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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Recap

Good morning and welcome back NK, we missed you! We’ve officially ended the dull aftermath from the battle back with Scottie’s exit. Yeah! Part of me cant believe they evicted Scottie on Jeff & Jordons new babys birthday. (Congrats to the birth of their baby yesterday) Congrats to KC too. I know some are worried about a dull week with a KC hoh. Yes, L6 will run the show but over half the people left are L6 so what else was going to happen? Its no surprise, Sam and Haleigh will go otb sometime today and KC has already been working on what to say in her speech. Unless Haleigh wins the veto, the eviction should be predictable but the week may not be boring. Everyone except Angela and Tyler was nervous last night about going otb. Brett and JC will have to worry about being a replacement AND worry their loose lips from the past week could come back to bite them. Even if noms stay the same, Sam vs Haleigh otb could be fun.


I’m happy for KC but she was in a pretty good spot before and I’m afraid this win could really hurt her end game. She’s won 4 comps if you count the hacker comp and I do because it was an actual comp. Brett losing by 1 second had to hurt, especially since his game will have to go a different direction than he’d planned. Steve mentioned being tired of hearing “let’s go.” Look on the bright side Steve, you don’t have to hear “daddy” anymore.

I’ll get to my opinion of Scottie’s speech below but here’s something from me to Scottie on behalf of Angela:


Tylers hoh is over but I forgot to post how he’d answered his Twitter questions. It lets us see the game from his perspective since he isn’t much of a feeds talker. He feels his biggest short-term threat is Haleigh and sees his long-term threat as Brett. (what we thought already) His favorite comp was OTEV. He thinks the best game move he’s done was setting himself up very early with KC, JC and Sam and having F2’a with all of them. He’s a little nervous about a bitter jury but not too much. He doesn’t think he’ll make many people mad getting to the end. That’s it in a nutshell.

My random thoughts from the live show with a bit of a (wtf) theme:

  • They really made it look like Brett used strategy to get jury info out of Scottie. As soon as I started to think he was getting the smart player edit, he told us he wanted to get Angela out to impress the jury. Actually, it’s worse, he wants someone else to do it so he wouldn’t even get credit for it. TAKE HER, don’t evict her! wtf?
  • Everyone was in athletic clothing but Sam was in jeans. I thought that was wierd. She said to herself later that she didn’t try and didn’t care so I suppose it doesn’t matter what you wear if that’s tour plan. (If I cared that little about the flexibility of movement and wasn’t trying to win, I’d wear a ballgown or a hazmat suit. You know, something that makes a statement)
  • I think Derrick played a great game. He’s also a smart and seemingly nice guy but he’s still boring as hell. We had an entire segment of him saying nothing. His insight from being an expert is that almost anyone can win and has an equal shot. Well, no shit! Sooooo glad I didn’t take a bathroom break and miss that amazing game analysis. wtf?
  • Scottie’s speech! I mean, wtf? He told Tyler he was going to “roast him” ahead of time. Well, he didn’t. Instead, he called Angela a whore who’s been giving bj’s all summer. That was worse than what Sam handed to Kaitlyn and Haleigh. (The other side of the house has always said Angela was a bitch but she’s never gotten personal in her speeches that will be on the show. She’s said mean stuff behind peoples backs but they all do. As far as speeches go, she told Bay she was on a power trip, she threw RS’s own words back at her in the gbm and she told Fessy it was too little, too late. That’s game. It’s not reach for the gutter insults that aren’t even true.) Let’s be honest, she could’ve blown somebody in the kitchen, Scottie could’ve tripped over them and he still couldn’t have figured it out. He never knew what was going on in that house so good riddance!
  • Obviously, someone told Sam the vote ahead of time. She looked so sad not voting out Hay.
  • Let’s hope for Tyler’s sake we only saw a portion of his goodbye msg and there’s more to it. I’m not worried about Scottie saying he wouldn’t tell the jury what Tyler said, he can’t keep his mouth shut about anything. Tyler telling Scottie about a power app that he didn’t use and basically instructing Scottie to pass it on isn’t very good. Where was the “sorry but I’ve been in an alliance from the beginning called L6?” wtf?
  • Scottie needed a lesson in body language. When Julie holds her hand out, it means she want you to shake her hand, not hug her:
  • Speaking of Julie, this shirt is the definition of wtf?

Once the feeds came back, the hg’s were talking about Scottie’s speech and Brett’s 1-second loss to KC. Tyler enjoyed his usual chex and peanut butter so he was relaxed. (image above) Brett can’t be super worried but he has to know Sam and JC could tell all to save themselves if they wanted. Let’s hope he’s not picking up Haleigh’s nervous habit:


  • They go over the live show rules including no cussing and ironically mention no shout outs.
  • Angela was really pissed and I get it but she needs to suck it up and move on. She doesn’t need to keep convos going that relate to a shomance imo. Tyler gave her a hug and told her not to worry. He said she’d be given an opportunity to clear it up in the DR.
  • Hay said she was offended by the speech. The Hilton Head reference and Fessys range rover comment originally came from bitchy things Hay and RS said. Hay was talking behind Angela’s back when she said them, not in a speech. My point, Hay would never do what Scottie did but I doubt she’s all that offended. Angela wouldn’t be either if it was reversed so I’m not picking on Hay for it.
  • Hay started making dinner with Brett. Brett later remarked that he thought Hay had an idea she was going otb. He said it was the first time in 79 days she’d made dinner so he thought there was a connection.
  • Sam went upstairs to be alone, her usual. She heard everyone talking about the live show and said to herself “who cares?” Later, she yelled down to ask Tyler if he’d found a bed or if he was going to sleep with Angi-lala. Angela gave an eye roll from below.
  • Hay was shocked Sam voted for her to stay.  Brett said Scottie’s speech may have caused it. (no way)
  • Brett assured Sam that Hay was the target. Sam said she knew she’d be going otb. Brett said it could be him but he doesn’t really think that.
  • JC said Sam would be hard to deal with because she hasn’t been otb since she was a robot. True, but JC will be worse if either Sam or Hay can take themselves off. (I still like JC but I won’t mind seeing him otb at all)  JC asked Brett if he thought they could go up. Brett didn’t think so but they agreed they need to act like all the stuff they said last week never happened. (Lol)
  • JC was annoyed with Sam because she took the big saucer in the have not room. He was already annoyed with her. He also thinks he’s entitled to the big saucer anytime he’s a have not. (I don’t blame her for taking it but Sam’s like a clock with her routine. She acts out as soon as there’s a new hoh. She had all week to take it but she waited until Thursday night?)
  • KC reading her hoh letter was so nice. (She seems to have a great family. I’m still loving her mother from KC’s intro pkg) Her brother asked if she’d be the best woman for his wedding.
  • It was only yesterday that I gave my opinion about Vegas being full of it half the time. Well….maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about and I’m full of it.  There’s nothing like being proven wrong in print! (I stand by thinking their petty and dramatic tho) KC DID get the wooden bow tie and the hot sauce too.
  • JC and Tyler talked about the F3. Tyler’s not sure of KC is the best option anymore. He said she’s winning a lot of comps. JC suggested Sam but Tyler said they’d lose to her with a bitter jury. (He’s not saying it but if he may not want to take KC and we know he isn’t taking Brett, Sam or Haleigh….that leaves Angela. This could get interesting)
  • Everyone hung out in the hoh room while Sam went to the have not room to be alone. She better be careful or they could target her this week for her shomance:
  • Hay began her routine to KC the same way she did with Tyler. She reminded KC of how close they’ve become and how much she has her back. She asked to be kept in the loop. (If you have to remind someone you’re close, you’re probably not that close) I understand she’s alone in the game but I’ll say the same thing as last week. If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something else! How about throwing JC or Brett under the bus? They’ve talked game to her the past couple of months and she spills everything anyway so it’s worth a try.
  • Hay told Tyler he wasn’t very reassuring to her the past week so she’s obviously sticking with the Foutte way of gaming.
  • Tyler and Angela hid their hands under the blanket so they could still hold hands.  Whatever, I don’t want to go over shomance crap this morning, not nearly enough coffee yet for that.

Things you should plan for:

  • Haleigh and Sam on the block today
  • Paranoia from JC
  • Hoh breakfast served to KC from Sam
  • Haleigh ran up KC’s butt
  • Tyler & Angela hanging out in the hoh room while KC is off doing other things

Forget the battle back, I want to see the Sam/Haleigh battle for Bretts vote. Will we have hair braiding and mud hole stomping this week? Probably not but you never know. Have a great Friday!


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  1. Avatar
    Magic1993 (49 comments)

    I hate to say it, but I hope Haleigh wins Veto so they can backdoor JC. He is on my last nerve and I think a backdoor is the only way to get him out. Unless they are thinking to get him in the double?????

  2. Sassy

    I was weirdly interested in Sam’s conversation with the camera last night. The DR must be pushing hard for her to stay because she made some odd promises to her BFF and favorite thing in the game, the camera… I see her trying to self evict this week. Pity party for One coming up! I know it was a dig at Angi-laka when she asked Ty he was going to sleep with her (Ang). What she’s really hoping for, is Ty to say can I sleep with you? I HATE the Angi-Lala crap as much as I hated the “daddy”.

    As for Scottie, good riddance. He is a petty, immature, and vindictive little weasel. He does not take loss/rejection well. He fits in perfectly with the Hive mentality.

    Hay is going to be devastated this week OTB again. Not sure why she would think she wouldnt or shouldn’t be OTB, or why she demands to be kept in the loop. Your side failed because of those types of things.

    I look forward to both Sam and Haha flipping out this week. I’d actually like one of them to win Veto. I want JC OTB!!!

  3. mm22

    Sam looks so sad mosr of the time like she was sent away to summer
    camp against her will-mom n dad are going to hear about it when she
    gets home for months n months. They better buy her a extra trailer
    for all her goodies she’ll be haulin back!

  4. mm22

    Haleigh has been otb long enough please vote her out!
    BBJ’s just hang on a little longer then jc n sam can go

  5. Helen

    I would love Sam winning veto for JC and Haleigh OTB. They both would spend their days throwing each other under the bus…JC and Haleigh talked last week about going after Angela and Kaycee….it might be a dynamite couple of days with both up there!!

  6. Ann

    Damn, I feel like a complete jackass for thinking Scottie should stay over Hay. That idiot made a total moron of himself. WTF is wrong with that guy? That stupid smile on his face will forever be burned, branded & carved in my brain. I hate the very thought of that jerk.
    I want to see JC’s little ass squirming otb. He needs to feel what it’s like to be in that spot.
    They had better watch out for Sam after noms today.

    • Avatar

      Glad he’s gone too! Freak is an understatement lol

    • LynnD

      Hopefully they will double up her meds about 30 minutes before noms.

    • mm22

      Don’t be hard on yourself Ann I wasn’t a fan of his but I never
      expected him to say what he did on a live eviction show – shows
      what kind of person he is I guess – very disappointing

      • Ann

        Now we know why he’s still a virgin & never kissed a girl.

      • Ann

        When that creep gets back to the jury house his jaws are going to start flapping because he thinks he really did something with that filthy speech & he is probably itching to tell everyone what he said.

    • Shivani33

      Yeah, the way he talked. It’s fine and dandy for Tyler to be getting “sucked,” (Scottie’s word) but Angela is a ho for giving him those nonexistent blowjobs. If everyone had sex the way Scottie seems to think of it, we would be extinct. I suppose bitter Scootie was trying to be funny. THUD. He just doesn’t get it. He unnecessarily invented Angela and Tyler as sexually active in the house and “blamed” it all on Angela while semi-congratulating Tyler. Good riddance to that schmuck. Again.

    • Mel

      Don’t feel bad Ann. At least you didn’t write half a recap about how Vegas is full of shit like I did. Lpl

  7. Helen

    Anyone know why we’ve had reruns since 8 am?

  8. LynnD

    I would definitely get Haleigh out 1st bc she is the better competitor. Then go after JC or Sam in the Double.

  9. Avatar

    Would be nice to see Brett win the next HOH and put up our favorite showmance to shake things up.

    • Avatar

      Sparing you all the air quotes with favorite lol

    • Sassy

      That would be risky, but he’s going to have to do it. If he puts them up and KCwins Veto, takes one down, they have the vote to keep the other. It would be best to put 1 up “as a pawn”. Then reassess after veto comp. he runs less of a risk that way. Put both up, shows his intent, and there is no amount of backtracking to get out of that. but only 1, he can say, someone HAD to go OTB as a pawn. I don’t think Brett will do it.

  10. Shivani33

    Watching Kaycee and Tyler talk last night, he almost seemed to be suggesting JC for the initial nom, along with Haleigh. I was surprised that Kaycee didn’t look that over with more strategic attention. Sam has thought that she has a F3 with Kaycee and Tyler for a long time. JC has no final anything with Kaycee. She risks losing Sam’s jury support. Tyler hinted to her, reminding her that JC and Brett want to break up Kaycee and Angela. I think Kaycee’s thoughts are too passive, maybe even unobservant.

    Kaycee said she’s probably going to tell Sam, ” you voted against the house twice. That’s how come I’m putting you up.” So, team player sh*t is her reasoning?! She said that she’ll privately reassure her after noms, saying that she had to choose someone and not to worry: eveyone wants Haleigh gone. I think that it would be better for her to nom Haleigh with JC and only use Sam as a renom if needed. But I was pretty sure that Kaycee wouldn’t do it. Is she only trying for second or third place? Behind her golden boy? Tyler is already changing his mind about being in any F2 with her, due to her accumulating wins and his certainty that Angela is less popular with the jury.

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  12. danmtruth

    Wanting Hay out is game related and personal She is good at comps physical and mental Not the best but can hold her own Wanting Sam out seems just personal She is erratic to say the least She is unpredictable as Scottie Jc is in the categories of needing to go because he IS a good social game player Not much at comps Not sure if he has any head games left that would work on TY,Angela KC or Bret
    listening to Julie talking to Kc after she won Asking her who she wants the letter from You can tell Julie was hopping Kc would mention her brother KC just gave the normal anyone from family

  13. NKogNeeTow

    Thanks Mel,

    Only you can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. I don’t know how you do it. That pitiful post I put up this morning about what went on in the house last night was from 1am-6am and that’s all that I came up with. You somehow made an entire article out of it…and I love it! I know I’ve told you this hundreds of times before, but it still bears repeating, YOU ROCK!

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