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Big Brother 21 First Night Feed Updates

Good evening, everyone!


It’s time! The pre-recorded shows are out of the way and it’s time for actual live Big Brother (watch along here!)

I want to talk about the episodes, but there isn’t really much to talk about. It was two days to kick David out only to basically promise that he’ll be back in the game. How will he be back? My guess is it will be a weekly thing where someone gets banished from the game and they sit in a ‘time out’ until the next Camp Director ceremony.  Again, this is strictly a guess but I’m thinking this banishment thing isn’t done yet because they really want to stir up drama and the best way is to have someone get booted every few days (once a week?) only to come back a week later. Of course, there will still be a normal eviction every week so I guess two people would leave?  Just a thought. I’m not sure that would even be a good twist, but it’s just something I can see them doing to try and stir drama.

Enough rambling, feeds are about to go live. Not sure if noms or veto have been played yet as the first two weeks inside the house are the longest (we only see a week of it), but there is a very good chance noms have at least happened.

  • Feeds are live, and on time!
  • Everyone hanging around the kitchen. No sign of Cliff though, probably sleeping
    • Nevermind, Cliff sighting!
    • Holly and Bella are in the bathroom. They seem a little isolated but this is early impression.
    • They are all wondering when the feeds are going live
    • Bella is chatting a little game with a toothbrush in her mouth, awesome. Easy to understand
    • Loading up with screenshots early because we need to get to see the new people!
    • All the girls are brushing their teeth. Are they really getting ready for bed already?
    • David’s face is gray but that doesn’t mean much
    • Need more game talk!
    • Holly whispers to Kathryn that Jackson is being weird lately
    • They go back and forth worrying about his loyalty
    • Veto hasn’t been played yet. Sounds like Kathryn may be nominated. I think Cliff is as well
    • Jess is talking to Kat in the bathroom, she is paranoid about Jackson as well. He is playing the game too hard right now imo
    • The house is all playing tangled or something like that.
    • Kat is feeling left out because she was in the bathroom when the game started
    • This is a long game….
  • 10:00 pm – They are still playing. This is a bit boring lol
  • 10:15 pm – Game is done. Jackson is telling Kat that she’s safe and he’s going to play veto for her if he gets to play. Okay
    • Cliff, Sam, Nick, Nicole, and Khal are in the lounge chatting. The rest in the kitchen. No game talk
    • Tommy suddenly makes all the girls watching wish they were him
  • 11:00 pm – Jackson and Holly have been talking a bit of game in the kitchen but it keeps getting broken up. I don’t think that 6 person alliance is still around, but that isn’t a shock
  • Random plug – I have been updating our IG a bit so you can follow along here for pictures!

I’m going to wrap this post up for now. I have an early morning tomorrow but I’ll be back to recap the overnight in the afternoon and then live blog through the day! Have a good first night on the feeds and stay up with the comments


Check back for updates!


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  1. NKogNeeTow

    I was wondering if the twist would be that say if one person was in banishment, they get a chance to battle someone and if they win, they go back and the loser goes out. Then they would be ineligible to play for HOH and could be nominated. I don’t know, just throwing things out there. : )

  2. danmtruth

    Let’s see if production let’s us see where the action is

    • Kari

      After what everyone said last time about production and the cameras being weird places as much as I want to support our esteemed leaders trip to California, I have to see if it’s going to be worth me paying for.

      Does anyone know how much it costs every month for the live feeds?

    • Colby

      That is why I am procrastinating. Last year we saw more of people sleeping and lifting weights while there was other stuff gong on in the house than I am willing to pay for. I’m sure they do that so they can edit situations to fulfill productions agenda for the show, but that is not what is advertised for the live feeds, and not sure I want to pay for it.
      But I’m sure I will at some point.
      I need to find a avatar with a ‘sucker’ stamp on the forehead. : )

  3. Kari

    That makes complete sense but then again this is big brother LOL..

    I wanted to thank you for what you do for us every Summer, staying up and watching the feeds. As you know I’m a few hours behind everyone and sometimes I don’t have to stay up and watch Big Brother after dark because I’ve already read your posts. 🙂

    Once more just because, happy summer everyone let the games begin!

  4. Kari

    So far, and I know it’s all just because other than Sam the truck driver I think he is? And Mister square head, there really isn’t anybody annoying yet. Yet being the definitive word.. Tommy seems like a really nice guy and I always root for the old guys. On that note why don’t they ever have old women? I also want to root for my fella BBW of course.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger gal on BB??

  5. danmtruth

    This is when people either all stay together or a few split off to talk Is it a surprise Boxhead is running around shirtless Katharyn was talking to Jesica when Jackson/mick came into shower than she just decides to have a privet talk with him not realizing he was naked WTF not to obvious

  6. NKogNeeTow

    HERE WE GO!!!!

    Everyone seems to be in the kitchen. Blockhead is washing dishes and cooking…shirtless. Lowkey Frankie is prancing around the room (typical Frankie style).

    Aquaman is strutting around the room GQ style. Most of the group seems to be cooking or hanging around the kitchen.

    Larry the Cable Guy (Cliff) is wandering around the kitchen aimlessly.

    Most of the girls are in the bathroom, having a valley girl conversation and putting on makeup. (Forgive me Guys, I don’t know even 1/4th of their names yet).

    Nothing really going on to talk about. Most are wandering from room to room talking.

    The HOH girl is in the bathroom talking to Jessica(?). She says she has to win the Veto and that she’s going to choose Jackson (to play) because she really trust him.


    While we’re waiting…

    Has anyone else wondered why Production always picks the same “token” houseguest? A Gay, an African American, a mean girl, a devious guy, a senior, a troublemaker, a schemer, a doofus guy or girl (socially awkward0, an airhead, a bombshell, a macho man, a super fan and someone unfamiliar with the game/show (novice). Can’t they find different types out there?

    What types of players would you guys like to see?

    Why do they always yell in the DR? Is the Production staff deaf?

  7. danmtruth

    Sounds like it might be Clif and Texas blond Kathryn on the block She is talking to Jesica just congrats her on there one week anniversary for there friend ship
    Is there 2 diary rooms as they called someone to the down stairs diary room

  8. NKogNeeTow


    Mostly everyone sitting around in the kitchen table just chit-chatting. *To be perfectly honest, I’m sleepy and they aren’t talking about anything interesting enough to really keep me awake.*

    Some girl is braiding some other girl’s hair. Lowkey Frankie is putting away food.

    One of the blonde girls and one of the brunettes are in the bathroom whispering. *Again, I apologize, I can’t tell half of them apart and I’m too damn lazy and tired to scroll up to the Player’s bar.*

    Back in the kitchen, the group has kind of split up into 2 groups, holding different conversations. So far, BJ (Baleigh Jr. aka Kemmi) is just sitting there smelling her top lip.


    • Kari

      girl you shouldn’t be apologizing because you don’t know the names this soon. Hell, sometimes at the end of the summer I still don’t know everybody’s names…

      • HappyHippo

        Kemi will explode and expect sooner rather than later…so BJ Bayleigh jr is perfect nickname!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yeah, she’s a powder keg just waiting for a match. But the only thing that fool is going to blow is her azz right out of the house. Aquaman and a few others are already talking about getting rid of her. I think the convo was about backdooring her.

        Why do the prima donnas think their nasty attitudes are going to endear them to anyone? Again, have they not watched this show? Heck, even I’m ready for her to go NOW…even before Blockhead (thanks for his nickname Melinda…lol). And forget about that “strong Black woman” thing. This chick is just NASTY! I can’t stomach anyone with a bad attitude and she walked in the house with one. At least get to know people before declaring you’re going to destroy all of them. Does she also not realize that all the people she’s being atrocious to are the ones she’ll need to keep her in the house.

      • HappyHippo

        Yea I’ll never understand going in with that attitude! Nobody has ever even come close to winning like that
        But exposure! exposure is so important(eye roll)

  9. mm22

    I was also wondering why they don’t
    cast an older woman – I concluded
    they have to save all those spots
    for the younger girls-tv viewing ratings

  10. NKogNeeTow

    Dammit…I just wiped out my entire recap!

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  12. danmtruth

    Once more production 4 cameras showing the girl putting on makeup ALL 4 feeds No Jesica telling her she is am empathetic and is feeling people on who she should trust

  13. Mr. Beardo

    Wtf is that striped bench on the sink side of the bar?

  14. AIO_7

    I wonder why Kathryn isn’t participating in the jumble?

  15. danmtruth

    What happened to the Tennessee Volunteers bond between blockhead and Ovi
    Now they are doing some strange twister like game everyone holding hands now trying to untangle

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Back from commercial…

    Looks like the Kitchen Krew is playing some kind of kinky homemade Twister. *Hell, now I’m REALLY confused. Them being all bunched up and stuff, I sure as hell can’t tell who’s who now.* The game is some kind of circle in a circle. The ones in the middle are the ones twisted up. It is kind of funny watching the ones in the center try to get untwisted, or whatever they’re trying to do.

    The HOH girl is just sitting on the steps watching.

    *If I have to watch 3 hours of this, somebody’s azz is in trouble* *pouting*


  17. mm22

    Cliff n kathryn are noms
    Why kathryn?

  18. danmtruth

    NK girl on stairs is not HOH just to reverse she is on the block

  19. AIO_7

    Is this jumble thing the new pot-ball?

  20. NKogNeeTow


    The odd game continues…*Heck, I just want all of their asses to be called to the DR right now. Forgive me, I’m a cranky pants tonight. }-(

    I can’t tell if the circle is getting wider or smaller. Just scrolled up to see if Steve can make sense of this mess… NOOOPE!

    Commercial…Thank the good Jesus.

  21. NKogNeeTow


    And the band played on…

    TWO more hours to go! Bless their hearts. I’m with Steve. I want to see some plottin an a plannin!

    Nothing new to report. The game continues.

    Blonde girl(Kathryn ?) is now off the steps and has left the room.

    Frankie II has to stop and unbutton his jeans because he said they aren’t stretchy enough to move. Didn’t help, he still had trouble changing positions.

    Aquaman is barking orders at someone and telling them to figure it out.


  22. NKogNeeTow

    WRONG Steve! It’s not a bit boring, it’s a LOT boring!

  23. Mello_One

    I am not going to do what I did last year, & declare that I like someone (Sam)….I will wait until at least week 3.

  24. NKogNeeTow


    Kathryn(?) is in the bedroom talking to Blockhead. She’s telling him that Bella is giving her dirty looks. Cliff comes in and they change the subject a bit, but he leaves.

    Block tells her that he thinks they can get her off the block. He says there have been no conversations about taking her out. He tells her she has nothing to worry about because Kemmi is going home (*back door?*).

    She tells him that she trusts him and that Jessica is panicky. He tells her that tensions is high. She ask if he would pick Bella over her, he says of course not. He says he is going to walk out of the room first so it won’t look suspcious.

    Back in the kitchen, the game is over and HOH girl is sitting on the oddly placed couch, rubbing her eyes out. BJ Kemmi is telling Blockhead not to cut his hair.

    In that lounge room (don’t know what the hell they’re calling it this year), 2 guys and a girl are spooning on the sofa (Bella, Nick, Sam ?)

    Bella starts to tell them about a conversation, then COMMERCIAL.

  25. danmtruth

    Kathryn was in the bullseye bedroom trying to have e a heart to heart with blockhead than Cliff came in the room and would not leave Went thru all his clothes Was kneeling at the foot of the bed listening as he rearranged all his clothes in the trunk Kathryn twice bent down and looked at him He never left she finally waited him out

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry Dan, I thought he left. I’m doing more listening than watching.

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  28. Kari

    Is it okay for me to admit that I love it when you guys watch for me so that I don’t have to stay up?

    STFU Kari! 😉

  29. NKogNeeTow


    Most are in the kitchen.

    In the Spooning Lounge, Cliff and Squeeky (Nicole (?) have joined the group and Bella is gone. Aquaman asks them if they had to eat a big fat bug, what would it be?

    Squeeky ask them if they’d rather eat a spider or lay in spiders?

    Sam asked if they would lick someone’s eyeball. Aquaman says yes.

    Nick asked if they would lick his underarm. He says he has to shave. Aquaman tells him how he should shave his underarms. *What is wrong with these people?*

    Nick and Sam ask Squeeky something about Catholic baptism and what a priest does. She tells them. They say that’s why Catholics suck. Aquaman automatically starts yelling “FEEDS, FEEDS!” (*As a warning that the Live Feeds are on*). They repeat it and Aqua yells feeds again then changes the subject to ice cream.

  30. NKogNeeTow


    In the kitchen, Holly (?) is sitting on the oddly placed couch, talking to Aqua and Blockhead about Lulu Lemon pants. Aqua says he has some. Aqua starts to calculate how much he’ll make if he makes it to Jury. He leaves and Block and Holly start to talk about how they need to make sure they leave the house a little richer.

    • Melinda Beans

      I couldn’t sleep, so I figured I would check out what’s going on and now I regret it. I’m wasting precious “cuddle with my pillow” time for this. *yawn*

      Who’s Lulu Lemon pants?

      • NKogNeeTow

        TELL ME ABOUT IT! I’m also losing brain cells.

        Lulu Lemon is a brand name clothing store. I think they sell mostly yoga stuff.

      • Melinda Beans

        I know what Lulu Lemon is. They have one in my mall, but I never go in there since I can’t afford it lol.

        I just didn’t know who you were talking about. I’m still trying to learn your nicknames while I’m trying to learn their real names! lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        I know what you mean. If I’m going to pay $200 for a pair of stretch pants, they better make my ass look 5x smaller.

        I swear Melinda, half the time I don’t know who I’m talking about either. I have to keep scrolling up and that’s getting tiresome…lol

      • Colby

        LOL, NK. Who is Lulu Lemon pants?
        Never heard of Lulu Lemon. Must not be in the south, or maybe I’m just old. LOL.
        But most of us aren’t seeing what you are, so telling us what they are wearing doesn’t help.
        But, love the nick name. (:

      • NKogNeeTow

        Colby, Lulu Lemon is a brand name, overpriced athletic wear store. I think they’re nationwide but not sure.

      • Colby

        Yea, got that.
        I looked them up. There is one in Dallas at the mall where the elite shop.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Now Thumby, leave Colby alone.

  31. danmtruth

    Nick started to tell Cristi the difference between catholic and Christian Untill Nichole and Sam were like let’s not talk about this It looks like nick likes playing to the camera

  32. Melinda Beans

    I just mentioned how Holly has a “slappable face” and, on the feeds, she started asking everyone if they’re talking about her. Ha. Her ears must have been ringing. I guess she’s also in a showmance with Blockhead. WHY??? I would rather be in a showmance with Tommy, lawd.

    Note: I HATE showmances. Despise them to the ends of the earth, so I make fun of them a lot.

  33. NKogNeeTow


    Blockhead is telling Holly that he trusts her and somebody else (couldn’t hear the name. I hate when they whisper). He says he’s not going to ruin his game. She tells him he is doing a really good job of it and to just practice some self-control.

    They are still whispering when Aqua comes in and they stop. Ovi starts sweeping the floor so the talk stops. PS Model is in the bathroom entrance taking to Holly.

    Holly is telling Block that someone just wants to get to Jury and is really making her nervous (Aqua?). PS comes into the room talking about cookies and the talk stops. *Dammit*

    In the bathroom, Bella and Frankie II are taking a shower. He asks her to teach him some more phrases. *Dammit*

    One hour to go.


  34. danmtruth

    It just hit me Christis voice reminded me of Betheny from RHONY if you watch

  35. NKogNeeTow


    Kathryn has joined Block and Holly. PSM is still talking about cookies. Now they are talking about how they all love each other (*Uh huh*).

    Now they are talking about Sunday is a live show.

    Frankie II is talking about eating ice cream with his cookies. He gets a big hug from Kathryn.

    Block is telling them that he wants to be in a competition.

    *If you just let me make it through this last 40 minutes Lord, I promise I’ll be good*

    Someone gets a warning from Production and the talk turns to ice cream.

    In the “Canoe Room”, Aqua, Cliff, Sam, BJ Kemmi, Bella and HOH girl are talking. Aqua says he’s been banned from Facebook 3 times.


  36. NKogNeeTow


    In the kitchen, PS Model has found Orwell and seems to have claimed him. Ovi, Sam, Nick, Block, and Holly are waiting around for cookies to get done. The talk turns to college and the SATs. Of course, Block knows all about it and how they work (*Is there anything he doesn’t know?*)

    Ovi is telling them that his Dad is in Critical Care and also specializes in sleep apnea. Ovi talks about 80 miles an hour.

    Block tells them that he’s going to be better off when he gets out of the house because he’s made 14 new friends, 3 new roommates and job possibilities. He ask them to help him and not let him slip. (He’s talking mainly to Analyse. He’s talking about his focus and how everything in his life that could go wrong was going wrong (before he came into the house).


    • HappyHippo

      Thanks for telling us just how boring it was last night nk! I’m rubbing my eyes and I just woke up! Being on the east coast I can’t usually watch to late but a lot of times in the morning there will still be a few up and some juicy conversations happen then but not this morning all asleep boo!

  37. Kari

    My favorite part about your updates his always your snarky little comments, LOL…

  38. Avatar

    just seeing how many i have made

  39. NKogNeeTow


    In the Canoe Room, Sam or Nick is playing with Aqua’s hair. They are discussing the Veto and who would use it. Aqua says he can persuade certain people to use it. He says he doesn’t want Kat out because he doesn’t think she can win anything.

    In the bedroom, Bella is talking to BJ Kemmi (Bailegh Jr.). They are discussing what they think people are seeing on the live feeds. Bella ask her if she is excited and if she thinks she might get chosen. BJ says if she was she’ll probably just throw it. BJ says that Kat probably wants her to take her down. She laughs and says even prostitutes like to be lied to at least once a day. BJ says she’s annoyed she has to walk through there to brush her teeth. (*Don’t worry BJ, if they have their way, you won’t be long in the BB world either*).


    15 MINUTES!

  40. NKogNeeTow


    Sam or Nick (don’t know which is which, don’t care), hit his head on a lantern hanging on the wall. He starts dancing with the HOH girl about how he loves her and not just because she’s HOH. Aqua is just sitting there quietly, then asks if they “can talk about this”. Just as he does, she gets called to the DR. Sam//Nick keeps talking about hitting his head and his injury (he didn’t really get hurt..he’s talking too much) Holly comes in and he tells her he has a concussion. He explains to her what happened. She checks his eyes for a concussion. (*Suddenly the sound goes off and it’s the end of BBAD*)

    YEA!!! There IS a God!

    Alright Boys and Girls, I bid you goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  41. Mrs. Frisby

    I hope the HG become more rememberable as the season goes on

  42. Mrs. Frisby

    Why won’t my photo upload? And i thumb down my last comment (oops)

  43. mm22

    Does the new photo show up immediately ?

    • Melinda Beans

      Sorry I took so long to reply (Netflix sucked me in lol), but it worked! I can see your pic! 😀

      Edit: Unless you want to CHANGE photos. I may have read that wrong.

      • mm22

        Yes I’m trying to change pics

      • Melinda Beans

        I just looked and I saw Steve made the instructions easier since I tried it. After you click “How to Add a Custom Avatar,” click on where it says “or this link should work.” It’s a link in step 1. That’s how I was able to do it. You have to scroll way down to the bottom to see your avatar pic. If it doesn’t work right away after you do that, it could be a caching issue and your cache may need to be cleared.

        Hope this helps!

    • mm22

      Haha thumby you missed this one!!!!

  44. Alda

    Well,I watched the first night of BBAD.It was sooo boring.I hope this group gets a little more exciting.They seem like they all love each other.UGH! Let’s get some drama started.I’m not fond of getting 4 hours of sleep for nothing.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Not to worry Alda, they don’t really all love each other. They’ve started breaking off into secret little groups already. I’m kind of glad. The sooner they break off into their herds, the sooner the debauchery will begin and we can start seeing some REAL game playing.

      • Alda

        NK,I guess I’m too anxious.If my memory serves me I felt this way at the beginning of last summer’s season too.Coming from Jersey,we don’t have a lot of patience.

  45. danmtruth

    Random thoughts of an undisciplined mind
    Nick loves looovves to hear himself speak loves to play to the camera wants to be the edgy guy and say and do anything to keep the camera on him Is playing his JERSEY accent & attitude for all it is worth Translating for the camera Fake gay crushing on Truck driver Sam
    Trucker Sam is following orders of production and being LOUD & full of ENERGY in his diary room talks Sound guy is going to hate him Is not afraid to talk about his kids and he is there for the money to help his family Will need to watch to see how good his game is or will he just latch on to Nick and ride his coattails
    Kimmie doing nothing to shed her mini Baylie steroids mean girl type Is not fitting in does not add much Comes off as a bit condescending to people Has tried to flirt with bockhead Unsolicited climbed up on him while he was on the kitchen island coach talking to HOH Christi telling him how she can give him cornrows how he should let his hair grow out more Than to add a little more weirdness said she gives her daughter cornrows all the time ?? Did not know she had a child
    Blockhead/Jackson/Mick/Mr.Marshmellow let me show you my body Thinks he has this game all figured out Him and Aquaman will win HOH back to back to back -uhm wrong on first try – was talking to Kat to calm her down about being on the block Telling her Kimmi was the target All the time Cliff the other person on the block was in the room ??!!?? Than in an attempt to calm her down he starts telling her all the people he is comfortable with who will vote together Did you just tell her who your alliance is Than again not sure if Kat picked up on this between her I’m at death’s door to just wanting to get lost in blockheads eyes
    Jesica PSM admitted her hardest thing might not being able to have a drink Not that she is a lush just she will lose weight because she just has high calorie drinks like margaritas or heavy rich beers no lite beers for her not like she drinks alot just a few Ok ????? Than how she is an empath and can feel people pain or trouble How she does not feel good about some people because they are giving g off no feelings or just bad vibes This was her conversation with Kat Who ofcourse told blockhead later in the night this is why she did not trust Isabella s -pawn of tiger mom – and Holly
    These were some of my take away from the first live feeds Only a few fish feeds Technically they were a bit glitchy and only a few times all 4 feeds on the same line person doing nothing
    The house does seem to have some odd dead space problems The canoe room is big but odd shape makes more than just 3 or 4 people a problem Yes last year the kitchen island was on wheels This year with the built in coach it seems pretty stationary did not see much of the HOH room or upstairs loft area

    • mm22

      Does anyone have a pic of that weird
      kitchen couch thing? So odd sounding
      I just gotta see it

      • Colby

        Look at the first couple of pictures Steve posted in this thread where everyone is hanging around in the kitchen area.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Thanks Dan! You summed up in a few paragraphs, what I was trying to say all night…lol. If Steve is the King Of The Morning, Mel is Queen Of The Evening, and I am Queen Of The Night, I might just have to share my crown with you! Hail King Dan! lol. Seriously though, thanks for filling in the blanks. You caught a lot of stuff I missed. : )

  46. hogwild

    Predictable candy ass play it safe noms I see.

    • allie

      It’s so easy to put up the token older player. Predictable.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Let’s face it Allie, probably the only one who didn’t know Cliff The Cable Guy was going up first…or probably the first of many times if he last, is Cliff himself.

    • Melinda Beans

      Honestly, I don’t know why older people even apply. I would be considered old in the BB house, so there is no way I would apply. If I was still young and gorgeous (haha), then I would do it in a heartbeat. And nominating Cliff was so predictable, I bet even my cat knew about it.

      • Avatar

        Cliff will be lucky to stick around even as a pawn for a couple weeks. Can’t see him lasting in any physical comp.

  47. caRyn

    I tried to donate and the link said not found.

  48. hogwild

    I might have said this before but for a twist I would love to see the person who wins POV get to decide who the replacement nom is if they use it instead of the HOH.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Speaking of MIAs, I’m imagining…

    Our little Mel with her Helmet of Protection, laying low the first week. Getting in as much sleep as possible. Laying there in her little bed at night, with her little head on her little pillow, sleeping peacefully, while her little Helmet of Protection rests daintily on the nightstand beside her bed.

    And our Gerardo, sitting in his wing-backed chair, twirling his Snidley Whiplash mustache and grinning mischievously, trying to decide who to bestow the #STFU honor to this year.

    Well, it might be too early for them this week, but what I imagine them doing. : )

  50. LO1004

    Does anyone know what happened where it is now the house vs. Ovi? I’ve gathered bits and pieces, but it sounds like he’s only trying to be nice and fit in and they are mean girl-ing it up?

    • Colby

      I’ve just seen them talking about him being annoying, but no real specifics of how / why.
      One did say he went to the bathroom, came out zipping his fly, didn’t wash his hands, and went to the kitchen to cook.

  51. Helen

    Anyone know who is playing in the veto comp?

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