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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone! You know this is a weird week when JC was up this morning before the rest of the house doing his workout. The guy is usually the last to get up, let alone wake up to work out. Weird.


Tomorrow, the level 6 5 alliance will be down to level 4 as either Brett or Rachel will walk out of the house never to be seen again! I think Jess is the only pre-jury former cast member to remain relevant (don’t quote me on that). Speaking of, every season I think how dumb it is to have such a big jury because it just seems like everyone is happy just to make the jury and nothing more. With this cast of people who really don’t know the game all too well, it’s refreshing to not hear people beg for a spot on the jury. I also always forget just how hard it is to actually make jury in this game considering 4 big players will be out of the game come tomorrow night (Sorry, Steve).

The week of Bayleigh also officially ends tomorrow night, and although her power actually ended two days ago once Tyler didn’t use the power of veto, someone forgot to tell her that. She has been going on one of the biggest power trips I’ve seen an HoH do and it’s both funny and sad to watch at the same time. Funny because it’s always great to see players crash after feeling that brief moment of power but sad because there was a lot of hope from the fanbase for Bayleigh this season. She gained an enormous amount of sympathy when Swaggy left the game and even won the third power as a result. To watch a humbled girl turn into a ‘queen’ (her words) that quickly is just sad to see.

I’m not really sure what to expect today. We have had a very slow week, but Wednesdays are notorious for either being insanely slow or crazy depending on the nominees. Brett should remain cool and calm but you never know what you’re going to get with Rachel. Let’s watch and see….


  • 11:30 am – The house is up and finally locked in.
    • This is weird because I don’t remember a lockin happening so late in the week before. I’m sure it has, and it makes me wish that I tracked the dates/times of lockins on previous seasons so I can match them up with competitions and have a better idea what to expect (future players – there is a tip for you. It’s a ton of bookwork for not much of a payoff, but if you want to get an idea what comp to expect, go research the days they shut the players in as production typically has an expected timeline per comp)
    • Bayleigh and RS are talking. They say that Scottie is dangerous to win the entire season but he’s on the radar of other people so let them take him out. Famous last words.  I bet people thought the same thing of Ian and Steve (bb17)
    • RS is thinking of nominating Angela and Sam with Tyler as a BD option
  • 12:05 pm – Bayleigh keeps talking to RS about what it’s like to be pregnant
  • 12:25 pm – Angela comes up to the HoH room
    • She says she is going to convince Brett to give her one last backrub
    • RS asks if they’re still all on the same page. Angela confirms (they’re not)
    • Angela asks Bayleigh about the comment from Rachel that the only way Ty would use the veto would be if Angela was the replacement
    • Bayleigh says that it didn’t happen like Rachel said
    • Angela is confused as to who Tyler is working with (obviously playing dumb)
  • 12:40 pm – Rachel is doing some campaigning to Sam in the bathroom
    • Just giving her the pitch how loyal she is
  • The talk breaks up and Bay pulls Rachel into the Jenga room
    • Bay spills what Angela just told her about what she thinks Tyler said
    • Rachel dismisses it over just talk and nothing to worry about
  • 1:00 pm – Haleigh begins retelling her conversation with Fessy to RS and I’m switching cams. If anyone is interested in their relationship, this is the wrong site to visit because I am not covering their ridiculous showmance at all. If they talk game, I’ll cover it, but don’t care at all about their middle school style relationship
  • 1:30 pm – Kaycee and Angela are talking in the Jenga room about what a loose cannon Rachel is
    • Brett is planning on saying something like Rachel is 30 going on 13
    • Angela is concerned because Rachel may out them all if Brett pisses her off that much
  • 2:15 pm – Angela and Rachel are talking in the bedroom
    • Rachel is retelling her about the conversation with Sam in the bathroom
    • They are talking about potential targets moving forward. They think Tyler is going to be a big target but they don’t want to sit next to someone they care about on the block
    • Rachel is still terrified about this week. Kaitlyn must be sending her pings
    • Rachel feels like her security blanket is being ripped out from under her
  • 3:00 pm – People are hanging around. Casual afternoon right now
  • 6:00 pm – Back from dinner and watching the CBS episode
    • Not a good look for Bayleigh tonight. Her edit only gave a small sample of her HOHitis this week, though
    • Alliances are currently split and studying for HoH tomorrow.  I’m guessing while I was gone, they showed the house a few photoshopped photos they need to remember
  • Meanwhile, downstairs Sam and JC are having an argument
    • She is upset over something she apparently saw in the video during the study session
    • Sounds like she is upset because she thinks JC threw the endurance competition to her
    • Tyler comes in and Sam starts raging because she doesn’t want to be near anyone.  Wow
    • Sam is upset because people pumped her up for winning that comp but she doesn’t feel like she earned it
  • 6:45 pm – Sam is now in the HN room talking to Tyler about her issues
    • She doesn’t seem to remember that she demanded Tyler drop from the tree during the same competition that she’s crying about because she thinks JC threw it
  • Angela comes in and brings Sam dinner.
    • Really sweet of her because Sam is feeling real low
  • 9:50 pm – Checking in on the feeds, there is just nothing going on. Hopefully something happens overnight that Mel can cover

Check back for updates




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