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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! Just one day until what expects to be an eventual eviction night where either Kaitlyn or Rockstar will be evicted then turn around and work on some puzzle to come back in the house. With the way the week is going, it is shaping up to make for an exciting Friday!


Despite knowing that the person leaving this week could very well turn around and come back in, both RS and Kaitlyn are going hard at campaigning to the point where people are almost forced to draw a line in the sand to choose their side of that alliance. So, even if the person does come back, they’ll know the votes and know they don’t have a whole lot of support in the house moving forward – even with their own alliance. That sets level 6 up pretty well to cruise to jury as the other side of the house will keep eating at each other.

Not a whole lot to discuss before jumping into the feeds, so I’m going to do that now:

  • 10:30 am – Rockstar finishes up a talk with Sam then heads down to talk to Kait
    • She tells Kait that Sam plans on putting dots in a hat and choosing that way if there is a tie – awesome
    • RS is bummed that she didn’t even get a nomination speech and now she may get ‘eenie-meanie’ out of the house
    • Kait agrees she doesn’t like Sam just leaving it up to basically a coin flip
    • RS says that at least Kait had a big nomination speech and Kait says she’d rather have not had it because it embarrassed her
  • 11:00 am – Bay is talking to RS in the bathroom before RS is called to the DR
    • Rockstar tells Bayleigh that she gave flawless pitches?  It was a bit mumbling but that’s what it sounded like. I think RS has a different definition of the word flawless because her pitches were pretty terrible
  • Haleigh and Bay move to the HN room
    • Haleigh whispers that they have 5 but I’m not quite sure who the 5th is. Scottie, Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Fessy
    • They are doing a bible study between talking game.
    • Bay asks where Brett stands. Haleigh tells him that he doesn’t care but he knows only one of the two can win comps and come after him (referring to Kaitlyn)
    • It seems like they think JC is the 5th, and while JC is currently pushing to get rid of Kait, he’s definitely not ‘locked in’
  • 12:45 pm – Angela is catching up with Kaycee.
    • I wonder if Kaycee can just sit in a room and listen in on conversations because they’ll think she’s just a piece of furniture
    • Angela said she went to bed thinking of keeping Kaitlyn but Kait came up to her today and said “when it was me and Haleigh on the block, I heard you guys were trying to keep her”.
    • Kaycee calls her stupid and asks why she’d say that
    • Angela says she’s been consistent this week that she’s going house vote
    • Kaycee says that’s stupid because now Angela would think that Kaitlyn would come after them if she stayed in the house. Angela agrees it was stupid
    • Angela has been pushing to keep Kaitlyn but has totally changed her mind after that
    • They may want to save Rockstar because of her all-girl alliance pitch. They know she (RS) wouldn’t target them for a bit
    • Angela says that Tyler will be a big target once Kaitlyn is gone
  • 2:05 pm – Rachel goes up into the HN room
    • Sam immediately says “go ahead, tell me what you want to tell me”  yikes
    • Rachel says she just came up to get away but Sam demands she tell her something. HoH is getting to Sam. I think she’s going to throw any future comps lol
    • After some talk, Rachel guarantees it’s not going to be a tie tomorrow. That’s what Sam is most worried about
  • 2:40 pm – Rachel is making a pitch to keep Kaitlyn
    • She is saying that Kaitlyn’s hit list would be much larger than Rockstar’s
    • But the group (Angela, Bay, and Brett) point out how Kaitlyn isn’t reliable
  • 3:00 pm – This may be another last minute decision. I really hope the person evicted comes back! Off to eat!

Check back for updates


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  1. SammyD

    Regardless of the eviction outcome, it looks as if the following week could be a double eviction if someone returns to the game. That indicates a wild fast match of HOH only to quickly evict another player immediately followed by the replacement HOH and eviction which could set the house in full drama mode that week. Should be interesting with those remaining power apps still in play.

  2. Avatar

    RS told Bay she gave “flawless pitches”… that made me chuckle!

  3. hogwild

    I just hope whatever the challenge to get back in the house is is it’s not something so simple a one eyed chimp could do it otherwise this will be a lot of hype over nothing.

  4. danmtruth

    RHS best pitch is to STFU and let the pros do it HayBae & Jc
    Fessy will put BSC up if Bay-heather tells him too Bayleigh reminds me of the girls from the movie Heathers Vain self centered and entitled so Bay-heather
    Yes BSC walks around like not a care in the world to make other people question there vote against her Yet she boohoo to Fessy to keep him in line

  5. danmtruth

    Mel with one L YES YES start the punishments Call them up to the HOH tell them if they chose to continue to break the rules The will start taking away privileges First because all the people abusing not wearing there mic and obstructing them They have pulled the food and ALL will be on slop for 4 days Get them under control

  6. AIO_7

    “Bay asks where Brett stands. Haleigh tells him that he doesn’t care but he knows only one of the two can win comps and come after him (referring to Kaitlyn)”

    It should be easy to determine where Brett stands, especially after the week he has had with Rockstar; and this fondling that he got from Chakra. (I just hope Winston didn’t have to see this)


    • AIO_7

      I doubt that Winston saw Chakra handling Brett’s junk because as soon as she started fondling, good ole CBS (“buy our feeds and see everything”) switched all four cams to Fessy outside by himself.


    • Sassy

      I don’t feel bad for Fez. I seem to remember a time when he stuck his hand down Hays pants and she may have been sleeping. Fez and BSC deserve each other, except neither really likes the other. He likes Hay, BSC likes Ty, Ty likes Hay, and Hay likes Brett, who like Angela, who likes no one… oh the webs we weave!

      • Shivani33

        Sassy, Faysal got a lot worse with Haleigh the other night. He acted like she was his possession, his personal sex robot, after he used POV to save her. He disregarded her saying no to him. He even grabbed her from behind and clutched her when she tried to get out of the room. It got worse from there, too.

        Haleigh won’t trust him again on a personal level. She has been trying to keep her distance from him ever since, and Faysal has been stewing and moody, a well as more solitary. He went way too far with her. I saw the whole thing. I hope that she has been able to talk about it with DR and to get some relief. These are hard feelings to go through alone. Really, Faysal appears to be much more eager to get his rocks off than to play Big Brother.

        I haven’t seen Haleigh confide in any of her fellow players about Faysal’s aggression. It’s especially tough since she and he have been allies. I hope that she finds her footing again.

      • AIO_7

        There has been all along something about Fais. that won’t let me get to liking him. I also feel that in real life he is hiding a deep dark past indescretion(s).

      • Sassy

        Did production say anything? That is unexceptable!! They need to get serious about the unwanted sexual aggressions. If someone sued the show over it, the show will be done!

      • Zach

        They aren’t allowed to sue the show. They sign a release that says CBS is not responsible for anything that occurs. I know this is accurate as I had a friend who made it past the initial interviews and they explained it all to him. (Basically sign your rights away for the entirety of the show)

      • SammyD

        Fez reminds me of that guy that says “I don’t eat pork” but will be the first one to order a baconator sandwich from Wendy’s secretly. Sassy, you are right about his hands wondering in some netherregions.

      • Sassy

        Even with the waiver, I think if someone is sexually assaulted, a good lawyer can get the waiver dismissed. A judge can overrule a waiver. Or the person will get a large payout from CBS to keep quiet…

      • Zach

        Sorry Sassy, that just isn’t the case. Example. A few years ago, on an MTV show a girl was sexually assaulted and there was evidence of the crime. The guy was convicted but MTV could not be held liable in a civil suit that occurred separately.

      • Sassy

        I think a case could be made that production watched her be assaulted while she slept and did nothing about it.

      • Sassy

        Not to be political or to say whether or not I agree or disagree, I think the political climate has changed, and a judge could squash the waiver. Look at the gymnasts that signed court confidentiality waivers after receiving settlements that have come forward against the doctor or Stormy Daniels. The most sacred of all, the attorney client privilege with the President and his attorney. Nothing is untouchable anymore.

    • Painter1

      Guess that’s Chakras way of campaigning. WRONG!!

  7. danmtruth

    Just a observation With BSC & RHS on the block and packing the Pink room is getting cleaned up

  8. Avatar

    if we end up having an all girl alliance, this will end up being the most dull season, as it wont have variety, and sexist RS will get her way

  9. danmtruth

    Just a thought To me it makes more sense to evict RHS as her return won’t cause as much as BSC If she were to go BSC has a better chance to win HOH Plus she knows enough about people’s game to leverage it
    Seeing that they just now started to build unless they call them out to practice I don’t see a luck crap shoot comp

  10. HappyHippo

    My cbs app keeps crashing today on my iPad..ugh I have the latest update too

  11. Mel

    Appointments all day, just got home. Are Kaycee, Bayleigh and Angela really thinking about keeping RS? Please let this happen! I need a Kaitlyn eviction with a Kaityn return to the house, then a Kaitlyn hoh. Would be hilarious!

    Bonus: she’ll request a picture of her BF with them kissing to prove it isn’t her brother, (she said that last night) she won’t get one and the house sill be even more convinced he isn’t real!!

    Please BB, I suffered thru bb9, bb15 and bb19! I deserve this!!!

    • AIO_7

      “Are Kaycee, Bayleigh and Angela”….

      Yes, and Rachel says that she really doesn’t care. Tyler seems to be the only one for Chakra.

    • Avatar

      Hayleigh would probably go at that point, if Chakra wins HOH

    • Shivani33

      It seems to me that production would want exactly what you would love to see happen. Kaitlyn is an ASSet to the game’s ratings.

    • Sassy

      Me too! But I want Tyler to vote with the house, otherwise he will be on the block next week…

    • AIO_7

      Here, Mel …

      2:14 PM PT HOH: Sam says everyone thinks you and Kaitlyn are a pair. Tyler says that’s what I want…Sam is frustrated and confused. He says the other side. Sam says there are no sides anymore. Tyler says yes there is. He says Kaitlyn is a huge shield for us. [Update Has Screen Caps] -MadVelvet Less…
      Sam says she has shown she can hang tough, Rockstar won’t come after her. Rachel knocks on the door. Rachel asks if she can be in here for a bit. Tyler leaves. Sam is pissed and said ok, tell me what you want to come tell me and talk to me. Rachel says there is nohting I need to tell you. Sam is frustrated and says yes you do just tell me. Rachel says I just wanted to come up here. Sam is pissed off…says ok then make something up…tell me what you want. Sam says if it’s a tie, I’m going to put two dots in a cup. She is NOT happy at all. Rachel says it will not come down to a tie. Sam says this sucks and everyone needs to decide who they are voting for. Rachel says I just got annoyed by a comment and came up here to just get away. Sam asks what Rachel’s preference. Rachel says she wants Kaitlyn out. Sam says Kaitlyn does not like me.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think Sam is wrong. Rocky may not have come after her previously, but since Sam put her on the block, I don’t think Rocky is so enamored with her anymore. Besides, I get the feeling RHS has a vindictive streak in her and doesn’t forgive or forget.

  12. AIO_7

    Tyler campaigning for, you guessed it, Chakra. (I wonder if he knows about the handy she gave Brett) Sam doesn’t seem to be buying it …


  13. hogwild

    These people are giving me a headache I might have to leave the updates and just watch CBS before my head explodes.

  14. Ritchie

    As much as I will enjoy Kaitlin getting evicted and coming back in the house to wreak havoc stir things up, I’m over her and the RS chapter.

    I’m ready for some new blood preferably JC, Brett and or Kaycee to win HOH. I’m thinking JC would be power hungry, Brett would be as arrogant as ever with a flock of girls around him, and Kaycee would have to show me what her game is like with a little bit of pressure although she’s playing very well by staying out of the line of fire!

    • Sassy

      I think Brett is the only one that will make an honest effort to win.

    • Jenny

      I’m actually pretty neutral on what happens this week. Would be interesting to see what the house is like w/out the “life coach” [eye roll]. RS isn’t that bad, just different, and yeah she should have handled that whole Brett thing better, but then again he threw that at her in the live show. I still can’t believe it WORKED!

  15. Alda

    It would be priceless if the vote is 8-2 to vote how Psycho.She might faint in Tyler’s arms.So worth seeing her expression.

  16. danmtruth

    Just wait 10 min it will change At one point today even Jc was pushing to vote out RHS as she was dropping his name as someone she wanted to get out of the house

    Oh my F**KING GOD RHS was in the HOH room doing her weird campaigning to Sam Insulting her on the game she is playing RHS leaves and Tyler pops up from behind the bed LOL what a trip Sam told RHS that if it came to a tie vote she would just pick a dot After Tyler came out Sam told him I never told her if there was going to be two colors There will only be one color Sam the master burn thrower She is the best From her burn of BSC on the tree challenge to this WOW

  17. Avatar

    I really want someone to piss off sam lol if she snaps god bless whoever she’s aiming at.

  18. HappyHippo

    I with hog my head is about to explode!

  19. danmtruth

    Sam finished her talk with Tyler that if BSC came back She would stomp a mud hole in her chest — Don’t piss this women off She won’t even say her name Just call her IT or THAT

    • AIO_7


      3:33 PM PT Sam to Tyler re: Kaitlyn: I’ll stomp a mudhole in the bitch”s chest. I can’t believe I just said that! -Dolffie
      3:36 PM PT (Reply) Just before that, Tyler asked Sam: What if she (Kaitlyn) comes back? That was Sam’s response. -Tigrress
      3:32 PM PT HOH: Sam just told Tyler that her “two dots in a cup” she’s telling folks about is that what they don’t know is the dots will be the same color, Kaitlyn’s color. They both laugh.

  20. Zach

    Early on I thought I would like Sam. But this week has shown me she is playing a role. Now that she has been safe, the real Sam pops out every now and again. She might not be as annoying as the snake charmer, but she is not what I thought, either.

  21. danmtruth

    On the show tonight Sam stood her ground with BSC It stunned the girl she had no comeback

  22. NKogNeeTow

    I feel asleep at the beginning of BBAD last night and had to watch it earlier today. There were a lot of convos going on. I’m going to do my damndest to stay awake tonight. Hoping something good will happen.

    About tonight, so far:

    Don’t like that camera in the toilet (Hayleigh), AT ALL.

    The Convo between Kait and Sam in the HOH after Noms…The look on Sam’s face while BSC was talking…funny as hell. I love how Sam never falls for Kait’s BS.

    Sam doesn’t like touchy-feely, but she didn’t think twice about snuggling up with Fessy…lol

  23. hogwild

    If I had promised two different women I would take off the block if won veto I would have tossed that thing all the way across the Mississippi River.

  24. HappyHippo

    Is it just me or is BSC getting a really kind edit tonight?

  25. Colby

    Psycho is getting a really good edit. They aren’t showing her real level of crazy. Or how she manipulated and pressured Fessy. They are putting it all on him.
    But he shouldn’t have promised them both either.

  26. AIO_7

    Sam has a bunch of targets on her back after this week.

  27. hogwild

    I now want to see Kaitlyn survive the vote or get back in more than ever if she’s voted out just to Fess shit himself when it dawns on him he’s got pure 100% bat shit crazy gunning for him.

  28. Jannie

    I really enjoyed watching poor JC getting whacked in the stones in the Veto comp. And when they showed him in the DR with an ice bag, I about peed myself. He was a good sport about it.
    Yeah, I’m over Fessy. He’s a drama queen who enjoyed stringing the two girls along. I was hoping Kaitlin was going out for good, but I too, would like to see her win back in, take the HOH and put him up next to Sam. She was a little too bossy this week and needs to be checked. While I admire her honesty, too much “home spun” advice can get annoying.

    • hogwild

      I have East Texas country roots so the home spun stuff doesn’t bother me I have heard that kind of stuff all my life hell I have probably given a lot of the same advice.

      • HappyHippo

        Yea I’m completely used to that kind of talk, Houston tx roots here

      • caRyn

        I am from Houston, Texas, also. Don’t care for Sam at all. I looked up the definition of homespun because I wasn’t sure what it meant – simple and unsophisticated. It is an excellent word to describe Sam, in my opinion. I don’t think it has anything to do though with where she is from.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hey Jannie-Pooh. I’m glad to see you’re back. We can’t send private messages anymore so I had no way to contact you to find out how everyone is doing (you know who I mean). Hope all is okay.

      Also, Shoes (ShoeLover), if you’re out there, please check in.

      • Jannie

        Hi Hon! You are so sweet to check in – it’s been a crappy last year. My sister did pass away last October after a 4 month Melanoma fight. And the hubby’s sister also passed away in March from kidney failure(both just 62). And our 14 year old cat disappeared 2 weeks ago and my husband and kids miss him terribly. Me too, but I don’t let on as much. It’s weird when you’re just kind of sailing along for a long time and then take a couple of gut punches, but there is always someone out there with bigger problems, right? I’m an eternal optimist! 😉
        Wish I was more into BB this season, but with no BBAD this summer, it’s just CBS and you guys. I need to upgrade my cable to get POP; But I am reading and checking in all the time 🙂
        Sounds like you’re getting waterlogged out on the East coast. Ugh, sounds awful. 🙁
        I will catch up with you on the next thread…maybe even read you guys watching BBAD tonight. Thanks again for checking in…you’re a doll!

  29. Alda

    I don’t know how the men in the house would ever want Kaitlyn pawing all over them.They can’t be that desperate for affection.Sam hit the nail on the head describing that Psycho.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    One thing that tickled me about tonight’s show. When Rachel Riley came into the house. They were falling all over her acting happy to see her when half of them didn’t even know who she was… lol

    And Rocky wanted to be spanked harder…ummm….Ewwwww.

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