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Big Brother 20- Wednesday Recap

Good Morning, I’m sorry I missed the recap yesterday but I had something come up and had to leave extra early. I saved a little info that I’d already started when I thought I’d be around to do it so I’ll include it somewhere near the bottom of this thread in case you’re interested. Steve covered all the game talk and this is mostly the random stuff which interests me. (I’m aware I may be the only one, that’s the reason it’s near the bottom)


I’m going to start where Wednesday night ended and then go over the day because we have some news. Last night, Angela and Tyler admitted that they’re in love with each other.

Angela leaned over to Tyler’s bed and said “I’m in love with you.” Tyler said “I can’t believe we have the same secret.” (They’ve been saying recently they wanted to say some things but have been holding back because of the cameras so now we know at least one of those things) Angela told him she couldn’t believe she’d said it and he said he couldn’t believe it either. He told her he thought it was just him that was feeling that way. She told him not to leave her tomorrow (today) and he told her the same. Angela joked and said she’d thought about telling him she had a 4 year old child instead. They had a little kissy kissy time and some love talk and fell asleep with smiles on their faces. (They’ve been sleeping in their own beds but close enough that they’re practically in bed together)


This has become Brett’s new sleeping position. The night before this, he listened at the wall to try and hear Angela and Tyler because he’s still trying to figure out if something is going on between them. Last night, he opened the wall a little to try and see what was happening.

I don’t know what this will mean for the game or decisions moving forward but we’ll know soon enough. It doesn’t change anything for the double because Brett is the target, not each other. Does Tyler have a new F2 or does Tyler end up telling Angela at some point about his F2 with Kaycee? Who knows?


Wednesday (Earlier in the day):

  • JC knows the year all the Disney movies were released and Brett was impressed. (have to admit, I was too) JC said it’s a part of American history as if we should all know it, which I guess is sort of true, American Disney history, at least. I heard him say early in the summer, he wished they could watch The Little Mermaid. (one of my faves)
  • The latest batch of the puppy chow snack the hg’s made must’ve been cursed. Brett spent an hour or more on it and got a little too forceful while shaking it up:
  • The lid popped off:
  • This was the result:
  • Haleigh pushed too hard when she slid it across the counter:
  • She knew what was coming:
  • This was the result:
  • This is Sam picking Haleigh’s hair out of it another time:
  • JC asked Angela to make fish for him. She’s been really annoyed with him so she made a special sauce for it with tons of salt, soy sauce, electrolyte powder, garlic salt, etc. hoping it would taste terrible. JC really liked it and went back for seconds. Sam liked it too and told Angela and KC they should try it. Angela told KC it was straight sodium and she couldn’t believe he ate it so I guess her plan backfired.
  • Tyler told Brett they should both throw the hoh comp and let Sam or JC take the shot at Angela and KC.  He said that way they won’t be mad at them for it. (Brett’s been paranoid so I don’t know if he’ll do it or not)
  • Tyler and KC told Angela about Brett wanting to go after them. She was already worried so it didn’t take any convincing for her to get on board to go after Brett. She’s decided to tell Haleigh in her gbm that Brett’s the reason they had to evict her. She said she’ll say Brett told her that Hay was still planning to go after them. Originally, they planned on telling Angela on Thursday because they said Angela doesn’t hide her feelings very well. They were afraid Brett might talk to Angela so they thought she should know sooner.
  • Angela was the first (I think) to realize that if Brett won the veto and took JC or Sam off the block, one of their 3 would go home. (She’s right:  Let’s say Tyler wins the hoh, puts up JC and Sam with the plan to backdoor Brett, Brett wins veto, takes JC down, KC or Angela has to go otb and Brett & JC’s votes could evict them instead of Sam.)
  • Angela and KC went over the order of preference for people to leave. Of course, they’ll have to win for it to happen but if they do, they want it to be Hay, Brett, Sam and JC last. They talked recently about how hard JC has worked in the game and the top 5 get more money than the rest of the jury this year. They wanted JC to have that spot, (originally) so he’d get more money. Now, they want him to get 4th. They also talked about the way Hay trash talks the people she was friends with in the game. Angela said she didn’t get it and said “bitch, you’ll be best friends with them again in 3 days.” KC agreed and doesn’t  understand why she does it. (It shows Hays immaturity imo. Why would they trust you when you trash your closest friends to them, especially for no real reason?)

This was around my break in the feeds for Wednesday’s episode. Here’s what stood out to me:

  • The edit tried to make it appear as if Sam had to be kept calm after going otb. The reality was that she’s been calm all week. She’s talked to herself a little but none of it was about ripping off door hinges or rattlesnakes and who doesn’t talk to themselves occasionally?
  • JC’ video msg broke my heart. He has his flaws but everyone wants to feel like they’re supported by family. It’s probably one of those things he accepts the best he can but when he’s in a situation with direct comparisons to others, it has to be harder. I remember feeling bad for Brandi during CBB when she got a msg from Andy Cohen instead of her kids and it made me feel bad for her. This was so much harder to see. I have to admit, my peanut allergies kicked in too.
  • Is Sam’s brother a sailor? Nevermind, her reaction to the videos also got me a little emotional.
  • I was a bit bummed Kaycees mom was in the Philippines and she wasn’t on the video. I thought she was so funny on the intro clip.
  • Scottie getting “Snottie” for a comic was really bad! I’m sure work began on them before he was evicted but it did make me wonder. Could that be punishment for scaring the hell out of them on the live show? I know Austin pissed them off during BB17 and his comic was the stinky guy. Later in BB18, during the roadkill comps in the RV, the stinky guy was called “Uncle Austin.”  I’ve said before, production will mess with you if you mess with them.
  • Here’s one last Haleigh pic crying in the DR after a comp:
  • Am I the only person who thinks Brett used to be much funnier? His shtick is getting kind of old in the DR. He’s funnier on the feeds but he’s been overdoing it in the house lately too.
  • The veto was different than the way we usually see the comic comp done but I liked it. The zip line they normally have gets old after the first couple people have gone but this held my interest. It was easier but I liked the obstacle course mixed with the comics. Naturally, Brett broke something and it was funny that it was Winston. Was that symbolic of the Bro-ship since Brett has JC now? (Nah, Winston’s all over Twitter giving Brett his support)  How many things has he broken in the house this summer?

Back to Wednesday night feeds:

  • Tyler talked to JC confirming he’d be ok with a plan to get out Angela. JC said he and Brett weren’t convinced Tyler would put Angela otb. (I think Tyler’s hoping if he can convince JC, maybe JC will accidentally help convince Brett that Tyler’s is really ok with it so maybe he’ll thrown the hoh comp)
  • Hay talked with almost everyone one on one. Tyler assured her it looked good for her. KC said she’d break a tie in her favor. JC said he was for sure keeping her but was afraid he may be the only vote. Angela asked if Hay would pack Angela’s stuff if she left in the double because she trusted Hay with her things. When Hay said nobody was coming out and saying “I’m voting to keep you,” Angela said it’s because she’s otb with a crazy person. Hay said she just wanted to know and not find out from Julie. Angela said she’d feel the same way.  (Wow, these people are cut throat! It’s brutal and probably not good for jury votes but hey, I’m having a good time)
  • Brett told JC he thought Angela was acting wierd. JC said she was just spoiled and used to getting her way so it wasn’t a big deal. They discussed what Sam would do and JC’s confident she’d go after Angela.
  • KC and JC talked about Brett. JC said he didn’t talk game with Brett and didn’t know where his head was at. He also assured KC, Brett would go after Sam and not them. How can it be both? (Lol)  It didn’t matter because KC knew he was full of shit. They agreed to vote to keep each other if one is otb during the double. KC said she heard that JC told Hay she was staying and it would be unanimous. He denied saying it. (I don’t know if he said it this week or not. KC’s just messing with him anyway)
  • Most everyone went to bed except Hay and Sam. We saw the love talk I already went over.

Here is what I’d started on Tuesday before I realized I wasn’t doing a recap the next morning:

  • Brett played dress up and I think he said he was a Kid Rock/Joe Dirt combo:
  • Tyler knew where Tupperware got its name from watching HGTV. He’s into HGTV the way JC is the Disney channel, I guess.
  • Sam said she thought for a while Fessy was gay and very intelligent. JC said he could understand thinking he was gay but said the intelligent part was completely off.
  • The hg’s begged for music while in the yard. They wanted the feeds cut to have a song played. Bob wouldn’t do it but KC’s peanut health nut song was played. They danced around and took what they could get.
  • (This was before Ty, Ang and KC turned on Brett)  All four of L6 decided it would be a good idea to blindside Hay. They said “it’s what we do.” That was funny but maybe not very smart. Brett told Angela about Hay saying she was going to ask to borrow a dress from Angela for Thursday. (Hay had told Brett if she let her borrow it, she’d feel like she was staying) Angela is planning on lending her the dress to help with the blindside. They suggested Angela should offer it herself if Hay didn’t ask. (Our entertainment with the blindsides may not be over yet)
  • Sam talked to herself and said “why would I want to stay in a house with people who don’t want me here?” (Oh, I don’t know Sam, for 500k perhaps?)

Brett was out of control Tuesday and it was like JC took over his mind because he was behaving just like him. He kept making comments about shomances and being kind of obnoxious. He said how he couldn’t  wait to watch the season so he’d finally know who was f**king. He was already paranoid and JC’s been working on him more so he’s started to get tunnel vision about a Tyler/Angela romance the same way JC did. The talk Brett had with Haleigh finished him off imo. It’s when she told him how she’d heard noises coming from the room Tyler & Angela sleep in and insinuated something was going on. They talked about whether Tyler had any game with women and it was telling from both of them. Hay said there was no way because he’d never said anything smooth to her and it didn’t make sense unless he just wasn’t attracted to her. Brett didn’t get why Kaitlyn and now Angela wanted to be around Tyler all the time. Brett and Haleigh are similar in the way they gauge another persons “hot” factor. If they arn’t into Brett or Haleigh, they must not have “game” with other people. I mean, who wouldn’t choose them over everyone else, right?  Later, Brett took the info from Haleigh of possible sexual activity to JC. JC actually shut it down and said Angela wasn’t that kind of girl and there was no way. He told Brett it just showed how weak Haleigh’s game was that she was making things like that up.

I brought this up because distrust and paranoia are part of what’s going on with Brett but some of it is ego. I don’t think he was ever into Angela but he was into Angela being receptive to his flirting. He told Haleigh how it had changed with Angela and she didn’t seem to like his flirting anymore. He told her the stupid ice cream story. He’s still butt hurt that he tried to get Angela to try some and she wouldn’t but when Tyler offered her a bite, she took it. I think it’s why he ran around all day trying to be the “funny guy,” making passive agressive comments and trying to get attention. Brett’s ego can’t handle that women in the house may prefer Tyler over him.  Sam even told him he was her plan B. I think the combination of all of this is what led Brett to go ahead and talk to Tyler about going after Angela & KC.  He’d said he didn’t want to suggest it in case Tyler told Angela & KC but he let his ‘I have to know’ get the better of him.  It gave Tyler the ammunition he needed to make the move he’d already been hinting to Angela and KC that he wanted to make.  This was Brett when he went to bed Tuesday night listening at the wall divider to see if he could hear anything going on:

I’m not saying Brett wouldn’t have been a target anyway but it would’ve been harder for Tyler to get Angela & KC to go along. He’s only been met with resistance in the past when he’s brough it up. Angela is loyal and KC, even more. They had to hear there was an actual plan to break up L6 before they wanted to do it. I don’t think it means they’re bad at the game. I think Angela & KC were staying with L6 to the F4 because if you’ve got to go with someone, why not go with the people you agreed to go with? I also think they feel up to the challenge to go against tougher competition because they have confidence in their own abilities.  Most players want the easier path and probably the smarter one too, but I still admire what they were trying to accomplish.


Kaycee especially, is that friend who’d help you bury a body but if you betray her, she isn’t going to feel bad turning on you. Instead, she seems quite pumped up to do it. Even the in love version of Angela simply doesn’t give a damn. They both may lose but I’m enjoying watching them play. They may be loyal but they’re also badass women and both playing to win.


Regardless of who wins hoh and veto, the double eviction should be the end of L6. The opportunity may not be there for one of them to take the shot but it’s out in the open now. Even if Sam or JC were to go, they’ll still be faking it at this point. I can’t believe they made it this far together and it’s been impressive to see.


I know Steve will miss Haleigh a little and I do agree with him that unlike Sam, Haleigh was playing hard.  In my opinion, she was playing terrible but she was still playing. I don’t feel bad for anyone at this point. Haleigh made her mistakes and tonight, she’ll pay for them. I don’t feel bad for Brett either with the trio going after him. He’s been plotting for 2 weeks to go after them. JC is plotting everyone’s demise except Tylers so he’s fair game too. That’s the game and nothing that happens tonight will be unfair, no matter who ends up talking to Julie…even Tyler!  I know Sam is the least exciting choice to leave in the double but it’s what I want to happen. She needs to go and I have nightmares about her getting to the end and winning with a bitter jury. The secrets are coming out so even if Sam leaves, we’ll have a week for L6 to fall apart instead of an hour. That could be just as good as an exciting few minutes tonight. There’s an upside to both so I’ll be happy either way, I think.

I read about Steve’s dream and his swimming comp against Tyler. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy buff, I believe it was rigged and Tyler is obviously productions pet over Steve! Not fair!

Nk, I hope you get feeling better and my thoughts are with all our friends on the East coast as well. Have a great Thursday!


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  1. HappyHippo

    Thanks Mel! Bring on the DE and an announcement of BB21!

  2. Shivani33

    My dad and mom had a very happy connection during a long marriage. Both are gone now, but their joy in each other still permeates our family. This is how come I have loved seeing Tyler and Angela find one another, though showmances are often kind of boring or even dumb on Big Brother. I appreciate seeing how much happiness the two of them are finding in the pleasure of their own company. It feels like home, and there’s nothing like it! Sorry to be corny. I have no allergies. These are happy tears.

    • LO1004

      It is nice to see them find happiness and even better for us, to show such restraint by not being so handsy like other past HGs (Maven and Swayleigh).

    • Mel

      I usually hate when this happens but it does feel different to me with them. I think it’s because they don’t seem like a shomance. They arn’t doing anything for the cameras, more followers or hoping it gives them a story line. That’s what a shomance is after all. Its a romance manufactured for a show. If anything, it’s the opposite with these two. It’s looks like the early stages of a relationship and they are trying to stay focused on the game while also wishing the time away so it can begin.

    • kneeless

      I too typically am not a fan of showmances. Even though they are kissing, I find it refreshing that they have shown great restraint. Glad they took time to get to know each other.

  3. Shivani33

    It’s early out west, but houseguests are excited to have just been shown some videos of themselves and are trying to sort out whatever they were shown, in anticipation of a comp about it. JC said he looked like a potato on video.

  4. LO1004

    Mel, I love reading your recaps and opinions on what’s going on. I look forward to it everyday. I get myself all comfortable and situated and take my time with seeing how others are viewing the game. (You always seem to catch the same little things I do)! I am sad BB is coming to an end and I’ll have to go back to filling my time with trashy celeb news.

    I think Brett going rogue is pure paranoia, but his mistake will not just be turning on his alliance, but letting big mouth JC know. I get he feels like he has to make a move to secure his safety, but if I were him, I would have stayed with my alliance and put everything I had into taking them out in F4 as that was always the plan. Now he’s likely going to be stuck in a house FULL of people who can’t stand him.

    • Mel

      Thank you. At the very least, if Brett was going to make the move, he should’ve just made it and not told Tyler in advance. I always miss BB too. I like a little break but then I miss it. I got lucky this year because I had Celebrity BB, which was surprisingly good, some time off, BB Canada, some time off and then this season started. I hope it works out like that again.

      • Avatar

        But Brett is taking Tyler for his word about their final 2 deal. And, Tyler and Angela expressed “love” after bed last night.

        So, is it Brett’s mistake that he trusted Tyler’s word and in addition to that, can not see into the future and know what will be said in a private conversation?

        It’s all game play, which means promises will always be broken. It doesn’t make anyone stupid or evil. It’s just the game.

      • LO1004

        Agreed. You can’t make F2’s on day 75, so Brett clearly never thought of the big picture when he entered the house. This shows in his early GBMs too..he didn’t think about the long run. Brett is his own worst enemy.

        I thoroughly enjoyed the cast this year and at this point will be fine with whatever the outcome is. The only person who I don’t think deserves to win is Sam, so I’m hoping for her eviction sooner rather than later.

      • Alda

        I can definitely understand the paranoia setting in on Brett. He’s not blind to how much time Tyler,Angela and Kaycee spend together.But,no he shouldn’t have opened his mouth to Tyler.see ya Brett.

  5. danmtruth

    I might be a perfect time for a revamp Bring in a new production crew with new ideas Or use production from other countries and freshen things up They are doing good numbers in the key advertisement demographic Not dropping numbers like BB19 When football season started Hopefully this will help in getting a renewal
    Lets see how the this double plays out

  6. FW aka CY

    Mornings with Mel’s recap are the only way to start the day.
    Things that came to mind watching last night’s episode this morning:
    Why aren’t they showing the veto speeches anymore? Those were often telling, even if not hugely interesting.
    I did feel bad for JC in the family videos segment, but have to wonder how much of the “not close” relationship with his family has been instigated and perpetrated by him. Were bridges burnt from both ends, or just his?
    Brett is an amusing guy, but a little of that shit goes a long way. I am really enjoying him crashing and burning in all these comps. He tries hard not to show his frustration, but he is hemorrhaging on the inside. Also, his Asian sister is hot.
    I used to be a Tyler fan, but KC has outshown him lately and is more deserving of the win, in my eyes, anymore. I like her loyalty and pure, clean game play. I know she is neither vicious nor duplicitous enough to have gotten to this spot on her own (but, Tyler is), however, solid connections with the right people and her own intelligence and athleticism have played a much greater roll in her game than luck (which Tyler can’t say). There have been no close calls on her part. What if Rockstar hadn’t so badly fucked her herself in the OTEV? Would Tyler still be here? Don’t think so.

    • FW aka CY

      Sorry, “perpetuated” not “perpetrated.”

    • Mel

      Good points and thank you. JC talked about his family before. He was extremely close to his grandmother and had a long talk with Tyler about her one time. JC’s family doesn’t accept that he’s gay and that’s the source of the problem. It’s why he was talking about Kaycee and her family in the DR. The similar situation is what made the moment harder for him, I believe.

    • Shivani33

      Maybe some of JC’s video forays have humiliated his family, but we don’t know the backstory and don’t walk in their shoes. Also, maybe a door HAS been left open between JC and his family, on a private and personal basis that we don’t know about from JC. I saw his role on Sharon Needles 666 music video. Conservative parents could be taking that hard, pardon the pun. Maybe they miss the JC who they thought they knew(?) Still, I hope acceptance and love prevails sooner not later or too late.

      • Mel

        True. If one of my children told me they were gay, I’d know everything was fine with the world. If they’d appeared in the video, (I saw it too) they’d have to sit me down and very slowly prepare me for that one. Lol

      • FW aka CY

        He is such a little me-first motherfucker that I can’t help but think he was hugely coddled and cosseted as a child. I don’t know anything about his family or upbringing, but can imagine him growing up the overly-indulged imp in a conservative, traditionally-religious Latino family. If so, think how crushing it would it be for them to have to admit that he’s the new, pole-dancing pygmy pole-smoker down at the Chartreuse Chupacabra? On national tv. Just saying…

      • danmtruth

        I also remember JC saying his family did a lot of things to change him Including praying him straight

      • FW aka CY

        I wonder if they tried to pray him tall, too? And less of a shitweasel while they were at it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ibx8nQaB7BY

    • Jannie

      OK, was I the only one who thought Tyler, in his DR after the family videos, was rubbing his eyes a bit to much to try and generate some tears? While I don’t doubt for one second that he loves and misses his dad, he was blatantly poking his fingers in his eyes and he seemed more frustrated than sad. I don’t have a problem with it, good for him if he wants to go for AFHG, I just noticed it looked like really bad acting compared to JC’s DR, which was heartbreaking. I think he will win AFHG. I’m sure he’s annoying as hell to live with, but for his family to shun him because of his lifestyle…I just feel really bad for him. If he wins the 500k, I hope he tells his family to go to hell.
      Brett, oh Brett. Why am I hoping you win HOH tomorrow? I don’t want him to win the game, but it would be fun to see what he would do – if Angela or Sam left I wouldn’t mind. Ty needs to get his big head back in the game. I would like to see Tyler, Kaycee, and JC in the final three. Anyone of them winning is fine with me.
      Thanks again, Mel. Feel better, NK!
      Stay safe East Coast 🙂

      • FW aka CY

        I thought he was sincere, but Tyler is such a convincing dissembler that he could make nearly anyone believe anything, at least for a little while. Until a zit core whacks you in the eye, or something.

        What would a little bit of power, at this stage of the game, do to Brett’s bruised ego an id? It would be interesting to watch. JC would be a massively Machiavellian mini martinet if he got the chance. That would be good tv as well. At this point I will be content, however, to watch Tyler and KC head for the finish line at an easy lope and let the bitter Betty’s pull their hideously un-hip pink hair trying to decide which cup to poison. There won’t really be a loser no matter who gets the final vote.

      • delabear

        Gotta say, Jannie – I also would like to see Bret win HOH. How cool would it be to see him put up Tyler and Angela, declaring that it is time for the house to break up the showmance! I know it will never happen, but it might be the only excitement we can hope for the rest of the season!

      • feltso gudinya

        jannie—-homosexuality is not a lifestyle…..summering in the hamptons is a lifestyle……..eating fish on friday is a lifestyle….sexuality is ingrained in your brain……..calling it a lifestyle infers it is a conscience choice…..

      • FW aka CY

        feltso – that’s why the prayers didn’t work. I hope his folks become conscious of that fact, and it preys on their consciences that they have made things needlessly difficult for him and themselves. Unless they disowned him for sexually-unrelated reasons, of course..

      • Jenny

        thanks, Felts. I’m left-handed. Born that way. If i had a CHOICE I’d be right-handed because everything would be easier.
        And for everyone who thinks people CHOOSE to be gay, I’d like to ask them when they decided to be straight. Oh, you mean you never chose it because you just knew you were already? Exactly.

  7. Seattle Kari

    I hate it when they deliberately waste perfectly good food, or at least attempt to. Yes I’m speaking from a low incomes perspective, but the fact that she would make something she assumed other people would think was terrible and throw it away really angers me. It also bothers me when they made what’s his name a call the apple pies at probably just went to waste.(?)

  8. Helen

    I realized yesterday how difficult it’s going to be for me to not have Mel’s thoughts to read every morning!
    Can you start a blog with a comment section for when this is over Mel? It doesn’t matter what it’s about…you could probably write about dirt and make it interesting and funny!!

  9. Avatar
    Magic1993 (49 comments)

    I’m so excited for DE tonight, I can’t stand myself!

  10. Jenny

    I felt SO bad for JC last night. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen him being real. I can’t imagine how devastating it would be to be rejected by your family for who you are.

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  12. Mr. Beardo

    It’s finally Thursday! Let’s go!!

  13. Avatar
    Magic1993 (49 comments)

    After seeing Kaycee in last night’s Veto comp, I am wondering if she has a photographic memory? If so, she is going to be unbeatable in the comp with the BB days.

    • FW aka CY

      Good memory and lucking out the first time on the Twinston one. Tyler might have taken it had he knocked over the other dummy.

    • Jenny

      I definitely don’t have the kind of short-term memory needed to win these comps. I cannot hold more than a couple of thoughts in my head at a time – things like learning a new card game have always been torture. After the first 3 or 4 rules I get panicky because I can’t keep up. Same thing with dance routines. Give me the first few steps and let me get those in my long-term memory, THEN give me a couple more.

  14. Seattle Kari

    BE SAFE Carolina friends! I have a good friend North Carolina but she’s further away from the coast. I’m glad it’s been downgraded but I know it’s not going to be good especially if so rain hangs around like it did I’m in Texas. Thinking of all of you with thoughts and prayers..

  15. Tinkerbell

    My heart is so broken for JC. Not having a message from a family member is just so horrible. I cannot imagine how heart crushing that would be. Never in my life would I ever do that to my two children, or family members. Heart wrenching. Even before JC’s emotional segment last night, his story has haunted me. His words, actions, and mannerisms are those of a sad person. At the beginning of the season I really didn’t care for him. I don’t know when my heart changed, but it did. I know he can be rude and crude, but I don’t believe it’s who JC is. It’s a cover. I have watched and observed him intently until I cancelled my feeds this week. Looking beyond his words and behavior….I see a very sad and lost person, and a very loving and kind person. He wants to be accepted, he wants to be loved……and he more than deserves both of thosethings, and more. He’s a lost boy. I wish I could scoop him up, Mommy him, and tell him how much he is loved, how much he matters. Even if he is inappropriate at times, he is funny, and quick witted. I believe he’s a very smart guy, knowledgeable in many things. Very-very important to me – I love, how much JC loves and appreciates our country, and that he talks about it. He loves our country deeply. That is priceless. He’s been around the world, he knows how blessed we are. I hope people can look past JCs sometimes hardened behavior, and see the kind person I truly believe he is. I have watched him for hours in the wee hours of the morning when he talks one on one with people. He wants to know about their families, their lives. In those wee early morning hours, it is clearly evident how rejected he feels. JC is like all of us……he wants to be loved, he wants to be accepted. He wants to belong. Come on over baby boy, I’ll fix the things you like……fish, chicken, rice, and as many bananas as you can eat. Even a chocolate peanut butter pie. I pray, and hope, for new things to come his way after the show, and an abundance of happiness and blessings. Ann, please don’t disown me 🙂 XO

    • Mel

      Ann will stick with you. Lol
      JC tried to join the military when he turned 18 but was rejected so he went to college and got his masters instead. I didn’t know if I’d mentioned it before. His love of country is definitely not an act for the show.

      • Tinkerbell

        Thanks so much, Mel. I didn’t know about JC wanting to be in the military. I wish he could have qualified, he would have been so dedicated, a fierce protector. I’m from a military family and city, 17 Veterans, married to a Marine. Worked at MCRD for years, now VA Crisis Line volunteer. Only said that, to say this……people know to never-never talk poorly about our military and country to me. It isnt a pretty sight. Lol. Repeating myself now, but I love how JC loves our country.

    • Jannie

      Awww…you are so damn sweet, Tink! That’s the kind of attitude we all, as Americans, need to have towards each other, especially now. I loved reading how you’re attitude towards JC changed as you observed and learned about his heart – it’s the perfect lesson we all need to learn. An oldie but a goodie “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”
      P.S. – I love fish, chicken, rice and especially chocolate peanut butter pie…are you anywhere near MN? 😀

    • FW aka CY

      Even if I don’t get the same “read” on him as you, I am truly in love with your sentiments and the beautiful spirit you display.

    • LynnD

      Tink I would give your post 100 thumbs up if I could! I agree with you on everything you said. I also have spent a lot of time just watching him on the feeds (not stalkerish at all) I have noticed all the things you have. I also watch how he will talk about something or even joke about something and when he stops talking he will just stand there for a moment and take in peoples reactions. It’s like he is looking for that positive reinforcement that he is liked, or that someone was even paying attention to him. He will then a lot of times just sit back and watch others interact with each other like an outsider.

      JC we LOVE that you LOVE America!!!! Keep that spirit hopefully it will be contagious.

      Mel Thank you for your daily updates. You and Steve are the highlights of my day lately (your also the reason I have to keep shutting my office door).

      Everyone have a Great DE Day!!!

      • Tinkerbell

        Fabulous, Lynn. I love your post. You said so perfectly the things I was trying to convey about JC. No matter what is going on, it shows so clearly in his face. Bless his troubled heart. Prayers and positive thoughts for happy events coming to JC very soon.

        Steve, Mel, NK – You guys are the beeezzz kneezzz. Thanks for all you do. You’re the greatest! Xo

    • Avatar

      Thank you Tink for putting it into words. I love JC, quirks, bad behavior and all. We all have our negatives. It really bothers me on this site when people refer to him by making fun of his stature, ie, calling him and Imp or Keebler elf, etc. It’s just wrong. You don’t have to like or love him, but you don’t need to make fun of his physical attributes.

      • Tinkerbell

        Thank You, McGuire. I love everything you said. Just beautiful. When JC is out of the house I hope he will be able to know how many people truly do care about him. He has captured my heart. I want him to be happy, I want him to feel loved, and to know that he matters.

        Bye for now Peepers. I hope all of you have the greatest day. Sending lots of prayers and love to all of our BBJ family in harms way. We are holding you close xo.

    • Alda

      That was beautifully worded Tink.i also feel for JC.My husband doesn’t watch BB or BBAD.but,when he hears JC’s voice he comes in to watch him.I really believe he just wants what all of us want,someone to love and genuinely care for us.I hope JC finds that someday.

    • Ann

      No Tink I wouldn’t disown you for how you feel about JC. I can see where you’re coming from, I guess I just didn’t take the time to try to understand him. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t want him to win the game but I do feel sorry for him.
      When I was a young kid I was called a bully all the time because I used to get into a fight almost every single day. My mama would whip my butt for it & I was punished all the time. My parents didn’t understand that the reason I was fighting every day & beating the crap out of the majority of anyone who came my way. The reason was because my brother is gay but our parents didn’t know & people were always picking on him, calling him names & fighting him but he would never fight back so I fought back. Kids would write ugly letters with vile, vulgar pictures drawn on them & put them in our mailbox, ride by on their bicycles & throw rocks at my brother & call him names & fight him just because he’s gay. I wouldcatch them & beat the hell out of them. SSometimes the cops were called but never did anything because I didn’t start the fights. Even teachers were mean to my brother.
      I used to ask him why wouldn’t he tell mama & daddy what was happening to him & he was afraid they wouldn’t love him anymore especially because he was adopted. He thought that was reason enough for them to turn their backs on him & walk away. I didn’t tell because he didn’t want me to but then after he saw me getting in trouble all the time, he said I could tell them but I didn’t, I thought it was his place, his choice. One day a boy road by on his bicycle & hit my brother in the face with a stick & I chased him down, dragged him off of the bicycle & his front tooth was knocked out when his face hit the street & his face, arms & legs were scrathed up pretty bad but I didn’t care because he started it & I still whipped his ass. His parents called the cops but they didn’t do anything. That night that asshole kid’s brother put a nasty letter in our mailbox & Daddy got it. That was how my parents found out my brother was gay. My parents told my brother he’s their son & they didn’t love him any less. My brother told my parents that was the reason I was getting into fights so much because I was protecting him & I wasn’t the bully. A month later my parents moved us across town.
      Anyway Tink, I understand what JC must be feeling & I don’t wish that on anyone.

      • kneeless

        Wow, Ann, what a sad story. Don’t understand the mentality of some people. Glad you had your brother’s back.

      • CY aka FW

        Your story affects me more than JC’s. I think you are awesome on the face of it. It’s easy to say and feel the “right” things, but righteous actions are more commendable – and believable. Now I am wondering who, between you and Sam, might claim the most mounds of disturbed soil down by the crick… Consider yourself thumbed in the most respectful manner.

      • leafhopper

        Huge hugs to you Ann – you are an amazing sister!!! Terrible people out there but so glad your brother had you and your parents.

      • Jenny

        Wow. You are amazing. I am so glad your parents reacted the way they did.
        My dad grew up in a rural area, went to a one-room school house, and lived in the closet. He was the “oops” baby – brother was 12 and sister was 10 when he came along. His brother teased him mercilessly, not sure exactly what he said or did but it was hurtful. When dad was diagnosed w/AIDS some of our cousins cut him out of their lives. His mother was still alive but I’m sure nobody told her. Shortly before my uncle died, he and my dad had a really good talk on the phone and dad was really happy about it, so it sounds like Uncle finally accepted him the way he was.

    • mona77450

      Tinkerbell- ditto for me regarding JC. He’s just a little wicked sometimes but lovable without a doubt. Watching and listening to him makes me laugh. I wish he had his own TV show after this season is over.

      • Alda

        I’ve said that too.I know I would watch it!Watching JC at night on BBAD makes me laugh so loud,I don’t know how my neighbors haven’t complained.

    • leafhopper

      I love your heart!!

  16. Tinkerbell

    I have been praying for our BBJ lovies in the path of Florence. God’s protection be with each one of you and your families. We love ya and are thinking of you, Always. Last year Ann, Feltso, and around 8-9 other people in our family here were in the paths of two hurricanes, and fires in the West and Northwest. So frightening. Love and ((Hugs))

  17. hogwild

    When they play messages from home for them isn’t Julie usually there asking them about their message afterward? Unless I’m way off and that’s always a real possibility for me that wasn’t the case last night.

  18. AIO_7

    Totally forgot, and missed, last nights show … watching it now.

  19. JD


  20. AIO_7

    Feeds are down so I was just watching Julie introduce the house guests from BB 2. Seems like every one of them are at least upper 20s to mid to upper 30s. So BB has definitely gone younger over the years.

  21. Helen

    Are feeds blacked out until tonight’s show?

  22. Helen

    I always look to see who the little white tables are sitting in front of when they first show the housepets sitting in the living room on eviction night. Usually they are sitting in front of the person who is staying…

  23. Avatar

    I remember seeing some posts on how to watch B.B. when tv down for football. Can someone please let me know how to do this?

  24. Mr. Beardo

    Are you the Gatekeeper??

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  26. HappyHippo

    Kids in bed, glass of wine poured…come on 9
    Let Brett or jc win just to shake things up a bit!

  27. Edsel

    Thank you for the info, fukweed, I suspected it was the links.

  28. Jenny

    This is the first Thursday in a few weeks where the show ISN’T pre-empted by football. YAY!!!!!!
    Hanging w/my dog next to me, cold beer in hand….
    Also… As much as I loved Tyler for most of the season, I’m actually kind of leaning toward Brett now. It would be kind of fun to see Brett outlast Tyler. (yes, I said that!)
    If Tyler, KC or Brett win, I’ll be happy.
    anyone else…well… I’ll be mildly bummed and then go back to my life where it really doesn’t matter all that much.

  29. Jenny

    NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!

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