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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! You know this is a weird week when JC was up this morning before the rest of the house doing his workout. The guy is usually the last to get up, let alone wake up to work out. Weird.


Tomorrow, the level 6 5 alliance will be down to level 4 as either Brett or Rachel will walk out of the house never to be seen again! I think Jess is the only pre-jury former cast member to remain relevant (don’t quote me on that). Speaking of, every season I think how dumb it is to have such a big jury because it just seems like everyone is happy just to make the jury and nothing more. With this cast of people who really don’t know the game all too well, it’s refreshing to not hear people beg for a spot on the jury. I also always forget just how hard it is to actually make jury in this game considering 4 big players will be out of the game come tomorrow night (Sorry, Steve).

The week of Bayleigh also officially ends tomorrow night, and although her power actually ended two days ago once Tyler didn’t use the power of veto, someone forgot to tell her that. She has been going on one of the biggest power trips I’ve seen an HoH do and it’s both funny and sad to watch at the same time. Funny because it’s always great to see players crash after feeling that brief moment of power but sad because there was a lot of hope from the fanbase for Bayleigh this season. She gained an enormous amount of sympathy when Swaggy left the game and even won the third power as a result. To watch a humbled girl turn into a ‘queen’ (her words) that quickly is just sad to see.

I’m not really sure what to expect today. We have had a very slow week, but Wednesdays are notorious for either being insanely slow or crazy depending on the nominees. Brett should remain cool and calm but you never know what you’re going to get with Rachel. Let’s watch and see….



  • 11:30 am – The house is up and finally locked in.
    • This is weird because I don’t remember a lockin happening so late in the week before. I’m sure it has, and it makes me wish that I tracked the dates/times of lockins on previous seasons so I can match them up with competitions and have a better idea what to expect (future players – there is a tip for you. It’s a ton of bookwork for not much of a payoff, but if you want to get an idea what comp to expect, go research the days they shut the players in as production typically has an expected timeline per comp)
    • Bayleigh and RS are talking. They say that Scottie is dangerous to win the entire season but he’s on the radar of other people so let them take him out. Famous last words.  I bet people thought the same thing of Ian and Steve (bb17)
    • RS is thinking of nominating Angela and Sam with Tyler as a BD option
  • 12:05 pm – Bayleigh keeps talking to RS about what it’s like to be pregnant
  • 12:25 pm – Angela comes up to the HoH room
    • She says she is going to convince Brett to give her one last backrub
    • RS asks if they’re still all on the same page. Angela confirms (they’re not)
    • Angela asks Bayleigh about the comment from Rachel that the only way Ty would use the veto would be if Angela was the replacement
    • Bayleigh says that it didn’t happen like Rachel said
    • Angela is confused as to who Tyler is working with (obviously playing dumb)
  • 12:40 pm – Rachel is doing some campaigning to Sam in the bathroom
    • Just giving her the pitch how loyal she is
  • The talk breaks up and Bay pulls Rachel into the Jenga room
    • Bay spills what Angela just told her about what she thinks Tyler said
    • Rachel dismisses it over just talk and nothing to worry about
  • 1:00 pm – Haleigh begins retelling her conversation with Fessy to RS and I’m switching cams. If anyone is interested in their relationship, this is the wrong site to visit because I am not covering their ridiculous showmance at all. If they talk game, I’ll cover it, but don’t care at all about their middle school style relationship
  • 1:30 pm – Kaycee and Angela are talking in the Jenga room about what a loose cannon Rachel is
    • Brett is planning on saying something like Rachel is 30 going on 13
    • Angela is concerned because Rachel may out them all if Brett pisses her off that much
  • 2:15 pm – Angela and Rachel are talking in the bedroom
    • Rachel is retelling her about the conversation with Sam in the bathroom
    • They are talking about potential targets moving forward. They think Tyler is going to be a big target but they don’t want to sit next to someone they care about on the block
    • Rachel is still terrified about this week. Kaitlyn must be sending her pings
    • Rachel feels like her security blanket is being ripped out from under her
  • 3:00 pm – People are hanging around. Casual afternoon right now
  • 6:00 pm – Back from dinner and watching the CBS episode
    • Not a good look for Bayleigh tonight. Her edit only gave a small sample of her HOHitis this week, though
    • Alliances are currently split and studying for HoH tomorrow.  I’m guessing while I was gone, they showed the house a few photoshopped photos they need to remember
  • Meanwhile, downstairs Sam and JC are having an argument
    • She is upset over something she apparently saw in the video during the study session
    • Sounds like she is upset because she thinks JC threw the endurance competition to her
    • Tyler comes in and Sam starts raging because she doesn’t want to be near anyone.  Wow
    • Sam is upset because people pumped her up for winning that comp but she doesn’t feel like she earned it
  • 6:45 pm – Sam is now in the HN room talking to Tyler about her issues
    • She doesn’t seem to remember that she demanded Tyler drop from the tree during the same competition that she’s crying about because she thinks JC threw it
  • Angela comes in and brings Sam dinner.
    • Really sweet of her because Sam is feeling real low
  • 9:50 pm – Checking in on the feeds, there is just nothing going on. Hopefully something happens overnight that Mel can cover

Check back for updates



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  1. danmtruth

    Rocky back to her hipster black talk voice She is talking to Bay about who she would put up Forgetting first you need to WIN something Than she is talking to her about how life changing even taking 2 would be Still be a down payment on a house Ohhh poor her Bay fighting not to fall asleep RHS not taking the hint

  2. AIO_7

    “RS is thinking of nominating Angela and Sam with Tyler as a BD option”

    Crayola has to win something first.

  3. Avatar

    These players are so dumb. I shore hope that next year is a BB all stars.

    • Sassy

      No! I’m over the all star and returning players. They had their chance, time to move on. I’d like to see a season of NO recruits!

      • ElaineB

        I agree. The answer is not to recycle previous players, but to find people who are fans of the show, and want to compete! For a lot of past HGs, they were amusing and fun to watch when they were NEW. Can’t catch lightning in a bottle (well….I am sure Sam can, given a rare storm over CA).

      • Mel

        I’d be fine if it was all returning players but they’ll never do that again because of issues in the last one.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Agreed Mel. I don’t like it when they mix the old and new people together.

      • Avatar

        Agreed! I don’t like when they mix either. Not to mention, I don’t think it’s even remotely fair. Either all rookies or all all-stars.

  4. Painter1

    Bays reign will end not soon enough. All her high and mighty talk is putting her in a real bad place, out of the house . To bad thought she had it in the beginning.

  5. Avatar

    12:05 pm – Bayleigh keeps talking to RS about what it’s like to be pregnant

    Didn’t she have a glass of wine the other night?? Is she pregnant, or has been pregnant before? I’m confused!

  6. danmtruth

    After watching and enduring that Hay & Fess conversation every time he started to talk she would just look at him and loose his train of thought Has this guy ever had a real relationship Or is every thing he knows about women from sitting in his dorm room and listening to his friends
    If I was a parent in his school district I would not want him any where near my chid I need a teacher with more emotional maturity than a 7 year old

  7. Shivani33

    From observation, JC was up earlier today for one reason only, and that is because he finally went to sleep earlier than usual. Yesterday he was warned about being on the verge of getting a penalty for singing. Or whatever that is that he does when he opens his mouth and tries to be musical. Also he seems to think that the feeds go off and on according to how many people are watching them. He is worried that he gets almost zero airtime. This from a 28 year old darting around in his underpants who thinks that he is Tyler’s commander-in-chief.

    Meanwhile, Angie RS is celebrating her side’s victory already. She is delighted at how misinformed the other side is. She has her “next” HoH all planned. Actually, RS has been a smidge easier to watch during the past week, but that’s only because Bay has been fully occupied embarrassing herself, right smack in the forefront of the feeds. What will her CBS BB edit be like tonight?

    Brett hopes he is on the block again, convinced that his salty wit is bringing him tv time. Fester and Hay have gone relationshit insane. This gave me a lot of time to nap on the patio. There’s his story, there’s her story and the truth is somewhere in the middle. And frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn, to quote Rhett Butler.

    Scottie is everywhere and nowhere. Good job, Scottie! Angela has turned into a bufo toad, lying on the hammock spitting venom nasty enough to kill a big German Shepherd. How smug can she get? Tyler is being treated like the BB messiah. Players even thank him for winning the game. At least we can thank the gaudy BB gawds and keep trying to expect the unexpected. Orndid Kaitlyn provide that moment for viewers already with her 6 puzzle pieces?

  8. ElaineB

    It is often the worst BB players who sit around talking about who they will nominate and how they will spend the winnings.

  9. danmtruth

    So the hair braiding starts TY step up please
    RHS can barley keep it in hiding her contempt for TY
    Queen Bay just happy to have her minions and be braiding

  10. kneeless

    Wondering if the HOH comp will be where they mix potions & if wrong it blows up on them. Possibly the spelling comp? Hope it’s not another luck comp.

  11. danmtruth

    Bay and the girls having a cuddle puddle as they call it Bay KC, HAY, Rhs on the outside Talking about what else “experiences ” In cars or where ever Bay defending that she is the FIRST black women Swaggy has ever dated Dreams die hard Slight dig at Hay saying she was his type But then they started to talk and he realized Bay was also interested in him

  12. Avatar

    And speaking of Big Brother All-Stars, I found this ranking of the top 100 Big Brother players of all time.


    Pretty good! I would love to see the top 16 from that list in a BB all-stars.

  13. caRyn

    I want Brett to make one of his famous speeches and wouldn’t mind it if he outed Bayleigh’s app. Never cared. I also want Brett to stay in the house as a target to keep Tyler and Kaycee. I like Rachel but Brett is a larger target.
    I do wonder if Bayleigh and Sam think they are safe in the BB house because America likes them (or why else would they receive the apps?!) and think America will somehow save them later down the road.
    Tyler didn’t let HOH get to his head. Did he? (True question) I am only watching the episodes so I don’t know.
    Don’t want Sam in the juror house either. Last thread it was mentioned that Sam would vote on a personal level and not game. That is a very good point. She might even vote for a woman for “female empowerment” if that is an option.
    The way Sam judges the BB female “house pets” is more like “house hookers”.
    I’m not sure Bayleigh is aware of her comments regarding JC and Faysal. All I can think is she has tunnel vision. She only sees herself as the victim of racism and can’t see how her words can have an impact on others.

  14. danmtruth

    Martha Samert busy doing crafts while telling Angela and TY the party is up stairs in the HOH rom and its POPPING and all the people are LIT up there So hip Sadly I think Sam knows the song by Janis Ian At Seventeen She seems to be left out of the fun but is happy to find joy in doing her crafts

    • Mel

      I like seeing things she comes up with because I love to repurpose things but they need to take that crap away from her. It might force her to play the game more. Hell, climb the rock wall with a buddy or play some Foosball.

    • ElaineB

      I bet Sam will get out of the house, get a patent for all her ‘goodies’ and make a fortune! While others laze around, Sam creates. Good for her.

  15. HappyHippo

    Any idea why it switched to reruns? They don’t normally do anything on wed huh? Maybe practice the hoh comp?

  16. Colby

    I was saw Tyler, Rainbow, and Rachael talking in the geo room, and started hearing yelling from the other room. They got up to go see what was going on and the feeds cut. So some kind of fight maybe?

  17. Helen

    The only people I see that might possibly get into a verbal yelling match are JC and Bayleigh….

  18. Mel

    I think they got excited because something popped up for them to study,,,probably for hoh comp tomorrow.

  19. Colby

    They must have shown them some pictures, probably having to do with the HOH comp. They are all discussing what people were wearing and stuff.

  20. Mel

    This is the kind of comp anyone can win but it’s also easy to throw.

  21. Wizard

    Watching the live show, and it just makes me hate Bay even more. She legit just wakes up Fessy to yell at him. She’s being nasty to Rachel now too. She’s acting like a tyrant! I want her and Sam gone ASAP! They are just too judgmental and nasty.

  22. g8trgirl

    It’s one thing to hear you guys talk about it. But it’s another seeing Queen B in action. She woke Fessy up to put him in his place? Oh hell to the no!

    • ShoeLover

      I am not sure exactly who she was badgering last night, but she mentioned something about her anger and she wouldn’t have to jump up all on you or yell at you if you just did what she asked or wanted. Either way, it’s crazy to even excuse her excuses!! I personally would have told her to do it herself, she’s grown and capable. The whole vegetables

      • ShoeLover

        Crap!!! I hit enter!!! Stoopiddddd phone!!


        She was completely taken back that no one offered her any of the sauteed vegetables!!!! Yeah, if it were me, I would have asked who prepared them and then ask if I could have some. If not, cool!! I know how to cook!!!
        I just wish there could be a Big Brother with the ages of 40 and higher!!! Young folksare good for selling reality shows, but I also think some of us BBJ family would mesh quite well in the Big Brother House!!

        *heavy, yet dreamy sigh

      • NKogNeeTow

        What got me about that incident was while she was telling them how mad she gets when she’s hungry, they were acting like they were scared of her. Everyone started jumping around, waiting on her. They sounded kind of nervous while she kept talking about how she acts when she gets “hangry”. Wonder what she’s going to do next week when no one is clamoring to feed her?

  23. danmtruth

    something like the weatherman app Lets see who will stand up Scottie is smart but at the dating game comp he could not keep things straight Preasure might get to him RHS might have a chance except if they throw something physical at her As they probably will Angela seems like she can remember things Jc studies dance moves sequence so lets see what he can do

  24. AIO_7

    LOL! on the message from Chakra.

  25. AIO_7

    I bet (our) Steve would win this comp..

  26. Mr. Beardo

    I gotta say I was impressed with little dude waking up and getting after it so hard this morning, given his track record. JC also stated that he thinks he probably isn’t getting much airtime.. lol! But his thinking that might mean he’s about to turn it up to 11.

  27. HappyHippo

    Bay has gone postal. Tyler won that veto by a landslide, he did that quick! It will be pretty neat to see Rachel leave tomorrow and another blindside happen. One has happened every week so far, gotta love it! I don’t care who goes home out of the 2 but I love seeing people shocked. Especially bay thinking she didn’t get her way… her butt needs to go up soon!

  28. Avatar

    I thought Angela was okay. Has she been nasty on some of the feeds?

  29. Avatar

    I just finished watching tonight’s episode. I can’t believe Jc did that to fessy… that was so bad. I had high hopes for feast but he’s so oblivious

  30. mm22

    I don’t know what to really think about JC
    He is funny at times
    He is playing in the middle
    He is inaudible most of the time
    He wants to play the game
    Hummmm…just dont know

    • ElaineB

      I am hoping, as the numbers dwindle, his ‘snitch’ ways will be problematic for him. He is unique, which means convos he has with HGs may be more memorable in their minds, and as notes are compared, he will be the common denominator.

      • NKogNeeTow

        No, what’s going to do him in is if he keeps throwing those hinky votes. I hope he’s not planning to do it again tomorrow. There are only so many times you can get away with that stuff before you’re eventually found out. I think he should quit while he’s ahead.

      • ElaineB

        Keep throwing those hinky votes, JC!

  31. Avatar

    I don’t care for Bay’s team..just something runs me the wrong way. One thing I don’t like about Big Brother is the jury system.. they do vote personally and act pretty. I would much prefer former BB winners voting.

    • Avatar

      Darn cell..this is my comment

      I don’t care for Bay’s team..just something rubs me the wrong way. One thing I don’t like about Big Brother is the jury system.. they do vote personally and act petty. I would much prefer former BB winners voting.

      • ShoeLover

        Some times it is personal for a few jury members, but most do vote game play. I am not sure of the exact percentage, but Stevebeans…….. are most winners chosen by a vindictive personal choice or a game play choice???

      • HappyHippo

        I think it’s an interesting mix between personal and gameplay votes. It makes it harder on the players having to consider how they treat people. Most I feel in the past have voted on gameplay…

  32. Shivani33

    Houseguests might have been looking at short videos of their comps, etc. to prepare for the HoH comp. The flip-out was between Sam and JC. Sam was crying and yelling. She thought that the video of her HoH comp win showed that she didn’t win it on her own merit and that JC dropped and handed her the win. He said that he really didn’t give her the win, but Sam was ready for her nervous breakdown. I think that there’s a lot more behind her temporary misery. She feels discluded by other players. She went to bed instead of studying with any of them, saying that this withdrawal would cement what she needs to remember in her mind. Then she emerged and was all bent out of shape seeing houseguests in groups together studying. She has an old wound, feeling like the outsider, the window licker who can’t win over the”In Crowd.”

    • Mr. Beardo

      But JC dropped before BSC and KC. Then Sam practically begged Ty to let her win.

      • Shivani33

        Sam thought that she saw JC drop voluntarily when she saw the clip. It didn’t matter to her when he “gave it” to her; it just mattered that he did. ( And, of course he didn’t give it to HER. When he dropped there were quite a few still in it.)

        Yes, it not linear thinking on Sam’s part. She needed a reason to blow, cry, and release some steam.. Maybe a psychoanalyst would avail her of more confidence in herself. She has a double-edged sword lodged up inside her, and I often see it eating away at her. As harsh as some of her evaluations and concepts are about certain others, she’s likely to be that harsh and more on herself. She can mend, though.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Exactly! If she’s so worried about how it looked like she didn’t win fair and square, then she should have thought about that when she kept asking Tyler to drop.

      • Mr. Beardo

        You’re right. She was just primed to blow and looking for an outlet. She had a nice convo w Ty in the HN room after she went to bed (with all of her clothes and makeup on) lol

      • HappyHippo

        And I think in the cbs episode of that comp jc said he actually slipped and they even showed it in slow motion. Originally I thought he threw it too.

  33. Helen

    If Brett actually gives the eviction speech he is practicing tomorrow’s live show will be lit up like the Fourth of July!!!

    • ElaineB

      Brett probably needs to just #STFU and not get so cocky. He won’t be staying by a landslide….if he does, it will be more because of factors unrelated to him. Don’t mess up!

      • Helen

        I agree…it will be to their advantage if he just keeps his mouth shut…

      • Helen

        The only good part is that no one in her “alliance” knows except Faysal…it will rattle Scottie,Hayleigh and Rocky Horror enough where they might do poorly in HOH comp…
        Remember how it pissed Scottie off that Sam never told him about hers…that’s what drew Scottie away from Sam…he will be equally untrusting of Bayleigh when he finds it…

      • ElaineB

        I think Brett is basking in his own glory with the previous RS call-out. That one worked in his favor….continuing to open his mouth, might not.

      • Mr. Beardo

        Whew I hope he has a few other speeches on the burner.. Brett practicing his speech: I know everyone’s nervous I’m gonna say something crazy, but I’ll keep it heartfelt. Rachel told me all about the all girls alliance. She also told me all about Bayleigh’s power app. She has the ability to replace nominations

      • Sassy

        I would like to hear him spill all the dirt because I love when they create drama. But for his game, it would be better to leave that alone for now. He will continue to go on the block when that side has HOH, so it does provide some cover for the rest of them.

      • Colby

        Plus, why throw Rachael under the bus? She is going to be devastated enough that she is evicted.

    • caRyn

      Brett’s speeches are epic. Love them!

  34. Mr. Beardo

    The local news cut in for a weather report the last 15mins of the show for me. Did I miss anything good?

  35. ElaineB

    I like that RS was able to pull from her own wardrobe to host that comp. Good fashion choice RS! I thought the ‘Samzilla’ was the best comp clip. By the way, though Sam probably does “draw outside the lines”, she probably ‘colors’ outside of them, as well. Overall, I was able to watch and listen to Bay through the episode…I feel accomplished!

  36. danmtruth

    it would be best that Bay does not know that the other side knows If one of them win and she changes the noms They could have a min of 3 playing in the POV Than depending on chip pul could have the numbers to run the comp and blindside Bay

  37. ElaineB

    If Bay hadn’t gotten a power app, I probably wouldn’t be so annoyed. I am ready for them to be used or expired. Dang, those apps have become another HG, they have been in play so long!

    • danmtruth

      ElaineB I hate to point out This seems to be one of the times that the twist have paid off for production As you said they have taken on a life of there own Things did not work out as they planed with the first app Seeing Kaitlyn panic and could not do the child puzzle Still it did add to the show So in that way they have done what production wanted

      • ElaineB

        As I said, I am probably annoyed because Bay got one. I do like that the apps have kept the HGs guessing, and the wise ones have been able to use them for strategy. Though I like the concept, I am ready for them to expire.

    • mm22

      Haha yup they outlasted Kaitlyn

  38. Alda

    I hate that Bayleigh told Rachel about the power app.Then Rachel told Andrea/Ashley/whoever.then Tyler knows too.That would have been a great one to surprise them all with.

  39. danmtruth

    everyone has stop talking about the other app Most of Team Bay thinks its Jc Funny thing is TY very really comes up
    Bret doing a big sell onFess Whenever Hay names comes up Bret talks nice but always says but I know she is with you Trying to keep Angela KC and TY as just people he knows a little But does talk up Scottie Pitching Fess about the all girl alliance

  40. Helen

    New spoiler from Realvegas:

    There could be NO DOUBLE EVICTION this summer because Kaitlyn couldn’t solve the puzzle.

    Keep you posted IF and when one will happen.


    • ElaineB

      Leave it to Kait’s inability at a puzzle, to change the course of Production. Couldn’t she see that coming…with her damn-on-point intuition??!!

      • Helen

        It was even worse…had she solved puzzle not only would she have returned to game she would have had a weeks saftey!!

        From RealVegas:
        If solved, twist was Kait would have had a week of safety (but not able to compete in that HOH) & then this week would have been a DE.

        Plenty of time for things to change, but production plans & challenges are all locked ahead. With the surprise, could be readjust. TBA!


  41. Helen

    Scottie told Faysal he’s sure the votes will be 8 to 1 for Brett to leave…someone MAY give Brett a vote…

  42. danmtruth

    again look at history Fess,RHS, Hay,Bay and Scottie when have you been right about a vote except with Kaitlyn ?
    Scottie even said to Fess that they might throw the HOH comp to TY its crazy they keep counting TY and Jc to vote with them Also Angela and KC
    Scottie studying with TY Its funny TY is just playing dumb letting Scottie feeling good that he knows so much

    • Helen

      Don’t be surprised if Sam flips her vote and keeps Rachel tonight…she was upset when she was told Brett was going to call out Rachel in his eviction speech…if he goes ahead as planned she could very well flip on him….

    • Alda

      Kaitlyn really has helped Ty in the game.No one suspects him to be so close to Level 6/5/4,let alone be part of their alliance.

    • mm22

      Ty’s playing a really good game in my opinion-I’m
      surprised he’s able to work both sides so well, he was
      saved a couple times by others game moves-enjoying
      for now but house will figure him out soon – it
      just must be me,but i see a lttle smirky smile sometimes

  43. danmtruth

    Looks like Mel with one L will have her work cut out for he Not much game talk A bit of housepets tying to get each other to spill some info
    Team Bay still clueless
    RHS feeling very smug and happy
    sounds like a true – false comp or A – B
    Fess Bay Scottie STILL think there will be a battle back
    Hay trying to bond with Sam Helping her clean the kitchen To Little To late
    Who thinks production is keeping them locked up to try to ratchet up the pressure
    Fess in bathroom watching Rachel take a shower Stand in front of the door with his armpits at the level of the top of the door So he has a straight shot into the shower

  44. mm22

    So he is acting like a creeper peeper!

  45. HappyHippo

    If it keeps her in the game lol

  46. Avatar

    Is anyone else angry for Fessy for Bayleigh waking him up? AND FOR SUCH A DUMB REASON? I would be LIVID! I don’t know how Fessy wasn’t more pissed off…or maybe I’m just the only one who is super cranky when I’m woken up whether it’s intentional or not!! It is laughable how much Bayleigh looks like a fool for how much this HOH has gotten to her. Almost hope she gets put on the block this week…is that mean? Lol!

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