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Big Brother 20 – Tuesday Recap

Good morning! Wow, Steve had a slow day to cover yesterday! Scottie finally got the idea to see if people wanted to keep him this week. (super strategic, huh?) Haleigh needed her safety check in with Tyler. (lost count of how may times I’ve heard the same convo) I mentioned in yesterday’s recap people were getting tired of each other on a personal level and there was more of that being talked about too. Most of them are still hiding it but the Sam and Haleigh problem may be getting ready to surface.


Here’s (somewhat) of an explanation for the mattress topper drama. Sam and Haleigh hate each other. Haleigh’s continued to be mad over Sam cheering for Tyler in the hoh comp. Sam became a have not. Haleigh started sleeping with Kaycee. Kaycee secretly was annoyed Haleigh was sleeping with her since there are plenty of beds. (don’t know if I missed something that got Hay to fix her own bed the other night) Haleigh appeared annoyed that people were already in beds 2 nights ago. She destroyed the bed Sam had made up all nice and neat and usually sleeps in (not now because of have nots) to get to the mattress topper. Haleigh took the topper. Yesterday, Sam saw her bed. Sam took Brett’s topper from his bed and remade her own. (you know, the one she can’t sleep in right now) Brett asked Sam why she did it. Sam said it was because Haleigh took hers. Last night, Haleigh was fixing one of the beds back. It wasn’t for Sam because she laid in it right after. Shortly after that, Haleigh was in bed with Kaycee so hell if I know what’s going on at this point.

Brett was complaining about Sam yesterday and the bed topper was part of it. Haleigh told him she kind of started it. What isn’t being mentioned is Haleigh “kind of” started it the week before when she and Fessy were have-nots. They took more bedding from the bedrooms to use in the have not room. (A lot had already been swiped) She isn’t a have not this week so needs to make other arrangements. I don’t know if this created a bed topper shortage or not. I do know Haleigh calls Sam passive aggressive quite often. She is but Haleigh is too.


There were jokes made yesterday about ways L6 could keep Haleigh and Sam going at each other. Sam said something about straightening Tyler’s hair again so it was suggested Haleigh should do it and beat Sam to it. They brought up Tyler feeding Haleigh while Brett gave her a massage. (I don’t think Hay was there at the time) Later, Haleigh got in on the talk when they said she should clean Sam’s crap off the table since Sam says Haleigh doesn’t do enough around the house. Haleigh thought she should give back Sam’s bed topper and tell her she didn’t need it, she’d just share a bed with Brett. Everyone complains about Sam’s mess on the table which Steve already covered but here’s another pic just because it’s nuts! ALL of this is Sam’s craft stuff. Angela is the one who started saying they found Sam on an episode of Hoarders.

I’ve seen people asking about JC’s cup they think is Tyler’s. I could’ve cleared this up before but I forgot about it. People have plenty of reasons they don’t like JC but this shouldn’t be one of them guys. This is JC’s cup.  A long time ago, JC put the sticker that said “Tyler” on his cup. This happened when they were first joking about Tyler being his boyfriend. Sometime later, JC and Tyler had a fake fight about breaking up so to be funny, JC put a “Brett” sticker on his cup. Tyler took the Brett sticker off of JC’s cup, made a joke and replaced it with his own again. The “Tyler” sticker has been there ever since Tyler put it back on.

Sam tried to get Angela to let her shave her face. Sam said it was good for exfoliation and getting rid of dead skin. Angela said hell no but here’s Sam trying to sell Angela on the idea:

Here’s some more dance moves from Scottie:

Tyler and Angela talked about Haleigh vs Scottie for tomorrows eviction. They’re banking on Haleigh putting up Sam with only one of them so they’ll control the votes. This is the main reason Scottie’s going home. They don’t know who he’d put up and he has an overall better comp record than Haleigh. (He came in 2nd in quite a few) I’ve gone back and forth but I’m convinced Haleigh would ‘Foutte it up’ if she won and actually go after Sam. Maybe it could change if JC got in her ear but I don’t know. I think it would be funny if she put Tyler & Angela otb after they keep her tho.

JC & Sam talked in the have not room. He was saying he’d like to do something important with his life one day and Sam told him being on the show was big. He kept trying to get her to see he wasn’t talking about something like a tv show where he was trying to make people laugh. She was being very kind, supportive and giving him a pep talk. I can respect that about her but he was saying “this is just a game” and she kept saying that it wasn’t. I kept wishing she would stop talking and listen. It IS a game and that’s what they’re there to do, not “make one persons day better” and all the other crap she says. Yeah, she doesn’t want to go otb and is sort of playing (finally) but I don’t care. There’s 3 weeks left so I’m not giving her an award for it.

Random for the other night. It’s Brett imitating walking like a pregnant lady:

Sam told several ideas she had for what she wanted when she died. One of them (from when she was a child) was  she wanted her ashes mixed with plastic and turned into a Barbie so she could finally be a Barbie doll. (What company would even do that?)

Sam got in on the dance action too:

Scottie talked to JC and told him Fessy and Haleigh blamed him for Scottie going otb. JC played dumb and said he had nothing to do with it. Scottie told about all Haleigh’s F2’s. He said Tyler told him he was a pawn but he was starting to work on votes.

JC and Scottie had a peanut butter and shaving cream fight.:

L6 is shocked Scottie feels so safe. Tyler said it might be time for another L6 blindside and said they hadn’t had one in a while. Angela said “it’s what we’re good at.” Tyler thinks he did too good a job making Scottie feel ok with going otb. (I don’t know what Tylers plan is this week. It’s a mistake if he doesn’t explain something at least in his goodbye msg. unless he’s going to act like the house flipped the vote. No idea??)

Sam schooled JC on the word “literally” and how he’s using it too much and using it incorrectly. She’s right and everyone’s picked it up from Haleigh. Sam gave Scottie a lecture on it shortly before he was evicted. Sam and Haleigh are even at odds on the English language!

Scottie finally spoke to Tyler in the hoh room last night. I know people shouldn’t panic when they’re otb but this is ridiculous!  How can someone as hyper as Scottie barely have a pulse with his game?  He said he felt good about Angela & KC.  Tyler asked if he had spoken to them yet and Scottie said no. Tyler said he hadn’t either because he couldn’t get Haleigh out of the HOH room long enough. Scottie said RS & Bay didn’t like Tyler, they just hate Angela and Brett more.  Scottie spilled everything he possibly could, the same way he did with Brett and everyone else. I don’t think Tyler has any intention of keeping him but he was able to get some info out of Scottie and give him a little bit that maybe he thinks would help with the jury. The best part was Scottie explaining to Tyler why Kaitlyn made the move against Swaggy! (Ummm, ok Scottie, glad you got that cleared up) Tyler can’t take credit for things now because Scottie could bust him in his speech on Thursday.

Haleigh questioned Tyler AGAIN. She wanted to know why Scottie was told he was a pawn but she wasn’t. Tyler said he didn’t say that to Scottie. There was more “it will be fine” from Tyler and “I hope you will trust me now” from Haleigh.  (I don’t get why Tyler or Angela doesn’t simply ask Hay who she would put up with Sam if she won. Sure, she could lie but they could at least observe if she hesitates or if it sounds like bs) Scottie is better for Tyler to keep imo but I’m out here and he’s not so I get why he doesn’t see it. (sort of, she did put him otb)

Angela and Brett finally did a little game talking. She’s been saying L6 needed to have a meeting to make sure they all still felt secure. (I think if she and Tyler would get out of the damn bed, they wouldn’t need a meeting to begin with. The fact that she has to move when someone comes in the hoh room should tell them both they shouldn’t be doing it. It’s sloppy and Angela’s probably the one who’ll pay for it, not Tyler) They agree Tyler and KC are liked much more than the two of them. They talked about Rockstar hating them and Brett reminded her that she was still his favorite. (He hasn’t said that in a while because they’ve both been annoyed with each other) Angela made a comment about Rockstar having to vote for one of them if they were in the F2 together. It wasn’t any sort of a deal but it could be the start of one to come. Angela said she wasn’t going to worry about jury votes. I’ve liked ice queen Angela but I’d like to see a smart ice queen. This is a bad way to play unless she’s banking on people wanting to take her to the end. After Scotties big mouth, they may be.

It was a late night for Sam. She held court (loudly) in the have not room with some of the guys. People were trying to sleep so mark one more reason that Sam’s on everyone’s shit list.

I’d expect the really bad campaigning from Scottie and Haleigh to continue today. Let’s face it, little of what either of them says will determine what happens this week. It comes down to the gut feelings L6 has about which one of them will only put one L6 member otb if the win Thursdays hoh. Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. Joy

    Thank you Mel! I look forward to your recaps everyday.

    • ElaineB

      Like the HGs constantly tell each other (even though not true)….Love you! (but I mean it).

      • danmtruth

        it’s you and me to the end Sorry don’t know what I was thinking of when I put you OTB a few weeks back Glad thats all cleared up and behind us now So we can move forward with full trust in each other ,,,,, HOW can people say this with a straight face Than still act hurt and surprised your gone

  2. Shivani33

    Why oh why would a woman recommend to another woman that she shave her face? I remember Caroline Manzo from RHONJ went on and on about how she shaved her mug everyday. And poor Caroline had such a mug! Isn’t that the horror of ever doing it – that one would end up with a moustache and a beard, which would grow in thicker and thicker until one would HAVE to shave as often as a man? One gets the impression that Sam is really trying to help Angela turn into a bearded lady without a career as a model. Thank but no thanks, Sam. This might give me some uninvited nightmares.

  3. ladycobra

    I believe L6 is making a mistake keeping Hay over Scottie. Scottie made very valid points last night.

    Hay put Tyler up as the hacker
    she put up KC twice
    she put up Angela
    she wanted Tyler backdoored when Fess was HOH
    she made Scottie pinky promise to put up Ang and KC if he won HOH
    she believes that Ang, Brett, Ty and KC are all working together
    she cannot be trusted

    As Dr Phil often says “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior”

    I think Ty, Ang and KC are in more danger of going otb with Hay (despite what she says) than with Scottie. Scottie would have a better chance of staying if he would tell Ty who he would put on the block if he won HOH. I also think Brett would work with Hay quicker than he would work with Scottie.

    • ElaineB

      I agree, keeping Hay is the bigger risk. Scottie has already been evicted once. He may be more open to others’ ideas (at least short term), that keep him in the house. Hay has recognized threats and attempted to do something about them.

      • Painter1

        Hay is quite capable of winning HOH. Could there be a shake up comming if she wins? Think they really are better off with Scotty who wants Jc out and they could convince him to put Sam up also than get Scotty out after

    • Sassy

      Regardless of what Scottie says, he will put up 2 strong targets, which is probably Ang and Ty. There is no way they could convince him to put up JC and Sam, they have a better chance getting Hay to do it, although I don’t think she would either, but she has done dumber things. She doesn’t have anyone and may try (although fruitless) to earn Ty and Angela’s loyalty.

    • Ann

      I think Hay is the bigger threat too. Scottie should know they aren’t bullshitting when they want someone out because he went out on a unanimous vote when he floated from the dark side to L6 & then back again. He shouldn’t be too eager to cross them again yet. He got a good taste of what will happen if you cross L6. Scottie might hold off on going after an L6 member mainly because he wants to repay the favor to JC’s constipated ass & send him packing before he goes after them again. But then, L6 got bit by that rat once & don’t want to chance it again.
      Hay can’t be trusted at all & she has crossed L6 big time. She’s taken a shot at all of them & some more than once. What’s it going to take for them to see that that girl is just drooling at the mouth waiting to get HOH so she can toss 2 of them up otb & then a 3rd if need be?

      • Helen

        Listening to Tyler and Angela talk when in private it is like listening to a “hive” mentality lately…they are so convinced of what Haleigh will do if she stays and gets HOH…despite her past behavior…
        Tyler needs to remember when Haleigh was hacker she attempted to backdoor him and put him OTB..during the next couple of days afterwards how many times did she tell Tyler how shocked she was that someone would do that to him…how I would never do that to you!!
        I will not be surprised on Friday to see Tyler and Angela’s face on the memory wall..

      • Ann

        If Hay stays, she will most definitely take another shot at Ty & Angela. If she wins HOH she’s taking a shot at all L6 members. She’ll get one out no matter with Ty & Angela being her main targets.

    • Avatar

      For Tyler’s game i think it’s definitely safer to keep Scottie, that’s why I’m shocked they are keeping Hay. I think they just rely on the fact they have the numbers so it doesn’t matter, but it will matter if 2 of them get stuck up on the block

  4. ElaineB

    Is this week over yet?? I am soooo ready for a double eviction.

  5. Shivani33

    While watching Scottie “campaign” to Tyler, I saw Tyler control the entire conversation. Scottie stood the whole time I watched, as Tyler sat on the HoH bed. Scottie was so obsequious. He acted like a humble, no-good servant and never approached Tyler as an equal or a colleague. He might has well have knelt and whispered, ” I’m not worthy.” He told Tyler nothing, since Tyler was aware of every bit of Scottie’s info already. Scottie did not sell himself as needing to stay. He is so easy to distract. It turned into a gossip session.

    Tyler pretty much sat there and agreed with everything Scottie had to say. Tyler managed to sound more intensely agreeable than Scottie. Then Tyler moved their convo into a protracted little discussion about Fessy. Fessy, who is gone! Fessy, who is now a moot point. And poor Scottie went right along with the detour. It is ironic, since Tyler would love for Haleigh to be evicted. But the psychology of Scottie was on full display, and he lacks the personal touch.

  6. Joy

    I just do not like Sam I think she is so freakin’ fake and that baby voice makes me want to stick a pen in my neck and bleed out (yeah, I can be dramatic too). She continues to say “back home everyone loves me” to me its kinda like having Lizzie Borden living in your neighborhood they probably have to continually reassure her that they do indeed love her. Now I am not saying she has/or doesn’t have mental problems. I DON’T think she does I think she is playing a character in the house.

    • Painter1

      Sam reminds me of the movie Misery, the younger version tho.

    • Ann

      Joy, I hate the baby voice too & I really really really really really hate when she tells a damn story & starts over 40 eleven dozen times saying “yea, I”. I just can’t stand listening to her.

    • Tinkerbell

      Yes, she is an ACT. However, she IS nuts to be able to pull off her bizarre act. She took the spot someone who would love to be on the show. Someone who would play the way it is intended to be played. She has taken too much time and energy from the houseguests, and production as well. She sucks the air out of the house. She is seriously scary as well. No way would I be able to sleep in that house with her awake while everyone is sleeping, and lurking in every possible place in the house. I do not feel sorry for her, she knows exactly what she’s doing. It’s her way, or the highway. She has proven that over and over. With all of her back home talk, I would not mess with her. Frightening person. I think she would take down anything or anyone who disagrees with her. I would buy the most gigantic lawn and garden bag and shovel every last flippin’ POS she has on that table. That is ridiculous, selfish of her, and not acceptable. If production has been afraid of her freaking out, they should have taken her out of that house early on. She does not belong on BB. After I got rid of her crap on the table, I would self-evict immediately. I’m not ready to go yet. I don’t want to be made into a Barbie doll, mixed with fertilizer, or buried down by the CRIK with her uncle and dogs. She’s a scary one, she’s a bizarre one.

      • Joy

        thank you Tinkerbell I am with you. I was watching BBAD early on and it was one of those “bad” days of hers and they were all going to bed in the blue room (JC had been as usual a shit, no surprise there) but she leaned over and quietly said I will smother you in your sleep. He didn’t react which probably was the best. I know if that wing nut said something like that to me in the game I was punch her stupid face in which would result in my immediate ejection. But I would leave with a smile on my big stupid face.

      • Sassy

        I agree, she is a bit scary and I would not trust her. BUT there is no right way to play the game. Everyone puts on an act in the house in some way. Her strategy, whatever it is, has gotten her to the top 7 and probably top 6. She must be doing something right if she hasn’t been voted out yet…

      • Painter1

        Agree with a lot of you on Sam but casting let her through and I hear its a rather long process so……

  7. Helen

    So Scottie will go back to jury on Thursday….then they will have Haleigh gunning for them and also Brett is ready to make a move and separate Angela and KayCee…
    JC is on board with Brett to get Angela out…
    If Haleigh wins HOH they are in trouble,she will put up Tyler and Angela,KayCee as replacement
    If Brett wins HOH I also think they are in trouble,not sure who his original noms would be but his end goal will be to backdoor Angela

    • Sassy

      I think Brett is all talk and possibly just getting JC worked up. I don’t see him taking the shot before Hay is gone, if he does and it fails, he is in trouble. Anyone but Hay, will put Hay OTB, expecting her to be evicted. They know if she possibly gets to the end, she wins. They aren’t going to let that happen.

    • Tinkerbell

      Ann, hahahahahahah. Drives me nuts warching the BB people. Please turn the mirror cameras off…..when they mess with their faces too. Barf!

      • ElaineB

        Even if there is a behind-the-mirror camera, it doesn’t need to be chosen for feed watchers. I am not interested in watching HGs brush their teeth, spit, wash their face, put on makeup, etc. After seeing JC stick his fingers up his nose several times (cleaning it, I guess), there is nothing I want to see from the ‘mirror cam’.

  8. AIO_7

    On our next episode of HOARDERS; Martha eats alone while the meds kick in, and she talks to herself some.


      • AIO_7

        She’s a sad person. But alas, everybody back home just loves, loves, loves them some Sammie.

      • Helen

        Alls someone would have to do is say something like,let’s all have a family type dinner tonight…can we clear the table and I really don’t think Sam would take it the wrong way..
        I have found in life that a lot of times people don’t even realize they are doing something that might bother others..
        Whistling…I hate it…it drives me crazy when I’m around someone that whistles..
        My husband had a habit of whistling…I put up with the torture for months and finally one day I couldn’t take it anymore and I blew up…he said to me..why didn’t you just say something. I would have stopped!! 10 years later and he does not whistle (at least around me)

      • Ann

        Helen, my youngest daughter hates it when people chew gum. She hates gum & it grosses her out & drives her nuts to see or hear people chew it. We were all together for my mother’s bday & my mom was chewing gum. Out of nowhere my daughter flew off the hinges & screamed “STOP IIIT, JUST PLEASE STOP IIIIT,” We looked at her like she had totally lost her mind & she said “I’m sorry memaw but I don’t like chewing gum, can you please throw it away.” Now I’ve always known it but my daughter is 23 & my mom never knew it & it never crossed my mind to tell her. We all had a good laugh & of course her brothers & sisters knew & were waiting for her to flip out so they could tease her.

      • Tinkerbell

        Ann, Meeee tooooo on the gum. Drives me coo-coo bananas. Last night Haleigh “borrowed” a Blow-Pop sucker from KCs stash. When she got to the bubble gum part I thought I would lose my grits.

      • Ann

        Tink, my thing is watching people brush their teeth or drooling that drives me up a tree & grosses me out.

      • kneeless

        I’m with Tink & Ann’s daughter on gum chewing! And then when they chomp hard & crack it…
        Sends me up the wall!

  9. goldie

    Sam is a Big Ass Narcissist! She really doesn’t care about anyone other than herself—she may pretend she does, but she does not. When she is not getting attention she starts with her crazy shit. I cannot stand her. Nothing worse than a person with narcissistic personality disorder — there is no cure. Medication or talk therapy does not work. She was in heaven last night with all of her stupid ass stories. Same way she was when she straightened Tyler’s hair. She is a blight on society and always will be!!!

    • Tinkerbell

      Goldie, Spot on. She is the most selfish person. Her way of doing things, her opinions, her stories have to be all about her. She proves she doesn’t care about anything anyone else has to say because she butts in, overtalks loudly, she has a story for everything, better than anyone else’s. Her drippy sweet act doesn’t fool me for one second. Unfortunately, I have known people like her. I have never bought into her fake BS. The houseguests know, they aren’t stupid.

      • Ann

        I think she knows what she’s doing too because as soon as she sees one of the other girls getting a little attention from the men, she starts with her act. She very well may have things wrong with her but this crap she pulls talking about what she will or might do to someone pisses me off & I would have to tell her what I might or would do to her if she came at me the wrong way. I’m sick of her ass.

    • Avatar

      YES!!! goldie if I could I would give this a 1000 thumbs up! I work with a narcissist. She exhibits the same exact behavior as Sam! If she doesn’t get the attention she seeks, she goes around an spits out toxic venom at everyone. And the jealousy. Let me tell you, narcs are the most jealous people!

    • Jay H

      100%. They are right to be cautious about telling her to clean her mess up, not that they shouldn’t, but when you say ANYTHING contradictory to a narcissistic person, they are furious at you. Guarantee she doesn’t think that table is a mess, because that’s her stuff, it’s being put to use. They’re really bullies in a way.
      I hope they do say something to her though.

    • Tinkerbell

      Brett said it best about Sam late last night. Wish I could find it on YouTube so I could post it. They were in the kitchen talking about ads/ commercials for make-up, and other items. He recounted later in the HOH how she will argue about anything and everything, she will ramble on and on…and in the end she contradicts what she said in the very beginning. I’ve heard her donit all season. It makes me go…..Am I the whacked out one?! All morning she has been the only one awake and loving all of the camera attention…..its all about her, Always. On the make-up issue she was arguing with Brett how bad it is advertise because it’s so superficial blah blah blah. When she disagrees with anyone she actually says…….that makes me so mad, now I’m in a bad mood. What else is new, Cybil?! Brett pointed out later that she spends more time in front of the mirror than anyone else. He’s right.

      • Avatar

        I have to give it to Brett! He’s spot on to her behavior.

      • Avatar

        That’s probably another reason she wanted to get the girls out. She nominated Hay and Kaitlyn in an obvious attempt to get 2 girls out of the house so that she would get more attention (from the boys and the cameras) and then said she would put up RS if either of the two girls get taken off the block. Less girls I guess she figures more camera time for her. So much for girls sticking together. She wanted no one in the HOH room when she was HOH and took the opportunity to climb all over Fessy (“You make me so happy Fessy”) when she had the chance….in the HOH room! Exactly the thing she criticized Hay and Kaitlyn for. Did she not realize the HOH room has cameras in there just like everywhere else? Hypocrite!

  10. LindsayB

    I don’t understand all the debate about who should be sent home this week. Both Hay and Scottie are threats to L6. Regardless of what they say when they are groveling and not in power, they have both shown the desire and ability to “get blood on their hands.” At this point, both of them know they don’t have any allies and regardless of which one stays, if they win HOH next week L6 is at risk and both of them have the capability to win comps. In my opinion, it’s a moot point.

    • Sassy

      I agree, either of them leaving is a win. I don’t see either of them (hay or Scottie) going after JC or Sam, regardless of what they say. They know neither (JC or Sam) is a game threat to them. They may not have played the smartest game, but they aren’t stupid either. I think they are equally matched in ability and brains to pose a real threat to L6.

      • Helen

        I think they both need to go…I do think Haleigh has a better chance at getting one of L4 out though…Angela is already thinking JC and Sam need to go before Haleigh…
        Scottie on the other hand still has a grudge against Brett and JC…L4. Has a better chance at getting JC gone if Scottie won HOH this week and would be easy to send out at double next week without losing an L4 member

  11. AIO_7

    Tangelica talking and snuggling under the red HoH bed covers …


    • Tinkerbell

      I can’t put my finger on it, but their “relationship” is one of the strangest in BB in a while. Can’t figure out what it is. Just my opinion. Seems forced, formal, awkward……I can’t find the right word. It sort of makes me so uncomfortable when they are together. The conversation is so formal as well. I know this isn’t true, but it the feels like this is the first relationship for both of them and they aren’t quite sure how it works, or how to act. Starry eyed little kindergarteners show more excitement and affection than those two. Maybe just their personalities. They seem stiff together. No pun intended….kind of. Ha

      • Avatar

        Completely agree. They are super awkward together, but I think it’s a combination of their personalities & being around all the cameras. Ang seems like a very private person, so that’s probably what most of the awkwardness is.

  12. Jay H

    I do not like Sam. I agree with pretty much everyone here. She got problems…..with that being said…….I actually appreciate her telling them the correct way of using the word “literally”. It’s a major pet peeve of mine, especially because so much of the younger generation uses it incorrectly.

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