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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house and last I checked, there were no Twitter controversies today!  Yup, just looked and we’re still clear!

The big story is finally in the game itself and that is the potential flip by Brett. The key word is potential because Brett is a phenomenal liar who is also aware of his surroundings. It’s really hard to get a read on what he is thinking, but the things he is saying to JC could be a concern.  Tyler and Angela have been getting closer and closer while failing to keep it a secret, and Angela/Kaycee have been super close all game. When you’re down to 7 people (as of Thursday) and 3 people are incredibly tight, that is almost half the house working together.

If your dream is to see L6 in the final 4 together, well you still have something to cling on to. Brett may realize that 3 people are close, but he also knows he’s the 4th one in that group which is something JC doesn’t know. Brett is in a fairly good position right now so it’s really up to him to decide which path to take, and he has plenty of time to make that choice. I think he’d be safe regardless who wins HoH next so this will allow him to see which side of the house is going to get more power down the stretch and just go with them. Let’s say Sam wins HoH (don’t laugh), and she knocks out Angela, Brett could skirt the middle even longer.  If L6 win HoH, he is already on their side and just has to accept that his final 3 spot is just going to be a little tougher.


The only thing the JC side of the house has to offer right now is that they are incredibly beatable in competitions compared to L6. Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler have a ton of wins between the three of them, and if Brett is sitting in the final 4 with them, he’s going to need to pull out some miracles because he’s likely the first person to leave out of that group. If he’s sitting in the final 4 with say Sam, JC, and Haleigh, his odds of earning a spot in the final 3 and then final 2 increase drastically.

Brett could be a major player in how this season ends up, so stick a pin in him to watch the rest of the way.


  • 12:45 am – I’m flashing back to listen to Brett and JC talking on the hammock
    • Brett is saying how it feels like he’s annoying Angela lately
    • He mentions how he tried to get Angela to eat mint chocolate chip and she said no all season long. Tyler offered her some and she instantly said yes. JC isn’t understanding his point, but Brett is trying to show how Tyler and Angela have more of a thing than they let on
    • JC notices how Angela walks into the kitchen and when there are people there, she fakes part of a conversation and inches toward the stairs then runs upstairs. She thinks nobody notices, but JC does
    • Brett mentions how tight the three of them are (KC, Ang, Tyler) and they’re frustrated how Haleigh still keeps climbing up their ass
    • Random note – JC thinks water expires lol
    • That talk breaks up so I’ll go live
  • 11:45 am – This is what the house is doing now
  • 2:10 pm – Sam, Brett, and Scottie are in the kitchen
    • They start talking about marketing with milk
    • Sam starts getting worked up about toilet paper, medication, and beer because we’re all going to get that (doesn’t mention the billion different brands of beer)
    • They get into a deep conversation about how the beauty industry is all marketed toward women which is why girls wear nail polish (??)
    • Brett says with marketing, you basically have to stereotype. Sam counters by saying it doesn’t have to be a stereotype, just know your demographic (isn’t that stereotyping?)
    • Sam says now she’s aggravated so someone should market something to her that would calm her down
    • The talk breaks up
  • 2:40 pm – Brett heads into the HN room. JC is sleeping
    • Brett says JC is almost nice to look at when he’s sleeping because he’s so peaceful
    • JC asks for an update of the people. Brett says Sam is on one of her tangents in the kitchen. Going on and on about nothing
    • Her tangent was about how fucked up it is that there is marketing about girls wearing makeup, etc. Brett wanted to say that she’s probably the person who spends the most time in the bathroom doing her makeup (probably true. This cast surprisingly doesn’t stare in the mirror all day now that Fessy is gone)
    • Now Brett is teaching JC about hunting. JC is not a fan of it. He understands it, but doesn’t like it
  • 3:30 pm – Angela and Tyler are sneaking around again
    • She says Scottie thinks he’s staying this week, but he’s not
    • Tyler says that Brett and JC are getting paranoid over him, Angela, and KC (yup)
    • They say that Haleigh would probably put up Kaycee/Angela if she won HoH
    • He feels the smartest thing for her to do would be to put up JC and Sam (maybe smart for Tyler’s game)
    • Brett comes up, Angela scoots away like her father was coming in her bedroom lol
    • Brett is looking for JC
    • He then says he wants to blow up on Sam.  He went in his room and the bed was all torn up (blankets)
    • Haleigh tells him that Sam took it because she took Sam’s blankets
    • She just put it back on the bed in the blue room for no reason.  He asks Sam why she did it, she says ‘because Haleigh took mine’
    • He starts ranting about how Sam preaches about everything in an uneducated manner but is right because it’s her opinion
    • As they rant about the bed and things like that, the camera keeps showing random things like the empty bed and the messy table
    • Anegla says she feels like she lives in a hoarders home. The feeds show the table
  • 3:50 pm – Brett goes off on an unscripted nomination speech for Sam
    • He says “All you do is bitch about being here and judge all of us but the reality is you’re here too, but you apparently only did it for the right reason while we did it for the wrong reason. I’m giving you the chance to see if you really want to be here”
    • Angela asks who he’d rather out first, Haleigh or Sam. He says Haleigh
  • 4:40 pm – Sam whipped up a basketball rim out of a hulahoop so Scottie and Tyler were messing around.
  • 6:30 pm – Back from dinner. House sitting around kitchen talking and joking around
    • They are having a staring contest
  • 7:00 pm – JC asks Scottie about the GBMs
    • Scottie said they showed half here and half in the jury house. Ridiculous to show any
    • After some talking, Scottie says that he has heard his name was in JC’s mouth and JC was the person to tell Fessy to nominate Scottie
    • JC denies it of course
  • 9:00 pm – Haleigh, Tyler, and Kaycee are up in the HoH room
    • Haleigh is re-telling the story about the mattresses with Sam
    • Kaycee and Tyler are telling Haleigh she should instigate Sam
  • 9:45 pm – The house is starting to go to sleep already. Yelled at for going 15 minutes early so this will probably be an early night
    • With that, I’m off to bed

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  1. HappyHippo

    Let’s go Brett. I hope you get a chance to flip things in your favor. Ang and kc need to go. I’m over the Tyler ang showmance and hay hos butt kissing…I need a lil double eviction excitement!

  2. AIO_7

    *** “Brett mentions how tight the three of them are (KC, Ang, Tyler) and they’re frustrated how Haleigh still keeps climbing up their ass”….

    Brett needs to be careful what he is saying to JC right now. I think it is still too early for him to be voicing a move. With our luck L6 will target him next and we will be stuck with more weeks of Heidi, Martha and JC in the house to irritate us.

  3. ShanFran123

    Is the double eviction supposed to happen this week or next?

  4. Colby

    Angela and KC doing charcoal masks.
    Will the next Twitter controversy be that they were in ‘black face’?
    Seems just as unreasonable as some of the stuff they go nuts over. 🙂

  5. AIO_7

    It’s 12:15pm BB time. Heidi and JC must still be in bed. Haven’t seen either on the feeds yet.

  6. AIO_7

    Some are saying that Martha is responsible for this messy table …


  7. Avatar

    I REALLY want a house flip. I feed on chaos and anger, I want chairs thrown, curse words hurled, Sam knitting a garrote out of JCs back hair and strangling Tyler with it. Flip! FLIP!

  8. dfdsgs

    The big question that Brett needs to answer is if he goes against L6 can he beat anyone in a jury vote from that side.

    While the other side might be an easier path to the F2 based on what Scottie is saying which I have to think at least some of it is true going to the end with anyone not in L6 is probably a guaranteed loss at the end. In fact I would think that even having Kaycee there is a loss for the other three.

    • Sassy

      The only people I think he has a chance of beating in the end is Angela (because everyone beats her) and maybe Sam (although the hive may prefer her over him).

      • Wizard

        I think he could only beat Angela. Foutte is so dumb that they probably like Sam more and won’t believe that Sam put up Kaitlin and Hay because she thinks they are both slutbags (which they aren’t).

  9. danmtruth

    This is the only way for Hay and Scottie to survive after this week Which ever one survives this week I do think next week might be a double Too get on schedule The info about the bitter jury has them rethinking who the need to be standing next to Others have done good break downs of this This vote will be interesting to see who has people ear It will be interesting to see who is pushing for what

    • Sassy

      Scottie has already told Brett that Angela is the most hated and Brett and Ty come in a close second. He has to know his best option is sitting next to one of them in the end.

      • Wizard

        One would think.

        This is precisely why production screwed up so badly by not sequestering the jury members though. F2 is going to come down to at least one of those 3.

  10. ElaineB

    Though Ty is still in my top 4, Ang is not. I enjoyed the early flirtation, but the constant need to be attached to each other, is disappointing. I am willing for Hay to stay if she wins HOH and puts at least Ang on the block. Though JC and Sam are my bottom two at this point, I want to see some action with noms.

  11. Avatar

    Water only expires if it’s bottled. And only if it’s left open. Water from a faucet doesn’t expire. But I also wouldn’t leave a water for two days and go back and drink it. Dump it and get fresh water.

    • AIO_7

      “But I also wouldn’t leave a water for two days and go back and drink it.”

      I would; I do it all the time. Sometimes the same bottle of water will sit on my nightstand, un-refrigerated, for weeks.

      On a side note: I suspect JC might have been thinking of ‘evaporate’.

  12. Seattle Kari

    Why are some of you anti KC? I’m not trying to put anybody on the defense for being judgemental I’m just curious what she is done that I might have missed that might have put some of you wanting her out?

    She may be a semi floater but she’s been doing a lot better lately and she’s nice to everybody as far as I can tell?

    My List of hopefully evictions in order: ( but I know it’s not going to happen.)

    1. Hailey.

    I’m just tired of her. I will admit she did really good in the last competition though. She’s a pretty girl God knows but the way she’s played the game it’s just annoying. I will admit she did damn good in that spinning one though.

    2. JC.

    I think Snickergate was absolutely ridiculous but he is done way too much bullshit throughout the season. And also we know he’s messing with people and playing a good game controlling people, so that might work in his favor? But his competitions suck.

    3. Scotty.

    I still haven’t noticed the negativity that you all do other than I’m talking too much and quite honestly that doesn’t bother me. Maybe it’s because I’m a talk or two LOL. I just don’t think he should be going out before Hailey or even JC. He’s a nice guy and as far as I can tell he’s treated people fairly well. (I’m fully aware that I might have missed something.)

    4. Sam.

    At the beginning of the season I really wanted to like her. I still do not completely dislike her. but I don’t think she’s playing a good enough game to make it all the way to the end.

    I don’t see a lot of the negativity that some of you do. Yeah she can be annoying but I think she means it with a good heart inside.

    I still don’t understand why some of you think it’s weird that she keeps the house clean. I just think it’s good that somebody is for a change.

    As far as things that she’s doing to keep her hands busy? Is it really hurting anybody? People with anxiety and depression need that. it’s super easy to have the insecurities when you deal with those. ** speaking from my own experience as well as my daughters.**

    And I have to go here and say that people that were harping on how much she was eating last night? so freaking what honestly what does it matter how much the house guess eat? There’s nothing for them to do and they’re bored. And then on top of that yesterday was a barbecue people eat a lot of barbecues unless you want to eat like a bird and that’s your choice but don’t judge other people for eating, I don’t care if they eat one sandwich or the entire freaking cow.

    In my opinion my top two are Tyler and Kaycee, with Brett right behind.

    • Seattle Kari

      Just realized I completely forgot about Angie. I guess I would put her after Scotty and just before Sam period or just after Sam..

    • Seattle Kari

      Once again got to love voice to text. Talk or two? LOL how about talker too?

      If you don’t think I need to edit it after my postings just click the negative sign, LOL it’s just annoying and I want to fix it

    • Mel

      I liked KC in the beginning and still do. I didn’t stop liking her but I did start to think she may be too much of a team player. (Not with decisions she’s made, I mean her mindset) This was before she’d won anything and before the jury started growing so we could get a sense of who would be in it. She has a good social game and now has 3 comp wins so she may feel she has a chance with any of the L4 people to beat them. If she feels that way, she’d have been dumb to make a change. I think she’s playing one of the best games and has been all season. The biggest dig the jury could say so far is she didn’t have to do the dirty work IF she doesnt win an hoh.

    • Mel

      Sam’s a have not this week. If I was a have not, I would have beat all of them in an eating contest last night.

      I had to get a steroid shot the day before going on vacation one year. I’m 5’4″ and around 125 lbs. My husband is 6’5″ and about 240. I ate twice what he did that week! That’s how I’d be if I had a break from have nots.

    • Malia

      I agree with almost everything you said….esp agree that ppl with anxiety, esp ppl who are quitting smoking, need to keep their hands busy…. Having said that, there are other anxiety disorders, large scale or small, that ppl have where in a message, like which is currently on that table right now would cause stress. I have often thought about trying g out for this show but I have issues with OCD and know very well, that I would probably lose my shit with stuff like this…..hair on the bathroom floor. Shoes on the furniture, dirty/sweaty people lying in my bed…. Of course, in Sam’s defense, if you suffer from having to have things *just so* you might need to, like I have, rethink going on the show.

    • HappyHippo

      I like kc but I’m just not pulling for her to win. I like it when people try to orchestrate things (jc, Tyler, Brett have imo) to me they seem smarter when they do things behind the scenes. She’s not a floater she just hasn’t impressed me game wise

    • Sassy

      KC and Ty have been my top 2 since the beginning. I’m glad she has started winning things, but those that have been HOH are always at a disadvantage. She has been able to keep her hands clean while giving input into the noms. I’d like to see her win a HOH and have to put someone up.

    • Wizard

      I don’t know why some people dislike KC. I love her. She’s always personable. She’s been hardcore loyal to L6. She’s just a stand/up human. I’d love to see Hay go this week, followed by Scorty, JC, and Sam… Let L4 duke it out in the end.

  13. Seattle Kari

    ** I’m not trying to put any of you on the defense OR being judgmental.**

    • AIO_7

      I agree with your rankings, Kari; but I’d flip Scottie and Sam. As for KC, I don’t mind seeing her stay, but for me she is just a bit blah.

      • Mel

        I think Sam’s probably a really cool chick to hang out with but if I had my choice, she’d leave next. I would’ve preferred this week. She refused to play the first half and now she’s barely playing. For that reason, she’s just there and doesn’t add anything to the game. She’s a wierd obstacle in the way for the people who are actually playing. I guess she serves that purpose in the game but that’s a about it.

  14. Avatar

    So what’s the plan this week? Hay or Scottie?

  15. Shivani33

    JC still not out of bed?! Sam baby-voicing at him, trying to get him moving… his bowels. “You’re the only one I feel comfortable around. CAN I HELP YOU WITH YOUR CONSTIPATION? Do you want me to help you to go up and use the HoH room toilet?” Barf.

  16. Shivani33

    Scottie has asked Tyler for a meeting today, including Angela and Kaycee as participants. What will be his pitch? Who is he going to burn?

  17. LynnD

    I just now gor home and turned on the live feeds and see them playing a game in the kitchen. Now this is been bothering me for a really long time but am I the only person who wants to tell Sam to clean up her shit off that kitchen table? Even on the episode last night when they got done doing nominations they show Sam getting her box and taking it back to the table.

  18. AIO_7

    Remember Pot Ball? They are playing their version of that game now …


  19. Malia

    Damn ..JC is up….might be time to turn off live feeds.

  20. Malia

    That girl said during the first hacker comp that she hadn’t laid hands on a computer in five years yet she is talking about algorithms?

  21. Helen

    Angela has gone back to bed…surprise surprise surprise..
    I say this every year but I will say it again
    I’m amazed these people don’t end up with pressure sores and blood clots from being in bed practically 24 hours a day..

  22. Charlotte

    Has anyone heard anything more about the controversy over Tyler winning HOH, even though BOTH his feet came off the disc during the comp? I heard the rules were clear (to them) that one foot must remain on the disc at all times, but there is a picture showing Tyler with both feet up, holding on to the rope sort of hanging for a second. Too late now, I’m sure. But Hayleigh is going to blow a gasket when she gets out and sees this! Not that I care much……just curious if anyone else has seen it.

    • Malia

      No….didn’t see that but yep, Hay will be pissed. I heard someone say that you had to ha you foot/feet on the disc at all times. This is the first I am hearing about it.

    • Malia

      Could the photo be from just before the comp actually started?

    • Sassy

      He did lift both his feet during the comp. it’s to late for them to do anything, time to move on. There is also video of the last time they did this comp where someone lifted both feet off and didn’t get disqualified. We only hear part of the rules. The rules are explained to the hg over the loud speaker, and they are given time to ask questions. Maybe WE don’t know all the rules. What he did made it harder for him and the rules are probably designed to not give an advantage to HGs, which what he did was NOT an advantage.

  23. Shivani33

    Scottie might just want to confirm with Tyler, etc. that he “is still a pawn,” with his idea that Haleigh is going to jury. Everytime it has looked as though Scottie had some strategy and was shuffling with a full deck, it has ended in disappointment. He has plenty of recently gathered info to use against Brett and JC, but I’m not sure any of it will be news to Tyler, Angela or Kaycee. Plus, who knows whether Scottie will even try to throw these 2 utb? The three musketeers didn’t require Scottie’s nebulous services before he was evicted and probably don’t want his help now, either. Tyler is still playing “all for one and one for all” with Kaycee and Angela at the moment.

    Plus, Tyler has been acting a little checked out and not as concentrated on the game. He is anxious not to appear to be too all-powerful. He’s getting too mamby-pamby, although he is fed up with all of the minions to some extent. Initially he wanted Haleigh to be evicted this time but hasn’t been working for that to happen. He might not care who goes. This week after the battleback has taken some wind out of his sails and must feel frustratingly repetitive. He seems to have hopped on the “get someone else to do the dirty work” tugboat but doesn’t trust any of the people he’d prefer to use or possibly to sacrifice.

    Perhaps a good fight with Angela would energize him. Even I am getting a little sick of Tyler being so congenial. It is at the point in the game, with 8 players and time getting short, to stop trying to be everyone’s best friend. Really, it is. The question is, is he capable?

  24. Malia

    Damn Brett is fired up right now!

  25. Avatar

    I normally like a showmance but I don’t like Tyler and Angela! I am rooting for level 6 and I feel like they are messing it up. Maybe it is because I am pulling for Brett. I also hate that they think they are hiding it.

  26. Helen

    They better hope Haleigh does not win HOH on Thursday…she isn’t going to miss this shot…she is going to put up Tyler and Angela….if one comes down Kaycee will go up….guaranteed…
    Tyler will not have the votes to keep Angela….hmm maybe he does not want to?

  27. Tinkerbell

    Martha has been talking All.Day.Long. The others are very uptight. She drones on and on about everything, and nothing. In the HOH Brett, JC, Angela were trying to get Tyler to say something to Sam. Don’t know exactly what it was but Tyler’s response was…..No, she will try to murder me. I wouldn’t mess with that whack either.

  28. Joy

    One thing I would like to say is for BB21 they need some new interviewers. This season has been pretty much boring and production has screwed up so many things it makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Every season we get the “pretty people” and the ones they want to be in a showmance and the oddball and the cop..and well you know where I’m going. I loved this show when it first came on and it has become or evolved into some pretty crappy tv, that is another reason I won’t pay for live feed. I am so very annoyed with Sam who the allow all this crap just to make her “happy” I don’t care if she is happy, she is playing to win $500K for crap sake. I can’t understand why they allow that little shit JC to sleep and get away with all the crap he has gotten away with he should be disqualified and have no chance to win $500K. Play the game as it was and has been meant to play with RULES! I ain’t voting for anyone but if I was it would be for the people Playing the game, all aspects not just a few. There I feel better now.

  29. Ann

    They should all get together and talk to her at the same time. That way if she flips out, they can protect each other. Even better, they can all call her to the HOH room to talk to her, when she flips out, everybody can run out but leave Hay in the room with her & hold the door handle so she can’t get out. Sam can then go ahead & beat the shit out of Hay.

  30. Tinkerbell

    Sam and Scotti…..give it a rest with your attempt at an Australia accent. It isn’t working. Geezzzz !

  31. Tinkerbell

    Eureka, this just came to me. Sam and Scotti are the perfect match in every way. Right there in the same one flew over the coo-coo’s nest house. They balance each other well, even in the weird factor area….they both share that gene. She drinks like a lush, he’s teetotaler. He can be her Designated Driver. Scotti can call her Daddy. They both love “trying” to do different accents. It’s a freakin French accent right now. She can boss him around because he does whatever she wants. She’s been around the block, he hasn’t. People have to abide by her rules, she loves to teach aka boss, so she could train Scotti in the ways of the world to meet her desires. The list is endless. They are perfect for each other. I hope my post doesn’t upset my stalker ;).

  32. Shivani33

    A hula hoop attached to the stairway and a cloth ball from PopTv have become indoor basketball. Thank gawd for some communal amusement. Haleigh has gotten back to cuddling up with Kaycee, after she got in a huff last night about sleeping arrangements. Sam has been hilarious all day long. She is like watching Accidental Theater. Well, she made the basketball hoop. Othernthan hownshememotes, she has been pretty entertaining.

    By the way, she just referred to her mess on the group dining table as “her apartment.” This is so Tennessee Williams RIPE. When Sam isn’t being grim, she can be so funny.

    Tyler left Brett and Angela alone in the HoH room to go to the kitchen. Immediately when Tyler left, Angela dove under the bed linens and covered up lickety-split. Clearly, she was uneasy. Brett was over on the couch wearing headphones, not looming atop her at all. Angela wanted to define her space as separate from his asap. She has liked him less personally as time has accumulated, especially since he has been crude,vulgar to her often. And this has happened consistently. She doesn’t mind him mentally that much but doesn’t vibe with him emotionally, sexually or at that soul-to-soul level. Plus, she knows that he wants her gone.

    JC tattles on Scottie, Haleigh, Brett and Sam. Brett tattles on Scottie, JC, Sam and Haleigh. Scottie tattles on Brett, JC, Haleigh and Sam. Sam builds stuff and jabbers passive-aggressive stuff to anyone who will stop and listen. Unless she’s on her Pollyanna arc.

  33. Shivani33

    Sorry. Tangelo the orange kitten took my space bar again. Re Sam: Other than how she emotes, she has been pretty entertaining.

  34. Wizard

    I just want to say that Hay’s comment about Sam’s possibly taking medication for depression/anxiety/whatever is COMPLETELY OUT OF LINE! (That update may have been on the other thread)

    People like Hay are perpetuating a stigma about seeking appropriate mental health care. It’s not funny or cute! There is no one person that looks like “the type” to need mental health care. I cannot wait for Hay to GTFO & skip along to the jury house & her bitter jury block party. #FreakingToodles

    • Shivani33

      ChillOut. I don’t know whether this will help or not. Haleigh’s own dad endures a longterm mental illness. It has led her to volunteer at a mental hospital and to study psychology throughout college. I commented last night that she showed unnecessary nastiness talking about a fellow houseguest’s medical experience, even though the players and feedsters are familiar with it, to quite an extent. I think Haleigh’s own sense of rejection and humiliation over Sam is probably complex. It is hard to play BB as a game with Sam, and Sam has been hard on Haleigh on a personal level, particularly when Sam was HoH and used her nom speech to condemn (and judge) her in a very public way.

      • Jenny

        That does help. I wondered when I heard her quoting dosage on Xanax or whatever it was they thought she needed.
        The problem w/mental illness is so many people think you can just stop acting that way. I think they generally get that a schizophrenic can’t just stop hallucinating and hearing voices, but so many think depression is just moping around and being lazy.

      • Wizard

        I’m not disagreeing about Sam’s nastiness towards Hay. Sam is condescending and hypocritical. Sam is also very jealous of how easily Hay (and other woman) interact with men in general. Sam seems to lack that confidence when interacting with men.

        I don’t take offense about Hay saying things about Sam’s attitude or even personality. I do think it’s uncalled for to knock her for getting mental healthcare and possibly taking medication for it.

      • ladycobra

        I cannot judge anyone’s mental state so I won’t even try. A very good friend of mine took her life last month, no one had any idea that she was suffering from depression. From the outside she looked like the most well put together person to the point of making me envious at times. I was totally shocked and still am.
        Some hide it well while others do not. I will just say that Sam is a very odd little bird.

      • Tinkerbell

        Lady Cobra, I’m very sad to hear about your friend. I’m so sorry. Such a tragic loss of your beautiful friend. Keeping you, and your friend’s family, in my prayers. XO

      • Ann

        ladycobra, I’m so sorry for your loss & I’m sending prayers up for you & your friend’s family.

      • Seattle Kari

        To Lady Cobra. My heart And my sympathies are with you. :'(

        Believe me I understand what it’s like to lose someone to suicide. 8 years ago tomorrow September 5th my brother took his own life one week after his 45th . this is a very heartbreaking week for my entire family.

        People that make fun of mental illness or treat it lightly are absolutely sickening..

      • Tinkerbell

        Oh, Kari, I’m so very sorry for the loss of your sweet brother. That agonizing pain is crippling. My prayers for you and for your family tomorrow on your brother’s 8th Angel Day in Heaven, and every day. XO

      • danmtruth

        LadyCobra and Kari B it must be said my heart goes out to you As I have said its easy for some people to just say these were week people Not understanding the pain they are in to think that suicide is a logical answer to there problem To let that darkness overshadow all those who love them I pray that your memory of them soon will bring you more joy about there life instead of the pain of the memory of there death

    • Avatar

      Go through all of the updates on this site. People have been calling Sam everything from psychotic to demented to just absolutely fucking nuts. The discussion of the need for meds is covered here often.

      Now that is just from people that watch her online. Imagine what those in the house pick up on, especially about her behavior.

      Even the robot told her she was crazy.

      So, hayleigh is a bitch for also saying this?

      I am no fan of Hayliegh. I think she is dumber than a bag of hammers. I hate how she is a mouth breather.

      There is many people that look and act “the type” of mental illness. We would be better off if we recognized that fact.

      • NKogNeeTow

        This comment has been edited. Directing to ChillOut is fine. Telling him/her to “#SuckIt” is not. The rest of your comment remains untouched because the content was an opinion and not a personal attack. Next personal attack gets the entire comment removed.

        Thanking you in advance 🙂

  35. Tinkerbell

    Sam should sleep really really really well tonight. She has been talking 625 words per minute aaaalllllllllll the live long day. Man alive, she’s so unconcious. She doesn’t even realize she is seriously putting every single person into a deep hypnotic state, everytime she talks. She has a story, and is the expert, for any occasion they are talking about. She can be heard above everyone, and her 30 second stories take 90 minutes. I just hate it when I exaggerate a little. It’s a disease. No cure. Haha. Her tombstone should read …..Been There, Done That. Everyone has now left the kitchen where she was spinning her tales. Seriously, she just doesn’t get it. Nobody comments or asks questions about her stories. They are in a trance and falling off of their chairs…..staring a thousand miles into the distance. When the houseguests leave her, they gather and retell her boring crap. Now that’s funny stuff!

  36. Helen

    I’m going to be a minority of one and just say it..
    I hope Sam gets HOH on Thursday and turns this house on it’s head!! They will al be freaking out!!

    • Seattle Kari

      Oh my goodness you are a minx aren’t you! 😉

    • danmtruth

      That would be so much fun Starting with the room reveal No need to campaign as Sam has her noms

    • stillstanding

      im with you helen on this. this season has been pretty boring (but i keep watching) would love to see the house shook up. 99% sure she would put hey up and 99% sure she wouldn’t put up ty. re: sam and mental health issues, there’s nothing funny about it. after years of working with and around mental health patients and facilities, it appears to me that sam has some problems or she is an extremely good actor and it’s part of her game. i kinda think the former. there have been plenty of weirdos, odd balls, people who tax our perception of acceptable behavior. people we love and people we love to hate. it’s entertainment, it’s a game, it’s what we love to watch after 20 seasons.i don’t know what criteria they use to choose hgs, but i think it should include some/better mental health screening. that’s my rant. hope to see kc and tyler at the end with kc taking it.

    • mm22

      Im in for a sam hoh-by Haleigh!!!

  37. Tinkerbell

    I think a rumble might be going down sometime tonight. Some guests up in the HOH working themselves into a lather about Sam’s Shit…..covering the table. Should be interesting viewing tonight. I might make some caramel corn…..to go along with my “diet” Coke. Hahahahaa

  38. Tinkerbell

    Yikes……Haleigh keeps passing back and forth through the kitchen, pacing. Now she’s loitering in the kitchen. Yes, indeedeeee….there’s going to be some sort of girl spat tonight. It’s like watching Locked Up. One group spying, reporting back, pacing, waiting for the right moment to pounce.

  39. Avatar

    Well something better happen soon Tinkerbell because this is quickly becoming a very boring season. I am sure B.B. is losing viewers quickly these past few weeks. Let’s make this week a double eviction with Haleigh winning HOH. That should get this game heated.

  40. Shivani33

    Haleigh was hyped all night and did some weird stuff. Unless Sam is retaliating randomly by removing the pillowtop from the bed Brett and/or JC share, maybe Sam discovered what Haleigh did to her bed very late last night. The bed was empty, since Sam is a have-not. Not a word has been spoken about this, not by Haleigh or Sam or any witness. So far. Sam might have noticed that her black mattress foundation fabric thingy was stolen from her bed. She would have no way of knowing who did it. Haleigh was alone when she did it, and she caused a distraction by moving bedrooms simultaneously. Quite a few players didn’t sleep much or well and are a little wired.

    Haleigh must feel privately miserable right now. I saw her walk into the HoH room one time today. Everyone just kinda got up and left.

    JC declared that since production has made him a have-not, he will not produce any entertainment for them this week. He’s not going to be production’s little f*cking comedian. He was in bed almost all day, and he might be just getting started for the night.

  41. ladycobra

    Every time I flip on feeds up pops Hay chewing on her fingers. Feeds go right back off. She is a cannibal! There is no way she is biting fingernails she can’t have any left, she has to be eating her skin.

  42. Shivani33

    Lol. Sam never got a chance to find out that she was in a new alliance with Brett and Scottie and maybe JC, because Brett has killed the alliance before it got started. He weighed his odds and went and nailed Scottie to Tyler.

    Scottie had a conversation with JC and told him, “Angela and I are very close.” He knows that JC masterminded his eviction. Nice job, Scottie. JC looked at him as if he had to hold himself back. Why is Scottie giving JC more ammunition? It’s almost like he’s campaigning to leave.

  43. danmtruth

    KC is doing a lot more talking these last few days She is showing her personality more It is good to see Hay is still annoying just clinging on to people

  44. Avatar

    I disagree with all of the jury being shown everyone’s GBMs. Of course, I also think jury members should have been kept apart until battle-back was over.
    What do you all think?

  45. Helen

    Why does it not seem to bother any of the housepets that Haleigh and Tyler spend hours alone in the HOH but everyone gets freaked out if Angela is in there for longer than 5 minutes?

    • Colby

      Tyler actually asked JC that last night when JC was accusing / trying to get him to admit to being in a showmace with Angela.
      JC said it was because they know he isn’t interested in working with Haho and won’t fall for her BS.

      • Helen

        Wouldn’t that be the best secret alliance ever???Lmao
        Tyler and Haleigh were pretty close to being a couple the first couple of weeks…she used to sleep up in HOH every night with him…

  46. ladycobra

    Did the meeting ever take place between Scottie, Ty, KC and Ang? Won’t be surprised if it never happens. Scottie is not that great at follow through. Of course they won’t believe anything he tells them anyway.

  47. Malia

    Boy…Brett and JC are seriously trying to start some drama tonight…

    • Shivani33

      This talk about someone going to move Sam’s dining table mess is getting no volunteers. Also, it sounds like Haleigh clued Brett in to some of the bed digging that she did last night and how it might have set off Sam to mess with his bed as a reaction. Finally, he’s cheering up about it, because he thinks what Haleigh did last night was hilarious.

      • Malia

        Nope..,no one wants to take sam on. Seriously though if someone makes a.mealmfor everyone are four people supposed to stand and eat? I have seen plenty of people sit at that table.and eat…..now it is full.

      • Helen

        Funny when Haleigh did it to Sams bed…not funny when it’s done to yours eh Brett..???

  48. Malia

    No matter what I think at any given time about Sam or her behavior…my biggest hope is that she never goes out to any social media and read anything about what America thinks. I hope her family isn’t reading any of this. Especially Twitter.

  49. Seattle Kari

    I just wanted to do a separate post to thank everyone for the support About losing my brother 8 years ago on the 5th from suicide.

    my heart also goes out to Lady Cobra for losing her friend the same way.

    The pain will always there, but I try to focus on the good memories and I’m sure Lady does as well.

    Hugs love and sympathies to anyone who has lost loved ones in such a horrific manner.

    RIP Jeff, we all love and miss you very much!!

  50. Malia

    Anyone else think sam is in a pissy mood coming out of the DR? They made her take her bball hoop down and now she is cleaning up some of her craft stuff. Wonder what else they said to her.

  51. Malia

    I know I give sam and JC a hard time but truly…enjoying their conversation tonight. Sam has led such a sheltered life. Her description of going to the drive in was very sweet. Watching her expressions at some of the things that jC has done is like looking at a child’s face on Christmas morning. I was so very blessed to grow up military and travel the world and then marry military and travel even more that watching Sam tonight really makes me appreciate it all.

  52. CY aka FW

    Thanks for having all the great catch-up content. Be good, be well, be snarky. BTW, Beardo – the Ghengis Khan video was way good. *L* I’m sure I missed some good content. I’ll have to check for it later. Busy, busy.

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