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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Overnight Update

Good morning all!  Last night we had more campaigning from Swaggy, life advice from Sam, Angela & Kaycee actually speaking, Tyler possibly needing to hit the game eject button to escape Kaitlyn and a little soccer played with a lemon. A normal night in the BB house, right?


Before updates, I’ll tell you what I know about outside gossip. I’m not a fan of putting people’s business out there if they aren’t on the show but when they discuss it themselves, I feel like it’s ok to talk about. I’m NEVER a fan of messaging or tagging relatives of the hg’s.  They didn’t sign up for this so it borders on harassment in my opinion.

A Tweet was posted supposedly from Kaitlyn’s boyfriend’s sister. (It appears legit based on past posts and how far back they go) She Kaitlyn was now a former friend and her brother would move on with his life without her. (Not word for word but I think Shivani33 posted the actual comment yesterday) She also requested people stop sending him info. The vegasforsure spoiler said his family complained to CBS about doing the zoom in shots of the pic of Kaitlyn and her BF while she’s laying in bed with Tyler. There’s been some speculation wondering if she could get a Dear John letter in the event she won HOH again. I don’t see that happening but he could pull the release he signed (it’s been done before) and that would prevent her from being able to mention him on the feeds. If that were to happen, Kaitlyn would know she has a problem.

Angie Rockstars husband is very active on Twitter. She talked about them being in a weird place when she left for the show & it sounded like he didn’t understand why she was doing it. He seems fully on board now and constantly tweets positive things about her. They are very flattering and supportive. He also posts lots of photos of her and made a point to say he’s only posting things she had public prior to going into the house. I think he mentioned that because many of the photos are what some would consider a little risque. They aren’t nudes but they don’t leave a lot to the imagination The ones I’ve seen are actually beautiful and her body is amazing. This may have started because of some nasty comments people were putting on Twitter about her body. He may have been making the point that his wife has a hot body, she just had a baby so cut her some slack. Like her or not, I agree with this and for the record, I don’t have a problem with her body now or in the pics . Personally, I’m a bra kind of gal but even that is her choice. We shouldn’t complain that we only get model types and beg for real people then once we get them, start body-shaming them. Her gameplay and strategy is atrocious but if her body gets back anywhere close to the pictures I’ve seen, she’ll be shutting a lot of mouths on Twitter. Ok, moving on to last night…


Swaggy continues to talk to everyone and isn’t giving up but the way he goes about it is so bad. He’s trying to convince people like Rachel and Kaycee that his side wants to go after them, he’ll prevent it and probably end up going after his side himself. I mean, no one is ever going to buy this! If Swaggy ever had a chance to stay, his blind spot with Tyler has completely ruined it. It’s as if part of him knows Tyler isn’t with him but another part of him simply won’t accept it.  He went far enough in the trust-building with Tyler to let Tyler know he still can’t trust Rockstar or Fessy. (Rockstar had a talk with Tyler and fake apologized for blaming him) Swaggy told him if he went home, they would still go after Tyler.

Level 6 is already sick of Kaitlyn and her power trip. Rachel & the Bros laughed about Kaitlyn saying this move would make her go down in BB history. Brett said it could also make her the next one on the block. Winston wants so desperately to be influential in the game, he wasted no time telling Rachel he told Kaitlyn ‘she would go down in history and it was a huge move’ because he was trying to pump her up. This is true but several people told her that and honestly, after she heard it once, she was ready to run with it on her own. Sorry Winston, you’re not Tyler.

JC let Tyler know the house was asking questions about his relationship with Kaitlyn. JC basically asked him if he was in love with Kaitlyn and Tyler freaked out a little. JC wasn’t lying and it was being discussed with Angela being the most vocal. Yes, she does speak!  Tyler did some damage control by bringing it up himself with Angela and Kaycee.  He said he didn’t know how to get her to tone it down without alienating her in the game. Kaycee suggests he tried the ‘we don’t want to disrespect anyone angle’ and he said he already had. Prior to this, Angela mentioned going after Tyler soon because of this situation so we’ll have to keep an eye on it and see if this deflected some of it.

The Bros are excited they now have a legit reason to put Bayleigh otb. Kaitlyn made comments about love and letting Swaggy and Bayleigh use her hoh shower. They feel they can say Bayleigh lied to them about being in a shomance and that’s why she’ll go otb. They act as if they discovered the Paris room or something. (Another BB history moment guys) Side note: Kaitlyn isn’t subtle with her business or anyone elses. She’s announced to hg’s and the feeds multiple times that Swaggy and Bayleigh were going to have sex in the hoh shower. She wants people to agree that she’s amazing for giving that to them to make up for putting Swaggy otb. (Fessy is the only person who might think this is a good trade)

Kaitlyn let Brett know Angela and Rachel aren’t giving her enough attention considering what she did for them this week.

Rachel told Winston the Bro act was getting old.

Fessy, again says this move will go down in BB history. He follows by saying “granted, I’ve only seen 2 seasons.” (During sequester I’m sure)

Kaitlyn questions Fessy about his feelings for Hayleigh again. Is this because Tyler was busy playing with his other friends?

Scottie is starting to figure out the backdoor was the plan all along and Tyler took him off the block for that reason rather than to save him. ding ding ding!

Scottie suggested they all wear Swaggy C shirts on Thursday.

Sam is still full of life advice for everyone. She says she’s just there and isn’t playing a game. It seems like everyone wants to use BB as a career jumpstart and I think Sam wants to be the next Dr. Phil. Who knew?

Kaitlyn told Hayleigh she was the flip vote and said Tyler warned her to do it because Sam got the first power. Hayleigh questioned why Kaitlyn or Tyler didn’t tell her too. Kaitlyn said she did it for her own game but wasn’t going against her alliance. (didn’t really have an answer)  She assured Hayleigh she didn’t want to work with Winston, Angela, etc. (True) Kaitlyn tells lots of info without realizing it and here’s what Hayleigh actually heard once she processes it more. Tyler, who Hayleigh thought she was close with, didn’t trust her the way he did Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn will make a secret move for her own game and to hell with everyone else, even Hayleigh. Hayleigh also told Kaitlyn she thinks Rachel has a crush on Fessy. (Hayleigh wants Rachel out while most of her group wants Angela out so this was a good seed to plant)

Kaitlyn corners Tyler and questions why he’s pushing so hard for Swaggy to go. She thinks they should let Sam vote for him to stay and take the fall. Tyler is pushing back and she’s getting suspicious. She’s also feeling neglected. He says he can’t hang out with her in the hoh all day. She says she doesn’t want him to (eyebrow rsise here) but he’s just been so busy. She says she feels Tyler thinks she’s a loose cannon that could go off at any minute. (Well, ya. Kaitlyn….meet Kaitlyn)

Rockstar is disappointed to find out from Hayleigh that Fessy still really trusts Kaitlyn and tells her things. Fessy has also told Hayleigh that Kaitlyn was his #1 in the game while trying to shomance Hayleigh.  He’s so pretty.

Rockstar said “Life coach? Don’t know who the f**k she’s coaching.”

Scottie said he kind of liked Bronte but with her voice and his voice, any normal person would want to kill them if they were together.

JC took a poll to see how many were left-handed hg’s. He yelled across the backyard to Rachel & Kaycee “hey leabians, you lefthanded?” He can get by with this because he isn’t trying to be offensive and his accent makes almost everything funny.

The Bros noticed Sam made slop spaghetti and meatballs but used a flour they didn’t think she was supposed to use. (Some are saying it was protein powder which can be used but I don’t know) They discussed going to tell on her. Is this something a person otb should do? Winston’s an idiot. Btw, no one was trying to cheat and she’s just cooking for them to be nice. Hayleigh however, did tell Rockstar (earlier in the week) they could hide food somewhere specific in the bathroom. Rockstar pointed out they couldn’t now because she said it out loud. (I’m not going to point out that Hayleigh is so pretty because she IS playing a good game and maybe that was just a blonde moment…I’m blonde so I can say that)

I know some of this was random and definitely out of order but sometimes when I’m doing a recap of the night, I remember random things that I want to include mostly because they’re funny or could be game related down the road. I usually try to put them together at the end. It didn’t happen that way today and I’m not sure why. I have no excuse nor explanation. (Let’s hope Steve is too busy working to read it and fire me because of this mess I’m calling an update today!)

Have a great Wednesday!



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  1. Avatar

    so who do you think will be evicted at this point?

  2. Avatar

    Tyler should go to Kait and say “If we don’t go through with getting Swaaggy out now, your “young self” will be disappointed that the people who dont agree with your decision, forcibly changed your mind”.

  3. Helen

    Well let me be the first to say your morning post is something I always look forward to Mel…and you never disappoint!
    I do have a question….wasn’t the original Level 6 ..Brett..Hayleigh..Winston,Angela,KayCee and Tyler?
    Has it turned into level 5 with Hayleigh joining Chris and his minions or is Hayleigh playing them and she’s just that good?

  4. Lindsey

    HI everyone! I’ve been lurking on here for 3 or 4 BB seasons & finally decided to make an account this season & try to participate. I also got the Live Feeds this week & I’m loving it! My employer may not love it so much, though. HA!

  5. hogwild

    Chris should go as I said on another update he survives this week there is little doubt in my mind he will revert back to his day one self quickly.

  6. danmtruth

    Tanks Mel lots of good info
    Katlyn’s status with her boyfriend does impact the game It’s the excuse Katlyn uses for being able to cling on to guys It’s not sexual I have a boy friend back at home This just sounds like things weren’t that good before she went into the house The great thing is every thing Swaggy accused her seems true Loose cannon Unreliable Tylor is now finding is his mess to deal with
    For Rockstar to be complaining about Rachel and Angela not doing anything Beside standing around and looking pretty .To me is a bit hypocritical Beside being the boys eye candy what has her partner Haylie done? As I said the whole pink hair hippy mom thing seems to be a bit of an act In the photos she is a beautiful confident women But she is also a self promoter She knows what sells and has worked at marketing an image As I said you can see it when she talks to different people She changes her speech to match theres Listen to when she talks to Swaggy and when she talks to Sam or Haylie She even changes when she used to talk to Katlyn That was in a much more zen spiritual way
    Swaggy works hard in-between bedding Bay Yet his pitch is so fast and drips with desperation Telling Jc and Tylor on two sprat one on one To keep him as a bigger target to keep them safe He will tell them EVERY thing he hears He will make sure his side does not target them Slow your roll your making promises you can’t keep You have no control over Rockstar
    It should make for some fun times Im sure Bay will get the next power app Not sure what is left Than comes the HOH Kaycee Tylor and Jc have said how they don’t want to win Just to keep it fun would like to see Haylie win Just to keep things interesting Beside If Rockstar won It would be anther power ego trip train wreck Lets see if Haylie sticks to her word and keeps the other side out of the HOH shower and room Maybe have Scottie win to see how he handles all the people / women coming to him

    • Helen

      Fairly certain Bayleigh will get the next power app. I am also fairly certain she will choose Identity Theft which will end up giving her the ability to steal the HOH from whomever wins it this week..

    • Shivani33

      Winston for HoH!!!! Now THAT would be funny. He has calmed down this week, confident that Swag is going. Nevertheless, Winston’s input remains whacked out and generally misinformed. By the way, Angela has given quite a bit of time to helping Winston keep from having his head explode.

      And I appreciate Angela’s wide, wide range of bikini fashion. I know that she had been feeling ill and was given antibiotics earlier in the game. I feel as if Angela hasn’t really arrived yet as a player but showed lots of potential when she barely lost the comp against Swaggy. I hope that she will show more of that grit.

  7. Lindsey

    Does anyone else kind of feel bad for poor innocent Scottie? I seriously cringe every time I hear him say something believing that the Bros voted to keep Steve. He is so gullible & easily pliable – I just feel bad for him. This is Big Brother, dude. Don’t believe anyone!

  8. Ritchie


    Big Steve Beans getting some well deserved national pub and recognition, that is awesome so go on with your bad self!!

  9. danmtruth

    lets see if Swaggy goes thru with his I’m going to call people out Or will he read the votes and decide to just save face and walk out Long way to Thur
    Lets see the edit for tonights show Need to show veto comp Than the ceremony They cut Katlyns nom speech no mention of Winston being a doctor
    Nice to see Stevebeans getting some credit

  10. Shivani33

    We heard that Bayleigh came close to getting the power app which Tyler won. Is that how come people think that Bayleigh will get the next one? Heaven forbid, but what about Kaitlyn getting it? She has been getting a lot more publicity than most players. Some people call her feeds’ gold, albeit a trainwreck of attention seeking. Bayleigh has spent a lot of time in bed, ya know.

  11. danmtruth

    Now Rockstar and Baylie pity party is how unfair it is to back door Cris Because he is such a student of the game How its not fair that he did not get a chance to compete in the pov to keep himself safe UUMM thats why its called a back door How its an insult to get such a good player out in week 2 WTF

  12. mckay

    I had to sign up Mel because you are the best! I love reading your recaps. Thanks for spending so much time on this for my entertainment.

  13. LO1004

    Thanks for the update, Mel! I do feel bad for Kaitlyn’s ex. She has never acted like she has a boyfriend, so I would ghost her too. Girl, bye!

    The rest is hilarious. Bronte’s voice, Kaitlyn meet Kaitlyn, the Paris room, hiding food. I can’t w these HG’s.

    Everyone keeps talking about Tyler being a target soon, but after this week and the inflating of her head, I think Kaitlyn needs to watch herself. I really can’t listen to her voice and the ego anymore. I would like to hear more from Angela, I know there has to be a personality in there somewhere. Maybe she’ll pull a Nicole and start playing the game later in the season.

  14. HappyHippo

    As always Mel, you’re update made me feel caught up and I thoroughly enjoy reading them.
    “He’s so pretty” I actually laughed out loud. Cuz it’s true. Oh Fessy.
    I have nothing new to say. Still…go Tyler….screw Kaitlyn….bye swaggy.

  15. Shivani33

    1) Is uncomfortable in scenarios and situations in which she or he is not the center of attention.
    2) Interaction with others is frequently characterized by inappropriate provocative or sexual behavior.
    3) Constantly seeking approval or reassurance.
    4) Acts out rapid shifts or shallow expressions of emotion.

    Do these characteristics remind anyone here of someone playing Big Brother this Season? This is a sincere question.

  16. HappyHippo

    Kaitlyn walking around right now “just so you guys know I want to have a one on one with everybody again today”(in the valley Barbie voice)…..oh my gosh STOP already!!! Please dethrone her. Like now!

  17. Alda

    I wonder how Psycho will handle not living in the HOH room next week? The men better watch out.She’ll be climbing in all their beds.

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