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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


Only one more day until we can finally resume Big Brother and get down to the 7 houseguests it was supposed to be last Thursday. Hopefully it will be Haleigh who remains in the house and we can pretend the week just never happened.

I know many fans of Haleigh, and that’s fine, but as someone who appreciates good gameplay, getting Scottie out the first time was a memorable moment in BB history and bringing him back with some overused gimmick twist is just crap to me. The final 7 should be the group that was in the house last Thursday night for about 15 minutes so I’m hoping that’s who is there again tomorrow night.

While I personally like the thing Haleigh and Tyler have going on and hope it lasts longer, should she be removed after Scottie, that’s just part of the game. Her pretty bad play overall resulted in her being in the position that she’s in so she really has nobody to blame but herself when she’s evicted. I’ve said many times that she’s a smart person, and actually had many of the puzzle pieces in her head, but just never fully connected them to see the big picture. She’s going to be kicking herself in the butt when she’s out of the house and realizes that L6 was just under her nose the entire time.


I’m not really sure what to expect inside the house today. They were on lockdown yesterday and that will go through until Sat night. Every day inside makes them grow more and more agitated with each other. Last night, Sam kept Scottie and Brett up for awhile telling stories in the HN room with Angela trying to sleep right outside. She kept throwing stuff at the door but Sam either ignored it or didn’t hear it. Most of the house spent the better part of the day bashing Sam behind her back, so I’m not sure how much longer we have before someone snaps.



  • 12:00 pm – Sam is up and showering. Tyler and Angela are under the cover in the HoH room
    • They are whispering junk back and forth but no fooling around yet
  • 1:00 pm – Tyler and Ang still in bed
    • Scottie and KC chatting about sports in the kitchen
  • 1:40 pm – I step away for a minute, come back, and everyone is awake
    • Well, most everyone. Still no sign of JC
  • 2:00 pm – Tyler approaches Sam for a private talk.
    • They began by ranting about Haleigh
    • She asks why everyone wants her gone. He says it’s because she’s so solo and that worries people.
    • He says Haleigh has been preaching so hard that Sam has to go. He is trying to set up a Sam vs Haleigh week after Scottie leaves
    • She tells Tyler about how she got close with Brett but denies what he told people (that she likes him)
    • She says she’s not attracted to Brett at all (lol)
    • The talk breaks up
  • 2:40 pm – Production yells at JC for not putting on his mic
    • They are clearly done with him. They tell him to put on his mic, he ignores it. About 10 seconds later they repeat it. As soon as he mentioned something about production, they played the ‘you are not allowed to talk about production’. You can tell whoever is behind the controls is so done with JC this season.
  • 3:50 pm – A bunch of the house is hanging around the bedrooms. Surprising to see JC awake!
    • I bet Brett and Hay are going to be Victor and Nicole and hook up next year
    • Stepping away to eat then watch the CBS episode!
  • 6:20 pm – And we’re back. Not much going on – shocker
  • 7:30 pm – Everyone is still hanging around the kitchen area just goofing off. These guys are so bored. They’re so bored, they’ve gone beyond bashing Sam in private. They’re too bored to even do that
  • 9:20 pm – Looks like BBAD hooked them up with some more alcohol. Trying hard to get this group entertaining
  • 9:55 pm – JC is talking to Brett in the bedroom
    • He is going through his normal paranoia not sure what to do. Brett tells him that Scottie can win a comp and will put anyone up
    • JC mentions ‘if they do anything sexual, we’re fucked’ – I think referring to Tyler and Angela
  • 10:15 pm – Brett and Haleigh had a little interaction. She sprayed him with water and he said something about 2 girls 1 cup
    • Haleigh got bothered and went upstairs and cried in the shower (she’s drunk)
    • Brett is talking to Sam. Sam is confused why Haleigh (the girl she embarrassed on national TV) doesn’t like her
  • 10:30 pm – JC comes into the HN room and Brett says he’s so annoyed at Haleigh that he wants to vote her out
    • JC says he’s game and Sam is always in…
  • 10:45 pm – JC is up in the HoH room and gets re-told a bit. I guess what Brett said was something about evicting her as a prank after she sprayed him
    • Kaycee and Angela say that they feel bad for her and this doesn’t change anything game related.
    • JC is now working to try to change that by pointing out how many people she put on the block

I’m going to head to bed. There may be more going on tomorrow so we’ll cover it tomorrow!


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  1. Avatar

    So yesterday there were some comments that Hayleigh was pacing back and forth in the kitchen and the person commenting (sorry, forgot who) was almost anticipating that something like an altercation (verbal, or otherwise) might be about to happen with Sam. If this happened? Say Sam had a meltdown. OK, it make things interesting, it might also lead to one of the two possibly crossing a line, being evicted, or Sam self evicting. I may be being dramatic – but, look at the way the other house guests talk about Sam, and her possible mental state and the apparent sense of frustration with her, and the fact that they are seemingly on lock down right now. Add to that the stress that Hayleigh has probably been under having been on the block for two straight weeks.

    My question is – if a house guest self evicted, like if Sam had a complete meltdown, stormed into the DR and said “get me out of here right now before I snap”! Or, if a house guest was kicked out, say for LoL, curb stomping Hayleigh – would there still be an eviction on Thursday night?

  2. delabear

    If a house guest left unexpectedly, I think they would either forego the double eviction or only have one eviction the final week instead of the anticipated 2 in that one week.

  3. Patrick

    Vegas: Great segment taped with @kaitcoaching! She explains unexpected surprise in house, how it affected her real life, experience post BB, & views on life & love.

    OUTSTANDINGLY CANDID segment. Wow. Not sure when will air but it’s illuminating. Kaitlyn fans manifested this.

  4. AIO_7

    *** “Like this site? Donate Here (Thank You Page)”

    Your Thank you page is not up to date. If you do update it, please don’t use my real name, but my screen name. I’ll have to reconsider any future donations unless and until we can get back the comment counter.

    • caRyn

      If you don’t mind me asking, why do you want the comment counter? I understand if you don’t want to answer.

      • Jenny

        One benefit of the comment counter is if some troll signs up w/the same user name, we can tell who the “real” person is vs. the new one. A few years back someone was doing that, so you couldn’t tell who was actually making comments. And there’s nothing to stop someone from using the same avatar, either.
        So the counter would tell me if the caRyn with that photo of Ty in the pool is you, or some troll. 🙂

      • caRyn

        Thank you. I get it now. I didn’t think of that. I remember now at one time there were two Colby’s and knew which was which by the comment counter.

      • caRyn

        *And I knew which was which…

  5. Malia

    Sam was super loud last night either g that close to four ppl trying to sleep. I would have been *fustrated* too.

  6. Malia

    Let the table cleaning commence!!!! YAY!

  7. LynnD

    Sam just got the memo: technically this is all my shit so maybe I should get rid of it

  8. Avatar

    What up with JC? He’s been sleeping A LOT lately. Has that always been the norm for him? Seems like he’s always in bed now.

    • Malia

      I think he is pissed about being a havenot.

    • Joy

      I think he is worthless in the game, he has moments and I mean moments where he can be entertaining but they are few and far between. I think him and Angela or competing in a game of who can play BB while laying everywhere in the house and out in the yard. Angela is starting to lose me as a viewer.

      • Malia

        I can see why you would feel that way. She hasn’t lost me yet. This far I still feel like she wins and plays hard when she has too but lies low when she doesn’t. I don’t like the whole focus of her and Ty being their showmance or whatever it is but they seem to be chilling on that a bit. Honestly I don’t usually watch after they go to bed but I did for a bit last night waiting to see if she would sneek upstairs and she didn’t. I will reserve judgement to see what happens this week and next.

      • AIO_7

        …”to see if she would sneek upstairs and she didn’t.”

        She waited to sneak up there this morning for about an hours worth of snuggling.

      • Malia

        I thought she was going to kill Sam last night! LOL….I don’t know if anyone else caught it but she got.up and put a towel under the HN room and the put.a cushion on top of that. I don’t blame her for that one. I am a serious light sleeper. I think I underestimate how sound travels in that “house” and need to remember it isn’t a real house with insulation and real walls.

      • CY aka FW

        Perhaps she might consider earplugs? A twist of tissue in the ear canal and get over your whiny self.

  9. LynnD

    I think its funny & entertaining when they talk about the things they have to do for the day. Like the other day when Angela was dreding moving into her new apartment (which she never had to move into) then come to find out its the same apartment Ha was moving out of.

  10. Malia

    Did freaking Sam just say she wasn’t in the least bit attracted to Brett?!?!?!?!

  11. Malia

    Ty looks like he is dying in this conversation!

  12. Tinkerbell

    Sam talking to Tyler about she would never have a shomance. Seriously, Martha?!?! Honey Sweetie Baby Pie, You have to have a willing partner before that can happen. Sooooo. Don’t worry your pretty little noggin’ about that. Now get busy and clean that damn table off!

  13. Shivani33

    “I LITERALLY shaved my entire body!” Sam to Kaycee at about 1:30 pm, BB time. So much for Sam’s English grammar lessons. Sam’s discourse last night about the usage of the adverb “literally” must’ve been a temporary bout of stability or a way to sound superior and to scold her housemates. Plus, she still seems to be a little too hot on the subject of shaving. Hide the razors! Lol. Here is a line for Sam: do as I say, not as I do. Does she hear herself ? I saw someone’s comment (elsewhere than Junkies) and someone called Sam a “hippocrite.” I love it. A new kind of animal cracker is born every minute.

  14. kneeless

    That’s sacrilegious to thumbs down Pooh!!

  15. kneeless

    I’m back from vacation & trying to get caught up. Can always rely on my BBJ family to do the trick!

    • hogwild

      Level 6 still running the house hive still sucks at the game Scottie won jury house battle back last week Tryler won HOH Scottie and Hay OTB Kaycee won POV not going to use it Scottie likely going back to jury tomorrow. I think that about sums it up if I missed anything sorry.

      • Avatar

        And Tyler and Angela are in a showmance.

      • hogwild

        Yeah and much like Fess and Hay before them these two seem to think no one else in the house has noticed it. Come on people when you are stuck in a house with the same people 24/7 week after week someone is going to notice who is hooking up no matter how subtle you think you are being.

  16. Helen

    How can Brett in all seriousness say that the reason they need to get Scottie out this week is because it’s harder to get him OTB and keep him there? He was OTB two weeks ago and got voted out…is back up OTB and will more than likely be voted out..
    This is at least the third time for Haleigh…she was taken off once by Faysal….was on the block last week with Faysal and stayed..OTB this week with Scottie and will more than likely stay..
    I’m not sure what Brett’s been smoking but he clearly does not know WTF he’s talking about….

  17. kneeless

    I wish this was the double eviction week. Kinda would like to see BB speed things up. The weeks get so long & drawn out as more leave. I know it would mean the season would end earlier but it gets boring.

  18. Helen

    If I hear KayCee say “worse case scenario” is that Haleigh will only put one of them OTB with Sam I’m going to scream!!
    No KayCee. That isn’t the worst case….what about putting two of you up? Like she did her last HOH?
    You and JC sitting there talking about the shitty things she’s done but who are the fools for knowing all this and keeping her?

  19. Avatar

    Kaycee seems to be playing a good quiet game. If she were to win HOH who would she put up? Is there any indication she knows Tyler is in a showmance with Angela?

  20. danmtruth

    who ever survives this week and Jc telling him he is a pawn and has never been OTB No need to try a backdoor as all but one will be in the POV so odds are Hay would be in it

  21. Mr. Beardo

    Don’t worry y’all I didn’t bail on the HOP Gang. The Sugar Skull is just a helmet for my brain..

  22. Helen

    Tyler cracks me up…bashing Haleigh for having several F2’s when he has F2’s with everyone in the house!!!

  23. Tinkerbell

    JC was just looking at some of Sam’s crap still on the table. He picked up the long sharp object and asked what it is, and why was she allowed to take it off of the barbecue grill, and bring it in. Tyler said…….Right! It’s to roast hot dogs. Are you fearful, does it scare you? Take it to the DR.” JC didn’t. Why?! Sam could skewer several people at one time with that….especially in their sleep. Production….I don’t get it. They have to use plastic green knives in the kitchen, and you allow her loose in their with that spear that could very easily seriously injure someone, or worse. I would never- never sit at that table again as long as her nasty ass crap is there. Disgusting, unsanitary, ignorant. I wouldn’t be in that house with her even if her hands were securely tied behind her back. She’s scary.

  24. danmtruth

    now we get to see the veto comp How bad did Sam look trying to loose Also the veto speeches by Scottie and Hay Bad thing is they will be heavily edited

  25. LO1004

    I have to rip on Haleigh for a minute because the girl is on my last nerve. Sam was right, she takes the most and gives the least. She made a big move and told no one about it, not even her own alliance, yet she’s demanding answers from the person she put up, Tyler now that she’s up there. She’s always eating, but never cooks. Never seen her clean. Takes Tyler’s stuff when he walks out of the room instead of asking. And she has no loyalty. As soon as Fess walked out that door she not only jumped on the ‘rip him apart’ bandwagon, but she lead it. On national television. She can say it’s gameplay all she wants, but it’s crap. She used him and we all know it, so just admit it. Her game is terrible and I’m tired of watching her suck the life out of Tyler this week. He owes her nothing and it pisses me off it even crosses her mind to act like he does. The only nice thing I can muster about her right now, is she did great in the HOH comp. I would’ve puked and been down after 10 minutes. But that’s all I got. She’s terrible and I’m counting the days til she’s off to jury.

    • Helen

      I agree !! She’s a parasite…
      I wish they would stick with their original plan…Fessy last week…Haleigh this week

      • ElaineB

        What will be worse, is if the HGs fall for her crap and it keeps her in the game….

      • Helen

        She’s one of those people that they will put off every week until it’s too late..
        JC is moving up the target list quickly….Tyler is concerned he’s getting in Brett’s Head…Angela thinks JC is a bigger threat because he can manipulate people….
        I can see them evicting JC over Haleigh if they get the opportunity.

      • LO1004

        That’s what I’m afraid of too, Helen. They can’t let her slide if they want a chance, but I’m confident they know that.

  26. Helen

    Last season the upcoming HOH comp was the running one that they all threw to Christmas,who couldn’t run!!!!
    That was soooooooo bad!

  27. caRyn

    JC taking credit for this week in his DR session tonight was telling. When he gets put OTB by L6 he won’t see it coming.

    • Jenny

      it irritates the snot out of me how much time they spend showing his DR’s. They treat him like a joke – awww, isn’t the little person adorable with his accent that makes every thing he says hilarious?!?
      First of all I can’t stand him, and more importantly, I don’t think CBS is treating him with the same respect as the other HG’s. Ugh.

  28. ElaineB

    If Scottie goes, this week of ‘rinse, repeat’ was totally unnecessary. Lets hope the HOH winner shakes the game up a bit, especially moving toward double eviction. Wheeee! Ready for action!

  29. Helen

    Haleigh & Ang is BA. Ang reassures Haleigh that she’s got her vote. Haleigh says, “you have no idea how much that means to me.”

    Angela all’s I can say is:
    When she throws your foolish azz OTB next week you will deserve it!!!

  30. Sassy

    I’m tired of CBS pretender my JC is the mastermind pulling strings for L6 and giving Haha the poor lil girl edit. Did I miss the Veto speeches?

  31. LindsayB

    Total side note: I know a few people here also watch the Challenge. I freaking love that show. I have mixed feelings on adding BB people to the cast. I don’t hate the idea but I hate the people they chose. I can hardly watch it this season because of fucking Davonne. I hate her. With every single part of my being. Add Jozea to the mix? Disgusting. Paulie and Natalie? Fuck my life. Just had to get that off my chest since I’m watching last night’s episode. God I hate Davonne!!!

  32. danmtruth

    The Challenge is BB with harder comps and more alcohol for more drama

  33. danmtruth

    TY did a fifth grade burn on Jc He ask Jc does your face hurt Jc went NO why? TY answered well it’s killing me Sam Bret Hay Kc all laugh Jc was like whats so funny I don’t get it Dumb but funny

  34. danmtruth

    One nice thing about TY & Angela’s showmance is at least they are adult about it Not like two teens going at it like Swaggy & Bay Or Fessel & Hay The Twin & the dirty wrestler want be They are keeping it PG-13

    • Avatar

      Ikr…Tyler, & Angela sneak a peck, or two in most of the time…But man, the cameramen/women on BB should give them their privacy, when they are rubbing on each other! I feel like a peeping tom sometimes watching?!

      As for Hay & Fes, he wanted to go to 3rd base, but Hay said my Dad, & Grandfather are watching this, so they really didn’t get hot & heavy like Swaggy & Bay did. Which I feel is unfortunate, why go on a nationally aired show, & have sex with a Dude you have only known for 3 weeks or so?! Crazy…

  35. danmtruth

    Wow Jc being a winey punk being a have not Compelling that they have alcohol when he is a have not Sam says he CAN have a drink Jc just wants to be miserable He yells at Sam she does not know anything He is truly grumpy Get over yourself He keeps saying how unfair production is to him What a brat

  36. Avatar

    How come Hay got to have alcohol?

    • danmtruth

      Orwell from bb sent them the present Just like a few weeks ago The have nots can have it but just for that night if the card says it When they got the cinnamon buns they decided to save it till AFTER there have not week
      Jc was just being Debbie downer and did not want to join in the fun

  37. Shivani33

    Brett just demolished the progress he had made with Angela last night. When he is that crass and crude to a woman, in fact, to two women, he sabotages himself.

  38. Avatar

    Forgot Hays not a have not sorry

  39. dfdsgs

    Wow Haleigh might have just got herself evicted by over reacting about a stupid joke.

  40. Avatar

    Did I miss something, all I’ve heard is Brett said he would vote hay out why is that crude & crass?

  41. Tinkerbell

    Haleigh, STFU and go the Hell home! As Cody would say……stop with the damn victim noises. She is ALWAYS the victim. “Brett, you hurt my feelings, I was going to cry, it made me sad, I’ve been drinking.” STFU. This was after she randomly sprayed him with water in the kitchen. Narcissistic bitch, it’s always about her, it’s always someone else’s fault. I hope he sends her cry baby ass home tomorrow.

    • Tinkerbell

      BB, Thank you for their alcohol tonight. Things are finally happening, heating up.

    • LindsayB

      Victim noises!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! I had forgotten all about that! Hay needs to get over herself. I love Brett’s sense of humor. She usually does too when she’s not wasted from one drink. I get that she’s young and hasn’t worked up a tolerance to alcohol. This isn’t the first, second, or third time she’s gotten sloppy drunk in the house. If you can’t handle your alcohol, drink less. If you only like Brett’s sense of humor when you’re trying to crawl up his ass to stay in the house, STFU.

    • Sassy

      She’s the perpetual victim. I hope she whined her way out of the house!

  42. Avatar

    Darn bbad, just when they finally got something going on it’s over bahh

  43. Avatar

    Please revolt & send that cry baby home, I wasn’t trying to make a thing but sure did when the girls came up there. Why exactly shouldn’t he bring game into it, it is a game. It’s when it’s personal I don’t like. Sorry not, she deserved it & I hope he shakes it up, after all they want to get rid of Brett too.

  44. Avatar

    JC has done it now, he told Tyler that he is Targeting Angela, & wants her out!…Tyler ask JC, “Why Angela isn’t coming after you?!” Then JC tells Tyler, “I’m voting Hay out,” Tyler says “I don’t give a Eff who goes, but Faysal told Scottie that you are the reason that he was voted out!” JC is stirring up the Drama!

  45. Malia

    Brett was a year old when the lion King came out?!?! oMGosh…I feel old….

  46. CY aka FW

    Sounds like a wild night. Can’t wait for Mel’s recap!

  47. Avatar

    I have missed a lot this season! trying to catch up on the scandals….

  48. NKogNeeTow


    I’ve been gone a week as of this past Monday and boy have you guys been busy! Thursday night, I started reading BBJ from last Monday and I’m just getting caught up as of this minute. Between watching all the broadcast shows, BBAD and all the threads and comments here, I thought I’d NEVER get caught up! God, I love you guys!

    First and foremost, before anything else…HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY MEL WITH 1 L! I hope it was a great day!

    Next, WELCOME to all the new Members!

    Franko, so glad you’re back. We’ve all missed you 🙂

    Sounds like we’re about to have an Angela/KC vs Brett/JC showdown. Or will it be Tyler/Brett/Jc vs Angela/KC/Haleigh? One house divided coming up!

    Angela and Tyler’s showmance is more of a Rubfest than anything else. Sooner or later they’re going to rub all the skin off of one another. They make me itch.

    Haleigh up everyone’s ass: “Familiarity breeds contempt”

    Haleigh wanting to put eyedrops in the coffeepot: A woman in NC was arrested yesterday for poisoning her husband last month by putting eye drops in his water for 3 days. Autopsy said an ingredient in eye drops and nasal spray causes respiratory problems then death. Good thing Production stopper her or she’d have a different kind of eviction.

    Last night the HG played a game of Beer Pong which gave me flashbacks of Potball and I am now re-traumatized.

    JC’s shenanigans have now transcended from TMZ to national news. I called it earlier this season when I said that he will eventually catch a charge as a sex offender.

    Last Thursday, someone (can’t remember who said it or who it was directed at), told another Board Member to STFU and stop drinking. Don’t pat yourself on the back. Your comment has been removed.

    A few people are upset by the Thumbs Down Bandit. Pay him/her no mind. They visit us every year and has become part of the family. I’m so used to getting them, they don’t even phase me.

    Thing that made me laugh until I cried: Dan’s autocorrect calling Fukweed Fuckit. Every time I even think of it I start laughing all over again.

    Thing that made me cringe: That “Yatta” video that Fukweed posted. I hate you for that. I can’t unsee it dammit!

    I could go on and on but I am suffering from information overload from trying to take in so much…lol

    While away from my beloved BB, Feeds and BBJ Family, I had a little work done on the house, rearranged rooms, bought new furniture, attended a few cookouts and most importantly, caught up on some sleep! Still didn’t have a real vacation though 🙁

    I’ll be back later tonight. Hopefully after the eviction, our little menagerie will have the house popping…especially if Production is kind enough to give them more liquor…lol

    Have a GREAT day!

    p.s: Steve and Mel With 1 L, I love ya like cooked food 🙂 Also, to all who sent me emails, I see our Friend thingy is back, so you can now send me messages here. I don’t check that email account daily but I always read this blog everyday so you’ll get a response quicker 🙂

    • Helen

      Omg!! I have missed you NK!! So happy your back!!!!!!

    • Tinkerbell

      Hallelujah Hallelujah…..singing in my very best opera voice that I don’t have. So happy-thankful-relieved you are back. It’s so great that you accomplished so much while you deserted us – especially eating yummy barbecue. Don’t ever let it happen again. When you aren’t here things get pretty coo-coo-loco. Talking about myself, of course. If I know I’m not being watched, things come out of my mouth that I normally wouldn’t say. It’s the strangest phenomenon. Welcome Home, NK – XO

  49. FW aka CY

    NeeTow BanDeeTow! I rejoice to see you incarnating on this plane once more! You only hated Yata? You must have skipped over cake farts. And, whatever you do, don’t investigate Shiv’s “2 girls, 1 cup.”


    • danmtruth

      fuckweed fuckit fukweed great tribute to NK with a nice rendition of anti no sunshine

      • FW aka CY

        Ah, you always pick such great music. I don’t know if you saw, but several threads back I ceded you the lifetime achievement award for our game of musical dares with your Joe Bonamassa entry. I don’t know why I’d never heard him before, but he’s way awesome and has been dominating my queues ever since. Muchas gracias!

    • Shivani33

      You know it’s all rocks, fukky. Brett’s impotent shot across the bow says a lot about Brett. And only Brett, but still we have JC strutting the house, too. What’s next? Goats, as in Snackhole’s Dallas dumbass Corey, during the first Season of Paul? I have a feeling that Brett would match better with a luau pig. Dead or alive. And his degradation of wimmen is his very own cuppa excretion and vomit. Leave my screen name out of it. I am just a witness and clandestine diagnostician.

      • Shivani33

        It is notable that Brett is an incipiently obese oaf who uses the excuse, “I was only joking” to cover over many of his “woes.” What reasonably well-off New Englander goes to college in Alabama? Coming directly from EmilyDickinsonland, I can give you a good guess. But you already know. ♡◇♡◇♡◇

      • FW aka CY

        Now that’s a proper burn back! Vivisection via vocabulary! Respects, Shiv. I feel the blister and won’t try to pass it off with a lame, “It was a joke!” excuse. I readily acknowledge offending your dignity and that you deserve nothing less than the respect due a lady. Please accept this sincere apology and my appreciation for for yourself as a person and a poster. You know I meant no harm.

  50. Avatar

    Is it me or are have the last two weeks dragged on for what feels like an entirety. L6 has been in full control the last two weeks and it has been too predictable. Faysal leaves last week as expected, Haliegh goes into the victim routine.

    Scottie returns as a result of the lamest battle back comp ever. Tyler wins HOH, KC wins POV so one of Haliegh or Scottie goes home this week. Doesn’t matter which stays even if they win HOH. They would do the dirty work for L6 and L6 can decide which one of their members they wish to rid themselves first.

    My guess if Haliegh stays and wins HOH she puts up Tyler & Angela. One of them wins VETO or a member of L6 wins veto takes one down and Hayliegh puts up Sam. L6 then decides which person goes home. The very next week Haliegh cannot play in the HOH guess who is going back up on the block?

    If Scottie stays he will put up JC and Angela. One of the L6 members will win the VETO and take Angela down and Scottie will need to put up one of the other house members. Doesn’t matter which he puts up. JC will go home. The next HOH Scottie cannot play and back up on the block he goes and unless he wins VETO his ass will be on route to the Jury House.

    So basically L6 will let Hay or Scottie do their dirty work and decide the pecking order of who goes home first. There can be only one winner of BB so keeps their hands clean if Hay or Scottie put up whoever.

    Honestly, I don’t care I just need the show to pick up steam and get interesting right now it too predictable and boring.

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