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Big Brother 20 – Tyler Reveals Sam’s Power

After what feels like the longest week in Big Brother history, we’ve finally reached Thursday and the first eviction night of the season!  Who will go between Sam or Steve? This one is going to be a tough decision that was made even harder by Tyler’s reveal last night.


Around midnight, Tyler (watch on live feeds here) finally revealed to his alliance that Sam has the power. They were blown away that she was given it and were still convinced JC had it up until the last moment. The group hugged Tyler and thanked him for telling them, but I have a feeling him keeping that secret for so long is not going to sit well with some of them in the long run. Tyler basically just sealed his position as 5th or 6th in the alliance by keeping that secret, but more on that in coming weeks.

What this does mean is that the group is almost certainly going to vote to evict Steve because they still don’t know what the power is and obviously want to try to get Sam on their side even if their efforts are futile tonight. I know Winston and Brett were discussing just giving up and voting with the house to keep their cards close to their chest for a week, but this has to guarantee a split vote tonight. It has to. Level 6 know they’re outnumbered and have to do something to earn that key 8th person (if you count JC) in their group.

They likely still won’t have the numbers to actually keep Sam straight out which means the power should be flushed, their alliance exposed, and a very pissed off Steve along with the other side. Furthermore, there is only a chance Sam returns to the house so they still won’t even have the numbers as she almost certainly should be leaving the house for a few weeks.  Battle lines should be drawn tonight, and unless something gets leaked throughout the day, I fully expect a very tense night after the live show which will only be intensified depending on who wins HoH.


I’ll keep an eye on the feeds and see if anything happens, but with tonight being the first live show of the season, I expect a lot of downtime on the feeds with them prepping for the show. Either way, be sure to tune in tonight because it may be a fun one!



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  1. ericawesome

    At this point Sam should just be voted out, she just lost (pretty much) her only ally in Tyler with him telling his group and with the robot twist it feels like she hasn’t been able to make a lot of solid connections with the rest. I’m not a big fan of Steve but I feel that he’ll contribute more in the game at this point to try and make things interesting.

    off topic: Have any of you see this? http://forums.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=bbusaupdates&Number=27530847&page=0&view=expanded&sb=5&o=&rc=&fpart=1

    (btw I’m not sure if they’re rules against posting something from another website so just let me know and I’ll remove it)

    It feels like rockstar will probably get into more trouble as the season continues. Is it just me but I thought that only JC was gay?

  2. AIO_7

    Thanks for the update, Steve. I’d bet money that Sam’s “power” gets leaked to the other side. One good thing about this season is that it appears there wont be many all one sided votes.

    • ElaineB

      I like that discussions have continued and HGs go back and forth in their thinking on who to evict. One good thing about split votes is that it becomes more interesting for the HGs try to figure out who did what, who is working with who, etc. Avoiding that whole “we need to vote as a house” is always my preference.

  3. jimbo

    ON THE “RACIST” CONTROVERSY: Okay, when I first read the headline about this a few days ago, I thought it would be like the “Aron” season a few years ago, which definitely had some racist remarks. Then I read these remarks — WEAK, AT THE VERY LEAST. These are mostly 20-something ying-yangs that almost always look like they’d be frat/sorority people, and to think they will never make silly remarks is just too much to ask for. Terms like “ghetto” are so commonplace among youth that to implode on that in the context of a friggin’ TAN is ludicrous! They were talking about a TAN, for God’s sake! And to say you TAN color is close to a black person is not racist — it’s just saying you’re dark, which is NOT a bad thing in ANY way! That is why people tan — to get dark! This is sooo sensitive and weak. The JC thing is a little goofy, but, again, young dum-dums act, well, dumb, especially with hormones raging. No surprise. He should definitely get a warning if it is bugging HGs, and that is that. Calm down people.

  4. AIO_7

    I think that today is the last day that Kaycee has to wear that outfit.

  5. Painter1

    At this Earl point in the game the fact that Tyler told the group would make everyone doubting him on keeping secrets. Later in the game that will hurt him.

    • danmtruth

      I just wonder if Sam’s power of coming back is not like with Paul’s In that someone needs to pick a certain app to have her return Not like they will say that on the app Call it a resurrection app

    • Helen

      I thought that too…I can’t even remember what all the apps are as far as crap apps…I know one was yell…hamazon…
      Power apps identity theif…in the cloud….hmm. Things are “stored or saved “ in the cloud…

      • Helen

        Actually I was just looking and the in the cloud app actually has a person sitting on a cloud…my guess is if someone picks that app Sam comes back in the game if she uses the bonus life app

  6. hogwild

    Tyler struck me as someone who was pretty smart player as he was seeing through all of braggys BS but this seems like a pretty dumb move on his part.

    • AIO_7

      Surfer Dude seems like a nice enough, likeable enough, guy to over come this. But you’re right, long term it might hurt.

      • strwar1

        He already screwed himself. It shows their is no trust between friends and Sam pretty much lost a Ally and she is now all alone.

    • Colby

      I think he felt like he had to tell it to convince all of them to vote to keep Sam.
      And I think he will convince Sam that that is why he did it and she will be ok with it.
      I also think she suspected that he would tell it and that is why she wouldn’t give him details. To me, she pretty much said that to him. I don’t remember her exact words, but it was along the lines of the less you know the less secrets you have to keep.
      It will be interesting to see if he tells her he told it, but we probably won’t know since the feeds are down so much of the day today.
      I just hope he doesn’t tell Kaitlyn. He has been thinking of doing that to sway her vote.
      But yes, I think it will bite him in the butt in the long run. Sooner than later if he does tell ‘Madam Chakra’.

  7. Helen

    I see Tyler and Kaitlyn as the Cory/Nicole of the season….I’m just waiting for her to start with the Tyyyyyyyy..lerrrrrrrr……

  8. strwar1

    I am going to make a bet right now and in two weeks if Rachel doesn’t anything still but show off her looks in those two weeks again? Then everybody has to get abroad of getting her out. Btw? Sam should definitely be evicted only to come back and rub into their faces,but since Tyler now revealed she has the power . It is now clear she has to be in a Alliance but I don’t want her to be in a Alliance cause she doesn’t have anybody of helping her.

    Which is very sad for her. I hope she makes through the next couple of weeks.

    • strwar1

      *If Rachel doesn’t do anything

    • AIO_7

      Rachel’s “looks” are overrated; at least in my humble opinion. I mean, what does it say about her that Winston can cock-block her from a relationship with Brett?

      • strwar1

        I don’t think Brett is interested in her is he? I mean I have been watching and he doesn’t care about her. Maybe Winston,but she doesn’t care about him either. So she is just doing nothing but flirting and trying to be in a showmance. Which a Target for bullshit and I don’t Brett will risk his game for it.

  9. Helen

    If no one rats out sams power app the way I see the votes tonight is 7 and 6. 7 for Steve to stay. 6 for Sam…
    Swaggy,bayleigh Haleigh,Rockstar,Faysal ,Scottie and Kaitlyn will vote for Steve to stay
    Winston,Brett,Angela,Kaycee,Rachael and JC will vote for Sam to stay..
    Tyler thinks he has Kaitlyn but he does not…she is definitely with Swaggy and crew…

  10. LO1004

    JC is really annoying, and I don’t think the elevator goes to the top floor. Rachel was walking through the kitchen before in her towel and JC went to go and pretend to undo her towel and goes “close your eyes CBS”. Clearly production’s talk w him is going nowhere fast.

  11. AIO_7

    I think Chakra chick is trying to talk Haleigh out of voting for Sam …


    • Helen

      She wants Hayleigh to vote for Sam to stay I think…both of them flip to save Sam ?

      • AIO_7

        I couldn’t make out what was being said.

      • AIO_7

        I think you are right, Helen: here is a rough transcript of the convo.. (read from the bottom up)

        1:28 AM PT BB announces HOH lockdown -MaddyP
        11:28 AM PT Haileigh says she doesn’t know what to do because she doesn’t want to vote the way and the power to f*ck her up -MaddyP
        11:27 AM PT Kaitlyn has told Rockstar and Haleigh that she is voting to keep Sam. -Eworley21
        11:26 AM PT Kaitlyn said I am taking my ego out of it and she is going to let Brett run her game as long as he has the power. -Eworley21
        11:26 AM PT Kaitlyn telling Haleigh and Rockstar Tyler said Swaggy said he runs their alliance. Rockstar says he doesn’t so it doesn’t matter -MaddyP
        11:24 AM PT Rockstar says if she votes for Sam to say then she will be truthful to what she said to them and she only told Steve they are both parents -Eworley21
        11:24 AM PT Kaitlyn has had an aura about Swaggy since the second she walked in the house and Swaggy’s words were a verbal validation. -silverspoons
        11:23 AM PT Kailtin telling Haileigh and Rockstar she’s keeping Sam to stay -MaddyP
        11:23 AM PT Kaitlin says she’s loyal to Haileigh and Rockstar but not swaggy -MaddyP
        11:22 AM PT Rockstar has joined the Kaitlyn and Haleigh conversation in the HN room -Eworley21
        11:22 AM PT Kaitlin now telling Rockstar her convo with Tyler. She says she thinks the power if something bad will happen to people who keep Steve. Rockstar says she doesn’t understand and is worried Tyler is playing Kaitlin -MaddyP
        11:21 AM PT 11:19 AM Feeds return. Haleigh/Kaitlyn/Rockstar in HN. -Scott3325
        11:19 AM PT 11:17 AM Fish….. -Scott3325
        11:19 AM PT Kaitlyn says if she wins hoh she will put Bayleigh and Swaggy up -silverspoons
        11:17 AM PT Kaitlin says if she wins HOH, Swaggy and Bayleigh are going up. Haileigh says Swaggy could put them up -MaddyP
        11:17 AM PT Kaitlin says she wants to vote the same way as Haileigh which is why she’s telling her all this info -MaddyP
        11:15 AM PT Kaitlin says if Haileigh flips, she’ll get in with the other side. -MaddyP
        11:14 AM PT Kaitlin says if they flip, they will have 10 people with them. Haileigh says they don’t trust her –

  12. AIO_7

    House guests are in lock down in the HOH room …

  13. Colby

    I don’t understand why the feeds go down when they are in HOH lockdown. I would think there may be some interesting conversations / game playing / reactions we would like to know about.
    But, maybe they are giving them instructions about stuff or something.

  14. danmtruth

    Sounds like the job comp might be a lucky shot comp Fasyal was talking about practicing a game where you just get one chance

  15. Shivani33

    By pure chance, I tuned into BBAD right when Tyler told Angela, Winston, Rachel, etc. about Sam’s power. Their reaction was a lot like watching a pep squad pre-game. All kinds of enthusiastic gesticulating and huzzahs. To me the group appeared to be very relieved, as well as impressed with Sam, for how she has handled things. It cleared the air.

  16. Helen

    So I just watched Julie Chen explain Sams power…if she is evicted then Sam has to complete a challenge that Julie Chen gives her…Julie said…so there is a chance no one goes home tonight…

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