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Big Brother 21 – Final Sunday Thread!

Good evening, everyone!


There isn’t a whole lot to talk about but I wanted to start a new thread so the other didn’t get too full of comments.

As I said in another thread, I’m dealing with a cold and haven’t been on the PC a whole lot, but that’s okay because there isn’t anything going on in the house. Nicole fans got the worst news possible last night when the feeds returned and she was crying alone in her bedroom while Jackson and Holly celebrated in another room. That’s it for her game as there is virtually no chance she will see the final 2 chair and actually plead her case to win the season.

I broke down the potential votes yesterday and people gave me some shit for a few potential votes, and they had points. A big thing was Nick and while Nick was bitter, he was really impressed by Jackson’s comp wins so I think that’s going to play an important role in his decision. A lot of that was for Nick’s potential vote for Nicole which is irrelevant now. It’s all about Holly vs Jackson now and who can scrounge up the most votes.


Who do you think is going to win the season?


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  1. hogwild

    I don’t know who will win honestly I care more about who wins AFP come on Nicole than I do who wins between Jackhole and the Ho the big loser this season was the fans between the asshole personalities the racist stuff and bullying early on and the pretty shitty gameplay this rivals BB 19 as the worst season I have seen in my short time watching.

    • HappyHippo

      Agreed….extremely sad to see either of these jackoffs take home money.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree! I hope that CBS realizes they have to make some major changes!

      • Houseguest Doug

        I have been saying for the last two season CBS needs to revamp the show and upgrade it. It pales in comparison to the Canadian version.

        Shitty casting, same ole same ole format and set. Need to shake it up and make it more interesting.

        For the battle of Final 4. Everyone should be able to compete for HOH and POV. Otherwise winning HOH means nothing and the POV holder holds all the power. The outgoing HOH cannot play under the current format so you have a 1 in 3 shot at HOH.

        When you get down to final 3. Winner of the first comp is HOH the next battle is for POV which all 3 compete. Similar to the current format just a lot more interesting.

  2. Kari

    Twitter #NicoleAppreciationParty

    Do it!! ❤️

    • hogwild

      Sorry I’m not on twitter but I support the effort.

      • HappyHippo

        Im not either but I hope she gets it

      • ShoeLover

        I don’t haveTwitter, but I just spent the last 40 minutes scrolling through the Twitter link that was posted on mel’s comment thread. Very cute!! She is really is a beautiful young lady!!! I just hope she is able to see how much she is liked and appreciated for her silly, nerdy, quirky self!!! I know sometimes it’s hard to see if others like you for you, but maybe this puts a smile on her face and warm fuzzies in her heart!!!!

      • Mel

        Yeah, surely one of her sisters will make her get a Twitter acct once it’s over. The only thing she follows is Jokers. It may be the only one she’s familiar with for BB.I haven’t been on much lately because all the crazy 14 year olds come out the last week to fight with everyone who doesnt love their favorites.

  3. hogwild

    Has nothing to do with BB I just thinkl it’s funny and when i saw it I pictured thumbys and their clones.

  4. JennX

    Just checking in to say hi, I’m still alive. I had to stay several nights in the ICU, so this week has pretty much been a blur. Still trying to sort out left and right, up and down!

    I think the fauxmance/grossmance secretly named their alliance “we don’t have a F2”

    If Nicole is up for it, I’m totally down for her to make All Stars or whatever next season is. If anyone is deserving of a second chance from this season, she’d be my #1 pick.

    And now I’m exhausted, going to sleep. Will watch tonight’s Show tomorrow. Sorry for the discombobulated blabber! <3

  5. JennX

    One last thought… Jackson rubbing the shower stool all over Nicole as she vehemently protests. Since it’s no doubt saturated in them sex juices, could that constitute sexual assault? Or at least sexual harassment?
    She probably feel like there is not enough showers she can take to every really get the spunk of Jackson, Holly Jack & Analyse off

  6. SoftKitty

    I would like to know how JJ knows what the outside world thinks of him? Why would he and Beth worry about their images (and JJ needing to watch the show with his mom so he can ‘explain’ his actions to her), if they haven’t been told by production?

  7. mustangsally

    Steve, are you invited to finale ? If so give Mrs. Moonves are displeasure.

  8. Ronduh

    The receipt from last night when Holly said she asked for an answer as she walked into the comp before they cut to fish. Lame ass cheaters.
    #bblf #bbad #bb21 https://t.co/Jhai7Ad40w

  9. Avatar

    Holly will win and that is awesome because she is the awful champion that this season deserves.

    Tommy will win AFP.

    Many like Nicole and I get that, she seems like a pretty cool person. However, to the many that only watch the regular shows and none of the feeds, Nicole is a player that went along with one of the dumbest moves in BB history thanks to Cliff, and won an HOH that was handed to her, and the other for 1 day because Jackson was not able to play in it.

    Tommy was by far the most entertaining of the season, and that is what it is all about.

    • hogwild

      That is why a lot of people won’t vote Tommy for AFP most of the season he was just putting on a show for the camera people can tell when your putting on an act. Nicole was being herself everything you saw from her looked genuine and real.

      • Avatar

        We’ll see

      • hogwild

        We will I remember when James won AFP in BB 17 and then came back for 18 during the last month of that season it become pretty obvious a lot of what he was doing was in order to get AFP again it didn’t work. You can also factor in a lot of people aren’t happy Tommy had a built in ally in Christie from day one that wasn’t his fault and didn’t get him to the F2 but it bugged a lot of people.

      • Robin

        Ty Hog, team Nicole wants her to go home with money toward her degree and the knowledge of how she is loved!

    • mustangsally

      Just because many only watch the regular shows doesn’t mean they are oblivious to the bullshit being played by CBS. This is 2019, 24hr news feed,Twitter, great blog from BBJ and others, if their heads are that far in the sand they should apply for BB.

  10. mustangsally

    Holly, bet she really doesn’t wear glasses either.

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  12. mona77450

    Nicole trying her best to get Jackson to question his jury management. If she keeps pressing him that Holly WILL beat him in the jury vote, then he may break and take her instead. Well, I can dream.

  13. Avatar

    I want Jackson to win. There I said it. Lol. Like him or hate him he played a strong game. I know jury management comes into play…. but you will be very hard pressed 5o find anyone who plays a strong game and stays in the house on shear manipulation and comp wins who can also play a strong social game. If he owns up on everything, I think he will pull it in!

    • hogwild

      That is his biggest problem he has not been able to own up to any of the moves he has made all season it has been someone else’s fault. Poor jury management is what cost Paul in BB 19 he coouldn’t ot wouldn’t own his game. Cody who cast the deciding vote said in the after show interviews he didn’t like either Paul or Josh but he voted for Josh because he owned his game Paul didn’t.

    • Colby

      He failed at social. Strong (bad) personality does not equal good social play.

    • Mel

      He playedd a tronger physical game and made a few strategic decisions. In that sense, he played the best game.
      Its a win with an asterisk for me tho because he cheated so much and came into the house detoxing off steroids. He qont own his game like a Dan or a Will, hell even a Tyler if he had been given enough time to speak. If those things were different, I’d feel better about the win but he did play the best overall game imo.

  14. Kel-E

    I know I’ll have some of you disagree, but I think michie should win it all. You may not agree with how he played, but he came to play and played hard. I know a lot are upset about his lying about Tommy, but earlier seasons had this drama that we all loved and crave for in future seasons. A lot just don’t agree because they love Nicole. She’s great, but he’s played a better game. My vote is for him for the $500,000 and Nicole for AFP!

    • Avatar

      I don’t mind lying or trickery. Huge fans of players who have won that way. It’s the possibility of Jackson rewriting of facts on finale night to suit his ego and not taking into account that the jury has been comparing notes for weeks before answering questions that could trip him up.

  15. Apopkedave

    The show tonight was the worse show ever. Just my two cents.

  16. Avatar

    I’m going to bed now their isn’t any playlist tonight mainly because the Snackson and Hollybeth show doesn’t deserve any of my playlists

  17. Nikki

    So I am hoping there is still some twist that allows Nicole to make it to final two… like “Jackson, in front of the jury and on live tv you can choose to take two or three people to the votes” & Jackson thinks, “won’t I look like a badass if I beat two people and not three” and he takes her as well. ( I believe when you’re on Survivor they switched it up about how many people went to the vote so although I do know this is a pipe dream it is not entirely as far-fetched as it seems).

    However if Nicole cannot go to the finale, and I have to pick from the remaining two.

    I guess I want Jackson to win.
    He used strategy and was a comp beast.

    Holly sat quietly in his shadow while he controlled the puppet known as Beth. I don’t think she did ANYTHING to even earn her stipend.

    • Jenny

      Of those two, Jackson definitely deserves to win over Beth. I’d still rather see Nicole win because I just love that kid, but if she gets AFP and sees that twitter feed, that’s gonna be huge for her.

  18. Nikki

    Much more important than a sometimes scripted and and meddled with by production “reality-ish” tv show, I do not know the circumstances of what happened to JennX or Nancy, but do pray whatever is going on gets better for both.❤️

    • Nikki

      Just checked the older posts and saw that Nancy stated she will be having a pacemaker placed tomorrow.

      Sending prayers to her doctors/surgeons for a perfect procedure. Prayers to Nancy for relief from her anxiety about the surgery and for a quick and complete recovery.

      JennX I am unsure why you were in ICU, but I’m hoping that the fact that you were able to get on the Internet is a good indication that you are feeling better. I pray for a quick and complete for you as well.

      HUGS to both ladies!

      • Kari

        Dear Lord please guide the surgeon’s hands and help Nancy to heal fully!!

        Praying also for Jennxx, may she heal from whatever is going on fully and quickly.

  19. Avatar

    Snackson is the Eddie Haskell of Big Brother.

  20. TheRealBeth(TRB)

    I am not a fan of Jackson or Holly. But no one in the jury house deserves to win after letting a showmance get to F2, particularly a showmance that physically and mentally dominates comps. That is an unforgivable sin in BB. We’ll no doubt have a bitter jury — I don’t think it’s likely that such bad players will respect good game play. And his jury management was awful. So at least it will be funny to watch Jackson freak out on finale night and beyond. Nicole for AFP. She deserves some money for carrying this bad season.

    • mm22

      I just don’t know-if Nicole can’t win it and someone has too hummm
      Jackson won comps but the competitors were weak- hollybeth had a
      social game but it was so sickening fake-If hollybeth could choose between
      the money or her boy toy I think she would pick the idiot-if Jackson
      would definitely choose the money. Right now I’m a bitter viewer
      so I would vote hollybeth just to see Jackson’s face. Could change my
      mind by Wednesday tho.

      • TheRealBeth(TRB)

        I’m with you. JJ and Hollybeth seem like awful people from the threads, so I don’t want them to win either. But it is impressive that they somehow made F2 despite being awful. Maybe they can magically vote for David since he didn’t get a fair shake and the people who got to play all failed BB.

  21. NKogNeeTow


    JJ is in the target room looking for something in the drawers. Nicole and FAB in the bathroom. Nicole is combing her hair. FAB is washing her face and saying last night JJ tried to pop some blackheads on her face and it hurts now. Nicole tells FAB that JJ is looking for his Indiana Jones stuff. FAB shows Nicole skin then puts on a black mask. JJ yells to her that it’s a good look for her.


    JJ is doing laundry.


    Nicole is now putting on a facial mask too. FAB tells her she has some zit cream that she might like to try. She says it’s supposed to take a couple of hours but really takes days. She says it really dries out your skin. Nicole says she just doesn’t want to be broken out at Finale.


    JJ is sorting through clothes on the Pool table.


    FAB asks Nicole if she remembers the night they were all in the bathroom doing mask. Nicole says those are some of her favorite memories. FAB asks her if she knows how many comps she competed in. Nicole says she doesn’t but might count them later. FAB says she’s competed in 20. JJ comes in and sits down. Nicole continues to apply the mask while FAB reads the back of one of the packages. Nicole says she’s off to tie-dye and leaves.

    FAB straddles JJ on the sofa and he tells her she’s such a pretty thing. She says she wants to literally walk out the door and go home and see her dog. He says he doesn’t know if he has an apartment or not. She starts that whispering crap again and you can’t hear what she’s saying. *Not a big loss.*


    Nicole is tie-dying on the table.


    JJ tells FAB he hopes she doesn’t burn him. She says she hopes he doesn’t burn her either. He says that if she were to do that then she’d be the kind of person who doesn’t give a shit. They hug then he kisses her neck. She starts whispering to him again and the only words you can understand are “Big Brother”.


    • mm22

      Is it just me or has Jackson been quite the Romeo lately-hollybeth
      is lovin the extra effort so much she deaf to his kisses n huggin followed by
      “You’re not gonna burn me are you” “you’re not changing your mind”

  22. NKogNeeTow



    JJ tells FAB she needs to think of every question and answer that could possibly come up. He tells her she has to dig deep and be good with her words just as if she was in court. He says she has to represent herself. He says that Tommy might ask why she would use Christie against him when she knew Kat the whole time. Before she can answer, Nicole comes in to ask them a question. FAB goes outside to the washer.


    Nicole is sitting on the floor tie-dying a shirt. JJ comes in and starts talking in an Australian accent and give a blow by blow as to what she’s doing. He asks her if she’ll do his. He goes outside and FAB tells him she didn’t use Christie against Tommy. He brings up some other what-ifs. He tells her things she could ask. *She can’t ask any.* He tells her these can be hard questions. He says Tommy might ask how she could stand by and watch JJ lies against him.

    He tells her to look at Paul and how he lost because of the way he answered questions. She says she knows. He says it’s a half-million on the line and even though he’s up there next to her he will not hold back on selling himself. She asks him to just not be so hard on her. He says he will be selling himself. He says they can either go for 10% or 100% and he’s going for 100. She just keeps saying she knows. They go inside.


    FAB tells Nicole she put the clothes in the washer. She asks Nicole a question about dying the shirts. Nicole tells her there is so much fabric. FAB looks at the clock and says it’s 9:19. Nicole says what’s funny is that even though it feels like they’ve been up all day, they didn’t get up till 4:19. Nicole tends to her shirts. FAB sings her lame-ass song that she made up earlier in the season.


  23. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole stilly dying shirts. She mumbles to herself as she pours more dye on a rolled-up shirt. She has tie-dye things all over the kitchen.


    FAB is in the shower while JJ lays on the sofa. She asks him if they are going to the backyard and he says they can, to work out. He asks her how did he get so lucky. She laughs and says she really doesn’t know. He says she never says anything sweet back. He tells her he always something sweet to her. She says she’s working on it. He tells her very rarely. She tells him she’s sweeter to him than she is most guys. He doesn’t respond.


    Nicole still working hard on her new clothing line. Another one down. She takes it over near the sink then gets saran wrap and wraps it up then goes back to the table to check out a bandana that looks like it’s finished. She hums and sings to herself. She adds more dye to it and rubs it in then blots it. She holds it up, looks at the back and says “Oh no”, puts it back down and adds more yellow.


  24. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is saying she forgot to wash off her mask. She discovers a hole in her glove and one of her fingers has been dyed. She goes into the bathroom to show JJ and FAB. He tells her to wash her hands first with vinegar then wash her face. She says she has to wash the mask off before it burns. He tells her then to just put on new gloves, wash her face then her hands. She goes into the kitchen and gets some vinegar and says “Stupid fucking gloves.”


    She starts washing the mask off and tells JJ there is a cut on her thumb so the vinegar is getting into it. He said like brother, like sister. He tells her he had a cut on his ring finger when he was tie-dying. She washes her mask off with one hand and the cut finger in a cup of vinegar. He tells her she will probably need a sponge to scrub the rest of the mask off. She shows them her thumb and it’s a deep bluish-green. She holds it up and laughs and says “Hi Julie”. She continues to wash the mask off.

    When she finishes her face she asks JJ if he just did the vinegar. He tells her that he also used the rough side of a sponge and “they” told him to mix the vinegar with baking soda. FAB is finally out of the shower and dressed and starting to walk away and JJ tells her don’t forget about Michael (her mic). She goes back and puts it on then sits on the sofa next to him and starts going through her hair.

    Nicole dries her face and groans. JJ tells her, “Don’t get mad, get Glad with new press and seal edges.”


  25. Mel

    So Julie actually had to film an announcement for who won part 1 for all three of them on Thursday just in case. Lol

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  27. Mel

    I’m usually bummed when the feeds end. Remember Kaycee, Tyler and JC doing geography last year? It was so funny. This can end because I can’t take anymore of these 2 talking about how great they are and misinformation about being the first to walk out as a shomance. Sorry, not true morons.

  28. NKogNeeTow



    The 3 of them are talking about how past winners did. They discuss Derrick. Nicole says that JJ is good like that. He asks her what she meant by that. *Every time she makes a comment like that he starts to get a little uncomfortable and ask her what she means.* She just laughs it up and says it just means he’s very good then points her fingers at him like a gun. He tells her that every time she says things like that feels a certain way. She tells him she’s just messing with him and hugs him. *She is really getting under his skin when she throws out shade. I hope she keeps it up.*

    He pours some baking soda into the cup of vinegar and tells her to stick her finger in it. She doesn’t really want to but doe. He teases Nicole and says he can never do anything right. FAB tells him he said that earlier today. He asks her what. She says about never doing anything right. She says it’s only in his head. She leaves to get some chocolate milk and Nicole asks her to bring her some too.


  29. Mel

    Early morning for me guys so I’m heading to something less depressing until morning. I’m putting on a documentary about Ann Boelyn and how she lost her head. Something lighter than this week of BB. Nite

  30. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole and FAB talk about doing a 3 duo day. FAB asks what they should wear. JJ goes into the kitchen and tells them he is pouring champagne. Nicole says her finger is burning now. She says she should request ball gown gloves (opera) and go out and tell Julie that the house has changed her. She and FAB laugh about it. They go into the kitchen.

    JJ remarked how the kitchen was a mess. Nicole says she’s not sure she has enough dye left for the sock besides, her finger hurts. JJ wants to propose a toast. FAB notices that the dye is seeping onto the table. Nicole asks if it’s any warmer outside. He says yes. Nicole discovers a crack in her glass and says it’s dangerous. JJ gets her another glass. They go outside to make their toast.


    Nicole asks if they should go to the table or the hammock. They stand near the Pool table and make a toast. JJ goes to the exercise equipment. Nicole and FAB put their drinks on the Pool table and go check the laundry. JJ starts working out with the dumbells. *Perhaps Production told him there is another physical comp coming up?* Nicole puts on her daisy hoodie and a glove to partially her cut finger. She asks BB if they could turn up the a/c.

    FAB finishes taking the laundry out of the washer. JJ says he can’t wait to do laundry whenever he wants. Nicole says she can’t wait for her mom to do her laundry. They laugh at her. FAB is folding a shirt and says he should have stolen another one to sell. Nicole asks him why. He says to make money. She asks him if he will have to. FAB mumbles that one of them will. Nicole looks at her. Then FAB says that one of the 2 of them will. She quickly changes it and says that her math is so off and one of the 3 of them will. *Too late, think Nicole caught it.*

    FAB changes the subject and tells JJ that she just put his laundry in. She tells him he missed her sexy show for Nicole.


  31. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole and FAB standing near the washer and talking about Nicole’s cut. FAB asks her if she thinks Neosporin and a bandaid would help. FAB tells her it’s a beautiful though and they both laugh. Nicole holds up her glass with one hand and says even her glass is wonky. JJ comes out and asks what they were talking about. Nicole tells him about the wonky glass. He says maybe it’s the wonky person who’s holding it. Nicole says maybe it’s the asshole that poured it. He walks away and Nicole tells him she was just playing and he’s so sensitive.

    JJ says he’ll just talk to his buddy Buddy the bunny. He tells them that he is the only one he has in the house. FAB asks if they want to hear a sad story. *And here we go with another fabrication.* She says she’s going to tell it anyway. She starts off that they had a bunny. Before she can finish, Nicole asks if it’s a story about Mr.Mcgregor (Peter Cottontail). Nicole and JJ have a debate about the story.

    As soon as they finish, FAB says they had a bunny named Bunny. *This is truly a sign of no imagination.* She says her mother loved the bunny and one day her mother scared the bunny and the bunny hit the wall and died. She says her mom was so sad she went off alone to bury the bunny. Nicole tells her that’s so sad. FAB says they have a lot of animals buried on the farm. *Probably a lot of human ones too.*

    They start to talk about their families on a plane coming to the Finale. JJ asks if private planes that bad. FAB says they are just as bad. She launches into another story about being on a plane with youngsters flying the plane and the alarm going off and someone in the cockpit opens the door and they can see him going through the manual. *WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY*


  32. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole is saying she’s sending out Christmas cards then changes it to season cards. JJ says he can’t wait to send Nick a Christmas. JJ and Nicole discuss saying Christmas and holiday. Nicole says she’s Catholic but wouldn’t be offended if she received a Hanukkah card. JJ says he doesn’t understand why people get offended by stuff like that. He says it should matter whether someone is Christian or not. FAB keeps trying to get a word in and they totally ignore her and keep on talking, so she just starts with her “yeah”.

    JJ says it’s like Jess saying she wanted to get guys out just because they are male. He says that if a guy had said they would have been in real trouble. FAB still tries to get into the convo saying she didn’t understand that. Just as she says something, JJ does something and curses. *Didn’t catch what he did.* He says sorry to Spence. FAB starts singing that she wishes they had more champagne. He points to her glass and tells her she already has some. *LOL*

    JJ says he’s not going to bed until 5 in the morning. They debate what to call the RV/Winnebago. Nicole sneezes then go inside the house. As soon as she does, JJ asks FAB how many days do they have left in the house. He tells her that Nicole has already campaigned to him. She asks when. He tells her earlier. She asks what Nicole said. He says she told him she’s going to campaign for him in jury. He tells her he doesn’t know if Nicole will campaign to her or what she will say. FAB looks worried and pissed. He then tells her he’s kidding. She gets upset and tells him not to do that. *He’s only half kidding. She didn’t say she was going to campaign for him.*

    JJ tells FAB they are going to make history. He says he’s racking his brain and he really can’t think of a showmance making it to the end. She says they did it. He says he really wants Wednesday to get here. He tells her he wants that last HOH so bad because that would mean he has won every HOH he’s played for. She tells him he has to go through him first. He says he knows and that’s what makes it so exciting.

    Nicole comes back out and JJ asks her if she had any luck. *She can’t find her black pants.* She says no but if they come across any, they are hers.


  33. Kari

    Goodnight Mary Ellen…,
    Goodnight Jim Bob..
    Goodnight John boy..
    Goodnight Elisabeth
    Ma, Pa, Grandma, Grandpa…

  34. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole comes back with arms full of snacks. FAB is trying to get JJ to try on some pants. He says he doesn’t want to now but might later. Holly says that what she thought was rude was when she was HOH people use to eat her snacks then put the empty bags back in the basket. She says she’s still curious who ate her ice cream. JJ swears he didn’t eat it. He asks if they want to tells some secrets.

    Nicole says she works at a pre-school but her degree is in English and she wants to get a masters in English or Literature. She says she taught high schools. She says she didn’t want to appear to smart and was top in her class in high school and college and delivered speeches at both. She said she got the job working at the pre-school because one of her sisters worked there. JJ asks her what was her scores on her SAT. She says very good. FAB asks him what his was. He says 30.

    He says he never did homework nor went to class unless he needed too. He says he never bought a book in college either. He says he’s always hated wasting time and if never made any sense to him when he had to take a Gen-Ed when he wanted to go into law. He said he took the test in Gen-Ed and was lucky he passed them. *So he cheated at college too. Interesting.* He said when you waste time it’s nothing you can get back so he decided when he was a teen that he was going to do whatever he wanted and go wherever he wanted.

    Nicole says that she was the opposite. She said she went to every class. She said she was even scared to go to the bathroom because she might miss something important. She says she went straight from high school and into college. She says she always felt she had to be perfect. She said it wasn’t required from her parents it was just something she felt she needed to do.


  35. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    FAB is saying that she was very unique because she was out of state and got a scholarship. She says she got a business degree because she wanted to start a business. She says she was good at her job but hated it. Nicole says she loves her kids but she doesn’t see herself doing that for ever. FAB says she believes that you don’t have to stay in one career forever. She says she had to take the leap (to being a wine guide). She says that even though she was financially satisfied with her tech job she wasn’t happy with it.

    FAB tells Nicole that she’s (H) isn’t stupid, she just let them think she was. Nicole smiles and FAB asks, “Why, did you think I was stupid”? JJ walks up before she answers. Nicole and JJ start to talk about something else and FAB tries to turn the convo back to her. FAB says that she has trouble with her memory because of her car accidents. *But she never forgot how to use that stool.* Nicole says that JJ said that FAB wasn’t to bright so she thought there might be something to it and maybe she was smarter than JJ wanted her to know. *Oh no she didn’t.*

    FAB says that she’s smart she just has trouble with her memory sometimes. JJ is quiet now. *Probably because Nicole just outed him…lol*


  36. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    FAB is droning on about a new lie about a horse being sent to a trainer then bucking her off. JJ is staring off into space like he’s not the least bit interested. This does not deter her. She says she’s pretty sure she broke her nose that day. *Oh joy! A new ailment!* She says has certain memory loss and she gets frustrated. She says she hears things but can’t visualize them. Nicole says there are a lot of intelligent people in the cast. JJ still isn’t paying attention so FAB asks him if he finished that one test. *Sounds like they are talking about some test that maybe BB gave them.*

    Nicole says she was a great test taker. JJ says he was a horrible test taker. He says he wishes he could take some of his high school tests now with the mindset he has today. Nicole says she got herself really sick in high school for about 6 months because of the pressure she put on herself. She says that was how she felt in the comp yesterday. FAB says that especially since there were fewer people in the comp and it was really between the 2 of them. Nicole says she vowed never to get to that place again because it’s not worth it.

    FAB says she got that way when she was in college at 21 and she had to leave and go back home because she couldn’t get a grasp on her anxiety. She says she had a friend drive her to the hospital once because she couldn’t get through anything. JJ says anxiety is real, but he still doesn’t seem interested. *Yeah JJ, she wears me down too.* Nicole says Cliff is writing a book. FAB says she has several books she wants to write and would love to send them to Nicole. She says it’s a badass concept and a cross between The Hunger Games and Into the Wild. *JJ looks like he wishes there was a cliff he could throw himself off of.*

    FAB loses her train of thought and asks why was she talking about writing again. Then remembers and continues the lie.


  37. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole says she is so thankful for this experience because she felt stuck and didn’t want to go into another degree without knowing what she wanted to do. She says she went into college as a Liberal Arts major then switched her major to English. She says her sisters knew what they wanted to do but she didn’t and never understood what she wanted to do or where she wanted to go. FAB just keeps saying, “Yeah”. Nicole says this process, amazingly enough, made her pull the way from the 4 people she always leaned on and it forced her to think and she had to focus on fixing herself.

    JJ is still staring off into space. The camera keeps showing a watermelon on the kitchen counter. *Subliminal message?* Nicole says she didn’t want to, JJ says, “Fit a mold”. Nicole says yes and she discovered it’s okay to be quirky and her. She says everything has changed her. Of course, FAB tells her they are very similar and when she was 24 she was the same. She says she always felt a tremendous amount of self-hate and self-loathing and she still suffers from it but is getting a handle on it. *Wonder if Nicole told her she wanted to go into space if FAB would say “ME TOO!”.

    FAB tells Nicole says that they are like 3 sisters (H/N and H’s sister). She goes into her sister’s accomplishments compared to her. JJ lets out a deep sigh. *RROOFFLL* FAB starts talking about her sister Jessie who wants to take over the ranch and blah, blah, blah.


  38. NKogNeeTow

    BACK **Will this be the longest 30 minutes of my life?**

    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole says she asks herself why is she different. She says she thought to herself, why not and it forced her to rip off the bandaid. She says when she gets back she is going to apply for jobs and let them tells her no. The camera keeps showing close-ups of JJ’s face which is still stoic. Then the camera starts showing pictures on the Memory Wall.

    FAB tells Nicole fear of failure is so inhabiting. She says one of her biggest fears are setbacks because of so many people she’s lost in her life and it’s like added pressure to do great things. She says the first friend she lost died in a car accident 2 months after hers. She says she was 16 and walked away from a truck that went down a cliff and why did she survive and not her friend. She says she was really scrawny and president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee and then just blossoms and the boys in the school took pictures of her and plastered them all over the school.

    FAB says she was meek and terrified of everything and to have a friend who lived so boldly and then have her life taken from her, she decided not to waste her life. She says as she got older she lost a few more friends. JJ lets out another long, deep sign while still staring off. She is STILL talking about herself. *Bet he’s rethinking that F2 as we speak.* FAB says now she wants to start a YouTube cooking channel, a suicide prevention program and an animal rescue program. She says she has done none of them. She says she knows what her first goal will be when she gets out of the house. *Tell fewer lies?*


    • mm22

      And again she 31 wants to do all these things including writing several books
      but she’s currently drinking wine as she takes groups on tours then criticizes
      them on their tipping

  39. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole is saying that when she thinks about them all talking she thought she was underestimated. She says that as the summer went on FAB came more into her strategy. Nicole says she wondered if she was seeing FAB more. FAB says she really wishes she could see the scores from some things because they were really really good. She says she asked if she could see them and they told her no but they were near-genius levels. *I’m jumping up and down yelling BULLSHIT!*

    FAB says that her sister doesn’t send papers to her but when she visits her she helps her grade them. She says she wishes Kristen was flying out and tells them she is 10 years older than them (34). She tells Nicole she (K) is very similar to her and always tells the same joke. She tells the joke. She’s laughs, Nicole tries to laugh, JJ just smiles. Nicole says she thinks she’s one of the most immature people on the show. She says she’s one of the smartest dumbest people on the show.

    FAB asks JJ if he’s sleepy. He says yes. She asks him if he wants to go to bed. Nicole says that JJ and FAB weren’t outwardly sketchy. She says that even when they were trying to “F” people over, that around the time they made their F4 she thought she may be able to beat FAB. Apparently, JJ didn’t like the shade because he gives Nicole a look that if she had noticed, she would have cowered in the corner. She says kudos to them. *And kudos to you too Nicole for sliding that shade right on into a regular conversation…lol.*


  40. Lvblkjk

    NK- you are killing me girl!!!! Love love love your reporting!! You make my late nights so entertaining! Thank you!

  41. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole is talking about Jess. She says that Jess brought up Kemi before she left. She says but Jess wanted to evict her (N). JJ grinds his teeth and Nicole tells him not to do that. Nicole says maybe she’s playing this game all wrong but she doesn’t get butt-hurt. Nicole says all-in-all it’s just a game and is not different if they were playing Monopoly. She talks about some that leave and decide they are going to blow up everyone’s game.

    FAB starts to talk about when she was OTB with Tommy. Nicole says she felt bad for Kemi, David, and Ovi but she was glad it wasn’t her. She says she thought to herself that if she goes home she wasn’t going to die but it took the fear out of it and lit a fire under her ass. She says she was glad that she was put OTB on week 4. FAB says that Nicole was the one who put her OTB. JJ gets up and leaves.

    Nicole tells FAB that she should argue for herself at the Finale. FAB says she is worried about being next to JJ. Nicole says if it was her against FAB she would argue that JJ bullied and bulldozed, that FAB rode his coattails *LOLOLOL*, that they were together.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Debating whether I should try to watch a bit of the feed to see how mad JJ is at Nicole or whether it will lead to a fight between him and FAB. I swear I’m tired but I’m also nosey. Either way, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • mm22

      **Nicole says all-in-all it’s just a game and is not different if they were playing Monopoly. ** Really
      Nicole? I just have to say I’m sick of them saying
      “It’s just a game” have they forgotten the prize money?
      Life changing money for alot of us.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Nite TRB, Gerardo, Lvb and whoever else that’s still awake out there. 🙂

  43. Avatar

    What they should do is reincorporate some of the audience voting aspect they originally began with in the very first season. Maybe it could be for who goes on the block OR who gets voted out after going on the block OR who wins the whole game instead of being decided by jury OR something else completely OR a combination there of. Just, something involving audience voting again to help affect the outcome of the game so it’s not won by assholes or people floating to the end on someone else’s coattails etc.

  44. NKogNeeTow


    JJ just came clean to Nicole about the lie on Tommy. But he’s still not completely owning it. She says she figured he was full of shit. He says he was just trying to save FAB and he figured if he could create enough doubt Tommy, it would have diverted the attention away from FAB. She says that Tommy didn’t even try to save himself. She said that she was pissed at JJ that night because when she went into the bathroom, she knew JJ was full of shit and she was mad at him.

    JJ tells her that he had been listening at the HN door and that Tommy never said any of those things about wanting to work with JJ. He says that he was surprised that no one ever brought it up to Tommy. Nicole tells him that she knew he was lying all the time. She says that in the bathroom she felt that JJ was more genuine but was also that Tommy wasn’t defending himself but just went and sat in the eviction chairs. Nicole says she knew she was being hoodwinked.

    JJ tries to explain to her why he did it. Nicole tells him he doesn’t need to give a moral justification for it. She says it kills her when he does that. He says he’s just talking because he’s been sitting there all that time not talking and he just wanted to talk about what’s been going through his head and he was just talking to be talking. Nicole says she’s sorry and it was rude for her to cut him off. She tells him that when Tommy left, Cliff told him that he thought she might be right and that JJ was lying. She says she told him to just ignore the JJ/Tommy shit. She says it was a clusterfuck.

    She says she knew Tommy had been after Cliff for a long time. FAB says that’s why she thought Tommy felt so defeated because they had talked and he was saying all these things about going after JJ and not Cliff. She says that’s why she was so frustrated in the bathroom. She says that she felt it wasn’t right that the one person who had been going after Cliff all season was going to stay over her. She says she knows now that she had very poor wording in her campaign.

  45. NKogNeeTow


    JJ gets up to work out. He still seems a little pissed. Nicole and FAB are still talking on the sofa. While Nicole is talking FAB keeps saying “Yep, yep”. Nicole says she was wondering how she was going to navigate through the game. She said that Tommy was telling her that they were going to take one of them (C/N) and that was very scary. FAB says she doesn’t fault Tommy for that gameplay either. Nicole says she just prays that individually the 2 of them still consider her. *Not a chance in hell, but I’ll still hope.*

    Nicole says she asked herself did she really fuck herself and that when she realized JJ was lying in the kitchen, did she look like the biggest dumb shit in the game. She says it was a moral thing and that FAB was right and she shouldn’t go out that way. *Poor Nicole, she is still under the assumption that she is dealing with honorable people.* Nicole says that’s why she apologized to both of them and will do the same with Tommy when she sees him. She says she never had a side deal with Tommy.

    Nicole says that’s when she started putting the pieces together. She asks FAB if JJ is mad at them. She doesn’t give Nicole and answer. *But you can bet your sweet azz that this will be reported sometime tonight* Nicole says that she realized that the fight wasn’t hers and it wasn’t her lie (H). Nicole says she’s a straight shooter and it got her in trouble at the beginning of the game. She says that she doesn’t believe in lying and blowing smoke. She said that’s why she heard Tommy’s pitch. She says you have to do what you have to do.

    FAB says that’s why it’s best to be a straight shooter. *Bitch please* FAB tells Nicole what scares her is going up against “that” (J). Nicole says it’s always easier to remember the truth. Nicole asks FAB again if JJ is mad. FAB says she thinks so but she doesn’t know why. Nicole says she didn’t mean to cut him off but she just wanted him to know he didn’t have to justify what he did to Tommy. Nicole says she can see the vote going either way. She says that the only answer she can give FAB is that some people might prefer FAB because she didn’t lie but JJ did.

    Nicole says that when Cliff left he was really mad. FAB tells her that JJ keeps talking to her about winning and she asks him why is he talking to her about that, does he realize that she’s up for the money too? She says it’s an awkward position. She says does he forget that she’s there for that too (the money). Nicole says she feels bad when he starts to talk about his family and how bad he needs the money. She says they all have their reasons for it. FAB says she’s there for the money because of what she can do with it.

    FAB says that she feels if she won the money it would be a chance to do so much she wants to do. Now she says she wants to start a clothing line for the homeless. *Does she just say these things as she thinks of them?* She says she also wants to start a ranch-style animal rescue and she and her roommate foster puppies. She says she goes to the rescues and post things and have gotten a few dogs adopted but she doesn’t feel like she’s done enough. She says there are hundreds of kill shelters and she wants to have some actually property where she can keep him.

    Nicole asks her if she knows Ceasar Milan. FAB says her dog was in his magazine and says he came to the winery on a day she wasn’t there. Nicole says when she was little she wanted to be a Vet. FAB says she did too. Nicole says some of the other things she wanted to do. FAB tells her some of the things she wanted to do too. *Rolling my eyes* Nicole starts to talk about a dream she had about one of her students….FISH

  46. Avatar

    Woke up and saw that Sam did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) post and here’s the details details that immediately got my interest. I will write a more complete summary of Sam’s AMA and will post minute by minute details of Ovi’s Reddit AMA set for Tonight at 8PM EST

    -If he he was on the jury and it was Jackson and Holly in the final 2, Sam would vote for Jackson

    -Nicole was the hg that he was surprised to bond with the most.

    – He didn’t realize that people was cheating at have nots until after he left the BB House

    -He would love to do BB again

    -He said his strategy was to remain at the bottom of the Unde9able alliance until jury median point, and then align with Nick, Bella, Nicole, Cliff, Kat and flip the house.

    -He wishes that he could go back and form an alliance with the floaters

    – He knew he was going home when they set down for the live episode because Jack turned to him and said “sorry”, Tommy looked at him and shook his head, and Cliff said “We tried”

    -if he did compete inhide and go veto he would have hid the veto underneath the stairs or jam it in a gap between two steps

    -if he gets any air time on Finale night he wants to address Christie and/or just give a statement on how he respect all present and past game players after seeing the house from the inside

    – apparently on July 4th they saw a plane with a message he believed it was meant for Holly and the house went into lockdown immediately afterwards

    -he doesn’t believe that their will be a confrontation between Bella and Nick on Finale Night, because she has moved on

    – he hasn’t tried Ovi’s cookies but apparently he loves Sis’s grilled cheese sandwiches

    If you want to read the AMA for yourself here’s the link. FYI the blue microphones means it’s Sam responding to a question


    • Avatar

      Apparently I got most of the major details already so I will just post the rest.

      – He didn’t know that Jackson was a douchebag until he watched the show and saw clips of what Jackson said

      – he said whenever you confront Christie on something, she would cry and you would feel bad about it

      – production never led him to say certain lines in his DR sessions

      -he thinks that Nick and Kat hooking up in the Jury House was premeditated

      – his view on Christie has changed after he saw a clip of what she said about his family

      -he still hates seeing himself on camera and his voice

      – he would vote Nicole for AFP if he wasn’t in the running

      – the other HGs were irritated about how Jackson was controlling about the food but we’re afraid he would stop cooking

      – sleeping was hard for him in the BB House

      – he was afraid to do anything about the I Hate Nicole meeting in the HOH Room because it would have ruined his game

      – he submitted a tape to the show and it was the first time he applied to be on the show

      – apparently he always wanted to be evicted prejury because the jury house would have been so boring

      – him and Johnny Mac Rockstar Dentist text each other from time to time

      – Nicole is the HG he misses the most

  47. NKogNeeTow


    FAB tells Nicole that some young girls thanked her for making them get off their asses. She says she wonders what “others” have lied about. Nicole says that she is a mega-fan. She said when she first came into the house Nick asked her how many seasons she had watched and she told him only 2. He didn’t believe her but she said she wasn’t going to tell him the truth because he had a big mouth.

    Nicole tells her some of the things she does in her daily life. FAB says she spends her day chasing drunk adults. She says they have 20 people to each truck and she does 3 a day. She says a lot of people take party busses so they show up drunk. She says they bring penis confetti. Nicole ask he what that is. FAB tells her and says they also drink wine through penis straws. Nicole says she knows what she wants for her next party. FAB says she’s so over it. Nicole says if she went to a party and saw that she would be so embarrassed.

    FAB says that when some of the tours show up and they are normal she wants to thank them for not showing up covered in penis stuff. Nicole says she can’t await to hear about cast members getting married and their first pregnancies. She tells FAB that she is so calm and melodic and she wasn’t like the rest of them. FAB says especially since a few of her breakdowns. Nicole says that when she called the house meeting, JJ said the meeting was adjorned and she was yelling that she called the meeting so she would say when it was adjorned.

    FAB tells Nicole that she knew she would have to rely a lot on her social game. *What social game?* She says that Sam had a good social game and she thought he would do well. Nicole said that she thought that Sam might not do well but he would go far. She said he was that likable person that nobody would want to put up. FAB says Sam was an outlyer and that he thought that nobody was going to notice him and that people both outside and inside of their alliance would let him slide by. She says she had to take the shot because she didn’t know when she’d get another chance.

    Nicole says that Tommy scared her because he had a good social game and he danced around everything. She said he was so political. She says she was never in an allinance with him and she knew he was always after Cliff. She says that Tommy told her on the hammock that JJ was his white whale and she never knew where he stood. She says she never had a specific conversation with Tommy about anybody because he was always talking around. FAB says that Nick had everything too. She says that even after the Taco Tuesday, she knew he was going to not fold under pressure.

    FAB says people would tells her “Fuck Nick”, then 2 days later they would be in bed cuddling with him. She says Sis was one of them. Nicole says Christie was mad at her for that too. She says that Christie said that when Nick was upset and Nicole went to talk to him, Christie was mad because she did that. She says if Christie had been upset she would have gone to check on her too.

    JJ is still working out on the bench press. FAB says she can’t tell if he’s still upset or just working out. She goes to check the laundry.

    Okay Kidlets, I’m getting super sleepy so I’m going to cut off the feeds and go to bed. It’s after 4 here. Goodnight for real this time. 🙂

  48. Avatar

    I have a feeling if the bitter is still there it will be who they’re voting against more than who they want to win. There’s always been a thread of that but this could be more prevalent. I was looking for a cartoon that’s really designed for the classroom & differences in abilities. Thinking this is what really bothered me this season re comps. In the cartoon there is a teacher, then pupils are a monkey, lion, chimp, a fish and a turtle (examples not sure). The teacher tells them their quiz is to climb a tree to determine the smartest. That’s how I’ve felt re the comps in general & it’s varied drastically from past seasons.There were a couple of big missed opportunities for sure. I’m really loving watching Nicole calling Michie out on his bullshit!

  49. Avatar

    Normally I would say the cut throat player should win. Like Dan in his second season. It was completely personal as to why he got 2nd and that sucked…
    This year I feel differently and here is why: Jack is an asshole. Many of the other cut throat players were playing this way for a game. I get the impression that Jack would do some of this stuff in real life. That whole story he created wasn’t “brilliant” in my eyes because I get the impression he is capable of doing that in real life. I can also see the hypocrisy ooze off of him as he started praying after he figured out (somehow) that the outside world thinks he’s a D-bag. Thanks Zingbot. He’s been explaining himself more with the obvious “pity me because I HAVE to make these decisions to stay alive in the game” comments and tears when earlier in the seasons he was (to use his own words) “owning” it.
    So normally I would say it sucks for Holly to win but this year I would be ok with it.
    But who are we kidding. Manipulator Jackson will just take her money once they hit real life anyways. I can hear it now “I win that for you, you owe me” followed by the silent treatment for the next two days. Gag. This is the first season I stopped viewing mid-season since I first started watching the program back in 2006.
    Ok I’m done complaining! 🙂

  50. Houseguest Doug

    As I predicted way back that Jackson is going to F2. He has played the best game of all the misfits they cast this year.

    I seem to get a lot of thumbs down when ever I speak about Jackson and Holly. But so be it haters going to hate.

    Jackson played Nicole and Cliff like a fiddle. Now Nicole and Cliff went from the power spot to the voting for winner spot and Nicole’s only chance of taking home some money is to beat Tommy and Cliff for AFP.

    I know you are thinking Holly has a outside shot at winning. That is because you’re all crazy. The jury may not like Jackson and did he play a dirty game no worse than 90% of the past winners of BB. He did what he had to do to make it to the end.

    In the end I think Jackson will get everyone’s vote except Nicole only because she will get zero time in Jury house and is very salty with Jackson and how her game fell apart thanks to listening to Cliff.

    Congratulations to Jackson in winning $500K and a spot in the Amazing Race with Holly.

    To all you Cliffamanic’s and Nicoleaholics —- HA HA HA HA HA HA

    • Avatar

      If Jackson would have admitted to making his move to evict Cliff for gaming purposes, Nicole would vote Jackson for the win. She isn’t salty because of the move, she is upset that he is treating her like she is stupid and is trying to make his decision based on morals. She reads him like a book and wants him to respect her as a player. She is a super fan, so I still think Jackson has a good shot of getting her vote. She is playing him in the off chance he picks her in the final two to get the guaranteed Holly vote.

      • Houseguest Doug

        They where about to go back on a deal for Final 4.

        Cliff made a bullshit deal with Jackson. Jackson you take me to final 2 over your Girlfriend and lone member that you trust. But if I win I am taking Nicole to the Final 2. Who is going to accept that deal?

        Deals are null and void the moment they go back on a deal. Nicole and Cliff were going to go back on a deal. Jackson had to do and say what he needed to to save the deal.

        But Cliff is 52 years old he must know there is no way Jackson is taking him to F2 over Holly. Give your head a shake.

      • Houseguest Doug

        If Nicole is so smart and that good of a player and reader of people she should have stuck to her guns and voted out Holly.

        She bought Cliff’s bullshit and didn’t see that Cliff was looking out for Cliff not Nicole. He neglected to tell Nicole he had a F2 with Jackson until after the fact. She knows that before hand she sends Holly home.

    • Avatar

      And you got a thumbs down from me for the last sentence which was a personal mocking of the people on the board who like Nicole and Cliff.

    • Betty Boo

      I hate to see bad behavior rewarded.

  51. Houseguest Doug

    Mel now that HOLLY is final two I believe we need to drop the whole Beth thing and pay her due respect.

    • TeeJay

      Or you could, maybe, respect Mel’s many repeated graciousness towards this request and drop it. We use nicknames for everyone it’s not like HollyBeth has been singled out.

    • Kari

      Calling Holly “Beth” is *no different* than calling Nicole “Nugget” . It’s just a damn nickname wasn’t even started by us for God’s sake it’s not like it’s JUST BBJ that refers to her as that.

      Personally I think it’s a hell of a lot better when some of the nicknames you was for some of the other players this summer. One of them really bothered me but I was adult enough to bite my tongue and out call it out.

      again you can just get past the things you don’t like or maybe just leave the group and find one you do like better.?

  52. Joy

    Beth Beth Beth Beth Who is Holly?

  53. mm22

    considering the other names I could use I think I’ll just stick with hollybeth

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