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Big Brother 21 – Waiting For Final 5 HoH Results

Good evening, everyone!


I have to say right away that I am so happy they didn’t scrap the double eviction this year. I love blogging that episode as much as I love watching it. Big moves are typically made and the dynamic of the season can change dramatically in one night.

Sure enough, it happened again tonight when Christie was 1 question and a tiebreaker away from being safe 5 times in a row, but falling in the end.

I will say it’s a shame that someone who played so hard won’t even make final 5, but that’s how it goes sometimes.


9:00 pm update – feeds still down for the HoH competition. I was trying to wait to post this until comp done but I’m sure people are curious

10:00 pm – Feeds still down

Actually feeds just returned but Nicole is still wearing the key. Stay tuned

10:15 pm Tommy confirmed no HoH yet


Had to update the title. Not sure I’ll make it. Maybe I’ll nap


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  1. Tam

    Thank you, Steve. I know when I didn’t have feeds I ran here to find out. Bless you! Oh it was glorious for Nugget to win and to take Christie out. And it was priceless to hear her tell Christie you are probably going up and Do You Trust Me…..Something along those lines….It was priceless because it was from our little dark horse!!! I knew she had a win in her and it was a good one. SO PROUD OF HER!!!!

    • Mello_One

      @ Tam, FACTS!!! And in fact all of the Veteran Players from Big Brother love Nugget, & don’t like Christie very much.

      • Tam

        Mello, I believe you. Thank you for letting me know, indeed! I don’t know what the past players are saying because this is the only place that I see and hear things, but it doesn’t surprise me. Christie was just TOO MUCH….Nugget is a gem, imo. Just so happy for her. She definitely deserved to win and especially the DE. Can’t wait to see her read her letter and get to see family photos. So Proud of Her!!!! Keep me posted on what they say! Interesting…..

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Mello, good to know we are not alone…lol

    • Colby

      It was great. Once they post it online I want to go back and watch it again. LOL

    • danmtruth

      Tam that episode had some great visuals The one you said Jackson sipping his coffee Cliff telling Tommy no need to talk about useing the veto as he was going to keep them the same as he walked away

      • Tam

        Dan, It was just priceless to watch. Made my night. Can’t wait to rewatch it. This has to be one of the all time favorites. It definitely made up for this season of blahhhh.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        And Cliff not only cut TT off verbally but didn’t even slow down walking by. Priceless!

  2. Mello_One

    Christie changing her answer back at the last moment cost her the POV, & from the way she reacted after the answer was revealed she knew it.

  3. danmtruth

    If tommy thought the hide the veto was an unfair comp This was before he won it wounder what his thoyghts are about Double eviction where he has no control over the game

  4. Colby

    I hope production tried to time the comp so they will be back on by the time BBAD starts.
    But they probably don’t care that much.

  5. Kari

    watching tonight’s episode now here, do you think Christy is kicking yourself for changing her answer at the last second on the POV, LMAO

  6. Kari

    I forgot to mention that even though I knew the outcome, watching Nichole and her reaction was absolutely priceless.

  7. Ronduh

    I got teary eyed when Nicole won! I was kind of hoping Tommy would leave though because I don’t think Christie is that good at comps but she can be very convincing so that would make it interesting in the house. She drives me nuts but she is playing hard and is scrappy. Holly is more annoying to me but that’s just my opinion!

  8. Colby

    Feeds back, but can’t tell who won. I don’t see the key, but don’t see Holly. She may be in DR.

  9. Nancy

    Isn’t the house quiet without chompys mouth running

  10. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: The house has been purged…


    Cliff and JJ are playing Backgammon as Nicole watches. Only small talk going on. Cliff tells Nicole he wonders when she’ll get her basket. She wonders where they will put her HOH stuff. JJ says he bets she will get to keep them for a week. She says she’s just mainly wants her pictures. She mumbles something then leaves the kitchen as TT walks in. Cliff is beating JJ, as he usually does. JJ says he loves it.

    Nicole gets some cookies and sits at the table to eat them. TT sits down next to Cliff and eats his ice cream but isn’t too talkative. *I’m guessing separation anxiety* Cliff is beating JJ so bad he ask hif if he wants to quit or finish the game. JJ says he’s not going to quit on a game. JJ asks if it’s a rumor they gets cards. Cliff says he thinks it’s a rumor but not sure. Cliff asks Nicole if she wants to do some more Chess. The Backgammon game continues.

    TT asks where Holly is. Cliff says he doesn’t know but hopes she’s doing better. JJ says she’s in the DR. Cliff asks Nicole if he wonders if there is anything from the comp that she gets to keep. She says if it’s the ball or something it would be awesome. TT asks her if she knows when she’s getting her stuff. She says thay keep telling her different times. TT says he’s going to lay down but will get back up when Nicole gets her basket. He passes Holly on his way out.


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  12. Helen

    So idk what’s going on…there is speculation that Nicole was allowed to play this HOH too and won again…

  13. danmtruth

    No talk about The hoasting couple so im not even sure if they have played yet No talk one way or the other

  14. NKogNeeTow

    **Chrome completely shut down in the middle of last segment then came back as Page Unresponsive error. Going to restart and go from realtime to DVR for the rest of report.**

  15. Mary

    Here is Jess’s extended interview with Julie and good bye messages.

    • Ronduh

      I got about 1 min into it and had to turn it off lol

    • danmtruth

      Jess clueless to the end thinks nicole only told her half the truth Said she was close to Christie because the connected spiritual they are both libras and balanced each other Speaking of the mistake of the universe christie Was anyone surprised she was fake cryi g in her goodbye mesage

      • Painter1

        Sooooo out of everything, still has no idea. Jess will see Nicole was her real partner but she blew her up when Nicole was trying to look out for her. CC even in her goodbye to Jess was working her.

      • Mary

        Jess was talking crap. She told Nicole a few days ago that she didn’t trust her and didn’t know if she could. Yet she believed the garbage what Christie was spewing.

      • mm22

        I’m not surprised at christy dan, she’s not fake crying! She picked in the
        corners of her eyes so much she just rubbed her tear duct away

  16. Tam

    Got to rant for a moment……..Caught them JJolly sort of trash talking Cliff and that just struck me as wrong. Wasn’t he his their bf earlier? Getting sick of them. I would tell her to go to HN room and get well. Now they are coming into the RV room. That is just wrong. If you are sick then stay away from others. JJ, too, since he has been her pillow and caretaker. That is just wrong to go around others and possibly infect others. They are the least conscious people regarding germs that I know. They work in service industries and just utter stupidity. Take your ass out away from me and us…..
    Earlier someone said that JJ was being a lot of things, but they fail to see how patient he is. All she is doing is whining, full of regrets, and saying how sick she is he has only shown one moment of DAMN Hush It and just lay down and then back to holding and consoling her. SO, I have to give him props for that. I am thinking that they had a practice for the comps tonight by the way that they are acting. I could be wrong.
    Ok, thanks for listening……

  17. Mary

    Here is Miss Christie’s extended interview and good byr messages.

  18. Tam

    Nicole has a key!!!! Please, Dear Lord, let this be!!! And she is being assertive….

  19. Colby

    I wonder why the feeds were down for so long since they didn’t play HOH. They all seemed kind bummed when the feeds came back.
    I wonder if maybe they tried and the equipment failed or something.
    OR maybe they are letting Swaggy and Bayleigh have the HOH shower for the night for old time sake. LOL

  20. NKogNeeTow



    Holly tells Cliff that she wants to sleep on the bathroom couch so she’s close to the toilet. Cliff offers to leave and they tell him he doesn’t have to. Holly says she doesn’t care because they’ve had privacy for the last week. Cliff leaves and JJ tells her she looks pretty. She says she feels sh*tty.


    TT is telling Nicole that it makes sense gamewise that he would be the one to go. He says he feels awkward being around people but he’s going to fight. She tells him there is so much that can happen and she’s been in his spot before. He says he feels alone and it sucks. She says she understands. He has this sad look on his face. She says she feels like a hypocrite and it’s weird and all day today has been a weird dynamic. She said CC was OTB so many times and it scared her.

    TT says he’s relieved because it was hard to play the game with her(CC). He says he wants to fight and be there. He tells her that if he wins she’s safe and he respects what she did today. He says he has to talk to people and see who wants to go forward with him and not get rid of him. She says she trust him and Cliff. He says he gets it. She says they are all F5 and she loves and respects him so much. She says they have to do what they have to do.

    Nicole says she feels bad for CC. TT says she’s okay and will be fine. He said he liked hearing her take it so well. He says he’s going to get some sleep. He tells her he’s sleeping in the RV. She yells, “Hooray, a new friend.” He looks for his eyemask and she gives him hers. They leave and go into the camper.


    TT takes CC’s bed. Nicole says she can’t wait for them to call her. He says F5. She says they did it. She says he made her emotional in his speech. She gets in her bed and they talk. She says everything was in a tizzy but she knew who her target was. Cliff comes in and tells them H/J are in the bathroom and he doesn’t want to be the 3rd wheel. He asks TT where he’s sleeping. TT says in there. Cliff says he might sleep in there too.


  21. Mary

    Why does Holly feel it necessary to describe her being sick to her stomach, gosh girl you’re making me sick.

  22. Tam

    STU HollyBeth………She is the worst….This is Nicole’s time to shine….Stop trying to be center of attention…..She is so jealous of Nicole and she really thinks that we can’t see through her BS…… I can understand game talk, but this about NICOLE right now. Let her have moment. No one wants to hear about your toilet confessions……

    • danmtruth

      Thats just it she knows the camera is on nicole and she had to get it back

      • Tam

        Right. Desperation at its worst. She is so sick, but she is eating the cereal. I can tolerate her if she was REALLY being supportive, but I know that she is truly is not. Just drives me insane to see her doing that. That’s fine with the others, but not Nicole. She wasn’t supportive of her until recently and it is just for her benefit. She is going to have a rude awakening when she comes out of the house and realizes that she doesn’t have the fans that she thinks that she has. She has made some comments tonight that seem like they are flattering but I can tell that she is being catty or shady towards Nicole. She just has to get her digs in when she cans and pretend to be a sweetheart. Can see right through it.

  23. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole says she believes most people are good. Cliff says he’s been all over the world and have seen very few evil people. Nicole says some of them are ignorant. Cliff, Nicole and TT discover some of CC’s things. TT says they wiill send them to them. Cliff says maybe he will sleep in there. Nicole says, “yea, new friends”. TT says it use to be an all girl’s room and now it’s unisex. Cliff says Nicole and Holly are the final 2 girls. Nicole says she didn’t even think of that. She and TT say that’s crazy.

    Cliff says he has a lot of respect for Jess. He said that a lot of the times he didn’t know where her head was but she represented plus size girls well. He said that he knew a lot of people thought she would have left early. TT says he thought if she was in the F2 he could see himself voting for her. Cliff said she single handedly took out Jack and left her mark in the game. He says she and CC will have fun and be able to comfort each other.

    Nicole says she told CC that she bowed to her for being a strong woman and had such a strong social game. Cliff said the fact that she stayed and Sis went home. TT says he told her off and she went against what he said and went off. Nicole said she(CC) perfectly got people out and that’s why she was so scary. Cliff said she was a good player and he knows how much she loves BB but it is what it is.

    Cliff wonders when Nicole willl get her basket. Nicole wonders where she will get it. TT says 5 left and it’s nuts. Nicole says that double digits of people are gone. Cliff says there are more people in the JH than in there. They start talking about the Veto comp. Nicole says it was funny to see them on film. TT says he thought they would have looked better.

    Cliff says it was funny listening to what they would say and it was funny thinking or remembering what they said. Nicole and TT talk about the ones they missed during the comp. TT says the funny thing was before Julie asked the question, he knew the answer then answered it wrong. TT says it’s funny because at that point he was just praying that CC wouldn’t win. Cliff said he thought it was going to go to a tiebreaker.


  24. Tam

    Nugget, I am so happy for her. She made me cry. I am so happy for her. She is so preciou and I am so happy for her. She is so funny and hysterical. HOBETH, let the girl have her moment and keep your hands out of her basket with you sick self. Damn it…..Has to touch everything. Not cool, biooottcchh. I am so happy for Nicole Nugget. Now, HB is manifesting………Ugghhh, get out of their faces…….Stop making trying to hog NUGGETs moment……..

    Sweet baby, Nugget!!! So happy for her and her family. Just precious.

    • Kari

      I can’t wait for her to be able to read everything we’ve written at least as much as she can, and to know how much she truly is loved..

      • Tam

        I agree, Kari. She is soooo cute going through her basket and putting everything up in her room. She reminds me of kid at Christmas. I love it. So happy for her. Too cute….I know her family is so proud. And today is when her kids went back to school. Just awesome…….

    • danmtruth

      Just happy christie is not their eating and spraying the lucky charms out as she eats and talks

  25. Sophie

    This part: “it’s a shame that someone who played so hard won’t even make final 5”

    That’s interesting. To me, she didn’t play any harder than the others. She had an unfair advantage that helped her game so I don’t think she deserved to even make it this far. Now that she’s gone I can watch again.

  26. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is saying they have been playing the game for 79 days. TT says one of the things he’s grateful for is being put OTB. He says it’s scary but he feels so glad that he ripped the bandaid off and went through it. He says he is also grateful he got to show good sportsmanship and that his dad taught him that. Nicole apologizes to him for the blindside. He says it’s okay. TT says he was thinking that they are all doing the same thing to each other right now. Cliff says it’s been a weird week.

    Cliff tells TT that as much as he hated him pulling CC off, it made him see what some of the relationships were and made him see it more clearly. Cliff starts to talk about the movie “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. JJ and Holly come in and JJ lays across TT’s bed and ask them if they are talking about that movie. Holly is eating a bag of saltines and milking it for all it’s worth. They all says F5 and are in awe.

    JJ says they have a 20% chance of winning 500k. Cliff says they are the F5 of this year. TT says he thinks they are going to get some kind of luxury this week. Holly mentions all the people who are watching. *Of course she is. That’s all that crow thinks about, who is watching her.* JJ says it’s starting to become real that someone could win this thing. *Someone WILL win this thing dummy.*

    Holly goes into talking about her dad. *Not listening*. Cliff says that they talked about how there are only 2 girls left in the house now. JJ says it’s also the first time the guys have outnumbered the girls all season. TT says that he represents both genders. JJ says then it’s 2 1/2, then asks if he can say that. TT laughs and says yes. JJ says he wasn’t sure because the live feeds are on now and he didn’t want to get roasted. Cliff tells JJ he hopes he got his hair cut short enough because Jess is gone.

    They start to talk about the comp and Nicole tries to remember the name. JJ says it was called “On Thin Ice”. They start talking about how they played. Nicole says she was hauling ass. She said she started with one piece and started zipping. TT says he was out of breath. Nicole tells them since she has them all there and she’s HOH, she wants them to know her reasoning. She says that CC had survived the block and could manipulate herself out of everything and that if any of them were sitting next to her at the end, it would be a very good argument.

    She said she didn’t want to do it as pairs or couples but as which individuals scared her and it was CC. She said the Jury would say, well she did survive the block. She said her answer was CC and lucky for them it worked out that way. Cliff says as long as she can justify it with game play and strategy and it makes perfect sense then it’s okay. JJ asks her if she will get music. Nicole says she doesn’t think so. She says they just said basket, letter and pictures.

    Holly gets called to the DR and Nicole tells her to let her know when they say she will get her basket. Nicole says that maybe they will just leave it on the kitchen table. Cliff says he thinks it might be a little more formal than that. Nicole wonders how long she will get to keep her pictures. She says that maybe the next HOH will let her keep them up there.


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  28. danmtruth

    Just happy for nugget
    Some Beatels

  29. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is telling them who she wants pictures of but says she’s not picky. Cliff says they have to figure out who her playlist would have been. She tells them. Cliff says she should ask them if she can get it for a while. She says she’s never gone into the DR and changed what she wanted in her basket. Cliff says none of them have. He asks JJ if he had ever changed his. JJ says once. JJ says he thinks she might get her music for a week. He says he thinks she will get everything but the room. Cliff says maybe even the room.

    JJ says you can’t take the music outside of the HOH. He says he took the ipod outside to workout with and was told if shouldn’t leave the room. They talk about how much longer they have left in the house. Cliff says everything is going to go super fast the next few weeks. JJ says he can’t believe it was a double then ask how many days have they been saying it. Cliff said he’s take a DE with no battle back any day of the week.

    They talk about how Julie told them. Cliff said his jaw dropped. Nicole says it was a very terrifying feeling. JJ said he grabbed all his stuff and threw it all in one place when she said it. Cliff tells JJ he and TT are going to sleep in the RV so he and Holly can have privacy if they want. JJ says it doesn’t matter. Cliff says he’s fine in there until he starts snoring and TT and Nicole hits him over the head. He says it’s amazing how many empty beds there are now. JJ says unless they close out another bedroom. Cliff says sometimes that happens.


  30. Sophie

    I just watched tonight’s episode. I loved the look of pure joy on Jackson’s face as he cast his vote to evict CC.

    I, too, was beaming as I shared his elation.

  31. danmtruth

    Another one for our nugget fron Donnavon

  32. Tam

    The camera man must have a side job with adult film industry to keep panning in on them kissing. WE DON”T WANT TO SEE THE EXTENDED VERSION of that. She is sick remember…..Let her have eat the bouillon cubes JJ. Let her be really sick as she makes me.

  33. Mary

    Jackson may be younger than Holly, he seems to be the smarter one of the two. If she is so sick that she has to keep repeating it, even when people are eating, she should be drinking room temperature 7 UP, or Ginger-ale.

    • Tam

      You are sooo right, Mary. Dang this screen!!!!!!!Ginger ale is much better. Ginger tea at room temp. The sugar only makes it worse. The bland diet is a definite and NO MILK. It may help coat the stomach, but when you are sick like that it we know it doesn’t coat but curttle….. But, you are right, milking it……

  34. Kari

    And I hear is Pacific Northwest and I’m so glad I was able to finally enjoy watching an episode. **Thoroughly** enjoyed watching the episode even! I’m just enough warning to turn off my TV once Christy was voted out. Had no desire to hear anything about Braggy and Bailey.

    I’m going to attempt to be out early tomorrow because it’s free admission to the fair tomorrow with school supplies donations. I don’t know if anyone remembers Michael Peterson who sang country music in the 90s? Anyway he’s from the Pacific Northwest and he’s going to be doing some free performances starting tomorrow so I’m hoping to catch him.

    TGIF!!! ❤️❤️
    Xoxo! Night!!

  35. NKogNeeTow



    TT he thought they looked rough up there on the film. He says he thought he saw some of Kat’s pimple pads. Nicole says Sam was sick. JJ says Sam looked like hell. Ma’s jealous ass comes back and ask JJ if he’s talking about a hot girl. *I wish he would have told her yes and it’s not her. *rolling eyes*. TT says yes and laughs. JJ tells them to tell Holly what they were talking about. JJ says he was talking about Kat. Holly says she thought he was talking about someone else they were talking about earlier today. She says baby blue dress and he goes, “Ohh”. *This insecure b*tch needs to go NEXT!*

    They start talking about how Jack looked in his clip. Cliff says he didn’t even see himself. Nicole says JJ looked mean sitting on the couch and looked angry. Holly says it was a concentration face. She says it’s okay, nobody noticed him. *You either* Nicole says she can’t believe how different jess looked. Nicole gets called to the DR. She apologized to JJ on her way out for saying he looked mean. He says she doesn’t have to because she’s his big sister and she’s toughing him up.

    Holly is showing TT something and telling him how it’s hard to shave there by her battle wound. She goes into a description of how she shaves. *We don’t care Buzzard Bait* JJ tells TT that he likes his headband. TT says it was Jack’s. TT says he doesn’t know where his is. JJ says he swept it and threw it away during the Veto. Nicole returns and says they are going to call her to the SR and she’s to take her basket to the living room.

    She’s so excited. She grabs her flower and takes it to the living room and places it on the sofa. She goes back to the camper and puts on her necklace and says it’s like Christmas morning. She says she can hear them in the SR. She puts on her bracelets from her sisters and tells BB she’s ready when they are. Holly tells her she was going to wear her flower in her hair today but she forgot.She says she wanted to wear it so her mom would notice. She says she wanted to telll her mom that it’s her favorite flower and not to forget her. *Nobody cares Holly and we’d all like to forget you.*

    Nicole goes into the living room then back to the camper. You can hear them talking inside the camper but camera is on the door outside of it. JJ takes a jar of peanut butter out of the room and Nicole says she will go with him. Holly tells TT and Cliff how she ate peanut butter then puked an it tasted like peanut butter, then she says when she ate the taco she puked and it tasted like queso. *Why does this bitch think we want to hear about her puking and what it taste like. God I can’t wait for the next eviction.*

    Nicole comes bakc in and paces and says she can’t contain it and they are killing her, then leaves again. Dry-Azz Holly says, it’s so exciting. Cliff says it was a busy day and tomorrow will be a busy day. Nicole comes back in.


    • Tam

      Oh NK, I love your post. We are on the same page. I can not for the life of believe that JJ ate peanut butter right on top of Tommy!!! Wait what is he thinking, the guy is very allergic to nuts. AND that is just a NO NO. And he works in the food service industry. Talk about being a liability. That scares me. Poor Tommy in that aspect. No wonder for some of the dramatics. Always having to be afraid if these people are going to kill you just by being around. Ok, she is sick and now talking about having enough to have enough drinks for tomorrow when the HOH gets alcohol! Palm to forehead!!! Just can’t tolerate her anymore. Nothing genuine about her. I am sure that there is actually, but I just can’t see it due to all the fakeness that she is trying to have captured and BS with…..Now don’t you think that Pop got those glasses for Nicole just to raz HB.
      Let’s pray, manifest for her to be hitting that block to be put in check or checking in with Julie….

  36. danmtruth

    So great to see how happy and appreciative nicole is of her pictures and letter just so happy for her
    Allen Jackson

    • Mary

      I know I’m sitting here smiling listening to her.

    • Tam

      Dan, thanks for making me bawl!!!!!!!! Love me some Alan Jackson and this song just makes me boo-hoo. I just love seeing her so excited and appreciative of all of her stuff. Just really excited for her. I knew that she was an underestimated dark horse that would come into her own. And seeing her get her confidence is wonderful. She is just real and refreshing to see. Thank you, Dan, for the tune, in all seriousness. Brought back some happy memories of my Mawmaw. She loved Alan.

  37. NKogNeeTow


    Outside the RV:

    Nicole is pacing back and forth alone. Cliff comes out of the target room and she tells him it’s already happening and the ugly cry has already started. Cliff whispers to her that he is so proud of her and what a perfect day. She says it’s the end to her perfect day. He says things started out so differently and she started out with the win. She says then he won the Veto. He gives her a hug and tells her he’s proud of her and knew she would do it. He says she didn’t just win, she won the biggest of the season and did it live so her family was watching.

    Production calls her to the SR. She opens the door and Cliff holds the door for her. She looks at it and starts crying. Cliff takes it out for her. She got a huge basket and unicorn slippers. She got a picture of Georgia Peach and her family. She cries while she tells them who everyone is. JJ rubs her shoulder. She tells them when they took the pictures. Cliff says her dad looks the way he envisioned him. JJ says the dog is adorable. Fake-Azz Holly hugs her, then checks the basket for the wine.

    JJ tells her she got a letter. Nicole sits down to read it. Holly keeps telling her she’s happy for her while going through her basket. She starts to read the letter from her mom and dad. She is crying while she’s reading it and has to stop. She laughs at certain parts of it. When she gets to the end she really starts to cry. Cliff tells her that her mom and dad are so proud of her. JJ rubs her shoulder. Nicole looks through her basket and Holly, the new CC, says that in her dream she got the same rose colored glasses.

    As Nicole goes through her basket, she cries as she picks up certain things. She is excited because she got unicorn poop candy from the Dollar Tree. She also got a tee shirt and a lot of miscellanous snacks.


    • Tam

      It was an awesome moment for Nicole and good for Cliff for standing in for her as a sub parent to let her know that her family was so proud of her, and not just having support and having to wonder if it’s genuine. Yes, HB is the new CC. Nicole is sweet. I personally would have popped the shit out of her hands out of basic instinct and said have you washed your hands……..Lord forgive me. She is really riding my last nerve. She is a de’ pouille. Trying to be nice….

  38. danmtruth

    Nicole and cliff bonded for life She is so energized
    So cliff is now everones target except for nicole Tommy puts up cliff and Jackson Holly cliff and tommy or nicole Jackson Does tommy and cliff So unless cliff wins HOH he is goi g up

    • Tam

      I love seeing Nicole take this win like a champ. She was on it. You are right, Then I am going to have to pray that Cliff pulls out another win. Break up the power love couple. And let everyone have a chance. JJolly are playing nice now, but you are right. I think that they would cut them as soon as they have the chance. Yes, I think HB would stab JJ in the back in a heartbeat, but better him than people that haven’t played on their back. Just have nothing for her now.

  39. Mello_One

    Idk, I read on Jokers they are going to play the HOH tomorrow, BUT….They won’t allow Nugget to stay in the HOH for just one night?!

    I guess they told Swaggy, & Bayleigh to go home until tomorrow, since they both now live in Los Angeles?!

  40. Gerardo for AFP

    Raven SHUT THE F…

    Oh, sorry guys. Holly’s just starting to remind me of someone I used to know…

    • Tam

      Now that is funny. Don’t speak her name…..It’s like Beetle Juice…..They will call her to host a comp………Noooooooo, and I have personal issue for not wanting to ever see her. She rubs me the rob way…..

  41. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    Nicole is going through her pictures. She says her grandma’s name is Mary. Fake-Azz Holly says her mom’s name is her grandma’s name and her grandma’s name is her mom’s name. *#STFUFakeAzzHolly* JJ is staring at her pictures and says he knows they are so proud of her and to watch her win on a double. Nicole says she thinks they were screaming. She says it’s incredible and thanks BB. Cliff asks if she knows how long she gets to keep her stuff. She says no. She keeps staring at a picture. She ask if her sister walked into the house would they know they were her sisters.

    She says let’s go have a Lucky Charms party. She tells them she will be right there for a cereal in a minute but first she wants to go to the camper and talk to the camera. She says this is the greatest moment. She goes intot he RV and says she’s ready for whichever camera is watching. She goes to one camera and holds up a picture and tells us that this is her amazing family and they are her world and they mean so much to her. She points them out one by one and says something about each of them.


  42. Mary

    Well kids I’m calling it a night. Pleasant dreams everybody!

  43. NKogNeeTow



    Everyone is eating Lucky Charms and says there is nothing like seeing her family and sharing her cereal with her friends. Holly asks about the corn on the cob and ask how often do they eat it. Nicole says almost every night. Holly then ask about the dogs.*For someone with so many stomach problems she has no problem sucking down that cereal. TT is at the counter cutting up something. Nicole says she got to show her family and read her letter in the house.

    Fake-Azz Holly is talking but I try to tune her out every time she says anything. She starts to tell a story about a shop where she goes to get her coffee, they sell unicorn poop candy that they make fresh. JJ gets called to the DR and says he’ll be right there.


  44. kneeless

    Wish we could have a season of hgs more like Nicole & Cliff. They truly love the game. They both are so real & more relatable than the rest of the “wanna bes.” It is nice to see Nicole’s enthusiasm & pure joy.

  45. danmtruth

    With this i will call it a night to those still here and goodmorning to those reading with there morning coffee or tea I leave you with a song from Elton John dedicated to nicole and cliff

  46. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is sitting on the oddly placed sofa. Fake-Azz Holly is putting something into the microwave. He whispers he’s serious and says that’s what he just told him, then he smiles. She says okay.

    Living Room:

    Nicole is sitting on the sofa looking at her tee shirt and saying it’s awesome. She puts it to her face and hugs it then folds it and reads her letter again. She smiles and says “Wow” then puts it away.


    Fake-Azz is sitting on JJ’s lap and whispering. They are gloating about Nicole putting up TT and CC.


    Nicole is putting some of her things on the dresser. She looks at a picture again and says she loves them so much. She leaves and on her way to the living room she says this is amazing. She gets more things and carries them to the camper. She says that this is all awesome and thank you to whoever picked it all out. She says she’s sitting up the whole shebang and everything is coming in there. She goes back to the living room and piles the rest of her things into the basket and takes it back to the camper.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Well, it was actually over 2 hours ago, but hey, what can I say. Doing the best with what I’ve got. Good night all you sleepy heads and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  47. kneeless

    Nicole, here’s some Monkees for you.
    Daydream Believer

  48. Tam

    Good night, night crew. It’s been fun and excited. See y’all on the flip side…….Everyone stay safe, sleep well.

  49. Nancy

    Just watched BBAD..I have never seen anyone so genuinely happy to receive their HoH basket..I have never been as happy watching someone looking at their HoH basket. Nicole was a little doll going thru her basket..a child on Christmas morning. My heart is full of joy for her, nice way to start my day


  50. mm22

    Was the website down earlier?

  51. Sabrina

    I am so happy Nicole won!! Plus, those chairs that Julie is sitting on are horrible. I thought Jessica’s was going to totally break last night the way it moves so flimsy.

  52. LynnD

    Thank you everyone for the updates. I look forward to being able to watch last nights BBAD later tonight. Never was able to last night. I won’t be home until after 1 am but TGIF!

    Everyone have a Great Friday. Anyone still dealing with Dirian please stay safe.

  53. Avatar

    I am so happy that Nicole won HOH and got her basket. But I don’t agree with her nominations. I don’t think she’s thinking ahead. she should have nominated Holly and Mickey because there’s no way that she can beat them the any of them can beat them for that back in the competitions. she would have had a better chance against Christi. now Holly and Mickey will just pick them up one by one Tommy might be their only saving grace. if they have a mental comp memorization it might have a chance but with BB Comics coming up I’m not sure who’s going to be best Tommy will do good I think. Nikki’s pretty observant though he might do well and I know he’ll be able to hold on longer.

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