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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone.


Another day in the Big Brother house and one more day closer to eviction night. It’s super slow in the house this week as once again both nominees feel confident that they’re going to stay. Who actually stays remains to be seen, but it’s something we’re keeping an eye on this week.

Right now it seems like Brett has the votes to stay, but this is entirely dependant on JC which means nothing is set in stone. Sam should vote whatever way Tyler wants her to but finding that final vote is still tough. Fessy and Scottie appear to be voting out Brett for some reason (do they really not see how stupid voting out another guy this week is bad?) and Bayleigh has Haleigh and RS on lockdown so those votes are secure. JC very well could be the deciding vote this week which means we may not really know what will happen until the actual eviction.

Note – I had a few people come to me yesterday about the comment section. I feel like I need to say this every season but just remember that this is only a game and there is no need for any personal attacks in the comment section. People get along amazingly considering how popular the comment section is on a day to day basis, but every once in a while there are people who get too heated and need to step away. Everyone knows that I don’t like deleting comments because we’re all adults here (I think – I hope) so just please keep it civil. Thank you


Here are some updates…

  • 12:30 pm – Tyler is talking to Kaycee in the Jenga room which I’ll come back to but Bayleigh is in the HoH room with Hay
    • Bayleigh says she doesn’t want to be responsible for Rachel moving forward, but she did make a promise to her
    • Bay is frustrated with Sam because she asked what she’ll do if she wins HOH. Sam said that she made it clear that it’s all personal and she’ll put up people who are hardest to live with. Okay then
    • Haleigh says “she made that very clear”
    • Haleigh mentions how she’s picked up on her end but it may be too late.  Amazing how people are tiptoeing around the house because Sam is acting crazy
    • Rockstar is frustrating Bayleigh because she is clueless about the people in the house. RS told Bayleigh before that JC and her are best friends because they have the whole gay thing in common. Bay is like: ‘you’re not gay’. I’m sure Bay said that in her head but would have been funny if she said it out loud
    • RS also said her kids would love JC.  People clearly don’t understand how this game works
    • Bayleigh mentions how young Haleigh is and how she doesn’t know better with Fessy. Bay, she’s only like 4 years younger. Relax
  • They are now talking about Haleigh’s feelings with Fessy. No thanks. Switching to Tyler and rewinding…
    • The two are just talking about what we already know. They did say Bayleigh is on a power trip which is again something we knew
    • Kaycee says that her and Tyler are in a bunmance
  • 1:20 pm – Brett has been explaining his fake career to JC for about 10 minutes now. It’s pretty impressive the story he has. It’s a little easier since he works in IT and claims to sell IT software but still impressive talking about selling zones and things like that
  • 2:40 pm – Fessy and JC are preparing to work out
    • Bay’s face describes how i’m feeling with this slowness
    • They (JC, Fessy, Bay) are talking about the house. One thing that side never lacks is confidence. Bay thinks she has Haleigh and RS or will flip out on them if not.
    • JC leaves and the two begin talking about Haleigh again .. .ugh
    • Fessy is jealous because Brett was petting her leg.. ugh
  • 3:10 pm – Bayleigh is downstairs talking to Sam about Brett but it sounds like she’s dropping hints to Sam as well
    • She says ‘At this point in the game, you’re either with me or against me’
  • Note – Thanks to everyone for the donations so far this season. Words cannot express how grateful I am for you guys
  • 3:40 pm – Most people are outside by the pool or tanning.
  • 5:00 pm – Tyler is up in the HoH room and Fessy joins
    • Fessy is giving him advice on how to play the game. Alright then
  • 5:10 pm – Bay is finally having a game talk with Brett
    • She mentions how it’s weird that Brett never paid attention to her
    • He tells her he was showing respect out of Swaggy early on then by the time he left he was involved in his game
    • He didn’t want to talk to her and make it seem like he’s only doing it because he’s desperate
    • Brett really bullshits her and is making it seem like he’s just been playing dead all week. He promises that he is not coming after her if he does stay
    • She apologizes for not talking to him more
    • Bay sounds like she’s considering some type of thing with him (alliance) because she wants to be a loner in the game and have individual support rather than a group of people she can’t rely on
  • 7:00 pm – JC working out in the yard, Sam in the bathroom. Blah
  • 8:00 pm – Scottie and Bay are talking
    • Scottie thinks that he can control Tyler pretty easy – lol
    • They both feel things will be civil at the final 5 and people will accept defeat – lol
    • They are fruatrated with Rockstar for not holding her weight at all in comps
    • Bayleigh asks if he has the power. He says no and they’re probably all expiring after this week. Bay obviously knows different but won’t tell him
    • Bay still hints at Swaggy coming back.
    • Bay also re-told the conversation with Brett so chances are slim she’ll work with him. She was just paying him lip service like he was doing to her
    • The way she re-tells it makes her sound like she was much tougher than she was
  • Bay has some seriously HoHitis it is crazy to see how she has changed this week.

Check back for updates


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  1. danmtruth

    So many housepets claim to give big dramatic speeches on Tue and Wed Than either get cold feet or are talk out of it by production in the DR Still I have high hopes that Bret will pull thru and do it
    After that will be the LOOK by Bay when the vote will flip and Bret stays with a 5 – 4 vote and she wonders WHAT WENT WRONG

  2. g8trgirl

    Excellent recap, Shiv. Love your choice of words. Lol

  3. Shivani33

    The trashing of Rachel has been about as pleasant as a charred last supper. Angela has been taking intense digs at her former pal, behind her back, of course. Brett got and gave an earful. The nasty, personal level of Angela’s snark mystifies me and is a turn-off. Brett at least is planning another wingding of a pre-eviction vote speech, similar to how he delivered for both Kaitlyn and AngieRS, on the eve of the week of her daughter’s birthday. He plans to be witty and satirical about exposing the Exposure of Bayleigh’s power app and might throw in some Rachel scorn as the cherry on top. He is another one in BB20 who is frank about craving screen time. I don’t find him at all telegenic. Big-chested fop.

    Meanwhile, Sam is talking about bees and telling people she’s ambidextrous. She gave Brett her rendition of her support for him staying. She has said that Rachel doesn’t deserve to be there because she is not a moral woman. She implies having a suspicion that Rachel is an escort. STFU, Sam. This isn’t the frigging Scarlet Letter.

    Bayleigh, and very discouragingly, Scottie, too, are completely delusional about what is really happening Thursday. Really sooo funny! Tyler will skate through the whole fiasco unblemished, encicled by his minions. He is everyone’s best friend. He is the surfer boy who has never surfed. Bayleigh is so clueless that she’s still patting herself on the ass for being just Kaycee’s type and giving herself accolades for her perfection. When the Queen Bee dies, the hive doesn’t hold a funeral. The bees are too busy with the birth of their new Queen, as she emerges from her waxy peanut shell.

  4. NKogNeeTow

    Good night everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow 🙂

  5. danmtruth

    glad I switch to Bret and Angela Bret is saying he will bring up that Queen B has the power app To say that Rachel told him the power app so who ever is HOH go ask Bay who should they put up This might get fun
    Angela told Bret that she had a final 2 with Rachel But now has done a 360 on that UMMM that would mean you turn to the same spot 360 is a full circle you mean a 180

  6. Seattle Kari

    Just checking in. Haven’t read all day and by God my eyes are burning trying to catch up, LMAO!

    Ttthat’s All Folks!

    Sweet Dreams!

  7. danmtruth

    The craziest part of this conversation was them arguing who was more responsible for orchestrating to save Rocky Horror WHAT ???? And you wonder why your so clueless about what you two mean to each other

    NK good luck on the clean up Beat juice is stains big time Love pickled beets or sweet beats old 1/2 Polish boy coming out

    • Seattle Kari

      my grandma used to make the best damn pickled beets! I miss them! The only place I’ve ever been Find any lately are at Walmart. doesn’t anybody make them from scratch anymore!!??

    • NKogNeeTow

      It was a mess Dan. I was planning on cleaning the fridge Saturday. At least I got half of it done tonight. I was listening to the rest of that idiotic conversation while I was working. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, they changed the cam to Baleigh & Crew.

  8. Yael Sara

    I’m pretty certain if they pen and paper in the house, Fessy and Hayleigh would be writing notes, all folded up and with googly eyes drawn all over them.

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Keep me posted Dan. A whole damn container of beet juice turned over in the refrigerator and I’ve got a mess to clean up. It’s okay though. It gives me a break from watching this stupid ass argument.

  10. NKogNeeTow

    I just realize something for the first time. Hayleigh is F*CKING annoying! She has Fessy cornered in the HOH bed first telling him that she didn’t “come here for romance or drama or any of that sh!t”. Then she keeps badgering him on why he’s ignoring her (when she almost asked him to) and trying to guilt him by telling him that he hurt her feelings. She says she feels like an idiot *guess how you LOOK girl). BFD, if you really want him to keep his distance, then when he leaves you alone, let a sleeping dog lie.

    • jimbo

      Just like I said above….yep, those two are annoying, and it really hit me this week. I usually like keeping the cute girls around (male hormones, sorry) but not when they are that annoying!

  11. danmtruth

    Fessy Hay having a heart to man bun talk He is trying to guilt her into saying she wants him but only on. HIS terms It aint happening He is giving the I just need time alone You are right we just need to keep this about game Than he gets into the whats going to happen outside He gives the I know you were just joking and I did not care but it still hurt my feelings Can I buy a road map to try and follow this conversation

  12. NKogNeeTow

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m so sick of this Hayleigh/Faysal dance. He chases her, she wants him to leave her alone. He leaves her alone, she wants to know why he’s ignoring her. I’ve got 3 words for the both of them: BITCHES BE GONE!

  13. NKogNeeTow

    Scottie just told Fessy (in the HOH) that he and Bayleigh were discussing the next 3 weeks. He said Angela, Rocky and KC(?) are the next to go and in no particular order.

  14. danmtruth

    AIO_7 whats with the new avatar Inquiring minds want to know

  15. danmtruth

    Scotti and the Queen B doing mutual mental masturbation on each other Telling how smart each other are How ahead of the game they are Yet as they count votes they include TY , Jc And KC WHAT ???? The other down fall is how SURE they will win the next 3 HOH Bay cant wait to get back on the field and compete Wants to play in all the veto comps

  16. caRyn

    If I were HOH, I would nom those that are or would be unpredictable with their HOH noms – Scottie, JC, Sam & Bayleigh. Depends on if I were working with any of them, of course. My speech would be simple – you are unpredictable with nom selections.

    • mm22

      I just have to laugh at Sam- her
      HOH nom picks are going to be
      “for “personal reasons! Not game strategy –
      not other people telling her what to do-
      not to get out a guy- not for “it isn’t personal “

  17. Avatar

    It had crossed my mind that Rachel could be transgender. But IF she is I like the idea that they aren’t defining her by it on the show. Let the person share it if it feels relevant, it’s just another piece of personal info like anything else.

  18. Shivani33

    Captain Underpants as a nickname for you know who has come out on Google as an animated gif. Also, Us Magazine has a story about JC and Rachel and the transgender thing.

  19. Helen

    Must be going to be another “luck” comp…backyard is open until 11 am tomorrow

  20. LynnD

    Am I the only one who gets annoyed when they have all four cameras on the same room / group?

  21. Helen

    I just read on jokers that Bayleigh kindly told Brett he has a chance to stay…she’s thinking about it.
    LMAO. Will there ever come a day when this group realizes that once the noms are set after veto the HOH has no power? Unless it is a week where they can break a tie…which this week isn’t….
    Bayleigh please…get over yourself

    • ElaineB

      That continues to crack me up season after season. Lol, at Bay telling Brett ”she’s thinking about it”. What a delusional chick she is.

      • Helen

        Bayleigh talking to Brett, “Going forward I want us to have better communication.” Brett:”Yeah I agree.” Bayleigh:”And if it doesn’t then I will literally kill you.” Brett laughs. Bayleigh:”No in all sincerity.”

        Just wow…..

      • NKogNeeTow

        Especially since she can’t even vote this week…lol

      • Colby

        She is so lying. She just has a captive audience to listen to her brag on herself right now. And while she can’t imagine anyone not doing as she dictates, on the slim chance he does stay (in her mind) she will take credit for it.

      • ElaineB

        Am soooo ready for this HOH to be over. *sigh*

      • Helen

        Feels like it’s been a month since she began her reign….
        Bad part is she will be a lot like Psychochick and continue thinking she is the house dictator…
        I am more than ready for her to leave the house…

    • Alda

      Bayleigh thinks they MUST vote the way the HOH tells them.Where was this mentioned in the BB rules?She is out of her mind.

  22. LynnD

    So I have been really crazy busy. So unfortunately I have not had time to read the blogs or any of the comments. So I’m sorry if my question has been already asked or if it’s already been answered. But I was just watching TY and Fessey talking up in the HOH room and Fesseyi had said something about them voting out Brett. Is TY just going along with this to let him think he is or has the whole house changed again?

    On another note I can’t help but LMAO at JC and that Speedo he’s wearing.

  23. goldie

    This is the first year I have had live feeds—usually have BBAD. I don’t have a lot of time to watch the feeds, but I have some of the same thought you all have. I too like to drop lines from Drag Race, but I am not transgender. Just fascinated with Drag Queens. I’m sure Rachel has seen and worked with many types in Vegas. The first Drag Queen I even saw was in Vegas in a Walgreens buying make-up-I wanted to follow her! Anyway, I want Brett to stay. He is more entertaining than Rachel. Plus, Rachel and Rockstar look at themselves in the mirror more than any houseguest in recent memory.

    I can barely tolerate Sam, Rockstar, and Bay. At least Sam cleans and cooks—although she loves to tell everyone all she’s done. I’ve not seen RS do anything. She keeps threatening to make pasta- maybe I missed it. And those yarn buns!! Even Princess Leia had moved on from the buns. Good grief!! Nothing else needs to be said about Bay except, What is the matter with her!! I think she is very, very spoiled and thinks she is really special. She needs some hard life lessons. Why can’t CBS cast more than 2 African Americans?

    Tyler is a good person. This morning he, Scottie, and Fessie were on the couches outside. Someone came out (can’t remember who) and Tyler was the only one who got up to give her a place to sit. Someone has taught him good manners. He has a good heart and he does not talk about it constantly like Sam does. Heard her telling Bay, “I know who the real Bay is,”. Yeah, the biggest beauty queen monster in the house!

  24. jimbo

    Please vote out Fessy and Haleigh soon (right after Bay). I’m officially “finding” those players (finally) that annoy me. Fessy is just a dupe, was shady in his “promise” he pushed on Kaitlin to save her (then he immediately says the same to Haleigh), is a cuckhold to Haleigh, and really is playing a bad game all-around. Haleigh is just a boy user, and should thank her lucky stars for cuckhold Fessy or she’d be gonzo and have zero game. Bay is self-righteous and bossy, and I still get annoyed by her “tude” to JC when JC, of all people(!), sounded reasonable in their infamous n-word conversation.

    • Avatar

      I agree with most of this. I think Haleigh is tired of him always trying to push her into something else. She just wants to focus on the game and he goes off about being in love and all that crap. I also find Fessy creepy. She has pushed him away a few times. I’am guessing he doesn’t get told no alot in the real world.

      • AIO_7

        ” I’am guessing he [Fessy] doesn’t get told no alot in the real world.”

        I bet he does. If he’s a creep here, then he is a creep there.

      • mm22

        Omg Fessy n Hayleigh kinda reminds me of a past season with mark
        n big blonde girl. Mark chasing her -her ignoring him-he’s all
        sad ect. ect. Fessy you “are” acting like a dope! If you cant get Hayleigh
        out of your head and play the game then I hope you leave too.
        But leave after Rachel-Bayleigh-Rainbow brite!

      • NKogNeeTow


      • Leah-Ann

        I disagree with Hayleigh being tired of Fessy. I mean, she may be, but I also think she keeps him in close enough to know he’d ruin his game for her. Is that a smart game move on her part? Sure! But don’t play “victim” when he’s under the impression you may want more eventually.

      • Sassy

        Good comparison mm! I see the similarities.

      • jimbo

        Yes, Haleigh pushes Fessy away — EXCEPT FOR THE WEEK SHE WANTED HIM TO SAVE HER! That week she feigns interest in him, cuddling with him. As said , Haleigh “boy user” and little else, and Fessy a dupey cuckhold.

  25. Mel

    Whenever I think Bay can’t top herself, she does. She has ZERO power now and doesn’t even break a damn tie!

    • Shivani33

      Yep. It has been ridiculous. She outed her own ace in the hole and even gave specifics about it, pulverizing most of her power app’s power all by herself. She’s fortunate that Rachel was a dumb bunny and volunteered to be nominated.

      Also, she is sure that she is the only savvy player on her “team.” She would probably like to ditch Rockbar, Haleigh and Fess for greener pastures. Kaycee, the Tyler groupie, has been keeping lots more distance from Bayleigh since the Veto ceremony. Ding! Ding! If Bayleigh paid attention to THAT, she’d be making smarter plans for next week’s crucial HoH battle, especially since she cannot compete.

      • Mel

        Completely agree, she’s a mess and too arrogant to realize she many not know everything. She’s a damn recruit, how much could she know? Lol

      • ClaireBear

        You know, I hadn’t even noticed that Kaycee was all over her, and I haven’t really noticed her around Bay lately. Perhaps she didn’t appreciate the constant remarks about how Kaycee was in love with her. Just because someone likes women doesn’t mean they’re automatically in love with you, Bay.

      • Sassy

        Oh @ClaireBear, you are so silly! if Bay says it, it must be true. Who wouldnt be in love with her **vomit**

  26. danmtruth

    This whole thing about Rachel being trans is strange She walks with that ballet dancers out pointed walk She has that deep Lauren Bachael / Jesica Rabbit deep voice Along with she has a guys sense of humor Likes to drop lines from Ruel Pauls Drag Race along with RHS Yet no way do I see her as anything but a real women Beside what difference would it make

    • Mel

      It doesn’t. JC was just messing with her and giving her a hard time. She does have something masculine in her demeanor and I’ve always thought so but she’s also a very girly girl. It’s in the same way a very masculine man can have something feminine about the way they stand or have girly eyelashes. No biggee.

      • Alda

        I watch Rachel on BBAD and i really can’t figure out what it is about her that is odd.I said it before,she can’t stay still for some reason.She reminds me of some people I know that are coming off drugs.

    • NKogNeeTow

      It really doesn’t make a difference. I guess some were just curious because of certain things that she does, says or the way she acts. I still think she’s kind of pretty (not as pretty as KC, who is a natural beauty). But heck, what do I know. I think when Ru Paul gets dressed up in his drag, she’s one of the prettiest women out there.

    • Sassy

      I don’t think it makes a difference either way. I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about it, but my daughter and I had a short convo about it the other day. when someone mentioned it on the last thread I found it strange/humorous that many of us had the same fleeting thought. I don’t doubt she is all woman and believe her when she says she is.

  27. danmtruth

    So Queen B has been compelling that Bret has never talked to her He has been sitting there and she has been turning her back on him the whole time made short little nothing small talk Now just walk out without saying anything to him

    • ElaineB

      I wouldn’t talk to her either. Brett knows he is never going to be viewed positively by Bay, in all her self-imposed grandeur, and she is a lame duck HOH (no tie to break). Why waste energy on her.

  28. danmtruth

    Once more production is caught with there pants down Perhaps they just won’t let one of the people in the DR after one is used So they don’t need to figure it out No seriously I hope they have it figured out better than the fire drill they had last Thursday After karma did not let BSC figure how to close her legs to complete the puzzle Than again she also had the head on backwards SO many irony’s

  29. Avatar

    This is more of a question than anything about Fessie. I don’t have the live feeds so I would now know this.

    Isn’t Fessie of the Muslim faith? I thought when they previewed him coming onto the show he had a prayer rug and prayed 3 times a day like most Muslims?

    I only say this because many of the Muslims I know are pretty consistent and tend to stay within their faith when dating. This probably is not all that relevant, but the thought about it when I read Haleigh was discussing their feelings.

  30. Lynn

    bayleigh. Wow my thumbs suck. Can we say thumbs?

  31. Lynn

    So Baliegg said the N…. word while talking to Fes. Are we going to have that addresses on another episode? I don’t like double standards.

  32. Mel

    I don’t like not knowing the specifics of the apps. They do it on purpose so they arn’t locked into anything but for obsessed people like us, WE WANT TO KNOW! Suppose both apps were going to be used during the same week…

    Who goes first? Does Bay steal the noms then Tyler can sit in the cloud and if he’s one of Bays picks, does the hoh have to pick another one to replace Tyler?

    Does Tyler decide to sit in cloud first then he isn’t eligible for Bay to choose from? (That doesn’t seem right)

    They both have to be decided before keys are turned so I’d think the order is important. No?

    • Colby

      I was wondering how they apps will work in a double for the second eviction. They are always so rushed, will they just make everyone wait for them to go to the diary room? If everyone didn’t already know about Queen B’s app, that would certainly give it away when it is supposed to be anonymous.

      • Colby

        I guess they could ask them ahead of time what they would want to do based on each person winning HOH, etc., but since they aren’t usually told ahead of time about doubles, that would give them an unfair advantage.

      • Mel

        Well, Bays already taKenmare of the anonymous thing. Lol

      • mm22

        Apps are confusing-I don’t think CBS will wait
        to have a double eviction until after all apos
        are used so this could be fun

      • Sassy

        It’s only going to be a surprise to HER alliance, everyone else already knows.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Mel, yep. That same thing has been driving me crazy (although some say I might not have far to go). I wish Production would give us some clarity on it :-/

    • Sassy

      I’ve been asking the same thing… the possibility is slight, but it is possible they could be used at the same time. Also, with Bays noms, I’m assuming that the real HOHs noms won’t be revealed, unless they decide to tell everyone themselves.

  33. g8trgirl

    Amen and pass the beer nuts!

  34. AIO_7

    Shiv. mentioned Martha’s MaryJane leaf tattoo, but I haven’t seen that one as yet. I did notice her Led Zepplin iconography tats, and this is where you will find it on her body …


    • danmtruth

      Not a big deal breaker the pot leaf Im sure some will throw it in her face about her “moral high ground “to me ehh who cares more respect for the ZEPLIN tat

      • Mel

        She also grew up in the heart of tobacco country. I don’t think anybody thinks twice about what’s she’s smoked…any kind of leaves.lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        When she was talking to Tyler and JC last night, she was telling them about a bar in her hometown, where they are rooting for her. She also told them about some field where they go to smoke weed..lol

      • Shivani33

        I enjoy Sam and in no way meant any condemnation by pointing out her weed leaf tattoo. Imo, booze habits have caused more grief than merryjuana. Though I joke around about Sam, it has been a lot of fun getting to know her on BB. She is such a combination of indecisive and opinionated, conservative and openminded. Plus tons of ingenuity. I’m apologize from my heart if I have offended people who love Sam.

        Bayleigh had a frustrating talk with Sam quite recently. Bay was trying to see what Sam is thinking about doing if Sam gets another HoH. Sam said that she has told her before. Noms are personal to her, and that’s all, folks! Sam said she would continue looking at who’s easier to live with and who isn’t. Bayleigh is no actress, so her face said it all. She is not going to be able to dominate Sam.

      • kneeless

        I agree, Shiv! Sam is a simple yet complicated gal. I would enjoy her more if she wasn’t quite so preachy & the morality police.

      • Sassy

        Sam has selective morality. Doesn’t like girls showing their stomachs but guys are ok to be shirtless. Doesn’t like the girls flirting, but allows Fessy to lay on top of her. She thinks the girls are playing mind games with the boys and they are helpless in the matter when they are doing the same thing.

      • NKogNeeTow

        You have nothing to apologize for Shi. We all are entitled to our opinions and God knows, a lot of us differ in what we think about some of the house guest. I’m a Sam lover but I also love the way you just described her. Oh, and I also like the fact that Bay can’t dominate her.

  35. Ritchie

    I have noticed Bayleigh on a Power Trip at times but no different than when Kaitlin was HOH having everybody fawn over her, and how could you get any more of a Power Trip than Sam and her shut down of any talk of gameplay with potential nominations?

    But I am at a loss as to how some on here are absolutely disgusted with Bayleigh even to the point they would be more than willing to keep Rockstar over her after RS was so hated over the last couple of weeks. Did I miss something here?

    • AIO_7

      I’d absolutely rather keep RockStar over Bayleigh for several reasons. One reason, not necessarily the main one, was her showmance. That’s a no-no for me, and got her off on the wrong foot.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think it’s her attitude Ritchie. She is not only condescending but also demanding. If you go back a few threads when BSC was HOH, we felt the same way about her as we do Bay. That’s one of the reasons why everyone wanted Kait gone so badly. Kait and Bay had/has a certain amount of influence over a few people. Rocky HorrorShow has NONE, she only thinks she does.

      • AIO_7

        Also, NiK, Martha’s HoH power trip brought her down a few notches in peoples estimation.

      • Sassy

        I was about to say the same thing. If you watch the threads, peoples opinion of the HOH almost always go down when they are in power, especially when they are so EXTRA.

    • Mel

      I saw Bay as a contender, never saw RS that way. For me, it’s more irritating to watch someone throw their game away who was in a good spot. RS is annoying but she doesn’t boss everyone around. Bay is down right mean to the people in her own group. RS is only bitchy to the other side. Lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        Right Mel, and Bay seems to be getting meaner every day. Either it was last night or the night before, she referred to JC as the Tazmanian Devil because of the way he acts when he gets mad. Although I found it funny, she was dead serious when she said it. She’s also openly trashed people on both sides to anyone she was holding court with in her HOH. Rocky mostly trashes Brett…lol

      • LO1004

        Bay isn’t nice to anyone. This girl was mean to Swaggy and they were busy makin babies. And she has a serious case of RBF. Send her out HGs!!

    • danmtruth

      Ritchie I see a lot of the same type of contempt for BOTH ladies Kaitlyn was a polarizing figure before she became HOH Than made herself look worse with her constant need to have everyone praise her Bay on the other hand did not come in with as much baggage Once the feeds focused on her Than people heard the venom come out of her mouth Demeaning people demanding people do her biding Threatening people to gut them and spread there endtrails out Yes a bit dramatic and we know its not going to happen Still as odd as it sounds it was not said in a joking way People have pointed out how both came down with a big case of HOHitis

  36. Ritchie

    Anybody notice Hayleigh and the super cold shoulder, and quick distancing of herself from Fessi especially since Bailey has become HOH?

    • mm22

      I was wondering if its the couples thing-couples always seem
      to be targets -they have to be broken up. I don’t think Hay wants
      to be seen coupled with Fessy. Do u think Angela picked a good
      time to throw Rachel under the bus n play her own game? I say this
      because I thought from the begin those two girl have been close
      I considered them a team (I don’t think they always voted together)

      • Mel

        They are definitely a team but they have to evict one of their own. I think she sees Brett as a bigger Target than Rachel and Angela’s probably right but I think Rachel’s done better in comps so I’m not sure they’re making the right decision this week. You can make an argument for both for Angela and the other level 6 people. Angela also didn’t like that Rachel suggested her as a nom where Brett has shown to be very loyal to his side and not throw anyone under the bus.

      • AIO_7

        Also, Angela might be … just might be … forming a crush on Brett.

  37. JD

    I have been following Big Brother Junkies for years and years. This place is so good with comments I can watch the first show and read updates and comments to keep updates and never the frustration of watching the show. I don’t comment a lot because other’s have already said what I would say. I am on West Coast so sometimes I’ll hear if it’s an episode worth watching. Long story short a big thing here is a lot of us have been spending our summers together here. We are a summer family. Coming here is like a family summer reunion. When someone isn’t posting we worry and wonder where they are and doing ok. People have come and gone from our group but for the most part there is a strong core of us who will continue to be here year after year for this site and the friendship. Thank you EVERYONE for being a part of my summer year after year. Y’all are the best!

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Steve, I removed the comment as soon as I saw it. I also addressed the situation at the bottom of the blog (as the thread was to long to get it near the comment). He apologized for his comment and she explained what she meant by hers. I think it’s squashed now. Sorry you had to be bothered with it. I might have dropped the ball on that one because I hadn’t read the comments for a little bit 🙂

  39. Helen

    Anyone catch what Tyler and jc were talking about in HN room? I haven’t been watching feeds because I just can’t stand bayleigh and every time I turn them on there is her nasty hateful face…
    As much as I despise RS she is more tolerable to me at this point than Bayleigh.

    • Mel

      Going over the vote again. Tyler doesn’t want JC to flip so he’s trying to convince JC that the other side is trying to work with Rachel moving forward. Since jC’s big thing is keeping both side even, Tyler thinks this will solidify JC voting Rachel out. That was the gist of it.

  40. Avatar

    Sam is highly annoying with her “I’m all moral & do what’s best for everyone” BS. It’s clear to me that she has a jealous girl mentality and is a smidge jealous that she’s not getting the attention the others are IMO. I see it with Hay. She also tried to make Hay feel insecure by calling her out on her lisp, which I don’t think anyone even noticed.

    • ClaireBear

      Sam making comments on how anyone else in that house talks is rich.

    • Jenny

      Yeah that just didn’t sit right with me. Oh, your lisp is so cute! You know, the one that nobody else even hears. Maybe her point was Hayleigh is so pretty that a tiny “flaw” makes her so much sweeter… I don’t get it. I think Hay is handling herself just fine, especially given her age. She’s gorgeous and has a guy she finds attractive pushing for a showmance, and she has made it clear that isn’t going to happen. It isn’t her fault he can’t stop drooling over her. I had “friends” when I was younger that made sure to let me know every hurtful thing someone had said about me. “He saw your 8th grade picture and said oh, she used to be pretty! but now she’s got zits”. (I was 15. this was my “best friend”. Why the hell would she tell me that?)
      Maybe she just meant, I think you’re great, and this little quirk makes me love you even more. I hope Hay doesn’t obsess over it.

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