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Big Brother 21 – Big Turn Of Events In The House

Good evening, everyone!


I spent the afternoon discussing whether or not Nicole made the right move by going for Christie over Jackson, but how about this for a turn of events… Nicole is actually playing 4D chess over here and knew that if she left Jackson in the game, he’d probably win the next HoH and he can’t vote as a result. Cliff and Nicole peg off Holly which leaves Jackson vulnerable the following week because he cannot play HoH. His only chance to survive is the veto competition. This way they get Christie, Jackson, and Holly out with one string of moves which puts them into the final 3 with arguably the weakest person outside the pair (Tommy).

Alright, I doubt Nicole was thinking that far in advance, but I’d tell people that was my plan if I were her.

With Nicole winning the veto, that basically guarantees she’s going to remove Cliff and that will force Jackson to nominate Holly. At that point, Nicole and Cliff have 100% of the power because they are the only two voting. Barring a tie for whatever fluke reason, Jackson’s week is over and it’s – once again – all up to the outsiders.


The question will be is if Tommy’s weird decision to reveal his secret to Jackson and Holly will backfire on him now. As I posted earlier, he revealed it to them and I can’t think of any good reason how that benefits his game. That decision could immediately come back to haunt him as Jolly (Jackson/Holly) have ammo they can use with Nicole. They are already discussing the consequences of Tommy revealing his secret at the final 2. They know that people will be impressed at his ability to hold the secret, and they also know he’s guaranteed a vote in Christie (who will also be campaigning for him).

What a crazy game. Obviously Nicole should use the veto, but what do you think she should do? Evict Tommy or Holly? Normally Holly is a no-brainer but taking Tommy into the final 3 is a massive risk because he can win the final HoH and then win the game.

Alright, going to update below with any random thoughts and updates if anything happens



Cliff is alone in the bedroom trying to piece this all together. Let’s manifest him some information!

Cliff farts. Hopefully that helps him think better

He eventually comes in the room and tells Nicole that Holly should stay. lol

Yup, they are planning on telling Jackson that nothing underhanded is going on. When that happens, Tommy is gone. Cliff won’t go back on his word


Well, we can hope that they delay in telling Jackson so Holly has a few hours of losing her mind.

She’s already listening in on Nicole and Cliff

Nope, Jackson comes in the room and they tell him right away. Boring week returns


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  1. Valerie

    Veto will be used.
    Holly/Beth will go up
    Tommy now needs to help Cliff and Nicole realize they’ve always wanted to break up the showmance and this is the perfect time to do it.
    JJ will be left out of being safe next week.
    Secretly JJ would be happy that someone else got Beth out. Neither really wants to go to final 2 with the other one.

  2. danmtruth

    Nicole needs to stand up now
    From Joan Jett to Nugget

  3. Alda

    Steve,my first instinct is to get Holly out.Will Nicole and Cliff want to go against their two new best buds is another story.Other then Jackson,I think the jury would see it as a big move.

  4. danmtruth

    The race is on to see if Holly=beth can pass christie as the most unhinged paranoid person facing being put on the block She is not even on it yet

    • Alda

      WOW! Holly might manifest some new ailments.This week could push her over the edge.She might develop some some Rav… diseases.

    • Ann

      I didn’t even get to see or read what happened with the POV comp & didn’t need to as i was scrolling through the threads & caught a glimpse of those big wax Halloween lips pouting like a 3yr old, I knew it was because things didn’t go Holly’s way. Oh well toots, thems the breaks, so suck it up buttercup.
      I almost cried myself when I saw that she nor that asshole boyfriend of hers didn’t win VETO. I hope things keep going well for Nicole.

      • mm22

        Ann I’ve missed you!!!

      • Ann

        I’ve missed you too….it’s been so funny looking at Waxlips face on the picture above. It’s something about that girl’s mouth that just does not sit right with me. Lol

      • Vikki T

        Ann – we have missed you! Been a while since we have heard “buttercup”. Welcome back!

      • Ann

        Thank you Vikki T & all of my BBJ family, it feels good to be back.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        YAY! ANN IS BACK!

      • Tam

        I agree with you, Ann. Looks like she may have had too many lip fillers or something done. But they aren’t right at all. I have said it before and saying again, all though, it’s not pc. When she does that she reminds me of a image off the WebMD site for a prolapsed rectum or something that has gone horribly wrong. The Halloween was lips are more accurate. Something is just not right with them and that picture above is just not flattering.

  5. hogwild

    Take Tommy out this week and you have keep your word withn them Jackson can’t play in the next HOH you have a good chance to win that going agaisnt just Holly then you break them up andit’s off to the final three.
    For Nicole and Cliff.

  6. danmtruth

    Come on feeds get us ip in the hoh with holly meltdown Not a sleeping nicole and cliff or tommy cooking banging pots

  7. Alda

    Nicole is starting to remind me of Kaycee’s game play.Slow and steady.Then BAM!

  8. Helen

    Listening to cliff talk to Nicole he just don’t get the picture..
    He is fixated on going to F4 with a power couple

  9. hogwild

    I got so caught up in this veto comp today forgot it’s opening weekend in the NFL tomorrow but even better Hockey season is not far behind.

  10. danmtruth

    Nicole and cliff talking Cliff said take off Tommy as he is stronger than holly in knowing days
    I must give Tommy credit he is making his sauce After cutting the tomatoes he went and wash his hands plus used hand soap to clean and dry his hands Good job tommy

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  12. Helen

    Nicole floats the idea of keeping Tommy over Holly but Cliff immediately shoots it down.

  13. AIO_7

    I can’t believe these two are talking about “sticking to the plan” … (to keep Holly)


  14. AIO_7

    How much you want to bet H & J tell C & N about Tommy and Chrustie now thinking it might hurt him. It actually might help Tommy now.

  15. NKogNeeTow

    I know I’m going to hell for this but a worried, scared FAH make a happy NK. That is all.

    • AIO_7

      Cliff and Nicole are raising her hopes right now.

    • Nancy


      I’ll be there with you NK

    • Alda

      Right there with you NK.Holly had to wear those up the crack pants tonight too.Yuck.

    • Tam

      No shade from this tree, NK. I am right there with you!!!! Won’t her gone. She is just a fake, ass kissing, and so many other things I can’t even say. She is so fake buttering up Nicole and know that she would stab her from the front in a heartbeat. She is so jealous of her and it’s pure pathetic as all get out. She will take jabs and make them just seem so innocently sweet. If her lips are moving it’s just BS. She is the the same as CC in my opinion. Except she can’t get anyone to pay her any attention……..

    • Mel

      We can Thelma and Louise it if you want? It’s my happy place too..not hell, Beth being miserable. Lol

    • Vikki T

      This time it is not Nancy driving us somewhere…..it is that FAB (fake as* b*tc*) driving us all there. And I have the perfect shirt to wear – says, “I have been to Hell”. Got it from a tiny spot with the same name in the Caymans cause I knew it would come in handy one day.

      • Ann

        Please tell me what is up with that chik’s lips? Are her gums too big for her mouth, is she wearing a bad fitting pair of dentures, did she get a lips plumped up from the inside instead of the outside? I can’t say it’s possibly from a bad reaction from kissing Nicole’s ass because the b**ch had the odd looking mouth from day one of the show. I don’t know, but I do know that I don’t like her nasty, whiny ass attitude.

      • Vikki T

        Yep Ann is back! (I am doing Nicole’s happy dance).

      • Ann

        I wish BB would do a season with just us not so young folks. Hell, there are those of us out here who would like to start on an even playing field & go after that $500k. I can’t go hanging, dangling & flying off shit but you give me a nice, comfortable chair to sit in & an ice cold coke,,,aaw Hot Damn,, I can play a good game of checkers, & some blackjack or any old boardgame. No offense to you younger than the rest of us who can’t half ass remember even a portion of the unnecessary bullshit that was taught to us in our younger years. Lol

      • Tam

        LMAO, I love you, Ann. Love your humor and wit. So funny and true……

  16. Nikki

    This is insane! Cliff has played smart this entire time! Furthermore, Cliff won’t have to worry about “keeping his word” IF N & C don’t promise to vote Tommy out. There isn’t ANYTHING J OR B can do about it. The reason C agreed to be away from his beloved wife all this time was an opportunity to win big bucks. It wasn’t to “make deals and not play his best game!”

    If they keep H, they don’t deserve to win the game nor AFP. Jackson should get game & Kemi (because I feel bad how she was treated) for AFP.

    PS – I still have faith that N will use her head. I am so excited she won veto!

    • AIO_7

      And no way J or H would take him or N to F2. They need to figure that out.

      • Tam

        Right!!!!!!!! Those are the biggest threat and you can damn sure that they see Cliff and Nicole that way now…….Love y’all until I don’t need y’all is the motto of JJolly……He has been quite for a while during her little bed celebration contemplating everything….

      • mm22

        Cliff promised a F4 and looks like he wants to honor that-jj reminded hollybeth
        last night in the HoH room of this and told her that he believes cliff-of course
        Hollybeth challenged jj with but what if’s n jj says she’s safe-uuugh

      • Ann

        mm22, sure poor, special woo woo crybaby Holly is safe…her ass is safe walking out those doors just like she was coming in. She needs to #STFU & suck it up just like everybody else who’s had to get to steppin. She acts like she’s going to the gas chamber.

    • Nikki

      And this could be Nicole’s big move for her resume to win the whole kit and caboodle!


    • Alda

      I think Cliff’s reasoning is he knows that Tommy has wanted him out for a long time.

  17. jennyc

    wild scenario :
    do you think Jackson would break a tie vote in Tommy’s favor if Beth annoys him enough while she’s OTB?

  18. ElaineB

    I don’t usually speculate, because I like to deal in reality. If Nicole doesn’t take Cliff off, and with two votes, they get rid of Holly, both deserve to lose. I think of how the Outsiders, will determine the fate of one of the Six Shooters. That will be their chance to break up a strong couple, J/H. They will have total control of that vote. If they screw it up………………….crap!

  19. AIO_7

    I think any votes Tommy got from the jury, Holly and Jaxson would get the same. Tommy needs to promise that he won’t take J or H to F2. That’s a promise that H and J can’t/won’t make.

  20. danmtruth

    We want to get Holly out for many reasons she is anoying, conceited Part of a showmance Yet in a momory comp who do you want to be up againest Holly or Tommy Physical comp will be hard to beat JJ so it does not matter about the showmance Because if they take holly out they loose JJ and for cliff no way does tommy pick him over nicole

  21. Nikki

    Even my avatar is praying for C & N to wake up and smell the roses!

  22. hogwild

    We have all been giving Cliff and Nicole our online advice but they have made final four doing it there way maybe keeping Holly is a mistake but at this point I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

    • AIO_7

      I won’t. What good is 3rd place when H & J would take each other to F2. Tommy needs to commit to C & N that he would take one of them to F2.

      • ElaineB

        It is too Jackson’s advantage to take Holly to F2. He has a great case to win over her, and he will be successful. Being f**k buddies……doesn’t guarantee a win for one of you.

      • hogwild

        Your assuming it will be third place they have made the right decisions so far time will tell if this works for them but I’m not underestimating them anymore.

      • ElaineB

        Fact remains that Cliff and Nicole have within their power to evict Holly or Tommy.

      • danmtruth

        And if it was jacjson Tommy and which evef of C/N it would be the same Is jackson still bitter about them lying and voting out holly so he takes tommy

      • danmtruth

        What reason would they have to belive him beside that says they get to a F-3 without J Again F-3 or F-4 they have a better chance of beating Holly than Tommy

  23. AIO_7

    If nothing else, it will be great seeing Holly have to kowtow to Nicole for the rest of the week.

  24. davidsgirl

    So as of now Nicole and Cliff are keeping Holly. Talk about blind devotion. It’s so unreal that people could be so stupid.

    And the fake look Holly keeps giving Nicole when she talks about how she is so excited about her details of playing, it looks like she wants to shank her.

  25. Nancy

    I’ve always told y’all, I’m horrible at strategizing..that’s why I love reading what y’all say, and then it makes sense to be..but this is one choice even I know should be made….cliff off block, Holly on block..and vote her out..does cliff feel confident with the mental comps coming up, the days, etc? I think nicole will be good at them..at least I’m praying so.

    • Tam

      Yes, ma’am. With you on this one, Nancy. I can strategize as much as I would like, but I could definitely move her ass to the hot seat and out the door. May not be good strategy, but it would be for the reason of sanity. Just ready for her to be gone…….No entertainment factor in her except to annoy everyone to pure aggravation…….

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  27. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole and Cliff talked. He told her that they should tell JJ and FAH that she is using the Veto but nothing will change. *DAMMIT!* JJ and FAH come in and Cliff tells them. JJ is low key but FAH is over compensating with her happiness about it. She is gushing over Nicole so much that if she does win any money she will have to spend it all in Chap Stick for those chapped lips she is getting from kissing Nicole’s ass. TT is no where to be seen. Probably in a corner crying because he’s about to see his best friend sooner than he expected.


  28. Mary

    Understand that voting out Holly would be good to rid of half a showmance, though they know Tommy has been studying the days like crazy. Jolly only study what the HOH room and shower looks like.

  29. Avatar

    Was it Cliff that talked about flying to the Bahamas because I couldn’t tell which HG said it but it sounded like him

  30. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is telling Nicole that she is America’s Sweetheart and she knows it. The Minor Bird FAH keeps saying, “yeah, uh huh, yeah.” *Still hating her.* JJ asks if the check for BB comes with or without taxes taken out. They talks about traveling. FAH tells Nicole that she should stay out there for a while. Nicole says that she can’t see her family coming out unless she is in the F3. She is so happy and trying not to cry. She says she’s so excited. Cliff tells her she should be.

    Fake-Azz Holly keeps talking. She must stop talking. She won’t stop talking. She keeps using the word “like”. Make it stop. PLEEZE. Cliff says that they never had a formal alliance. Cliff talks about CC and New York. FAH mentions Wyoming. *Shame on you Wyoming for putting this pox on us!* JJ says that Jess told him that if he kept Cliff it meant that they were working with C/N. He said he told her that wasn’t the case.

    Nicole says that last week Jess was crying in the bathroom and Jess told her there were people in the house she could not trust and Nicole was one of them. Nicole says she was so frustrated. FAH says Jess was grasping at straws *like you?*. She says they were old straws that had been thrown away. Nicole says that Jess was accusing her of wanting to keep Nick. Nicole says she cried for Jess all morning because she was sending her home.


  31. Jenny

    “Cliff farts. Hopefully that helps him think better”

    OMG I am laughing so hard I’m choking. Also crying a little.

  32. ElaineB

    Since both Cliff and Ncole have the power to vote Holly out, I am on board with that over Tommy.

  33. Mary

    To me after re-watching the DE episode, it looked like Holly threw that HOH comp, then tonight she told Jackson that she didn’t even try for this POV. It wasn’t until Jackson pointed out that she may go on the block that she freaked out.

  34. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff tells JJ, FAH, and Nicole that TT has been a pleasure but…Nicole laughs and tells him to be classy. Cliff says he feels that they all are classy. JJ is eluding to some information but doesn’t say what it is. Cliff tells him that if he doesn’t want to say then don’t. Cliff asks him if it is something that the American public knows about. JJ doesn’t admit or deny anything. *I kind of wish TT would tell C/N and tell them that JJ/FAH has known about it so to raise suspicion on JJ/FAH.

    Evryone is still gushing over Nicole. JJ tells Nicole that he’s picked up a sister he never knew he had. FAH says they are all related in a way. *FU FAH* Cliff says he wants to go check to see what TT is up to. Nicole says they should go make pizza. FAH tells Nicole that she’s like to get them out to the ranch and tells Cliff that she knows his family will love it too. *Will someone give her some Alum to gargle with so she can shut up?*

    FAH tells Cliff that have world class climbing on the ranch. Cliff says he’s sure his son will like it. FAH says he might even want a full time job there. Cliff says he has a girlfriend that might not like that.


  35. ElaineB

    The whole, ‘Will we be friends after BB?” has almost ruined it for me. The HGs they cast are too concerned about he ‘outside’ relationships. Who the hell cares……………this is BB, dammit, come to play!

    • davidsgirl

      Elaine I agree with you. That is another thing I told my husband too. If I went in the house, I am there to play Big Brother, not make friends, or worry about later after the shows over. I would be decent to people in the house, but I’m there to play the game.

  36. Annabelle

    New avatar for Beth cause IMO she is! Sorry Thumby not. NK if enjoying watching Beth feel ignored upset or unhappy I’ll be right behind you on the way to hell in gasoline pants.

  37. danmtruth

    Jackson and holly never told them about Tommy and christie Now it turns out they knew each other from age 5 to high school That according to her exit interview before going to the jury house

  38. Tam

    Nicole asking questions……….Let me answer for Holly, I am just here for the social exposure and be in front of a camera. I am just about me and what else can I say to make you keep me……..

  39. Mimi Ryan

    Jackson I suspect would love to not have to take Beth=Holly to F2. I’ve been suspecting this for weeks now. Just like he said, he wanted someone else to do his dirty work on Bat Crap Crazy Christy. I love that Beth=Holly is going OTB, finally. Nicole winning this VETO is great, she’s safe again. Screw integrity Nicole & Cliff, go do a F2 with yourselves & dump the other 3. I can see Jackson going to the end & taking Nicole or Tommy to “win”. Provided Jury Management works for him. But, Holly . . . . hummmmm. Dumping her now would be great!!!!!

  40. NKogNeeTow



    FAH tells Nicole that her basket is “lit”. Cliff and JJ leave the room and JJ comes back just as sick-to-her-stomach FAH is diving into Nicole’s snacks. FAH dives into another bag of snacks.


    Cliff and JJ are checking out something cooking on the stove. FAH comes in and asks JJ where her pink hoodie is. *She never lets him more than 10 feet out of her sight.*

    Boat Room:

    Cliff is cam talking and using the Backgammon dice and talking about the mistakes he made. He says the best laid plans don’t always work out so well but it didn’t matter because Nicole won. He says that’s why you have to work in teams. Working with people that you trust is vital in this game. He says there are people out there asking why would they keep someone as strong in the game as JJ. He said there were people in the game that were stronger that they had to cut loose.

    He says it all may come back and bite them in the ass. He says whoever wins the Veto next week can send him or Nicole home. He says F5, F4 isn’t about making deals it’s about winning. He says that CC and TT weren’t slouches either. He said that face matches and such, he didn’t want to go against them and now thanks to Nicole, he doesn’t have to. He says he should be there until at least day 96.

    He says social game and strategy all count. He says he’s pretty damn proud regardless of what happens over the next 18 days and he’s so proud of Nicole. He says it’s going to change her life. He says what she’s doing and the way she’s going to feel about herself, her life is changing. He says she has a family that loves her and that she loves but she doesn’t realize what’s coming her way and doesn’t see what the rest in the house is seeing.

    He says her underdog status and her coming into herself and her integrity are going to take her far. He said he knew making a F2 with her was the right thing. He says hello to his family and the live feeders. He says he was a live feeder before he came into the house and will be one when he leaves.


    JJ asks Cliff if he wants to play Backgammon.


  41. danmtruth

    Sorry cliff your Texas A/M Aggies did not have that good of a day Clemson held strong The Aggies gave them a great game

  42. Avatar

    Nicole winning HOH got the Titanic treatment and Jess’s scream has a cameo in it


  43. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff tells Nicole she needs to do an “odds are”. He asks what time can they go to sleep. JJ says he prays that he can get some sleep toinight because he didn’t sleep well last night. FAH is telling them that she feels like she’s not living her dream and is just working just to make ends meet. She says she needed some drastic something. *WHO TF CARES!* She asks Nicole what her dreams are.

    Nicole tells her the wins and the accomplishments. She says that the closer she gets to the end she thinks that she can send her parents on a trip, buy cars for her sister and herself, and pay for master’s degrees for her sister and herself. She says her sisters are so good and where they want to be. She said that her sisters got her her job. She says this feels right because now she can blaze her own trail and she’s a lot less self-depreciating since she’s been in the house.

    Nicole says her family always told her to do whatever she wants but she always wanted to do things to make them proud and she is her own person and when she gets back she can be herself. She says what she gained in this experience is she’s a tough New Yorker.


  44. davidsgirl

    Logging out for the nite guys, see ya next time. 🙂

  45. Kari

    Well, shit!! That was one hell of a storm for Seattle. Spread all the way from Tacoma to Seattle… lightning strike after strike after strike for over an hour, almost an hour and a half. Crazy! Had to go get my kiddo from Starbucks and luckily it had lightened up enough about the time it was closing. Saw couple of strikes during that time only.

    I honestly don’t know what I want Nicole to do. She’s going to do what she needs to do for herself. But I don’t know which is worse to get off honestly. To me Tommy has more of a chance of winning a competition than Holly does.

    I would still be surprised if she would be up in the f2 but I just don’t see her winning if it were her and Jackson. I really hope she’ll get AFP though.

  46. Nancy

    It’s been exciting again, thanks to nugget. Everybody rest well tonight..I’m calling it a day. Peace

  47. danmtruth

    Nicole my hero of the day

  48. NKogNeeTow



    JJ and Cliff are playing Backgammon. TT is cooking with the assistance of Beth Death. Cliff calls TT over to look at something on the game. They laugh and TT goes back to cooking. FAH is sitting at the table cutting up something. No talk is really going on. TT is getting ready to boil macaroni for his dish. Cliff beats JJ in Backgammon. TT mentioned that Production only brought them 1 mushroom. FAH says they are trolling them. Ciff heads upstairs to take a shower.

    FAH is sitting at the table quietly cutting up veggies. She slides over to JJ and puts her head on his shoulder and starts to talk baby talk. *This is going to be the longest f*cking 2 weeks of my life.* JJ takes over cutting the garlic. TT is still slaving away over the stove and licking his fingers. JJ went from playing Backgammon to cutting garlic, not a drop of water has seen his hands. FAH is whispering to JJ about C/N. She is still woriied. *And I’m all here for it!*


    Cliff is cam talking and saying that TT is a superfan and incredible guy so he doesn’t want to celebrate in front of his face but as long as it’s just him and the world…then he does a dance that looks a lot like the one FAH did last night…horrible. He shouts out to his family.


    TT is washing dishes, while FAH walks around talking about absolutely nothing like she usually does.


  49. Kari

    those clickbait stories are cracking me up. Pregnant girl with the basketball under her shirt. LMAO

  50. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is telling TT and FAH that their speeches should be, then he holds up his hands like guns and says, “Damn, we’re all out of bullets.” The 3 of them laugh. FAH and TT tallk about how shocked at how bad they did in the comp. TT tells her her life was on the line. She says she was gunning for it. *She lies like a rug.* He tells her not to be discouraged and it happens. They both said they have sh*t in all the beds. JJ tellls her to hush. She says she feels like a loser. *She is.*

    JJ tells FAH her poster was “Wow”. She agrees. *Hard eye roll*. TT and FAH continue cooking. JJ is sitting on the oddly placed sofa making suggestions. They are throwing everything but the kitchen in the sink into that sauce. The b*tch starts talking about her being sick again. *I just CAN’T!* JJ lays on the sofa and she sits at the end and they whisper, with TT right there I might add.

    JJ tells FAH that he has faith in them (C/N) and it’s out of their control. She does her usual stupid “Yeah”.


  51. Vikki T

    As a mom, it is so great to watch Nicole find herself and her self confidence. She is learning to trust and believe in herself, that being quirky is perfectly wonderful and that she does not need change or pretend to be someone else to make people like her. This young lady has a bright future ahead and I cannot wait to find out her reaction when she realizes she has so many people rooting for her. I am so happy that we were all able to be a small part of it.

  52. Avatar

    These people really think that Nick is a cop hahaha

  53. NKogNeeTow



    JJ and FAH still on the sofa. He tells her he has to win the Veto then says either one of them have to win it or they go home. She says it’s Saturday and they have until Thursday. TT comes back into the kitchen and JJ tellls him he loves him. FAH asks TT if they are going to get some fun stuff this week. He says he thinks so. He says hopefully they will get something from POP. JJ says he drank an entire bottle and didn’t get wasted. TT tells him he can’t understand how he did.

    FAH says that if she gets a bottle she’s drinking the whole thing. JJ says she’s half his size and can drink that much. TT teases her that she is Pinot Noir. She starts to talk. I shut down. JJ remarks again how good her body looked in the comic. She says it’s not like that in real life. JJ and TT says it does. FAH asks if they think Sis will like her chicken. They think she will. They wonder if Jack will like his comic, They say it was a jackass. FAH says it was captioned “the centaur of attention.

    TT says he didn’t get Kemi’s. They says that David will like his but Ovi might be a little upset his was about his cookies. TT says he didn’t get Bella’s either. FAH says Bella’s caption was “She’ll ring your bell.” They wonder if she has a powerful job in DC. JJ says he hopes it doesn’t impact her job. They say she was very political. TT says he didn’t get Nick’s, it was about the law. JJ says maybe he was a Narc. TT asks what a Narc is. JJ tells him.

    TT says dinner is ready. JJ says Nicole is still in the DR. FAH says some of the comics were weird and wonders what other secrets people were keeping. TT mentions something about CC and they laugh.


  54. LynnD

    So there is a new video up on Instagram from the jury house it is really stupid nothing exciting to watch but the moral of this video actually is throw pillow 2 is living up to her name and has changed zero since the BB house. The only difference is they gave her a prop. She is sitting on the couch with a soccer ball on her lap I don’t know if she thinks it makes her look important or not or if she thinks she looks important or not because in my opinion she looks stupid. She just sits there and when everybody else is trying to answer the dumb ass questions Nick is asking she’s just sitting there with the ignorant look on her face. Yes it’s like she’s still in the BB house

  55. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff, JJ and TT are eating dinner. FAH eats food from the end of her fork then licks the handle. Cliff says he’s eaten well since he’s been in the house. Cliff starts to talk about how Ovi told him that when he’s home he likes to sleep naked. JJ says he can’t wait to get back home so he can sleep naked again. FAH says she hopes they get home videos. TT says he thinks it will be this week. FAH says she doesn’t know when something like that will air. *Does this cheap trick ever worry about anything other than cameras?*

    Cliff and TT eat while staring off into space. FAH doesn’t take one eye off of her bowl. JJ is standing at the counter cutting up and frying jalepenos. He ask FA if she wants any. She says no. He washes dishes while he waits for them to finish cooking. No one is talking.


  56. Tam

    NK, everyone out here. Y’all have a great night. Held on as long as I can. Hopefully it won’t be too boring. Keep keeping it real and good luck with listening to Miss MeMeMeMe tonight……Sweet dreams everyone…….

  57. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is saying that usually he’s not comfortable sleeping around in beds other people have slept in but in there he doesn’t think twice about it. FAH says “I know. Yeah. I know. Yeah.” Cliff says he’s surprised that with 16 people in the house no one had any bathroom issues. Cliff talks to TT about his dad. TT says his dad likes to perform and likes to go to Kareokee. He tells Cliff his dad’s favorite songs to sing. He says his dad likes to perform at caberets too.

    TT says even though his dad likes to perform, they have never performed together. TT says his brother lives in San Diego an he’s going to visit him after the show. She says he really loves his brother. TT opens a candy bar and JJ reminds him that they have ice dream. FAH coughs into her shirt then tears into a giant candy bar and starts it devour it. *But, but, she has a sick stomach.* She talks about the kind of candy she and her mom likes. *Not interested.*

    TT only ate a little of his candy. Cliff opens a bar and only eats a few pieces. Guess who polishes hers off? TT and JJ get ready to play Backgammon.


  58. NKogNeeTow

    Bennett, what happened to the music? I didn’t say don’t play it, just not all 114 songs…lol

  59. NKogNeeTow

    I think we’ve hit our apex of excitement for the day. This is boring AF and I’m fighting HARD to stay awake.

  60. Vikki T

    Time to call it a nite also. Thanks for the company. Sleep well all!

  61. NKogNeeTow



    TT and Cliff are talking about coming back in a battle back. TT says he would play completely different. TT and JJ are playing Backgammon. FAH and Cliff are still watching. JJ checks on his jalepenos. Nicole is still in the DR. Cliff is giving TT some pointers. TT sees a move he could have made. *Bet he sees a lot of them right about now.* Nicole comes out of the DR but goes to change before coming back to eat dinner.

    Nicole runs upstairs to the HOH to change and Cliff just sits at the table and smiles. FAH eats something else then leaves the room. Backgammon game continues. No conversation going on with the exception of TT cursing about the bad rolls he’s making. Cliff is silently watching. *I hope he’s rethinking getting rid of TT over FA* It’s so quiet except for the sound of he roll of the dice. Cliff is in DEEP thought.


    • Helen

      Nicole sure is rethinking it….

      • Ann

        I just want Nicole’s decision to be Nicole’s very own decision because she feels its what’s best for her & not because this sweet, young girl got hoodwinked by the skank, her asshole mama’s boy bed buddy, the fake ass wannabe flopping his ass around like tinkerbell all of the damn time with that big dumbass smile glued on his face like joker or by Cliff.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        YES! Just what I was waiting for…..LMAO!

  62. danmtruth

    As i get ready to call it a night I just hear Nicole and Cliff bonding over life and game

  63. NKogNeeTow



    Backgammon game still going on. JJ asks how many different languages can you say I’m f*cked” in. The game rages on. Cliff looks like he just want to crawl up in the middle of the table and go to sleep. Backgammon is over. Cliff asks if they think Nick is in the JH begging for someone to get him football scores. Cliff washes a few dishes, while JJ puts away the salsa. TT is getting ready to put away the rest of the food. JJ fixes his plate, sits at the counter, prays, then stares at his food. He covers his eyes with both hands and it looks like he is praying again. The then flexes his neck then eventually starts to eat.

    Tt is still putting away food while Cliff still washes dishes. The 3 of them aren’t talking. Nicole never did come back downstairs and FAH is no where to be seen which means she’s either in the DR or upstairs worrying the hell out of Nicole. JJ asks TT what time he came out of the DR. TT tells him. JJ says there is no way because he didn’t start cooking until 10. TT scrapes the bottom of the pot and asks if anyone wants anymore pasta. JJ and Cliff say no.


  64. danmtruth

    Good night NK , good luck to all who have stayed i leave with a song for Tommy as the curtain looks like it is comming down on his BB run
    Good night all

  65. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    Cliff is cam talking. He is saying he chose to attach himself to people he knew were powerful and would create targets other than him. He says that if TT had won Veto, Nicole would have gone up and gone home. He says there is something to be said for being a little under the radar in this game. He says being under the radar he’s been OTB 4 times so it’s a little risky. He said he came in knowing he had to make deals and set up a good social game.

    He says day 81 and he’s still there and a lot of good people aren’t. He says that light at the end of the tunnel is turning into a spotlight and he sees some confetti too. He says that as long as TT stays OTB and he gets pulled off, he has a 25% chance of winning. He says he hopes some of the BB fantasy gamers has picked him and Nicole. He says they are still there and no one would have thought it. He says Jack told Nicole on day 24 to enjoy her time there no matter how brief it may be. He says shout out to Jack who is sitting in the JH.

    He says Jack was the real deal and he was the reason he turned down 4 weeks of safety just to get rid of him. He says it’s great to be an amazing athelete but if you play to hard or show up to hard, you go home. He said Jack and Bella did that. He says he hopes we are enjoying watching and they are just trying to give us the best they can. He says when it drops to single digits and he’s still in the house, he’s really going to like those numbers.

    He says they are getting close and have all taken different paths to get there but they are all there. He tells us to go find the convo that he and Nicole had on the shaded bench at the far end of the pool.


    • Tam

      That is so funny and true about Jackass. I could not believe he had the nerve to say that to Nicole. And now he was first to Jury. What a grade A asshole. Yes, definitely proud of Nugget and Cliff for being there and the rest go bye bye…. And they haven’t been cocky, cruel, or disingenuous like the rest…….Never underestimate the underdogs or bottom feeders, whatever they hatefully have called them. So proud of Nugget!!! Can’t wait for her to find out how much she is loved and adored……..

  66. Charlotte

    To calm FAH down once she’s on the block, all they have to do is remind her of all the camera time she’ll be getting! She will probably want to be there when she realizes they will have to show her on TV. I’m also wondering if all of them want to be sitting next to her in F2, since any one of them could easily win the $500k over her. But I’m sure Nicole and Cliff will stick together no matter what.

  67. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Canper:

    FAH is putting on warpaint. JJ comes in and tells her whatever she’s doing, he hopes she’s happy and doing what she wants to do. She doesn’t respond. Cliff comes in and asks if fhey are sleeping out there or in the target room. FAH says probably in the target room. Cliff says he wants to go to sleep but doesn’t want to get back up. JJ ask her if they told her she was going in (to the DR). She says probably so she’d rather be ready than not. JJ and Cliff talk about the HOH. They say the Veto is more important than the HOH.

    FAH lays down on JJ. He ask her if she ate her banana in the SR. She says yes and she should go clean it up. He tells her he’s already thrown it away. She tells them that she is embarrassed because this whole week she lost all of her comps. Cliff says he hope they show the comps this week. JJ says he doesn’t like not being able to see his own time. Cliff and FAH talk about how they did in the comps. JJ says he liked one of the comps that he could see his score.

    Cliff said of all the comps, his favorite one was the “Take It Off”. FAH says she’s so interested to see it and there are so many comps that she hasn’t seen. Cliff talks about Kat in one of the comps. JJ makes a joke about Kat and FAH gives him the side-eye and he laughs and says he’s just kidding. *They all have been pretty much regurgitating the same convos over and over tonight. Nothing new has been discussed yet.*

    JJ says somebody’s getting paid. Cliff tells them he guesses he’s going to lay down in case he gets called. FAH asks him where he’s going to sleep. He says in the RV, especially if Nicole is going to sleep upstairs again tonight.


    • Tam

      Good for Cliff, put that dig subtly in there. Put the true princess in the HOH and let the fake one come down among the peasants as she has referred to so many times…….

  68. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Camper:

    FAH is whispering something to JJ about the game and he tells her she’s pretty. He rubs her old forehead and she smiles. They just lay there making goo-goo eyes at each other. She tells him the next comp has got to be “Face Off”. He says whatever it is it’s single handedly going to…then Cliff walks in and say something about the Advil in the bathroom. Cliff leaves and she tells JJ that she doesn’t even want to talk game in front of any of them.

    Nicole comes in and they tell her that she has some food in the kitchen waiting for her. She thanks them and says something about her things still being upstairs. Niicole leaves and FAH goes and pulls a bra out of the draw. A different voice comes over the speaker and tells JJ that he’s going to call him next and wants him to wear his costume. JJ says something to him and he tells JJ that he’s going to be up all night so it doesn’t matter. JJ asks him if FAH can go in next so she can go to bed.

    Nicole comes back and asks where Cliff and TT are. JJ says Cliff is in the camper. She sticks her head in and tells Cliff goodnight. He asks if she’s sleeping upstairs. She says she doesn’t know then leaves.

    Outside Camper:

    FAH is putting on her costume and telling JJ that it is messing up her hair. She says it in an English accent that she just heard Nicole talking in.


    Nicole goes into the room and thinks she hears a noise. She says “hello?”.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I don’t know if I bored you guys to sleep but they sure bored me to sleep. Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  69. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Charlotte and whoever else is still awake out there. 🙂

  70. Kari

    Night! Zzzzzzzzz

  71. Kari

    Just for fun:

    IF by some miracle it’s Cliff and Nicole F2…

    Who do you think would win?

    Thumbs UP: Nichole
    Thumbs DOWN: Cliff

  72. LynnD

    My head is spinning from everyones scenarios. So many good points so many bad points. Bottom line is its a crap shoot for Nicole. I think she will be damned if she do and damned if she don’t and as bipolar as everyone is in the jury house it’s all going to come down to what medication they’re taking that day when they decide to vote. Including Jackson because I guarantee it depends on what day of the week it is and where Beth is on her menstrual cycle as to whether he will care if she stays or goes.

    • danmtruth

      LynnD THAT truly sums it up At this point you can what if yourself into a coma Just as part of BB Comics is paralysis hye analysts So is your thinking in the end As nicole said she has gone over all the scenarios in her head and it just starts getting to confusing

  73. JennX

    Yea! It’s nice for Nicole (and us!) to pull out another critical win. I’m glad she is looking out for #1 and her #2 Uncle Cliff and planning on putting FAHBeth on the hot seat. While her & Cliff currently plan on sticking to their word… there is more than enough time for neurotic deathly sick FAH to talk herself into being evicted. I’m sure Jax is conflicted because if she leaves then he is going to go through withdrawal for a whole week, not to mention lose his for sure win if she is in F2 with him. Then again, I’m sure he is exhausted from carrying her ass physically and emotionally for weeks now.

    As fans, it’s super duper easy to Monday morning quarterback and say they should have done this or that. And why can’t they see how so and so is lying or whatever. But we also have confirmed info – from either diary sessions, interview, evicted HG chit chat and CBS – that sways us one way or another as to what we would do in that situation. We see convos other houseguests do not.

    Some people are such charismatic and convincing liars that they could be GheeslingINC top seller of the year selling Dan’s (free-range, 100% vegan, gluten free but not cruelty free) Mist.

    N/C are hopefully going to do the very best they can with the limited info they have.
    They might kick themselves later and we may start proclaiming this “the worst move in BB history!” I think (or hope) both are fans enough to know that it’s kinda poor strategy to keep someone else’s ride or die just because a few weeks ago hands were shook and words were given.

    • JennX

      *he will go through sex withdrawal*

    • Helen

      Listening to Nicole talk to herself early this morning she is realizing the smartest game move may be to get rid of Holly vs Tommy. She knows if either Jackson or Holly get veto next week either her or Cliff are going home and she didn’t come to take 3rd or 4th place.

      • nancy

        Keep thinking, Nicole.

      • Vikki T

        Agree and keep thinking Nicole. She needs to make this decision and tell Cliff what needs to be done. I am kinda over Cliff telling her what to do and him speaking for her. Heck, when JJ came in the camper after the veto, first thing out of Cliff’s mouth was Nicole is using the veto but we are keeping Beth. Cliff is just enamored with making it that far in the game and he would happily settle for 4th. He needs to remove the rose colored glasses and look to the end.

      • Alda

        Keep manifesting Nicole. I was wondering though,if N and C send H packing,would Jackson and Tommy team up .Food for thought.

      • Nikki

        Alda – I am praying, if Holly gets the ax, JJ will stick with N (and C).
        1. I pray the sisterly/brotherly love helps keep them good.
        2. JJ knows CC is in JH pulling strings for TT, so if he’s worried about that, he will want TT out.

      • Ann

        I know I would be pissed off as all get out with everybody constantly in my face playing all buddy buddy kissy face all of a sudden ONLY because I had the power for a short time. I’m sure I TOTALLY would’ve let Holly know right off the bat that she need not even bother because I’m not trying to hear it.

    • Avatar

      JennX … Totally agree it’s always easier to make decisions when you’re on the outside looking in. We know that IF the jury votes on game play, Beth, TT & Cliff lose sitting next to JJ.

      Getting Beth out now is the best move Nicole can make. She & Cliff need to have a conversation w/ TT & make a F3 deal … He stays but if he wins HOH he puts JJ up & if he wins POV he doesn’t use it. So long as JJ doesn’t win POV, he’s reunites w/ Beth in JH.

      I do believe if Nicole told JJ it’s best for HER game to evict Beth, he’d be pissed but he would agree on a game level. W/ the exception of Beth, there would be no bitter jury votes against her. All Nicole would have to say for her F2 speech is (1) she went from outsider to F2, (2) She didn’t need to win HOH b/c they were going after each other (3) She didn’t win POV b/c she wasn’t OTB & never picked so couldn’t play (4) When she won HOH she got a big target out (5) When she did play POV, she won (6) She used the 2nd POV to breakup the final showmance (7) She left Jackson, the biggest threat in the house, totally exposed to be put OTB.

      … But we all know Nicole it would be very difficult for her to do this b/c she would feel she betrayed JJ & Beth on a personal level.

      • JennX

        Hoping in this scenario (gettin Snaxon out, making a F2 speech) she will find her some cahones…and they are the size of freakin watermelons! Sure it will be absolutely nerve wracking, emotional and scary for her. I’m sending her the big baller JuJu to be able to do it and bring home that big W
        \. /\ /
        \/ \/

  74. Avatar

    Come on Nicole! This is your moment to stand up on your own and win this season of Big Brother! Get rid of that skank! Do it! Just do it!

  75. JennX

    If she’s gonna lose or win she needs to go out guns blazin’ either way. This jury (except maybe Beth wWith Bad Hair) will respect the big moves more so than the honestly, loyalty, integrity BS song and dance.

    Snaxon will act pissed, because his F2 Beth was his sure win (and fauxmance – no way that’s more than a ‘needs met’ girl as far as he’s concerned, that douche).
    Tommy will be high kickin himself in the head over the moon excited to still be there
    Uncle Cliffy 3 Fingers will take a moment to reflect, run scenarios and come to see its potential for a fantastic game move

    She is not a wannabe mastermind Dr Will, Dan, Evel Dick or Janelle. She is an “every regular fan at home wishing the could play” kind of player. Manifesting a win for our Lil Nug!

  76. Mary

    Here is the link where Nicole reads her letter from home, in case anyone is interested.

    • Vikki T

      Gee, I did not think I would have tears this morning but here I am. Thanks for sharing. I love her raw and genuine emotions with no thought to the cameras. After this is over, I hope that at least one of the others sees that being true to yourself, not fake or pretentious, is the greater win.

      • Tam

        Oh Vikki, you are so right about this. Bawling watching this girl. So proud of her. Now, she is what a true role model looks like and watching her this season has just been remarkable. She is just authentic and real. A lot of women empowerment is what she has shown and without the need for attention or antics……Go Nugget!!!

    • BBBonbon62

      Thank you Mary. I shared with our local HS facebook page and our town page. Most do not subscribe to the feeds and rely solely on the CBS episodes. Not sure this would be aired Sunday.

      • Mary

        I like how they address her, Little Peanut. Will have to admit I got teary eyed when she read it the first time, then again watching the video.
        Ruff, ruff ruff ruff. LOL

      • Ann

        Thanks Mary….Awesome job Little Peanut’s parents, awesome job.

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  78. Mary

    I can suggest something they can do, clean out the refrigerator. Remove everything and toss all the food out except for what was cooked last night, and JJ’s watermelon of course.

    • Tam

      You got that right. Just ridiculous…..When I saw the bed with all the trash laying on it and the watermelon juice left in the bowl that was it for me. That’s the reason they have so many damn flies. Just gross….

  79. danmtruth

    I must admit i was on the get rid of the strongest player in tommy whan you have the chance If the veto is the face morph or some type of days comp Those are Tommys strengths The point that Jackson is counting jury votes He is not sure he can get enough to beat tommy is another factor As LynnD said no mater what way you go Your damn if you do damn if you dont

  80. Kari

    However the chips may fall I just hope that Nicole uses her POV as SHE chooses, and doesn’t let someone else decide for her.

  81. mdkitty

    I know I’m really late to the party but I’m “obsessed” (wink wink) with you wonderful People I love this site and had to join in
    I’ve had a lot of emotions watching BB over the years-anger, disgust, amusement, but never have a cried happy tears as I have over sweet Nicole. I find it interesting how she has formed strong bonds with three very different men: Jax, Ciff and Nick (ick). If they have any sense they will cherish her friendship because true friends are hard to come by
    I can’t see Nicole hoping for fame from her BB experience but I pray for all things wonderful after her. So nice to have a BB participant to feel good about
    Sorry for the length-I’ve been holding a lot in waiting to jump in with you all

  82. Avatar

    Most of you should be ashamed of yourselves. The way you talk smack about the cast is shameful. Are you an adult NK? Because if so it’s hard to believe a grown person can grow as hateful as you are towards Holly. All women are insecure, no matter what their age! Obviously your insecurities show because if the amount of hatred you can have towards one person whom you have never met. I can understand people wanting holly out, game wise, it would be a GREAT move for cliff and nicole. But the way you are expressing your opinion on her and going out of your way to show how much you hate her is SO rude. That is what is wrong with the world, people with low self esteem getting treated so horrible and talked about like they are the biggest scum on earth, because other people with low insecurities treating them like shit. I usually enjoy reading your comments on the BBAD show. But not when you can talk about someone who has done absolutley nothing to you. They are all playing a game and yes, a lot of the players, not just this season, but all, can be super irritating and have bad trates. But could you imagine Holly coming out of this house, reading all the horrible things you have to say about her including calling her a fake ass, and how that would make her feel? I would put her suicide on your hands! People in the BB house are people too. I am not saying your opinion does not matter, it does, you have a right to feel the way you do, but being an asshole about it does. Its sick!

    • twaddle

      What’s wrong with the world is that too many people don’t have a sense of humor

    • MartyMar

      I’ve had my issues (and rants) about age bashing, etc. (and, no, I don’t think NK nor Mel have age bashed, for the record). I get what you’re saying Jillian, but also think to each their own in some respect.

      NK works hard doing these postings (and doesn’t need my defense, but I’m choosing to throw in another different opinion), and she has to listen to the HGs to make these feeds available to the rest of us. And because of that, she’s entitled to rant about all the behaviors that get on her nerves. This season it seems to be about Holly’s vanity. I don’t hate or like Holly — and don’t follow her on the cameras to have my own strong opinion about her. But I get how any one HG can become overbearing to watch to the point where you need an outlet and will vent/rant/bash about them.

      Jess is a great example for me. Watching Jess from the very beginning caused me to cringe each time she spoke. If I had to do feed updates on her, I would have torn my hair out bald; or instead, gone on a #STFUJess rant all season. My point is, I give full credit and appreciation for Mel, NK, and SB for having to endure these HGs to get us the feed updates (especially Jess’s droning). And in that same vein, and for the same reason, I think it’s wrong for any of us readers to bitch about the bloggers.

      While I have complained in the past about the extent of some of the age bashing by the BBJ followers, if I felt any of the commentators were going too far, I’d stop coming to this site and wouldn’t feel the need to try and lecture them. I see it’s your first comment, so not sure if you’re just trying to stir the pot or if you just found this site, if the latter, welcome. It gets fun in here. But regardless, from a sometimes ranter, thought I’d throw in my unsolicited 2 cents…

      • Avatar

        Look, maybe I came off a little harsh. I do respect NK for her hard work. She does what she does and I follow it, because I enjoy reading it. I have respect mad respect for mel and Steve too. If I didn’t I wouldnt read the blog. Call it crazy, but there is a point where it’s funny, and a then there is a line. I’m not saying I’m a holly fan, I don’t like her, I don’t dislike her. But that’s me as a person, it takes a lot for me to “hate” someone and trash talk… but that’s me, we aren’t all the same. But imagine If the scripts were flipped and the same trash talk was headed towards someone like nicole. Would everyone still think it’s as funny and harmless? NK, I apologize. You are an adult, I was not trying to attack you personally. But I’m just not a fan of the trash talk. All I’m trying to say, there is a line I think should be drawn. Same with all the house guests. Call it cray cray, I dont mind. I’ll keep my sanity knowing my opinion matters too. But I’m not to proud to apologize. I am sorry for being harsh and personal. It’s just a food for thought… and this goes for all the watchers, it is easy to judge from the outside in, hell, being a fan, I’ve done it too. But would it be the same for you if the tables were flipped and you had no chance to defend yourself?

    • NKogNeeTow

      First of all Jillian, WELCOME to the board! As I said to the previous new member, better late than never.

      Second, yes, I am an adult. Full-fledged, card-carrying, certified adult.

      Third, do I hate Fake-Azz Holly? Yep! And I make no apologies for it. And I’m not going to sugar coat it with a fake “I love you”.

      Forth, to a certain extent, I’m just as insecure as anyone else. That’s why I have sense enough not to go on national TV and make a fool of myself in front of millions of people who I know are just waiting to rip me a new one.

      Fifth, expressing my opinions of her are just that, MY opinions, and rude or not, again, not apologizing. As the saying goes, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one.”

      Sixth, if you feel my comments are offensive, then you might want to just skip over them. Save yourself and blood pressure any grief. With me, you always know what you’re getting, snark and all.

      Seventh, I call her fake ass because she IS fake ass. And if that makes her feel a certain way, then maybe she should STOP being so fake and just try being REAL for a change.

      Eight, if you think anything that I’ve said would cause her to commit suicide then you’d have to accuse almost the entire BB community. BTW, that’s kind of a strong accusation, don’t you think?

      Finally, first you tell me I have a right to my opinion and to feel the way I do, then you call me an asshole for it. Make up your mind.

      Again, welcome to the board! 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        Jillian, no apologies necessary. I fully realize that some things aren’t for everybody and I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. And that’s fine. I didn’t delete your first comment for a personal attack but decided to respond to it instead because I take criticism without getting offended.

        These HG know what they’re signing up for when they agree to go on a show that has eyes on you 24/7. They realize or should, that they will be subjected to ridicule, criticism, rage, a whole myriad of emotions and opinions. Yet they still choose to do so because the bottom line is money. Whether they need it or just want it.

        I say what a lot of people think or are just to polite to say. I fully realize when I write something, that there are a lot of people, such as yourself who don’t get or appreciate my “type” of humor. And I have no problem with that either. If we all had the same taste this would be one dull world. I’m going to keep being me and I strongly suggest you keep being you. That’s what makes the world interesting.

        I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments on the board and I hope you will come back next year. Keep on posting! 🙂

      • twaddle

        I got hooked on this site about a month ago specifically because of NK’s BBAD summaries. They are complete, yet concise, full of snark and I wouldn’t change a thing. NK’s asides are entertaining and are half the fun of reading the summaries for me!

  83. Helen

    Nicole’s reasoning was pretty straightforward..
    If Holly remains in the game and she wins HOH and either her or Jackson win veto there is zero chance of both her and Cliff going to F2….that scenario is not something she likes
    If Tommy remains there is a potential to go to F2 with Cliff…
    She said she’d rather it be a possibility as opposed to a for sure..
    With Holly gone there is a brighter light shining at the end of the tunnel and Nicole is seeing confetti…

  84. Colby

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  85. Ashley

    Nicole uses the veto, so Beth and Tommy are on the block. Cliff votes out Tommy, and Nicole votes out Beth. Jackson has to break the tie and votes out Beth — LOL, a girl can dream. 😉

    • Ann

      Ashley, I wouldn’t be surprised not one tiny bit if Jackson voted Holly out because he’s a punk ass like that. It’s plain to see he’s sore loser & a spoiled mama’s boy who’s used to getting his way.

  86. Mary

    If I’m not mistaken it seems if Jackson and Holly are in the F2 they are going to split the money. He said they will take a vacation and split the winnings? Is that why he was asking if taxes were taken out?

    • Ashley

      WOW, he’s dumb.

      • Alda

        Holly/Beth was saying how she just gets by week to week.Well,if she didn’t spend all her money on makeup she’d have a few bucks.

      • Ann

        He’s dumb alright but he’s smart enough to talk that love sick dummy into thinking that it’s a smart move letting him vote her out & having his name on that check instead of hers. After that he’d talk her into letting him keep her half of the money. Lol

    • Alda

      Mother wouldn’t like that jackson.

    • Mary

      I really don’t know, was hoping someone could expand on it, if they heard something else.

      I know the video of Tommy telling Jolly of his connection with Christie is on U Tube , you have to go through 12 – 12 & 1/2 minutes to get to it, then production goes to fish.

    • Colby

      When he said that I thought he was talking about something he wants to take home and sell. He thinks he will get a lot for it and she doesn’t. He told her they would use that money go go on a trip.
      I do think the tax question was about winning though.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I believe she’s hoping that he’ll split the money with her because she knows she won’t win 1st place. I think she’s sticking close to him because of that. I also believe that’s why she keeps playing that Raven role up. To garner sympathy from him and guilt him into wanting to take care of her. T one thing she’s not factoring in is Mama. She’s not having that!

      Over the past few weeks he’s constantly asked questions about the taxes on the winnings. He’s even been warned about it a few times.

  87. Mel

    Wow, the cray cray really did show up today. Sorry the recap is late. Steve has it finally (all my fault) and he’ll post it soon. At least NK can share some blame once the thread is up because I guess, I’m not an adult either. I dont miss a chance to make Beth jokes.

    • Tam

      I with y’all. I got a list of them. And I am not ashamed. I understand what living with insecurities and suicidal tendencies are like, but I don’t blame anyone for that. It’s my struggle so let other put that guilt on you, whatsoever.

  88. MartyMar

    Does anyone know what Cliff was referring to when he told the live feed to look for the conversation he had with Nicole under the shaded bench?

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