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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Recap

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Good morning! The top picture is a few days old but I forgot to use it so I thought I’d stick it up there today. It made me think if Brett and JC had been “the bros” from the beginning, it could’ve been some funny clips. (Sorry Winstonbro, you simply weren’t funny) They’re both hilarious on their own so I’m not complaining about a lack of comedy. I think things will pick up again once Scottie leaves and we should see some scrambling no matter who wins the next hoh. Unless Fessy falls on his sword for Haleigh or Sam decides to self evict, I think everyone will fight hard to stay. (I could see Fessy trying to stay so Haleigh isn’t left in the house with Brett) Scottie gave it a try too but his strategy was bad and he did everything too late. I know I keep saying how great this season is and people are probably tired of hearing it…but it is! I can’t remember a time when I didn’t care who won the hoh with 8 people still in the house.  As Steve mentioned yesterday, it was another slow day so I’ll just recap some of the highlights and add a few more pictures I’ve recently ran across.


A few things from during the day (check yesterdays threads for more details):

  • Brett, Tyler and JC had a conversation about how bad shomances can be for your game. Brett isn’t into any of the women in the house and said as much. Tyler looked uncomfortable the entire time and I think JC loved every minute of it.
  • Haleigh continued to ask Fessy if he flipped any votes. He can’t believe he’s being questioned again and said it’s the reason she shouldn’t hang out with Scottie for two hours like she did the night before. (It is where this came from) They argue more than they get along at this point.
  • Brett set the inside of the oven on fire while making bacon I believe. There could be some left over coffee grounds in there that may have caused it. (It’s more fun to blame Brett because he also broke the front door) This is when the kitchen started to get smoky:
  • Brett was pretty set on wanting Sam & Hayleigh on the block if possible when he talked to Tyler earlier in the day. He thought they should backdoor Fessy. The rest of Level 6 had realized by this time that was a mistake because Fessy could save Haleigh with the veto. Brett prefers Fessy go first and Angela thinks Haleigh should.
  • Scottie raided the storage room while packing his suitcase and took, well, basically everything he could fit. It was kind of funny. It’s such a petty thing to do (if that’s the reason) or if he simply thinks he may need the supplies, it’s still funny. His commentary while doing it was what made it funny. He took the anti-diarrhea medicine and the bottle said something about traveling and he said “what is travelers diarrhea?” He took the toothpaste, deodorant, condoms, kitchen sponges, razors, etc. He was planning on going back for some wet wipes if they would fit in his bag. I wonder if production will make him put the stuff back before tomorrow evening. Scottie behaves a little strange sometimes but he could be a good person to travel with, always prepared. (I’ve had friends make fun of me because I always have a mini tape measurer, philips and flathead screwdrivers and a tiny can of wd-40 in my purse but I can’t tell you how many times they’ve came in handy. If you check into a hotel with a squeaky door or want to make an impulse buy and need to know if it will fit in your car, I’m your girl!)
  • Level 6 finally got some time alone. They decided to nominate Fessy & Haleigh together if they win the hoh. The difference in the alliances this year is mind boggling. L6 had a quick meeting, made a plan, agreed to it and moved on.
  • I ran across this after I started the update so I guess I have my answer about Scotties loot.
  • Fessy and Haleigh made up, made plans for after the show and said they think tomorrow may be a double. Fessy want them to hang out together until January and said they can make money with the gigs that come up after the show. (He doesn’t realize that being BB alumni isn’t a career choice unless your name is Evel Dick) Fessy knows the days of things better than Hay does, I get why she’s worried.
  • KC was emotional realizing she’d talked about when she came out and thinking about it being on tv. She said she’d only talked to her mom about it once and she didn’t want it to be hard on her. She said she didn’t want her mom to lose any of her church friends. KC seems like such a sweet person and it was sad. Tyler and Angela consoled her and tried to make her feel better.
  • L6 studies days, Brett and Angela know them very well.

Later in the night:

  • Fessy leaned on the sink and ‘Bob’ said “Faysal, be careful.” He moved away from it. Lol
  • Haleigh told Fessy that Tyler and Angela were getting closer. She’s seen them cuddling and playing with each other’s hair so she thinks they really are becoming a ‘mance. Fessy jumped on this and said it must not be a big deal since she plays with Bretts hair. Fessy likes the idea of them together and said “awww.” Haleigh is saying it’s good so there can be 2 couples. It’s subtle but you can tell she’s also annoyed by it because she liked Tyler in the beginning and it’s always irked her that she couldn’t manipulate Tyler the way she thinks she can the other guys.
  • Recently, JC has started following Tyler around so he has supervision while hanging out with Angela.
  • Brett’s really sick of Sam and he’s told several people. He went to the have not room to socialize with her while she was “crafting.” He tried to ask her what she was doing and what she was making. She said something about it being a taxidermy thing. He asked what she was making it for and she said she was making it for herself, like everything else. She said there was nothing to do, she wanted to be alone, she was a have not and didn’t want to be in the kitchen, didn’t want to do her hair and her nails and didn’t need to take a shower yet. She was really rude and hateful about it too.  I’ve seen past hg’s get excited towards the end of the season when they were given play dough or crayons and a coloring book. Sam’s been allowed to tote around an entire crafting supply box. If you’re creative enough, you can find a way around having nothing to play with so I’ll give her that much. (I could have fun with Sam. I usually repurpose furniture pieces instead of small crafts and I don’t know how to weld so she could really come in handy)
  • JC said “this is the longest day in the history of long days” so he felt the same way we did.
  • Fessy said he made it to the last round of Survivor casting last year. We already knew he was the alternate for Josh on BB19 so he’s been trying to get on a reality show for some time. It’s been mentioned so most of you already know this but in case you don’t, Tyler was an alternate for BBOTT. That’s why he already knew the Willett sisters when he moved into the house. I’ve seen a pic of the 3 of them together. Fessy said BB players have more fans than Survivor players. It’s true but he also said he has the “baddest female player in BB history” as his girl so there’s that…
  • JC told Tyler “congratulations, your little shomance made the tv show” and said he got asked to talk about it in the DR. Tyler said they were probably just trying to make him mad. (Tyler knows about out production ya’ll) Bob gave them a “you’re not allowed to talk about production” so that was the end of that. JC finally admitted that he was jealous and Tyler said he already knew that but was glad to hear him finally admit it. The conversation was funny as it usually is between these two. JC told Tyler “ok, you can keep her, I’m going to stay with Brett” and Tyler told him “this is bullshit.” Tyler said he caught Brett and JC talking alone all the time. He said he didn’t talk to Angela all the time but JC noticed all of the times because he was looking for it now. JC said Brett is starting to worry Tyler, Angela and KC are very close and Brett feels alone. JC said “if you can switch, I can a switch too.” JC defended his talking with Brett so much by saying “he follows me around.” Tyler said “it sounds like something a side ho would do.” (Lol I love their stupid conversations)
  • Tyler had to remove JC from his sleeping saucer. He keeps trying to steal the big one. He did the same thing to Fessy when they were have nots.
  • Scottie was very laid back and relaxed last night even if he was acting a little strange. He ran around the house spinning and twisting his body like someone in a really bad and cheaply made tornado movie would. He’s obviously accepted his fate but I think he’s going to be really disappointed if they don’t have a juror return. He already has it in his mind that he’ll be the one to come back so that’s what he’s banking on at this point.
  • I heard Angela say she left her first nice goodbye msg. I know it’s better for her game but I like her as the ice queen and I’m sad to see her go.

It was leaked that that he hoh comp will be a ball rolling comp. I can’t remember the exact wording but it didn’t sound like a complete crap shoot comp. It sounded to me like it might be the one Paul won in season 19 and hosted in OTT where you have to roll the ball down the crooked plank and get it into the little box. I think it had a Candy Crush theme last year. That may not be it and this is only a guess.

  • This is KC after what I’m guessing was a big win since she’s holding a trophy:
  • This is one of Angela’s instagram modeling shots. Sorry if that’s too much booty for you but she models swimwear so what do ya expect?
  • Rockstar was awarded Baltimores best local celebrity or something like that. This is a pic from that event:
  • Here’s a few more of Rockstar. I like Sam and Rockstars pics the most because they both have a variety of looks.

Kaitlyn was on the RHAP podcast last night. (by phone) She still says some crazy stuff about Grandpa Lou and her spirit guides but she’s actually the least bitter of the evicted hg’s. She’s having fun with it, she’s willing to laugh at herself and she’ll probably end up with more fans because of it. She said she had some damage control to do, admitted she made some mistakes and said she needed to learn from them. She didn’t like the manipulation from Tyler on a personal level because she thought everything was sincere at the time but she respects his game. She thinks he’s doing a great job and she’s still rooting for him. She’s also rooting for Brett and JC because she feels like they’ve really stepped up their games and she’s impressed by them. She said Sam always used to look at her like she wanted to punch her in the face and she could never understand why. She thinks Sam is a sweet and sensitive person out of the house but the stress in the house is making things worse for her. She had opinions on other things too and it was an entertaining podcast. It was funnier because Taryn Armstrong (who does the morning update among other podcasts) has talked a lot about being afraid of Kaitlyn and saying she’s crazy. It’s been a running joke all season so having her on with Rob AND Taryn last night was great.

I’m very ready for tonight to happen so I’ll catch up with Steve and all you guys back here this evening. Have a great Thursday!



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