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Big Brother 21 – Some Cliff Appreciation

Good afternoon, everyone!


As expected, the veto ceremony will be held Thursday night during the live show followed immediately by Jackson’s pick to evict (Cliff).

Seeing as the feeds are completely dead, I want to take a moment to appreciate Mr. Cliff Hogg. While I have trashed his last week – because let’s be real, on a strategic level it’s been awful – I do want it to be known that he’s still appreciated by me and many other fans. He’s been able to make it through the season while actually playing the game to the best of his abilities, and he came one bad decision away from potentially making the final 2. Let’s remember, he was pegged as the guy most likely to be evicted first by many fans and I even said he’d barely make jury if that.

He made the move virtually everyone (myself included) said was absolutely terrible by sticking to his word rather than betraying Christie when he had a prime opportunity to do so, and it worked. In most reality shows like this, if someone has a power and sleeps on it, you evict them. That’s what should have happened (in theory), but Cliff let Christie keep her power and she ended up not even using it. In fact, it boosted him up in her rankings because she really wanted him out the door but then forgot all about him. He’s been known as the honor and integrity guy throughout the entire season and was going to be able to make a valid argument for that had he made the final 2.


In fact, I think Cliff only loses to Nicole in the current house so that’s quite an accomplishment. Yes, I am becoming more and more certain that this jury is going to be bitter so Jackson is likely screwed. Jackson has absolutely horrific jury management and the only thing he has going for him are his comp wins. Keep in mind, a bitter jury overlooked Paul’s brilliant puppetmaster performance along with being a target from day 1 and winning 8 hoh/pov comps to give Josh the $500k. Josh, the guy who was hated by the house and walked around bashing pots and pans. He did absolutely nothing other than what Paul told him to do and he won half a million dollars because he was smart enough to leave them nice goodbye messages.

While every season has different jury members, I’m just showing how far a bitter jury can go. BB19’s jury was probably more bitter than any jury in the show’s history but Jackson also doesn’t have the resume Paul did and whoever he’s sitting next to (Holly, Nicole, or Cliff) have far better relationships with the jury than Josh did. Well, Nicole and Cliff. I’m not too sure how Holly’s relationship with them is.

I’m being sidetracked.

In summary, the guy who was projected by many to go out first was one move away from having a legitimate chance at being in the final 2 and a very legitimate chance of winning the entire game had he made it. That move will haunt him, but he should be proud of his game and his family should be incredibly proud of his summer.


Thank you, Cliff.


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  1. nancy

    Thank you. I know he wasn’t perfect but I’m tired of the Cliff bashing.

  2. hogwild

    I respect what Cliff pulled off as well I heard him say on the feeds last night he was 54 so I guess somewhere along the season we missed a birthday. I said this before I think the stress of being locked up in that house finally wore him down to me he looks like he is almost relieved to be getting out of there that last week aside he did a good showing the 50 plus crowd can play BB well done Cliff.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Agreed Hog. He was never one of my favorites but I never disliked him either. He did a great job acclimating to this cast of goons and hung in way longer than expected. I think his switch flipped a couple of weeks ago and he is just over it.

      • AIO_7

        His ‘switch flipped’ when he realized Jackson and Holly played him for a dupe.

      • ElaineB

        Cliff played the game, and stayed in longer than I thought he would. He won some comps, made some deals, and put himself more on the line than several of those other nimrods. He wasn’t all about social media, but seemed to truly appreciate and be thankful for the BB experience.

  3. HappyHippo

    Agreed Steve… well put

  4. Nancy

    Most definitely applaud cliff..he played the game. What excited me about cliff , was that he was grateful for it all..he was living his dream..I sure his family is extremely proud..and he’ll probably beat himself up at times over ever trusting JJ..plus, he can walk out with no shame..no crazy shenanigans, and no stool..

  5. Avatar

    Great write up for Cliff. Dumb move evicting Tommy, but he is in the house and doesn’t see all that we see and hear all that we hear. I too loved and respected how much he referred back to the fact that it is a game and he loves Big Brother and how grateful he is. I’m close to him in age (almost 52) so I’m thrilled he made it this far. I’m still going to stay positive that Nicole can win HOH. I too think Jackson should win over Holly, love him or hate.

    • AIO_7

      ….” but he is in the house and doesn’t see all that we see and hear all that we hear.”

      I don’t see how he could miss J & H laying in each others arms all day.

      • Avatar

        Definitely I was thinking more about not catching every conversation with everyone in the house. Complete stupidity on his part to ever think Jackson wasn’t taking Holly.

      • Ann

        I’m sorry but it was as clear as the nose on his face. That was such a STUPID move. There’s no way I would have believed Jackson. Although Tommy was a huge threat, if they would’ve kept him over Holly, Tommy would’ve had his guns locked & loaded & aimed directly at Jackson after that stunt he pulled.

  6. Lather

    True confession. I don’t understand the need for a stool. Seriously. Even though I joked about it once how a stool was short for a she-tool. Is this so he can just sit on the stool while she services him?

    Don’t really want to visualize them but it’s one of those things that make me go hmmmm.

    Long live Cliff Hogg. Last night he reminded me of Mr. Rogers. On Mountain Dew. LOL

  7. Alda

    Thank you Steve.Cliff has been a gentleman throughout this season.I am sure Sharon,Kelly and Daniel are very proud of how he handled himself in this horror house.I remember way back when he was talking to his kids and told them how most of the hg’s were their age,but didn’t hold a candle to them.

  8. jimbo

    Couldn’t disagree more. The decision making by Cliff to believe Jackson’s lies was horrific. REALLY bad reading of people by him. Sorry, that’s the MAIN part of BB, and he stunk at it. Nicole had it right in wanting to evict Holly — in watching Sundays show — and Cliff, as usual, was wrong. Plus, Mr. Honorable Cliff admitted that he ONLY wanted Tommy out because he felt Jackson would take him to final 3, and that Tommy would take Nicole. Not only was that READ dead wrong about trusting Jackson, obviously by him about to be evicted by Jackson (!), but it was done in trying to outmaneuver his so-called alliance member in Nicole. So, he wasn’t even really loyal. That Tommy would choose to go with Holly/Jackson is ridiculous, and soft-talking Cliff bought it. Furthermore, Cliff did the all-time stupid move of being caught cam-talking his ENTIRE strategy and read on the house for everyone to hear early in the game! If that wasn’t stupid enough, he compounded that same dumb move by being SPIED ON for a second time (!) and Jackson used that conversation to TOTALLY outmaneuver Cliff/Nicole/Tommy! Cliff didn’t learn how to whisper??!! Especially after being such a doofus and being caught blabber-mouthing before?! THIS GUY IS AWFUL. Poor Nicole had to get mixed up with this slouch. I wasn’t rooting for Jackson, but kudos to him for outsmarting and TOTALLY playing Cliff like a fiddle. With the dumb moves of being spied on twice, and bad readings of his housemates, Cliff is an all-time worst player. And, on Paul from the past — this guy was given 3-4 weeks of COMPLETE SAFETY and was immediately put in the position of power where EVERY houseguest had to meet with him like he was the Godfather to be able to stay. THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE IN BB HISTORY was given to this guy! And, after that, he bullied to an unbelievable degree. A disgusting degree. And he deserved to win but for a “bitter jury!” Give me a break! The guy was a loser, and lost.

  9. AIO_7

    ” I want to take a moment to appreciate Mr. Cliff Hogg.”

    The Baby Lady thinks otherwise; rips him a new one in this monologue …


  10. mm22

    Steve I can handle some cliff-some Nicole-even some Jackson but
    NOT “some hollybeth appreciation”

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  12. Avatar

    Glad someone can appreciate the game Cliff played, was he always right no, but we’re any of them? He let Nicole have that 1st hoh she wanted so bad, that would have been his, never used it to say I’m such a nice guy, not even in his Cliff notes, like everybody else does, with oh I threw it. Aka miss holly, with her that was my hoh, if you threw it you don’t know if you would have won period, no matter how many times you tell anybody that will listen that you would have. She also forgets that they talked about throwing hoh so they would be the sole vote.

  13. AnnaM

    If not for Cliff, Nicole and Tommy, (yes I love Tommy), I would’ve checked out early on. In my opinion, they saved this season, starting with Cliffs return. He made obvious mistakes but I’m sure it’s not easy being in there. So I 100% appreciate this post.

  14. delabear

    I think that BB21 will be remembered as the season that production was bullied by a contestant’s family (Mama) and in turn went way overboard, blatantly interfering with the outcome. Future contestants, make sure your family has a good lawyer on retainer and you too can win!

  15. AIO_7

    BB must have woke them up to this song; they are talking about it now …


  16. Avatar

    Does no one remember The whole house treating Nicole like crap. And right along with them was Cliff saying he can not be associated with her due to possibly hurting his game. If he was such a stand up guy he would have talked and consoled her when she was in need of a stand up guy/girl. I hate how I read all this and everyone bashes Jackson but see no wrong in Cliff.

  17. Mary

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me, is Miss Wyoming not wearing make up right now ?

  18. Mary

    If I had that HOH key around my neck, that door would be locked at all times, especially if I was in the shower or sleeping. That punk keeping his tooth brush up there, that would have been the first thing I took downstairs.

    • Purring

      I know I would be cleaning the toilet with that toothbrush 🙂

      • Alda

        Took the words right out of mouth.

      • Tam

        On the same page with y’all on that. NOPE, out and you will not be banging the hag in my shower while I am up in there. Brush your baby teeth downstairs. He definitely couldn’t trust that his toothbrush or hers wasn’t baptised in toilet water. He could bet her flat ass on that one….A sure winner for him on that……Talk down to me and pretend….I could pretend right along with him….I couldn’t be a nice as Nicole. I would be playing with his ego, insecurities, and doing the same to Hagella. She wants to do interviews….Mmmnnnnn, so Hols…..can you tell America how you plan on undoing the porn image that you have portrayed the whole time while being aware that these mirrors have cameras that have a 24/7 live feed and night vision cams. Also, are you aware that upstairs has the same set up? Is that why you prefer being up there because you think that you are hidden? And how does that work for the small town conversationism that you say you are trying portray for YOUR family to be proud of? I have a few more hot topic questions for you, but I will give you time to think of the lies or answers that you think you need to spin before we really get down to the dirt…….Also, do you really think that JJ’s momma is going to let you come into between them without being scene as what you have tried not to let America think of you…….Answers, please……

      • Ann

        She should’ve lectured their asses like Sam did & kept her door locked.

      • Ann

        Tam, you go on with your Hot Topics with your bad self. I’m right there with you.

      • JennX

        Tam, if they had the cahones to be doing their stool olympics in my HOH bathroom, I’d go sit on the endge of the tub and start chit chatting away. Anytime there was a sexy time grunt or groan I’d ask in feigned alarm “are you guys ok?”

      • Tam

        Ann and JennX, they would hate me!!!! I would give them hell. Walk in there and pop my ass down right in their donkey jam session and tell them I am there to watch with the rest of America since they didn’t care about being seen at anytime. And ask for a fee for using my room since she let me win the HOH….Price is worth the admission… We would See Hagella get a new ailment from trying to dismount from the stool, see Baby teeth try to dismount off the ho and stool and slip and bust his ego ….. ball buster…..

      • Ann

        You’re damned right Tam. They wouldn’t have had one moment of peace with me in the house while they’re trying to “get a little bit.” I would call everyone in the house to come watch the live porn show.

      • Tam

        Oh, Ann, I love you, gf. We would have a good ol’ time…..LMAO…….

      • Ann

        Tam, I love reading your comments, u kill me. I’ll bet we would have a good ol’ time. Lol

      • Tam

        Ann, right back at you, honey. And you know we would. Fosho chae. Lol

  19. mm22

    Hollybeth was just called to dr but she says she hasn’t showered because Nicole
    is in there and she not going to let American see her like this. Well if u used your
    shower time wisely you would be ready now wouldn’t you

    • Nancy

      Shes not gonna let America see her like this..geez..she really must think the feeds aren’t on ..
      @Mary, JJs toothbrush would have been in the toilet by now, if it were me..

    • SoftKitty

      Aren’t there 3 showers in the house? Two downstairs and one in the HOH? Which one is Nicole in? Can’t HoHo use another one?

      • Ann

        Couldn’t she take her boney ass down stairs & shower? Sure, don’t let America see u like that but it’s ok to let the world see u laying up havin sex & then get up to get in bed with someone else without washing your ass but Oooh nooo,, you don’t want to be seen like your trashy ass is right now.

  20. Avatar

    Cliff please take Orwell with you knowing Norman Bates and his mother they will year him apart and put the remains in Nicole’s bed

  21. Mary

    Come on camera men, we want to see the HOH shower and see if Holly washed her hair. You make us listen to the stool banging around. LOL You don’t need 2 cameras on Nicole and Cliff each.

  22. Avatar

    Apparently the sex stool now has its own Twitter account and Orwell replied to one of its posts so it might be a new official sister account to Orwell


  23. hogwild

    I actually feel sorry for the shower stool nothing should have to go through what that poor thing has had to suffer through.

  24. Nancy

    Anyone have trbl getting on this site for about the last 30 mins?

  25. ElaineB

    With a season (ugh) filled with BS ‘love you’ at every turn, this damn jury better not preach about being ‘bitter’. Hell to the No!

    • hogwild

      As it will likely be Jackson and Holly in the F2 I would love it if just one person on the jury stood and said I don’t like either one of you I never did you both suck and I don’t just mean what went on in the shower so I’m just going to let a coin flip decide which one of you gets this vote.

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  27. Ronduh

    Ok Cliff can shut up now on the feeds…its getting very tiresome and I’m ready for him to be gone. Is it Thursday yet?

  28. AIO_7

    OMG, these two. How could Cliff walk past this every day and not have a clue? Get on the stool, Cliff.


  29. Nancy

    I feel bad for NK..what the F is there to tell?
    Maybe pop will give them some other game to play..a Clifford Hogg monologue for 3 hrs would be brutal..hearing JJ and HollyBeth talk about how fabulous their game play has been would be worse!!!

  30. Russell James Yost

    This has been a difficult season to watch. Up until two weeks ago I only read Big Brother Junkies, but I fell into the trap to watch the episodes again.

    The problem with Jackson is that he is what I kinda want in a Big Brother player. He takes advantage of the rules that the game allows, however, I can’t remember seeing a worse human being going to F2. The way he spoke to women and then production gives him a warning so he begins his white-knuckling. I don’t know it is just a bit sickening to watch when you are a dad of a bunch of girls. I actually turned the show off at the beginning when I saw how he was treating Kat as opposed to Beth. It became a teaching moment for me and I used Jackson as an example of the type of guy you want to avoid.

    It is odd to me because I found nothing wrong with how Paul treated Cody and Jess (mainly because I saw how Cody treated others when he was in power) and believed it to be more game-related. This is the exact way I saw Bret’s move who did get personal with Rockstar, but it always seemed to be on a game level and not a personal level. However, racist and sexist remarks really clouded the game for me. It did not help that I could not find one person to cheer for.

    With that being said, if I was Cliff I’d be taking the fight to Jackson right now. I would be trying to get him to touch me in some way so that I could stay. That is all that is left. The reality is that Jackson and Jack should have never lasted as long as they did with the comments they made. Also, Jackson did not receive a consequence for the shower buffet during his slop week.

    This year has been hard for me to watch. I started watching BB during the season of Vanessa and then went back and watched the previous seasons. I loved the strategy and backstabbing. So I don’t really know why I could not get past it this season. It just seemed sickening to me. Perhaps I am getting older, but it was like walking into a movie knowing it was rated R and then leaving because you didn’t realize it was going to be THAT bad.

    That is how I see Jackson. On a game level, I respect many of his moves but for some reason, I can’t get past how he made those moves. Maybe I will look back on this after the emotions fade and look at him as a great competitor, however, wow I just did not like this season at all.

  31. amareels

    Let’s all manifest alcohol for Holly!

    • Robin

      Yes! Bring the booze BB!

    • Nancy

      Maybe we should manifest alcohol for NK..LOL

      BUT, yes..I’d like to see HollyBeth drink and then cliff bring up the challenge again, or anything that would let her explode with non-existent jealous

    • Colby

      I seriously doubt there will be any more alcohol brought into that house after HB’s drunken charade last week.
      They may not even give them the champagne they usually get with the ‘Memory’ brunch. LOL

      • Avatar

        Then could pop give them Cards Against Humanity to play because that card game might get sparks flying

      • Tam

        Since they can’t drink let’s roll the dice on this game with a deck with the images of JJolly’s sexual acts caught on tape and let them have a full melt down. Texas hold em wouldn’t have shit on that game. Sit back and watch them have a freak out……..Segment brought to you in partnership with PornHub………Now that is a show worth watching. See how much JJ likes gambling then……Craps fosho……
        Sippin tea in the shade of delight……

      • Colby

        Tam, he would probably be proud, thinking it would give him ‘stud’ status with his frat buddies.

      • Tam

        Colby, you are right. He is not, though. Boy is just delusional. Bless his dumbass. We had a bull growing up that though he was a stud and just a useless pain in the ass. Auction him off for meat.
        Interested in what all those domestic charges are about? Has anyone heard if the rumor was true about him or them being involved in a sexual assault on a girl? Nothing would surprise me with that. It is a shame if it is true, and a shame if it’s not because even if he is privileged asshole I wouldn’t want him to have that cloud over his head even though I can see his momma walking around with a parasol over him at all times….
        Reminds me of another kid that was like him that got away with murder practically and his defense was Affluenza…..SMDH
        He and his momma were finally stopped by there own stupidity…..

  32. hogwild

    So on feeds Cliff apears to be in HOH room courtesy of Nicole listening to music on headphones Nicole is downstairs folding her socks and putting clothes away Jackass and the Ho are nowhere to be seen at least they are giving the shower stool the day off.

    • Colby

      Yeah well, they probably think they will get the room tonight.
      According to them, Nicole owes them!

      • Tam

        Like Hell NO……They had it long enough…..Only thing I would owe them is to slam the door in their face like they did her…….Just tell them to see the irony of the situation and the walls have eyes and ears…..

  33. Robin

    Yaaaaasssss, Tam, a bitch slap for HB would be awesome… lol

  34. Avatar

    Orwell just said on Twitter that there will be some announcement during BBAD tonight


  35. Vikki T

    After AF is announced and HB is pissed because Nicole won – they could tell her she won a special prize from the BBJ family as a reminder of the many hours on the LIVE feeds.

  36. hogwild

    This will be Holly if Nicole wins AFP.


  37. Colby

    HB and JJ just up from a multi hour nap.
    She claims she didn’t sleep, no place is comfortable. JJ brings up her back.
    Already working on getting the HOH room tonight.

  38. Tam

    Here she goes again, she can’t sleep……Rock hard surfaces everywhere. She wasn’t sleeping. I have heard her ass snoring quite a bit so lie some more. JJ saying her spine…….But he has no problem rattling her back in that shower………Now he is talking about being the master chef with her yea, yea, yea…..Heaven help me……Those two are a pair…..

  39. Avatar

    I’ve experienced insomnia off & on at different times in my life…it’s pretty bad at my now age 65. I want to scream at Holly talking about not being able to sleep as I watch live feeds & witness her spending the approximately 6 hrs a day putting on makeup, making her 2-3 meals a day, having her “shower” time and literally sleeping the rest of the day & night. Then she wakes up to announce her ailment of the day, discuss her imaginary PTSD AND SAY SHE HAS NOT BEEN ABE TO SLEEP!

  40. Avatar

    I’m going to bed so here’s tonight’s BBAD Playlist. I’m going to be running errands after my classes tomorrow so their will probably not be a playlist for tomorrow


  41. hogwild

    Since this is a thank you Cliff thread and I feel pretty sure he’s a country music fan I give you this.

  42. amareels

    They just reminded me it’s Taco Tuesday, maybe they will get tequila. Come on production, we are bored and want to see fireworks!

  43. Annabelle

    I don’t know what will be harder on Beth realizing she’s got multiple YouTube videos of her having sex or that she has been seen multiple times without her makeup. I know the way she’s treated other’s in here is how she has treated people in life and they will be brutal in sharing that stuff on social media etc. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. I hate when people don’t back up what they say or admit when they are wrong. Sorry I have a Beth in my family and it causes issues so she really frustrates me.
    Tam glad to see you was goin to check in if you weren’t here tonight

    • Tam

      Hey, gf….I’m back, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjJe1rBdm9U
      I agree, Annabelle….I’m back for a little while. I want to hear and see some drama. After what CBS has put us through we deserve a little shake up on Lover’s Lane……
      HoBeth acts she has been at Gitmo instead of being paid to be a tv show and get social exposure, SMDH…. and I am just over it. #STFU wretched winch….
      I agree with you. Can’t wait. It’s wrong, but sometimes there needs to be a little poetic justice to add a little balance in this craziness.

  44. BBGurl

    Nk, if BBAD is a continuation of today’s live feeds, you have my deepest sympathies. May the force be with you hon.

  45. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: So Close But Yet So Far…

    I deliberately didn’t rush to sign on tonight because I’ve been listening to the feeds on and off all day and I am pretty positive that unless something earth-shattering happens, we’re in for the same old thing all night long.

    Cliff begging to us like he thinks WE can help him, instead of trying to make a stronger case to JJ. He campaigns as bad as FAH does. I don’t know about you, but quite frankly, I’m tired of listening to his same speeches every other hour.

    JJ blowing smoke up Cliff’s ass about how this will be the hardest decision he’s ever had to make and how he’s taking it into serious consideration when he knows good and damn well his mind is already made up.

    FAH discovering another injury and dropping not so subtle hints to Nicole as to why she needs to sleep in the HOH room like it’s some kind of magical medical bed.

    Nicole talking out loud telling us everything she should do or should have done then second-guessing herself again.

    It’s all getting old real quick and it’s wearing us down as much as it is the HG.


    FAH is making her world-famous tacos, while JJ has about 10lbs of steak on the counter for him to devour. Cliff is showing Nicole something with the cards while she sits there smiling and waiting. She keeps asking him if this is a trick. He keeps telling her it isn’t. JJ sitting at the table cutting something (garlic?). FAH walking around the kitchen putting her hair up before going back to cooking, and still not washing her hands first.


  46. NKogNeeTow



    FAH gives JJ a huge onion to cut. Cliff walking around carrying Orwell. *I know this is a Cliff Appreciation thread and I commend him for lasting this long. Now, let’s stop prolonging the inevitable and let him go and take Orwell with him if that’s what it will take to get him through the night.* Cliff takes Orwell and goes into the HN room and sits down. He decides to sit somewhere else, he says somewhere that’s more comfortable for the owl. He says he’s sort of a HN because he’s going home.

    *Yep, it’s another lame-ass cam talk. Shut up and go to bed Cliff.* He tells us he found Orwell and says Orwell survived the bird slaughterhouse. He says he didn’t find him in a pillow. He says the thing that troubles him is he’s not convinced that Orwell got behind that pillow on the sofa on his own. He says that Orwell wasn’t found in a bedroom but in the kitchen and who spends the most time in the kitchen? None other than his former pal, JJ.

    He says he doesn’t know what JJ’s plan is and he doesn’t know what happened to him and that he has turned into a Jackson-Hyde. He also mentions Nicole and asks if there is no one in the house he can trust besides Orwell. He says he doesn’t think that she would get within 5 feet of Orwell because she’s afraid of birds. He says that it’s not enough that JJ has turned on him but now he’s trying to scare his friend Nicole. He says if he were to summarize, JJ hides Orwell in the kitchen then uses him to try to intimidate Nicole.

    Cliff says now what if hiding Orwell has nothing to do with him but what if JJ has been using Orwell to target Nicole. He asks where FAH comes into all of this. He says she’s sleeping with the enemy although she’s an honorable woman. *Yeah, right*. Cliff says that maybe JJ is a nice person in the real world and wonders if he has always been this way or has the pressure of the house has gotten to him. He wonders if JJ is jealous because Orwell likes him better than JJ. *Do I have to keep typing?*

    Cliff says what is he going to do. He says if he goes home Thursday, who’s going to protect Orwell. He says Nicole won’t do it because she’s scared of him. He says FAH won’t protect him because of her boyfriend. He says that’s why he has to stay in the house, to protect Orwell. He makes a few bad puns.


  47. NKogNeeTow

    I didn’t get a chance to read this thread yet so has anyone seen Dan?

  48. RAY SAY

    Nicole will beat anyone sitting next to her, Cliff can Beat Mic and Holly, Mic can beat Holly Only, and Mic will dump Holly soon after the show

  49. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff still talking about Orwell. He put him under the back of his jacket and wonders if he can smuggle him out that way. He then spots a suitcase and says maybe that’s another way to get him out of the house. He says he will look around and find another spot, then leaves the HN room. He comes back and says he’s going to try something and tells Orwell he’s not going to like it then tires to put Orwell inside a pillowcase and says he’s going to see if anyone notices, then leaves the HN room for downstairs. *There IS such a thing as overkill.*


    Cliff comes back into the kitchen with Orwell in a pillowcase under his arm. Nicole makes a joke that she’s no longer religious because her pants aren’t holy. Cliff counters with a joke of his own. Nicole tells him she loves puns. JJ and FAH don’t react to either of them.

    Outer Bedroom:

    Cliff is cam talking saying that it worked and no one noticed. He says he’s going to make another run again to see if they notice. He leaves then goes upstairs.


    Nicole is getting ready to feed the fish. JJ is with her. *Surprised FAH isn’t letting the food burn because he’s out of her sight.


    • Nancy

      Cliff really needs to stop with the Orwell crap.

    • Tam

      When he was going to play chess with Nicole FAH chimes in with Babe what about the steaks….She didn’t want him to leave her in the kitchen to be with Nicole……….Smh……..

      • Colby

        Yep. She said he needed to do the steaks because her stuff was ready, and yet she is still cooking. She only let him out of her sight long enough to feed the fish.
        She doesn’t want them all talking unless she is there..

      • Ann

        Cliff needs to stir some shit in the pot about Jackson going on that MTV show with the women & get the skank to start up another fight with Jackson. This time Cliff needs to really get a deep discussion going about it. Tell him he knows someone who can get him on the show for sure.

      • Tam

        Ann, they have been mentioned The Bachelor a few times here and there. Thinking this probably not intentional but I am wondering if it’s plucking her string because didn’t her ex go on there and so sort of fiasco happened. I don’t watch those shows, but she has seemed pissy when someone has mentioned them before. I wished they would bring up The Challenge or watch ever. The Challenge is watching her pretend to be real……..

  50. BBGurl

    So today on the feeds while dumbass Clownford PATHETICALLY and LAMELY, begged, pleaded and tried to bargain with Jackson, this was said:
    Cliff to Jackson “I quit my job and cashed in my 401k to come play BB”. “I just want my family up on the stage. If I don’t make F3, Sharon can’t afford the plane ticket to come to finale night.”
    Well a) I think you are fucking lying.
    b) If (really big IF) this is true, then you are #1. even more stupid than I have thought all along #2. Have poor money management skills. #3. Aren’t really a petroleum engineer , making 6 figures, annually. #4. Live way beyond your means.
    But I am pretty sure that DRH is just a big fat lying sack of poo.
    He’s still working for that AFP vote. It makes me smh and lol that he thinks anyone is buying this bullshit.

  51. NKogNeeTow



    FAH announces she’s finished with the burner if he wants to cook the steaks because it’s 10 and she wants to eat and go to bed. Nicole, Cliff, and JJ come downstairs. JJ and Nicole were going to play Chess but a certain ball and chain keep insisting she wants to eat so she can go to bed. *I’m just trying to figure out what mythical creature is preventing her from eating.* FAH tells JJ he needs to fix the steaks. He says alright since FAH is being an ass (or something like that).

    Nicole is standing on the landing and asking them if they heard an argument she and Nick had when he said if you stand on the balcony you can jump off and land straight down and not get hurt. She said she told him you would break something. JJ agrees with her.


  52. BBGurl

    I would not be surprised if Clownford tried to talk Nicole into self evicting so he can make F3. I put nothing past/beneath him.

  53. Tomi Myers

    NK, you have my deepest sympathies.
    I’m DONE, I’m beat and so tired. I will catch up tomorrow morning. Sleep well everyone. This old lady has had it for one night ***hg/feed have drained the life out of me…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  54. BBGurl

    Nk, is marijuana legal in your state? A nice rolled fattie might make the next few hours bearable. Works for me. lol

  55. NKogNeeTow


    Nicole is still on the balcony talking to Cliff standing in the kitchen. He is telling them some kind of story. I don’t know what it’s about and don’t care as long as it doesn’t involve Orwell. JJ is seasoning the steaks and it looks like he used the entire container of seasonings. The camera gets a shot of the steaks just as he’s wrapping them up in foil. They have so much seasoning on them you can’t even see the meet. *HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ALERT!* Cliff continues on with his story but no one is listening except Nicole.

    JJ just killed a bug in mid-air and wants someone to come and look at it. Then he goes back to cooking, sans washing his hands. Cliff is now telling them a story about him and Sharon going through caves. He goes into detail and still, no one is really listening except Nicole. The Vultures are busy manning the stove. Nicole asks Cliff how long has he been married. He says 29 years. He says for 30 years they will maybe do something romantic. He tells her some of the things they have done for past anniversaries.

    Cliff says they got married between Christmas and New Years. JJ is putting MORE seasoning on the steaks. *He needs to serve it with a gallon of water each.* Nicole says since her birthday is the 27th, she wants to get married around that time. Cliff says then her husband will have to give her a birthday and Christmas present. She says damn straight he will. *As a person who’s birthday is in December, it’s NO fun. Everybody tries to get away with giving you a combined gift. Not fair!*


    • Nancy

      Ok…I gotta call it..if you’ll just pick the pillows up and fold that blanket, I’ll get everything else in the morning .turn the light out when you leave…g’nite you bbj beauties..

    • mm22

      Oh my god me too December birthday people get ripped off!

      • NKogNeeTow

        It sucks big time. And what used to make me mad is I always gave everyone individual gifts for their birthdays and Christmas. Then they would try to give me one at Christmas and tells me that it was for both since my birthday was in December. Being one to cut off my nose to spite my face, I turned the tables on them. I started refusing any gifts that were combination. Told them that if I could spring for 2 gifts a year, so could they. Finally one year I told everyone to not give me anything else, that anything I wanted, I’d just get myself. Some of them had the nerve to have their little feelings hurt…lol.

      • Ann

        My birthday is in December also. We do get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts for our birthday & Christmas combined. Lol

      • mm22

        No time for a drink or dinner-you gets belated birthday messages cause they were so busy getting ready for the holidays they forgot about you then say “well I have so much to do!”
        oh ok so sorry my birthday put more stress on you-yeah I know all about December birthdays!

      • Avatar

        Another December bday girl!!totally understand. I saw a meme that said all I want for Christmas is for someone to remember my December birthday!

    • Tam

      Have y’all noticed that when he sneezes or does anything he isn’t washing his hands and goes back to cooking. Just freaks me out……Where is the Purell? He has no regard for anyone’s BP. Not something that he even considers when doing food prep. I like my food highly seasoned and salted, but not everyone can tolerate it. Considering that Cliff has had health issues along the lines of this it would only seem like that would be considered. Loved when Nicole called him out about the jalapenos and washing the board so that there wasn’t any transference. Didn’t like it when he ate peanut butter right in front of Tommy on the bed knowing Tommy has a food allergy. That is just beyond senseless to me. That is putting someone’s health and/or life in jeopardy. Seems like if you are a server or work in the food industry that you would be highly aware of that. Fine if you are cooking and living alone, but in house full of people make sure you are considerate of things of that nature…Common sense….

      • NKogNeeTow

        If he goes back to being a waiter again and someone has seen him on this show and sees him bringing them their food, they might just get up and leave. I know I would.

      • Tam

        I know I sure would in a heartbeat……..Oh goodness, they are drinking those wine coolers…..Let’s see how this plans out……Better hide the mouthwash if they get desperate….

      • mm22

        And what about Jackson using his fingers picking up meat stuffed it in his mouth picked up more stuffed it in his mouth then went over to the stove used his fingers to get peppers right from the skillet twice-this is all happening before dinner is served-maybe if
        Pillsburybeth wasn’t taking so damn long to cook people wouldn’t be so hungry- she’s
        the fastest (zipping back n forth thru the kitchen) slowest cook I’ve ever seen

  56. NKogNeeTow



    FAH is just as bad. She just loaded something in a bowl with almost an entire container of seasoning. Not sure what it was but she was pretty heavy-handed with it. The 4 of them are talking about Jess and making fun of her for being anti-men. *Bet her hubby is REAL happy about that.* Nicole is now talking baby talk to the fish. She asks BB if she could request 2 catfish and a cleaner for the tank.


    The Vultures are still cooking. JJ is poking the steaks with his finger. *Yep, the same fingers he killed the bug with then didn’t wash his hands*. He cuts off a piece then taste it. He says it’s super fucking chewy. He gets the cutting board and asks FAH if the white knife clean. *You kill bugs with your bare hands, cook then worry about a knife being clean?* He starts to cut up the steak and keeps picking up pieces and tasting it. *Hell, I’d just go get some fish out of the tanks and fix them for my dinner.*


    Cliff takes Nicole in and tells her that he found Orwell in the kitchen and wonders if JJ hid it there. He tells her that JJ is targeting Nicole with Orwell because he knows she’s going to the F3. *He’s going it in jest…or is he?* He tells her that since he can’t protect Orwell if he’s gone, he’s going to try to see if he can escape with him. He shows her how he could smuggle Orwell on his back under his jacket.


  57. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff says he has a second choice. He says he can distract JJ by throwing steaks in front of him. He tells Nicole that once JJ sees a steak, he forgets anything else. Nicole and Cliff come back into the kitchen. This time Cliff is wearing Nicole’s tutu. He tells JJ that he has been walking around for a while with Orwell on his head and wearing a tutu and JJ didn’t even notice. JJ says he was laser-focused on the steaks.

    Nicole says everyone must try on the tutu. She helps JJ put it on. FAH lets out this loud fake laugh that probably didn’t even sound convincing to her. FAH tries it on next and Nicole says she looks nice in it. Nicole puts it back on and says she’ll probably wear it the rest of the night. Nicole tells them that she got the tutu from Amazon. JJ tells FAH he’s going to put the steaks under the broiler for a few minutes.

    Cliff puts Orwell well on top of the pink antlered deer. They get ready to eat. They get the taco shell and Cliff says he’ll heat them up. JJ is cutting the lettuce. FAH is mixing something in a bowl *the same one she poured that tub-o-seasoning into.* She is now sprinkling MORE seasoning into it. Nicole is standing in the middle of the floor doing some kind of lame dance to the music in her mind.


  58. NKogNeeTow



    Everyone is at the counter fixing their plates. FAH is still playing with whatever that is in the bowl. JJ gets the tongs *Oh NOW he decides to be considerate* then piles what looks like almost the entire head of lettuce on his plate. FAH fixes her plate. Nicole has donated her Seagrams Coolers. *I love those things. Sweet and not to strong.* I’m hoping she gives FAH as many as she can drink. I want to see that thang good and sloppy and talking sh*t tonight. *Yeah, I know, it’s mean. So?*

    JJ cuts meat in smaller pieces for FAH. *Not sure why. I’m sure she’s had bigger things in her mouth.* After he finishes, he eats more from the communal platter of meat. Cliff sits there and reads the bottles. FAH says this might be the best taco day’s they had although she hasn’t tasted anything yet. FAH sits down and says “Friends”. *She has no friends.*

    Nicole makes a toast and tells them she loves them and is happy to be in the finals with them. JJ says he still thinks it’s weird that she has massive things (to eat) in the HOH room. Nicole asks if there was anything interested that happened today that they would like to share with the family. JJ showers FAH with compliments about how good everything is. Nicole says BB we love you. Not to be outdone, the female vulture repeats it because, why should Nicole have the last word?


  59. NKogNeeTow

    Lord, it must be bad. Even Steve has forsaken us…lol. This thread will be 400 strong by Mel’s Recap.

  60. mm22

    Hollybeth is eating like a pig!

  61. Tam

    FAH is bitching about the down time and needs more things to do. Hell, here is a suggestion, pick shit up around there. I would be pissed having to step around all the bullshit on the floor, the crap all over the dressers, the piles of shit on the counters, etc. Straighten shit up if you don’t want to clean. Ridiculousness. Has she washed any dishes yet? I honestly want to know. I have seen others, but never here. Didn’t they use to have a dishwasher in past seasons? Trying to remember, but can’t recall right now.

    • NKogNeeTow

      She has washed them once or twice since the house has gotten smaller, but not much. I don’t think they’ve ever had a dishwasher in the house. Only the manual kind. 🙂

      • Tam

        Makes sense. What else can they do to bide the time. Well, golf clap for HB washing dishes. I know CC was pissed about it and made several comments. Wondering if she is going to do it tonight or wait for the others……..Her spine is going to weak……and she will need to nap because the cooking wore her out….The fifteen hour nap wasn’t enough…..

    • mm22

      Hollybeth has not washed dishes and earlier while they were cooking jj whispers
      to her “you don’t have to do the dishes”

      • NKogNeeTow

        That’s probably why she always jumps up to cook so she won’t have to wash them. Have you ever noticed that no one ever asked her to cook, she just took it upon herself. Both of The Vultures did. I’m surprised he never handed out chores.

      • Tam

        Bfff, he could try, but, darling JJ, you aren’t the manager of the kitchen. I would do them the same way, eat, wash my dish and then walk off. They always expect everyone else to do it. She can wash the dishes. Or he could. Do something that doesn’t require her being a pogostick and that way she won’t be soooooooo bored and with nothing to do………

  62. NKogNeeTow



    They are talking about the time in the house. JJ asks Nicole if she would stay in the house with 32 people for 6 months for a million dollars. She says yes. Nicole asks if they were told to go to the living room and there was a button, would they press the button. JJ says no. Nicole says she would. She says she’s one of those people. Cliff says nothing. FAH hasn’t gotten a compliment on her food for the last 10 minutes so she decides to start talking about it herself. She likes the wine coolers. *Give her MORE*

    JJ says that the meal was pretty damn good. Nicole says delicious. Nicole goes back for seconds. She sings then stops and apologizes. Production must be as bored with them as we are because they are delayed in telling her to stop. She sings again and the next warning doesn’t sound so nice. She apologizes again and says it’s the tutu making her sing. I don’t think Production is amused.

    JJ says this is their 13th taco Tuesday. Nicole says it’s her favorite. Cliff still hasn’t said anything.


  63. NKogNeeTow



    JJ says he loves Bella but she can be very quick inpulsed. FAH says that was because Bella watched everything from the HOH monitor. *You mean like you and your cohort do?* Cliff is still quiet. Nicole says that after the show everyone will be shaking their hands. JJ says and everybody will know them but they won’t know any of them. FAH says they were lab rats. She says that every time someone gets evicted she crouches down and looks out the door then thinks “everybody doesn’t want to see me.” *She’s right*

    JJ says they are celebrities. He says D-List celebrities then laughs. FAH says she’s just so thrilled to be there. She says so-so thrilled. *Isn’t this suppose to be your last week? Didn’t you say last week that you just wanted ONE more in the house?* Nicole and JJ talk about being tired and done. Cliff still isn’t saying anything. He gets up and starts to put the dishes in the sink.

    Nicole asks them if they know the 3 people that they wouldn’t want to be in the house with. She tells them they don’t have to say out loud. Each of them says they got their 3. When Cliff and JJ say they have their 3, the camera zooms in on Kemi’s picture. JJ asks Nicole who does she think his are? She says she has an idea because he said they were diagonal (on the Memory Wall). They sit there and try to figures each other’s out without mentioning names.

    FAH has the nerve to say that some of the people came into the house too hot and were trying to portray a character. *It’s a wonder why this b*tch hasn’t been a victim of spontaneous combustion just from the lies she tells* Dammit, I promised myself I was going to try to be nice tonight.


    • Tam

      PLEASE DON’T. She makes is so hard. Is anyone buying the load of BS coming out of her mouth at this point. She just trips me out. Does she actually believe all the lies she tells others. And the “yea’s” just make it worse……For someone that is a fan of the show she is so clueless as regards to the cameras……SMH…….Her bs about loving and respecting everyone in the final 4. WTFE

  64. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole and FAH are talking about other reality shows and how they end. Nicole says she always felt that she watched the show for 3 months and wanted the HG interviewed after the show was over. She said she also wanted to hear from the people in the JH too. FAH Sam might have a booming comedy career by now. JJ says she sent him out. Cliff slyly says that with him going out, one of them is going to get a vote. JJ says he hopes they will still feel like family. The female Vulture does her usual “Yeah”.

    Cliff sits at the table and puts away whatever that was in that bowl and without looking up or missing a beat he says it’s tough giving that one person your vote. They all suddenly get quiet and the camera goes right to JJ’s face. *LOL* FAH says it’s good to know that they won’t be taking anything personally. *This is to counter-act what Cliff has just said but you can’t unring that bell Sweetie…lol*

    Cliff tells them that 500K buys a lot of ‘don’t give a damn’. They laugh and say they love it. I concur.


  65. NKogNeeTow


    They are now talking about the pictures. Nicole talked about Nick. FAH said she likes Ovi’s the best. Nicole says she can’t believe they got to see Ovi. *Wish he had his girlfriend with him.That would have driven FAH c-r-a-z-y.* They start talking about the BB Comics. JJ says something about being a Gemini. Nicole tells him how extreme he gets. She then apologizes to him and says she’s sorry if she hurt his feelings. He says no, he was just looking at the plates thinking about how many times they have eaten off of them and that he’ll never have to look at them again.

    Nicole says something about Zingbot. Cliff starts singing “Zingbot, f*ck you Zingbot” to the tune of The Flintstones. They try to remember some of the zings. Nicole and JJ go to the treehouse to play Chess. He asks FAH if she’s coming. She says she’s going to get ready for bed. JJ and Nicole set up the board and he asks Cliff about piece placement. *This is a crock, as many times as he’s beaten Cliff lately.*


    Cliff is doing another one of his stupid-azz Orwell cam talks again. He says he knows he let the viewers down. He says he failed to find an escape for Orwell because he was derailed by Taco Tuesday. He says he really didn’t feel like tacos tonight but they have done them for as long as they have been in the house. He says since there were no mice for Orwell, that he doesn’t think that he was too pleased. *What they lack in mice they make up for in rats.*


  66. amareels

    Omg, Cliff!!!!! He needs to go to bed. I’m over him talking and acting silly with that stupid Orwell. Now he is attempting to sing. “Those were the Days.”

  67. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is still cam talking. He says don’t think of this as his goodbye, he’ll be back tomorrow night with more talks and high jinks and mayhem. He says that he might be in trouble tomorrow, especially with JJ. He says JJ might kill him after he starts telling him tomorrow about the jury votes. He says it’s going to make JJ mad. He sits there holding Orwell and thanks POP for spending so much time with him and says especially with all his talking and the boring things he’s said and done on the show.

    He says he’s never been a HN. He says he likes sleeping in a nice normal bed. He says if he goes home Thursday, Orwell will be hiding in that room nice and safe and he will share with us where he will be. He says that maybe they will zoom in on Orwell to make sure he’s alright. He says that since we have a little time before BBAD ends, he will do a few practice runs. He picks different places to hide Orwell. He finds one and says he thinks it will work pretty well and that now only him, Orwell and the million viewers will know where he is.

    He says he’s planned for Orwell’s safety if he’s gone. He says now he has to plan for his safety in case JJ pitches him over the railing after he’s talked to him tomorrow. *LOLOLOL* He starts getting philosophical again. He says if he’s let down by one person who didn’t get what making a promise means, then it is what it is. He says that maybe he and Orwell will go and watch them play Chess and maybe mess with them a little bit. He comes in and Nicole tells him not to look at the board, then says it’s not her game.


  68. Avatar

    Hi. I love reading your posts through the seasons. I rarely think I have something to contribute that hasn’t already been said really well…….I believe Cliff has the ongoing scenario with the owl because production told him to.

    • mm22

      I haven’t thought of that rose- to me the owl relationship is silliness just what
      production would push for thinking us viewers would find it hilarious-whoever’s
      idea it’s stupid -I will say I remember the funny comment on here
      “here comes cliff n his date”and lol!

  69. amareels

    4 more minutes, NK!

  70. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is beating Nicole pretty bad and she says it’s so frustrating. He beats her and says they are a very entertaining 4 and they laugh. Cliff says the buzzards are kind of creepy. FAH laughs and asks him what has he got against buzzards. *Ooh, ooh, *raising my hand* Can I answer?* Cliff asks Nicole if she’s sleeping upstairs tonight. She says no, you can have it. FAH looks at JJ and leans in and whispers something to him. *LOLOL* Nicole and JJ start another game. *I’m waiting for FAH to subtly ask about the room. I hope Nicole says “HELL TO THA NAW!”*

    FAH gets up and kisses JJ and tells everyone goodnight. Nicole tells her goodnight. FAH says “Unless I can’t sleep then I’ll come back up here.” *Told ya…lol* JJ tells her not to forget to take her allergy medicine so she can sleep. Nicole doesn’t say anything. *LOL*

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I kind of want to watch the feeds to see if FAH or JJ fenagle (sp) their way into the HOH for the night. But honestly, I don’t know how much more I can take.

  71. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tam, Ama, Rose, Annie, Colby, MM, Sherri, and Tonto (wherever you are) and anyone else who is still awake out there. 🙂

    • Tam

      Nite, NK…..Nite everyone still up. I am just waiting for her to try to make up there for his shower if Nicole let’s him and I think he just tried……OH HELL NO……Kick their asses to the downstairs like they have done her so many times. Time to be ruthless as they are….FAH could pout her ass off and he could suck ass to me all he wanted and I would just play coy and ok with it. Let it piss him off and rattle them.

  72. amareels

    See y’all tomorrow if the creek don’t rise. (Southern slang)

  73. mm22

    Hollybeth goes up to tell Nicole n Jackson good night but ends up diggin n planting her
    ass next to Jackson-although she is so tired, jealous judy aint budgin cause they started another
    game of chess

  74. NKogNeeTow

    Before I go, I have a few questions:

    Does anyone know when the last night for BBAD will be? I can’t remember.

    Does anyone know when the Feeds will go down for good?

    I just bought a new Fire tablet and even though I put in my password and it lets me on to cbs.com, I can’t get the Live Feeds. When I click on it nothing happens. One of the messages I got said something about I must have cookies enabled. I looked in the Settings but couldn’t find it. Can someone give me some direction? I told you I’m not computer savvy. 🙂

  75. amareels

    Step 1

    Tap “Web” on your Kindle Fire’s home screen menu. This opens the device’s Silk browser.

    Step 2

    Tap the “Menu” button on the bottom menu of the Silk screen — the icon for this is three lines inside a square outline. This takes you to the Settings menu.

    Scroll down through the options in the Settings menu to the Saved Data section. Tap the “Accept Cookies” box. The check in the box turns orange with a white background when you have enabled cookies.


    If you get into the Settings menu and find that cookies are already enabled, try turning them off and then on again to see if this forces a fix.
    If you are still getting error messages from a website after enabling cookies, shut down the Kindle Fire and restart it. To do this, hold down the “Power” button until a message box appears on screen. Select “Shut Down” to force a close. Press the “Power” button to turn it on again.
    Clearing cached data on a Kindle Fire may be an alternative fix in some cases. To do this, go into the Settings menu and check the boxes next to “Clear All Cookie Data,” “Clear Cache” and “Clear History.” Click “OK” in the confirmation box.

    There is a known cookie issue with some websites running on ASP.NET 4.0 — these sites may refuse access, telling you that cookies are invalid or disabled, even though they are enabled on the Kindle Fire. This is not a problem caused by your Kindle Fire or its settings, but by the website. If you think that this is causing your cookie alerts, Amazon recommends that you contact the website to report the issue.

    • Tam

      Damn, Amareels, you go gf!!!!!!!!! I would have had to google all that. Not sure how all that works. Did good to figure out how to get the damn pop ups to stop on the laptop. Gave up on my phone. Amazon has excellent customer service, that I know. They have walked me through so much when I needed technical assistance and can they remote your devices and help you.

      • amareels

        Tam, go to your Store, search the term “content blocker” it will bring up all the different ad blockers. Most of them are free. Pick one, down load.

      • Tam

        Amareels, I did. I have an older iPhone and I downloaded one, then turned on the ad blocker in settings and I still get it on there in Safari. Fought with it a few times and patience left the building so that was that. Messed with it till I got tired of it and just using the laptop until the end of this season.

  76. Tam

    JJ coming into my room to brush his teeth and groom when he was just downstairs showering chaps my ass. Then he comes in and tries to be lovey dovey with Nugget. Ummmmmmmmmmmn, NOOOOO. Don’t cling and crawl on me and be fake. He then whispers in her ear and we get the fish. Smarmy lying bastard. Then he wants to talk. Proud of her questioning him. Take him to task, Nugget. Don’t fall for the BS from him. Tell him his gf only has rode her way to the position she is in, and they have fought their way.

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  78. amareels

    JJ saying he’s going to hand over the check to his Mom if he wins. (Lie). He’s practiced this speech all day.

    • Tam

      That’s for sure!!!!!! Remember he has been to law school so he is good at selling a story and trying to sway your judgement………He is a smooth talker…….But he is so full of BS…..That’s why he is good at going from all his different angles……

  79. Tam

    Oh, JJ….Boy, please. Production is really pissing off the time and doing there usual. JJ came there to help with the legal bills. Momma needs the money, ok, then why is she trying to sue CBS. That takes deep pockets…..BS Flags and alarms all over the place……..Yea, right, not going to blow it on Vegas and trips and giving it to his parents……He just said and bragging he was going on vacations with HB to Bora Bora…..Which is it?

    • mm22

      Haha jj is going to hand his parents the check if he wins-but he’s gonna get
      a car cause he needs it and oh yeah an apartment-I’m throwing bullshit flags everywhere!
      He said his family is in debt n Nicole says her family is fine no debt have what
      they need…stop talking Nicole

  80. Tam

    I hear this song playing while he is talking to Nugget about his story and wanting to save the money for his family and his momma…….
    Tennessee Whiskey…….

  81. Mello_One

    Cliff loves him some Sharon, he just said he is addicted to his Sharon, which is beautiful… Ladies when you find someone like that hold onto him for dear life! What a Good Man, Husband, & Dad. It was really a pleasure watching Cliff on BB this season.

    • Tam

      Agreed, Mello. He has been being cheesy for a while, but he is devoted and that is a rarity. I think that he is a great man. He just needs to be more on game with this game. Glad he is finally seeing JJ for how and what he is. JJ is working him hard for that vote…….

      • Mello_One

        Hi Tam, I hope all is well with you….Well Cliff gave it his all, but his body language as of late has shown him just be plain old tired, & over it. Big Brother is not the faint of heart, or older folks.. He & his family should be very proud of Cliff because he came so freaking close! I believe the last older person to win BB was Evel Dick, & he was in his 40’s. I think Cliff as a 54 year old Man did Awesome!

  82. Mello_One

    Does anyone know when exactly they are going to do the Veto re-nomination Ceremony? I do know that they rescheduled it from Monday, but for when? Production probably wants Jackson to think some more about who he wants to take to F3 most likely.

    • Tam

      Not sure, Mello. Haven’t been watching it but keeping with everything up on here. Just realized that today that I still have the feeds. Thought that they were cancelled. I would just like to know why they keep cutting the feeds every time JJ whisper talks and especially when he is conversing to HB…….

    • BBGurl

      The last veto ceremony is usually either done on Wednesday or the live show on Thursday. It’s one or the other. Can’t remember which.

  83. mm22

    Nicole camera talking -at home she would go to her room and read jokers updates-
    traitor! traitor! I say…just kiddin

  84. Mello_One

    Thumbelina is in Da House…

  85. Houseguest Doug

    When is the Veto ceremony. This is now dragging out way too long. Nominate Cliff and lets get on with it.

    Time for him to “Fall off a Cliff?”….too soon?

  86. Avatar

    Do you think Holly thinks insomnia means when you can’t wake up? Smh

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