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Big Brother 20 – Thursday Recap

Good morning! No one had to stay up late to find out who won the hoh comp. In case you missed Steve’s updating last night, it was Fessy. I suppose the win helps even things out a little. Fessys side (all 2 of them) can’t play BB so they should at least get to call the shots. I don’t know the shortest time for the slip & slide comp in the past but last night had to beat whatever it was. It normally goes for over an hour, sometimes longer. I didn’t even hear much complaining about people being sore. Fessys back was bothering him and Angela took some Advil last night but nothing like it usually is. Caleb had to be practically carried to the shower the year he won. It looked easier last night. The “cups” were larger, the thing they fill looked smaller and the lanes even appeared shorter.


Rachel’s been a pretty good sport on social media but she’s still butthurt with Angela and Brett. She was very happy with Fessys win but says she still wants someone from L6 to win. (Only Tyler & Kaycee tho)

It was obvious this was Fessys comp to lose and you could tell even before the live show ended. Unless he fell and broke a hip or Haleigh started undressing, he had this one in the bag. Scottie was right behind him though and Tyler and Angela were doing very well too. We have a lot of athletic people this season! Fessy is a pure all-round athlete, Tyler’s shown himself to be very fit with a sports background and KC’s a professional football player who’s played other sports. Angela was a gymnast and pole vaulter and even though Scottie was cast as the “nerd,” that isn’t really who he is, Scottie’s very athletic. He’s similar to Cameron who went out first last year. They needed a nerd so he pretended to be one.

There was a plan in place when everyone went to bed last night but I still think anything could happen. Haleigh will have a lot of input with these noms. She had an opinion after the comp which later changed (with the help of wine and JC) so when she wakes up with a wine hangover, will it change back? Who knows? When Fessy filled out his paperwork with hoh requests in the beginning of the season, he requested alcohol even though he doesn’t drink. He figured he’d let the other people in the house have it. (That was nice) The “other people” turned into Haleigh and JC. Haleigh often mentions her family watching the show and not wanting them to see her kissing or anything else. I think that’s a smart decision but looking like a wino might not be the best look either. (Just sayin’)  My daughter’s also in her 20’s but can handle her alcohol better than Haleigh so she wouldn’t be too embarrassing in that department. My son is also in his 20’s but isn’t much of a drinker so he’d probably turn into a complete moron if he was in that situation. (He played college sports too so maybe he’d have won the hoh and wouldn’t have to worry about it) I guess my point is, as a huge BB fan, I’d be fine if they got drunk because they’re adults. However, if they got drunk AND tried to play the game at the same time, I’d be throwing things at my laptop. Anyway, moving on to things you actually want to hear…


Zingbots coming next week and I’ve already said he better watch his ass around Sam. She’ll have his parts ripped off and turned into a homemade kitchen appliance before he knows it!

After the hoh comp:

  • Fessy said he was confused and said he never knew what was going on. (Shocker!) He asked Tyler how many comp wins he had so he could run the numbers and see how far behind he was. (Fessy only cares about 3 things and none of them are winning BB. He wants celebrity after the show, the most comp wins and Haleigh)
  • Fessy said he didn’t trust anyone anymore. Sam took it personally and got a little mad over it. She didn’t like hearing that but joked that she’d spank him even if he was hoh. She’d  also mentioned to Brett about being the mom now since RS was gone and Sam had the “mom bod.” (Her self-esteem issues make me sad for her but the mom thing annoys me. She wants to mother people who are her age! I think Sam has a cute little “bod.” Normal people don’t look like Angela so you simply can’t compare yourself to them and I’d like to be the mom in there for a little bit to remind her of that) Nevermind, I’d end up in jail for attempting a middle aged womans version of a curb stomp on her for not playing the game!
  • Hay was the most upset with Sam although she was pissed at JC and Brett too. She told Fessy she saw Sam hug KC and say to her that she was never going to evict her or something like that. She said she was mad because Sam had promised RS all week long but was lying. Sam never told RS specifically she was voting to keep her but Hay doesn’t know that. Hay also doesn’t want JC to skate by till the end.
  • Fessy asked Scottie how he felt about putting everyone in a room and asking who the one vote to keep RS was and Scottie said he was fine with that.
  • JC started trying to talk game with Fessy but he didn’t want any part of it. He said he wasn’t talking game to anyone. He told JC to “calm his titties” which was funny since that’s something JC says. Fessy makes it clear he’s doing what’s best for his game but says JC and Haleigh are safe.
  • Fessy questioned Hay about her loyalties with Brett and Scottie and what kind of deals she has with them. She got mad but she was pushing hard for him not to touch Scottie. Fessy doesn’t want to go after Angela and KC. He isn’t threatened by them and wants a guy to go home. Hay assures him Scottie was the one vote to keep RS. He wants Brett, Scottie or Tyler to go this week. They discuss different scenarios for who to put on the Block first with Hay suggesting Sam as a replacement to be used as a pain if needed.
  • Hay was mad that Fessy was questioning her. He reminded her she did the same to him when she was hoh. (True, this happens a lot. She doubts him but can’t handle it when he does it. Ive been saying she can’t use the HEAVY flirt game and then expect these guys to work together)
  • JC still thinks Brett should say he voted to keep RS and everyone tried to throw Scotty under the bus. Brett doubts it will work and still thinks they’ll believe Scottie. (I thought this was stupid the other day and I thought it was stupid last night)
  • Scottie and Hay discuss needing to get some combo of Tyler, Brett and Angela otb. Hay also wouldn’t mind if Sam left. Scottie thinks the other side is keeping him around so they can blame vote flips on him. She says maybe they shouldn’t go after Brett so they can still work with him later. WTF?
  • Tyler and Scottie talk but much of it was hard to hear. Scottie was saying he was the vote to keep RS because he thought that’s what people were doing. Tyler was trying to find out if he’d be a target and when. (All he’s thinking about is the cloud app)
  • Hay and Scottie talk about the #6 on the hats again. Without RS there to interrupt to bitch about Angela, they stay with it long enough to get somewhere. She thinks it could be a 6 person alliance and names the L6 people plus JC and Sam.
  • The questioning from before must have got around and L6 may know about it. Angela said to Tyler that it was probably stupid to write it in the hats. I didn’t see what tipped them off so I don’t know yet.
  • Fessy says he isn’t doing one on one’s but he does tell Hay he may do them after the nom ceremony. She has to explain what it doesn’t work that way. (I’m not making this shit up!)
  • Fessy gets his hoh room, a letter from mom and the questioning begins. Fessy asks who voted to keep RS and Scottie raises his hand. After an uncomfortable pause, Brett goes for it….and says he voted to keep RS. (Will the real RS lover please stand up?) No one said that, I just wanted someone to say it, preferably JC.
  • Fessy wants KC’s opinion since she was also otb. She goes into how she’s talked with Scottie from day 1, doesn’t talk to Brett much so it only makes sense that Scottie voted to keep her. (Here’s the flaw for me and well, anyone with a brain: KC thinks Scottie is the only who votes to keep her but she goes at him and throws him utb? Isn’t he the person she would normally be happy with?) They argue and Scottie is pissed. He looks a little guilty because of his body language but it’s just irritation that he’s getting blamed again. It gets brought up that Scottie voted out Swaggy while wearing his tshirt so he can’t be trusted.
  • JC, Hay and Fessy are in the hoh after the others leave. JC and Hay bond over a bottle of wine. He says she left him out of game moves and convinces her that’s the only reason he isn’t as close to her. He tells her Scottie has a crush on her and wants Fessy out. JC says Scottie wants to be her new Fessy. Fessy likes having this back up for his own opinions. (Technically, they’re JC’s opinions that he’s put in Fessys head but why split hairs?) Hay starts to feel good about JC even tho she wanted him gone before. Scottie pops in, tells Hay he loves her and wants to know when she’s coming downstairs to bed. He leaves and JC & Fessy are looking very smug because they feel their points been proven. JC pushes to backdoor Scottie this week. Hay seems convinced Scottie is the bad guy now. I think they’ve decided to leave Tyler off the block completely and try to work with him. They want to make a deal so he won’t use the veto on Scottie. They’ll get out Brett if they can’t get Scottie. (This is all JC’s work)
  • JC tells Hay that Tyler will be his husband. Hay says he’d be more attractive if he was more confident. JC says it’s good like this because JC will be able to boss him around. Lol
  • Fessy and Hay want to give shout outs to Swaggy and JC says “no shout-outs to Swaggy.” (Told ya I liked JC) Fessy and Hay want to wear Swaggy shirts to the ceremony for “publicity” since he got out so early.
  • Scottie and Brett play some Jenga with very little conversation. It was  weird.
  • Tyler and Angela flirted with each other. She said she’d like to be in sports illustrated and he basically says he has no goals. Lol
  • JC filled in Tyler and Brett on the plan and told Brett he could still go otb but wouldn’t be the target. He told Tyler they were going to try and work with him. (Will Tyler and Brett switch positions again?)
  • Scottie had a glow stick party. (From the comp I guess) He did some karate or ninja moves with them and did an amazing flip on the bed. He was impressed too and said he could die in peace now. He got a production warning not to do it.
  • Fessy and Hay had a make out session. They still think no one knows they’re a couple. Hay and Fessy are safe but they’re still idiots.

That’s what happened last night for the most part. I know the plan is to go after Scottie, make a deal with Tyler and leave Brett as a possible casualty. I still think anything can happen and nothing is set. I can’t believe L6 may actually get away with blaming the vote on Scottie. If they do, how can anyone not be impressed with this alliance? I don’t get how anyone can’t be impressed already no matter who their faves are.

Haleigh mentions AGAIN hearing the crowd so she thinks maybe RS was working with Brett all are long are longed flipped the vote to keep him. She thinks maybe the crowd was happy she was evicted. I have issues with production and Julie Chen this year (who looked lovely last night by the way) but I’ll save it for a slower day.


A few things from yesterday before the live show: Here’s s picture of the jacked up haircut Haleigh and Tyler tried to give Scottie. Sam got mad and tried to fix it.

This is Tyler’s face when he, Fessy and Brett heard the crew working on the comp set up. They heard people talking and think they said something about slime and sailboats.


This ones fuzzy but oh well…After JC shaved his head again, this is Sam shaving what looks to be JC’s butt crack. Thought I’d leave you with that one…

Steve will get you the nomination results when they happen. Have a great Friday!



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  1. Jay H

    Thanks Mel. Love your recaps, but after watching plenty of feeds, I don’t think Scottie is pretending to be a nerd. He’s a pretty bizarre guy.

  2. Avatar

    JC, THANK YOU!!!!

  3. AIO_7

    ” It gets brought up that Scottie voted out Swaggy while wearing his tshirt so he can’t be trusted.”

    Peabody also pinky swore with Martha that he would keep her the week he voted for Steve to stay.

  4. Avatar

    I really hope MF puts up Scottie & Brett so Tyler can save his cloud app in case needed at the veto ceremony.

  5. LO1004

    Drunk JC was really entertaining last night. Not only did he convince Fess and Hay to target Scottie, but he also managed to get in trouble w production (shocker) after POP gave them a care package. He was singing while drinking what looked like coconut water. Production told him to stop, he told them “f*ck you”, flipped the bird, jumped off the bench, and then “JC please go to the diary room”. I wonder what kind of ripping he got.

  6. ElaineB

    “…or Haleigh started undressing” …..that cracked me up. Thx Mel.

  7. HappyHippo

    Oh my gosh the pictures are hilarious. Scottie’s hair lol
    Level 6/5/4 just keeps impressing! I mean dayummm if they pull this off this week holy cow. They’ve already done great but to survive a hay ho hoh AND a Fessy hoh that would be epic!
    I did see Tyler and Angela spooning this morning…
    And dang if jc isn’t really pulling some moves out of his ass! On some other seasons he would have been outed early imo but he’s working over this crew. Now I know level 6 is aware of some of what he’s doing but I don’t think they are threatened. Then of course the other “side” are just plain stupid.
    Interested to see what noms are made today
    I really don’t want Tyler to have to use his app, I think it could hurt some of his relationships in the house…

  8. Avatar

    Wow! L6 certainly owes JC.
    Hope fessy puts up Brett and scottie.
    Don’t care if scottie leaves.
    Thanks for the update.
    Hope you all have a blessed Friday

    • mm22

      I don’t consider JC a floater either – he’s not dependent
      on anyone to carry him thu but he is using a couple
      shields -pretty smart-I’m still on the fence about

  9. Avatar

    Jc is such a little snake. I hope fes see through him and puts him otb…. he isn’t even part of the level 6 alliance and making it easier for one of them to win

  10. HappyHippo

    And if Tyler doesn’t get picked to play (random) Brett or Scottie should be convinced to pick him…he wins and pulls off Brett and is also safe

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  12. Avatar

    If fes put up Scottie and Bret a member from his own alliance such a dumb move he deserves to get next

    • danmtruth

      Fess does not think he ever was in an alliance with anyone but Hay So yes if L6 gets out of this week with Scottie out might be just as impressive as getting Bay and RS out this team just keeps rolling I understand its early in the BB week but still the framework for this to work is set up

      • Sassy

        I can’t wait to see Bays reaction to RS leaving under Haha’s HOH. And IF they pull off a Scottie evict, their reaction to him leaving under MF will be hilarious too!! Those 3 might be more mad at the stupidity of Haha and MF then L6/5/4…

  13. LO1004

    A tweet just went out from Vegas that the comp last night was a major flub by production and was not supposed to be that quick.. as we expected.

  14. AIO_7

    …”Hay suggesting Sam as a replacement to be used as a [pain] if needed.”

    I know that’s a typo, but it sure fits.
    Having said that, Martha won’t be a pawn, but will go to the little house if on the block next Thurs..

  15. Sassy

    Thx for the update Mel! What’s the chances these moron go 3 for 3? I said last night after L6/5/4 discussed it, after their HOH meeting, AND as Scottie and Haha were talking, it was bad game move by Brett, I didn’t find KC convincing, it would never work again. I am eating those words. These people might really be that dense!

  16. Shivani33

    Fester gave his trademark BB statement to the group. He has no idea what is going on in the house, blah, blah. He is going to “do what is best for his game” since some people always leave him out of the loop. He isn’t sure that he even wants to hear whatever they’d say or propose. It’s the petulant approach. He is easily confused. He is resentful. If he talks with other players, it will only help him in one way, in that he will become even more confused. It could work out that whoever talks with him last before noms and gets his attention will get the best result. That result could be called Fester’s Ultimate Confusion (F.U.C.!)

  17. Avatar

    I’m cool with Scottie going and L 6/5/4 staying in tact!

    • Sassy

      He should just stop watching feeds now. Haha is going to give it up this week, she’s has to do something to seal the deal with him and make him believe he is the only one… Once she does, he will forget about his plans and do what she tells him.

    • danmtruth

      What ever it takes to get that money so lets all sing :

      She works hard for the money
      So hard for it, honey
      She works hard for the money
      So you better treat her right

      and thats keeping Fessy complaint , Ready to switch to Bret as she sees him more as an outside the house fit Than Scottie because he is their and has info
      Sorry dad thats how she is working to get the money

  18. leafhopper

    JC may not be winning comps but he sure isn’t floating.

    • Sassy

      They are ALL playing hard, some better than others, but they are not just sitting around. The only exception maybe Sam. I’m still not sure if something is wrong with her or if this IS her strategy. It does seem to get her attention, and she’s fine after that… I’m just not sure about her.

      • AIO_7

        ” I’m still not sure if something is wrong with her or if this IS her strategy.”

        No doubt in my mind: Something is wrong with her.

  19. HappyHippo

    If it was a flub that kind of stinks cuz you could clearly see Fessy getting tired..not sure if he would have necessarily won a much longer version. Scottie or Tyler may have.

  20. Avatar

    Mel, thank you for the great update! I don’t get the live feeds and you and Steve keep me up to date…much appreciation to you both.

    I have to say I have done a 360 on JC. At first I liked him because he was the fly in the ointment, the monkey in the wrench, the bee in the bonnet. Then I thought he he was just a merry prankster with no clue how to play the game (so that’s 180 degrees so far) and now…now I think he’s an evil genius! He’s actually my favorite player to watch and I rooting for him to win. Team JC baby!

    • Sassy

      He has fluctuated for me too. Always in my top 1/2 and have not had a week where I wanted him to go home, but this week is really going to show how much work he has actually done. He is loyal to a few people (mainly Ty and MF) but they are on opposite sides. He would really like a final 3 with them.

  21. pkcable

    WOW, so JC has gotten them to think about evicting Scottie! DAMN JC! Do these people realize they are playing Big Brother!

  22. Zach

    Hot take! Power Rankings

    9.) Sam
    8.) KC
    7.) Fes
    6.) Haleigh
    5.) Brett
    4.) Scottie
    3.) JC
    2.) Angela
    1.) Tyler

    Power couple seems to be at the top right now with bottom feeders picking each other off rather than seeing what’s right before their eyes. JC has moved up to 3 since the last time I did this as he has all but sealed 5th place. He can’t win a comp to save his life and once Fes goes home next week he will be all alone. Scottie drops down from 2 as he let doubt creep in and will be put OTB as a primary target.

  23. Houseguest Doug

    Can the “HIVE” be really this stupid and put Scottie on the block along with Brett? Why, yes they can. For people that went to University they are pretty stupid.

    So lets play it out… Faysal becomes a total “Ass Hat” and puts Scottie & Brett on the block. (Who just happen to be the two other male suitors for Haliegh’s attention and affections). One of the L6 Members wins the Power of VETO. They pull down Brett and Faysal shows again how stupid the “HIVE” is and they put up Sam. Scottie would go home as L6 once they are done laughing their asses off would vote to say bye bye to Scottie and the “HIVE” is now down to Haliegh & Faysal. Faysal cannot play in the next HOH so it is Hayliegh vs the rest of the House. Odds are L6 will win the HOH. Guess who goes on the block? If you said Faysal & Hayliegh you’re correct. L6 has more players and they have the odds in their favor to win the VETO keeping nominations the same and Haliegh or Faysal are walking out the door. The “Hive” is now extinct.

    The good news is they will go down in history as the “WORST & STUPIDEST” Alliance in the history of Reality TV.

    As far as the “Amazing Race” goes. It would be in Tyler and Angela’s best interest to get into a showmance since they would be the one’s choosen to be the BB 20 Rep on the Amazing Race. Faysal & Angela have not yet figured out yet if they are in a showmance a showmance of convenience or friends with the occasion kiss. In any event this relationship or lack there of will not last beyond the end of the season.

    Food for thought…

    I think Angela is drop dead gorgeous and has the perfect body. But she needs to get a personality. She is very cold and too business like or what I call too professional. She needs to show some sort of personality if she wants any kind of a career beyond BB 20. She could have the Sport Illustrated cover in a heart beat if she showed some personality and won the game or started making more of an impact. She doesn’t get a lot of camera time compared to Tyler, Brett, RS (before eviction), Haliegh and JC.

    They would be doing Sam a favor by sending her to Jury House. She has totally flipped her lid.

    JC needs to rethink the head shave thing. The head acne is beyond belief.

    Brett & Angela better start thinking more about Jury Management. There good bye messages are very insulting and not going to win them any votes.

    Is it just me or is Scottie wearing eye liner? He is moving towards looking like “Captain Jack Sparrow” with each passing day.

    KC needs to step up her game and start wining some comps. She is fading into the background on the show. She gets next to no air time even when she was the hacker and on the block. More time was spent on the freak show known as “BLOCKStar”

  24. AIO_7

    Sounds like Fester is making a deal with Tyler and Angelica.


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  26. Avatar

    Not a fan of L6 at all but I can’t deny that I am impressed and totally shocked at the stupidity of Fessy and Haleigh. The funniest part will be Bay, RS, Scottie, Haleigh, Fessy (in that order) getting to the jury house and still blaming each other for flipping on votes.

    I’m still a L6 hater so I have to give the props to JC for deflecting the blame to Scottie. Still don’t understand his end game though since he is not in the L6 alliance and eventually he has to show his cards to Haleigh and Fessy.

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