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Big Brother 20 – Wednesday Recap

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Good morning BBJ family! It’s finally Thursday and we’ll get to end the boring repeat week. Maybe it would’ve been different if Scottie had actually done something but I doubt it. Having returning players simply doesn’t work except for an exciting few minutes of tv.  (You’re welcome tv viewers because we’ve had to pay for that few minutes all week long!)  It’s Scottie vs Haleigh tonight and ehhh, who cares? If you’re L6, they both need to go and they can’t trust either of them. It comes down to rolling the dice and hoping you beat the one who’s left in the hoh comp….regardless, we go back to actual game play after tonight, so yeah!!


Everyone notices JC sleeps a lot and thinks he gets special treatment. He does but others are allowed to nap too. (JC and Hay both napped the other day but her fans were only bitching about JC)  JC does it the most consistently and he ignores production in other ways too. (singing, mic, etc.)  They all have moments but he’s the worst offender by far.  Since he does it the most, people may not have realized he was doing some of it on purpose this week. He was mad because he felt production used the comp results to make him a have not on purpose. He thinks they’re doing it to make sure Angela and Tyler are given space for the shomance to flourish. (I don’t know if they did or didn’t but they do have ways of messing with people who piss them off. They’ve done it in the past and I don’t blame them. They also choose have nots based on comp results occasionally so it could go either way) I DO believe they want that shomance footage!  He’s been sort of protesting this week and not getting up and giving them the footage they want so that’s why it’s been worse this week.  (I’m honestly not sure why some people who say they get tired of hearing JC also complain when he’s sleeping. Isn’t that a good thing?) Viewers yelling for JC to be evicted for breaking rules are dreaming.  He’s great for their show and they love the footage he’s giving them. (Isn’t it obvious? They’ve beat his mastermind storyline into the ground) They can pay him back in different ways for his rebellion, don’t worry.

The recap isn’t much and Steve covered everything from the day so here’s what happened last night:

  • The hg’s got some alcohol and JC was pissed. (for reasons above)
  • Brett and JC are annoyed they can’t ever have a convo with Tyler alone.
  • Hay sprayed water at Brett and he was annoyed with her. He made a remark about Scottie looking good to him. (hinting he’d evict Hay this week, he was annoyed but he was also joking)
  • Angela has taken to using the heating pad as a pretend baby to an entirely stupid level. She stands in the kitchen patting it’s back and has given it names. The season is just too long, these people are losing it.
  • Hay heads to the shower and cries over Brett hurting her feelings. It’s ridiculous and Angela validates all Hays feelings.
  • Brett’s been having a harder time hiding his annoyance with people. There’s been a definite divide with him and the ladies so the cracks are showing.
  • Brett & JC talk about maybe getting Hay out this week. They think they’ll bring Tyler back to them if Angela leaves and they talk about the best way to get her out.
  • Brett & Sam and later Sam & JC talk about the possibility of evicting Hay this week. No one can get a straight answer out of Sam. They also had some runway moves together:
  • KC & Angela discuss how different Brett is acting. They think he’s paranoid and knows he’s the 4th. (Angela makes a lot of correct observations but does nothing to avoid the problems. Maybe she & Tyler need the hose sprayed on them?)
  • JC told Hay she was being dramatic and Angela said she was just sensitive because of drinking. She said she was sorry and JC suggested she tell Brett, not them.
  • Brett had moved his bed earlier and Hay moved it back. He was annoyed over that too. Brett and Hay talked about the bed moving and how he hurt her feelings when he joked he’d evict her.  He said other people made it a bigger deal than it was. (He’s actually the most bothered that KC & Angela stuck up for Hay. He thinks Hay is getting closer to them)
  • JC went to the hoh to speak with Tyler. He asked if Tyler was going to bed (Angela was up there) and when he said no, he asked if he could speak with Tyler. Angela started asking him if she was being kicked put. He said yes. Angela didn’t hide the fact that it pissed her off. JC said he tried to be polite about it. (He did and she kept pushing it. She made him spell it out) She left but wasn’t happy about it. (I’ve noticed it was a given that people had one on one’s and expected it to happen until the last couple weeks. It isn’t wrong to ask to talk to the hoh alone)
  • JC told Tyler people were thinking about evicting Hay first. Tyler said they both needed to go but Scottie was more competition in comps. JC was honest with him about Angela being his next target. Tyler told him the timing was wrong and said JC was crazy if he thought he could keep KC on his side after evicting Angela. Tyler said he didn’t want to be blamed for any of it and if JC ended up otb because of it, he done it to himself. JC talked about Hays many f2’s and said it’s bad game to have so many this late in the game. (Lol)  JC ended up telling Tyler he’ll go ahead and evict Scottie this week. Tyler told JC to stop being rude to Angela.
  • Angela came back to the hoh and wanted to know what JC said. Tyler said JC was nervous about Fessy & Hay trying to make that F4 with them. He doesn’t tell her most of the convo. I don’t think Angela believed him. Angela wants JC gone before Hay.
  • JC & Brett go over the situation again. JC told him Tyler said to stop being mean to Angela. Brett fears Tyler may already be lost to them. Brett said he needs Angela gone. They decide to see how they feel on Thursday about everything.

While looking through the BB hash tags, (I usually know better) I saw people are STILL waiting to see if something will be done about Tyler’s hoh win. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, I think Tyler will remain hoh. (No, I don’t have the Vegas twitter connections or Kaitlyn’s hits but I’m calling it anyway) Seriously? People are just crazy! Here’s a tweet from the Vegas acct that fueled the drama earlier in the week:

My opinion (and only mine) is that Tyler’s hoh was never in question and was never being reviewed. If you believe the vegas tweet, then that means the following things happened:

  • Hay and all the other hg’s didn’t say anything or care or thought he broke a rule when Tyler’s feet came off the disk. (It wasn’t quick and didn’t go unnoticed)
  • The people in production who are paid to watch the comp didn’t see or ignored something so obvious.
  • Production allowed noms, a veto comp and a veto ceremony to happen.
  • Only after these things have happened, the bosses decide to meet (on a holiday) 4 days after the comp to make a decision about the comp.
  • Bullshit.

Whoever runs this Twitter obviously has some connection to production. They’ve been accurate for 2 seasons when leaking which comps are about to be played. I’m not disputing that and I’ve used them as a source of info too. However, I feel like most of us are reluctant to say that half the time, this person is full of shit! What’s going to happen if I say it? Even if I got blocked on Twitter, I’d see the info on someone’s else’s timeline so big deal.  Some of the pouty tweets remind me of a teenage girl. Maybe it is and their dad works for production. Maybe it’s someone who works on the set building the comps. Maybe production knows who it is and has a hand in the leaks? I’m not claiming to know who they are but I do know that if CBS wanted to know or saw it as a problem, they could get it resolved.


This person would have to have a hand in everything on the show if all the tweets are accurate. How can they know everything hg’s are saying in their diary room sessions, everything about the comps AND everytime the big guns have a meeting to debate kicking someone out? In order to know all that, they’d have to be someone who didn’t want things leaked.

Here’s the pattern (unless it’s a leak about which comp is coming up):        People start complaining on Twitter about something specific and afterwards, Vegas comes out with news saying how it’s being addressed. People start wondering what someone specific is really planning to do in the game and afterwards, Vegas has news of someones DR session talking about the exact thing people are wondering about. Remember when people started wondering if Angela was playing Tyler? Wouldn’t you know, we got leaks that Angela wasn’t into Tyler and was going to go after him. (This was when she won her last hoh….not what we saw happen at all!)

Have a great Thursday!



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