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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Recap

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Good morning! I went to the movies last night so I had to look back and see what I missed….nothing. If Steve doesn’t have to change the picture I added, its the hoh bathroom sink. Fessy leaned on it and it broke off the wall. It happened right after Haleigh told him he was really annoying her.  It was a slow night (I’m guessing the maintenance crew is busy tho) but there was a little game talk going on and some other random tidbits. It’s not a sign the house is slowing down because if it’s a week when votes arn’t up in the air, not much goes on between Monday and Thursday. People lying about votes is the story this week, not indecision over how they’re voting. Unless someone has a fight or a secret is spilled, here’s where the votes are:

  • keeping Kaycee- Tyler, Angela, Brett, JC, Sam.
  • keeping Rockstar- Fessy, Scottie with Fessys vote being canceled

This may not be another blindside. Haleigh goes back and forth between confident and worried and by Thursday, they may see what’s happening. JC won’t confirm and if Scottie sees the vote isn’t going the way he thinks, he’ll vote out RS too. I don’t think he’ll do it without telling Haleigh and Fessy first though. If things stay as they are, watch for Rockstar and Haleigh’s brief sigh of relief when they hear 5-1 because they think it’s 5-1 now in favor of Rockstar. They are somewhat expecting Fessys vote to be canceled so that shouldn’t shock them. I suppose it could be 4-2 but I don’t look for JC to throw another hinky vote. It’s much harder to hide the lie when you can only blame it on one or two people and those people can confront you. Being confronted face to face is much different than lots of confusion with many possibilities. Tyler’s already let JC know the other side is accusing him behind his back so he knows he’ll get blamed. JC also laid the groundwork to Fessy last night to justify his vote against Rockstar. He didn’t say he was doing it but gave reasons why it might be better for his game. JC is a smart player and I think he knows what he can get away with and what he can’t. I’ve been really impressed with his game so far but he’ll have to make a move soon to avoid being a victim of L6.

Scottie is firmly in Haleigh’s corner at this point. He sees a F3 with Haleigh and Brett of possible. I think if Scottie was lying to her, he’d suggest Fessy as the third but he didn’t so it makes me think this is what he really wants. He and Tyler seem so sincere when they talk but they’re lying to each other. If they aren’t, they’ve tricked me too. I have some early appointments and my dog has to go to the groomer today so the recap won’t be too in depth. (Nothing can mess up your wood floors more than a 70 lb poodle who needs a bath and a haircut! He may not shed but that hair drags everything in from the outdoors.) Here’s some of what happened yesterday:

  • My favorite part of the day was RS and Brett finalizing their secret alliance. It isn’t exactly a F2 but RS named it Mr. and Mrs. Smith. (We’ve actually already had that as an alliance name, season 5 I think but don’t hold me to it) Everything Brett’s doing with RS this week is terrible for him but entertaining for us. I know he and Angela claim it doesn’t matter because she’ll never vote for either of them and I get their point. However, let’s say Angela and Brett were the F2. She has to vote for one of them! Brett tells L6 about the alliance and the name. Brett says he doesn’t think she’s actually seen the movie because “they f**k a lot in it.”
  • Tyler and RS have a convo in the bathroom and sort of clear the air. She’s trying to get over being upset with him and he’s doing jury management.
  • JC and Tyler have a shaving cream and toothpaste fight while Fessy stares in horror. You can tell he doesn’t want to be involved and wants no part of toothpaste getting in that one inch ponytail.
  • RS and Hay decide it’s an excellent idea for Brett to help RS with her Thursday speech. She’s already put a lot of time in it but wants help making it better and….who better to ask? He’s eager to help, offer some suggestions and even tells her she “needs a closer.”
  • Most of us think from talk and Sam sleeping better, she’s been given some anti-anxiety meds or something. She’s been better the last few days but she still ended up crying and talking about missing a man. She talked about being one of those people that needs to be part of a couple. I briefly mentioned Sams bf and drinking issues once before because Sam said something early in the season. Once it was dropped, I didn’t really want to talk about it again unless she did. Sam has talked about it more than once now and she wasn’t whispering while hiding in her closet when she said it. (The makeshift curtain she made for the front of the closet keeps getting removed by production and she keeps putting it back up) the best we can interpret from the coded way Sam speaks is that she suffered a fairly recent break up before coming to the BB house. She alluded to the fact that she cheated on her boyfriend and that caused the breakup. She’s also said she had a problem with drinking too much. This could certainly explain a lot of her anxiety that we are seeing. She also appears to have some major self-esteem issues and is constantly comparing herself to the other women in the house. She may be someone who’s always had these insecurities or this could be new to her and she may not know how to handle it. If Sam is a big fish in a little pond where she’s from, she could easily develop insecurities she isn’t used to having.
  • There’s been speculation from the hgs and viewers Sam could be the reason we haven’t had Have Nots recently. We know production wasn’t allowing her in the have not room because she kept taking things off the wall. It could also be because the night of her meltdown, she was trying to tie the door closed and lock herself in there. It could be a coincidence but if she’s really the reason they’re not eating slop, Sam could end up getting some kind of Houseguests favorite player award even if she doesn’t get Americas.
  • Angela and KC have taken to calling themselves Willy and Wonka. It began when they attempted to make some kind of Jolly Rancher type candy and they made more snacks for the hgs to try yesterday.
  • JC told Fessy that he didn’t want to discuss his vote because of the hacker. However, he told him there was no teamwork and he didn’t know how he could work with people who were such a mess. He gave examples like Hay being the hacker and going rogue instead of discussing it with the group, Bay telling Rachel about her app and Scottie voting however he wanted every week. I think this is JC preparing fessy for what’s going to happen on Thursday.
  • After Brett told L6 about RS’s speech plans, he started taking requests. Angela and KC are hoping he can somehow work the term level 6 into her speech. This seems like a petty thing to do to someone who’s already leaving (and it is) but Angela knows all the names RS is calling her so she probably wants some revenge. She also knows most of the speech is about Angela. This is an example of why RS is leaving, most of her speech is about someone who isn’t otb beside her. I can’t wait for this speech!!
  • RS and Hay talk about how the show will be terrible without them. Hey says- what will the show be without us? We’re the backbone of the show.  RS says- We’re the most intrical part of it.  Hay thinks everyone will be bored watching Angela run and Tyler lift weights. (Those things may not be that exciting but watching Hay go from guy to guy to guy flirting isn’t exactly earth shattering tv either)
  • Sam tells JC she’s going to push herself out of her comfort zone and not wear a towel all day. (meaning, over her swimsuit) JC tells her she looks great.
  • Angela tells Brett, Tyler and KC more about her childhood and doing gymnastics until 11th grade. She went into pole vaulting because she says often gymnasts who grow too tall make very good vaulters. She talked about being so unhappy, she started drinking in the 8th grade.
  • Scottie and Brett talk about keeping RS so the other side still has targets to help the 2 of them get thru the double eviction. (It’s BS on Bretts end)
  • Brett tells Angela how miserable he is having dumb convos with the other side when he just want to be able to hang out with them. She tells him not to worry, it’s just for a few more weeks. This surprises me because I don’t see how this can continue beyond this week unless as I mentioned earlier, people panic and everyone decides to vote RS out.
  • JC holds a sex ed class with a cucumber and a condom. There’s a funny moment where KC looks completely horrified. JC tells Tyler he wants to touch Sam’s face with it. Tyler tells JC “Sam will f**k you up.” Lol
  • Fessy seems annoyed by the type of comps they have in the house. He knows these don’t play to his strengths and he is an athlete. I’m not sure what he expected. Hand to hand combat? American Ninja Warrior style? (actually, if it was some type of hand-to-hand combat, I kind of think Sam might kick his ass. I told you guys when we were chatting yesterday that I’m a little worried zingbot is going to get curb-stomped)
  • They have access to the have not room again and Sam was even allowed to be in there. Brett’s been hiding items from the kitchen in the room that L6 will be able to use to study. I think he mentioned it to Angela.
  • Tyler and KC confirm their F2 again.
  • Brett’s been thinking that JC may be America’s player. I don’t know why someone always thinks that because it was only done a couple of times. JC made Colombian hot dogs and they had a cookout in the backyard. Brett refused to sit and later said it was because he thinks JC is America’s player and the cookout was a task. He said he didn’t want him to get the money for it. LOL
  • Brett checks in with Sam and they share a very long hug. I don’t think he has any idea about the crush she told RS about.
  • Hay says she’ll be done with JC if he doesn’t vote the way they want this week and she still blames JC for Bay leaving. She said if JC hadn’t told Brett and Scottie he was voting Bay out, they wouldn’t have done it too and they would’ve had the votes to keep her.
  • JC let Sam know he’s keeping KC but said they didn’t have to say anything more. He suggested she not repeat last week and announced to everyone the way she voted once it was over. He also told her that he will tell her how he’s voting shortly before and she said she appreciated that. He basically already told her but I think it’s just a way of comforting her on Thursday.
  • There’s been more talk about the slip and slide comp and they are expecting it soon. Hay is confident she’ll beat Angela in the comp and says Angela’s not very coordinated. (yeah, those gymnasts and pole vaulters are known for their poor coordination)
  • The sink falling off the wall was so funny! Fessy got called to the DR and was worried he was in trouble. Brett put a hole in the front door and now Fessy’s destroyed the sink. Isn’t JC the one we originally thought was going to tear up the house?
  • Hay and Fessy had their nightly argument right on schedule. It was about the same stuff so there’s no point in getting into it. She’s a flirt and he’s an idiot. (There, you’re all caught up)
  • Tyler said to KC he was asked about a shomance with Angela. (I think he meant the from the DR) Tyler said “I f*****g wish.”

Have a great Wednesday and I’ll catch up with you guys tonight!


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