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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Afternoon Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


I usually keep some distance between Mel’s overnight thread and the first feed thread of the day, but I’m bored so I wanted to get this one going. If you missed her thoughts, check out her post here.

I’m not quite sure what to expect today as the dust has settled from the nomination of Bayleigh yesterday with a monumental dud as a result. Judging by how she handled Swaggy’s backdoor and subsequent exit, I really wasn’t expecting the drama that everyone else was. I think Bayleigh is a lot more talk than action when it comes to flipping out. I do know Swaggy’s eviction was still in the time period where houseguests are fairly sane so her past actions don’t guarantee future moves, but I still don’t think she’s as aggressive as people like to think.

When I think about it, I’m not really sure anyone in the house is other than JC. He is the only one who really has a temper as everyone else has remained very cool this season. RS had her little meltdown after Brett called her out on TV, but that was unfortunately short-lived.


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  • 10:00 am – House slowly waking up but a few girls are up and about
    • Also, the ants are awake!
  • 10:15 am – Bayleigh is working out while Scottie is now waking up. Slow morning
  • 10:40 am – Bayleigh sits outside with Sam
    • Sam keeps trying to give her pep talks but Bayleigh is just pissed. She says she wanted to throw something at Tyler this morning
    • Bay says she doesn’t want to do one-on-ones this week.  Strange campaigning tactic. We’ll see if it pays off
    • Sam says “ya’ll plans are gonna kill me” Bay tells her not to say ya’ll because she doesn’t have a plan
    • Bayleigh says she was cast to be the angry black girl
    • A big question today is if Rockstar will keep trying to convince people that Bayleigh isn’t the hacker.  Another bold strategy
  • 11:15 am – Bayleigh finally admits she wishes she didn’t tell Rachel her power.  No shit
  • 12:10 pm – RS is called to sprint once again in the yard and she yells that Jessie can suck her dick.  Alright!
  • 12:30 pm – Haleigh is in the pantry with RS.  She asks her if everything is okay and RS says she just doesn’t like these people
  • 12:50 pm – Kaycee got a peanut outfit she can swim with
  • 2:10 pm – Rockstar having a chat with Bayleigh
    • RS is planning an epic speech as is Bayleigh. We’ll see
  • Sam joins
    • They start talking about suicide.  Sam’s conversations always turn dark
  • The whole house is getting into Kaycee’s punishment now

Closing this thread because it’s too long. Here is the nightly feed update thread



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  1. Helen

    Caught a brief conversation between Tyler and Scottie this morning…Tyler said…all’s she does is sleep….not sure who he’s talking about…Haleigh or Angela. Lol

  2. Jannie

    Who would you like to see in the Final 4 right now?
    I want Scottie, Tyler, Kaycee, and JC.
    It could happen…
    I do like RS( I know that will get me the thumbs down), but I don’t think she’ll get much farther, unless they drag her along knowing she won’t win in the end.
    Would like to see Sam and Fessy out after Bay.
    Final 4 favorites, anyone?

  3. danmtruth

    Bay is now saying she does not want to do One on Ones WOW thanks Queen She will talk to people

  4. danmtruth

    the other night Bay & Hali talked about starting a line of skin care products Called HellsBells They would rebrand someone else Than a friend of Halis will develop products using coffee and sugar Cant wait to see those two on Shark tank pitching that

  5. Shivani33

    Bay was mad at Tyler for saying good morning to her. “I LITERALLY wanted to throw something at him.” Ooh boy, with the Kardashian English.

  6. Shivani33

    Again, Bayleigh this morning. ” I honestly wish I’d never signed up for this show. I had a really good reputation before this show and now it’s ruined.” And then: “They casted (sic) me as a sassy, aggressive black woman, and that’s what they want…” And fish.

    • WhereisPablo

      Then I’d say that the casting director deserves a raise.

    • Avatar

      Wow, she is trying to blame her horrible personality on production. Of course it would be their fault bc she can do no wrong.

    • danmtruth

      Thats her fall back Its ALWAYS someone else fault This is not her NO that is who you are Not an angry black women Just a concede angry women Color has nothing to do with it

    • Fox3

      Casting director was SPOT ON!

      And no, honey, you ruined your own reputation. What were you thinking????

    • Colby

      Aggressive and sassy does not = bitch. Give her a dictionary.

      • Avatar

        I have no doubt she was raised that way. She said her mother was loud and over-the-top, and her father was quiet and laid back. Her behavior mimics her family dynamic, a household dominated by women.
        She is only holding her cool because she no longer has power. When she had HoH, she could badger everyone. When she lost that power, she could still badger her alliance, especially RS and Fessy. Glad to see her go, and just curious if she will bypass jury and use her likely pregnancy as an excuse.

    • JD

      Hmm did the casting director tell her to have sex on national tv and then constantly talk about that she may be pregnant or about her threesomes etc. Oh this delusional girl and I thought Kaitlyn needed a therapist. These girls need group therapy!

    • Sassy

      Just because they cast you one way, does not mean you have to prove them right. Ty was cast as the dumb surfer dude and he has proven them wrong. She made herself the angry, arrogant asshole, not production.

      • Jenny

        I was SO happy to find out Tyler wasn’t the dumb surfer stereotype. And Bayleigh… first impression was, WOW, she wears her natural hair and she is beautiful, and she’s so sweet, I would love to hang out with her. I honestly thought she was the OPPOSITE of the angry (whatever race) woman. And if Production really IS trying to cast that caricature of a person… shame on them. “Swaggy” is ridiculous but Chris might be a decent guy. Wish he’d just come in as Chris because I think I like that guy.

  7. ShoeLover

    I would love to know how all of the other beauty contestants from the MISS MISSOURI PAGEANT feel about Baleigh’s personality.

    • LO1004

      Someone commented on another thread that Bay is known for being a B, so I’m sure they aren’t shocked.

    • Jay H

      I’m sure both of them would be disappointed.

    • Jay H

      I have a conspiracy theory. I think I read that she was in the pageant 3 times. I wonder if mommy and daddy pulled some strings or knew the right people to get her crowned.
      Baliegh is not ugly by any means(strictly physical looks), but I certainly don’t see beauty queen when I look at her.

    • Shivani33

      Bayleigh worked the pageant circuit from 2013 until 2017, competing over and over again for Miss Missouri until she won. After the crowning, she said that she’s a role model. She said that you must be able to walk with kings and queens but never to lose the common touch. (Kansas City Star.) I’ve never forgotten her very early boast on air, when she said that she NEVER has to pay for her own hotel room. Meow! I tapped my fingers at that one.

      The common touch has extended to schtupping Swaggy C (the Great) on live tv and telling him not to hassle about not wearing a condom when he warned her that he was about to ejaculate. Since then she has given that auld pageant bitch-out to everyone on the show, including production. It is everyone else’s fault!

    • Sassy

      She said she won Miss Congeniality. She also said she didn’t know what those girls were thinking voting for her, she was shocked.

    • Avatar

      I know someone that competed against her and I was there when she was crowned and when she gave up her title. She really deserved to win Miss Mo and was very kind to my young daughters when they wanted to get a photo with her. I don’t know her personally but from what I’ve seen and heard on the pageant circuit she’s fairly well liked.
      This is my first time watching BB but I did go back and watch 19 after 20 started. I suppose my final 4 are: JC, Fessy, RS, KC, and Brett.

  8. Avatar

    did sam do this pep talk with Rachel?

  9. Avatar

    Bayleigh: I hope the ratings drop if I leave. Like drastically. -Dolffie

    what a fucking cunt, people though michelle from 18 was one, look at Bayleigh

  10. Shivani33

    There is a marvelous video of Sam singing Bob Marley’s ” Don’t Worry ’bout a Thing” in a car,. She has lighter, strawberry blonde hair, wears it very well and looks thinner. She does a wonderful neck gesture while singing and thanks friends for rallying behind her for being about to go on BB. I found this at Jokers Media section about a week ago and played it over and over. This shows a hip and cool and groovy Sam, not a Martha Stewart den mother. She’d come off more winningly if she let this aspect of herself rip. Seriously.

    By the way, Jokers Media is a good source for videos and pics of the houseguests that you can’t find as easily anywhere else, and it is full of personal, off game topic gossip about the houseguests, if one is into that kind of thing. And I am! It is fabulous for people who don’t use the feeds, as a way to see both in- house activities and revealing snaps of houseguests with their different lovers, children and spouses.

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  12. Avatar

    Does this mean that Bay finally figured out that Tyler is in the other alliance and she got played? Or did Tyler say something negative about Bay and it got back to her?

  13. Avatar

    No way to turn the tide to keep Bayleigh
    Votes to evict Bay
    JC(Been vocal about wanting her out)
    Tyler/Kaycee/Brett(All will vote her out due to L6/4)
    Sam(Will vote how Tyler wants)
    Scottie(Vote for revenge for throwing his name for replacement and for Angela not putting him back up, and since he is close to Tyler, he thinks this will help repay him for Tyler taking Scottie of the block)

  14. LynnD

    They seriously have NO idea how double eviction works. My head hurts from this conversation!

  15. Shivani33

    Last night I watched a video of Rachel and some friends popping off. They drank champagne and shared a hookah. Rachel did a lot of fairly raw and hostile joking around about Angela. While filming, Kaitlyn got in touch. So did Jessica from #19. Rachel, feeling no pain, does some singing. She shows off a Rachel tee-shirt made by her pals and says that Jackie ran her media accounts while Rachel was in the game. Rachel is being flown to Orlando to do a post BB interview. She is having a blast.

    • Barracuda

      I doubt she will be as popular as Jessica was last year since Cody was still in the house and she was advocating for him. Rachel had no showmance. It’d be cool if her and Winston hook up and trash the players left! But I’m glad to hear she is enjoying her life out of the crazy BB house.

  16. Avatar

    anyone else think Bayleigh cant crawl out of this hole she dug

  17. AIO_7

    Since FOUTE doesn’t have the votes to keep Bayoch I should think that if Haleigh wants to stay anonymous about being the first hacker and the fact that she put up Tyler, that she would be smart to nullify her or Fester’s eviction vote.

    • Avatar

      that’s what I have been thinking, but like retards they will out ousted and both will go up and one will go next week

      • Avatar

        Stop with the totally inappropriate name calling. Are you for real?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Colby, I’m not going to tell you what to say because you didn’t attack another board member. But I will ask that you not use the term “retard”. I’m not sure if you’re aware that there are a few members here who have children and/or family member with developmental issues, and they have expressed over the years, some of the things they have suffered and stressed over with some of the terms society have attached to those conditions. Please keep this in mind when commenting. This is not a warning or a threat, just a little insight. 🙂

      • Wizard

        Thanks NKNT, I was just going to comment that the R word is hurtful and offensive to people and families with who have loved ones with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

      • Avatar

        I have autism myself, words really dont get to me

      • Wizard

        I am glad that words don’t bother you, but words can still be very hurtful to others.

    • Alda

      I thought of that two days ago.That would be the smartest move for Hayleigh.

  18. Jannie

    I remember the first night of BB when Baybiotch, a flight attendant, said something to the effect that her customers(passengers) were a bother to her and she couldn’t stand them. Right then I knew I didn’t like her.

  19. leafhopper

    I can totally see Sam as a voice over actress after all of this is over. Can’t you just picture her voice attached to a Simpson’s character?

    • Shivani33

      Agree wholeheartedly that she has a very marketable voice. She said that one of her best friend is a Game of Thrones body double. Sam is fragile, though. That is pretty obvious. If she gains more showbiz connections via BB and wants to give that lifestyle a try, she needs to toughen up about handling rejections. Unless she gets very lucky, casting calls and auditions are a tough road to hoe.

      • AIO_7

        ….” a tough road to hoe.”

        Sorry, Shiv., but I just had to do it …

        Tough row to hoe

        In farming and gardening, to hoe a row is to turn a line of soil for the planting of seeds or bulbs. This is the origin of the idiom tough row to hoe, which describes a large, challenging task. A literal tough row to hoe might be one that is long or that involves hoeing dirt with lots of rocks or roots. A figurative tough row to hoe is any large undertaking that is especially difficult.

      • Shivani33

        Thank you. I saw that goof but too late.

  20. Helen

    RS just asks Bayleigh…So do you think you can win if you stay here? Bayleigh says…most definitely…
    Watch for RS to start some shit in an attempt to get people to vote her out over Bayleigh…

  21. Avatar

    RS’s constant whining and moaning and groaning about how she doesn’t like these people is so annoying. Would like to see her and Hay gone ASAP & Fess soon after!

  22. Avatar

    Rockstar also wants to tell America that the HG they love are ‘white privileged spoiled rich kids’ and wants America to give them a power (hive alliance)… -ILuvMySteelers

    this is why we dont like the HIVE alliance, you use SJW tactics and never say its your fault your in this predicament

  23. caRyn

    I have watched all the seasons of BB. I would be considered a BB fan. If I went into the BB house I would not be any help at all. I can’t remember BB players or comps. I can’t remember who has won or how many go to jury. So it is very easy for me to believe that hg can say they are BB fans and not know BB history.

    • Charlotte

      I agree! Been watching since the beginning but when anyone mentions past seasons and who-did-what, other than the very well known players, I don’t remember them! My daughter said she recently watched the very first season, just for the heck of it, and it’s remarkable how low budget it was. I hope to watch it soon, too!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m exactly the same way Ryn. Once the season is over I barely remember the names of 1/4th of the HG. I would make the WORST contestant.

      • Alda

        Same here NK. I have watched every season.When the housepets name a certain season and person and what they did,I’m like HUH??

  24. Avatar

    RS needs to go the self-preservation route

  25. AIO_7

    Martha is talking and neither Bayoch or Crayola are really listening … Can’t say I blame them.


  26. danmtruth

    RS in deep conversation with Sam about what is more important To make a big social statement or self preservation for her family How she is tired or these rich bastards winning all the time and putting her up on the block Sam started to give some deep thoughts Speaking about a philosopher BOTH RS & Bay were like how do you know this
    Bay says she KNOWS god sent her here for a higher purpose That she has been kind to everyone That someone is in big problem emotionally to be spreading lies about her
    so I can see RS not self evicting but going on a suicide mission to keep Bay in the game She will call out people in her speech Thinking she can pull a Bret

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  28. Shivani33

    What show does RS think that this is, “The Wizard of Oz”? She can sing the “if I only had a brain” bit. Bayleigh can do snot-filled vocals of “if I only had a heart.” Ms Peanut can try “if I only had the noyve,” as Bert Lahr did with his gorgeous Noo Yawk accent. Fester, Haleigh and AngieRS haven’t had the lightbulb flash about regrouping themselves simply to be able to stay in the game. Watching is so frustrating. So much blah blah blah and rapidfire miscalculation. I keep remembering my dad saying ” the hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”

  29. caRyn

    AFP: Tyler
    You: ?

  30. Zach

    I don’t know how well this is known, but some of the people B.B. recruit are told to act a certain way, be a certain type of person.BB tries to keep it quiet, but it’s why certain personality’s carry over season after season with different “players” in that role. I don’t think Bayleigh is a woman of God, just like Dominique and Davonne. Davonne is on an MTV reality show right now and is completely different then how she was on B.B.

  31. Fox3

    Went back to learn how to upload a photo. Think I got it!
    My tribute to Bayleigh lmao


  32. NKogNeeTow

    In reference to Steve’s comment about Honey Bay Bay not being as aggressive as everyone thinks…She’s not as stupid as she looks. She knows EXACTLY who to pull that on. Notice that she ONLY speaks to Rocky Pennywise, HaHo, Fester and Hazel Martha Stewart that way, oh and Peabody (Scottie). She wouldn’t dare try that with someone like Tyler, Brett, Driftwood and KC. She even limits it with JC (although I think she feels more superior to him because of his stature, not because of his personality. You have to admit, he can be pretty feisty when he wants to be).

    Another thing I mentioned on a previous thread…Have you noticed that whenever Pennywise has to do her punishment, it’s “the other side” that does it with her, and NOT any of her Hive alliance. Sam will even stay up and keep her company while she cooks and does the exercises with her. Strange that Penny hasn’t realized that.

  33. Sassy

    Fuzzy was just kissing all over Haho’s neck and chest… Guess they aren’t really hiding it any longer?

  34. Helen

    Bayleigh earlier today to Sam: I’m not going to do one on ones

    Bayleigh just now to Faysal: I still need to figure out what I’m going to say in my one on ones

    Then she proceeded to tell Faysal…you can’t tell anyone who your voting for…ummm ..it isn’t to hard for anyone in the house to figure that out…

  35. Helen

    Lmao…you think they will remain BFF outside the house?

    Bayleigh: “Whoever has the hacker app and is letting me suffer is evil and worse than anybody!” Haleigh: “Yeah.”

  36. danmtruth

    What does she think she can offer anyone to keep her As the song says He’s (all the HG ) just not in to you

  37. Sassy

    Bay and Hay talking about their skin and hair care line they are starting. Bay doesn’t let Hay get a word in edge wise. Fuzzy says he has an app with Apple that was just approved before he came in the house. He says him being on the show is good exposure for the App. It tracks who is working out at what gym. It’s not a dating app but a workout partner thing…

  38. Colby

    New thread.

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