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Big Brother 21 – Could There Be A Flip? Wednesday Night Feeds

Good evening, everyone!


This season has been crazy. The first month was absolutely terrible. Just a bunch of showmances and a feeling of BB19 all over again. House votes, bullying, one large group slowly taking out the weak players. So many unlikeable people. I guess the only thing that has stayed the same are that there are still so many unlikeable people. lol I’m at the point where I still don’t know who is leaving tomorrow just like I didn’t at this time both during Sam’s week and last week. I mean I had a good idea with both but usually by now, it’s pretty much in the bag.

However, I have also never seen actually openly piss themselves during an HoH competition either, so this seems to be a pretty unique season overall.

What started off as a complete lock of Christie going home, we’re now at the point where she may actually stay. Really. You didn’t read that wrong. As of 6 pm, Christie is on the verge of a vote flip and sounds like she even has the support of Jackson and Holly. In fact, as I type this, Holly is up in the HoH room campaigning to Cliff on keeping Christie. If I went into a 24h coma at this point last night, no way would I ever think I’d see Holly and Jackson trying to talk Cliff into keeping Christie. We’re in bananaland here.


There will be plenty of time to complement Christie if she stays, so I’ll save some of that for later. If she does stay, however, this may be one of the biggest comebacks I’ve seen in a long time. People have come back and flipped the vote before, but I don’t remember a time when someone flipped the hoh/pov who started the week with them as their sole target. That is absolutely impressive and I kind of want to see it happen just because I like seeing crazy things.

I’m going to go right into updates and not babble

Thank you all for the donations this season



6:00 pm – Holly is working Cliff into voting to keep Christie

At this moment, Tommy is one of the key people in voting out Christie. However, I don’t think he realizes how much the house has flipped and there is no chance he’s going to take a stand against Christie once he finds out. I think he wanted her out but he wanted someone else to take her out.

Cliff says he’ll vote out Sis tomorrow so that’s all they need. Jess is going to be in and they won’t need anyone else. However, Holly did say this was tentative based on Jess and Nicole but I’m not sure what they’ll do if Jess says yes but Nicole says no.


6:20 pm – Sis is trying to be along because she doesn’t want to see people talk and get paranoid. The best strategy is always to sit alone while the other person campaigns their ass off.

Nicole comes up to the HoH room and wants to check and see if they’re on same page

Nicole starts venting that she is seen as a duo with Nick.  This is because she grew up and was always compared to her siblings. This was her chance to become Nicole of her own and now she’s being seen as Nick’s puppet so it’s really messing with her. Damn, Christie really knows what strings to pull.

Jackson comes in and starts randomly talking about the order Nick wants people out which really didn’t have a ton to do with the point Nicole was making about being tied to Nick. Nicole tries to get back on track by stressing she’s not in any alliance or anything with Nick.


They ask Nicole what she wants to do and tell her she can make her decision tomorrow for plausible deniability. Meaning they don’t want her to say she’s committing to voting out Sis just so she can deny it tonight if she’s hounded.


6:55 pm – Christie has made up with Nick to a certain level. They are having a calm talk now

Back upstairs, Nicole said she’s ready to hear it. Jackson says he has made up his mind. If it’s a tie tomorrow, Jackson will evict Sis


7:00 pm – Tommy heads upstairs and the conversation breaks up. Sounds like people need to settle in and think on this. We may get confirmation later tonight or tomorrow.

9:20 pm – Tommy is chatting with Sis and Christie. I’m waiting to hear if she tells him

Christie is lightly breaking it to Sis that she has been campaigning

Here is the look of Sis slowly starting to realize that Christie is basically telling her that her campaign was a success.  Watch it slowly creep into that brain


Feeds keep locking up for me so it may be a sign to go to bed

Feeds working, Christie is telling Tommy now that Analyse has left the room. Tommy starts crying and apologizes for siding with Nick. She said it’s okay

Christie is saying how she deserves to be here but she’s not happy she had to do what she did


9:45 pm – Sis pulls Jackson into the HN room (speaking of. Only 2 weeks of HN?)

Sis tells him that she’s freaking out and wants to know where his head is at

Sis is really breaking up because she is reading the writing on the wall based on Jackson’s reaction

Sis heads downstairs and begins crying. She is comforted by Christie of all people.

She makes her way into the boat room and Holly joins to work a jury vote out of her. These people are savages


I’m so tired but can’t stop watching

Christie comes in and starts blaming Nick for making them targets

Ok, bed time


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  1. Avatar

    I swear if cc stays I don’t think I keep watching this train wreck, might keep reading, but this crap is really giving me a headache

  2. hogwild

    If they are stupid enought to do this and keep Christie over someone who is no threat what so ever to any of them then I truly hope through some devine intervention they all lose.

    • Nancy

      This is where I’m confused..CC keeps saying. I’m a big threat..in my mind, a big threat needs to go..what am I missing ? Is it because CC says she’ll take nick out if she stays..who gives a f*ck..let somebody else take him out..I dont get it, y’all.

      • Alda

        Nancy,is the deposit refundable on the van?I don’t think any of us want to take Sis to the jury house.

      • Nancy

        Nope..and she can walk for all I care.
        What the hell is wrong with these ppl!?

      • Alda

        Nancy,it’s like Christie is the leader of a cult.She has brainwashed JJ and Holly.The rest will just fall into line for her.

      • Nancy

        It is alda..the cult of crusty..SMH

      • kneeless

        What a wasted HOH, if they take out Sis. Can’t stand Christie but if they don’t get her out now she can win it all & will deserve to. Hope that’s not the case but…

      • Avatar

        Nancy, every single 1 of them know (or should know) that if Christie singlehandedly flips the vote & none of them will have a chance of beating her in F2. If only SS had a brain, that would be the only thing she would have to say during her campaign speeches w/ HG’s.
        Here’s a conundrum … Why is it not a single HG is speculating or questioning whether CC & TT knew each other before entering the BB house? CC told HG’s she & TT literally live approx 13 miles apart from each other. Being they’re about the same age, logically they would know some of the same people. It occurred to Cliff @ the time but then nothing. We know Cliff was outside w/ TT during the “incident” the other night & there is no way he didn’t hear it. & Yet nothing. We know Holly heard something during the “incident” b/c she mentioned it to JJ but then nothing.
        Every single HG has enough info to, at the very least, to reasonably speculate that CC & TT knew each other before entering the BB house. If they choose not to evict her, they deserve to lose. This is especially true for Holly & JJ considering the roles CC & TT played during the Holly & Kat know each other blow up.

      • KelBel

        @2cents… it certainly seems like they should know/realize some sort of a connection. But with CC’s master manipulation skills, she’d still be able to convince them it wasn’t true or that it’s somehow not a bonus to “her game”.

        I have no doubt that when (or if, by the looks of it) she is evicted, the truth will come out. Because she’ll sabotage anyone’s game for herself. Just ask her “friend” Sis….

    • Sassy

      I’d love for them all to lose!

      IF CC has ANY loyalty, this is best for JJ/Beth. They were on their own before and now, they may have CC, Cliff, Jess on their side.

      Yesterday Nick was pouring because it’s tough to be so loved by so many. He WISHED he wasn’t in that position. CC helped him out with that and his followers have been cut in 1/2.

  3. KLew

    Sweet Jesus – if these house guests actually flip and keep CC in the house…they deserve what they get. Seriously. Aside from being incredibly annoying, Christie is a seriously STRONG competitor and could easily win the season. So if the remaining house guests choose to keep one of the biggest threats (CC) and send home a total non threat (Sis)? They’re absolute morons and I have zero sympathy for them. I do, however, have sympathy for the rest of us who will be forced to endure her endless chomping, lying, manipulating, crying and overall fits of hysteria.

  4. Colby

    Christie is already trying to make nice with Nick.
    Holly and JJ better re think this decision.

  5. AIO_7

    Jackson will regret it if he keeps CC. Both inside and outside of the house. He could be America’s hero, and he is about to blow it. Beth ‘aint helping him. If he keeps her, they both deserve the neck stomping that Crustie and Tommy and Jess give them.

  6. Avatar

    I mean come on 2 weeks in a row she’s on the block, Jackson swears sis is safe & cc is only choice & now he’ll keep her because she’ll go after nn, until they get back together & jj & holly on the block

  7. Jennifer

    What in the hell! Say it ain’t so!!! They had better not flip! I need to see CC walk out that door tomorrow night!! She cannot think she has that much power in the universe!

  8. Mary

    Jack told Jackson not to trust Christie before he was evicted. What part of that does he not understand. Right now NN and CC are kissing and making up.

  9. ScaryTerri

    As much as I dislike saying this, here it goes. If Christie stays she deserves to win the entire thing. Simply because she’s done the impossible in BB. Like Steve stated. Not only flip the vote but get the HOH on her side.
    Feel free to give me a thumbs down. I almost want to give myself one.

  10. Mary

    If they save CC, I sure hope JJ and Holly are on the block come Friday afternoon. And CC put them there.

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  12. Vikki T

    Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my furry grand baby. He really has the sweetest heart and is such a snuggler. He won our hearts quickly. If you have a pup, may I suggest you check out Bark Box. Kevin gets a package delivered each month with toys and treats. He knows the box and gets so excited when he sees it the has to help open it (yes he is extremely spoiled).

  13. Avatar
    J-Ski (50 comments)

    Hello, I’m new here and would like to complement everyone here on running such a fantastic site for us BB junkies. It’s nice to see everyone be so civil to each other and I love to see so many pet lovers as well. So this is my 2 cents: I’m with the majority that can’t stand Christie but has to acknowledge her for at least playing the game unlike the others of this years terrible cast. I’m bummed that this might flip by tomorrow. Christie’s annoying personality traits would take an hour to list but I will say what I can’t stand the most is the sh*t talking and the immediately playing the victim when the person she attacks defends themselves. Nick is beyond disgusting on many levels and I will be pissed if he ends up winning. Nicole is disappointing because she has done nothing game wise but I understand how she is many viewers fav. Jackson at least is playing hard despite not being very likable. Beth is furniture. Sis is a complete waste, not even nice furniture. Jess was one that I hoped would do well at first but she is useless as well. Tommy is hanging on by a thread and I don’t feel he’s played a smart game, I feel he will be evicted soon. That leaves good ol Cliff. I hope he makes some good moves going forward and heals up enough to take this thing from these youngsters. Thanks again everyone!

  14. hogwild

    Jackson is offically blockhead again if he goes through with this he will go down in reality show history for one of the dumbest moves ever along with the guy on Survivor who had the immunity necklace gave it away tribal council and then got his dimb ass voted out.

  15. MartyMar

    I’m not liking the CC/NN makeup. Let me unmanifest that vote flip now!!! Don’t do it JJ!!!

  16. Mary

    Having a cereal party. These house guests are like a box of cereal, what aren’t fruits or nuts, are flakes.

  17. hogwild

    If Christie stays this will be my exit song.

  18. Colby

    I bet Christie and Sis won’t be BFF’s anymore. LOL

  19. mona77450

    Well, I guess Jackson was playing Checkers after all. He has/had Christie in “check” now he’s destroying his game. Not that I’m pulling for him to win the season but having Christie around means that Jess will continue to kiss her a$$. Jess tries so hard to be significant in the Big Brother house but the players, especially Christie, just use her for her vote. Pathetic…

  20. Sassy

    SS is not enjoying the cereal party. She looks really uncomfortable.

  21. Sassy

    Party broke up. SS was the first to leave and she went down and started packing.

    CC and Nicole are in the storage room saying something stinks.

    CC and SS in the camper talking aboutvthey aren’t allowed to pack together. Wonder why? They are both packing now.

    What’s the deal with the fake accents the girls do? Ugh, enough already.

    Cliff/Nicole in bathroom. She wants to think about it. They are both leaning towards keeping CC. He doesn’t pressure her and says he supports her either way.

    Jess/Holly – talking about Jess’ HOH.

  22. Sassy

    NN/TT play backgammon, Cliff is watching.

    Beth/Jess are still talking in the HOH room. They just live both girls and dont think either would target them.

    The house is winding down, I’m manifesting Jess spilling the beans on the flip and another blow up tonight!

  23. Colby

    Maybe they will give them alcohol tonight and Christie will not be able to keep her mouth shut and will say something to offend JJ or Holly and flip this back.
    BB PLEASE give them a lot of alcohol!

  24. Helen

    I’m not gonna stress about it…we go through this “potentialvote flip” almost every week….
    By tomorrow night it will be Christie that walks out the door..
    By 9 pm tonight Nicole will be spilling everything JJ and Holly said to Nasty Nick and Sis to flip it back..

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  26. Valerie

    Wow, have to hand it to Holly. She is actually getting her true target out for her HOH. Jackson was staying strong to her but Holly worked his little Jackson and he stop thinking with his big head. (Slow clap) Holly has been every chance she has gotten to take jabs at Sis. She wants her out for personal reasons and this will come back to bite her in the behind. Christie needs to go and the fact that they aren’t seeing it is amazing. Christie has been in your face to stay. But she has been getting help from Holly quietly talking about her Sis going. Crazy if we didn’t dislike so many of them it would be neat to see a giant flip happen.

  27. danmtruth

    This again this move makes no sences Its A coward move You are keeping your #1person who has said they were coming after you 2 To a person who cant win a comp Because Christie is going to go after Nick who you think is going after Holly Ok keep christie to take nick out and guess what she STILL is going to come after you You cut all trust with the other people you started to build trust with Nicole and cliff Tommy is still coming after them Did christie mention that NO Bring christie back because you dont see anyone else going after him What about the two of you jess she can win a mental comp Cliff It would serve them right that they flip the house keep Christie thanjess wins HOH takes out nick Than tommy wi s HOH and takes out jackson Now Holly us left with Tommy AND Christie coming after he Everyone wants someone else to take players out Again i say in the words

    • Sassy

      It makes sense if they believe CC will take out NN first. That gives them 3 weeks with CC. She can’t be HOH 2 weeks in a row. As it stands if Beth doesn’t win HOH, they go OTB. With the flip, Cliff and Nicole take a side and hopefully for them CC keeps her word. They go from being alone to possibly being on the strong side of the house again.

      • Colby

        Everybody seems to ignore the Christie / Tommy bond. They both have been in every deal / alliance that has ever even been mentioned until now.

  28. Mary

    Wish Nicole and Cliff would get together with TT and NN and flip back to get CC out.

  29. Avatar

    You know, I was not a huge Christie fan in the beginning but to be fair I think many of us don’t like the dominant alliances straight out of the gate. Many past houseguests that we love have not said the nicest things but we love them. Whether you think so or not, Christie is playing a good game and if she stays she is probably one of the better if not best player in the house. If she can make it past this eviction she would have my vote to win. I think many of us didn’t like Vanessa from BB17 mid-season but after I appreciated her methodical approach to the game. Just a thought! no hate!

  30. Punkytripster2

    Hi everyone. I am team #ChristieEvictionParty but as a fan of Big Brother like it or not she is doing a really good job on getting people to flip their vote. At the beginning of the week there is nothing more that I wanted but her gone but if she does stay I feel that this game will be more interesting (except when she eats ). Yes she and Tommy know each other but Tommy and Nick are going to be furious with her being the reason SS was evicted. We could possibly see Christie, Holly, Jackson and Nicole (and WoS if we want to count her) against Nick and Tommy at least for next week. I would love nothing more than to see Tommy and Nick on the block together and stay there to see what kind of campaigning that brings. I honestly was ready to stop watching but the past two weeks have been interesting and I would like them to stay interesting I do not want SIS floating to final two because she bothers me so much. As Viewers we know that Nick wants him and his army to put JJ and bath tub next week so this throws a wrench into his plan.
    There are so many ways this can go and for the first time this season I am excited.

  31. Avatar
    J-Ski (50 comments)

    I know y’all talked about this before but it’s just so damn frustrating that they didn’t cast hardly anyone that understood how to play this game and the HG’s that do are so damn unlikable or were evicted too soon! I’m glad I have a place to vent to people who understand me though. Thanks.

  32. Kari

    *I’m going to stand outside the wall of the Big Brother house to my horn and say….*

  33. Punkytripster2

    Darn auto correct… “Bath tub” was supposed to be “Beth up”

  34. Helen

    BirdwatchingAudio Tour on living room monitor…must be something for. HOH tomorrow….

  35. danmtruth

    Welcome to our funhouse
    Cliff and nicole now seeing they are odd people out Yet they want to talk to tommy and christie Dont they understand no matter what why it goes they are look at as pawns wake up No one is going to say yep you caught me i made deals with other people

  36. Nancy

    I dont give a shit y’all..I’m bring the van to the house anyway!!! I’m gonna keep saying CC is leaving..it ain’t over til the fat woman sings, and I’m not singing yet!

  37. Annabelle

    I’m so glad my lil Ermey let me get a nap today so I can see bbad tonight.

  38. Annabelle

    Oh PLEASE PLEASE Jess do your normal listen and then retell incorrectly and get cc and jj mad

    • mm22

      Hummm production loves them some christy-just thinking they would hate
      for her to leave-its a good thing they shut down that loud speaker over the
      wall fast n convinced hg not to talk cause that could really hurt cc game –

  39. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Eenie, Meeny, Miny, Mo. Who will be the one to go?


    Why-Is-She-There-Jess is talking to JJ. They are talking about how Nick. JJ says that keeping CC there over SS, CC will go after Nick and SS won’t. He says she has a photographic memory so she can win it. JJ says that if SS isn’t with them, she’s against them. He says that if SS wins HOH she’s not going to put up Nick, she will put him up. He tells W-I-S-T-J that he hopes this convo stays between them. JJ tells her he knows she’ close with SS and CC. Jess says she would tell them that she loves them both but if its a tie, JJ will have to break it. He asks her if she would prefer to not make a decision until tomorrow so she won’t be in a position to lie.

    Jess says she’s past the place where she has anyone to talk to. She says that they can’t tell the nominees whether they are going or not. JJ says that if he was voting, he’d be voting to evict SS. Jess says duly noted. She says she wants to know if they would have an understanding going forward. She asks him does he want it so he doesn’t have to break a tie. He says yes. She says she wants to respect what he wants because a lot of people did that for her. Holly comes in to tell them that Production is going to give her super glue to close her finger but she can’t bring it out of the DR.


    Nicole is talking to CC and telling her that she loves her and respects her and she’s not going to say anything further. CC tells her she appreciates her and yesterday she felt so dead in the game but she’d rather stay one more week and be a shield. She tells Nicole that she doesn’t even have to say anything else and she respects her and thanks her for taking everything under consideration. Nicole tells her that she sees CC’s fire and love for the game.


  40. NKogNeeTow

    I didn’t watch the Feeds today but after reading the blog and comment section, I could swear I’m in Bizarro World.

  41. Annabelle

    Nicole honey cc only offered to be there for you if you need to talk so she can use the info to screw you and/or help herself ugh smh

  42. danmtruth

    JJHolly understand you have now fallen to having Jess hanging out with you in the HOH room You are BOTH now saying literally way to much save yourselves before she turns you into

  43. Nancy

    Come push a stick in my ear…this is killing me

  44. Annabelle

    I spit my drink at jj doin the crow aound…yes that’s a east Tennessee twang. Lmao

  45. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff and CC are talking. He asks if it ever came down to between a vote between Jess and SS, would she have a problem. She says that Jess has had her back. She says that Nicole came to her and told her to believe in herself. She said something but was whispering so I didn’t catch all of it. TT calls her then comes into the bathroom so the talk breaks up. She is sniffing and says she’s been crying and apologizes to Cliff and says she’s embarrassed.


    W-I-S-T-Jess is talking to JJ and Holly. An odd announcement comes over the house about bird sounds and asking them if they can recreate the sound. JJ and Holly try to do it. *Wondering if this will have something to do with the next comp?* The announcement is repeated. Something about no sudden movements and a crow. Holly says they could also test them on what they just heard. She says a Black Bird is the smartest bird in the jungle. JJ says the speaker is loud and he’s staying in the room all night.

    Jess says they need to disarm Nick and make him think he’s running the show. JJ says TT’s pull to Nick scares him. Holly says that even if he wants to vote with the house she thinks he will remain loyal to Nick. Jess says that she told TT that she would respect JJ’s HOH like he respected his and people respected hers. Jess says that TT didn’t say whether he’s voting for CC or SS, he just wants to be with the majority.


  46. Valerie

    Now I know why Holly is playing nice to Jess again. The bird sounds for the next HOH. She is great with memory stuff like that. Holly is only nice to Jess when she wants something. Jess is clueless to this just happy to be talking to them because they allow it. I just want to shake Jess sometimes and go these people don’t matter. Your an adult with a man and a kid. Why do these people matter to you like your in school and don’t realize the world is bigger yet?

  47. Nancy

    My heart is sad..my strength is gone..I will still hold on to a tiny piece of hope that CC leaves..I’ll see what tmrw brings..turn the lights out when you leave..peace

  48. Annabelle

    Night Nancy I’m holding out hope too. Look at Tommy I think he wants her gone

  49. Mary

    Good night Nancy

  50. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    CC, TT, and SS are talking. CC is telling SS she loves her so much and she just couldn’t sit there and it wasn’t a campaign against SS but she just wanted to put her options out there. CC tells SS that Holly is keeping her, that Nick and Nicole is keeping her so if JJ breaks the tie, she’s gone. She tells SS that she’s going to see when she gets out that she had nothing to say (as far as campaigning against SS). CC says she told them to keep her there because everyone will be coming after her. She says she’s been crying the whole time.

    TT tells her that they are going to put him next to Nick. CC says they were going to do that anyway. She says her aim was for people to vote the way they wanted and not the way Nick wanted. They go over the bird announcements. At least CC and TT does. SS doesn’t even know what the hell they’re talking about. She thinks there are real birds in the house. CC tells them that Nick was trying to bait her into saying something about JJ so he could go back and tell. She says she told him that she was a psych major so she knows the tricks.


    Jess tells them that she hasn’t talked to Cliff because there is no reason to. JJ agrees. Jess says at this point that Nick thinks he has the votes to keep SS but that’s not the case.


    Nick is telling Nicole that he feels bad that he put the 3 of them in that position. Nicole tells him that’s alright. He says he didn’t think of the repercussions. He says the good thing is that if she (CC) does win, at least they have a chance. He tells Nicole that him trying to protect them has put a target on their backs. *I am so sick of hearing him try to make them think he’s been protecting them when he was only protecting himself.*


  51. Helen

    Nicole told Nick about the vote flip

    I knew she’d tell him….

  52. Annabelle

    Talk that magic nick. Please have nicole and cliff vote cc out

  53. Nikki

    I’m over here wondering what they are all thinking about the jury.

    If it’s a tie, Sis will know it was Jackson who sent her to jury. He (as well as Holly) will have lost Sis as well as Jack’s vote.

    The only good I see in this, is IF Cliff can make it to F2, it puts him in a great position…

    However, if these folks allow CC to flip this vote, they will ALL need to shoulder the blame – well maybe not Jess bc she doesn’t have a clue and she doesn’t play the game.
    Cliff – he heard the damn blared message
    Nicole – she’s so damn wishy-washy and her stupid infatuation with Nick allowed a small crack and foothold for CC to slide in on
    Holly/JJ – they had the weasel with one foot out the door and instead are opening it wide allowing her back in and she will pick them off!
    Sis – just sitting on her ass not making a single move
    Nick – for giving CC something to get all Hitler-ish and use fear to make the minions do her bidding
    TT – bc Of his weird Nick relationship which makes them worry more about Nick

    Ugh, these HG’s are not only frustrating, but annoying as well!

  54. Valerie

    Omg, why on earth are Holly and Tommy putting on a crying show in front of Jess?

  55. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is asking Nicole who is upstairs. She says Holly. She says they already say that she relays everything to Nick. *She does.* Nicole asks him how did they become enemy 1 and 2.

    Boat Room:

    That Cryin Christie B*tch is crying phantom tears again and snorting snot. She tells TT that she can’t believe this but she wants this so bad and can’t believe that she blew up somebody’s game. He tells her she’s a genius. She says that JJ told her that he’d been gunning for her for weeks and that everybody in America knows it. She says she doesn’t want to work with him and she’s not taking 9th place but she was put in a position where she had no choice. She asks TT if he really thinks he can get the votes because JJ is the one to break the tie.


    Nick is telling Cliff and Nicole that he doesn’t care if he goes home he just doesn’t want SS to have to suffer. He says he doesn’t want anyone to think that they (Nicole/Cliff/SS/Nick) had a 4 person alliance. Nick says that SS told him that people see him and SS as a pair. Nick says he knows he’s going up next week regardless. He says he doesn’t care as long as SS is safe. He sounds like he’s begging for her life. Nicole tells him that everyone sees the 2 of them together. Nick says that’s not fair. Cliff tells Nick he’s not giving up his game either.


    Holly is asking on a personal basis how do you choose then starts to cry. Jess is just sitting there with that stupid look on her face.


    JJ is saying that if CC comes in and asks him if there is a tie how will he break it. He says he’s not going to say. He says the day he won HOH he was told he was on his own so he wants everyone to play the same. SS just keeps saying “Uh huh”.


    TT is now there and he and Holly are both fake crying and saying they don’t know what they’re going to do. *They know.*


  56. Avatar

    Thanks for the photo of an idea creeping towards Sis’ brain. Is there a photo of said idea when it discovers there is no brain to inhabit?

  57. danmtruth

    JJ is not giving a very encouraging talk to Sis He has gone from telling
    Christie was his #1 target to i cant tell you or christie who i would chose
    Good for Sis to throw it back at him why keep christie to go after nick when you could ha e gone after nick yourself And yes jackson you are being a dick Because you are telli g people you would not mind seeing christie stay

  58. Annabelle

    Why cant sis say to jj You said cc was the target and I was safe wtf

  59. danmtruth

    Jackson is blowi g up his own game by thinking he is so clever

  60. Annabelle

    If cc stays then puts jackson and nick up and jackson goes that would be karma

  61. Nikki

    Please BB can we get a do over?!
    Bring back Kemi, David & Ovi?!

  62. Valerie

    With Beth being so fake towards Sis when she is the one who has been whispering for this to happen is just to much ontop of Christie worming her way out of this.

  63. Helen

    Now we have Tommy doing the hand punch t alking to JJ…..

  64. NKogNeeTow



    SS is telling JJ that there is one reason why he’s keeping CC and that’s because she’s going after Nick. She is now crying. He tells her he doesn’t have to tell her anything. He says he has an entire house that is coming after him and wants him gone so with all due respect he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. He says no one has his back. She says Holly has his back and she told him she did too. She is telling him that she told him she was willing to make a deal. He said he wasn’t asking her for a deal.

    He says when he asked her who she would put up she wouldn’t even give him a name so he doesn’t feel obligated to tell anyone what his decision is. He said he gave the house 2 nominees and it’s up to them to choose. He says he’s sorry that she’s OTB and there is a laundry list of why they are OTB. She is looking scared. She finally says “Okay, I get it.” He says it’s not personal and if CC asks him he’s going to tell her the same thing. She says she just wants him to know she’s had his back. *Que the Bullshit flag.* She says she gets it and they get up and leave.


    SS comes downstairs and CC is sitting at the table. CC looks at her and asks if she’s been crying. SS breaks down in her arms and weeps uncontrollably. *Boo freakin whoo*. She goes into the camper and tells them she just hates being in that position, then she walks back into the kitchen and cries and tells CC that she didn’t do f*cking anything, then goes into the Boat room and climbs on the sofa and sobs. Holly comes in and crawls next to her and hugs her and she cries and tells Holly that she didn’t do anything to be in this position and she shouldn’t go home.

    She says no one believes her and she feels like she’s in Kat’s position. *How’s that feel by the way?* Holly tells her she doesn’t know what’s going on and things could still change. Holly tells her she did nothing wrong. SS says she just wants to go off on people. *Please do. We would like to see you follow through just once.* She tells Holly that this just doesn’t make sense to her. She says what was the point of putting her up as a pawn.


    JJ is talking to TT and telling him that he knows SS would put him up even though she says she would put up Nick. JJ says who is she going to put up next to Nick, him. He says it was the same thing with Kat. JJ says it’s shitty for everyone. TT says that the only reason he came up there was to tell him that he didn’t include Nick when he approached him before and he’s not with Nick. *Everybody is the house must be scared. TT is trying to cover his ass so hard it’s almost shameful.* TT tells JJ that he has no final anything with Nick. He keeps reiterating how he’s not with Nick nor has anything going with him. *Here we go with that guy who denied knowing Jesus again (Peter?)* JJ says Nick is a money man and is going straight for the money. *Looks like CC has more going with that manifestation stuff than we give her credit for. Those were her exact words. Telepathy?*


  65. Houseguest Doug

    If Christie stays I am done. Once again I have to feel like Production is involved and wanting to keep her as she is far more interesting than Sis.

    Production likes when two strong players go head to head and cause drama in the house. I guess the thinking is if she goes the show will be boring and ratings will fall.

    So sad that they just cannot let the players play the game they need to keep manipulating things. They did it the last two seasons and seems they are doing it again.

    I guess there is no such thing as reality tv. Still all scripted production.

    Such a shame.

    • MartyMar

      Reality TV = oxymoron . Mel’s article on production (don’t talk about production) is spot on. We don’t watch BB for reality; we watch it for entertainment. Today has made up for enduring WISTJ’s emptiness.

    • Avatar
      J-Ski (50 comments)

      Seems to be true unfortunately

    • Sassy

      I don’t think production is to blame here. These HGs are awful at the game and have NO loyalty! I knew it wouldn’t take much to flip this vote and it’s JJs only hope of staying a few more weeks (if she holds true to her word). I can see why he took this offer.

  66. davidsgirl

    Christy and Sis have both said they shouldn’t go out and deserve to stay. They say they didn’t see themselves going out like this. Well, nobody deserves to stay, and people go home all the time when they didn’t invision it that way. Wa, Wa, Wa, somebody call a Wambulance. So sick of it. If Christy does pull this off I have to agree with Steve, it is one big and impressive game move. Love or hate her, it is an impressive move.

    • Sassy

      SS says she hasn’t done anything and doesn’t deserve to leave. The way I see it, she deserves to leave because she hasn’t done anything. The arguments these people make are hilarious or super sad…

  67. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is talking to CC. He is telling her that people talk a lot about Nicole’s relationship with Nick but he’ll bet his game on Nicole.


    JJ is telling TT that CC will be the biggest obstacle between him and the money. TT says he gets it.

    Boat Room:

    CC and Holly are trying to console Dizzy Dean who is still crying and says she can’t stop crying because she has no idea. CC making it about herself tells her that she spent the whole week crying and cried again this morning. SS says she wasn’t crying but she doesn’t know what’s going to happen and is going out because of someone else’s game. She said that even when Jack was in the house that people understood that they were playing separate games.

    CC tells her that Nick has been going around making it sound like he and SS were a couple. CC says that he shouldn’t have gone around saying that if anyone ever touches SS that he was saving her. CC says that’s what made her a target. This upsets CC and she says she never made Nick any promises and he shouldn’t have done that. She says it’s so annoying. CC keeps pounding it in that it’s Nick’s fault. She says what he did was genius.


    Cliff comes up and tell JJ that he has an issue about Nicole that he needs to talk to him about. He said that CC said that if she wins HOH she is putting up Nick and Nicole. JJ says CC hadn’t said anything to him. Cliff said C CC did say it to him. Cliff asks him when it comes down to F4 are they cool with Nicole. JJ says yes. JJ says Jess and Holly are leaning toward keeping CC and so is TT. Cliff asks him what that means for Nicole. JJ says Nicole isn’t going anywhere.

    Cliff says that CC came back to him and said she didn’t realize it was that important to him but if Nicole votes to keep her she won’t go after her. JJ says that because Nicole is always so wishy-washy that they never know where she is. He said that she asked him why is she always in the middle. *That’s why Nicole needs to learn when to open her mouth and when to keep it shut. She’s going to play the middle all the way out the damn door.*


    • MartyMar

      Respect to CC. Already working on moving SS’s vote away from NN. Poor Ss, it’s all NN’s fault for saying he was her boyfriend. That creep.

    • Sassy

      SS should have spent more time campaigning. CC loves to say “her truth”, but people don’t realize “her truth” is whatever she makes up in her head. She says she didn’t campaign against SS but she told people how she was ADs sex toy (my words) and her gameplay relies solely on flirting. She reminds everyone how SS is a nonfactor in the game and tells people SS will be going after them. If that’s not throwing her under the bus, what is?

  68. Avatar

    If they keep Christie they might as well hand her the check and throw the confetti because they’re going to hand her and tommy the game!!! Ughhh I’m so mad.

  69. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff tells JJ that CC has promised that she wouldn’t go after Nicole. Cliff tells JJ that he doesn’t expect him to take him to F2. He says that he’s never asked anyone to take him that far because it’s to early. Cliff asks him if he gets a chance to talk to Holly about Nicole. He says he’s spent a long time trying to find a place to land and feels like he has found it. JJ says he’s going to talk to Holly but he knows that she stands with Cliff and Nicole. Cliff asks him if they can talk to Nicole and tell her that.

    JJ says that the way Nick remembers things that he’s sure he can remember a bird call and since he can’t compete this time he’s worried about that. They agree to only tell limited things from Jess. JJ says that when Jess needs someone to talk to she blows shit up. JJ says he’ll go and talk to Holly now.

    Boat Room:

    The House Shadow Jess is now there with CC, Holly and SS. She isn’t saying much but Ears Magillacutty is sitting there taking in every word.


  70. danmtruth

    Sis is in the boatroom first with holly as holly lies and says dhe does not know how she is voting because she loves both of them so much How she does not know how it got to this point In comes christie She fake trys to comfort Sus This is why i dispise these people Because they will turnaround tomorrow and say how nice they are How they are playing a clean honest game Nos to add insult to injury you have jess spewing some bS Poor Sis is sitting in a triangle of death The three women ploting to get her out are buiering her in lies

  71. davidsgirl

    So agree about Nicole and also she’s always at risk and gets her name thrown out last or not at all because she is never willling to side up with anyone and always says I don’t know what I’m doing untill the vote.

  72. Helen

    Tommy and Nicole spill everything to Nasty Nick……
    How can either one say they are not working with him?

  73. Annabelle

    What happened to the good old days of when the hoh changed and went back on their word they were the next to go? IDIOTS

  74. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    The girls are listening to the bird calls again. They are concentrating hard. Well, not SS, she still thinks there are birds in the house. TT is now with them. CC is imitating the birds. The announcement comes over the loudspeaker again. They stop talking to listen. CC repeats what the announcement says and makes the noises.

    *My cable keeps going out. Says Fios is making updates to the system. Really Verizon? Really? Now?*

    The girls and TT are still trying to emulate the birds. Everyone but Useless Jess. She isn’t saying anything.


    Nick is talking to JJ and telling him that if CC stays that it will be difficult. Nick says he’s trying not to say to much because his words keep getting him in trouble. He says that he has a better relationship with JJ so that if he won it would be one of the 3. *Don’t know which 3, the damn cable just went out again as he was about to say who. It keeps going in and out during the update*

    Nick is telling JJ that he understands it’s just a game and CC blew up his game and whatever he was going to do is pretty much out the window and his back is against the wall. He says if he goes up then so be it. He says he’s not going to do to someone what was done to him. He said that going into this week his was going to put up Holly and Jess but that’s pretty much done now because his game is blown. JJ gets up to check outside the door to see if anyone was listening.


  75. Avatar

    I feel like jj is ruining so many jury votes if he changes to want to keep cc. I mean not that I think he’ll make it that far to need them, but if he did…. he can def mark off a few for sure.

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  77. Annabelle

    Night NK Dan Helen davidsgirl and everyone else. Hubby got up to get a drink so I’m heading to bed now so I’m not waking him again at 3. See y’all in the mornin’. Maybe by then CC will be public enemy number one again I hope

  78. NKogNeeTow

    *Not sure how long this Fios update is going to take. It seems to be going in and out but it’s not as bad as I thought. It almost picks up where it left off. Yet it does NOT go out during commercials. Go figure.*



    Cliff is telling Nicole about the convo with JJ. *Cable out*
    *Cable back* Jj is there taking to Cliff and Nicole. He tells Nicole to come upstairs to talk where it’s safer. They leave and go to the HOH.

    Boat Room:

    Get-The-Fuck-Out-Jess is telling them that they all love each other..and the cam changes. THANK GOD!


    JJ tells Nicole, Holly, that he just asked Nick who he would put up and he said he would put up Holly over him. JJ says Nick said Holly and Jess were going to be his originals but if CC stays he has to readjust. He said Nick said he’s gunning for this HOH. JJ says that CC said she would put up Nick and Nicole. Nicole says that if she’s thinking of keeping her then that’s pretty shitty. Nicole says she has a problem with that. She says she hasn’t heard SS say anything like that. JJ and Holly tell Nicole that if that happens that she has him and Holly in her corner and they aren’t voting against her.

    They wonder where Cliff is because he was supposed to be there. JJ tells Nicole they have her back. Cliff draggs his ass in and sits down and JJ repeats what he just told Nicole, which is what Cliff told him to tell Nicole. *Do I sound aggravated with all of them?* JJ says you have to go after comps and win comps. Cliff says he just wants to go forward with the 4 of them and doesn’t want Nicole to be compromised.


  79. danmtruth

    Are cliff and nicole listening to JJ he talks about wanting to be a stand up guy lets fight it out So why does he need to bring christie back Cliff needs to remember you bounce checks all the time

    • mm22

      What is wrong with these people all protecting others? Protect yourself!
      JJ protecting holly n Nicole- nick protecting sis n Nicole n tommy-cliff protecting
      Nicole-jess protecting cc- ridiculous

  80. NKogNeeTow



    They are talking about what order CC sees everyone in. JJ says that CC told him she didn’t mind taking 5th but not 9th. JJ said he didn’t want to bring it up and to say less so that CC wouldn’t get any ideas because she kept telling him to use her. JJ says that CC’s strengths are his weakness. He says that if CC is saying that they won’t be on her radar because she wants to get someone else out then that’s an asset. JJ says that CC just doesn’t want to go out before Nick and that Nick is her white whale.

    Dry-Azz Holly is fumbling for words, which makes me not listen to her. Cliff says that at this point there is no going back. JJ says that there is soon to be 8 then 7. Cliff says he’s worried about tomorrow if the bird sounds have anything to do with the comp. JJ says Nick will be a beast with it because he’s good with that kind of information.


  81. Avatar

    Why does anybody think cc is such a comp beast, what has she done? She couldn’t even save herself.

    • Colby

      I don’t know.
      She has told everybody she has a photographic memory, but I haven’t seen any proof of that in any of the memory comps they have played so far.

      • Leta

        Exactly Colby. And none of these dumb ass HGs have even thought of testing her claim out. “Hey CC — can you really read this bible passage and then recite it word for word!? Do it! Do it!” There is NO way CC would let that pass without falling for the bait as she loves to hold court among them. Then they (we) would know if it’s true or just a bullshit claim.

      • danmtruth

        This is the crazy part JJ claims the reason he originally puf CC up was she was stronger in what he was weak at Memory comp But Jess has shown she was stronger than bith of them JJ us suddenly worrid that nick will come after him this week now that ge cant comp for HOH only thing is nick had no reason to go after JJ till he did the flip So he made his own enamy Even if he gets nick ot this week he will need to deal with Tommy and Christie wanting to get him out the following week Dumb dumb move

      • Sassy

        Nick has already said he would put up Jess/Beth. JJ doesn’t want Beth up either. JJ would have been the replacement nom if one came down.

    • KelBel

      She’s not a comp beast, she’s a manipulation beast… which is by far scarier. But, if these idiots can be swayed so easily, they deserve what’s coming.

  82. NKogNeeTow



    JJ tells Cliff, Nicole, and Holly that at least they have something in motion. He says let’s do it. Holly says if they want to come up and study to feel free. Cliff says he and Nicole will probably have to talk to CC again. Nicole says she wants to. They all shake on it and Cliff and Nicole leave.


    CC is in the kitchen and SS is washing dishes. They see Cliff and Nicole coming downstairs. CC starts to tell them that she has a huge marshland behind her house and she has all these birds out there and she has the craziest birds in her backyard. She said she was going to get a bird manual and look them up. She starts to describe one bird to them and Cliff says it’s an oriole (sp). She is surpised that he knew it. He says it’s because of the Baltimore Orioles.


    Cliff is back and JJ is going over his convo with Nick. Cliff says he just wants to make sure he didn’t mention his and Nicole’s names. JJ says no. Cliff says he doesn’t know how to read Nick. JJ says he didn’t tell Nick and not going to tell SS what he’s thinking. He said he’s only telling Cliff and Nicole. JJ says Jess told him that she’s not opposed to voting out SS. Holly says it makes sense for Jess to vote out SS for her game. Cliff says he just doesn’t want to leave Nicole out for the wolves because she never deserted him even when they were OTB together.

    They discuss where Nicole heard that she would be put up. Cliff said Nicole’s other thing was to try to go back over to TT and Nick and he didn’t want to see it go that way. JJ says cool. Cliff says he just wanted to check again. He said it’s BB and you have to take a chance. JJ says it all works out the way it should and it’s going to be a late-night and nobody is sleeping.


  83. danmtruth

    Holly is the fool She is the one who ALWAYS wanted to get back together with Tommy She admits she has been burned by Christie so this is her last chance Yes her last chance to burn you AGAIN Holly and Jackson THINK they have 2 final 4 Christis tommy and JJHolly so your right vack at look8 g who will take that shot before final 4 because Tommy knows he or Christie are not beating JJ in a physical comp

  84. NKogNeeTow



    Jess is talking to Cliff and he tells them that everybody better fight for the HOH. Jess says it makes her realize that if someone comes for her that she’s their target. *duh* Jess says that she doesn’t feel personal but with these 2 girls it sucks and she understands it. She says in BB style everything can change at the drop of a dime. She says she’s not trying to get herself so emotionally wrapped up, especially with all of these birds to think about. TT says he’s going to lye down and hugs Jess and leaves.


    TT is talking to Nick who is in bed. He says he was talking to SS and she said does it even matter if she practices the bird calls. He says he told her to stop.


    JJ asks Holly do they go with Cliff and Nicole or TT. She says that whatever way they go it’s “we”. She tells him don’t give up on her, to work with her. She says they are about to go to battle. She says she doesn’t need him wavering. He tells her if she thinks for one second that he’s wavering away from her she’s out of her mind.


    Cliff is telling Jess that he like SS and CC but he wouldn’t mind CC winning. He says that TT worries him. he says that he just doesn’t know. She says it’s a hard decision and that neither one in her standpoint hurt her. Cliff says that SS has never done anything to him and it rips his heart to send her out and he could say the same thing about CC. Jess says he should think who worries him and who doesn’t. *YOU worry me ya dingbat. *


  85. NKogNeeTow

    Instead of Big Brother they should rename it Repetition Is Rampant. I’m so sick of their see-saw antics.

  86. davidsgirl

    Ok guys, I’m logging out for the night. Tomorrow is going to be so interesting, can’t wait to see what happens. Good night all.

  87. Mary

    I don’t understand why Nicole has to tell Nick everything. You would think that she had learned her lesson, seeing that she has been the cause of a few blow ups in the house already. Even after JJ and Holly reminded her that NN was the only one that has betrayed her, and she is still very close to him. She still keeps telling him everything, even though he stabbed her in the back. Then she wonders why people think she’s wishy – washy. Guess you could say JJ burned her to with the rogue vote, and blamed it on her, or tried to. For some reason she is like a moth to a flame when it comes to Nick and it boggles my mind.

    • NKogNeeTow

      As much as I love her I’m getting sick of her too. She’s been doing the same sh*t over and over and learned nothing from it. She hasn’t won spit and all she does is run her mouth then gets scared when they throw her ass OTB. I’m beginning to feel that’s where she belongs and I’m also beginning to feel like I wouldn’t be sad if she goes either. Sweetness and naivete can only get you so far. She’s being borderline stupid now.

  88. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    CC, SS are talking and Holly comes in.


    Jess and Cliff are talking about who will put up who. Jess is telling Cliff that nobody is looking at SS at all and that with CC there she’s a bigger target and will take the attention off of all of them. TT comes in and Jess tells him that if JJ tells her tomorrow that there is a change of plans that her biggest fear is that she is going to be in the minority. Cliff says if the word comes down, it is nothing against CC. He says he doesn’t know because it’s JJ’s HOH but he and Holly are like this (he crosses his fingers).

    TT says he doesn’t think JJ will have to break a tie and thinks that Nick will vote out SS no matter what. Cliff says he has nothing against either of the girls so this kills him. He says it’s just hard and he knows it’s hard for them too. He said it was hard watching SS coming in there with tears. He says he thinks he knows which way JJ and Holly want to go but it could change in a few hours. Jess says ultimately they all care about each other and respect each other. *Insert Bullshit Flag here*

    Cliff said the vote was going to go a different way and people were okay with it and even though it wasn’t him making the flip, it just feels dirty. TT says that at the beginning of the week he had a feeling that CC was staying. He said at the time he didn’t know that she would be targeting Nick and thought she would be targeting JJ and Holly. He says that now that it’s a possibility that she might stay, who knows how it will go.


  89. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is telling them that when you show all your cards it puts everyone in an awkward spot. Jess says it’s a Kat situation. She says they are all playing different games. She says again that they all love and respect each other and that it’s weird. *You’re weird. Shut up Jess.* Thankfully another bird announcement comes on and cuts Jess off.

    Boat Room:

    CC is laughing and saying that Production wants them to do it again and she knows TT is trying to doing it. The announcement comes on again. They are listening to the announcement and TT looks like he’s trying to remember it.


    Cliff, Nicole, and Jess are trying to listen intensely.

    Boat Room:

    CC, TT, and SS are calling out the order of the birds and identifying their sounds. TT is associating the sounds with things like “I love you” and “1, 2, 3, 4” in rhythm to make it memorable.


  90. danmtruth

    This has gotten back to the last 4 standing of the H8full back to running the house
    Shoot me Christie is back to SHE KNOWS its going to be a double with a posiable battle back Like most psychic keeps saying it often enough its bound to happen

  91. NKogNeeTow



    Jess is whispering to Nicole. She says the blowup took her for a whirlwind. Nicole says she didn’t want to leave her out on a limb. Jess says she knows and she loves her for it. Nicole says she had good intentions. Jess tells her that they all struggle with who they can trust and be themselves around. She says when it’s her time to go it’s her time to go. She says she doesn’t understand how Nick can make everybody think he’s the center of their universe. She tells Nicole that her association with Nick will put a target on her. Nicole says that she doesn’t want anyone going around saying that they love her. She says she wants to tell them to enjoy your love just don’t say it. Jess tells her that it’s why she’s been trying to stay away from her.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH. By the time we meet again, will CC be sitting on her throne or huddled in a puddle in the back of Nancy’s van? Guess we’ll all know by this time tomorrow night. Until then, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  92. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tonto, Mary, and whoever else is still awake out there. 🙂

  93. Mary

    Good night kids…. 🙂

  94. danmtruth

    Can i suggest this for the fishtank song

  95. Avatar

    Sorry the storm knocked out my phone signal and it just came back so I’m going to reply to some comments then go to bed

  96. Kari

    I know I’ve said this before or at least something similar, but I cannot believe how incredibly disappointed in the last few years of Big Brother we are. I just hope that the powers-that-be will listen to the complaints and do something to change it. (If you look at some of the executives Twitters there are a lot of complaints.)

    I cannot even deal with watching the episodes anymore because they are so horribly edited from the truth. BB used to be one of my favorite Summer escapes. Now I’m only here because I love this blog and the people in it so much.

    I just hope that they listen and change things up for the future years. does anybody think there’s any chance they’re trying to get canceled??

    It’s late I’m tired and I’m grumpy. I suppose I should take my fat ass to bed goodnight everybody…


    • Kel-E

      I hope they make changes and make it like it was before. I use to never miss an episode, now over the last handful of years I don’t worry if i miss an episode. But like you, i always come here and read what y’all have to say

  97. mm22

    “does anybody think there’s any chance they’re trying to get canceled??* I have
    wondered that same thing-they appear to be cutting cost-ignoring viewer feed back-
    casting from a small pool-getting twist/power ideas from third graders

  98. Leta

    Morning y’all. I got tied up with uninvited unexpected just-drop-on-in company last night …. who didn’t take the numerous hints I laid in front of them to hit my front door and exit as 8pm became 10pm became 11pm and so on. So, I was already grumpy when I logged in here. After reading the 260+ comments here, I’m caught up with the latest bullshit moves of the HGs — but what really caught my eye is seeing numerous Junksters posting if CC stays they are abandoning ship. THIS makes me really fucking grumpy. Hogwild, dan, Doug . . . and all you others with this mindset . . . please don’t go. I love reading and listening to your posts Hogwild. Your taste in music mirrors mine spot on … and dan — I have so much fun deciphering your somewhat jumbled posts, tht in the end make perfect sense … Doug — although sometimes we think differently, you always make me think with the way you see the HGs actions. Even though I’m a newbie here, I would miss all of you terribly. Please don’t go. *Nancy we may still need your van to gather up some of our favorite Junksters and keep them here.*

    • AIO_7

      Speaking for myself, I’m not going to take it out on BBj, but on CBS and their Production manipulations of the show. If Chrustie stays, my CBS feed go, and I go freebie feeds.

    • danmtruth

      Thank you for your kind words More importantly for having the patience to decifer my ramblings Sorry to say no secert decoder ring just the mind moves faster than the fingers Combined with too many thoughts and voices in my head

    • NKogNeeTow

      Don’t worry Leta. They’re not going anywhere, just venting. Every year when people are unhappy with the cast they say the same thing, then the next year they are right back waiting to judge the new cast…lol. We all complain about some or most of the HG every year, but we’re all pretty much addicted to the show as well as each other. 🙂

  99. jimbo

    I have been a little more loosely interested this year than others, so not having a hugely time-invested interest, I gotta say I agree with Leta. I get it — you hate Christie. I was hoping Jackson was going to pull it off, and now it looks like he changed his mind. It’s a mistake, so whatever. Think about it — just 2 weeks ago people here (and me) wanted to hang Jackson by his toes, and now we were rooting for him! That’s BB! I’ve always said hating someone makes BB more interesting than liking someone. It is the ones you hate that make it interesting, but if, like many here, you are too closely involved in the goings-on, you want to smash the TV and give up on BB when it doesn’t go right and your “hated” keeps sliding by (Remember Poker Player Vanessa and Paul?!). I think Christies day is coming — and it will be extra sweet. But, then again, there is the chance she does win it all. Oh well! Evil Dick won, and I hated his guts.

  100. Jennifer

    I cannot believe they are planning to keep CC. She has been JJ’s target for weeks and he knows she was coming after him! This is a great opportunity to get out a strong player. Why would you not take advantage of it!! The fact that she has manipulated them into thinking keeping her is a good idea just shows how they really need to take her out. Someone needs to open their eyes and see it!!

  101. KelBel

    Here’s what I don’t understand: keeping CC to take out NN.

    They’ve accused him of throwing comps, so don’t they realize if that’s true, he will certainly gun for HOH now that he knows his slimy ass is on the line? Then what? You’ve got Sir Slimeball with the power AND CC is still in the house.
    If CC has this photographic memory, she should have won the comp that lead to Jess being HOH. Unless she threw that one…which is what they’re all mad at NN for doing?
    Jackson HEARD CC say he was her target. He HEARD her say that he & Beth are alone against the rest of the house. How can you flip to keep the person who you’ve HEARD say is going to come after you? Take NN out yourself if you think he’s such a threat, but you didn’t HEAR him say he’s coming after you.

    These people are stupid. I’m angry. Happy Thursday, which may need to turn into Thirsty Thursday at the rate this is going.

    • Sassy

      CC and NN are going to target each other. If CC left, NN and SS would target JJ. He’s flipped for the chance to stay a few extra weeks. I know people hate this idea, but it really is in his best interest.

      • KelBel

        He’s putting an awful lot of trust in the person who he heard say that they want him out (CC). Sis really isn’t a threat, other than she is a voting number. NN still may target JJ/Beth instead of CC because JJ put Sis otb and allowed CC to twist things to get Sis out. It appears CC has talked/manipulated her way out of this one, who’s to say she can’t do the same with NN and everyone else in the house to simply just target JJ/Beth as was her original plan but make it look and seem that she had nothing to do with it. IMO, his and Holly’s best interest is playing for themselves and not making deals with the devil. ((sorry, I just want CC gone so damn bad.))

      • AIO_7

        It’s still a punk, pussy move. He could get the same assurance from Nick that he got from Chrusty not to target him this week. Looks like the “alpha” male is afraid of little ole Nick.

      • NKogNeeTow

        What would be funny is that after all that talking JJ did about getting CC out, then he keeps her because she promises to go after Nick, then she stays, wins HOH then puts JJ’s azz OTB anyway. Now THAT would be entertainment and would also serve his ass right.

  102. Leta

    Last night Nicole told JJ she understands he wants her to vote SS out. Nicole then tells him she and Cliff were weighing their options anyway, wondering if they should split their votes, making it a tie. JJ tells her he’d rather not have to break the tie.

    WTFN? What.The.Fuck.Nicole. Nicole is really starting to get on my nerves. And this is exactly why. She tells everyone, everything. This girl doesn’t know the definition of secret. She, on her own, hasn’t even played this damn game. She sits in her bed reading her bible and lets Cliff, Nick or whoever do all of her game work. My man Hogg is gonna get his butt in a crack with his need to “protect” her. He can’t protect her from her own worst enemy, which is herself. Keep your damn mouth shut, Girl.

    • KelBel

      Sadly agree, Leta. I think so many of us have wanted to pull for her because of the beat down she took at the beginning from the mob, and because she seemed to be one of the only kind people in the house. But this is a game and she’s not playing. The only thing she is doing is talking too much, and that makes her just like Jess…which is not good.

    • AIO_7

      “My man Hogg is gonna get his butt in a crack with his need to “protect” her.”

      Screw him too. Hank Hill can take his pussified game back to Texas as far as I’m concerned.

      • KelBel

        Lol, AIO, are you pulling for anyone to win at this point? It’s not easy, is it?!?

      • Leta

        LMAO @AIO We Texans love our Hank Hill! #TeamHogg

      • AIO_7

        KEL; about the only one I can stomach is Nicole. These people actually had me feeling sorry for Sis last night.

        Leta; Sorry, but Hank is such a sissy. Bows down to Boxhead every time, Actually believes Box and the Cher wanna-be have his and Nicole’s back. What a joke.

        I’m sick to think we have to endure Chrustie for who know how long.

      • KelBel

        After Nicole spilled the beans to NN about the plan to flip the vote, why didn’t Nicole, NN, TT gang up to keep the plan the same…all they needed was Cliff to help them. They can’t be scared of JJ, he can’t be HOH next week!

      • AIO_7

        Tommy is playing a double game; he is like Jello. Nick never fights hard enough.

      • NKogNeeTow

        ROFL AI @ the screw Hank Hill comment.

    • danmtruth

      That is the theme As the song says im a fool tk do your dirty work — yet they keep doing it Also Cliff show a spine stop this just get another week down the road As both you and nicole will be up soon as pawns to be fliped on by these soulless people

  103. Annabelle

    I was glad to see Nicole say something about the I love you thing. Enjoy your love just dont say it bahaha

  104. AIO_7

    Beth especially pissed me off last night sitting all high and mighty on the HoH bed trying to look and sound like Cher while running her tongue across her rubbery botoxed lips. She is taking Boxhead from a hero to a zero. What a chump; and we are stuck with Chrustie for who knows how long.

    • KelBel

      YES. She has lost all my support this week. JJ made a great move for BOTH of their games in going after CC. And Beth did nothing but try to talk him out of it, and poof, here we are. It’s like she doesn’t realize she has a strong partner and continuously works against him. Well, hope they both enjoy jury! I think JJ would have gained several jury members votes this week (if he makes F2) for getting CC out. Hell, CC would have probably given him her vote because he was able to dethrone the almighty universe psycho.

      • AIO_7

        No doubt Kel; and a big part of it is rubber lips being bamboozled by Tommy. At the same time she was up in the HoH telling Box that she trusted Tommy; Tommy was in the Boat Room telling Chrustie that she should target those two. (JJ,Beth)

  105. KelBel

    I think NK commented (or someone did, sorry I can’t find the comment) that CC is okay with going out 5th, but not 9th. And all I keep hearing in my head is:

    “If you ain’t first, you’re last” — Ricky Bobby’s dad.

    • AIO_7

      That is so fucking stupid. As if she will just roll over when the #’s get down to 5. Boxhead is a dope. When he was saying it , Cliff was shaking his head in agreement.

      • danmtruth

        Same argument they are using to get nasty nick out Who will take a shot at her Back to the original H8FULL thinking get down so far than let the comps decude No its still the votes dumb ass and you dont gave them

  106. Mary

    LOL I know last night Nicole had me madder than a hornet, even walked away for a little bit, talking to myself. She has me so confused as to why she sabotages her game. I get that there are people that just can’t stand being by themselves, Jess is like that, or at least it seems that way to me.

  107. Betty Boo

    Good Grief! If Christie doesn’t get voted out tonight, just go ahead and give her the $500,000. She deserves it.

    And Nicole, quit telling everything you know! And tell Nick to GET OFF YOU if he is making you uncomfortable. Why is that not a thought in her head?

    At this point I am over Nick, Holly, Jess, Sis and Christie. Jess is hardly seen or mentioned on the show or in the blogs.

  108. AIO_7

    Busy, busy day ahead, my fellow Junkers. I will miss out on all of the feeds today but I plan to be back for tonight’s live show. I will be manifesting (I hate that word now) all day that Boxhead comes to his senses and evicts Chrustie.

  109. amareels

    Good morning everyone.

    What was the deal that CC made with JJ?

    Is TT still with NN or has he gone back to CC with his tail between his legs?

    Is NN all alone or is Nicole flip flopping between Cliff and hm?

    Seriously, I can’t keep this straight in my head. These people are thinking this is good game play when it’s going to blow up. I think this will be pretty good to watch in the next few weeks. I don’t have a favorite this year, so I’m not emotionally involved. I don’t care who goes, I just want good feeds. Most of them irritate me, they have so many quirks and all of them stand out in. It a good way.

    Let’s get Nancy’s van ready because someone is going to the JH tonight.

  110. amareels

    I had a typo, I wanted to say “they have so many quirks and all of them stand out, BUT NOT in a good way.

  111. mm22

    I‘ve heard hollybeth tell jj it’s his hoh over n over ever since he won
    -he was sticking to his plan but ol blabberbeth just wouldn’t shut up-
    She a big part of this mess in my book

  112. Mary

    New thread…………… Mel’s recap

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