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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Recap

Good morning! The top picture is a few days old but I forgot to use it so I thought I’d stick it up there today. It made me think if Brett and JC had been “the bros” from the beginning, it could’ve been some funny clips. (Sorry Winstonbro, you simply weren’t funny) They’re both hilarious on their own so I’m not complaining about a lack of comedy. I think things will pick up again once Scottie leaves and we should see some scrambling no matter who wins the next hoh. Unless Fessy falls on his sword for Haleigh or Sam decides to self evict, I think everyone will fight hard to stay. (I could see Fessy trying to stay so Haleigh isn’t left in the house with Brett) Scottie gave it a try too but his strategy was bad and he did everything too late. I know I keep saying how great this season is and people are probably tired of hearing it…but it is! I can’t remember a time when I didn’t care who won the hoh with 8 people still in the house.  As Steve mentioned yesterday, it was another slow day so I’ll just recap some of the highlights and add a few more pictures I’ve recently ran across.


A few things from during the day (check yesterdays threads for more details):

  • Brett, Tyler and JC had a conversation about how bad shomances can be for your game. Brett isn’t into any of the women in the house and said as much. Tyler looked uncomfortable the entire time and I think JC loved every minute of it.
  • Haleigh continued to ask Fessy if he flipped any votes. He can’t believe he’s being questioned again and said it’s the reason she shouldn’t hang out with Scottie for two hours like she did the night before. (It is where this came from) They argue more than they get along at this point.
  • Brett set the inside of the oven on fire while making bacon I believe. There could be some left over coffee grounds in there that may have caused it. (It’s more fun to blame Brett because he also broke the front door) This is when the kitchen started to get smoky:
  • Brett was pretty set on wanting Sam & Hayleigh on the block if possible when he talked to Tyler earlier in the day. He thought they should backdoor Fessy. The rest of Level 6 had realized by this time that was a mistake because Fessy could save Haleigh with the veto. Brett prefers Fessy go first and Angela thinks Haleigh should.
  • Scottie raided the storage room while packing his suitcase and took, well, basically everything he could fit. It was kind of funny. It’s such a petty thing to do (if that’s the reason) or if he simply thinks he may need the supplies, it’s still funny. His commentary while doing it was what made it funny. He took the anti-diarrhea medicine and the bottle said something about traveling and he said “what is travelers diarrhea?” He took the toothpaste, deodorant, condoms, kitchen sponges, razors, etc. He was planning on going back for some wet wipes if they would fit in his bag. I wonder if production will make him put the stuff back before tomorrow evening. Scottie behaves a little strange sometimes but he could be a good person to travel with, always prepared. (I’ve had friends make fun of me because I always have a mini tape measurer, philips and flathead screwdrivers and a tiny can of wd-40 in my purse but I can’t tell you how many times they’ve came in handy. If you check into a hotel with a squeaky door or want to make an impulse buy and need to know if it will fit in your car, I’m your girl!)
  • Level 6 finally got some time alone. They decided to nominate Fessy & Haleigh together if they win the hoh. The difference in the alliances this year is mind boggling. L6 had a quick meeting, made a plan, agreed to it and moved on.
  • I ran across this after I started the update so I guess I have my answer about Scotties loot.
  • Fessy and Haleigh made up, made plans for after the show and said they think tomorrow may be a double. Fessy want them to hang out together until January and said they can make money with the gigs that come up after the show. (He doesn’t realize that being BB alumni isn’t a career choice unless your name is Evel Dick) Fessy knows the days of things better than Hay does, I get why she’s worried.
  • KC was emotional realizing she’d talked about when she came out and thinking about it being on tv. She said she’d only talked to her mom about it once and she didn’t want it to be hard on her. She said she didn’t want her mom to lose any of her church friends. KC seems like such a sweet person and it was sad. Tyler and Angela consoled her and tried to make her feel better.
  • L6 studies days, Brett and Angela know them very well.

Later in the night:

  • Fessy leaned on the sink and ‘Bob’ said “Faysal, be careful.” He moved away from it. Lol
  • Haleigh told Fessy that Tyler and Angela were getting closer. She’s seen them cuddling and playing with each other’s hair so she thinks they really are becoming a ‘mance. Fessy jumped on this and said it must not be a big deal since she plays with Bretts hair. Fessy likes the idea of them together and said “awww.” Haleigh is saying it’s good so there can be 2 couples. It’s subtle but you can tell she’s also annoyed by it because she liked Tyler in the beginning and it’s always irked her that she couldn’t manipulate Tyler the way she thinks she can the other guys.
  • Recently, JC has started following Tyler around so he has supervision while hanging out with Angela.
  • Brett’s really sick of Sam and he’s told several people. He went to the have not room to socialize with her while she was “crafting.” He tried to ask her what she was doing and what she was making. She said something about it being a taxidermy thing. He asked what she was making it for and she said she was making it for herself, like everything else. She said there was nothing to do, she wanted to be alone, she was a have not and didn’t want to be in the kitchen, didn’t want to do her hair and her nails and didn’t need to take a shower yet. She was really rude and hateful about it too.  I’ve seen past hg’s get excited towards the end of the season when they were given play dough or crayons and a coloring book. Sam’s been allowed to tote around an entire crafting supply box. If you’re creative enough, you can find a way around having nothing to play with so I’ll give her that much. (I could have fun with Sam. I usually repurpose furniture pieces instead of small crafts and I don’t know how to weld so she could really come in handy)
  • JC said “this is the longest day in the history of long days” so he felt the same way we did.
  • Fessy said he made it to the last round of Survivor casting last year. We already knew he was the alternate for Josh on BB19 so he’s been trying to get on a reality show for some time. It’s been mentioned so most of you already know this but in case you don’t, Tyler was an alternate for BBOTT. That’s why he already knew the Willett sisters when he moved into the house. I’ve seen a pic of the 3 of them together. Fessy said BB players have more fans than Survivor players. It’s true but he also said he has the “baddest female player in BB history” as his girl so there’s that…
  • JC told Tyler “congratulations, your little shomance made the tv show” and said he got asked to talk about it in the DR. Tyler said they were probably just trying to make him mad. (Tyler knows about out production ya’ll) Bob gave them a “you’re not allowed to talk about production” so that was the end of that. JC finally admitted that he was jealous and Tyler said he already knew that but was glad to hear him finally admit it. The conversation was funny as it usually is between these two. JC told Tyler “ok, you can keep her, I’m going to stay with Brett” and Tyler told him “this is bullshit.” Tyler said he caught Brett and JC talking alone all the time. He said he didn’t talk to Angela all the time but JC noticed all of the times because he was looking for it now. JC said Brett is starting to worry Tyler, Angela and KC are very close and Brett feels alone. JC said “if you can switch, I can a switch too.” JC defended his talking with Brett so much by saying “he follows me around.” Tyler said “it sounds like something a side ho would do.” (Lol I love their stupid conversations)
  • Tyler had to remove JC from his sleeping saucer. He keeps trying to steal the big one. He did the same thing to Fessy when they were have nots.
  • Scottie was very laid back and relaxed last night even if he was acting a little strange. He ran around the house spinning and twisting his body like someone in a really bad and cheaply made tornado movie would. He’s obviously accepted his fate but I think he’s going to be really disappointed if they don’t have a juror return. He already has it in his mind that he’ll be the one to come back so that’s what he’s banking on at this point.
  • I heard Angela say she left her first nice goodbye msg. I know it’s better for her game but I like her as the ice queen and I’m sad to see her go.

It was leaked that that he hoh comp will be a ball rolling comp. I can’t remember the exact wording but it didn’t sound like a complete crap shoot comp. It sounded to me like it might be the one Paul won in season 19 and hosted in OTT where you have to roll the ball down the crooked plank and get it into the little box. I think it had a Candy Crush theme last year. That may not be it and this is only a guess.

  • This is KC after what I’m guessing was a big win since she’s holding a trophy:
  • This is one of Angela’s instagram modeling shots. Sorry if that’s too much booty for you but she models swimwear so what do ya expect?
  • Rockstar was awarded Baltimores best local celebrity or something like that. This is a pic from that event:
  • Here’s a few more of Rockstar. I like Sam and Rockstars pics the most because they both have a variety of looks.

Kaitlyn was on the RHAP podcast last night. (by phone) She still says some crazy stuff about Grandpa Lou and her spirit guides but she’s actually the least bitter of the evicted hg’s. She’s having fun with it, she’s willing to laugh at herself and she’ll probably end up with more fans because of it. She said she had some damage control to do, admitted she made some mistakes and said she needed to learn from them. She didn’t like the manipulation from Tyler on a personal level because she thought everything was sincere at the time but she respects his game. She thinks he’s doing a great job and she’s still rooting for him. She’s also rooting for Brett and JC because she feels like they’ve really stepped up their games and she’s impressed by them. She said Sam always used to look at her like she wanted to punch her in the face and she could never understand why. She thinks Sam is a sweet and sensitive person out of the house but the stress in the house is making things worse for her. She had opinions on other things too and it was an entertaining podcast. It was funnier because Taryn Armstrong (who does the morning update among other podcasts) has talked a lot about being afraid of Kaitlyn and saying she’s crazy. It’s been a running joke all season so having her on with Rob AND Taryn last night was great.

I’m very ready for tonight to happen so I’ll catch up with Steve and all you guys back here this evening. Have a great Thursday!


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  1. Kaycee would be an excellent HOH, she has a very valid reason of putting up both Haleigh and Fessie, and if Sam cast a vote, thats an easy reason for replacement nom…

  2. kneeless

    RS looks so “normal” in those pics.

  3. mm22

    RS does but she needs to buy a larger shoe size-toes
    aren’t suppost to hang off

  4. I believe in earlier feeds I heard people talking about “AMAZING RACE”.

    The only one that has a shot at being on the Amazing Race this year is Tyler. Question is who do they wish to pair up with him?

    * Angela…Great looking but No personality, showmance started way too late.
    * Brett…Might be a good choice he is funny and the Ladies will like his looks.
    * JC…Might be good for comedy relief. His Spanish would be helpful.
    * Sam… Are you F’N serious?
    * Haliegh.. No connection
    * Faysal… No one would be interested.
    * JC….Cue the crickets.
    * Scottie.. No compelling enough. Might be good at some challenges. His voice would grate on the viewers.
    * Rockstar…She wouldn’t last past day one without crying or complaining. NO THANKS!
    * Bayliegh… No thanks and dosen’t she have a bun in the oven.
    * Swaggy C… Viewers would be so tried of hearing “Swaggy C” every five seconds they would tune out.
    * The Rest? … In the words of Peter Griffin …”WHO DA HELL CARES!”

    So I guess we are left with Tyler and Ms. No Personality 2018 (Angela).

    Haliegh and Faysal are dreaming if they think they would be chosen. First of all the suck large at BB. 2. They do nothing but argue. I don’t see the showmance lasting beyond when one gets evicted. I think if Haliegh gets sent to Jury House she will pray that Faysal stays to final 3 so she doesn’t have to carry on the fake relationship.

    Fair to say this Cast has been a little lame and predictable. Maybe no one gets to go on Amazing Race. Bring back a former House Guest Couple or let Cody & Jessica compete in Amazing Race All-Star edition.

    • Just saw this on line… https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/the-amazing-race-season-31-big-brother-survivor-players-cast/

      Looks like I was right this Season BB20 Cast is so lame that they are using former Big Brother House Guests to compete in the Amazing Race.

      Looks like the are using former winners of BB to compete.

      Potential teams include Dan Gheesling (winner, BB10 and runner-up, BB14) and Jessie Godderz (BB10 and 11); Janelle Pierzina (BB6, 7 and 14) and Britney Haynes (BB12 and 14); Frank Eudy (BB14 and 18) and Ian Terry (winner, BB14); Caleb Reynolds (BB16, Survivor 32 and 34) and Tai Trang (Survivor 32 and 34); Rachel Reilly (BB12 and winner, BB13) and Elissa Slater (BB15); Corey Brooks (BB18) and James Huling (BB17 and 18); Nicole Franzel (BB16 and winner, BB18) and Victor Arroyo (BB18); and Da’Vonne Rogers (BB17 and 18) and Bridgette Dunning (BB18).

      Cannot wait to see Janelle Pierzina again probably the best looking female house guest in BB history.

      • Mel

        Doug, You’ll get to see her. The BB teams who made the cut were Britney/Janelle, Rachel/Elissa and Nicole/Victor.

        They filmed it around the same time BB 20 started so none of the current houseguests could have done it anyway.

      • Hi Mel, thanks for the update. I love to watch the Amazin Race.

        Interesting they choose mostly women to race. “GIRL POWER”. Britney / Janelle will be interesting. (TEAM BLONDE).

        I think Rachel has milked her BB fame to death. Not sure why people like her she gets my entire. Great athlete but a total nut case. “I AM VEGAS”. Rachel/Elissa (TEAM ANNOYING)

        Nicole / Victor huh? (TEAM BORING)

        Good luck to the former BB Winners in the Amazing Race.

        Yes, since filming started in June the current House Guests couldn’t be on the show. By next season BB 20 cast will all be a foot note. No one will remember any of them.

      • I am sure Elissa Slater is Rachel Riely’s sister. So that team will be cheering for them to get out 1st.

        Wonder why they didn’t have Cody & Jessica back as returning Champions.

      • Malia

        Oh I hope Rachel is not on AR. Her sisters voice annoyed the crap oiy of me on BB. Rachel and Brendan did AR already too. I think Janelle and Brit will do well.

    • Mel

      I could see them putting Bayleigh & Swaggy or JC & Fessy. I’m not saying that’s who I like but CBS likes the shomances and quirky duos.

      • Bayliegh & Swaggy C have a little one to worry about…lol

        Besides everyone will hope they get punted 1st as no one wants to hear “SWAGGY C” this and “SWAGGY C” That every 5 seconds and no one can deal with Bayliegh bitchy attitude.

      • No one has any interest in Fayal. Also not to sound racist or anti religion.

        Amazing Race has a bigger following than BB and the fact remains Faysal religion may affect his popularity.

        His religion is not exactly popular in the USA right now.

        We saw in the App Reward and Punishment he was the least trending House Guest the first week they did it. I think we all know the reason why. Sad but true.

        Personally, I could care less as I am not into religion of any kind, but that is my personal choice.

      • Mel

        Oh, I agree. What we like and what CBS wants to believe we like arn’t always the same tho. That’s all I meant. I’m fine not watching them on anything either.

      • Mel

        Wait, I was agreeing with the Bay and Swaggy thing, not the religion thing just to clarify. Lol

      • Sassy

        CBS May think Swag and Bay would bring in new viewers. They may not have been popular on this site, but they were definitely favs on Twitter. JC and Fay would be awful on AR and wouldn’t make it past the first cut, they would be a better sitcom, then racers. Ty and Ang would probably be good at it!

        As for Fay and his religion, I don’t think that his religion would be a negative factor in anything he does. He does not shove it in anyone’s face, unlike several others that claimed to be deeply religious and made many of their conversations about it. If I hadn’t seen it written on this site towards the beginning, I would not have even known he was a practicing Muslim.

      • Jay H

        Honestly, his religion is one of the positive things about Fessy. Let me explain, Unfortunately, there seems to be some serious stereotypes of what Muslims are, look like, act like, etc. I’m willing to bet Fess shatters a lot preconceived notions of who/what a Muslim is.

      • Alda

        Nicole and Victor for the win!!

      • Jenny

        Actually, if everybody was wigging out over a Muslim contestant, he WOULD have been a top trender. I was glad to see them cast a Muslim who is just… a guy… who happens to be Muslim. If more people could understand that most Muslims are normal, decent humans…. sigh. But it’s a start.

  5. HappyHippo

    Yay it’s finally freakin Thursday! One of the longest weeks this season but still one of the best seasons yet. I agree Mel I couldn’t tell you the last time I didn’t care who won hoh with this many people left. I do know that I am ready for hay ho to get the boot! It’s hilarious that they actually think Tyler and Angela would partner with them. Thank goodness Fessys reign is over… he’s been ridiculous as hoh!

  6. Painter1

    Thinking Scotty taking all that stuff home will be a Big Brother sale on eBay lol. He’s trying to make some cash somehow.

  7. hogwild

    Cooking bacon in the oven really? If I cook bacon it’s either in the microwave or in the skillet on the stove

    • Mel

      I know people who do it in the oven. It makes it the perfect level of crispy. I don’t becauae it also makes a mess in the oven so I’m with you.

      • dfdsgs

        Oven is 100% the way to go. Not only can you cook more at once with less hassle but if you use a grate above the pan then your not having it sit in the grease the entire time. Makes the bacon way better.

      • Sassy

        I agree Dfd. We make it in the oven on a broiler pan, it’s perfect every time, very little mess, can cook a lot, and it doesn’t require you to watch or flip.

      • Mel

        Well you guys have convinced me to give it a try now.

      • Helen

        Thick cut bacon cooked in oven is only way to go!! Best bacon ever!

      • Yes, oven is the best way to cook bacon. Perfectly crispy and can eliminate most of the grease.

      • kneeless

        I always do bacon in the oven, quick & little clean up. Damn, now I want some bacon!!

      • Malia

        Oven is the only wayy hubby cooks bacon. I personally don’t care for bacon at all but he and the boys like it that way.

      • Helen

        A coworker of mine made thic cut bacon with brown sugar on it in the oven at work one day (occupational therapy dept has an oven) ….it was awesome…candied bacon but not too sweet

      • NKogNeeTow

        Bacon is LIFE! I either do it in a square frying pan with a square glass bacon press or in the oven on a rack. It also shrinks less in the oven.

        For a sweet treat, brush it with maple syrup then sprinkle a little brown sugar on top. You can even sprinkle a little cayenne to give it a little kick. Comes out like bacon candy.

        Have any of you ever tried chocolate covered bacon? When I first heard of it, it sounded nasty. Turns out, the taste is pure heaven. Perfect combination of salty and sweet.

        Okay, now I can’t stop thinking of bacon. See what you’ve started?

      • ElaineB

        Can tell it is a slow eviction day. Ya’ll are talking….BACON.

    • LO1004

      If you are not making bacon in the oven you are missing out on life. Line your baking sheets w foil (makes clean up so easy), place the bacon in the oven on 400 for about 15-20 min and you have restaurant quality bacon. Guys. DO IT!

    • I cook bacon in the oven. I find it way less messy than stovetop and easy. I cook it on parchment paper so there’s no clean-up, and I can cook 12-15 slices at once. Try it!

    • I have done it. Sprinkle some brown sugar on top of the bacon and pop it in the oven. Delicious.

  8. I so hope one of level 6/5/4 win and put Haleigh & Fessy up together. That would make my day.

  9. Shivani33

    I watched Rob and Taryn on RHAP last night with Kaitlyn on the phone as their guest. Believe it or not, it was worthwhile. Kaitlyn is a very good friend to the show and has lots of humor and insight about her role as a houseguest, and is a receptive, enthusiastic conversationalist. She left a positive impression. Certainly not all guests are as ripe for keeping things lively, so she received an open door invitation to return, in person & soon, to the podcast. She, Rachel and Winston are planning to stay together in L.A. for the rest of the summer and cannot wait for the finale and after-partying.

    The one evicted BB 20 houseguest not in jury who isn’t friendly with her yet is Swag, who was tossed out on her HoH. Kaitlyn said that he has a lot to deal with right now and that she has faith that they will get past barriers and become pals, when he’s ready. I found what Kaitlyn had to say about Sam and about Tyler especially interesting. You could hear that she has some uncertainty and a little pain regarding Tyler and that she feels compassion towards Sam.

    Of course she was urged to be a show pony and to give some aura readings and predictions, but that’s part of her schtick!

  10. Sassy

    Great recap Mel! Way to make yesterday sound interesting… I did not watch much of the feeds yesterday, but I obviously missed a few things. I was relieved to read l6/5/4 finally got together and agreed Hay/MF for noms regardless of who is HOH.

    Ty needs to distance himself from drifty, even if it’s just for optics. He is losing JC, Sam, and Brett. He should be concerned after this next week it could be a 4 (JC, Brett, MF, Sam) against 3 (ty, KC, drifty). Brett is in a position to do that.

    • Mel

      I agree regarding Tyler. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing, it matters what it looks like he’s doing.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Exactly! It bothered me when they were in bed together the last few nights (he sleeps in the HN room but spends his waking moments with her). I’m afraid it’s going to attract to much attention to him and make him more of a target than he already is.

        Tyler and JC are great together, but Tyler mainly treats him as his own little personal clown. He keeps Ty amused. Most of the house views him that way but they should listen to him sometimes. He makes a lot of sense more often than not.

      • Malia

        Has anyone else noticed that she sleeps without pants? Does anyone else find that strange given that 1. All it takes is for her to roll over the wrong way and the cameras would have quite a shot and 2. She is sharing a bed with someone she didn’t know two months ago and further someone that until recently wasn’t *involved* with.

      • Sassy

        Malia – she also told Fessy the other day that she never wears underwear…

      • Malia

        I heard that too sassy. I think she puts them on for bed though. Ok, now I feel creepy talking about this…LOL

  11. LO1004

    Fessy keeps talking about all these different scenarios where he or Hay makes BB History. Yes Fessy, you sure do, as one of the worst players of all time. Excellent work on getting out your own ally. We all appreciate it.

  12. Shivani33

    A bit of gossip came from Angela when she and Haleigh were chattering alone. Angela has dated a couple of actors, one of whom is Luke Kleintank. He played Finn Abernathy in Bones (cool character) and Eliot Garfield in Gossip Girl. He is in some movies too, such as MAX and The Man in the High Castle. The other actor Angela mentioned dating has slipped through the wide cracks in mah mind. Maybe someone else heard and remembers. Hmmmm?

    I’ve seen many, many photos of Angela on Hilton Head with her family. Lovely people living in a paradise, immensely rooted in those waterways and islands. Her mom is a low country artisan with her own business. Her dad is quite simply a treasure of a man. Everyone in her family is tall and outdoorsy. Their home is beautiful. Okay. I fell in love with them all.

    • ElaineB

      Many of the women on BB (past seasons) have been loud mouths: Cheering, squealing, whining, yelling, etc. What I appreciate about Angela, is that is not her. Her personality may be low-key, and that is okay. It is nice to have one of the ‘pretty’ women, not be so obnoxious.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Did anyone catch the conversation between JC and Tyler in the HN room last night? They were talking about their childhoods, families and how they grew up. They spoke of things like how certain smells took them back to certain times and events in their lives. Very informative and sweet but also a little sad.

      JC talked a lot about his Grandmother who died and what she meant to him and how she looked after him. He was very emotional about it. When he talked about her, it was something almost serene about it. He talked about the pain of losing her and how she died.

      It wasn’t a conversation you’d expect from men or at least one that you seldom hear or would expect in the BB house. If any of you get a chance to go back to listen to it, it was well worth listening to and you learn a lot about how they became who they are.

      • ShoeLover

        NK, was it part of BBAD??? Please please I hope so!! I immediately thought Tyler has a huge heart and is kind and patient soul. It really came out when Bayleigh went psycho and he was extremely upset with how she felt about him in that very moment. Holding back his tears and yelling to himself, “That’s not me at all, I am not that kind of person!!” Repeatedly!! That was not for TV ratings, he was defending himself wholeheartedly!!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Shoes, I honestly can’t remember whether it was on BBAD or the Feeds. I’m thinking maybe the feeds? I had BBAD on TV and the Feeds on the computer and kept drifting in and out of sleep on both. I woke up and they were in the HN room talking (so I’m going to guess it was the feeds). I don’t have a timestamp because I don’t know how to use it. Maybe if someone else here caught it they can provide the time and cam.

        Sorry 🙁

      • Malia

        Missed that but wish I had seen it. JC hasn’t had a good family life has he?

  13. hogwild

    The only thing left for this week is tonight’s nail bitting eviction can’t imagine which way it might go.

  14. HappyHippo

    Maybe Scottie is planning on needing the condoms for his reunion with bay and RS ?? Just let that mental picture sit there lol

  15. Helen

    If this HOH is the same as the “sugar shot” ball roll that Paul won in 19 it’s not that easy…the ball had to go around a curve then straight down to fall in a hole…the curve is where a lot of people had the ball going off the ramp…

  16. MAN! I got a hankerin’ for some bacon.:D

    If the HOH comp is that bowling thing, won’t Ty be good at it since he is a great bowler?

  17. Mel no need to apologize for the booty pic of Angela. Her looks make up for her lack or personality.

    • Sassy

      If I had a body like that, I’d run around naked!!

    • Ann

      That was a cute picture of Angela. If you got it flaunt it. I know I did in my younger days.

      • kneeless

        Are you going to show us your pics from younger days, Ann?

      • Ann

        Kneeless, what are trying to do, get my kids to commit me to the psychward? Last season they thought I was nuts for asking what motorboating & I think Mel told me to ask what teaballing is, I could be wrong. My kids came over quick, fast & in a hurry to check on me because they thought the cheese had slid off my cracker. It was so funny. Now if I went & put old pictures of myself on here they would surely think I was coocoo.

      • ShoeLover

        Heck I still flaunt it!!! Two grown young men and I worked for what I gots!!!!

      • Ann

        Shoeless, if I was still a size 5-7 like I was when I was younger, you better believe i wouldn’t have a problem with flaunting it but hell I’m a whopping size 16 now & my flaunting days are over. I would give somebody nightmares if I was to try to sashay my big ass around.

      • kneeless

        Ann, I remember the ‘motorboat from last season well! Too funny! This year I learned about curbstomping & quite frankly I’ll take a good motorboating over curbstomping!

        I hate it when BB season is over. I miss you guys!

      • Ann

        I’m sorry ShoeLover, I really did mess up & put Shoeless earlier. I meant to put ShoeLover & Kneeless. I miss you guys too when the season is over too. I wish we could be here for Survivor & Amazing Race.

      • ShoeLover

        No worries Ann!! And same for me!! I miss yall during the off season as well

    • ElaineB

      Just because someone doesn’t have an over-the-top personality, doesn’t mean they are “lacking” one.

      • Malia

        Totally agree with this. I see a lot of personality on her when she is quietly talking with someone else. She seems actually , to me, caring and compassionate as well.

      • ShoeLover

        Maybe she is shy at first and hovering on the outside until she is comfortable enough to put herself in a social situation? But then again, she is a swimsuit model and has dated stars, so maybe just a quiet type.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Now if we could just get her to stay in the vertical position for a while…

      • ShoeLover

        NK, time of the month blues, maybe?? Hahaa!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Shoes, I doubt it. If that were the case then somebody needs to call a doctor before her ass bleeds to death. She’s been in that position for 75% of the show.

      • caRyn

        We need more people in this world that are more reserved with their words like Angela. It seems we can’t get people to shut-up. Everyone is looking for attention – good or bad.

  18. LynnD

    Fessy sighting in the down stairs BR. Cracking jokes with JC & Sam while Sam pretends to interview him.

  19. Helen

    So…interested but not THAT interested…from the sound of things on either side…maybe after the show but Angela says in DR she still needs Ty to go after hive is out..Tyler said in the DR if it was him, Kaycee and Angela as F3 he would keep his final 2 deal he HOPES is still on with Kaycee. Formed day 1 but never spoken about again but he says will remain loyal to that F2. Says loyalty would be his pick over Angela.

    #BB20 #BBVegas

  20. Ann

    Are we sure Scottie is leaving tonight? Please say yes somebody, even if it’s a lie.

    • Jay H

      Nope he isn’t, plus The seadonkey and Bayitch are coming back!

      • Ann

        Jay, WTH….you have got to be bullshiting me. I think I would pull a Sam & flip the hell out if any one of them came back. I was hoping not to have to look at them again until finale night.

      • Jay H

        I’m just razzing you Ann. I know that scenario might be one of your worst nightmares!

      • Ann

        Jay, do you really think there might be a battle back or a chance for one of them to come back?

      • NKogNeeTow

        JAY! Don’t make me put you in a time out! The blasphemy of it all! If Scottie stays, I’m coming after you with torches, Frankenstein Mob style!

      • Jay H

        Honestly, there might be a chance that one of them comes back. You know how B.B. likes to have drama in the house. It’s usually someone that is somewhat of a gamer, so that rules out RS.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I kept hearing the word “reset” thrown around in the feed chat. Maybe that has something to do with it. I hope not, I’ve said it more than once…gone means STAY GONE!

      • Jay H

        I agree NKOG. The other thing regarding someone coming back, when has it ever resulted in someone winning or even making it to F2? Ive only been watching for 7-8 years, but from what I’ve seen, they tend to leave very shortly after coming back in.

      • Sassy

        I hate when they come back. You lost! Why should you get another chance? It’s a fun idea to do every 5 years but it’s lost it’s fun for me as a viewer. I don’t like seeing the same thing every year!

  21. Sassy

    On Twitter today, there was s a video of Bays Mom talking about how Bay and Swaggy having sex in B.B. house is none of her concern, it’s just television, to know him is to love him and she appreciates everyone’s concern…

    • Ann

      In other words, she’s embarrassed & does not want to talk about it.

      • Ann

        Plus Bay might throw one of her tongue chewing tantrums & it’s easier to let her do what she wants rather than deal with one of her fits.

      • Sassy

        It sounded like she thinks it was all for the show, not sure if she thinks it’s a porn show or what.

      • Ann

        Sounds like she might be the reason Bay thinks that no matter what she does she’s always right & she can do no wrong, it’s always somebody else’s fault.

    • ElaineB

      I appreciate parents who are proud of their sons/daughters who fornicate on feeds/internet, with someone they just met.

      • Sassy

        My son talks about wanting to do the show, I’ve already told him if he does I will watch the feeds ALL the time and stalk him. He better not embarrass me… 🙂

      • Malia

        LOL…I have said the same things to my boys. Reminded them that I was watching and you don’t wear a hat while eating dinner and you do wear a shirt to the table! LOL

      • ShoeLover

        Yes, Malia!!! My boys better have a shirt on at the table, well actually when I am around, their dad told them they HAVE to wear a shirt because it’s just disrespectful to me.

      • Malia

        My youngest is a little smartass…he would put his hat on as he sat down to the table, look into the camera, wink and say I love you Mom!

    • Colby

      Yeah, well, what is she going to say? I agree with Ann, she has got to be embarrassed.
      As far as Skaggy, they are probably thrilled to hope to find anyone that will put up her know-it-all, bitchy, tantrum throwing butt.
      I don’t remember who said it here before, but they were right about him needing to request a DNA test to make sure she wasn’t already pregnant before she got there, if she actually is pregnant.

    • kneeless

      Not sure anyone is “concerned” we just don’t want to hear from either of them AGAIN!

    • Malia

      I watched jed that a few minutes ago and I could totally… TOTALLY see where Bay gets her attitude from. The *appreciate* part was said with a tones that clearly said…get your nose outta our business. She ended it with…appreciate your concern, but we got this…you could almost hear thesnap of her fingers.

      • Ann

        It’s our business when she brings her ass on national tv for the whole damn world to see her every skanky ass move & hear every word that comes out of that vile, bleeding mouth of hers. So if she wants us out of her business, keep her skanky ass off of my damn tv.

      • caRyn

        Bayleigh’s parents invited America into their home. What do they expect?!

  22. Sassy

    Per RealVegas:

    “Redemption tickets to get balls. Not the one where it lands on number value.”

    This is the one they all have their tickets to Paul last season. Wonder if L6/5/4 will do the same?

    • LynnD

      I think that would give away too many secrets. I believe (or I hope) that they will each play for themselves and bust there butts to win.

      • Sassy

        Me too! I think they all think they can win, so they will go for it unless it looks like haha is ahead.

      • Helen

        I don’t think Ty or Angela want this HOH…both will throw it if possible…last I heard the two of them talking they didn’t care if Hai Ho won HOH this week

      • NKogNeeTow

        Right Helen. I think HaHo will put up Sam/JC. If one comes down, KC might go up. I believe she still wants Tyler out but since she and MF have made a deal with him and Drifty, she might be kind of scared to go against it and put him up. But if she’s feeling a little froggy, she just might. At least if she does, he has until just before Veto to use his app. Isn’t this the last week for it?

  23. REALLY REALLY wish that whom ever wins HOH would put Fessy and JC up and vote JC out…I think he is a great player and if in final 2 could win and I want Brett to win… Plus JC is right, he is fessy’s brain, and without JC, haho and fessy would be alone… right now JC and sam are the swing votes(even if Sam is lost in her own world right now). like scottie he is a big threat because he can always move his vote to fessy and haho.. with just Sam’s swing vote left I think that even though she dislikes haho and angela she would not betray brett or ty for haho and fessy… to me JC should be a bigger target in their minds.. then haho would go next.. even if the hive won one more HOH they would only get 1 one the other side of house out then they (hive) would be toast.

    • Sassy

      I’d like JC or Sam to win HOH, don’t want either to win the game. They would both be unpredictable and cause drama for the week.

      • Helen

        Pretty sure Sam would put Angela and Hayleigh OTB if she were to get HOH

      • Colby

        If Sam put up Haho and Angela, they have the numbers to keep Angela. And Sam would be putting a target on herself.
        I believe she knows more about what is going on than she admits, so I think she would know that, but maybe she doesn’t care.
        Plus with the numbers getting low, unless she put up Haho and MF, she has to pick somebody.

      • Helen

        Yeah..she wouldn’t put Fessy up…he kept his promise not to put her on the block after veto so I don’t think she would mess with him this week

      • Malia

        I don’t want Sam to win. She went on a power trip last time. I am over her.

      • Sassy

        She would put up the girls or JC. She’s obsessed with MF, Ty and Brett. She’d like nothing more than that to be the final 4.

      • Malia

        I think she would put up the girls because I believe she wants to be the only girl in the house with all the guys. While I do think she might have medical issues I also believe that she deals with massive insecurity…she has talked a out her looks more than once and needs a lot of reassuring.

      • Sassy

        I’m to the point where I just think she is a jealous psycho! If she had major issues, she would have been pulled from the game. I still think she’s a serial killer…

    • Ann

      I would certainly like Brett or KC to win HOH tonight.

    • caRyn

      JC is a great player. Sam may put Faysal OTB if she were HoH and use the excuse that Faysal didn’t listen to her and put Haleigh OTB like she told him too. True, Sam is jealous. You have to be deaf not to listen to her jabs about the female hg or blind not to see it on her face. Sam knows what is doing in the BB house. Her game is – fake until you make it. And Sam did let her HoH power go to her head. Remember that “chest” statement she made? Crazy. Sam could make an unpredictable decision if she was HoH and claim she didn’t understand or play “crazy”.

  24. I think we are going to see a very bitter jury this year and if Sam or Jc are in F2 this jury will give it to 1 of them.

    • Sassy

      I don’t think the jury will be as bitter this year, other than a few of them. Even Haha told Scottie yesterday, it’s a game and yes they get wrapped up in it, but in the end, it IS just a game. She said she like everyone. That may change when she goes to jury but we shall see.

      • LO1004

        They say that, but I think RS and Bay are so bitter that they are going to infect the rest. You know what they say about misery loving company. I hope we get to see the jury house tonight.

      • LynnD

        If I was in BB this year I would BEG to stay in the house just so I wouldn’t have to sit at the jury house with RS & Bay. That’s is just cruel punishment!

      • I don’t know. I watch the weekly podcast of Off the Block with Ross Matthews and Marissa where they interview the evicted house guest each week. RS was on last Friday and said as mad as she is, she is a true BB fan and will vote for the best player. She even stated that she thought Brett was playing a great game.

      • Colby

        I saw that too, mcguire.
        I will believe it if I see it.
        She also prefaced it with, it depends on who is sitting there.

  25. kneeless

    I think RS & Bay will be “bitter Betty’s.” They may not infect the others too much, esp if JC is there. The remaining hg’s have formed some friendships since they’ve been together longer.

    • caRyn

      What if Bayleigh and Rockstar are not getting along? I remember one season the jury house hg were not interacting like we thought and we were all shocked. Was it Paulie’s season and his hg girlfriend?!

      • Malia

        Howie and Marscallas got into it in jury season 7, Rachel and raegon did in seaaon 12, Jeff, Danielle and Shelly all had words on 13 but I dont thinl it was a big deal.

  26. Helen

    First let me say I love ty in the game and also Angela although not as much as KayCee..
    But,I really do wish Sam would get HOH and put Angela OTB…I think both she and Tyler have become a little too overconfident and starting to play a little sloppy…they are letting their feeling for each other show a little too much lately and need a wake up call imo…

    • Colby

      I agree that Angela and Tyler need to knock it off. Put that all on hold.
      But I don’t want to see either of them on the block even though I’m pretty sure they would have the numbers to stay. Depending who they were on the block with, of course.

      • Helen

        I’m sure they would have the numbers for Angela to stay..especially against Hayleigh who is the person Sam would put next to her…I don’t want her to go home..

    • Malia

      They are getting really close to when it’s time to start cannibalizing each other. Unless L4 is serious about getting to F4 together and let the best man/want win, then it might be time to switch things up and make a big move.

  27. An observation: Production this year decides not to really bleep “bitch” or “ass” and yet (excuse the language btw just proving a point) “fuck” is cesnored everytime? Anyone know why?

    • Malia

      I think it is a trend all over. I am surprised all the time at what network tv decides not to censor or rather allows to be part of a script anymore. I hate that my kids are actually desensitized to so much foul language….it is just normal nowadays.

  28. Malia

    Hoping tonight’s episode will be good enough to take my mind off Hurricane Lane. Many prayers and much Aloha to everyone on the islands.

    • Sassy

      I agree Malia. We have a lot of friends there, lived on Oahu for 3 years, praying for them right now!

      • Malia

        We lived on O’ahu as well ..it is the only place I have ever felt was home to me. I am a total Islandgirl.

      • Sassy

        We lived there from 2005-2008 in Millilani.

      • Malia

        Sassy, that sounds like a mitary tour to me . We got there as you were leaving it seems. I can’t get the weather channel off my tv. I am just sitting here glued to it. Worried about the Arizona Memorial too. They have had it closed down for repairs. I just want this over.

      • Malia

        You know Sassy, that means you missed the inch and a half tsunami of 2009

      • Sassy

        Yes, it was a military tour. My husband and I were both in the Army… no Tsunami while we were there but we had an earthquake. they have been saying for years, Waikiki is the most vulnerable area on the island, I’ll probably be up all night watching the weather channel and worrying about friends.

      • Malia

        We were AF at Hickam. We rode bikes to Hickam Harbor all the time and were pretty close to the water. I would be terrified to be there right now.

      • Malia

        What a small, small world we live in. This BB site isn’t *huge* and in the last decade active duty military service is down below 1% of the nation’s population and yet here are at least three of us right here. I will likely be upost of the night watching and praying.

    • ladycobra

      Thank you for your prayers. My son and his family live in Honolulu so prayers are appreciated

      • Malia

        I am very much worried about Honolulu and Waikiki. Just the shape of that part of the island alone is going to cause a lot of problems with storm surge. We have alot of Ohana on the island too

      • ShoeLover

        I was also thinking about that too, Malia. We were stationed there from 99-01 and we lived in Honolulu down in the crater. Storm surge and all the low lying areas that lead to the crater.

      • Malia

        Shoe, they are also now talking about the Manoa Valley and the rain coming off of them and flooding into Waikiki. It’s going to be a hot mess. Waikiki barely had a beach.

    • ladycobra

      My son went to Honolulu on a church mission to start a new church. He says there are a lot of homeless living in tents and cars. It’s the part that tourist don’t see. I’m hoping they have somewhere they can go that is more safe. Praying for all those that may be affected.

      • Sassy

        Yes on the west side. Waianae is a full of homeless, not just grown ups but whole families. The beach is lined with tents, vans, cars full of homeless people, some by choice and others just down in luck. It’s really an amazing site. Ive heard they have closed schools for the week, opening then as hurricane shelters, and have offered to transport the homeless off the beach I’m sure some will stay and try to weather the storm.

      • Malia

        Yep. They have a couple of “tent cities” on O’ahu. Hell my husband and I miss the island souch we considered taking g up residence. Haha. I do know that there are about 20 schools or so that are serving as a shelter. Radford HS (where my oldest graduated from actually) is one of them. I am sure they have done everything they can to get the homeless into the shelters. That’s all Aloha and what I miss the most.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Alright, I can hardly keep my eye open (I must be suffering from HG syndrome). I’m off to take a nap before the show starts later.

    G8s, got your email and haven’t forgotten you. I’ll be sending you an email tonight 🙂

  30. Mel

    What we think we know now:
    Fessy & Hay want Sam and Brett otb.
    L6 wants Fes & Hay otb.
    L6 wants Brett to be the one to put them otb.
    Sam wants Hay & Angela otb.
    JC wants to lose so he can avoid putting anyone otb.

    If it’s the comp we think, I’m wondering how much these plans may change if Hay and Fessy see L6 trying to help Brett win (assuming that’s what they do) and when they realize it’s not a double eviction.

    Sam asked Tyler a little bit ago who to vote out. She wanted to make sure the house wasn’t trying to out them for always voting together. wtf? She also looked disturbed when he explained a double eviction to her. Naturally, they’re all planning for it and she’s never heard of it.

    • Helen

      Someone explained it all to Sam one night/morning in the backyard…so her pretending like she knows nothing about it isn’t quite the truth as far as I’m concerned….The other night Tyler gave a very good explanation as to why Sam always tells outgoing housepets she’d trade places with them if she could…she did it with Bayleigh,RS and now Scottie…I couldn’t figure out why she was doing that because she had made deals with HOH not to be put on the block…what good jury management Sam!! They all love you!! Lol

      • Mel

        Ahhh, thanks Helen. I didn’t know the DE questioning was fake. With Sam, it’s hard to tell sometimes.

      • Malia

        I think it is *possible* that even if it were previously explained to her.,.she might not remember. Going on the assumption that she is medicated in one way or another, it could absolutely affect short term memory….I have a family member that takes certain meds and damned if I don’t have to explain things over and over sometimes. It can be quite frustrating. Watching her and listening to her talk, I would absolutely bet that she is on *something*…but i could be wrong.

    • Helen

      Hayleigh really pushing How horrible Sam is to KayCee…she wants Sam to be everyone’s target this week…
      I pray whoever gets HOH puts her nasty slithering azz OTB!! I’m so sick of Hayleigh and watching her and hearing her voice…
      Please oh please let Brett win his first HOH!!!!!!!

    • Sassy

      Sam is one of those girls that thinks it’s cute to be dumb. I’m tired of her and can’t wait til she leaves!!

  31. Mel

    Scottie wants Angela to dye his hair purple with the protein powder.

  32. Mel

    Sam’s cutting the hair off the vacuum cleaner roller with the hair scissors.

    Scottie’s really convinced he’s probably coming back.

    Hays sucking up to KC in case she wins hoh and she’s nervous, she’s working on those fingers.

  33. Malia

    I am appreciating how clean the house is being kept…I think that for the most part these hgs are neater than previous seasons.

  34. Helen

    Oh god I hope there is no dang jury battle back!! Just do a stupid reset week next week or the week or the week after!! With Scottie out there is not one of them I want back in this game!!!

  35. danmtruth

    This years HG we have Angela, TY, KC, and even Scottie along with Sam all seem to be HG that clean without being told

  36. Helen

    Oh. Yeah. I remember the other HOH one too that Krissy won…perfect shott….where they went into a ball pit and found balls with tokens to redeem for balls….that is the one Alex Wllett had to wear the “drunk” googles. Was thinking it was Alex from 19 but it wasn’t…everyone was shocked that Krissy won that.

  37. Helen

    New tweet from Vegas…
    Expect the…..expected?

    #BBVegas #BB20

  38. danmtruth

    As the song says
    She said don’t hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself

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