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Big Brother 20 Updates – Rockstar Figured Everything Out!

Good afternoon, everyone!  Slow to update today because the house is s-l-o-w right now. The biggest news of the day so far has been Rockstar’s sad attempts to figure out who had the powers in the house.


First, she tried to take advantage of a sleeping JC by asking him if he planned on using the power this week. JC said something along the lines of “yes but I told you that already” to which Rockstar thinks she stumbled on a huge secret. She then ran and told Sam about it (note – JC doesn’t have a power) and Sam went ahead and told her that she also had a power in the house. Rockstar was very happy to learn that she discovered two powers in the house within about an hour of each other (even though like 99% of the house knew of Sam’s power already).

Sam told RS that she doesn’t plan on using it and is just going to let it expire because it’s an unfair power. She won’t tell her what it is, but I can only guess this will feed into Rockstar’s wild theory how the person getting evicted will learn everyone who voted for them and be able to change noms (something along those lines). RS and Scottie went on and on about the power (that isn’t real) and how it kills the integrity of the show. Of course it kills the integrity of the show. Any power that you just make up that is super overpowered will indeed do that.  One note with this is that Sam kept telling RS how she is just going to let her power ‘go away’, but left out the part that it doesn’t just ‘go away’. If you need a refresher – if and when Sam doesn’t use it this week, the person evicted next week will automatically get a chance to return to the house. They benefit from Sam’s power whether she wants it or not. It will be used and Sam knows this.

So, congrats to Rockstar for figuring out JC’s power that he doesn’t have and getting misinformation on Sam’s power.



  • 1:10 pm – The evil genius alliance is in the HoH room talking about the house
    • (Kaitlyn, Rockstar, Bayleigh, Scottie)
    • The girls are mentioning how nice Winston has been the last few days. They are so easy to win over
    • Bayleigh thinks he’s older than 28.  They think he’s 35
    • Winston apparently has a dad bod
    • He’s always getting bruised and his muscles are slow to recover
    • He’s up early in the morning with the coffee.  Dude is ANCIENT
    • Bayleigh thinks he’s even maybe 37
  • 1:45 pm – Rockstar is still searching for that 3rd power
  • 2:45 pm – Tyler is playing Jenga with KC
    • JC comes in and they talk about how they want to send Winston home. They need Brett
    • Tyler says he loves seeing the same people on the wrong side of the vote every week
  • 3:15 pm – Rockstar is talking to Scottie in the HoH room
    • She has determined that Kaitlyn has the final power. (she doesn’t)
  • 3:45 pm – Scottie and Tyler are in the HoH room
    • Tyler tells him that he doesn’t care who is out. He is still playing the middle
  • 5:40 pm – Someone start some drama. I don’t want it to be this slow the rest of the week
    • JC tells Winston that he has the highest gay meter in the house
  • 7:00 pm – Fezzy in bed with Haleigh doing his creepy stare that looks like he wants to kiss her. He does that with Kaitlyn a lot too
  • 7:30 pm – Sam is working Fezzy in the bathroom to keep Brett
  • 10:00 pm – Possibly the slowest day in like two weeks. Hope tomorrow isn’t as dull.
    • Hopefully Mel can find something to write about tomorrow

Check back for updates


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  1. Seattle Kari

    Dear Lord we have a bunch of clowns in the house this summer don’t weigh? Last year it was all stop bullying, this year is just idiocy..

    Speaking of clowns… I know I shouldn’t judge, God knows I am not the prettiest flower in the bunch not even close, but if I had a very unique face and body the way are asked us, I would not dress the way she does or do makeup the way she does let alone the purple hair. I guess the purple hair is really the least of the issues though cuz so many people do the fun colors now. Learn to do makeup that accentuate the positive not bringing out the negative?

    Ok, ok.. my old, falling apart, very fat ass will shut up now…

    • Seattle Kari

      Okay so, after I admitted that I’m a fat ass, the error above is even more funny…

      Don’t *we*, not weigh. LMAO!

    • Seattle Kari

      Oh my God the typos. I think my phone is screwing up and not recording me the way it should be. Let me see if I can correct the issues above again. I really need to start proof reading before I hit post. My apologies!

      ** last year was all *about bullying.

      ** if I had a very unique face and body the way *she does..

    • Jenny

      I totally agree re: RS and her sense of fashion. I said before she should be on What Not to Wear so they can show her how to dress in flattering clothes. And the makeup. Good god. On the live show with the heavy eye makeup and bright red lips, she looked like a drag queen! (nothing against drag queens, but I don’t think that’s the look she was going for). Rachel, too – when she’s in her “stage” makeup she could easily pass for 40. Less is more. ladies!

      • Avatar

        Who cares how people look and dress. I hate having to tell almost every woman I know to stop talking shit about the way people(usually another woman) dress or look! Can you ladies please just stop? It brings you down and you don’t even realize that! It’s ok to hate people, but hating them for how they look is pathetic. The only time I down vote is when I see comments like what Kari b says. Usually you’re hilarious Kari. For shame.

      • Jenny

        jaclynpeachen….I would NEVER bag on someone for their actual looks or body type. I said before, I was surprised to see RS in a bikini and how little she is – because her baggy clothes make her look so much bigger. I made the same mistake as a teenager w/tiny waist and wide hips – instead of accentuating my waist I tried to hide my hips with baggy clothes, which only made me look bigger. Eventually I learned what was flattering on my figure. I wish the same for her.
        And regarding makeup – again, when women try too hard they often look worse. Both women look better with no makeup than what they wore for the live show.
        I appreciate your point – it’s not okay to bully women for their physical appearance, but many of us need help to understand how to make the most of our natural beauty. thanks and hope no hard feelings – bullies suck

      • Jenny

        also, jaclynpeachen, I’m sorry you got so many thumbs-down – I wasn’t one of them. Your heart was in the right place and I absolutely agree with you.

      • Avatar

        Don’t be sorry. I’m almost 40 years old. Thumbs down don’t bother me. I have my opinions, you have yours. And I’m glad. The world would be so boring if we all thought like me (even tho I’m right lol). Respect to every one here.

  2. Helen

    These people remind me of me and my friend years ago…we would grab us a bottle of red mountain (don’t judge…hey it was better than mad dog 20/20) and we would head on out to the Sacramento greyhound station and sit and drink our wine and make up life stories of the random people we would see coming and going….

    • Seattle Kari

      Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill was my downfall in my youth, let’s just say even before 21.

      • Helen

        Ahhh. Boone’s farm…Strawberry Hill. Lol

      • Seattle Kari

        LOL we thought we were so cool..

        Oh my God I miss the 70s and my youth!! It was a fun time to be a teenager though!

      • WhereisPablo

        Yes! Don’t forget Tickled Pink!

      • AIO_7

        How about Ripple (cheap wine), or Rolling Rock beer?

      • Seattle Kari

        LMAO!!! oh my God, tickled pink! I completely forgot about that stuff. I’ve never been into beer so I didn’t really drink that..

        On a related and yet side note. I grew up in the Walla Walla Washington Valley which at the time was known for its wheat Fields. Now they do still have some of those, but the majority of them have become wineries. If anybody out there ever wants to go to an amazing area and visit the wineries it’s definitely a great place to visit. Makes me wish I drank more wine though, haha

      • danmtruth

        Is there anyone over 21 that ever drank Boon’s Farm?

      • Ann

        Boones Farm Strawerry Hill was the shit when I was younger and hanging out with my friends too. Oooh, the memories. …Lets not forget Malt Duck!!!

      • Alda

        Back in the day,I downed 3 bottles of Boones Farm onr night at a party.Good Times!

      • feltso gudinya

        olde english 800…………..break into beach cabanas on summer nights and crash swimming pool………………

      • Mello_One

        Kari B, Hi friend!

        You had me laughing out loud about the Boone’s Strawberry Hill! Like my friend AIO_7, as under age drinkers, we would wait outside of a 7 ELEVEN Store, & have an Adult by us either Ripple, or Boone’s! Ah…Those were the days!

      • Mello_One

        Oh!!! And I forgot about BJ’s too!!! Bartels & James Wine Coolers!

    • kneeless

      OMG, It’s like reliving my teen years! Hadn’t thought about Boone’s Farm in eons! See, we don’t need the hg’s to entertain us!!

  3. Katheryn

    I think Sam is confused on how her app works.

  4. Mel

    Steve, RS’s damn brain hurts today from realizing Sam is related to Christmas last night so you gotta give her a break!!

  5. Avatar

    Would love to see Sam forced to re-enter the game as mopey robot. Boo hoo hoo! I’m being shunned! I’m an outcast!

  6. Mel

    Rockstar got stuck on the Rockwall today and started yelling for a ladder! Hahaha

  7. HappyHippo

    I’ll definitely Take this house full of misfits over returning players any day! Even if quite a few are insane or stupid or both lol
    This season has been refreshing….they are playing or attempting to play big brother. Can’t wait to see where it goes. For once I can’t even begin to guess who will make it to the end. And yes I still love Tyler 🙂

    • Seattle Kari

      True that! It may be awkward to watch at times but last year was really irritating Beyond anything. (Although I don’t like the fact that they’re just letting JC slide with all of his sexual BS.)

      I’ve liked Tyler since almost the beginning and he’s playing one hell of a game period on a completely separate note, I like his hair down and he has amazingly beautiful eyes!! 🙂

      • ElaineB

        Not usually a fan of the ‘surfer dude’, but Tyler has pleasantly surprised me. He does have very nice, intense eyes. I hope he can peel away from Kait and work on other relationships in the house, to keep himself out of the line of fire.

      • Jenny

        me too! I was expecting him to be all into his looks and kind of a meathead. I’m sure he knows he’s beautiful but doesn’t act like he cares. And he mentioned having more female friends than male. He reminds me a lot of a surfer I knew years ago who was just mellow and nice to be around.
        I wonder if he’ll end up with a modeling career?

  8. Avatar

    This season has been hilarious! I have to admit, I also thought Winston was older than 28. He just seems older to me for some reason. He’s nice looking, but there’s just something about him that seems more mature.

  9. AIO_7

    Crayola’s moo-moo would fit right in at a Grateful Dead concert …


  10. Shivani33

    While catching up, I saw Angela /Ashley meandering around saying it would be a slow day and how that sucks. Newsflash. Viewers have had only slow days from Angela, the human vacuum. Faysal told Scottie that he’s tried to get acquainted with her via conversation and got nothing. Scottie agreed and said that she won’t be changing, either. That’s how come I like Ashley. Lol. If she stops flatlining and shows some personality, I might have to take to my fainting couch. She’s so unengaginly unengaged.

    • ElaineB

      I think I have only heard ‘Ashley’ (what the hell, she isn’t around enough for us to care about her name), “I will work out and then go back to bed”. Okay, usually I am not hard on floaters, but if this chick surpasses a lot of other people in the game, it will be pissy. Having said that, it is up to the HGs to be pissed about it too.

    • Jenny

      She’s a natural beauty and her eyes look like there is a lot going on inside… and yet we haven’t seen it. I really have no sense of her personality. Kaycee is another I can’t really relate to. Maybe she just isn’t getting enough camera time.

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  12. Shivani33

    Sam is building a fine reputation as a personal assistant. It would be inexpensive to give her room and board, too. All that she requires is a cabinet in a storage room. Maybe give her a few muscle relaxants early in the evening for maximum entertainment while she gives her autobiographical soap opera updates. Kaitlyn seems angry with production for not honoring, loving, cherishing and worshipping her. She has been sniping about it. She does need a personal assistant – to escort her out of Studio City. Pronto.

  13. Shivani33

    What is it with Scottie? He gives everyone a truth test, and only he is allowed to lie. Silly rabbit. As a Big Brother fan, Scottie knows better than this. HoH has gone to his head. He is NOT that interesting anymore. Bug off.

    • Helen

      He not only flipped on his alliance and voted Chris out while wearing one of his shirts and then has lied about it…he then went on to dismiss Psycho chick admitting to him that she voted out his friend and gives her a free pass but goes on to flip on his friend Sam for no reason other than rumors that even to him make no sense….I am so over this self proclaimed wizard master and comp beast of big brother that he has created of himself in his own mind….

      • Avatar

        Scottie is playing a good game. He knew that he was the low man on the totem pole in his alliance and he needed to make some game changing moves. I’d say he’s done that.

      • Alda

        I wonder if Scottie has inhaled too many of Psycho’s oils? he’s not the same Scottie he was a week ago.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ford, yes and no. He did make a game changing move, he just let it go to his head. I think what made him so likable was that he was smart but not assholish about it. Now it seems like he’s letting that big move go to his head. Like demanding honesty when he himself hasn’t been honest. The irony of it all!

    • Mr. Beardo

      Seriously. This is BB! This isn’t a damn truth circle at summer camp. Get off your morality high horse. If you ain’t lyin, you ain’t tryin.

      • Alda

        Is it true Scottie has ordered a lie detector test to be delivered to the house asap? LMAO.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I don’t mind him lying. I just don’t like how he feels justified in doing it but has condemned everyone else for doing it. Seems like the only one riding that morality high horse is Scottie.

  14. Shivani33

    One good thing about Rockstar: she doesn’t go into bedrooms and fart on the pillows of her enemies. But that’s about it. Sigh.

  15. AIO_7

    If you ever need a reason to barf and laugh at the same …

  16. LGJ

    My husband just came and knocked on the bathroom door to see if I was okay. Apparently I’ve been in here too long catching up on BB and the comments. Don’t judge, you know you do it too!

  17. danmtruth

    Reformed FOTTE drawing Bay and Scottie in They thought they were together from the start In biker talk they were just prospects working to be made patch members

    What will Mr Truth police think if he knew that Bay has a power she has not told him about Scottie wants to be thought of as a big time game player Scottie making promise to Tyler to get to jury Little does he know RS, Bay want Tyler out quick

  18. blue smoke

    Hello everyone. I have been reading the site for a couple of years now and have enjoyed everyone’s comments that I guess it is time to enter the conversation. So here goes, what is up with Brett’s 70’s porn star mustache?

  19. Helen

    I wonder if DR gave Sam some meds…she seems off in La La land today…more so than usual. And a bit grouchy

    • Mr. Beardo

      For reals. I wish they’d just give them some booze and heaven forbid some herb. They’re in Cali for F’s sake. I understand some people need psych meds but I really think those things are over prescribed.

      • Mr. Beardo

        Most of that millennial generation don’t even really understand how to have a face to face altercation. They’re used to hiding behind a screen when they wanna call someone out. Maybe that’s why it’s interesting to see them figure it out. Schlehuber would straighten them out.

      • Jenny

        I’d love to see them consume some edibles.. that would be hilarious! maybe after it becomes legal at the federal level…
        although we might just get a bunch of giggling and bingeing on twinkies…

  20. Colby

    Sure is a lot of sleeping going on considering there’s a no sleeping between 10:00 and 10:00 rule.
    No wonder nobody follows the rules, they never enforce them.

  21. AIO_7

    Who is here for tonight’s show? It should feature Chakra’s blow-up at Brett.

  22. Helen

    I was more than a little put off by Sam this morning when she told Crayon head she wasn’t going to use her “power” because she didn’t think it was fair and that she never wanted it to begin with…
    Well Sam…wish I had known before I cast my votes week 1…..

  23. HappyHippo

    The house is a snooozefest right now! I feel bad for you tonight Mel!

  24. Alda

    I have to say these houseguests and their theories on who has the powers in the house have kept me in stitches all day.By tonight,Orwell will have a power app.

  25. LO1004

    Brett keeps getting cornered into such bizarre conversations. I feel bad for him.

    • Colby

      The look on his face as Chakra is talking to him is cracking me up. He isn’t buying one ounce of her BS. I think he want to choke her. LOL

      • Colby

        Well, damn. She broke him down. Got a hug. Not sure if he is just wanting her vote or what. Guess we will see.
        I figured she would be all over him before Thursday. Every guy has to want her.

      • LO1004

        I don’t think he’s buying into her act at all. I think he’s just trying to appease her. Shes out of control.

      • Colby

        Me too. And now she is threatening to vote him out if he doesn’t give her info that he is refusing to share.

  26. SammyD

    I think my next new home must come with a Diary Room.

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  28. danmtruth

    shocker Angela / Ashley not only talk but talk game to Rachel Thank go they channeled the Bro’s dome of silence whispering So you could not hear it all

    Is it just me Or is Winston getting more talkative While Bret is speaking less Do they have a limit on how many words they can speak to other house guest

  29. Shivani33

    Angela and Rachel have named their Final 2 alliance the Vixens. They talked about a strategy of staging things to look like they’re fighting over Brett so people won’t suspect that they are working together. Angela said that Brett will be her first target once their side is down to eating their own. Not if Brett gets her first!

  30. Shivani33

    After Kaitlyn and Brett fake made up, Kaitlyn told Fessy that she still intends to vote to evict Brett and that it’s a game move more than anything personal. Fessy said something like whoa or phew. He said that he was afraid Brett had gotten to her.

    This could mean nothing, since Kaitlyn has time to change her mind many times over before the live show.

  31. LO1004

    Tyler is nicely ripping Kait. And that constant snot in the back of her throat is DISGUSTING. My ears are bleeding.

  32. danmtruth

    Winston switch things up this morning and had the ORANGE coffee mug Good to see he went back to the old reliable blue

    Is there any mirror Faysel can walk bye without playing with his hair

    Will we ever see Kaycee with her hair down and not in a bun on her head She looks like she has beautiful long hair

    Has Scottie given up his holy grail search for the 3 power

    Will Tyler need to go in witness protection To escape Kaitlyn once outside the house

    Will the biggest twist of the season be that Jc speaks perfect English

    Sorry its a boring night and the mind wonders

    • Colby

      Feysal has to compete with Rachael for the mirrors.
      Kaycee’s hair was down yesterday before/while Bay braided it. It is really long.
      Rainbow woke JC up asking about ‘his’ power, so JC told her that he had it, but he said he would never use it on anyone but himself. She thinks she tricked him, so now she and Scottie think he has it.
      Tyler may need a restraining order. Actually, all the guys might.

  33. Painter1

    LOL Good cliff Hanger

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Hey Guys!


    The Ying-Yang Twins are commiserating over their misfortune. They say they’d rather play Jenga because they don’t want to go outside with the others. They think it’s stupid that everyone is paranoid to be seen talking to them in their last nights in the house.

    Fessy is laying on the floor flanked by Hayleigh and Kaait the Bunny Assassin. They are trying to get him to thell them some kind of secret.

    • danmtruth

      They are so clever as they use the word ice cream for having sex Here is a shocker Bunny Boiler wants to take Fesy out after the show for some ICE CREAM

      RS was in the jingo room with Kaycee pumping up the all women alliance

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Fessy just asked Kait if he really could live with her when they get out. She said of course.

    Earlier Rachel told Brett that while she was in the shower, JC opened the door and threw powder on her. Brett asked JC how he felt about that. JC said he didn’t, he just wanted to throw powder on her.

    Bayleigh said even if she loses her pretty looks, she will still have a pretty soul.

    Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. The camera seems to be all over the place tonight. It’s jumping from room to room every 2 minutes. Between that, all the whispering and my headache, I’m finding it hard to concentrate and keep up.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Sam is describing welding to Tyler.

    Cam jumps to Fessy/Haleigh/Kate in HOH bed hugging and talking. *I’m surprised Bunny Boiler is in such a sharing mood*

    Cam jumps back to Sam/Tyler. She is still talking about welding and how she’s influenced a few little girls wanting to go to welding school. Tyler tells her she’s going to inspire so many people after the show. She seems to light up (as much as she can for her), when talking about her welding career.

    Cam jumps to Brett reading the Olive Oil hair spray bottle in a Swedish(?) accent, to Rachel. She tells him she likes French. He tells her “how bout you french kiss these nuts”. They laugh.


  37. NKogNeeTow

    Hayleigh/Bayleigh showered together in the HOH.

    Tyler is telling Kait he has to make more friends. She tells him that’s BS, he’s doing a good job. Hayleigh comes up and hugs him from behind. Tyler tells Hayleigh that Kait said he’s been ignoring her. He tells her they will hang out more tomorrow. He says he’ll come back later to say goodnight. She says he won’t.

    Cam cuts to JC/Bayleigh/Fessy/Rocky in the HOH. He’s rambling on something about Mama Mia, eating, and the upcoming competition. Fessy tells JC that he will beat him. JC says that he can do anything as long as he doesn’t have to put his head under water.


  38. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: JC/Fessy/Rocky/Bayleigh

    They were talking about Jessica’s Halting Hex. Fessy ask if it is hot to anyone else. They then turn the convo to how hot it is.

    Cam jumps to Pink Rm: Kait/Haleigh/Scottie in bed talking about nothing really.

    Cam jumps to Green Rm: Ying-Yan Twins/Rachel/Sam/Ashley-Angela

    Talking about food and Sam/s cooking. They ask her what she put in the food. She says it’s a mystery, just
    eat it.

    Sam says she wants to make them cookies that look like turds. *Ummm…yum?*

    Rachel wants to leave the room and Sam fixes her hair. She checks herself in the mirror. *Surprise, surprise*

    Cam jumps to HOH:

    Fessy is still complaining about the heat in the room.

    JC is talking about God knows what. The only thing I could understand is he represents the homosexuals and they are not alone out there.

    JC says he only goes into the HN room to change clothes because there is a blind spot in there. Rocky tells him there are no blind spots anywhere in the house. He says he looks all around the house for them.

    Fessy is complaining about sweating, while playing with his hair.

    Cam cuts to Green Rm:

    Sam is telling the Twins how badly she slept last night so she napped today.

    Everyone compliments her on how neat her bed is.


  39. NKogNeeTow

    Green Rm: KayCee has joined the group.

    Sam is giving lessons on making up the saucer beds.

    Cam jumps to Pink Rm:

    Scottie is telling Hayleigh he’s obsessed with Barney.

    They talk about the age difference between them.

    He tells her he’s not very good at lying.

    She tells him to tell her 2 truths and a lie and she’ll tell him which is the lie.

    It’s now her turn. *I need alcohol for this*

    Rachel runs in and back out of the room.

    Scottie is enjoying this intimate time in bed talking to Hayleigh.

    No sign of Krazy Kait. *There is a God*

    Cam jumps to HOH:

    Fessy is telling them that he worked at Margueritaville before becoming a teacher. He tells them that now he subs at bad inner-city schools. He says a lot of teachers are bad at social skills {but he’s got skills}.


    • Barracuda

      It’s now her turn. *I need alcohol for this*

      I keep telling myself to buy stocks in beer and wine before BB starts for the summer. Last year it was take a shot whenever raven mentioned a disease she had (we were all drunk within a few minutes)…this year…..well it’s basically just drink all the time to be able to cope with this mess.

  40. NKogNeeTow


    Baleigh is telling them how she got hired for her job without applying for it.

    Rocky says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do when this is over. Baleigh tells her she’s (Rocky) is going to go home and raise her kids.

    Rocky says, no, she means she needs a job when she gets out. She says if she wins, she’s going to buy a house and Chris can just keep working while she’s a stay at home mom.

    Cam jumps to Green Rm:

    Brett is whining to Ashley-Angela about why he’s OTB. She says it makes no sense.

    They are talking about somebody (couldn’t hear who), was talking to Brett within earshot of everyone, trying to get him to name names and make him look bad.

    Tyler comes in and the convo stops.


    • Seattle Kari

      for some reason I can’t seem to find the area where I start my own question not just a response under someone else’s. So please forgive this..

      it is just now 12:20 PST and I’m watching the scene with the guys bitching to each other. They mentioned something about somebody being on the wall and how today was really funny.

      Competition? Does anybody know what they’re talking about yet?

      • Helen

        Kari…if your still awake…it was Rocky Horror…she climbed the wall in living room today and got freaked out at the top…hung on the wall for like 20 minutes freaked out about coming down….

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Green RM:

    Brett telling Tyler and Driftwood (Ashley-Angela) Kait said. She opens the door and they stop talking. She doesn’t come in.

    Tyler is telling them that Sam is acting so strange today because “they” threatened her and she’s scared.

    Brett is telling them that Scottie told him that Sam has the App. He says he talked to Sam about it and she told him that she didn’t want to use it because she wants to be fair.

    Driftwood says “that’s not the reason for the fucking app, to be fair”.


  42. NKogNeeTow

    Green Rm: Winston has joined the group.

    Brett is telling them that someone told him that Kait was not in his corner. He telling them how he went to Scottie and tried to make a deal and Scottie blew up in his face.

    Tyler is telling Brett that he told Winston to just keep doing what he’s doing and next week they will get out a weak ass player.

    They are discussing Kaitlyn’s untimely demise next week.

    Brett is talking about getting Sam to use her power because it’s the last week. Tyler tells them it’s not the last week. *Roh Roh*

    And with that, BBAD is OVAH!

    Mel with 1 L, good luck with this one. I think the cameraman was on Crack tonight. He was all over the place. But if anyone can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, you can. God knows I was grasping at straws tonight.

    Night All, and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  43. Seattle Kari

    I found where I’m supposed to leave a comment, yay!

    I find it rather amusing that production has to keep telling these people to behave themselves like they’re little children..

  44. Helen

    Looks like trouble in paradise tonight…..

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