Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Afternoon Feed Updates


Good afternoon, everyone!

I usually keep some distance between Mel’s overnight thread and the first feed thread of the day, but I’m bored so I wanted to get this one going. If you missed her thoughts, check out her post here.

I’m not quite sure what to expect today as the dust has settled from the nomination of Bayleigh yesterday with a monumental dud as a result. Judging by how she handled Swaggy’s backdoor and subsequent exit, I really wasn’t expecting the drama that everyone else was. I think Bayleigh is a lot more talk than action when it comes to flipping out. I do know Swaggy’s eviction was still in the time period where houseguests are fairly sane so her past actions don’t guarantee future moves, but I still don’t think she’s as aggressive as people like to think.

When I think about it, I’m not really sure anyone in the house is other than JC. He is the only one who really has a temper as everyone else has remained very cool this season. RS had her little meltdown after Brett called her out on TV, but that was unfortunately short-lived.


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  • 10:00 am – House slowly waking up but a few girls are up and about
    • Also, the ants are awake!
  • 10:15 am – Bayleigh is working out while Scottie is now waking up. Slow morning
  • 10:40 am – Bayleigh sits outside with Sam
    • Sam keeps trying to give her pep talks but Bayleigh is just pissed. She says she wanted to throw something at Tyler this morning
    • Bay says she doesn’t want to do one-on-ones this week.  Strange campaigning tactic. We’ll see if it pays off
    • Sam says “ya’ll plans are gonna kill me” Bay tells her not to say ya’ll because she doesn’t have a plan
    • Bayleigh says she was cast to be the angry black girl
    • A big question today is if Rockstar will keep trying to convince people that Bayleigh isn’t the hacker.  Another bold strategy
  • 11:15 am – Bayleigh finally admits she wishes she didn’t tell Rachel her power.  No shit
  • 12:10 pm – RS is called to sprint once again in the yard and she yells that Jessie can suck her dick.  Alright!
  • 12:30 pm – Haleigh is in the pantry with RS.  She asks her if everything is okay and RS says she just doesn’t like these people
  • 12:50 pm – Kaycee got a peanut outfit she can swim with
  • 2:10 pm – Rockstar having a chat with Bayleigh
    • RS is planning an epic speech as is Bayleigh. We’ll see
  • Sam joins
    • They start talking about suicide.  Sam’s conversations always turn dark
  • The whole house is getting into Kaycee’s punishment now

Closing this thread because it’s too long. Here is the nightly feed update thread


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