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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone! Just one day until what expects to be an eventual eviction night where either Kaitlyn or Rockstar will be evicted then turn around and work on some puzzle to come back in the house. With the way the week is going, it is shaping up to make for an exciting Friday!


Despite knowing that the person leaving this week could very well turn around and come back in, both RS and Kaitlyn are going hard at campaigning to the point where people are almost forced to draw a line in the sand to choose their side of that alliance. So, even if the person does come back, they’ll know the votes and know they don’t have a whole lot of support in the house moving forward – even with their own alliance. That sets level 6 up pretty well to cruise to jury as the other side of the house will keep eating at each other.

Not a whole lot to discuss before jumping into the feeds, so I’m going to do that now:

  • 10:30 am – Rockstar finishes up a talk with Sam then heads down to talk to Kait
    • She tells Kait that Sam plans on putting dots in a hat and choosing that way if there is a tie – awesome
    • RS is bummed that she didn’t even get a nomination speech and now she may get ‘eenie-meanie’ out of the house
    • Kait agrees she doesn’t like Sam just leaving it up to basically a coin flip
    • RS says that at least Kait had a big nomination speech and Kait says she’d rather have not had it because it embarrassed her
  • 11:00 am – Bay is talking to RS in the bathroom before RS is called to the DR
    • Rockstar tells Bayleigh that she gave flawless pitches?  It was a bit mumbling but that’s what it sounded like. I think RS has a different definition of the word flawless because her pitches were pretty terrible
  • Haleigh and Bay move to the HN room
    • Haleigh whispers that they have 5 but I’m not quite sure who the 5th is. Scottie, Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Fessy
    • They are doing a bible study between talking game.
    • Bay asks where Brett stands. Haleigh tells him that he doesn’t care but he knows only one of the two can win comps and come after him (referring to Kaitlyn)
    • It seems like they think JC is the 5th, and while JC is currently pushing to get rid of Kait, he’s definitely not ‘locked in’
  • 12:45 pm – Angela is catching up with Kaycee.
    • I wonder if Kaycee can just sit in a room and listen in on conversations because they’ll think she’s just a piece of furniture
    • Angela said she went to bed thinking of keeping Kaitlyn but Kait came up to her today and said “when it was me and Haleigh on the block, I heard you guys were trying to keep her”.
    • Kaycee calls her stupid and asks why she’d say that
    • Angela says she’s been consistent this week that she’s going house vote
    • Kaycee says that’s stupid because now Angela would think that Kaitlyn would come after them if she stayed in the house. Angela agrees it was stupid
    • Angela has been pushing to keep Kaitlyn but has totally changed her mind after that
    • They may want to save Rockstar because of her all-girl alliance pitch. They know she (RS) wouldn’t target them for a bit
    • Angela says that Tyler will be a big target once Kaitlyn is gone
  • 2:05 pm – Rachel goes up into the HN room
    • Sam immediately says “go ahead, tell me what you want to tell me”  yikes
    • Rachel says she just came up to get away but Sam demands she tell her something. HoH is getting to Sam. I think she’s going to throw any future comps lol
    • After some talk, Rachel guarantees it’s not going to be a tie tomorrow. That’s what Sam is most worried about
  • 2:40 pm – Rachel is making a pitch to keep Kaitlyn
    • She is saying that Kaitlyn’s hit list would be much larger than Rockstar’s
    • But the group (Angela, Bay, and Brett) point out how Kaitlyn isn’t reliable
  • 3:00 pm – This may be another last minute decision. I really hope the person evicted comes back! Off to eat!

Check back for updates


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BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Michael Bruner
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