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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Feed Updates

September 4, 2018 | 247 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house and last I checked, there were no Twitter controversies today!  Yup, just looked and we’re still clear!

The big story is finally in the game itself and that is the potential flip by Brett. The key word is potential because Brett is a phenomenal liar who is also aware of his surroundings. It’s really hard to get a read on what he is thinking, but the things he is saying to JC could be a concern.  Tyler and Angela have been getting closer and closer while failing to keep it a secret, and Angela/Kaycee have been super close all game. When you’re down to 7 people (as of Thursday) and 3 people are incredibly tight, that is almost half the house working together.

If your dream is to see L6 in the final 4 together, well you still have something to cling on to. Brett may realize that 3 people are close, but he also knows he’s the 4th one in that group which is something JC doesn’t know. Brett is in a fairly good position right now so it’s really up to him to decide which path to take, and he has plenty of time to make that choice. I think he’d be safe regardless who wins HoH next so this will allow him to see which side of the house is going to get more power down the stretch and just go with them. Let’s say Sam wins HoH (don’t laugh), and she knocks out Angela, Brett could skirt the middle even longer.  If L6 win HoH, he is already on their side and just has to accept that his final 3 spot is just going to be a little tougher.

The only thing the JC side of the house has to offer right now is that they are incredibly beatable in competitions compared to L6. Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler have a ton of wins between the three of them, and if Brett is sitting in the final 4 with them, he’s going to need to pull out some miracles because he’s likely the first person to leave out of that group. If he’s sitting in the final 4 with say Sam, JC, and Haleigh, his odds of earning a spot in the final 3 and then final 2 increase drastically.

Brett could be a major player in how this season ends up, so stick a pin in him to watch the rest of the way.


  • 12:45 am – I’m flashing back to listen to Brett and JC talking on the hammock
    • Brett is saying how it feels like he’s annoying Angela lately
    • He mentions how he tried to get Angela to eat mint chocolate chip and she said no all season long. Tyler offered her some and she instantly said yes. JC isn’t understanding his point, but Brett is trying to show how Tyler and Angela have more of a thing than they let on
    • JC notices how Angela walks into the kitchen and when there are people there, she fakes part of a conversation and inches toward the stairs then runs upstairs. She thinks nobody notices, but JC does
    • Brett mentions how tight the three of them are (KC, Ang, Tyler) and they’re frustrated how Haleigh still keeps climbing up their ass
    • Random note – JC thinks water expires lol
    • That talk breaks up so I’ll go live
  • 11:45 am – This is what the house is doing now
  • 2:10 pm – Sam, Brett, and Scottie are in the kitchen
    • They start talking about marketing with milk
    • Sam starts getting worked up about toilet paper, medication, and beer because we’re all going to get that (doesn’t mention the billion different brands of beer)
    • They get into a deep conversation about how the beauty industry is all marketed toward women which is why girls wear nail polish (??)
    • Brett says with marketing, you basically have to stereotype. Sam counters by saying it doesn’t have to be a stereotype, just know your demographic (isn’t that stereotyping?)
    • Sam says now she’s aggravated so someone should market something to her that would calm her down
    • The talk breaks up
  • 2:40 pm – Brett heads into the HN room. JC is sleeping
    • Brett says JC is almost nice to look at when he’s sleeping because he’s so peaceful
    • JC asks for an update of the people. Brett says Sam is on one of her tangents in the kitchen. Going on and on about nothing
    • Her tangent was about how fucked up it is that there is marketing about girls wearing makeup, etc. Brett wanted to say that she’s probably the person who spends the most time in the bathroom doing her makeup (probably true. This cast surprisingly doesn’t stare in the mirror all day now that Fessy is gone)
    • Now Brett is teaching JC about hunting. JC is not a fan of it. He understands it, but doesn’t like it
  • 3:30 pm – Angela and Tyler are sneaking around again
    • She says Scottie thinks he’s staying this week, but he’s not
    • Tyler says that Brett and JC are getting paranoid over him, Angela, and KC (yup)
    • They say that Haleigh would probably put up Kaycee/Angela if she won HoH
    • He feels the smartest thing for her to do would be to put up JC and Sam (maybe smart for Tyler’s game)
    • Brett comes up, Angela scoots away like her father was coming in her bedroom lol
    • Brett is looking for JC
    • He then says he wants to blow up on Sam.  He went in his room and the bed was all torn up (blankets)
    • Haleigh tells him that Sam took it because she took Sam’s blankets
    • She just put it back on the bed in the blue room for no reason.  He asks Sam why she did it, she says ‘because Haleigh took mine’
    • He starts ranting about how Sam preaches about everything in an uneducated manner but is right because it’s her opinion
    • As they rant about the bed and things like that, the camera keeps showing random things like the empty bed and the messy table
    • Anegla says she feels like she lives in a hoarders home. The feeds show the table
  • 3:50 pm – Brett goes off on an unscripted nomination speech for Sam
    • He says “All you do is bitch about being here and judge all of us but the reality is you’re here too, but you apparently only did it for the right reason while we did it for the wrong reason. I’m giving you the chance to see if you really want to be here”
    • Angela asks who he’d rather out first, Haleigh or Sam. He says Haleigh
  • 4:40 pm – Sam whipped up a basketball rim out of a hulahoop so Scottie and Tyler were messing around.
  • 6:30 pm – Back from dinner. House sitting around kitchen talking and joking around
    • They are having a staring contest
  • 7:00 pm – JC asks Scottie about the GBMs
    • Scottie said they showed half here and half in the jury house. Ridiculous to show any
    • After some talking, Scottie says that he has heard his name was in JC’s mouth and JC was the person to tell Fessy to nominate Scottie
    • JC denies it of course
  • 9:00 pm – Haleigh, Tyler, and Kaycee are up in the HoH room
    • Haleigh is re-telling the story about the mattresses with Sam
    • Kaycee and Tyler are telling Haleigh she should instigate Sam
  • 9:45 pm – The house is starting to go to sleep already. Yelled at for going 15 minutes early so this will probably be an early night
    • With that, I’m off to bed

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