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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Overnight Recap

Good morning everyone! It was a slow night with Sam discussing bees, Angela and Kaycee making fruit loop art and Bayleigh thinking she runs the world. We also had the pleasure of listening to a conversation between Haleigh and Fessy that left me wanting to stab my eyeball with a fork! Here we go:

  • Early in the day, Tyler told JC, Kaycee and Angela (at different times) that Rachel was trying to work with the other side of the house. He told JC this because JC’s main strategy is trying to pick off people from both sides of the house and keep things even while he and Tyler ride the middle. Tyler probably thought it was one more thing to push JC into voting Rachel out. I have no idea why he said this to Angela and Kaycee.
  • Bayleigh spent the entire day dictating terms, talking about how wonderful she is and planning out the rest of the game. She has some of the worst hohitis I’ve ever seen. Practically everything she thinks is going on in the game is wrong. She speculates who will be targets for who and who so and so will put on the block. Even though she just nominated two people, I don’t believe she thinks she’s anyone’s target. Everyone had to listen to her go on and on about how she gets when she’s hungry and how she’s dumped three boys for not feeding her quickly enough. She was also mad that someone made vegetables without informing her immediately. It sounds like I’m exaggerating but I’m not. Arrogance is her Achilles heel in the game. She’s also still planning for Swaggy’s return in a battle back.
  • Bayleigh and Brett finally had their talk out by the pool. He gave his pitch to stay while they both fed each other lines of crap. She told him she had power over people and might see what she could do if she decided to keep him. He told her he’d be grateful and loyal if that happened. It was a long conversation but that was the gist of it.
  • Bayleigh and Scottie talked about the game, where everyone stands and who people would target. They don’t have a clue what’s going on in the house and they feel confident Tyler will target Rachel and Angela. These two have already planned out the end of the game and they’re being gracious enough to allow Tyler to come along to the final 6 with the Hive/Foutte. They’ll decide at a later time if Tyler must go at 6 or if he can stay until 5 and take Rockstars place. That’s yet to be determined because Baileigh feels Rockstar needs to win a comp and pull her weight on the team. She feels the same way about Haleigh. Bayleigh’s won 1 luck based comp but along with knowing everything about everything, apparently she’s a comp beast now. She’s quite the powerhouse and I feel blessed she’s allowing us to spend the summer with her and soak in her greatness!
  • Fessy and Haleigh had a make up conversation and I’ve changed my position a little bit about this situation. Don’t get me wrong, Fessy has been a Caleb for sure and I think he’s been a huge pain in Haleighs ass. Last night was the first time I realized how much she pushes his buttons and keeps the problems going. They had an exhausting conversation that was completely unnecessary. Haleigh got what she said she wanted in the first few minutes but continued to drag it out. I’ll recap what happened:

Haleigh made a joke about having sex with more than one person in 24 hours during a game of never have I ever. Fessy was annoyed, made a couple comments about her acting 21 and saying he didn’t want to be with someone who was that “openly freaky.” He followed this by giving her the silent treatment and being a big baby. Eventually, they talked, she told him this is who she is and if he doesn’t like it, too damn bad. She talked to him about moving forward in the game but not being compatible on a personal level. He spent the next day not talking to her and also had Bayleigh in his ear fueling the fire. He talked to Rockstar about it yesterday and said maybe they were just meant to be friends because they are at different stages in their lives. RS said meeting the right person at the wrong time means it’s  the wrong person. (comments like this that got me liking RS in the beginning of the game but then…) During the silent treatment phase, Hayleigh spent hours on the hammock with Brett and Fessy was jealous. Last night, they talked and Fessy apologized to her at least five times for the things he said. He agreed they were doing well in the game together and agreed maybe they should leave it at that. (Problem solved at this point) She wanted to know why he was ignoring her because she doesn’t want to have a game relationship with someone who won’t speak to her. (understandable) He told her what she said about not being compatible clicked with him but he needed a little time to accept it so he’d been staying away from her.  (He was also pouting) At this point, she had what she wanted but it wasn’t good enough. She wanted to have an in depth conversation about why he hurt her feelings and why he said the specific things he’d said. He apologized again and said maybe he was the one acting immature. Fessy came into this house wanting a showmance to get more TV exposure, probably a little girl crazy too and fell for Hayleigh too quickly. This is where he’s at fault. She has every right to flirt with whoever she wants but she knows how he feels about her and she’s had over a month to get to know him.  She knows he isn’t like Tyler, Brett and Scottie and he takes it too seriously. If she’s using flirting as a strategy, why does she keep flirting with someone thats taking it to heart? She wants Fessy to have the same reaction the other guys do but she’s had plenty of time to realize he isn’t like that so if she doesn’t stop flirting with him, she’s also to blame. It comes down to ‘know your audience.’  Not everyone reacts to the same thing in the same way. I was pretty high on Haleigh but I’m starting to think that flirting may be her only strategy and even though she’s telling him she only wants to work with him in a game sense, I’m not sure she knows how to do it any better than he does. This will be the first and last time I get this in depth in the shomance drama. If I wanted to watch soap operas, I’d watch them. I may need a Saltine because I’m feeling a bit nauseous.

  • Sam spoke with Brett for a while about the personal relationship part of the game. I know some people come into the game not having a full understanding of what they’ve signed up for but I’ve never seen anyone at Sam’s level. I’ve been irritated with her for making everything so personal but last night is when I realized that I don’t think she was doing it by choice. What I mean is, I don’t think it occurred to her that there was another way to play. I think she really thought (based on the limited YouTube clips she watched prior to coming) people competed each week for the opportunity to remove the people who were the least cohesive with the group until only the winner remained.  For once, I’m not being sarcastic and I truly believe that’s how she’s viewed the game. The conversation she had with Rockstar the night before about going to jury really blew her mind. She calls jury “the little house” and sees it almost as a punishment for the people who aren’t contributing enough. (She’d be a better fit for Survivor and Exile Island, she’d also be able to weave a set of patio furniture from palm tree leaves) Making everything about personal relationships, cooking and cleaning was her way of being a good houseguest. Now that she’s realizing this game is something different, she’s completely lost. I also think it’s where some of her self confidence issues are coming from lately. She thinks she’ll be picked off soon because she’s in the deep end without a life jacket and now she knows it.
  • Angela said the guys may have to be backdoored. Sam told her technically there couldn’t be anymore backdoors because they’ll be in jury now.  (Explanation is above, not even going to make a joke here)
  • Bayleigh told Rachel she was proud of her for being able to keep a secret. (Bay told Scottie earlier Rachel couldn’t keep her mouth shut about things. I guess it doesn’t occur to her Rachel might spill her own secret)
  • Bayleigh reminds Haleigh that Fessy wanted Kaitlyn but Swaggy is the one who brought Haleigh into the group and put her with Fessy. (Bay doesn’t miss an opportunity to get a dig in)
  • Angela thinks it’s a great idea if Bretts outs the girls alliance and Bayleighs power during his speech. I think this plan needs to be reconsidered myself.
  • Brett wants a pet mouse for the house to eat the ants. Angela tells him they don’t eat ants so Brett says they can train the mouse to do it.
  • This didn’t happen last night but JC told Angela recently that he’s sure sure he hasn’t been on any episodes yet. Lol

Random Tidbits:

  • Kaitlyn’s already blocked Evel Dick on Twitter for making fun of her. She tweeted and asked him to be nice for 5 seconds. His bio says “I’m not nice so don’t expect me to be” or something close to that. What did she expect?
  • Kaitlyn tweeted that Tyler was still her #1 even if she was his #10 and wants him to win. Her ex boyfriend unfollowed her shortly after.
  • BB12 Matt Hoffman recently went to one of Kryssies (OTT) music shows. They live near each other.
  • Someone posted pics of Glenn from BB18 sneaking a salad into the movies. There were a lot of jokes on RHAP because Glenn also threw ranch dressing on a fan some time back. It was discussed on Mondays podcast called Summer of Stein. The entire podcast was very funny! BB8 player Eric Stein is on every Monday with Rob.
  •  I misspoke last week when I said Mark and Elena had broken up according to social media. I don’t know if the break up info was a desperate attempt to try and stay relevant since we’ve moved on to a new season. They can’t accept they stopped being relevant around week 4 of their own season.
  • You can buy a recorded message for someone at bookcameo.com from some former houseguests. It sounds stupid to me but the interesting part is Natalie charges $45, Elena charges $35 and you can get Janelle for $25. On what planet are Natalie and Elena worth more than Janelle? That’s just insanity!!!
  • You can find several videos of Rachel singing on YouTube and one of Kaitlyn singing Hallelujah.
  • You can also find a Sharon Needles video (well known drag performer) that JC has a small part in on YouTube. It’s not for everyone and if you don’t care for nudity or videos with a very sexual theme, I’d stick with the girls singing.
  • Most social media for BB has a trend and it’s that way every year. It always fascinates me to hop around and see just how different the opinions can be. For example, Twitter loves Rockstar and Bayleigh but many of the update sites, not so much. Facebook commenters can’t stand Haleigh and think she’s a Ho but she gets a lot of love on Twitter and some from the blog sites. TV viewers and Facebook loves Tyler but Twitter wants to see him crash and burn in the game. My takeaway from this (with some exceptions) is Facebook is TV only fans, Twitter loves the bad playing underdogs and feed updaters stay somewhat neutral…for the most part.

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. ElaineB

    Thx Mel for all the good info. I get a kick reading what Bay says, since I won’t listen to her. She is a piece of work! In listening to some of Sam’s convos, the ‘game’ part is when they compete, and the other time in the house is getting to know each other (as people), telling each other how beautiful/wonderful each one is, and citing the special gifts of each HG. I paraphrase, but it sounds like she could cue up, at any moment, for a house meeting containing a campfire and sing-a-longs. The stars and planets have aligned, when I read that Kaitlyn has blocked Evel Dick. Good for him!

  2. LO1004

    Yes, I think it’s such a bad idea for Brett to out Bay’s power in his speech. This is the second time in a few days Angela has tried to manipulate him into this, the first time he wasn’t for it. Not only does this paint an even bigger target on his back, but they really should keep it in their back pocket so they can backdoor Bay when she actually uses it and get the satisfaction of the RBF/shock that will inevitably follow.

  3. LGJ

    Thanks for the update! I skipped watching Sunday bc I couldn’t stomach watching Bay win after hearing how she’s been a little extra. I can’t wait for tomorrow night so that her reign of blessing us all with her resistance is over.

  4. Avatar

    I’m so over Fess/Hay drama! I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’d almost prefer one of them out next so this nonsense will stop. I totally agree with you, Mel, that Hay is part of this problem. She craves the attention that Fessy gives, but I think that’s all there is to it. I don’t really think she’s into him, maybe if she were older, but she’s young and I don’t blame her for not wanting to get involved in a showmance. She needs to stop with the games though.

    As far as Bay goes, looking forward to her reign of terror to be over lol!

  5. danmtruth

    Mel I lasted 12 min 22 sec straight with the Hay & Fess talk(?) argument (?) clear the air (?) define what we mean to each other (?) but I had to tap out Must admit I did go back as the corn hole game was not that riveting Was glad that I did catch Bret and Angela discussing him revealing Queen Bays power As a fan of the show it would make great drama Thursday night As a game player not a good move The Queen will be shocked enough when he is not evicted
    Bay is backing of her thought that this will be an unanimous vote But she does not see it being close at all In her and Scottie talk I love how they have the Stalin 3 year/week plan on how the eviction will go They also pick who they think will win what comps Bay as you said has now become a comp beast So with her and Scottie does not see much use for Fess As she says he needs to just keep his mouth shut and not try to think All we need him for is to win comp

    Mel you got to the bottom of a lot of things Except we still do not know the meaning behind AIO new avatar Mine is the people are strange I feels fits this season with the strong man the LP ring master and the juggler has the guys represented

    • kneeless

      Great update, Mel! Dan, always enjoy your posts!
      I really hope Brett stays tomorrow. The look on QB’s face should be as priceless or even better than when Swag was evicted.
      I am hoping QB goes home soon!

  6. Avatar

    First time commenter, long time follower/reader! This season is too good for me to not finally start commenting. Confession- I don’t have the live feeds, but keep updated regularly through this blog which is fascinating to me since I gain so much more insight/perspective as to who these people really are.
    Mel- your updates are really really great. I love your insight, how you give the HG’s the benefit of the doubt (until they do something beyond idiotic), and how you well you are able to put this jumbled, confusing mess of BB together for the readers.
    I was excited Bayleigh won HOH but I too am disappointed in how she seems to be on a power trip now. What I don’t understand is how the current HOH does not realize that they very well could be on the block in just a matter of a few days? I feel like they always think they are invincible and get disgustingly cocky then do the most irrational things that will bite them in the ass when they are dethroned. I just don’t think many of the past HOH’s (aside from maybe Scottie) really think ahead.
    As far as the Fessy/Haleigh drama…I get how it can be frustrating to watch Haleigh continue to flirt with Fessy (who I agree is a giant baby), but how can we be so sure she doesn’t have ill intentions by flirting with him? Maybe she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. Not an excuse entirely, but I think she’s said it enough directly for him to stop perceiving her attention as her being into him. I don’t know…just thinking out loud.
    Also can’t say I’m a fan of Sam. Her thinking is too simple minded to get much further in this game. I hope she doesn’t make it to jury! Otherwise she’ll give her vote to someone who does more dishes over the other…yikes.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m excited for another HOH! Hoping it’s JC because then we’ll be in for one hell of an interesting week lol.

  7. HappyHippo

    Love the random tidbits Mel! I always wonder what happens to the old players…
    Good to know Kaitlyn is still delusional outside of the house.
    Why has every single hoh gotten hohitis this season?! You are only hoh for a week! Bay has gotten horrible! It really bugs me how much crap she talks about people especially JC. Such a hypocrite. She needs to go soon too.
    On a side note B.B. just gave them real cornhole boards…pretty nice!

    • ElaineB

      Bay’s HOH just magnified her already sour demeanor.

    • Colby

      This year they gave them more games than usual. Usually they only get chess, but this year they also have Jenga, foosball, and the gold peg wall.
      I hope them giving them cornhole doesn’t mean another crap shot comp.

    • NKogNeeTow

      “Why has every single hoh gotten hohitis this season?! ”

      Because they are recruits and don’t know or have never seen the game. They seem to think that once they’ve gotten the title of HOH, it extends the prestige, power and perks. In Bay’s case, she thinks she’ll have the position of a past President, with everyone in the house still following her (a past President has Secret Service protection for life). Her view of the HOH (in her case) is that since she’s reached the highest pinnacle in BB, this carries over to every week. Short sidedness won’t let her see that the real highest pinnacle is WINNING THE GAME.

  8. Yael Sara

    Sorry if it is said above or in the comments. But, what was the conversation that Brett and Scottie had at the pool table that then he ran up to the hive about and they had all been feeling more in power about. However I am guessing what Brett was discussing with Scottie was not really a tell all to Scottie as I am guessing there was play. Except I couldn’t hear a damn thing in either conversation! 🙁

  9. danmtruth

    Nice that they got the corn hole game These housepets have it good

    What is more delusional That Bay thinks no one is targeting her Or that she is now a comp beast

  10. kneeless

    Watched BBAD this AM. Does anyone know why JC wants Brett to have a convo with RS & to make sure someone witnesses them having a one-on-one?

  11. Avatar

    Love your recaps Mel. I’ve also been a long time reader just coming out of my shell this season to comment.

  12. LO1004

    Brett, Scottie, and JC are at the table playing table hockey (no clue where they got the ball) and the live feed commenters are calling it Yatus Ball. Hahahha

  13. jimbo

    As I’ve said of Haleigh for a while, her strategy is “boy user” flirter, and not much else to her game. Fessy has no strategy.

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