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Big Brother 21 – Final Live Eviction Episode Thread!

Good evening, everyone!


The week of ‘finals’ continues tonight with the final live eviction episode of the season! We already had the final veto competition and final hoh ceremony, and every day moving forward is the final day of the week (for example, today is the last Thursday of the season). It’s quite sad, but after the last few weeks which have been absolutely dead, it’s also a relief to just get it over with.

Next Wednesday will technically be the final eviction but it’s also the reveal of the winner so I don’t call it an ‘eviction episode’. It’s more like a finale episode where someone gets evicted in it (before I have people nitpicking semantics).

It’s unknown how the final HoH is going to go as the last HoH and the last veto were typically the exact type of competitions that would have taken up rounds 1 and 2 of the final hoh. I’m not sure if they’re going to just repeat another endurance and another mental/physical comp for rounds 1 and 2 or change things up this year. If they do change things up, that will benefit Nicole tremendously as she really has zero chance at winning the final HoH unless there is a comp built for her skillset (like 80% mental 20% physical). If Nicole wins either round then she’ll be playing for the final HoH on Wednesday night and have a very equal chance at actually winning the competition (because it’s almost always just mental/luck).


In summary – Nicole has to win one of the first two rounds of HoH or it will be Jackson and Holly sitting in the final 2. Nicole winning a round doesn’t guarantee she’ll be in the final 2 but it at least gives her a chance.

And for those super new to Big Brother, this is how it typically goes:

  • Round 1 – Played tonight at some point.
    All 3 play in this competition which has historically been an endurance challenge. The winner of this competition automatically moves on to round 3
  • Round 2 – Played sometime over the weekend (likely Saturday)
    The losers from round 1 face off in this competition in a one vs one. It’s typically a veto style competition that requires some mental but usually a lot of running
  • Round 3 – Played on finale night
    The winners of round 1 and round 2 face off in a guessing game competition. The competition usually shows clips from jury members and the two have to guess how the jury members answer certain questions. It’s not entirely luck as someone who reads people will typically know how they’ll answer a question but even as someone who watches feeds all summer, I typically get a bunch wrong every season. So, imo, it’s basically 80% luck 20% skill

The winner of round 3 then evicts either of the 2 remaining players and that is your final 2.

If competitions are what they usually are, I fully expect Holly to win round 1 and Jackson to win round 2… but they could switch things up this year. We’ll see.


Alright, an hour to go until the episode, so I’m going to publish this now and wait. Check back!


Here we go!

Nicole tells the DR – “Do me a favor, Michie. Go f yourself”


Up next, Jury House

Seems like Nick and Kat have been flirting. Fun

The producer asks Nick if he’s still thinking of Bella and he remains silent. Awkward

Christie and Nick argue some


Tommy and Christie reveal they know each other and Nick feels even more betrayed.

Back to the house, Jackson showing some rage in the DR about Cliff’s threat

Ok, finally time for Cliff to be evicted….

Julie basically tells Cliff he was stupid for trusting Jackson (in a nicer tone)

Julie points out how Cliff and Nicole waffling on the deal really did break the trust. She asks how he’d feel if they did that (if the tables were turned) and they talked about keeping Tommy


Julie says part 1 of the HoH plays out in it’s entirety on Sunday so it’s possible they are switching it up this year and not having endurance first.

Alright, I guess that’s it for now. No clue how when the final HOH comp is being played. I’m sure we’ll find out on the feeds but I doubt we’ll see it play out


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  1. Nancy

    I’m ready for it to be over..I’m usually whining this close to the end, that I dont want it to end.. not the case this year.

    • Avatar

      I am too Nancy this season is bad and I hope on finale night people surround the soundstage with megaphones to boo Norman Bates and his mother

    • hogwild

      If wasn’t for the underdogs of Nicole and Cliff I would already be gone I’m not even watching the CBS shows anymore.

    • ElaineB

      I agree, but I will do more than whine. If it is indeed H/J in the end, I won’t even tune into the finale. That is how tired I am of both of them! Anyway, this dismal BB season is almost over. I will have hope for BB22. As I reviewed my BB frustrations, I realize that I disliked Seasons 15, 17, 19, 21 and have liked Seasons 16, 18, 20…..so, guess I am an ‘even gal’ and next season, I might be in luck! Wheeee!

      • Nancy

        I’ll have to watch the finale..I’m to damn nosey. plus I suffered so much already another night won’t kill me.. 😉

      • Robin

        I agree Nancy, I have to watch, even if only to watch the nasty twins figure out that ?America doesn’t love them and Snacksons mom can’t fixit.

      • Avatar

        Same. If it’s Holly and Jackson, I’ve got better things to do. I don’t know how healthy it is to yell “stfu” at the tv for a straight hour anyway. Probably does something bad to blood pressure.

    • Mary

      Hi Nancy, just bored with the Cliff talks. Last nights talk with Jackson was pretty good, and the after effects. Most people one time or another have had to put up with an alpha male. Holly will get tired of it. Makes me wonder how far Jack and Jackson would have gotten together, two bulls in a china shop. Think that’s why Jackson wanted to target Christie and Tommy so soon, he didn’t like the competition for Jack’s attention and loyalty.

      • Nancy

        Totally agree ..Jackson seemed to become more dominant after jack left..cockier..ugh.
        Hope CBS knows this season wasn’t their best effort.. as someone said earlier..I still love BB

      • Sassy

        I’m not feeling sorry for Beth. She’s very childish and manipulative in the relationship. They are meant for each other. I don’t consider her a victim.

      • ingodog

        Sassy my love, there will be no relationship after Wednesday, he will drop her ass as soon as they are out of there. But u are right she is childish.

      • Sassy

        I agree Ingo. They will only stay together long enough to see whether or not they can capitalize off of it.

    • danmtruth

      Let this dusapointing season come to an end The worse part is our family goes on hiatus See you all latter tonight

  2. hogwild

    I’m ready for tonights show to be over so I can start voting Nicole for AFP.

  3. Nikki

    I’m a teacher, and it’s homecoming week. Been busy supervising while the build floats and had to speed read to catch up prior to tonight’s eviction.

    So I read the recaps from the last three days.

    Here’s what I’m wondering. Mel stayed, Nicole made sure to commend Beth on her loyalty and keeping her word. And she did so knowing it would get back to Jackson.

    What was Jackson’s reaction to Beth as well as to Nicole?

  4. mona77450

    I just hope for these final competitions that everyone gets to compete fair and square. The live thread declaration by Jackson regarding how production clarified what targets he was supposed to hit in the last Veto comp is discouraging.

    • Robin

      Agreed Mona, atleast let the comps be fair!

    • Sophie

      Even if they are fair, people will claim they aren’t. People are so blinded by their dislike of the players that they can’t see anything else. Nothing but hate spewed regardless of game play. That’s what I don’t like .. because I like real game play. I realize I’m a minority here, but want to point out the obvious for those who can see it.

  5. Robin

    Okay, pretzels.. chec, soda..check…. joint… woot… let’s go!

  6. AIO_7

    Here we go ……..

  7. g8trgirl

    It’s a good thing Julie looks good tonight because this may be the last time I see her this season. If those 2 numbnuts (H/J) are the final 2, this will be the first finale in 21 seasons I won’t watch.

  8. Robin

    Julie looks good in a black summer dress.

  9. danmtruth

    Michie just cannot be honest My handshake is rocksolid till its not Is more like it There is no way he can sell that honesty line to anyone in the jury

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  11. AIO_7

    New showmance in the jury house? I’m guessing Jackass and Deep Space Nine Kat.

  12. amareels

    A new romance in the jury house? Who are they going to be? Sis nd Nick? Nick and Tommy?

  13. Colby

    New romance? Christie and Sis? LOL
    Probably Kat and AD.

  14. mustangsally

    Hmmmmmm, new romance in jury??

  15. Avatar

    Cliff reminds me of one of the idiots that goes to a National Forest and gets out to pet the cute bear and is shocked when he gets mauled.

  16. Avatar

    How much money you wanna bet that It’s Kat and AD that is the new romance in the jury house

  17. Amber

    Sis seemed surprised Cliff wasn’t evicted even though Jessica was already sitting beside her

  18. AIO_7

    Say what you will about Nick, dude has charisma.

  19. Nancy

    Gag..nick and kat

  20. Annabelle

    Go nick telling CC manifested yourself out

  21. Colby

    I’m very disappointed in Kat.
    She will really have a heart attack when Brett is at finale.

  22. Alda

    Nick and Kat! Who would have thunk it!!!1

  23. AIO_7

    Good jury house stuff!

  24. Avatar

    You know your cast sucks when you have to use jury house footage on a live show night

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  26. g8trgirl

    The houseguests in the house look like they’re going to a funeral.

  27. AIO_7

    Will be interesting seeing the Jury house reaction to Cliff keeping the showmance.

  28. Annabelle

    Can’t wait to see what they think of Jackson and his treatment of Tommy. CC would probably love it had it not been Tommy she will blame Nicole

  29. danmtruth

    Sounds like if nicole makes it to F2 she might win
    I just hope cliff goes out and does not shake Michie hand saying it means nothing to Michie

    • Amber

      I think she beats Holly in a final two. Just has to win her way there

    • g8trgirl

      It’s nice to know the jury recognizes Nicole’s game. Too bad they may not get to vote for it.

      • Sassy

        What game? Do you mean the HOH Cliff threw to her or the HOH Holly threw to her? Just wondering what great game she has played.

      • danmtruth

        G8GIRL glad to see you posting congrats on your gators Shame about the QB hope the kid is ok He got bent in a weird way
        Considering they bearly recognized her when they were still in the house Except that she was Kimmies only friend and someone to put on the block when ever they needed to sacrifice someone

      • g8trgirl

        Hi Dan,
        I’m sorry the kid got hurt. He’s never been a favorite of mine but I never want to see anyone go down that way. Jury still out on the new kid. Get it, jury?! Ha, ha ha. I’m tryin.

      • Sassy

        I’m not a fan of his either and never want to see a kid go out like that. I hope it’s not major and he has a speedy recovery. But I would like to see the new kid shine!

  30. Amber

    Noticed people commenting to Bella on twitter that now she can get a man with a good haircut, and to sell his chain

  31. Nancy

    It’s not Tommy..I dont feel his energy..enter Tommy..HAHAHA..so much for that shit

  32. hogwild

    Best line of the season Nicole. Do me a favor go fuck yourself Michie. Just one more reason to vote for her as AFP.

  33. Avatar

    Hey Everyone, I love this site and have kept updated with your posts for a while now so Thank you! I have never registered or posted before, but I just had to tonight. I have watched all 21 seasons of BB. I love the show. I know everyone has their favorites and the ones they do not like. Until about 2 years ago to the best that I can remember the jury voted on who played the game best. Yes, this included winning comps, social game, etc. There may have been a few that got to the end without lying etc, but unfortunately sometimes to get to the end you have to say things that may not be true. The jury was fair for the most part and for most seasons in my opinion until a couple of years ago, they voted on who played the game the best! I remember the first time they voted on who they liked and against who they were mad at. I was so shocked and disappointed. I thought wow a rogue jury. Then last year the same thing happened. Again, I was so shocked. This was like when I was in high school many years ago and cheerleaders were nominated by their popularity,not skill sets. I really hope this year it does not happen again, lol. I think the person who plays the best overall, comps, social games, etc should win BB. That is how it has always been for years. But, we will see. The reason I felt the need to write here was the responses I have been reading here. I feel like this is last years jury! To get to the end of the game and win half a million dollars is not easy, and I am sure when these folks get out they may regret some of the things that they have said and done. Anyway, bottom line I do not see how so many of you guys are wishing the worst for Jackson. I think hands down he has played the best game overall. The first to almost fold with their final 4 was Cliff and Nicole. Now , they ended up not doing it, but it was because of Jackson and his last minute plan. I am sorry it was brilliant. Also, in the game of BB when you get down to the last 4 or even 5 it is all about winning comps. I mean it really is. so, I am ready for the hateful responses, but I just do not understand all of the negative comments. Maybe I have watched too many seasons (all of them). Also, if he gets to final 2, if he does not win, it can only be due to a bitter jury again. That would be really sad.. The jury used to be able to look at game play and not hurt feelings to decide votes. Now, I really think Cliff and Nicole did great. Most of the older players do not last this long. But, his attitude and Nicole’s at this last moment have sure changed as expected. This is a $$$ game bottom line. I also do not think that either Cliff nor Nicole would have taken Jackson to the final 3 if they had won the veto even though Cliff said he would. But, anyway I have rambled on enough> I would love to know if anyone understands what I am saying and does ANYONE think Jackson should win,whether you like him or not due to his game play!

    • Robin

      Hey Donna, welcome. I have to disagree with you. If this game was only comps… Jackson is your man, but Big Brother is about social connections as well. Jackson scores close to Zero there.

    • AIO_7

      Welcome, Donna.

      • mm22

        Hi donna-do you have the live feeds?

      • mm22

        I have watched Jackson on the live feeds and don’t like him or any game moves he’s made-
        had I not watched the feeds I very well may have felt totally different about him.
        Jurors can vote to give the money to whoever for whatever reason they choose it’s
        their vote to cast-me this year I didn’t like the game play so I my vote would be
        who I liked.

    • BBBonbon62

      Welcome Donna to the party!

    • danmtruth

      Donna this whole jury management thing started a few years back As Derrick said a lot of it comes down to how you ( the jurors) felt the person treated them and made them feel
      Your points are based on wins and getting to the end makes all promises null and void As James would say you bounce checks all the time in BB
      For me its michie not owning up to his shady playing He keeps that holy then me

    • g8trgirl

      Welcome Donna!
      I too have watched every season and have been disappointed in the last 4- 5 years. Normally I applaud good game play. But in this case, Jackson won comps yes, but he played a DISGUSTING game. He holds himself up as righteous, all the while stabbing people in the back. If you remember in the beginning he was rather racist and a bit of a misogynist. Dr. Will played a mean game, but he owned up to the evil. Jackson hides behind pride of his word? No way.
      This of course is just my opinion.

    • Sophie

      I agree completely! I think we’re a very small minority here: those who appreciate game play & want the best player to win. I’m with you. I like it when the jury votes for who they believe played the BEST GAME, and NOT who they like the best. That type of thinking changes BB completely and, like you said, makes it more of a high school type thing (most popular wins). I miss the days that strategy & game play were rewarded & people looked at the game for what it is: strategy, comps, social manipulation. I really dislike all the personal attacks levied at the players because people don’t like them. I see that as nothing but bullying people who aren’t here to defend themselves. People put down Jackson because he didn’t keep his word? Really?? And then they say things like: We don’t like him because he puts people down for the things he himself does. Wow. Ok, because everyone in the house has done that. The people who make those comments are doing it as they make those comments! lol .. I don’t get that people can’t see game play & accept it for what it is. But that’s me. I’m more of a logic based person anyway, and people don’t like my comments either. That’s the way it goes. So .. please keep up your thinking/comments because it’s nice to see a that perspective … someone that appreciates & can really value the GAME of BB.

    • Colby

      Welcome Donna.
      ‘ the jury voted on who played the game best. Yes, this included winning comps, social game, etc. ‘
      JJ totally failed at the social game from the beginning, not just based on the last couple of weeks.
      So no, I do not think he deserves to win.

    • Avatar

      I respectfully disagree. He didn’t play Big Brother. He cheated. Big Brother changed the game for him because he was on a show he wasn’t psychologically fit to be on. Who knows how he would have played if he actually had to be a HN and didn’t have food brought in special for him. The lying and scheming in the end doesn’t bother me because that is the game. He looks like a pompous douchebag for blame shifting and acting like he is such an honorable man and everyone else is horrible, but that is gameplay.

    • Mary

      Sorry not buying into your theory. I wouldn’t reward someone, who is a narcissistic bully, and who has treated people like garbage, I don’t care how many comps they’ve won. If that makes me a bitter juror, so be it. All this I love you crap, it just that, crap. Jackson thought it was so cool and honorable having sex with 2 women in the house, like that was a badge of honor. And when Holly said she was concerned and didn’t want to put out in the open anymore, Jackson gave Holly her walking papers. She caved, ” Want a cookie”. I watch the feeds I saw what he did and has done.

    • BBGurl

      Hi Donna . Welcome to Junkies. Don’t worry about the hateful responses. I suspect this might be all some people have, to amuse themselves. I loved 99.9 % of your post. Well thought out and logical. Thanks for sharing.

  34. mona77450

    Just voted for AFP…..GO NICOLE!

  35. hogwild

    Since we saw Christie tonight and I wont get many if any more chances to use this.


  36. BBBonbon62

    AFP voting open. My 10 daily votes to my hometown girl Nicole.

    No matter how it ends next Wednesday ee love you Nicole. Bohemia, Long Island proud, Connetquot High School proud!!!

  37. AIO_7

    Holly trying to look like Cher again.

  38. AIO_7

    You can see the regret in Nicole’s face.

  39. AIO_7

    Jackson is such a victim.

  40. nancy

    Shut the f up and cast your vote!

  41. g8trgirl

    I just spit up in my mouth A LOT.

  42. Avatar

    SHUT UP JACKSON! Stop justifying yourself and pinning it on others. I would respect you more if you owned up to it. But let’s be real I don’t and won’t ever respect him.

  43. danmtruth

    Cliff you went out on your knees Michie keeps saying vote on game reasons BS

  44. Mary

    No hug for Cliff from Julie.

  45. Annabelle

    The look on Beth’s face as Jackson hugs Nicole. I still believe he cares for her but is to intimidated by other men to be close with them

  46. Nancy

    Where was his wicked speech? Thought he was gonna rip cliff a new one..guess production reminded him he still needed to behave..
    Holly let it be known she was forced to throw that HoH comp..the one she’d been waiting for all season, cause she knew she’d win.. SIT DOWN G-MAMA & STFU

  47. Tam

    BS Flag…….CBS only let me vote 6 times and said that I had reached my allotted vote limits. Can’t wait to watch this episode and see what is going on…..Nick and Kat! WTH is going on…….That’s just nasty…….Talk about get your freak on……Damnnnnnnn

  48. Avatar

    Jackson and Nick are such pieces of shit. There is nothing honorable about either of them. I know that 90% of the venom has been focused on Holly and Christie, but as a guy, I can not be silent about these 2 insecure spoiled mommy boys.

  49. danmtruth

    Julie is telling Ciff you are an IDIOT

  50. AIO_7

    Champagne goes straight to my head.

  51. mustangsally

    JJ tells Cliff to be honest to jury house, not to bad mouth him. He’s worried.

  52. Cheryl

    If there’s no HOH comp tonight who gets the HOH room? The “king and queen”?

  53. g8trgirl

    Lovely, simple Wyoming girl…another 1/2 inch higher on her dress and all of the viewing audience would have been able to see Holly’s hoochie.

  54. hogwild

    When Jackson was giving that speech it looked like Nicole wanted to say go fuck yourself again.

  55. hogwild

    In honor of Nicole go fuck yourself thumbsy.

    • Sassy

      You can say that about HGs but not people on here. They have the right to thumb up or down for whatever reason they chose. Just ignore it.

      • ElaineB

        Since we are at the end of the season, I often thumbs down for tracking what I have read. Breathe deep for the thumbs down….it is really not the character assassination many of you have decided that it is.

  56. Avatar

    Every time Holly talked, I kept saying “nobody cares” and every time Jackson talked, it was “stfu”. And did you hear him telling Cliff to remind the jury it’s just a game? Yeah, I’m sure Cliff will get right on that. lol What a pompous ass.

  57. Colby

    I’m voting for both Nicole and Sam for AFP.
    If Nicole wins BB, they give AFP to the next person in line, and I would like that to be Sam since he was the one that finally gave us game this season.

  58. Avatar

    I’m so tired right now from staying up to watch that BBAD letdown so I’m going to bed here’s your playlist for the night. Goodnight y’all


    • Tam

      Night Bennett….

      • Robin

        How’s it going Tam. Still got power or are you on your phone now?

      • Tam

        Hey Robin!!!! It’s going a lot better than last night……Just trying to get past the last few days. Checking in with friends, fam, etc. Most people are ok, others not so much. Everyone just still in a state of shock and on edge from it despite it almost being a norm. SO READY FOR FALL and this to be over!!! Just came on us quick and unexpectedly. Heart is hurting for so many. THANK GOD I have power. I couldn’t handle the humidity, snakes and mosquitos that are beyond right now. Just trying to get all the water leaks to dry up and keep the dehumidifiers emptied. Counting my blessings and praying that they don’t release the dam. Always something. Appreciate you, gf….Pls msg me know if y’all hear from Ann. Just been worried about her, too, being in Houston. Not sure about the situation there, but it’s not good, either. The interstate has been shut down going towards Houston and people stalled on it without food or water for about 9 hours from some reports coming in. Just a mess……

      • Robin

        I will keep you both in my thoughts, or a Nicole would say… sending you and Ann some good Juju!

      • Tam

        Thank you, Robin. Can’t speak for Ann, but know that it’s very much appreciated. Hugs honey

    • Alda

      Nite Bennett.

    • danmtruth

      Night Bennett thanks again for putting the effort in these list

  59. hogwild

    I wonder if Cliff managed to sneak Orwell out? I don’t know why but everytime I hear this song I think of Cliff and his wife.

  60. Nikki

    I would pay for all access to feeds… OF THE JURY HOUSE!

  61. Honeydo

    Hi all. I’ve been a lurker here for a couple years now and have really enjoyed the site. But for whatever reason—probably because the houseguests have been so lame—I’ve turned into a bigbrotherjunkies.com junkie. Thanks again for Mel’s et al commentary and the hysterical comments. Trust me, the last three weeks I’ve read every one.

    I’ll be making a donation to help keep ya going.

    “Go Nugget!”

  62. Betty Boo

    Nick has got to be rich. Why else would these girls be interested in him? The thoughts of his questions to Tommy still make me sick.

  63. Colby

    Why do we still have puppies?
    Do they play the first part of the HOH tonight?

    • Tam

      Good question, Colby. Maybe they are having to explain to JJ why he can’t have the HOH room and he is going off, trying to find a loophole in the rule book, or mansplaining to them why he should have it because Momma will sue……. Sorry, couldn’t help myself when I think about his arrogance…..Just gets me how in the beginning he was up on the catwalk yelling he didn’t care about the penalty votes or points, blah blah blah, and just throwing a tantrum, but now he is all about game and character……Pffff whatever….And he is allowed to get away with it when others in the past haven’t……Yeah, great game player and respects the game……That’s only one of the so many reasons I have disdain for him

  64. ElaineB

    I have a question. So, if Jackson had used the veto on Holly, then he technically wouldn’t have gone back on his word with Cliff. Was he concerned that Holly would vote him out?

  65. Nikki

    What if all jury members refused to vote?

  66. ShoeLover

    I wish they would lock the HOH up so everyone, er-umm Holly, has to sleep downstairs.

  67. ingodog

    I know a two year old who gets the same look as Jackson (Old Cube Head), when he don’t get his way. I am so glad this season will soon be over. And Beth/Holly u better start looking for a new bed buddy because u will so be out of Jackson’s. I was just remembering when Jack (Who thought he was Jason Mamoa), said people (women) like Nicole don’t get to hang out with people (Men) like him. Will she showed u didn’t she, I really hope Nicole wins!

  68. Mary

    Getting sick and tired of the last few seasons of certain people talking either about just making it to jury, wanting be in the social limelight, or how they need the money. No one goes on there not thinking about that, they don’t do it for nothing. Same goes for all the pity parties Holly has been having, this hurts, that hurts, I don’t feel well. Feel sorry for me. Give me a break! Then spouting I could have won that comp. Stop with all the pity parties, it’s ridiculous.

    Lets change things up, get rid of Celebrity Big Brother, lets see 16 alpha males go at it in one season, then 16 women on another, watch them cut each other up like a diced onion. This crap in answering if you would be interested in a showmance is bologna. Or how about 13 or 14 African Americans and 2 or 3 white people, see how they like being the under dogs. BTW I”m a cracker. It’s just utter BS, they need a better balance. I do think they would have good ratings, people are people to me, I don’t care what the color your skin is, we all bleed red. There are good and bad in all races. CBS always trying to make the African woman be the angry black woman is utter bullshit, and it pisses me off.

    They are losing me as a viewer with always playing favorites, why not let them say what they want in the DR and quit pandering to certain people. Or giving people good edits when us live feeders know the truth. Why can’t they just get 16 people who are super fans of the show and let them participate, no we have to make roles for them to play, just like they did with Sam last year, making her wear stupid clothing. They recruited her just for that role, why? CBS doesn’t care one bit, they think we’re stupid.

    My guess Jackson will win, and would bet they give Tommy AFP. Hope I’m wrong, though it wouldn’t surprise me one bit, even though Nicole has a lot of fans that are voting for her.

  69. callie

    Hi everyone! New person here – I’ve been watching bb since season 3… been lurking here for about 3 weeks. You guys are hilarious and I’ve really enjoyed reading all the recaps – they are extremely well written and just generally a lot of fun.

    Quick question – do you think Julie telling Cliff that he’ll get to see Sharon in six days means she will be coming to finale night? Just curious for him… He was never my favorite but I did like him and I appreciated him wanting to see his family asap. Does anyone know how that works? Does BB only pay for family members of the top three to get there on finale night?

    And I would love to know more about “penalty votes” because I’ve never heard of them before this season… How do those work?

  70. Avatar

    I’m having trouble voting? Anyone else.?

  71. amareels

    The feeds are up. Can’t tell who won yet.

  72. Mary

    Sounds like Jackson won

  73. Mary

    Jokers is saying Jackson won.

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  75. Mello_One

    Yep, on Jokers Jackson is Numero Uno on the Website

  76. Colby

    No surprise JJ won. Sounds like it was a physical comp.
    Hopefully the next two are mental and Nicole kicks butt.

  77. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: And Then There Were Three…


    FAH is taking a shower and talking to JJ. I was having trouble getting on so I missed most of what she was saying but caught she was saying something about people thinking that someone threw something were full of shit. She asked JJ if she should use Tommy’s body wash. He sounded a bit annoyed and left the room. He called out to Nicole but she didn’t answer.


    Nicole is laying in bed looking sad.


    JJ brings something into FAH and calls her a pretty little thing then whispers something to her. They are laughing over the shower door. The camera keeps going back to Nicole’s face then back to The Vultures in the bathroom. He offers her a towel. She comes out of the shower and sits next to him on the sofa and he kisses her on the side of her head. He says poor Cliff and she puts her head on his shoulder.

    She tells him what’s crazy is day 1 the first 2 people she saw was Nicole and (I missed the other name). She asks him isn’t that weird. He tells her full circle is she was the first person he saw in pigtails. She tells him they’ve come so far and it’s a little crazy. She says she thought it was pretty wild. She says they were all playing BB right out of the gate and the first thing she thought was quirky girl and cowboy. He says he was just 24. This bothers her a bit and she tells him to just say he’s 24. *lol*


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