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Big Brother 20 Wednesday Night Feeds

Good evening, everyone!


It’s the night before the eviction and I’m feeling read sad for Swaggy. Based on how cocky he was the first week, people may think that he just got a favorable edit tonight on the CBS show, but that’s how he’s really been. This experience has humbled him quite a bit and being that he is one of the few real fans of the show inside that house, it’s going to be sad to see him go. Considering Steve is home and not in sequester, odds are great that we won’t see Swaggy again until finale night after tomorrow.

I am still torn on the move on Kaitlyn’s part. As of right now, she should probably stick with it because she pulled the trigger, but the better move may have been to take the shot at Winston’s side by nominating an Angela or Brett. That said, I can really see her making it far in this game because she is putting such a big target on herself that both sides are going to save her for later – then forget about it and watch her cruise to the finals. Tyler is likely going to take the heat for this move and be who they retaliate against, so Kaitlyn may skate by quite awhile now.

Updates –

  • 7:45 pm – Brett is upstairs giving Kaitlyn another massage. He’s really building up those points
  • 8:30 pm – Tyler is chatting with Haleigh
    • They both agree that Rockstar is acting ridiculous how she is giving attitude over it. Haleigh will possibly just all-out flip and vote out Swaggy
    • They are laying just outside the HoH door
    • Kaitlyn comes out and lectures them because they’re talking and pointing at the HoH door occasionally so Kaitlyn thinks they’re talking about her (Kaitlyn can watch that area with the TV)
    • Kaitlyn plays it off as she’s joking but she seems mostly serious
  • 9:00 pm – Slow night
    • The biggest story of the night was that Rachel wanted a massage from Brett so he kept giving one to everyone but her
    • Including Winston and Tyler
  • 9:20 pm – Bayleigh spent a lot of time throwing her own alliance under the bus to Kaitlyn
    • She told Kait that most people in the house talked shit about her behind her back
    • Kait got herself really worked up then went into the HoH room and kicked everyone out
    • She immediately goes in on Fez who remains while Brett tries to calm her down
    • After some time, everyone leaves so Kait can meditate
  • 9:35 pm – Haleigh goes to retell the incident to Rockstar
    • When Haleigh entered, Bay left and called Kaitlyn a little bitch
  • 9:40 pm – Tyler is up in the HoH room with Kaitlyn and she’s really pissed about him pointing at the HoH room with Haleigh
    • Tyler asks if she freaked out like this in front of anyone (translation – did you blow my game)
  • 10:30 pm – Tyler tells Angela about Kaitlyn’s freakout and she just rolled her eyes


It’s late. Off to bed


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  1. hogwild

    You have to be young and dumb before you can be old and wise I don’t think Chris is dumb but he clearly got overzealous he tried to win a game that goes all summer in week one that was never going to end well.

  2. Avatar

    so looks like Swaggy is gonna go

  3. hogwild

    I was on youtube looking around and saw a deal with Cody and Jessica and some other former BB players out at a BB 20 premier watchiing party and Jessica commented she liked Kaitlyn but thought her mouth would get her in trouble nailed that one.

  4. LGJ

    I don’t see Kaitlyn making much further after jury starts. I think everyone is aware of her game and trying to get the numbers on their side before ending her game. You have a couple of players on both sides that want her to go. That won’t stay buried for long. Also…. go Haleigh!

  5. danmtruth

    So Faysel and Haylie now hanging out with the l6 people in the HOH room Smart move to try to move on and start a new alliance
    Bad time for Rockstar to be on slop and be hangrey all the time

  6. Seattle Kari

    Watch the episode here in Seattle. Caitlin’s cheers? Fake as hell IMHO
    And Rainbow Brite? Seriously, the attitude everyone’s been talking about? I have this urge to just slap her face and tell her to just get the fuck over herself.

  7. Shivani33

    Haleigh has been talking to different people and is stirring it up about both Rachel and AngieRS. She’s spreading the word that Rockstar has been being a mean bitch. Haleigh also gave wings to a rumor about Rachel and Faysal. She has other targets lower on her slate. Haleigh is working these angles primarily at Kaitlyn, seeing how far under her skin she can get. She wants Rachel to get some heat because Haleigh is smart and remembers that Kaitlyn has never really liked Rachel. This deflects any similar heat off of Haleigh. Lol.

    As for her Rockstar gossip, Haleigh spent lots of time with Angie and has made her assessment. She knows that Angie isn’t on Tyler’s good side. She knows that Kaitlyn is currently most obsessed with Tyler. So Kaitlyn might try to go after Angie as soon as Tyler wants it to happen. Haleigh is just helping that along. Haleigh has acknowledged too, that Tyler will have to be evicted. Haleigh has skills.

  8. Helen

    Is Kaitlyn back to the I don’t know what to do stage now that she’s talking to Bayleigh?

  9. Helen

    Chris is making a deal with Rachel to keep him…
    She could flip…Brett made her mad

  10. danmtruth

    it would be funny if Rachel did switch to keep Chris – tho I don’t think THAT will happen – and Haylie flips and Chris still loses by one vote
    Fun to listen to Baylie and Katlyn talk than hearing Bay’s retelling once more revisionist history Now Baylie is mad at Haylie and Faysel because she says it was there fight that started all this

  11. danmtruth

    The next big laugh would be 5 people wear Swaggy C shirts than the vote is 9-3 to evict Chris He will shit

  12. danmtruth

    In Chris talk to sway Rachel He told her he knew secrets about people About showmance that people don’t know about He will tell her after the vote To prove she can trust him WTF !!

  13. Avatar

    Haleigh tells Kaitlyn she’s going to vote for Winston to stay and will tell Rockstar and Faysal an hour before
    On jokers

  14. Seattle Kari

    Watched a bit of After Dark. want to make sure I understood what I thought I saw. After braggy was talking to Kaitlyn he made a motion like he was eating from a bowl right after she left. Was he saying she’s eating up all of his BS?

    Separate question. Does anybody play the Orwell games? I don’t do Twitter but I did the Bingo thing a little bit tonight.

    • Ann

      I saw his dumb ass do that too. That’s his problem, he thinks he’s so damn smart & thinks he’s all that but he ain’t shit. I hope like hell his ass is evicted tomorrow. If by some miracle he stays tomorrow, that house won’t be big enough for his big ass head & not to mention his ego.

  15. Helen

    So Chris told Bayleigh the door was opened for a few minutes and he saw outside,,,was not endurance. It was true false booths…
    He’s going to try to manipulate Sam in the morning to vote him to stay..
    No matter what the outcome tonight (please Jesus,make Chris go home) I will be so happy that Psycho chick ends her HOH tonight and I pray she never gets that position again…

  16. danmtruth

    lots of running around today With at the end Team Swaggy C knowing its a losing battle The only question than is does Chris go out quietly If Faysel is going to vote against Chris I can’t see him not going up to Cris and telling him Faysel has not said anything about Jc trying to get him to flip Haylie is also counting the votes and might flip not wanting to be on the sinking Swaggy-C ship

  17. Katheryn

    I don’t know why everyone hating on Chris so badly. There are a lot of egotistical people in this group.

  18. Katheryn

    I guess there is more wrong with thinking its all about you than acting like sluts per say.

  19. Avatar

    Chris needs to stop grasping at straws

  20. danmtruth

    Chris came on too strong Too early Making big plans is nice but you don’t tell EVERYONE in the first week The constant saying how he was going to win every thing Run all the evictions The self promoting just did not not sit well

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