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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


Before I begin, I want to tell everyone in the path of Florence that we’re all thinking of you and hope the storm putters out. As I said this morning, even if it doesn’t, you guys are as tough as nails and will pull together and get through anything that comes your way. Just stay safe!

Alright, back to Big Brother world where it feels like this house is in a perpetual state of nothing. Since Scottie left the first time, Fessy was nominated and decided to play dead for a week until his weird eviction speech where he thinks he trashed Angela good but only exposed his inability to trash people. Scottie returned and we were stuck in another cycle of boredom until he was kicked out for the second time with more shots at Angela and this time Tyler was included on the way out the door. With Haleigh on the block two straight weeks, she has basically accepted the fact that she could have easily been evicted both of those weeks and has seemed to resign herself to the fact that she’s not making the finale.

To her credit, Haleigh has actually still tried to play a bit and even as of yesterday was trying to work the angle that Sam should go rather than her. That is way more than most people who have been in her situation and it’s nice to see. That’s the reason I’m going to be sad that she’s evicted because she is a gamer and the last chance to stir the house up and not make it a super predictable ending. JC does have a small chance to do it should he win HoH tomorrow night, and that is definitely a possibility as it will almost certainly be mental. The reality is, Tyler will probably win it, but JC does have a chance!


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rooting against level 6, either. I appreciate great strategy and that is what they’ve done all year round. That group of 4 has done more gaming and scheming than any alliance in recent memory. There have been quite a few individual schemers, but as an alliance? I’d guess not since BB12.  The detonators are close but I never got a sense of loyalty with them and one of their strongest members (Caleb) wasn’t even an official member. He thought he was in the ‘Bomb Squad’ most of the season. It actually ended up just being Derrick pulling the strings and everyone else as his shield.

Speaking of L6, I’m going to keep watching L6 as Brett is actually thinking about defecting and may be punished as a result. I covered more of that this morning if you want to read it here.


  • 2:30 pm – People sitting around the house eating, not much going on right now
    • Brett pulls Tyler aside to have some talk
    • He tells Tyler that JC was drilling him over talking to Tyler
    • Tyler is still pretending that Angela and Kaycee are working together (and not with him as well)
    • Tyler is trying to get Brett to throw the next HoH (so they can backdoor him)
    • Tyler continues and says that he’s going to get Angela to throw it so JC or Sam win and go after Angela. Ugh
  • JC comes in and asks why they’re both in the corner shirtless. He tried to crack a joke about the shirtless thing but he’s clearly watching them. JC is a ball of paranoia as he should be
    • Haleigh has also entered and that’s the end of that conversation
  • 3:40 pm – Tyler and Kaycee are up in the HoH room. Angela comes up and the two decide to tell her about Brett
    • They say that Brett wants to go against the alliance
    • Angela says “I knew it!”
    • They say that Brett is coming after them this HoH but they have him convinced to throw the HoH
    • Tyler says Brett is harder to beat in a competition than Sam or JC
    • Angela says she woke up in the middle of the night thinking about this
    • The plan right now is to go after him tomorrow. They are going to try to convince him to throw to JC and Sam
    • Tyler or Angela win hoh by ‘mistake’ then convince him to throw pov. JC and Sam go up, Brett is the replacement then voted out
    • Angela is going to blame everything on Brett in her GBM so he walks into the jury house and they’re even madder. Kind of mean considering Brett is just playing the game
  • 5:40 pm – Angela and Kaycee are still talking upstairs, the rest of the house is downstairs. Time for me to watch the CBS episode
  • 8:30 pm – Back from the episode
    • Pretty sad watching the CBS episode to see JC’s reaction when hsi family wouldn’t even come on camera for him. That has to be tough
    • Whether you like him or not, nobody deserves that just because of their sexuality
    • I also watched American Horror Story. Not bad. I was hoping they were going to carry on from last year’s ‘current event’ theme and carry that over to more of the apocalypse thing. For now it just looks like they’re going to have a creepy fallout shelter story. Good so far, but I’ve seen plenty of those in the game Fallout
    • In the house, I know you’re going to be shocked, but nothing is going on

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    A Brett or JC HoH win tomorrow night on the second eviction would provide for a very entertaining hour, but it may wind up being anyway with the hint that Brett may be targeted. I and rooting for an L6 member all the way, but they are so dominant that this season have become very predictable. It’s like the early days of Survivor when one tribe had more member than the other at the merge and the larger tribe picked off the other members one by one.

  2. Colby

    What is up with Haho’s little top knots today? Is she trying to channel Raven?

  3. AIO_7

    Anyone else notice that the microphones aren’t picking up (or filtering out) the crunching when they eat? That’s one less irritant that we had in past seasons.

  4. AIO_7

    Plotting Brett’s demise (A backdoor) …

    “Brett is going home tomorrow” Angela


  5. hogwild

    I know there is almost zero chance of it happening but I would love to see Sam or JC win HOH tomorrow just to throw a wrench into things,

  6. mona77450

    I would hate to see Brett blindsided. He deserves so much better than this. I PRAY that he asks a simple question between tonight and tomorrow night. “Hey L6; does anyone besides me have a final 2 with Tyler? Anyone? Sam? JC?”

    • Sassy

      He’s talking about blindsiding them, so he may get what he deserves… I like Brett, but he was dumb to tell Tyler his intentions. JC has done a good job getting in Brett and Ty’s ears causing paranoia.

  7. danmtruth

    does anyone else see it as a bit odd that CBS never address the Scottie thing from last week

    • hogwild

      I think CBS has bigger things to worry about right now with Les Moonves having to step down as the head of the network over the sexual misconduct allegations. Scottie is pretty much nothing compared to that.

      • danmtruth

        Agree but normal large corporation like this All things get put into different groups He had step away a while ago so its not like its a big surprise

  8. danmtruth

    Bret has become Fess meat shield 2.o for JC Bret I’m disappointed you don’t see this happening

  9. Avatar

    This season has been so stupid. I can’t stand Level 6 and KC is stupid for not putting JC up. They would be smart to keep Haleigh and have her get the other out so no blood on them and then fight it out between KC and Tyler cause that looks like the final 2. I don’t like either but would like to KC win over Tyler. I wanted Haleigh to win it all but oh well.

    • feltso gudinya

      u can’t call anyone stupid until u meet my 3rd period american history class………..god forgive me for saying this, but i have never had a class full of imbeciles before…….parent/teacher night should be interesting………..also, about 8 weeks in i declared unequivocally that tyler would win….that was before kc started playing….it is now a toss up between the two of them……..

      • kneeless

        YES! It’s very much appreciated!

      • kneeless

        Felts, I forget, you teach high school? God love ya!!

        BTW, my ‘much appreciated comment was suppose to post under the comment abt the mics not picking up as much of the crunching while eating!

      • danmtruth

        Lets you are an American hero trying to teach the uninterested I enjoyed history One of the few class I payed attention in So back to old ways and sucking up to the history teacher Than again I’m over 61 so lots of stuff is not even in normal history books I talk about TMI or Love Canel I get blank looks

  10. Malia

    Damn, never thought I would say this but JC broke my heart tonight.

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  12. Avatar

    My house flooded during Harvey, so everyone in Florence’s path right now just know y’all can do this! Our community is strong and this mess WILL blow over eventually!

  13. Avatar

    Getting Brett out by the back door that they are discussing is a major douche bag maneuver. Overconfidence is what destroys every single alliance in every single reality game show.

    The HOH will most have to be very quick which means it will be pretty much about luck.

  14. hogwild

    If how good Kaycee did in that veto comp was not a wakeup call for the rest of the house to after her nothing will be.

    • mm22

      I know right! They really like KC and
      are happy for her wins-they are not seeing
      she the new comp beast

    • Avatar

      Not only is she kicking the hell out of everyone in comps, she is the only one that would defeat every single one of them in the jury vote

      • mm22

        I think the jury would give the money to
        KC -I’m not sure why Tyler cant see that-he has
        jc n brett to do the dirty work and he wants to
        get rid of Brett ?

      • hogwild

        No kidding the rest of the house better start thinking about who they can beat in the finals not who they like. Time to end this Three Musketeers all for one and one for all garbage.

      • Helen

        KayCee will win against anyone left in the house…except Haleigh (had to include her cause she’s not gone yet)…

    • aka beachgirl

      I really like Kaycee but they need to wake up and get her out of there. Otherwise she wins big brother 20.

      That said, there are really legitimate arguments for each and everyone of the players that remain in the house to win. Or not. It’s going to be fun to watch how it all plays out in the next couple weeks.

  15. aka beachgirl

    Anyone know what Sam’s brother had on? It look like a sailor suit. And some kind of hat. Just seem a bit odd attire to me.

  16. mm22

    I loved the Haleigh/Sam hug after
    veto ceremony-Haleigh looked
    like she was forced to hug a bag
    of stinky trash-couldn’t see Sam’s
    face but sure she was thinkin the same

  17. Colby

    **Angela is going to blame everything on Brett in her GBM so he walks into the jury house and they’re even madder. Kind of mean considering Brett is just playing the game**

    That is no worse than Brett and JC blaming Tyler last week in Scottie’s GBM’s.

    • LO1004

      She needs to slow her roll if they’re planning on Brett following behind.

    • LindsayB

      It’s jury management and manipulation. Simple as that. It’s gameplay. There’s no rule that says the goodbye messages need to be truthful. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Brett to go but if you look at it from Ty, Ang, and KC’s perspective it makes sense. They don’t see what we see. He’s a stronger comp player than Sam and JC and since he’s telling Ty that he’s going after his #1 and #2, of course they would want to backdoor him.

  18. mm22

    I liked the videos from home n loved that
    they included the family pets-really sweet

  19. Joy

    West coast here have another hour before broadcast. My avatar is my boy Pete, and know what he is thinking in this picture…..”Whadda mean you’re not a cat person?”

  20. LO1004

    First, JCs segment broke my heart today. Everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally by their family. End of story.

    Now totally off topic. I heard someone saying they hope they get all their clothes back for finale night. What do they take from them and why? Does anyone know? I know they can’t wear labels, but I think it was Angela that said she wanted to wear a red dress on finale night that they took. Weird.

    • aka beachgirl

      I heard that being talked about too. It was Haileigh saying she don’t know what she would wear for the finale. She hopes they gave them back their “regular“ clothes. She also said if they didn’t she’d have to borrow a dress from Angela. I kind of wondered how she do that if they are not both in the same place on finale night. You know Haley in jury house and Angela may still be in the B.B. house. No idea why they would take any of their clothes from them.

    • Mel

      Aside from labels showing, certain colors don’t film very well. I’ve heard past hg’s talk about having a color taken from them but another person being allowed that color so people’s skin tones can even effect it too. One year (recent but not sure which one) one of the women was mad because they weren’t allowed anything white but someone else was. Occasionally, they take things away that don’t fit the “image” they want a hg to portray. It’s why Sam doesn’t have sexy dresses but she has overalls. Early in the season, she talked about her regular clothes not being like the clothes she was wearing on the show.

  21. Shivani33

    The houseguests cannot go outdoors or air out the house. Angela cooked them all fish for dinner. What a stinker. She is purring now, Angela is. She has been told by Tyler and Kaycee about the Brett plan. Everybody loved the fish. How long will it take for Tyler to get a divorce from his F2 with good old Kaycee and help himself win by bringing Angela to the end? Only then she can crown him. She can enthrone him as the unconquerable champion. Or she could crown him by beating him. Would she qualify then as a hussy?

    Right now, happy or not, Angela could be in danger if JC or Brett pull out a win. Tyler has tried to keep her unaware of that (for some reason) and so has Kaycee. Nevertheless, Angela isn’t clueless. Tyler wants Sam and JC otb with a Brett backdoor as the eviction goal.

    Kaycee, Angela and Tyler agreed to work to follow his plan. Although Angela told Kaycee, after Tyler left them, that she’d prefer a straight nom of JC and Brett. Tyler prevails as the leader of his sistahwives. Oops, wrong show.

  22. LynnD

    I know that a few people have already commented on this situation. But I am just now sitting down to watch tonights episode. I am sitting here and I am crying like a child .I, like everybody else, have my own opinions about each house guest. I actually like JC I have never been a hater of him I find him amusing entertaining and like a child that needs to be disciplined. As I sit here with the tears rolling down my face I am completely understanding why he acts the way he does he clearly is looking for attention other than negative attention from someone. I’m sure I’m going to have the people telling me I’m over-analyzing things but I was a foster mom and I had to sit back and watch a lot of horrible things happen to a child that was placed in my home. Not to make excuses for anybody but he did need more attention because of the horrible environment he grew up in again in my opinion I feel JC is just looking to have a person who’s going to be there for him and give him the security to know that he matters. It is disgustingly disturbing that not one single family member could even be bothered with being there for him. No matter what he is a son I’m sure he has cousins Aunts Uncles Something and I find it horrible not one single family member could find it within themselves to be there for him emotionally. On that note JC just know that you do matter

    • kneeless

      Agree, and after watching his DR session my first thought was, “that explains a lot.” From previous conversations it sounded like JC was very close to his late grandmother. Poor kid.

    • Malia

      Yep…I thought it explained a lot too. I did laugh at your pointing out he is like a child needing punishment.

      • LynnD

        Malia, I have thought that most of the season. He is the child that acts out waiting for Mommy (production) to pay attention & yell at him. Then he sits there with his little smirk or half laugh like HAHA Gotacha to do it!

    • Jenny

      Yes, it puts all his annoying/rude behavior in a different light. Everybody carries something you don’t see. Remember the convo he had w/Bay about the M word, when he was trying to apologize and she kept shutting him down? He asked her if she understood what it was like for him growing up having people stare at him all the time. She was too busy being a drama queen to even hear that.
      Spending your whole life being looked at as different had to be hard enough but then add being rejected by your parents because of your sexuality, that’s a lot. Other than the inappropriate touching, I kind of forgive him for everything now.

  23. Colby

    I have only watched the feeds here and there today, but it seems to me that Haho hasn’t been stuck to Angela and KC or hanging in the HOH room today. Did something happen, or did she just give up the idea that trying to be their best friend was going to work? Or did just miss it?

  24. Seattle Kari

    my heart breaks for JC, God knows it does but it does not give him the excuse to act the way he did even just to get attention.

  25. Seattle Kari

    And on the Twitter poll. I’m not sure I would change my America’s favorite player to JC after what I saw tonight although I like I said my heart breaks for him not having any kind of family support. My thought is that possibly production feels really bad and they showed this hoping to give him that vote?

    • Jenny

      They seem like they’ve been setting him up for AFP already. My guess is they showed it because it’s real, and it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. They also seem to like showing the “human” side of people, like Kaycee’s story about coming out, and Angela’s story about why she doesn’t show emotions.

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  27. Sassy

    regardless of what the reasons are for JCs family not making a video, it was really sad. You couldn’t help but have compassion for him.

    I was disappointed by the comic comps. I liked most of the characters but they really made it a lot easier. There was so much talk on Twitter about KC crushing the best previous time. I don’t think you can compare it to the old comp.

    Yesterday, I was looking at a cat 4 hurricane and today I’m looking at a Cat 2. I hope to wake up in the morning to a tropical storm or just a storm… we have made all the necessary preparations and made sure our son has what he needs for whatever may come his way. Now it’s time to wait and see what happens. I’m thinking of everyone else that is also in this storms path. I don’t take for granted that it has been downgraded, but I’m still thankful! Stay safe everyone!

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Hey everyone! I’ve been battling a few things healthwise for a bit and sometimes it gets to me more than others. Yesterday wasn’t a good day and I slept pretty much all day today. I even missed the show tonight and didn’t wake up until almost 11. I’ve used that time to catch up on the site since Monday night or Tuesday(?), I can’t remember. Anyway, I’m feeling a little better now and watched BBAD and a little of the feeds (not much going on either).

    Steve, loved the Lost In Space reference of your last thread (Danger Brett Robinson!). Also, I had no idea American Horror Story had started. Bummed I missed it.

    My thoughts on tonight’s show are mainly about Sam and JC. Sam and JC’s reactions to their videos affected me the most. Sam’s because she was so overwhelmed and happy at seeing her family. JC, because he was so sad. I know I rag on JC a bit sometimes, but I really do like him. I don’t always like some of his antics, but he seems like he could be fun otherwise.

    Someone mentioned on another thread, about Sam’s coping mechanisms. Sam is meticulous, very meticulous and sometimes does crazy things, but that doesn’t make her crazy.

    Someone else (I think it was Lynne), mentioned Hay’s nailbiting. I get that too. Growing up, I was somewhat neurotic, worried about everything. I use to bite my nails so badly that two got severely infected and I had to have minor surgery on them.

    My sentiments to all who are in the path of Florence, are the same as my other BBJ brothers and sisters. Be safe, be well and if you get the chance, please check in to let us know you’re okay. We worried so about Ann and Felts last year and we worry about you too. 🙂

  29. NKogNeeTow

    On to tonight’s BBAD and the Feeds. There isn’t much to tell and I suspect that during the next two weeks, there will be less and less to report on. As the show winds down, so do the HG. That plus these people go to bed earlier than anyone we’ve ever had in the house. I got a late start on BBAD because I was just finishing up watching the broadcast show. Here is all I got.

    Hay went up to the HOH to worry the hell out of KC, but she was in bed, so mission aborted…haha. So what does she do, she EATS of course. I tell you the girl is a bottomless pit!

    Everyone else is in bed except Hay and Sam, who is brushing her teeth for about the 3rd or 4th time. Hay goes into the bathroom and she and Sam talk a bit. Nothing serious just disconnected chit-chat.

    hay gets her food and goes into the Jenga Room. Somebody made a sign/picture on the wall of a key with Bob’s name on it…LOL

    Tyler gets up to use the bathroom and Hay, who is eating AGAIN, corners him about his vote. She says she just wants to see if his head is in the same space. He says he’s just trying to keep Sam calm. She said she’s already talked to everyone and doesn’t want to bother them. *To late!*

    He jokes that everything will be fine as long as she doesn’t put him on the green couch. She tells him she wouldn’t put him up even if he begged her. He tells her goodnight then heads back to bed.

    Hay goes back to the JR while Tyler and Angela do their usual. Hay goes back in the bathroom and tells Sam (in the shower) that if she (Sam) can’t sleep, she’s (Hay) is in the JR if she wants to talk. Sam tells her that after her shower, she’s going to bed.

    Hay goes back in the JR with her 2nd or 3rd bowl of noodles and a cup of tea. *I tell you, I’d rather clothe this girl than feed her*

    Blue bedroom: Tyler and Angela, no change…ie: whispering, hand holding, lingering looks, kissing, hand gestures, arm rubbing, and general nauseousness.

    Sounds like Angela said, “I’m in love with you” (it was kind of hard to hear them), then he kissed her. They both ask each other how did they get so lucky. They whisper some more things then kiss again.

    Tyler is smiling ear to ear. He tells her he feels like he’s already won and has been feeling like that for a while. He rolls over to sleep with a smile on his face.

    Hay is in the JR grooming Orwell. Probably wishing someone would come and talk to her. *I know people say Sam talks all the time, but she has her moments of quiet. Hay is never quiet. She doesn’t even seem to like the quiet.

    Hay goes to use the bathroom, where Sam has finally gotten out of the shower. More minor chit-chat.

    Hay tells her she’s trying to think up her speech. Sam says she only has one line and she’s nervous. She says she really doesn’t have anything to say. She tells Hay she’s doing an excellent job and doesn’t seem nervous at all.

    Hay tells her she respected her speech so much that it almost made her want to use the Veto on her. *Yeah, right*

    They say goodnight and Hay leaves for bed.

    In the bedroom, Tyler appears to be asleep and Angela looks like she’s looking at him (hard to tell because the room is dark and the angle she’s laying).

    Sam is the only one still up now. She’s BACK in the shower.

    Sam is finally in bed.

    Goodnight all and have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

    • HappyHippo

      Tyler you didn’t already win! Ugh!!!!!
      Glad you’re back NK, hope you feel better and better!

    • LO1004

      Tonight’s episode of BBAD was the most annoying of the season because I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying and I had my volume all the way up, so thanks for the recap!

      Tyler made the key. Hay wanted to make the BB house, but she couldn’t do it, so he made the key with Bob’s name. And Hay is always eating but never cooks. I’ve mentioned this a few times because I find it incredibly annoying. I cook a lot and don’t mind it, so I appreciate it so much when my boyfriend helps or cooks for me once in a while. It’s just considerate.

  30. HappyHippo

    I cried during the jc “family” video. Having 2 kids of my own I couldn’t imagine. How messed up.

  31. Patty

    So I just heard on the radio that Julie Chen wants out of her contract for The Talk (talk show) but wants to honor her 3 year contract for Big Brother.. but CBS just wants her out and she said she will take them to court if they force her out. Gonna be interesting to see how it plays out!

  32. mm22

    I don’t know but I’m surprised I would have thought that would be reversed.
    All her friends are on the talk n u would think she would want their support
    right now. If she doesn’t even watch big brother show or feeds to me she didn’t
    seem that interested in it-maybe she only wants to work one show a week during
    the summer?

  33. Avatar
    Magic1993 (49 comments)

    I am just not believing the Angela/Tyler showmance. It all just seems off somehow. And was JC really surprised his family didn’t do a video since he says they aren’t close? Today, I’m guessing Kaycee for the win, Tyler AFP. They are crazy for not getting Tyler out. Nobody even talks about it. The undisputed leader of the house this season IMO.

    • HappyHippo

      I don’t think jc was surprised, he was just sad about it. Rightfully so. Everyone else had family videos and his was a friend.

    • Jenny

      I was SO disappointed when Tyler started getting all googly-eyed over Angela… and it still seems a weird match to me… but they both seem sincere. Could also just be hormones and the fact that they’ve all been isolated for so long that they all feel closer to one another than they normally would. Will be interesting to see if it works outside the house.

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