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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Night Updates

Good evening, everyone!


Even though the house has been insanely slow, I have to create a new thread because the comments get so long! haha

There isn’t much to talk about since nothing happened this afternoon, so I’m just going to get into updates


  • 5:00 pm – Angela is jogging with Kaycee.
    • I think this is the first time I’ve seen KC work out which is odd considering she’s a professional athlete.
    • I’m sure she’s worked out before but it’s not common. At least not as common as Angela working out
  • Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Fessy is telling Bayleigh about his fitness app that makes him no money yet he has to keep it a major secret
    • Bayleigh isn’t nearly as impressed as Kaitlyn was when he told her
  • 5:30 pm – Bayleigh is lecturing KC in the kitchen
    • She is upset that KC was smiling when they were talking
  • 5:45 pm – Haleigh asks Bayleigh about her alliance with Angela
    • Bayleigh says she has a day 2 final two deal
    • Haleigh asks if that deal trumped theirs
    • Haleigh admits she won the hacker comp
    • Bay begins crying but hugs Haleigh and says she understands
    • Haleigh wants to call a house meeting and admit it
    • Haleigh says she wanted to take a shot at Tyler and didn’t mean for it to happen
    • If Haleigh calls a house meeting, she’s going to destroy her game over a game that’s already dead. Nice gesture but expensive
  • 6:15 pm – The talk breaks up
    • Bayleigh is hugging Sam now. Working those votes
  • 6:30 pm – Bayleigh is in the bedroom now talking to Fessy. Re-telling how Angela is pissing her off
    • We’ll see if Bay reveals Hay’s secret
  • 7:00 pm – No house meeting yet. Going to step away so my eyes can relax then I’ll come back
  • 8:20 pm – Haleigh and the block (RS and Bay) are chatting
    • Bayleigh talking about how they went to private schools. I wonder if RS is upset at her wealth
  • 9:40 pm – Most in bed. Tyler, JC, KC, Scottie, and Angela are up in the HoH room talking

I’m off to bed. Haleigh is planning her house meeting tomorrow, so that should be fun!




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  1. danmtruth

    Fessy just told the Hales& Bells about his workout app They are excited about adding it to there skin care empire Not sure how all this will work out It’s nice to dream big

  2. Avatar

    I think Scottie is humoring Hive, he knows they threw him UTB, and wont do crap for them, he will throw the next hoh, and vote out Bay

  3. Sassy

    It’s great that he’s keeping the secret on national TV. He told them him being on the show is good publicity for the app, but if no one knows about it or that he’s connected to it, hows that good publicity?

  4. Sassy

    Bay was telling Hay, that KC slipped up when they were talking the other day. KC told her she knew they were talking about backdooring Bay but she didn’t think they would go thru with it. She’s trying to find a way to use it against KC.

    Nothing is going to save her!! I do hope she goes thru with her terror speech on her way out. Create doubt for everyone about everyone! Although I don’t think Level 6/5/4 will believe anything she says.

  5. danmtruth

    I said on the other thread that the video showing Sam singing Bob Marly she look much different How production cast her as Donny that down home person Even Donny was told to grow out his beard before the show Last year Ravens intro video Ended up being nothing like the person she showed on the show I wish Sam did the same

  6. Avatar

    that’s right Bay, lecture away at KC, make that bullseye even greater

  7. Sassy

    Hay just admitted to Bay she was the Hacker!!!

  8. LO1004

    Hay just spilled that she’s the Hacker to Bay. They’re both hysterical.

  9. danmtruth

    OH MY GOD ! ! ! That is a moment

  10. HappyHippo

    Mind blown! This will destroy hay

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  12. Sassy

    Ha!! Bay is going to let her tell the house, hoping it will be a good campaign strategy as if that’s why they want her out… Good job to Angela for focusing on Bay being the hacker, she actually drew it out of Hay!! And to think many of us (including ME) thought it was a bad idea…

  13. Zach

    Sassy, you referenced Scottie cheating but I’ve spent the better part of 30minutes online searching and there is nothing on this. Is this really something or is this a personal vendetta against him? Not accusing, but I’ve seen people make stuff up before hoping it sticks.

  14. Sassy

    RHS nunchuck moves are pretty funny! She said she’s trying to hold them at a distance so she doesn’t pop a titty (her words, not mine).

  15. Avatar

    also just because they revealed the Hacker, doesn’t mean your safe, your power app is what has you up

  16. Avatar

    Hay should not have said anything. Now she want to tell the house. She just sealed her fate.

  17. Avatar

    Bay wont get the votes
    Sam will vote how Tyler wants
    Tyler will vote out Hal’s BFF 100% sure now
    that’s 2
    KC will vote with her alliance and so will Brett
    theres 4
    JC wants Bay out
    that’s 5 and that’s enough
    1 vote eliminated Bye Bay

    • ElaineB

      Hopefully they will remember who she is on the block with (RS). Keeping Bay is keeping a ‘better competitor’, the ‘leader’ (self-imposed) of the Hive, and allowing a power app to stay. That is a lose-lose for all of them. If/When the hacker truth comes out, Hay is the ultimate loser, with Fessy collateral damage.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Fester will be shattered when he finds out. She SWORE to him that she didn’t have it. He already has trust issues. I say, LET IT RIP GIRL. TELL THEM! That’s one sure way to lose Fessy’s vote.

  18. danmtruth

    This is what they Bay does not understand The real reason was she has that app and never said she would use it on anyone but herself Till the night before and than she insulted Angela with the stupid Amazon Alliance When Angela knew she wanted to get Angela out

  19. WhereisPablo

    Oh happy day! Maybe Hay will follow Bay, Crayola will follow Hay, hi ho the dairy oh!

  20. ElaineB

    Hmmm, wasn’t it just a short time ago that Bay said she didn’t want to stay in the house with ‘crazy ass white people’??!!

  21. danmtruth

    How does Bay THINK this will save her ? She is still on the block The other side wants her out Never mind the reason They are not going to say OHHH SORRY we were wrong we will keep you Than RS is gone and your still down a number

  22. Avatar

    I want it to be Thursday now

  23. Avatar

    Haleigh joins PB with Bayleigh and Faysal. Bayleigh says Faysal was only one she trusted to tell her App power too.Haleigh thinks Kaycee will vote to keep Bay -LiZinTeXaS

    BWHAHAHA, yeah keep dreaming, JC wont vote to keep you either

  24. Helen

    Bayleigh says the votes she needs to stay are all controlled by the other side. Can’t find a 4th vote

  25. Sassy

    Hay, Bay and Fuzzy think they might be able to get the votes for Bay to stay, becausecpeople have wanted RHS out for awhile. They go back and forth on whether or not she should tell everyone. Bays good mood is done already. If Hay doesn’t tell, Bay will!!

    • Avatar

      I dont think they are able to get them

      • Alda

        Wait till RS hears this! I also wonder if Sam, Kaycee or Scottie will feel bad for Bayleigh, and want to vote out RS.

      • Avatar

        KC wont, Sam wont, Scottie wont, why would Scottie feel bad about people who threw his name out there to get BD’d, Kaycee already agreed that its gonna be a game move to vote her out, and Tyler will convince Sam to keep RS

      • danmtruth

        not a chance it will change there votes

      • Sassy

        Sam will vote with Ty, KC knows Bay has to go because of the app, and we will see what Scottie does.

      • ladycobra

        I don’t want them to save Bay but it is possible they could. 2 solid to keep Bay Fes and Hal. 4 Solid to keep RS Tyler, KC, Brett and Sam. We already know that both Scottie and JC are not always reliable no matter what they say. If both JC and Scottie flipped and then Hal cancelled Tyler’s vote it would be 4/3 to evict Rockstar. I do not put anything past JC no matter how mad he is at someone. Scottie may rethink things once he finds out Hay was the hacker and instead of appreciating what Angela did, believe that Hay was trying to save him by removing him from the block. He is smitten with Hay so he may once again be beguiled by her.

      • Sassy

        He is smitten with her… You can never tell what Scottie is going to do.

      • Avatar

        yeah, but after Hal and Bay threw him under the bas, not a chance in hell

  26. Avatar

    what do you think the final vote will be

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  28. Ann

    The problem with that bunch of idiots is they can’t keep their mouth shut. Get a little advantage that could really make their game & save them if needed & instead of keeping it to themselves, they tell someone & 30 seconds later the whole damn house knows & you end up with a huge target on your back. DUMBASSES Bay & Hay. Please don’t let Bay get to stay Thursday….I couldn’t take it.

  29. Colby

    Bay is very selfish. She knows, and even said earlier, that even if they found out she wasn’t the hacker they would still vote her out because of her app. She doesn’t care if Haleigh puts a target on herself. May even be pissed enough that she wants her to. Just playing nice on the slim chance she might stay. But that’s not going to happen.
    We will see how badly she throws Haleigh under the bus to L654.

  30. Sassy

    Hay looks exhausted. I think keeping that secret really took a tol on her. I do think it was a stupid game move to reveal it to Bay and she will regret it later. But personally, I think she had to do it before she got ulcers. It would have continued to weigh on her after Bay left the house.

  31. Yael Sara

    If Hayleigh were smart, it would have been wise to see no matter what Bayleigh was going to get voted out. Keep her hacker app completely silent and remove her own vote as it wouldn’t count for anything anyway and merely keep an eye off her own self and perhaps confusion among the rest

  32. Sassy

    That was a super quick trip to the DR for Bay. Maybe she’s refusing to talk to them.

  33. Avatar

    I like how bay thinks she has a chance, she doesn’t, she is gone

  34. danmtruth

    well we got the drama we hoped for Just not the way we thought it would be It will force people to admit the hack thing was not the whole reason it was Angela at the same time Hali was clearing her consensus Angela was telling Fessy how Bay come up with the use the app on her and final two alliance

  35. Colby

    Notice when RS cooks her stuff she doesn’t clean up after herself. Usually Sam does it for her, but if not she just leaves all the pans and dishes for someone else to do.

  36. Sassy

    JC just told Brett he has never told his parents he is gay. Brett said he has never told his parents that he is straight. If his parents didn’t know before, and they watch the show, they know now.

    • Painter1

      Theirs that Brett.

    • Jenny

      hahahahahaha I hated Brett at first but the guy cracks me up. I love that his ridiculous speech calling out RS actually worked. So glad he stayed over Winston.

    • LO1004

      Hahahaha Brett makes a good point.

    • Wizard

      There’a the Beett we know and love <3

    • Wizard

      To be fair, that has to be so hard on JC, thinking (and possibly knowing) that you can’t be the real you around your own parents, or they may shun you. It breaks my heart.

      • Sassy

        It is sad…

      • danmtruth

        On the show Making It one of the contestants said when he came out His parents told him he was dead to them Than they sent a funeral wreath to his job Thats harsh As a parent I have no idea how you can turn your back on a child

      • Sassy

        As a parent, I can’t believe other parents don’t notice signs. Maybe we just see what we want to but I would hope my relationship with my kids is strong enough that they can tell me anything.

      • Jenny

        My dad lived in the closet. I figured it out when I was 14 but it wasn’t until he almost died of AIDS when I was 28 that he found out I already knew. He lived another 19 years and died last September. I hate that he had to hide who he was from most of the world.

      • danmtruth

        Jenny thats why I don’t understand when people say it’s a choice Why would people chose to put themselves in that kind of pain
        People don’t understand the pressure that people are going thru just because of who they are attracted to It’s NOT a choice Why should it mater let people live We have enough pressure than to add to someones

      • Wizard

        I cannot fathom turning your back in your child over sexual orientation, not one bit.

        Sending funeral flowers to your child’s work is so unbelievable wrong; it literally makes me what to puke.

        I have told my kids over and over that I don’t care who they date or marry (consenting adults of course) as long as the person isn’t an assbutt.

      • Wizard

        I agree with you Dan; it’s not a choice. Nobody willingly chooses to make their life harder, period. Our LGBTQ community faces so much discrimination and hate that it baffles my mind why anybody would say it’s a choice.

        I’m sorry your dad felt that he couldn’t be himself to his loved ones and his that from most people.

      • Jay H

        I hate when people say it’s a choice. I never chose to get boners over boobies when I was a young lad, it just happened. And still does.

    • kneeless

      Good response, Brett!

  37. Sassy

    Ty is dressed like the hacker and speaking in his best hacker voice.

    Angela, KC, TY, and Scottie are in HOH talking. Bay and RHS haven’t approached any of them. They are wondering if they will know who’s vote is cancelled. They think the hacker will come on the screen before the vote and announce who’s cancelled.

  38. danmtruth

    Even if and when Hali or Bay tell the story of Hali is the hacker Who will believe it now anyway

  39. Sassy

    I almost want Scottie to be HOH next. He said he is gonna have Hay sleep with him just to drive Fuzzy nuts… His goal is to backdoor Fuzzy.

  40. LO1004

    Bay telling Hay she’s not her target next week. Hahaha denial much?

  41. danmtruth

    Gee does this mean Hali & Bay’s skin care company has died before it began ?

  42. Helen

    I don’t understand the conversation Brett is having with Faysal….is he with Faysal or against him? So confusing

  43. danmtruth

    Helen Bret is just trying to keep fess confused Not a hard job But he knows it will go back to the girls

    Bay is telling Hali to tell everyone because no one will believe it coming from her Not to worry because Bay will have her back and protect her Hopefully this will show some people how mean the other side is Just who are these other people ?
    Now telling her that the only people who might be mad would be TY and Fessy

  44. Shivani33

    Haleigh could go visit the grownups up in the HoH suite. She could say to the grownups, “Bayleigh has been hounding for me to come make a confession to y’all that I’m the hacker. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I’m here to say I’m the hacker. But it isn’t the truth. Bayleigh is the hacker. Always has been. She just kept bullying me to come up here and lie to save her ass.”

    • Sassy

      That would be funny, but her conscience needs to be cleared. Maybe this will ol be an epic history making move! The Foutte dream, to make history, as one of the dumbest moves and groups ever!!! But they are loyal to each other.

  45. danmtruth

    as soon as Hali can pull Fess away from his workout he comes the reveal

  46. Avatar

    Fessy trying to talk Hay out of telling the house.

  47. danmtruth

    like he cant see her crying eyes He said he knew it He is saying don’t call a house meeting She still thinks this will be the only way to save Bay Fess says the only person who might go after her was Angela but wait she cant be HOH maybe Scotti or TY could not hear Fess does not want her to say anything Fess just happy that he was able to read her

  48. Yael Sara

    I’m shopping for a friends birthday gift and then I came across an AngieRS button


  49. Avatar

    I’m realizing as Fessy and Hay talk about the hacker. Did the Hive not have a plan if they won the hacker?

  50. Shivani33

    Haleigh feels guilty and says that Bay is being framed by being called the hacker. Haleigh is also the one Bay told about her alarm at possibly being pregnant. That’s a ton of guilt. Fess is right that it’s too bad Haleigh spilled her hacker secret to Baleigh. Now if only Haleigh doesn’t compound that tactical mistake. She’s young, though and encountering a human dilemma.

    • Sassy

      For 2 days she has watched/listened to her bff cry and talk about how the hacker has “ruined” her life and game, how she’s gonna find out and get even, and how the hacker must be the worst, heartless, and inconsiderate person in the world. That guilt was overwhelming. She has chosen the friendship over the game. She was one of 2 from that side that had potential, what a shame!

  51. danmtruth

    Now her plan was to just tell KC to try to get her vote Did they not learn anything from Bay telling Rachel about her power app How long did that stay a secret

  52. Avatar

    Did Hay really tell Fessy that everybody owes Bay an apology after she tells them she is really the hacker? OMG, did Hay just say ” Everyone should be ashamed of how they are treating & speaking to Bay”, has Hay not seen & heard how Bay has treated & spoke to people in this house? Hay is delusional!!

  53. Shivani33

    Haleigh could really use a DR session.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    If she calls the house meeting, do you think it will be tonight? I hope so. Fester needs to keep his daggone mouth shut and let her sing like a canary.

    • danmtruth

      exactly lets call the troops together and set the pot to boil

      you guys are dreaming if you think Bay will use the safety on you because SHE WONT BE THEIR
      drug test Fessy he is saying only one person will come after her That being TY Fessy your pretty

      • Sassy

        She made it clear she wouldn’t use it on anyone other than herself, I get that you save it to help you, but you still tell people (especially your alliance) that will save them.

  55. Colby

    So, Ha-Ho make up your mind if you are telling this tonight or not!
    I am getting motion sickness watching the close-ups in the hammock.
    And I need to go to bed.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Why are the Hive so worried about Honey BayBay? She doesn’t give a damn about any of them.

    • John

      Right!?!? They need to go to deny deny deny mode if Bay starts throwing hay under the bus. But I love watching them be completely clueless so I hope the hive keeps effing up lol.

    • Sassy

      No, she’s a self centered narcissist, what’s good for her Is good for the Hive. And if/when she goes to jury tomorrow, she wants a semi friend to follow her not a spoiled ass rich white kid… oh wait, Hay fits into that group too.

      Bay will hold a grudge against HaHo forever for this!

  57. NKogNeeTow

    Maybe someone wasn’t joking in the Feed Chat the other night. Maybe she really did make the Hive sign a suicide pact…lol

    Either that or they are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

  58. danmtruth

    Bay already put the guilt trip on her by saying if you don’t do it tonight I know you wont do it

    Again Fess says the only person who will put you up is TY and your putting a huge target on his back Good Fess has walk away now get up and call this meeting

  59. John

    I got money that if she doesn’t tell the house Fess tells jC and he tells level 6.

  60. NKogNeeTow

    Everybody’s in the kitchen. Now would be the perfect tiime.

  61. NKogNeeTow

    I’m kind of thinking she won’t go through with it. I think I’ll be more surprised if she does.

  62. NKogNeeTow

    HeidiHo is swinging in the hammock with Peabody/Scottie now. They were just talking about the votes. So far she hasn’t told him diddly.

  63. John

    Scottie is talking to her about how mad he is going to be to miss his shout out… His first shout out… Because the hacker (aka her lol) will cancel his vote… She is now grilling him and trying toake him doubt Tyler.

  64. Helen

    With Bayleigh on the block someone on twitter says: So I guess we are getting that double eviction….
    (This is in relation to her pregnancy scare/possibility)

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Since Honey BayBay always thinks someone owes her an apology, I wonder if she’ll apologize to Pennywise for the way she talked to her the other night when she demanded she knew something and she tell her what it is, then told her to shut up, then walked out of the room on her. I mean, since she’s so keen on manners and all.

    • Jay H

      Never will she apologize. She may go as far to say she was wrong(at an appearance together in two months from now), but she’ll never apologize. I’ve met people similar to her. “I’m sorry, I was wrong” are words that do not come out of their mouths.

  66. NKogNeeTow

    Brett and Pennywise in the kitchen cooking together and having a pleasant conversation. So far she hasn’t blamed him for anything yet. Let’s just hope the beans don’t burn.

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Omg, she’s walking on her heels. JC had everyone in the HOH room laughing last night about how Rocky is walking since she’s been exercising.

  68. Yael Sara

    Hayleigh: why are you drinking so much Diet Coke
    Fessy: do you want me to stop?

    He IS so that guy!

    Bayleigh, Hayleigh and Fessy can’t leave the house soon enough

  69. danmtruth

    She is going to back out lets see what happens when she goes back to bed next to Bay She will say she will do it first thing in the morning so people have less time to think

  70. danmtruth

    Fess needs to have a talk with Bay without RS their

  71. John

    Everyone is in the kitchen hay needs to spill the beans!

  72. danmtruth

    Now we all know how fess feel by being teased by Hali

  73. NKogNeeTow

    I think she already has cold feet. I think the only way she’ll do it now is if Honey BayBay and Fessy talks her into it. HBB and Fessy are on the hammock talking now. She is telling him how HeidiHo has to be the one to do it and he is saying that when she does, she needs to throw Tyler under the bus completely.

  74. danmtruth

    Wow Bay has selective memory saying how she never targeted Angela That means I was having a dream That during Bay’s HOH her Hali and Fess were in the bed going over days When the talk turned to the next targets that were ANGELA , KC and Rachel when you thought she was coming back With TY as a backdoor if any of them came off the block

  75. NKogNeeTow

    Bay just told Fessy that she hopes Hay goes through with it, then she can start campaigning and telling people that she really wants to stay in the house and she’s loyal. Again, she’s only worried about herself. She doesn’t give a damn about the fallout that Hay will receive.

    • Sassy

      She hopes there is fallout for Hay. She’s furious with her, but she doesn’t have anyone else, she has to fake smile and have small talk with her. When Hay looks away, Bay glares at her like she wants to gut her insides or pop off her head.

  76. danmtruth

    NK you forget only TY and Angela will be mad according to the great BB game player Fess Along with they have Hali Fess JC , KC and probably Scottie How can they loose Or not end up sitting on the couch with the confused look ONCE AGAIN

    • NKogNeeTow

      I know, right! To bad they don’t know they are only a party of 4.

      HeidiHo also told Fessy that when she gives her reveal she wants to tell Drifty that she’s a f*cking idiot then announce she’s going to bed. Since she thinks that her great confession will free the soulless soul of Honey BayBay, because Drifty will feel bad that she made a mistake about her, has she ever considered that it might have the opposite effect and that Drifty will be so pissed that the other side knew, they would just vote HBB out anyway.

  77. NKogNeeTow

    Oh, and HeidiHo just went into the HOH and announced that she was going to bed and said goodnight to everyone. Guess it’s not happening tonight…if ever.

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  79. danmtruth

    Fess trying to lay the foundation with Bret Hay what happens if it comes out that Bay is not the hacker Than all that is crap Now the Bay will never come after you Now RS Fess is not sure You know how things turn around on Thur

  80. NKogNeeTow

    Dumbass Fessy is actually trying to talk Brett into keeping HBB. He’s subtle about it but he’s trying it all the same.

    • danmtruth

      Bret can read this move a mile away Looks like she will wait till the morning if Fess is not trying to talk her into it now Except the dumb ass feeds are showing one sleeping Bay 2 RS starting at the bible and 3&4 in the HOH room PLEASE

  81. danmtruth

    Move a feed to the pink room

  82. danmtruth

    Back out to the hammock for round two of Fess & Hali

  83. danmtruth

    Remind me to never sign Fessy up for a suicided prevention hot line With the great advice he is giving to Hali Now after his masterful sales job on Bret he is ready to vote to keep Bay

  84. danmtruth

    Good night they are not going to do it tonight

  85. NKogNeeTow

    Fessy just talked her into not telling the house until tomorrow. It’s official. I hate him.

    The 2 of them are laughing, saying that Drifty is going to look and feel so stupid and that her HOH has been hijacked.

    HeidiHo tells him that they have to stop hanging out because no one will tell him who they are voting for because he will tell her.

    Fessy says that Tyler is their #1 target now and that she HAS to throw him under the bus hard. He tells her what to say to the house about Tyler.

  86. NKogNeeTow

    Fessy thinks that Hay telling the house about Tyler will make her look like a badass.

    She thinks that America is going to think she’s stupid. He tells her that America isn’t even watching…teeheehee

    She says that Scottie is with her and he’s not an enemy. He says that Scottie is with Tyler.

    Fessy says he wants to beat Tyler’s ass in a Veto.

    • Sassy

      Fuzzy thinks all his ideas are bad ass moves and none of them have been, Hay go with your gut, America is going to love this move but yes, we will think it’s stupid!!

  87. danmtruth

    These two are delusional Can you even dare call what they are saying logic ? It’s fantasy It’s madness Angela is going to look stupid ?!?! Sit close to each other so the camera person can get a two for one reaction shot when Bay is voted out

  88. NKogNeeTow

    This damn back and forth between Fessy and Hay is like a game of ping pong. Now she wants to wake up the house and tell them and he wants her to wait until morning.

    He tells her that there are only 2 people who can put her up. *What game does he think he’s in*

    He assures her that no one is going to put her up. *cough*false sense of security*cough*

    He tells her that when she tells the house, that will be savage. He says he just wants to see her do something big.

    He said it would be badass if she won HOH next week. She said she would put up Driftwood and Tyler.

  89. NKogNeeTow

    Don’t leave me alone with these BB House idiots Dan.

  90. NKogNeeTow

    HeidiHo just told Fester that if they are both still in the house next week, she will kiss him. He wants a pinky promise on the bet. Uggg

  91. NKogNeeTow

    She also said that if he wins HOH, she will kiss him in front of the whole house.

  92. NKogNeeTow

    Now they want to call the house meeting out at the hammock.

    Now they don’t want to wake anyone up.

    Now they say if she does it tonight she’s going to ask if she can sleep all day tomorrow because no one will be talking to her and she doesn’t want Fessy talking to her so people will talk to him and get info for her.

    She starts to get up to go wake up the house and tell them. He tells her no, because he’s comfortable right now (on the hammock with her). Again…I hate him.

  93. NKogNeeTow

    Well it almost happened. They were getting ready to go wake everyone up until Rocky came over and sat down and started talking to them about possibly staying. Sam joins them to ask Rocky if she wants to go smoke.

  94. NKogNeeTow

    These 2 are the dumbest damn people on earth. In the last 30 minutes they have changed their minds (or what they think resembles one) over 20 times about whether or not to wake everyone up and tell them.

    She has gone back and forth about whether to tell Rocky before or after she tells everyone else.

    She goes back and forth about whether or not to wake Angela up or just tell everyone else and let someone else tell her tomorrow.

    I give up! Dammint, I’LL COME AND TELL THEM!

  95. Tinkerbell

    I love BB, but it makes me crraaaazzzzzyyyyy.


  96. NKogNeeTow

    Brett and Scottie are trying to out-bore each other. It is painful to watch.

  97. Tinkerbell

    Steve, NK, Mel, Would you mind deleting my four posts at the bottom of the thread? I apologize to you guys, and everyone here, for my lengthy rant. I should have gone to bed instead of watching feeds, and writing. Thanks a lot :))

  98. HappyHippo

    I’m so glad I wasn’t awake for that back and forth! Would have driven me nuts!

    • danmtruth

      Happy it showed just why these are some of the most clueless people in the house Fess is soooo desperate to 1) show how smart he is – “I knew you were the hacker SEE I know what your thinking” 2) Never take game play advise from Fess ” the house will think your bad ass if you do this It will put a bigger target on TY” 3) Fess cant count votes “we can keep Bay we will have your mine Bret KC and Scottie’s vote
      No it will not be a bad ass move it will be a dumb ass move

  99. Avatar

    Hay might as well juts pack her bags cause more than likely she’ll be gone next week!

  100. Avatar

    Lets get Bay out first

  101. Avatar

    whos vote will this change?

  102. Avatar

    I swear the HIVE minus Scottie, is really, really, really stupid

  103. Avatar

    Faysal and Scotty talking at the hammock. Faysal: If somehow something came up that it wasn’t her (Bayleigh as the Hacker), do you think that would make her stay?Scotty: Yeah but Hacker would have to confess in front of a multiple people.
    Faysal: Would the Hacker do that?
    Scotty: No, not if they were smart.

    is scottie humoring him

  104. Avatar

    Hay is going to piss so many people off, including her alliance. Man oh my she is not the brightest! Unless they win HOH/POV consecutively in the next few weeks, they will be picked off one by one. Come on Hay, I want to see the drama ensue after you blow up your already terrible game!

    • Avatar

      how will this change anyones vote,
      oh we’re sorry we will keep you




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