’t know that it matters at this point in the game, since L4 has the numbers.

    • ShoeLover

      And probably explains why we haven’t seen the evicted house guests entering the jury house

    • Avatar

      I asked this on the earlier post? But when did Julie give bay any information. I re watched that episode. And there was nothing really. I read on another post that she supposedly told Bay about level 6 and Sam’s vote… But I didn’t see that? Did I miss something somewhere?

      • Patrick

        I could have sworn she had Bay list off who evicted her. And then Julie confirmed. I tried to find it last night ondemand and it wasn’t there. I do remember her talking longer than she did. Though I am probably wrong about that. I guess the only way to know for sure is find the rhap podcast from that night and/or Taran’s in the morning.

      • Sassy

        A lot of times they put info like that in their goodbye messages. If the hg don’t know she’s coming back they may give more info then they should. Julie did tell her who voted for her to stay. They are also interviewed by Ross and marissa after that, where they geteven MORE info.

      • Helen

        I watched her say it!!! She told her Sam is the one that kept her!!! Bayleigh thought it was someone else and was a little surprised when Julie told her it was Sam…

      • WhereisPablo

        I may be wrong, but I don’t remember her telling Bay either. She let Rachael “guess” and confirmed all of the votes. She did talk to Bay an extra long time about Swaggy etc. but I don’t think Bay knows who voted unless it is from the goodbye messages.

      • WhereisPablo

        Big mouthed Sam told Bay on the way out the door that she voted to keep her, so I guess Julie confirmed it as well?

      • Avatar

        I know She listed all that off to Rachael… But to bay she didn’t say anything about that she talked about Swaggy C let her watch the videos and Bay called Brett and idiot. that’s about it. She stopped telling information like that after Rachael when the jury started. and I rmember Sam told Rockstar but I don’t remember Sam saying it to Bay or Julie confirming… and I just rewatches that part… though it might not have been on the show…

      • WhereisPablo

        Okay, pay no attention to me. 🙂 I am probably remembering Sam telling RS on her way out. I’m as nutty and “confused” as Sam at this point. I don’t want any of them back in the house.

      • Helen

        Well…I just watched it on my DVR recording…she DID tell her…after watching it on my DVR I went to the on demand …it has been cut out of the on demand….

      • Avatar

        She definitely told Bay who the votes were to evict her. They are trying to cover it up by cutting them out. She was given way too much info when she left

  6. ShoeLover

    I have been thinking about the Scottie issue with taking housekeeping supplies and then oddly enough condoms. I wonder if he thought he would need the housekeeping stuff for the overnight stay at a hotel before making it to “The Littlehouse”. I won’t lie, I do bring some of that along with me when we go to Vegas, or drive down to S Padre Island. And do a little OCD cleaning for those just in case situations. I have even been known to go to the dollar store down in SPI just to extra mop the floors for excess sand!!! Don’t laugh it makes me feel better!!! Now, the condoms, I’m not sure what he wants with them….
    Anyone… Anyone..

    • Mel

      I do too. Lol
      He was just being an asshole imo and said he wanted to do petty stuff if he knew he was leaving. That’s why I thought it was funny. He also planned to slam the door shut so JC and others couldn’t see the audience when he left but it’s a resistence door so he couldn’t.

      • ShoeLover

        Haha! Thank goodness there’s others like me!!! I was already thinking what I could use the sponges for and the Clorox wipes and the list goes on!! But the petty part, would taking toothbrushes or something like that, but cleaning supplies?? LOL

      • Sassy

        That’s why he ran out fast to the side so the camera would follow him and you wouldn’t see them in the door. I thought it was funny!!

    • Avatar

      I take Clorox wipes with me and wipe down everything from the door knoba to the remote. I also have a path of towels on the floor to walk on and I bring my own blanket.

      Ask Ann about what the condoms are for. She learned a lot last season with motorboating and teaballs so she might have the best answers. 😀
      (Please know I was just teasing you)

      • ShoeLover

        No worries!! I enjoyed the schooling Ann received last summer!! Those were some well deserved laughing moments that were truly needed in my case!!! LOL!!

    • danmtruth

      Scottie was just being childish My wife who does not share my daughters and mine enjoyment of the BB Saw Scottie and ask what was wrong with him She felt he was very immature This from someone who only saw the live show last night

    • NKogNeeTow

      I carry an extra set of sheets and pillow to make up the bed on top of their bed. Since they are always talking about a bedbug epidemic, I never put clothes in their dressers anymore. I leave them in my suitcase and carry a portable clothes steamer. And always have a separate bag with Clorox Wipes, Lysol, and dissenfectant. Glad to know I’m not the only anal retentive one…lol

  7. LindsayB

    Ok. I’m sure this won’t be a popular comment but that’s never stopped me. I don’t deny that production sometimes meddles, but come on guys!! Almost every single day so many of you are so sure production is doing (fill in the blank) and then you get all riled up about something that hasn’t happened. Two examples: 1)Fes not getting called to make noms until after Scottie’s talk. Everyone thought his noms were getting influenced. They weren’t. 2) this HOH comp. everyone was so sure it was to make Hay win. She didn’t. Can we just wait until production does something to get upset?
    Now the battleback. Everyone is mad because people we don’t like have a chance to get in. So… what if this week goes crazy and someone like Tyler ends up getting out? All of a sudden so many who currently hate battleback will be so grateful he has a chance back in right? Or will that be rigged too?
    Moral of the story: I feel like some of you are missing out on enjoying this show because of things that didn’t actually happen. Lighten up!! Also, I say “everyone” knowing it isn’t actually everyone. Rant over.

    • ShoeLover

      Yeah, I just enjoy the show, it’s my summertime getaway!! Either I stay up all night watching BBAD then replaying to make sure I didn’t miss any of the whispering conversations and even play it back in the day time for background noise. I have my moments of complaints but it usually rolls off my back because there is always tomorrow

    • Cat Lady

      LindsayB I respect your opinion but I prefer the game to be traditional without perks because than we can clearly judge game play within this year and to compare other years..no rant here just my humble opinion. Have a good one everyone.

    • Mel

      Nice rant! I’d expect nothing less from you. I give it an A. I hate twists because they usually slow down the game in some way. That’s just my personal thing but I’m realistic and I don’t think CBS cares what I think.
      Production does meddle but it’s more DR pressure and the rare occasions when they’ve created a last minute twist to keep someone in the game they didn’t want evicted yet. (Brenden, Jordan & Rachel duo veto, coup de tat, etc.) However, I don’t wear the tinfoil hat and think Helen was pushed. They’d also have an almost impossible task trying to make it so someone specific won a comp.
      #helenwaspushed (not)

      • AIO_7

        “Production does meddle but it’s more DR pressure and the rare occasions when they’ve created a last minute twist to keep someone in the game they didn’t want evicted yet. (Brenden, Jordan & Rachel duo veto, coup de tat, etc.)”

        Personally, I think it’s hit and miss with their meddling. That’s part of the intrigue for me in this game to try and figure out when they do; but it’s always prudent to remember … “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

      • LindsayB

        There’s definitely times when production meddles, I just prefer to get pissed when they actually do it instead of when I think they might maybe do it later. It’s exhausting to me when a whole day on here is spent with people legit pissed over something they think may happen instead of just waiting to see what happens. Would it be awesome if there was zero meddling? Absolutely, but it’s not realistic.
        I personally don’t mind a battle back. Do I want any of them back this year? No. I hate RS so much that I didn’t subscribe to feeds this year until she was gone. I do like that the possibility of a juror coming back keeps the HGs on their toes. I think it’s important to always keep the HGs concerned about what’s around the next corner. I also see your point of not wanting a twist to slow the game down. I think the twists can sometimes speed it up, they can shake up alliances and create paranoia which sometimes make a too comfortable cast start playing harder. I just get frustrated when people only dislike a twist because it threatens their favorite player’s game, but will be happy if it helps their game. The hacker thing was a good example of that. The twist sucked when Hay won it it but was awesome when KC won. I’m rambling now.

      • LO1004

        The only time production meddling pisses me off is when they tell one HG about the upcoming comp so they are prepared, but not the rest.

      • caRyn

        Agree, AIO_7.

      • Avatar

        Like when Fess was told about the hide the veto/trash the house comp the day before it happened

      • TheCatWhisperer

        The Helen thing was during a Jury Battle Back and while she clearly was not pushed, something happened. It would be really disappointing if the outcome of this Jury Battle Back has already been predetermined. Ughhh!


    • aka beachgirl

      I agree. It’s just a fun show to watch. Why get upset about anything, it’s just a TV show. We aren’t involved. We’re not winning any money. If they do meddle, if there is a battle back, to me that’s part of the game. It’s a game first and foremost. You take it with whatever comes.

    • caRyn

      LindsayB, I like to speculate if production did meddle, but I don’t get upset about it. I’m sure it occurs but I have no proof. Maybe it does a little or maybe it does a lot. Idk. If anyone has a problem with it, I would think it would be the hg since it’s them playing the game for the money. I could see viewers being mad with the feeds if they were told they would be able to watch the comps live and haven’t been able to or if they are watching fish most of the time because the viewer is paying for for the feeds. For me production is a part of the game (twist) just like anything else. Expect the unexpected, right?!

    • NKogNeeTow

      On the same page with you Linds.

  8. Cat Lady

    I don’t understand the blog today. I paid for CBS All Access and they get you to buy it so you can get the live feeds. Also since I have been watching they have always shown the competitions that didn’t finish on the show. I could respect more if they had feeds down because of the problems. Instead when I questioned them I was disrespected..on Messenger. I might not have expressed my disappointment in the best way but that was after how they responded to my question. I think it was wrong they didn’t show the live feeds that they could. They said they wanted us to watch the show. I watch the live feed and the show so that theory is bull. If they don’t plan on showing that should have been announced and they shouldn’t advertise All Access with the bait of the live feeds 24/7 .. that is bait and switch.

    • ShoeLover

      I have never purchased the live feeds, but didn’t they have all access on previous shows?? I can remember in the earlier shows when BBAD was on Showtime2 and we were able to see a competition still happening. Those were usually an endurance comp for HOH. And also the occasional final 3 comps!! WHAT HAPPENED????

  9. Malia

    Great update! Totally agree that Julie look gorgeous last night. And I am sure Jeff still has nightmares about clown shoes to this day. I guarantee there won’t be any clowns at his kids birthday parties!

  10. LO1004

    Thanks Mel. I did actually feel bad for Scottie last night. He seems like a good kid, he just did some dumb sh*t and it caught up to him. However, I’m kinda hoping he wins the battleback solely to take out Fessy. I’m really hoping they target Hay this week for this reason.

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  12. Houseguest Doug

    True BB has some sort of battle back, last year it was Cody getting back in the house.

    Here is how I see this thing playing out…

    Scenario 1
    * Faysal and Haliegh go on the block.
    * IF Faysal wins the VETO he will take Haliegh off the block and Sam will go up. / If Haliegh wins VETO she will take herself off the block and Sam will go up.
    * If either happens Faysal will be sent to Jury and compete in the Battle Back.
    * Depending on the Competitions I see Scottie and Faysal battling it out to get back in the house.

    Scenario 2
    * Fayal & Haliegh are put on the block.
    * Someone else wins the VETO. Nomination stay the same.
    * Faysal will campaign to keep Haliegh. He will act like a total jack ass to try and convince the House Guests to send him to Jury House.
    * This of course will NOT work as they see Haliegh as a better player. Haliegh will be sent to Jury House.
    * The battle back is anyone guess what it will be I can see it being a one and done comp. where you have to go up against the 3 other house guests and in a King/Queen of the hill type comp. My guess it will be Scottie winning. (LOOK OUT FAYSAL if Scottie comes back).

    I am sure we are then due for a double eviction week. L6 still has the numbers doesn’t really matter who comes back in the house if L6 member wins the HOH & VETO’s it is all over but the crying.

    Now the conspiracy theorist in me tells me that even CBS / Production cannot believe how stupid and useless the Floutte/Hive alliance is that they opted to do the battle back to create some sort of false drama and intrigue in the show. I am sure it would be boring to watch L6 waltz to the finish line with no drama.

    Just need to keep reminding you that this is a STAGED Game and Productions job is to manipulate and twist the game as it flows to keep ratings up. No ratings equal no sponsors. No Sponsors equal show being dropped by CBS. It has always been and will always be about ratings. There is very little reality in reality shows. That includes, Survivor, Amazing Race et al. CBS is in the money making business while providing entertainment.

  13. AIO_7

    Side note: I think Tyler is pulling our legs when he says he would like to take KC to F2. Firstly, Ty and Angelica are very close. Second, He should full well know that he would beat Angelica easier than KC. The person he doesn’t want to be sitting next to in F2 is JC, or anyone from FOUTTE.

    • ShoeLover

      Yes, I agree AIO-7!!! AND regarding a final 2 with JC and Tyler, that could be super interesting and intense because both are well likable in the house as a whole but Tyler has the upper hand with comps wins under his belt. I believe it would be a big decision for the votes… popular and social or comp wins…

      ( yes it’s always played out that way )

      But BOTH have an excellent social and strategic relationship with all of the jury.Tyler would be smart NOT to take JC, but is would be cool if he did.

      Just something floating around in my head.

    • caRyn

      I think Tyler is telling us the truth. Kaycee is well liked but Angela has won more comps. Maybe he is thinking the jury will vote based on wins and not the social aspect. Plus, I don’t think it makes Kaycee look weak to be a pawn but maybe it does seem that way to the hg.

  14. Houseguest Doug

    As to the folks that subscribe to the live feeds. Much like anything else I am sure there is fine print. If you read the fine print I have no doubt it says somewhere that CBS/BB20 has the right to restrict some views and there will be down times during the feeds.

    The have to produce a TV show. So when doing the HOH comp it would not show well on CBS network if their props kept busting during the comps. They need to show the general masses exactly what they want them to see. That means no mistakes and no props falling or breaking.

    Fun Fact about fine print on “Reality Game Shows” A few years ago I paused the TV to go to the bathroom when I was watching America’s Got Talent. I happen to pause it at the end of the show when they were rolling the credits. It states very clearly that the Million Dollar prize is paid out over 40 years. Yes! I said that correctly PAID OUT OVER FORTY YEARS!. So the one Choir that is on the show this year that has 158 members / $1M / 40 years equals a payment of $158.22 per year for 40 years paid out to each member of the Choir should they win the show. Now the bigger prize is the show in Vegas where you will make your real money.

    I think the young girl who won a couple of seasons ago was 15 years old. So that means she will be 55 years old when she gets her last check. (In case you are wondering that is a payment of $25,000 / year over 40 years)

    Point in all this read the fine print.

  15. mm22

    I have definitely made my share of comments about production.
    Production is just part of the show and think if they get called
    out on somethings they probably deserve it. Yeah some comments
    maybe over the top but still really pretty funny! I don’t
    want to affend anyone at all but I probably can’t stop

  16. danmtruth

    This season was billed as the 20 anniversary season With bringing back old comps and past HG Well we got past HG early on The first POV comp with the snakes, ice bath, shock collar and puke taste at the end was new After that the comps have been pretty normal Have fallen as they usually do between physical ,mental ,and luck In other words nothing to extreme The hacker comp was a good twist It did add some drama to the game It just seems like many of the comps were not well thought out Again as Mel can attest to BBCan has comps that are more fun to watch Take either more physical endurance or are just do a better job of challenging the HG
    To me this is production biggest fail this season Staying to fourmumatic This is what we have done the past 8 or 9 years This is what people want This could have been the year they reinvented the show They had a great cast to challenge It’s a shame to wast them

    • Houseguest Doug

      I would invite you to watch the Canadian Version of the show. Being Canadian I am biased of course.

      The House is way better it is more like a Manson they live in. The comps are way better and the format is more innovative.

      Normally Canadian versions of US shows are a cheap copy and they do things on the cheap. But for some reason Big Brother Canada is far and away a better format and show than Big Brother (USA).

      It will be running this fall. If you can get access I invite you all to watch it and you can see what taking the format to the next level is all about.

  17. LindsayB

    I don’t see why it would be considered boring to have L6+JC be the last ones standing. I think it’ll be very fun to watch them decide how to dismantle a great alliance. They all truly work well together and like each other so it’ll be different than how it usually is towards the end of BB. Keeping Sam, Hay, and Fes around as shields/pawns would be boring to me because it’s so typical.

  18. AIO_7

    New thread, Ya’ll.

  19. Houseguest Doug


    I would like to invite a member of the CBS Production Team to come on here after the show final episode and dispel all the rumors and insinuation that have been made about Production.

    They can hide behind a fake name. But it would be interesting to get the real perspective as to why they do what they do and why they interfere so much and see if they actually do manipulate the game and give info to the contestants to create drama and action.

    Just be nice to get the facts for once instead of theories.

  20. Avatar

    I love that you mentioned how good BB Canada is (yup I live in Canada) it’s just such a difference in how they do BB. Although I enjoy the US version a lot too because you guys have this website…

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