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Big Brother 20 Wednesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s been one of those weeks inside the Big Brother house. A week that nothing happens. Well, not nothing but basically nothing.

The biggest story coming out of the week is that Fessy is going to get his own alliance member evicted, but that’s been discussed countless times and I’m sure CBS will have some fun with that editing tonight. I expect L6 to have some good diary room zings for Fessy in the week of zingbot.

Other stories are that Sam quit smoking which should be fun to watch. Angela and Tyler are growing closer and closer. Sam is likely the target next week, so she needs to win HoH tomorrow or she’s screwed. Scottie is making it known that if he stays in the house, his main target is Fessy. And that’s about it.


Like I said, slow week.


  • 10:50 am – People are slowly starting to get out of bed now
  • 11:25 am – KC and Tyler talk a little in the HN room
    • Kaycee re-tells the weird thing Sam did when she went up to her and asked her who she loved more (her or Angela)
    • They are speculating if Sam is America’s Player. Not the first time I’ve heard that
    • Tyler tells her that Brett has been trying to make a f2 with JC but they are not sure because JC is smart and could be misleading them
    • JC, Angela, and Brett all come in and game talk stops
  • 12:30 pm – Feeds down because of a small fire in the kitchen. Sweet
  • 2:00 pm – Feeds back.
    • Angela tells Brett that L6 needs to get together at some point today
    • House resumes cooking
  • 2:20 pm – Fessy is hanging out upstairs in the HoH room with Haleigh
    • Fessy is still trying to justify nominating Scottie
    • Fessy says ‘you need to stop talking to this damn kid’ (Scottie)
    • He says he likes seeing her jealous (wtf)… This couple is so unwatchable.
    • BB keeps pushing for showmances – THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!
      • Swaggy and Bayleigh = interesting to start the season. Together = BORING
      • Mark and Elena = Fun to watch. Together = BORING
      • Cody and Jessica = BORING
      • Raven and Matt = Painfully awkward and BORING
      • Natalie and James = Pathetic and BORING
      • Nicole and Corey = BOOOOORING
      • Austin and Liz = BORING
    • The list goes on and on and on and on.  Showmances SUCK.  I didn’t have the feeds for BB12 but I watched BBAD. Every time I turned on the show, Brendan and Rachel were in bed. That’s BORING
  • 2:40 pm – Angela suggests Tyler should add olives to the hot dog
  • Meanwhile, Scottie is doing something shifty in the storage room
    • Looks like he’s trying to steal a bunch of stuff from the house.  Someone should tell him that he’s being recorded
    • It may be his personal stuff but seems a bit weird to put stuff down there
    • One of the items are sponges so either he’s a weirdo who brought sponges in the house or he’s stealing
    • Oh, and he’s taking the condoms for some reason
    • Some items of note: Dryer sheets. Mouthwash. Shampoo. I think rubbing alcohol. Sponges. Lysol wipes
  • 4:00 pm – Everyone just hanging around. Going to go for ice cream, come back watch BB on CBS then either start a new thread or continue this depending on how many comments on this thread.
  • 4:50 pm – Brett cooking again. Hopefully doesn’t light the oven on fire. A few people hanging around one bedroom. Scottie alone in the other room
    • Scottie is resting peacefully knowing that he’ll have plenty of condoms when he returns home

Check back for  updates


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  1. Avatar

    Level 6 wont target Sam, HALEIGH will target Sam, Level 6 is going after Fessie or Haleigh

  2. Sassy

    Awe, JC has Brett’s sweater on again and it says, “I’m gay”. It’s pretty cute. Most of the HGs are in the kitchen, they were talking about the last Veto comp. they said that you hide it and production documents where it is and removes it. This is so they don’t find one while hiding theirs.

    • ShoeLover

      Gosh, I should just give in and get the feeds!!! Another thing to torture my loven man over!!! Can ya get a shot of JC in the new sweater design???

    • dfdsgs

      I had always wondered about this. I don’t think I have ever seen two in the same place though which is also surprising if they take them out. You would think if you already saw one hidden in your spot you would find a different one. So statistically speaking you would think someone at some point will pick the same spot as another contestant.

  3. LynnD

    KC & TY in the HN room talking. However, I missed who they were talking about. It is someone they don’t trust. I am guessing Sam.

  4. LynnD

    L4 + JC in the HN room. You can tell they are waiting for JC to leave so that they can talk. They keep making dumb small talk hoping he will go.

  5. Avatar

    Can Thursday please be a double eviction? I can’t handle another week of this.

  6. LynnD

    Sam trying to find somewhere to hang her new ring toss game. This is going to be a fun day. (enter my hint of sarcasm)

  7. AIO_7

    Looks like a little get together of L4 + JC in the HN room.


  8. LynnD

    Pillow fight in the HN room. JC & KC get told to “Shut it down!” so JC turns it into a shoe fight. I’m sorry I find in purely entertaining (when he is not “evil genius”). It will be sad to watch him go.

    • Jenny

      When he was doing all of the inappropriate touching early on I hated him. When he’s not being vulgar he’s pretty darn funny! I remember Paul and Victor, how I couldn’t stand either one, and then by the end of the season I was rooting for them. Same thing with Brett this year. That stupid “bro” thing was just annoying, but the real Brett cracks me up. Tyler was my favorite the moment I saw he was playing everybody. I still want him to win but if it’s JC or Brett I won’t be mad. Also good w/KC winning. I can’t get on board w/rooting for Angela & I wish I knew what Tyler sees in her other than her body.

  9. Colby

    Fire in the oven. And fish………………..

  10. Avatar

    JC is gearing up for a fifth place finish, but he’s still going to win more money than third or fourth because I think he’s going to be America’s Favorite and take home the $25,000. He’s had quite the turn around since the first couple of weeks when he was grabbing crotches.

    Sam is behaving just like America’s player would expect to behave. That may have been Big Brother’s most successful season-long twist ever! I say that simply because, while it was only done one time for a full season (season 8), it has been mentioned every season since by houseguests trying to explain the odd behaviors of their housemates.

  11. HappyHippo

    Fish turned into reruns. Party poopers.

  12. AIO_7

    Since it’s a little slow in the house; how ’bout a little bit of Yanni.


  13. HappyHippo

    “Fire was small, it’s been out.

    Cleanup crew and inspectors in house to clear for safety. Overly tedious cleanup crew.”

    Realvegas tweet

  14. Seattle Kari

    I did not start watching Big Brother until about season 10. What is this America’s Player thing? Was it a plant by production one year someone wasn’t really playing?

    Speaking of songs, every time we get to a eviction day, the song Another One Bites the Dust goes through my head, LOL

    On other non Big Brother topics that nobody really gives a damn about, LOL… Hopefully Seattle is experiencing their last bad smoke day for a while. It is been absolutely crazy! Our pollution levels are higher than they are in Bangkok!! People walking around wearing masks experiencing all sorts of medical crap. My eyes have been dry and burning, throat sore, and headaches.

    I know Seattle gets a lot of shit for the rain by other people but I’m telling you, right now we desperately need it. Not to mention all the fires that are around us.. I love summer but this has been a rough one to be certain.

    • kneeless

      Kari, hope you get some relief, soon. In Iowa we are having a perfect day. Clear, sunny & 77°. I will enjoy for you!

      • Seattle Kari

        That is perfect! Thank you, lol..

        Today should be the last really bad day the winds are coming back in from the oceans starting tomorrow. I just hope it stays away. I don’t know until they give these fires under control in Canada and other places we run the risk of it coming back again.

      • AIO_7

        WOW! NBC Nightly News just covered it. I’d wear that mask.

    • danmtruth

      Kari B you never know what you have ,,, I know bad song lyric ,,,,,, till you don’t have it like rain or a clear breeze Ones health can be affected by so many things you have no control over
      Another one bites the dust for some HG yes good song fit for many
      Looking forward to read more from you

    • LindsayB

      Hey Kari. The smoke is so bad right now. I moved up to Portland this year thinking I would get out of the CA smoke. I’m up in Tacoma today and it’s just gross.

    • Jenny

      One of my best friends lives in Seattle and posted a picture of herself wearing a mask. Awful. Hope you get some rain and clean air soon!!!

  15. Avatar

    So if we presume Scottie (Not) Hottie gets punted tomorrow.

    My assumption is next week will be double eviction week unless they surprise us one tomorrow.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Sam opts out of the game provided she can join Jury House. If by exiting she dosen’t get to go to Jury House she will stick it out. We all know the check for making it to Jury is a little higher than the one they were getting prior to. I have a feeling Sam needs the $$$.

    So lets assume Sam stays in the game…

    HOH will be Haliegh vs the rest of the house. Odds are Level 6 member will win it.

    I cannot see them not putting up Faysal and Haliegh and keeping Sam as Plan B if one them wins the VETO.

    If they both stay on the block it will be interesting to see which of the 2 Hive members they elect to send to JH.

  16. Alda

    Who do you all want in the final three? I like Tyler,JC and Kaycee

  17. Malia

    I agree about *most* showmancea…however I am a sucker for Jeff and Jordan.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Me too Malia. They are the only showmance I have ever liked and they kept it strictly PG while they were in the house.

      • Malia

        Yep! I watched all of their episodes of Jeff and Jordan tv on YouTube too. She is due pretty soon with their second baby….

      • NKogNeeTow

        I didn’t know they still had their show on YouTube. I haven’t seen it since she was expecting their first. Had no idea there was another one on the way. They are my favorite couple.

      • Malia

        It’s not anymore. After Lawson was born they did a few follow ups but then they moved from California and I think life just got busy for them. I still follow their Instagram though.

  18. Malia

    Do we know what started the fire?

  19. kneeless

    Not sure why Scottie is packing a large box of condems. He must be ready to play his V card & if so he’s very optimistic! If he hasn’t needed a condemn in the past 2 mos I can’t imagine he’s going to get any during the next month! Whatever, go Scottie!

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Is anyone else watching Mr. Peabody pilfer half the storage room? I hope BB has security waiting for him on the other side of the door and shakes him down as he walks out of the house…lol

  21. Helen

    Watching Scottie pack I think back to the beginning of the show and how I had such high hopes for him…even had him as a F4 choice….then he became smitten with the black widow and his game went in the gutter. Sam saw it coming in the beginning..what Hayleigh was doing to Scottie..and although she was doing it to all the guys in the house Sammie thought Scottie was the most vulnerabl. Was she judgemental when she put Hayleigh and Kaitlyn OTB? Yes,but she was also being bluntly honest..
    I can’t feel too sad for him..Sam tried to warn him as did Tyler..she was bad news. L6 tried to warn him of her backstabbing con game and again he chose not to listen….

  22. LynnD

    quite the interesting conversation going on in the Blue Room between Brett Tyler and JC. As usual JC is throwing around the comic relief sometimes you have to wonder if he just really doesn’t get it or if he plays stupid really well.

    • LynnD

      It’s actually good to hear the 3 guys talk even further into this conversation. With so much BS going on and the constant “showmance” and hook ups that go on they actually sound like guys who have there shit & feelings in check. You can see them in a whole different light.

  23. Helen

    Has Faysal left the HOH room at all today?

  24. AIO_7

    Chomping nails, HoHa thinks she is in with the cool kids …


  25. LynnD

    Most of the house in the blue room talking. Brett telling a funny story about loosing his truck. There is no game play going on but they are keeping me hooked on the feeds with their stories.

  26. Sassy

    Boring afternoon!

    Some interesting info from B.B. network:

    Grodner: I think the punishment of only eating slop, taking cold showers, and sleeping in horribly uncomfortable beds is pretty bad whether or not you are assigned or you volunteer. There is certainly more drama initially that comes from people being assigned to this fate, but we like seeing how the houseguests handle this punishment among themselves week to week and how it changes their ability to cope in the house. Also, we have so much going on with the game itself, that it is actually a relief to not have to tell the story of how they became Have Nots in the edit.

    Hooray! Double Eviction nights are so messy but one of the very few times a season where we’re genuinely surprised by the turn of events. With the Feeds revealing every direction sign of the summer it’s hard not to see the next move coming, but a jam packed live hour event with HGs pulling off an exciting night can’t be missed. I’m thrilled to hear it’s back again this summer.

    After Kaitlyn failed that challenge the numbers of HGs were off to give us an organic Double Eviction, but if it’s coming back anyway then that means there’s something else coming up to increase the head count. Reset button? Jury Battle Back? We won’t know for awhile, but it’s bound to happen now.

    • Avatar

      Season is almost over. They have 3 weeks left. There will not be a battle back this season. Double Eviction next week for sure to pare the numbers down.

      The will be down to 8 after Thursday. Double Eviction next week takes them down to 6. They need to be down to 3 in 3 weeks. To do the final comps to get down to 2.

      Not enough time left in the season to do any kind of battle back. Kaitlyn had a shot “BLEW IT”.

      I think Production is doing what they can to spice the show up but this is a pretty bland group. Not to mention the utter stupidity of Floutte.

  27. Malia

    *pink* haired pagen? Her hair is clearly purple.

  28. Sassy

    Fun fact about Zingbot as we head into tonight’s episode: His voice comes from the loudspeakers in the house. The actual Zingbot just stands there silently and sways back and forth as houseguests react to their zings. #BB20

  29. dfdsgs

    Wow Fessy is an idiot to not think that is about him and Haleigh

  30. AIO_7

    Zingbot is right funny this year.

  31. HappyHippo

    I enjoyed zingbot and dang it jc is hilarious

  32. aka beachgirl

    That was the funniest Zingbit visit I’ve ever seen. The houseguests were hilarious in their reactions. Don’t usually like ol’ Zingbit but tonight I did.

  33. Helen

    Faysal sighting in the kitchen…….

  34. Sassy

    I thought the zings were dumb. The HGs looked like they were forcing themselves to laugh.

  35. Malia

    LmbO @Tylers reaction to zongbot. I actually don’t care for zingbot….he has gotten pretty mean before…

    • ShoeLover

      I can’t believe Zingbot actually to a zing towards Sam like that!! Then all the housepets eyes widened and the sank down behind the counter!!! JC is so right about them having to stay in the house with Sam while Zingbot gets to leave!!! WOW!!!!

  36. Jannie

    The music and reaction of the other hg’s when Zingbot called Sam “real crazy” was excellent!
    And yes, Fester is a moron.

  37. HappyHippo

    Oh my gosh Brett is cracking me up! “What wins national championships? Defense!” I died.

  38. AIO_7

    If Winston was still there I think he would have put himself between Brett and Zingbot.

  39. Jannie

    Brett was like a WWE character during the Veto comp. He was hilarious!
    His hiding spot was actually pretty stupid, but dragging all the mattresses into the room was genius.
    Hay finds Scottie’s Veto file. She is his jinx in this game.

  40. Malia

    Brett was hilarious but I thought it was even more funny watching jC tell Sam not to go in the house!!!

    • Sassy

      They made it look like Sam helped with the clean up, but in reality she did not. I’m not saying that she should have, she wasn’t one that made the mess, but the edit didn’t need to make it look like she did.

      • Malia

        I wish they would have showed what a tool Fes was in NOT helping clean up. What a jerk…and he was knocking crap over just to knock crap over.

  41. Malia

    Looks like bB finally got smart and made the slats on the bed frames movable so they quit getting broken by ppl stepping on them.

  42. hogwild

    Fess claims he has a lot of thinking to do Fess thinking that’s an oxymoron if there ever was one.

  43. Helen

    Hayleigh back up in HOH making sure that hooks still set in Fessy…might need him for a save down the road

  44. LO1004

    Did they really not show the Veto meeting on the Veto episode? What the…..

  45. Malia

    No veto meeting tonight? They don’t normally do that….

  46. caRyn

    Sam’s delivery to Faysal to put Haleigh OTB was awful. I am surprised she wasn’t in the FOUTTE alliance.

  47. HappyHippo

    I’ve always at some point wished there was a jury feeds but thank goodness there wasn’t recently with bay and RS! Glad I missed those chit chats

    • Sassy

      They may have been interesting. We could have heard how RS thinks Bay got cheat by the rich spoiled white privileged kids. And we could of heard Bay berate RS for everything she says…

      • Malia

        I would only want to see them to see theereaction of their complete failure while in power. Hive is going to jury over and over by their own damn hands.

  48. Malia

    Just a thought…I really thought Scottie was a total tool for spilling milk everywhere once the feeds came back and we saw the carnage…but watching it..it was a solid thought…look how many ppl fell. It really did slow them up somewhat. His was the second to last to be found. Putting the milk in the bathroom…I might have thought twice before lying on that floor.

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