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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Recap

Good morning! This week is dragging along but we’re almost there. We’ll watch Scottie go to the jury tomorrow and move on to the next one. Scottie’s still hoping for a battle back, jury buy back or whatever else people call it.  (I don’t think we’ll have one but who knows?)  We’ll get to see the hide and go seek veto comp tonight and hear the zings although they didn’t sound too great this year from what I could tell. I’m bidding a big job this morning so you won’t have to suffer through my ramblings too much. I’m just getting right to the recap.


Highlights from the day (check Steve’s updates from yesterday for more info):

  • Someone was on the other side of the backyard wall yelling and the hg’s got called for an indoor lockdown. They’re usually told not to engage if it happens but maybe they weren’t warned heavily enough. KC doesnt seem like much of a rule breaker but this is KC yelling for them to come hang out with them.
  • Sam announced she’s going to stop smoking. (this should be fun)
  • Sam talked to Angela about Scotties speech in the veto meeting. Angela told her not to worry about it.
  • Tyler told Angela Brett still hadn’t told them about his side deal with JC and Sam. (this comes up several times and with KC too, he’s preparing for when they have to go after Brett imo) Angela mentions being concerned over how to get JC out.
  • Bongo is the name of Brett’s fake porn star alter ego.
  • Scottie makes the rounds and tells people Fessy was probably the flip votes and he’s trying to pin it on Scottie. He wants to stay, be the biggest target and go after Fessy.
  • Fessy rarely leaves his hoh room. Hay keeps telling him he needs to socialize. (She stayed up there alot too when she was hoh)
  • Hay is back to flirting with Brett.
  • JC lost a pool game a had a funny,  fake tantrum.
  • Hay made the rounds to make sure everyone is good with targeting Sam next.
  • Scottie told Brett he thought something was up the first night of Fessys hoh. He said he was going to bed so Scottie left. He noticed people (Hay & JC) were up there for hours. (It was bad enough for Scottie to wait until right before noms to talk to Fessy but hearing he had concerns the first night and did nothing about it makes it worse so he can go, I don’t feel bad for him now)

Evening recap:

  • Fessy told Hay Sam was going to throw away her cigarettes and give up smoking. Hay said it was a waste of nicotine because she could sell them to someone. (I know she doesn’t like Sam, with good reason but does anyone else think she’s just starting to complain about everything lately? She’s really snappy with Fessy and it’s like she’s looking for a reason to fight with him all the time. She doesn’t like the move he made this week but she did nothing to stop it, in the same way she did nothing to stop Kaitlyn from taking out Swaggy.)
  • We may have hit the point in the season when they start running out of things to talk about. Last night, Brett told us all about cell phone triangulation. JC explained the difference between go-go dancers and strippers.
  • Sam told Brett about the different stages of her life starting when she was a teenager. She talked about partially shaving her head and having a mohawk, going back to a girly look and being concerned with makeup and nails. She said she used to go back and forth over being herself and trying to have a certain look to fit in and please people. (Listening to her explained a lot about the insecurities we’ve been seeing.  I think she’s struggled to find her own identity and it’s not that uncommon. She’s gained weight while in the house and has Angela living with her so it probably makes those things surface more. Sam’s a beautiful lady and I hope she realizes it when she leaves the house)
  • KC told Fessy she feels closer to him this week than she has before. She said it’s was weird since she’s otb. He feels the same and told her he had something big to tell her later. (his App, I’m guessing)
  • KC’s out of stuff to cover up her tattoo and doesn’t want to have to bandage it. (Tip to all you future BBer’s…don’t get tattoos of things that are trademarked or you’ll have to cover them up)
  • Hay talked about things happening after the show. JC said they’d only be famous for about 5 minutes.
  • Tyler, Angela and KC managed to get some alone time. They planned for the double eviction. (They think it’s this week but it isn’t. I think it will happen next week) They agreed they should put Sam & Hay up and back door Fessy if possible. (If this is Tyler’s real plan and maybe it’s not, it’s stupid) They agreed that would be the plan but Brett’s plan would be a little different because he could put Hay and Fessy up together. Their targets in order are Fessy, Hay, Sam. (I know the 3 of them made fake deals with Fes & Hay but if Fes is off the block, he could win veto and take Hay off. They’d have to put up JC) They all agreed not to tell Brett about the fake deals they made with Fessy this week because they’re worried he’s already feeling like the 4th in L6. Tyler told KC that Brett still hadn’t mentioned his F3 with Sam and JC. KC said he probably doesn’t take it seriously and said JC may be making it up. (Tyler is planting more seeds about Brett but I think Angela & KC want L6 to be F4 and I think Tyler wants Brett out before then)
  • Tyler told Angela and KC about an earlier convo he had with Sam. Sam came up to him and said she thought they were going to try to pin the next vote on her so if Tyler told her to vote KC, she wasn’t going to do it. He tried to ask what she meant but she said nevermind.
  • JC told Tyler he better watch the shomance stuff. Tyler assured him that his head was in the game. He said he needed Angela to be more loyal to him than Brett. JC warned him Angela wasn’t “a Kaitlyn” and he better be careful. JC said people were talking about it and it would make him a bigger target. (I’m with JC on this one)  JC told him not to screw things up now and he’d done so much work for Tyler, he was almost his campaign manager. Tyler said he was close to both Angela and KC. JC said he didn’t see Tyler cuddling with KC. JC promised he was only loyal to Tyler and Tyler said the same. (Tyler IS going overboard and if he had it under control, he could hang out with Angela a little less. It isn’t that hard, just stop getting in the damn bed with her so much!)
  • Tyler and KC assured each other of their F2. He said he isn’t having a shomance with Angela and she shouldn’t worry. KC said its cool and she isn’t worried but told Tyler she knows he really does like Angela. He told her to shut up. She said she’s close to Angela too. (KC will be the most loyal to F4 out of all of them and she should be concerned about the shomance. Tyler called Angela “babe” in front of KC)
  • Sam turned in her cigarettes to the storage room and told them to hurry up and take them away. She’s ready for the patches to start.
  • JC is still bitter over Hay skipping her turn as a have not.
  • JC told Tyler that Hay still wanted him out and she didn’t like Fessys plan this week. Tyler asked how JC will feel about getting out Fessy. JC said he’s only loyal to Tyler but he does feel bad about all the things he’s done to Fessy. (probably the DR’s) Tyler tells JC he just found out Hay is a superfan. They discuss if Hay or Fes should go first. JC says they’ll have to see how things go.
  • Hay and Scottie finally have their talk. He apologized for what he did this week. She said it was just a game and it was ok. He told her Fessy was either the person flipping votes all along and using Scottie to blame them on or he was just dumb.
  • Hay told Fessy she was sleeping downstairs. Later, she told Brett she was sleeping with KC but if the light bothered her, she may get in bed with Brett or Scottie. (Oh gurl, it worked on Scottie but Brett’s got you figured out)
  • Brett, JC and Tyler talked about Hay saying she knew everyone wanted Sam out next. Tyler said: Yeah Haleigh, like we’re so pissed Sam tried to get you otb. Lol  Brett’s annoyed with Sam. He’s tired of her saying she wants to stay and help other people and then saying she wants to leave. He told them about him telling her if she wanted to leave, then leave.
  • Tyler and Brett talked about Sams pinky promises. Brett asked if she’d done it with Tyler too and he said yes. (This helps both of them later when things come out. They can say it didn’t matter and everyone knew what Sam was doing) Brett still thinks she’s America’s player and possibly JC too. He’s also sick of her saying she’d make the perfect juror. Brett said if she didn’t know what was going on, how would she make the perfect juror? (Silly Brett, she isn’t planning on voting based on game)
  • JC changed the stick on letters on Bretts granny sweater. It probably suits him more this way because he doesn’t handle have nots very well.
  • This is Bayleighs Miss Missouri pic:
  • This is a blonde Sam:
  • A younger, short haired Tyler:

I have some photos of the other hg’s but I’ll save them for tomorrow because I’m out of time….a girls gotta eat and the groceries ain’t free!  I’ll be here later for Steve’s (hopefully) snarky and sarcastic rundown of tonight’s episode. Ya’ll have a great Wednesday!


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  1. Cat Lady

    Who is Tyler going to be loyal to and who do you think he owes the most to? I think he owes the most to JC. I don’t think KC has done very much.

  2. LynnD

    I LOVE that photo of JC at the top. The shirt is priceless.

  3. ElaineB

    I am not good with BB weeks. Since Kait didn’t make it back in (as planned) and there won’t be a juror to come back in, will there need to be a double eviction?

  4. kneeless

    I wish Bay’s insides were as beautiful as her outward appearance! Ty looks good no matter his hair length! Sam’s not bad as a blonde, she at least is happy in this pic!

  5. Houseguest Doug

    I think the Zingbot has jumped the shark. Might be time to come up with something or someone better. Maybe Jeff Ross to Roast the house guests. The Zing Bot voice drives me nuts.

    My favorite OTEV voice was when Gilbert Gottfried did it. He was “OTEV the pissed off Penguin”..

  6. Shivani33

    It is futile to even ask how come Fester has spent the majority of his HoH time reclining in bed like a sultan and staring at himself in the mirror, conjuring up glamour shots.

    • Houseguest Doug

      Interesting you chose to call him a Sultan instead of a king.

      • Shivani33

        Two surprisingly fascinating semesters of cultural geography, plus many years of my life living in India, Sri Lanka, etc. and doing the visa hops between the U.S.A. and Asia has given me plenty of reference. You will never, and I mean never, find me trying to dodge bullets through the Khybber Pass, as a free-spirited western woman.
        But Fester’s attitude towards women is blatantly, overly clear, REGARDLESS of his background. He could be an Episcopalian for all I care. He acts like a jackass. His self-adoration and thick as a brick mentality are painfully obvious. Haleigh doesn’t know who she’s been playing with, but this week she is best rid of Faysal. Unless she wants to be barefoot and pregnant with a cheating partner who wants his dinner served on time. And Haleigh would not tolerate it. She’s a Texan! Land of the free, home of the brave.

    • Helen

      Today is the last full day before the king has to leave the castle…

    • Sassy

      I don’t get why he’s spending all his time in there either. I understand it’s the only alone time you get in the house but he’s forgetting he’s playing a game. At least when other Hohs spent a lot of time in there, people were coming in and out to talk to them. NOONE goes up there except Haha, and that is not very often.

      • Ann

        Sam put a stop to that shit when she was HOH. After she didn’t have them in & out & all piled up in there whenever they wanted, I guess they got the message & didn’t stay up there like they did when Ty was HOH.

      • NKogNeeTow

        He was whining to Hay one night about how nobody hardly ever comes up there. He also has mentioned to her repeatedly ‘I’m in charge. They have to do what I say”. He sounded a little annoyed that no one came upstairs to kiss his ring. You would think that the lack of interest by his fellow housemates, would give him the hint that nobody cares.

      • caRyn

        But I think if Tyler was HoH again, he would have them all in his HoH room.

    • danmtruth

      Gilbert did a good job Funny when you watch these OTEV comps back to back Each time they have one HG give the This comp is like musical chairs there is one less rock, stump,perch to kneel on each round How original the SAME speech every season

  7. AIO_7

    I’ve been thinking about America’s Favorite Player. As of now I think three people are in the running for it: Tyler, JC and Brett. Tyler wins easily if he is not in F2. If both JC and Brett don’t make F2 (and assuming Tyler does), then JC wins AFP over Brett. Brett’s best hope for it is Tyler and JC as F2.

    • HappyHippo

      How funny to see bays expression if jc got it!

    • ladycobra

      I’ve thought about it too but I’m afraid Bay may win it. Swaggy will rally his followers and Bay just might walk away with it.

    • Colby

      I know we have had the discussion here in past years about this, but don’t know that we ever got a definite answer, only opinions. Are we sure that one of the F2 cannot also get AFP? I know they can in Survivor.
      Steve or Mel, do you know?

      • NKogNeeTow

        I thought that they couldn’t but I could be wrong. If that’s the case, I think that’s kind of unfair. If the winner just so happens to be AFP too, then I think they should get the extra money.

      • caRyn

        Colby – From what I have read, there has never been a rule that F2 are ineligible for AFP. Although, there hasn’t been an AFP winner that was in the F2 so far. So who knows?!

    • ElaineB

      Though he hasn’t been my favorite, I think JC has done the best job of ‘favorite player’ because of HG relationships, he appeals to CBS episode watchers, and feed watchers. To me that is what AFP should be about or get back to, if it ever was.

  8. Sassy

    They need to pull their heads out of their butts and put MF and Hay up together! If they put up Haha, MF is going to be just as pissed as if he was up there too. By putting Sam next to Haha, MF could very easily pull her down and BOTH get to play HOH the following week. Make it so there no chance they can both be safe! The strategy has been SOOO good this year, but it’s about to be for nothing if they don’t put them both up!

    • AIO_7

      Let’s see how it plays out. Bad moves can piss me off at people.

    • Helen

      Their plan on this one makes absolutely no sense to me…especially when you look at how they have played it all season…
      To me,the only smart move is to put Fessy and Hay up together…if one comes down then use Sam as a pawn to get the other out…that way only one left to deal with.
      It will be a major blunder for them to only put one up!!

      • Mel

        Unless Tyler doesn’t want Fessy out yet. He needs somebody to take Brett out.

      • mm22

        Oh yes put both Haleigh n fessy both up at same time
        Its the smartest game move n to have one gone makes
        me happy! Save sam incase they win the vote n use
        her for renom you just can’t count on her for much
        of anything anymore

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  10. Ann

    Why would that asshole Swaggy win AFP when he wasn’t even there long enough to play? That jackass was the 2nd one evicted & the only thing he will be remembered for is having sex with Bay on national tv & talking about he could’ve gotten her pregnant. They’re both a couple of delusional morons who deserve each other.

  11. Mel

    AFP will mostly be decided by tv viewers. Social media can help but it isn’t enough, not enough feed watchers. The TV edit will help decide who gets it. Bay didn’t get a very good one and Sam isn’t either anymore. Sam may still be in the running tho because she had so many fans to start with. JC is getting the funny edit, Tyler’s is the mastermind so if not in F2, they should be high in votes. How much of the jury is shown and how the jury reacts to things may also be important. I’m betting on Tyler or JC if one doesn’t make it to the end. I would say Brett but he’s still kind of getting a villain edit. Voters don’t usually like the “bad guy.” If they start showing his funnier side, then Brett could win it too. I wouldn’t count Haleigh out either because she’s America’s sweetheart this year and being shown as Tyler’s rival.

    Colby, unless they change it, the final 2 arn’t eligible for AFP.

    • Colby

      Thanks, Mel.
      My personal opinion is that AFP should be whoever is voted to be AFP, but I guess rules are rules.

      • ElaineB

        It is a pretty good chunk of change, so I do agree for it to be someone other than those winning money in F2.

      • NKogNeeTow

        ‘It is a pretty good chunk of change, so I do agree for it to be someone other than those winning money in F2.’

        Lainie you know I love you but I have to disagree with you on this one. To say that the money should go to someone other than the F2 because of the amount of money that the F2 will get, is just like RS saying how much more she needed the money than anyone else. We’ve always said that the money isn’t based on who needed it the most but who played the best. I think the same should be applied to AFP. If one of the F2 are liked/loved more by America, then they should be eligible for that money too. IMHO

      • mm22

        So the “americas favorite player” could be the second
        favorite player?

  12. Sassy

    When will they show RS getting to jury house?

    • Mel

      They used to show it each week which they could start doing or they may wait until they have 3 or 4 and show them all in one clip.

    • AIO_7

      I haven’t seen any of them getting to the jury house yet.

      • ShoeLover

        Maybe on tonight’s episode they will show Bay living the life of the jury house ” since swaggy has a so called announcement coming” and then a short clip of Rock Star joining her. It’s been pretty slow the last couple of days. We will probably see jury house, ZingBot, of course the MESSY HOUSE POV COMP, then the POV ceremony ending out the show. At least that’s what’s floating around in my head.

      • danmtruth

        ShoeLover you sound like you can produce the show that seems spot on

  13. AIO_7

    ** “Fessy rarely leaves his hoh room. Hay keeps telling him he needs to socialize. (She stayed up there alot too when she was hoh)”

    That’s why I call her HoHa.

  14. Avatar

    What will poor Hayleigh do if she can’t use the shower in the HoH room next week?
    When’s the last time she had to use the shower, or the bathroom the commoners use?
    If someone can ever post a link of the girl eating slop, when she’s a have not, please do 😉

  15. Avatar

    So ready for TweedleDUMB or TweedleHO to go next!

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