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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Recap

Good morning!  I’ve had this weird obsession all season with Kaycees hair, probably because we rarely see it. I knew it was long but since I usually see it wet, I had no idea how thick it was, gorgeous! Sam’s hair salon was a big part of the evening and I could tell by Steve’s last thread, he felt like he was being punished for something while watching it. (Poor Steve)


The battle back’s this week and I’m wondering if they’ll do a crap shoot comp or have some type of endurance, the kind that’s combined with the hoh comp. I’m hoping for endurance because the returning houseguest has a chance to win the hoh too. I’m not a fan of a juror coming back but if they’re going to, they may as well have a chance to shake things up. Otherwise, we’ll spend next week watching what we just spent this week watching.

The hg’s have figured out there will probably be a battle back. (except JC, he doesn’t think there’s time, he’s not realizing we have a week at the end when someone leaves quickly)  They aren’t factoring that into the decision over who to evict this week. I heard Angela say if Fessy left and Scottie came back, Scottie wouldn’t have a target but nothing came of it. They either don’t care or had a Foutte moment and it slipped their mind.  I can’t blame them because they don’t know for sure and it’s hard to play for what ‘could’ happen. Viewers (not hg’s) are torn over who L6 should get rid of this week and I can see an argument for both.

Reasons to evict Haleigh: Scottie will team with her if he returns. L6 thinks she’ll do better in the mental comps.  Evicting Haleigh leaves Fessy in the house to be a target for Scottie if he returns. Unless it’s a crap shoot for battle back, Haleigh may have a harder time getting back in so she’d be gone for good. (If they’d rather have Scottie back, she’d be a good choice to evict)


Reasons to evict Fessy: They see Fessy as the biggest physical threat for those remaining comps. It’s smart to get out Fessy while JC and Sam are on board with it or when they don’t need their votes to do it, which is this week. Fessy could be tougher competition for Scottie than Haleigh in the battle back. If they’d rather deal with Fessy & Haleigh next week over Scottie & Haleigh, it’s better to send Fessy out to go against Scottie. Sending Fessy out leaves Haleigh there to go after Sam so they don’t have to do it and it leaves a target for Sam.

I didn’t mention Bayleigh and Rockstar because I think they’d work with Fessy or Haleigh, whichever is still there so that’s a wash for me. The comps are a wash for me too because we don’t know what the next few comps will be or what type of battle back comp they’ll have. (The last time I saw Fessy & Haleigh study, he knew the days better than she did so I don’t know how much more of a threat she is) Neither Fessy or Haleigh are planning to go after Scottie if he comes back so that’s a wash. Fessy can be told what to do but if Haleigh stays, she needs allies so I think she can be steered where they want her to go too. That’s almost a wash for me too but Fessy has the win for being manipulated.

I’m not convinced Scottie would go after Fessy if he returned. He’s had some time out of the house to reflect, he’s mad at Brett and according to interviews, he thinks JC is playing the best game and would target him. If Fessy told Scottie he shouldn’t have taken him out (which he’s been saying) and said the other side tricked him, they could possibly still work together, especially if Haleigh wasn’t there. Haleigh still has the win over Fessy with Scottie.

Only 1 season had a crap shoot for the jury comp (16) so the odds favor some type of physical comp for the battle back. If it isn’t a wall like in BB15, Fessy may have a better shot than Haleigh. Threfore, evicting Haleigh avoids Scottie and Haleigh working together. Evicting Fessy may give them the best chance to keep Scottie out of the house. I don’t think there’s a definite right or wrong decision this week (except for individual players) because we don’t know who’s coming back. If I were in L6 and I had to pick one, I’d want to keep Scottie out if possible because he’s more of a threat in all types of comps. For that reason, I’d evict Fessy this week and I’d roll the dice and hope the battle back isn’t a wall or something similar.


Here’s what happened yesterday (don’t get too excited):

  • Sam talked to Angela confirmed she did overhear some hoh talk. She (said) she mostly heard Brett and was only upset with him. We don’t know for sure what she heard because she may be keeping some info to herself. (Is production back there drinking the beer they take out of the 6 packs that they don’t give the hg’s?)
  • JC refused to look at Tyler because his hair was still straight when they woke up.
  • Sam confronted Brett, told him not to be a baby and just talk to her if he had an issue. He passed it off as them both being cranky and apologized. They made up.
  • Since JC ran into a wall trying to get Tyler to split up Ang/KC, he went to Brett. JC pitched they were too close and if Hay & Sam were evicted first, it left those 2 with Tyler. Brett not only listened, he participated in the convo. Brett’s a good liar so he could be faking but I’m not so sure. He hasn’t told L6 about it either. It’s common for Brett to wait days to share info with L6 so that may not be telling but it could be.
  • Angela & Tyler came up with ways to cover their cuddling by acting like Angela is crying if they get caught. (they think it will look like he’s comforting her) They’re both good players and this is disappointing. Leaving the hoh room would be the best thing to do, not look for cover stories. (I get it, we’ve all been there but most of us haven’t been there with 500k on the line.  I’d like to think I’d tell the person “slow your roll and let me make some dough.” NO ONE gives 500k hugs, I don’t care how hot you are!) The worst part is, I think the damage is already done. If they stopped doing it now, people will think they’ve stopped for strategy because it’s already gone on too long. They may still be fine because they control the house but it’s an unnecessary risk imo. They also talked about worrying that Brett & KC would get paranoid that they’re too close.
  • KC & Hay hung out more. Hay told her the same things she told Ang the night before. Trust me, never wanted you gone, other people made me do it, etc. Hay’s trying and I respect it. She’s still a bad player but I’m glad she’s playing.
  • JC & Fessy rec’d many “wake up” announcements which they ignored. At one point, the BB voice started saying “Faysal” over and over to annoy him. They’re both assholes when it comes to listening to production.
  • Fessy’s eaten more food, sleeping and basically pulling a Matt. (Production may actually be drinking in the job or they just don’t care) Fessy’s not at a Matt level of defiance but it’s annoying. (I’m so ready for him to go, we’ve listened to him say he doesn’t care about the game for 2 months. Hopefully, when he gets out and wants his fame to begin, he can accept that we don’t care about him for that very reason)
  • JC told Tyler they weren’t done with their talk about getting out Ang or KC. Tyler told him to calm down and JC told Tyler not to be so dramatic. (Lol)  He told him Fessy told JC to campaign to Tyler for him. He said Fessy would probably win the battle back but that’s all he had.
  • Hay told Fessy she doesn’t think either of them will leave on Thursday.  He thinks she’s wrong and asks why she thinks it. She said she wants it to be true so it will be or something close to that. (Still using the Foutte stratgey, I see) She’s wearing a bun now, maybe it’s a coincidence but she was so impressed with KC’s hair, she said maybe she should do a bun too.
  • Sam gave Brett an Ace Ventura hair style, at least that’s what was attempted.
  • Sam straightened KC’s hair and even tho she was a little uncomfortable, you could tell how much she liked it. She’s never been to a salon and she loved the way it felt. (I also loved her hair before it was straightened. She’s a beautiful girl with a beautiful head of hair too)
  • Hay wanted KC to have a braid. (That girl’s obsessed with braids) KC liked it and they said it was very “Tomb Raider.”
  •  JC & Tyler finished their talk. JC said if Hay was hoh and Ang was otb, they had to evict her. Tyler said no and KC wouldn’t work with them if they did that.  Tyler said after Hay leaves they can go back to keeping people separated and at odds but Hay put him up so he has to get her out. JC admitted he felt he’d go out at 4 if Ang/KC stayed together. Tyler said JC needed to get closer to KC to help avoid that happening. JC suggested Sam as the 3rd but Tyler said a bitter jury would give her the win. (This should’ve been a red flag for JC imo. Tyler always tells JC that the 3rd & 4th person they take won’t win the comps so why will Sam be in the final 2 and win to a bitter jury? It should be telling him it will be KC going to the end and not himself) They agree KC is the best option for the F3 but don’t agree when to take out Angela. JC told Tyler, Brett was thinking about it too and made it sound like Brett approached JC with it. Tyler told JC that Brett was close to Ang/KC too.  (I’m anxious to see who tells who between Brett & Tyler or if either one does) JC asked about the wine from the other day. He said he saw the glasses and wondered if they were celebrating and had their own thing. (Ty, Ang, KC) Tyler told him that Brett was also there and drank wine too.  (Before this, Brett told JC he didn’t)
  • Hay, Ang & KC hung out in the hoh room. They watched Sam do the same things she’s slammed Hay for doing on the spy cam.
  • KC tried to pop Angela’s back. (My brother’s a chiropractor so I’m positive this isn’t a good method)
  • They also rolled around laughing because Angela’s boob kept popping out yesterday. I know Hay is young but she has a touch of Raven in wanting to copy what other people are doing. (She does it often)

Tyler and JC’s new battle is an example of how Tyler’s making his game harder than it has to be. He and JC have only disagreed once before (the week Kaitlyn left) and his ‘mance with Angela is what’s causing it now. JC’s insistence over splitting up Angela and KC and his recent work to make Brett his new Fessy are because Tyler’s too close to Angela. Tyler’s just gotten too comfortable in the house. He needs to be nominated by someone to wake him up. He was terrified when hacker Haleigh put him up and he didn’t even stay there that long. (I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be evicted because in almost all scenarios, he has the votes to stay) Tyler’s had the same flaw in his game from the start.  He puts too much focus on one person for too long and has to do damage control with the others later. It happened with Kaitlyn. Granted, it may be for a different reason this time, but it’s the same mistake. He neglects the relationships with Sam, JC & Brett and spends his time focusing on one person. KC doesn’t need much reassurance. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s playing a great game but he’s still making mistakes. Other hg’s are making bigger ones so it may not matter.

Winston, Rachel and Kaitlyn have been enjoying themselves together since being evicted:


This pic has been floated around already but in case you missed it, here’s a blonde Sam:

This is my favorite that I’ve seen of Sam:


Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. mm22

    Mel u hit the nail on the head-Tyler spends too
    much time with individual attention. He had sam
    100% then let Bayleigh n RS get to her. He had JC
    but is quickly loosing him. KC he’ll have because
    she is a team player to the end. Brett is not getting
    much game talk from Tyler except when they
    were locked up together during a comp. Angela
    is n has been getting all his attention but at this
    point in the game he should be re-enforcing the
    bonds he has already made n keep L4 strong

  2. Painter1

    Sam doing hair is fun for her and THAN Hay comes in to change it ,like sticking it to Sam. Hay don’t know anything but braiding but likes to change all of Sam’s hard work. She couldn’t change Brett Who’s hair tho.

  3. HappyHippo

    I would think Brett is smart enough to realize the numbers are dwindling and all that time he spent “lone wolfing” it gave the other 3 time to bond. I hope he teams up with jc and goes for the kc/ang break up plan…Tyler seriously needs to pull his head out of his ass or Angela’s ass. It’s getting really irritating especially because so many of us have been rooting for him and he could potentially throw it away for a showmance ugh! I agree with you Mel fessy has had a horrible attitude and I hope we get to say goodbye to him for good tomorrow. Then shortly after hay ho

    • Sassy

      Brett really can’t split from the pack, teaming with JC and Sam is useless since neither of them ever win. His only chance to get to top 5 (the top 5 win money this year) is to stick to the plan for now. If he openly splits off or it gets back to Ang and Ty, he may be top of the list to go. He safe right now, no one is going to evict him as he’s not a big threat and still seen as a lone wolf. JC is freaking out because he realizes his safety is coming to an end soon and is one of the more expendable HG.

      • AIO_7

        “(the top 5 win money this year)”

        They do? How, and how much? I hadn’t heard this.

      • HappyHippo

        Tyler has already thrown out lil seeds of bedding to get Brett out sooner rather than later. His only chance will be to try to split off, Tyler would much rather not have to compete against him much longer. Just watch in the next week or so I bet Tyler gets more vocal about it to kc and Angela

      • HappyHippo


      • Mel

        AIO7, They get something like and additional 2500 or 5000 more for each placement and it’s gets higher as they get to 3rd.

      • Colby

        **JC is freaking out because he realizes his safety is coming to an end soon **
        JC thinks he has been calling the shots and L6 has let him think that, and also uses him to control MF.
        Now that MF is leaving and Ty isn’t agreeing to his plan of getting out Angela and KC he is worried.
        He says he doesn’t think there will be a battle back, but he is a fan of the show and has to know it is a real possibility, whether he admits it or not.
        He is definitely in a bad mood this week.

      • Colby

        Mel, was that their solution to everyone just wanting to make it to jury, or has it always been like that?

      • AIO_7

        Thanks, Mel, Hippo: I did not know that.

      • Mel

        This is new and I think that’s why too.

  4. danmtruth

    As the numbers get smaller The game gets more interesting TY was hoping for like Paul did last year that his other alliance members take each other out

  5. AIO_7

    **** “Winston, Rachel and Kaitlyn have been enjoying themselves together since being evicted:”

    NEVER CARED !!!! As Orwell has said … “YOU’RE BOOTED!”

  6. Shivani33

    In other news, Sam will do Haleigh’s hair today, possibly setting a new trend for the whole world, as Haleigh models the freshly charred, bald look! We might call this new age hairdo the Crispen.

  7. leafhopper

    never in a million years would I have guessed those were pictures of Sam!

  8. Avatar
    Magic1993 (49 comments)

    I definitely think Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are losing unless they are together at the end. The jury will vote for whoever’s sitting next to them.

  9. CY aka FW

    Everyone left in there must be experiencing isolation psychosis to some degree. I wonder what each would say if they were able to distance themselves and give their game-self advice and a pep talk.

    Angela – Get a grip, girl. You’re going to have to cut this pretty boy loose sooner or later, inside the house or out. Do it when it’ll help you get paid. Think like a competitor.

    KC – It’s 3rd down-and-ten, halfway through the 4th quarter. Now’s the time to get tough, to get mean. Take ’em down, woman.

    Brett – Maybe you CAN win, despite some earlier jackassery. WTF, go for it. You are going to pull so much tail after this show… mission accomplished. The money would be cool too, though.

    JC – Why does it have to end? I do so love a captive audience. If we could have an occasion midget pit-roasting, oops – I mean “little person pooper pokery” I wouldn’t mind if we stayed here forever.

    Sam – they’recomingtotakemeawaythey’recoming,butI’llstompabloodholeintheirchestsohlookprettyboysthey’remyprecious,butIhatestheothergirlsIHATESTHEMISAY!!!pilltime,meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow….

    Haileigh – Shit, shit, shit, it was a plot to get me all along! I should have known. It was so obvi… I am so smart and sly and pretty, this game is mine, especially with big, stinky Fessy wrapped around my finger. My poor, sore, scabby finger. God, what if I’m wrong? What if they’re all lying to me? What if the universe doesn’t revolve around me? Unthinkable!

    Fessy – My hair is holding up pretty good, if I do say so myself. My swarthy good looks are the real gold in this contest. And Haileigh. sweet Haileigh. The curtains match the drapes and she is the most excellent piece of arm candy in here. She is as devoted to me as I am to her. Life is so great. Fuck those comps. They aren’t true tests of athleticism – OBVIOUSLY! Wait! I think I felt a hair move out of place. Where’s a mirror? Where???

    Tyler – Um, dude – you have taken your eye off the ball. You had better let the midget slap some sense back in you because this is your game to lose at this point – and you are fucking it up for some ice queen poontang that you are never going to get any of in this house. Get your hair kinky again and start thinking about the game again!

  10. dfdsgs

    Over/Under 12:30 PM Pacific before we see Fessy out of bed.

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  12. Avatar

    I’m sorry, but JC is being totally rude & ridiculous about Tyler’s hair. He’s acting like it’s horrible. I think it suits him better IMO. I think he’s starting to get on everyone’s nerves, so he better watch out!

  13. Avatar

    Can I just say I LOOOOOOOVE KC’s hair!! I think she’s naturally gorgeous and her hair down is like WOW!

  14. Seattle Kari

    Thank you for sharing the photos of KC with her hair down. She really is a beautiful girl!

  15. Bastosko

    Hmmm how to make this not sound “stereotyping”. KC’s hair, I believe she is a Filipina or from her first video at least half. My kids are both pinay and have/had the same long, thick luxurious hair. Even after my youngest lost hers during chemo it came back with a vengeance. It has been my experience (stereotyping part sorry) the Filipinas in general have the same type hair as KC. This was probably more of a first time that everyone noticed hers when it was let down and properly combed. Both of my kids, everyone always wanted to braid their hair. Unless you are a real pro, the weight and shininess (if such a word) of the hair, braids normally fall out. Same with holding curls. Takes some strong chemicals to get them to stay.

  16. Avatar

    So does Hay know something again from production? She tells Fessy she doesn’t think either one are leaving & suddenly he comes out of hiding

    • CY aka FW

      She is just putting on a brave face, saying whichever one of them gets evicted will win the battle back. There is a good chance she is right. Worse things could happen. Interesting how it takes just a little encouragement from her can change his whole demeanor. It is a shame they are doomed as a couple once the show is over.

    • mm22

      I wondered that too-Haleigh became very
      confident very fast that neither were really
      leaving this week

  17. Avatar

    It’s a shame KC keeps her hair hidden. I suppose she has her reasons for it, though.

    Anyone else notice that of the young, pre-jury evictees that Swaggy is always excluded?

  18. AIO_7

    I still think it will be funny (and smart) if L4 gives brown nosing Heidi the boot come tomorrow.


  19. dfdsgs

    Haleigh seems to be getting really close to Brett the last couple days. Is it possible that she could have two shomances in a single season? Also based on her flirt to the end strategy her best case has to be Scottie coming back that way she can continue to try and entice Brett while having him wrapped around her finger. With Fessy in the house she can’t do that since he actually views Brett as a threat over Scottie.

  20. mm22

    Ok so maybe Haleigh isnt a tick maybe she is
    like lice jumping from one person to the other
    irritating them and making us want to avoid her

  21. Avatar

    The absolute worst thing for the show would be for Fess to win the battle back. He offers the least to the house. Anyone of the other 3 would be coming back to actually try to win the game. I do not want to see another week of Fess and Hay just cuddling and whining to one another.

    Now I do understand, it would be boring as fuck in that house. That’s production’s fault. They need to give contestants 3 hours of collective “me time a day”. Cut all the feeds and Just show the fish. Allow them to let off some steam.

    Do away with the absolutely useless “have not” and hold food competitions. Give them a reason to compete every single day. You could also better punish players for singing, etc.

    Then they would have more energy.

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