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Big Brother 21 – Friday Afternoon Feeds

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Friday afternoon which means nominations today! It also means the Prankster twist comes out and that means the person who wins will control one of the nominees this week. That means if their nominee is removed from the block via veto, the prankster selects the replacement nom. Quite a bit of power, but it doesn’t appear to come with safety so we could find ourselves in a situation where the prankster is sitting on the block and has to decide who will sit next to him or her.

(For example, Nick wins. He is nominated with Christie. Christie wins PoV and saves herself. Nick then decides who the replacement nominee will be and it will likely be the person he has the best chance at beating)

There is a reason that I used those two in my example because they’re currently on track to be the nominees under a normal week. Holly has already planned to nominate the two, but who she will nominate when she finds out she only has 1 selection should be the interesting part. I am guessing Nick but anything can change.


Regarding the punishment, Cliff, Nicole, and Jess have to make pies and throw them in the faces of whoever it tells them to. Last night at 3:15, the house woke them up and told them to wake someone up with a pie to the face. Nicole got Nick. Cliff got Tommy. Jess got Christie.

Almost forgot,

BBJ Pet of the Day!


Here is Fenway sent in by Jen! Fenway saw her birthday gifts and was very happy!


Also, a big huge thank you to everyone who has donated recently and this season! You guys are great.


Ok, we’re waiting around now waiting for the prankster reveal but here are some updates:

10:40 am – Jess has been up in the HoH room painfully talking Holly’s ear off while everyone else is hanging around the living room

The three are told to smash their own faces with pies – in slow motion


Meanwhile, now that Jessica has left the HoH room, Christie zipped upstairs

They talk about how good Nick is and how he makes people love him

They are hoping that the prankster will work with Holly this week rather than going rogue

11:30 am – Cliff is talking to Holly

Holly is a little bothered how Christie swore on everything that she’ll be happy to be used for anything if she stays in the house, yet showed hesitation when Holly asked her to be a pawn.


Meanwhile, Nick heads off to take a shit but before he does, he thanks America…

Nick is saying he won the Prankster 

1:50 pm – Feeds have been down for roughly an hour or so. I expect them back up soon with noms


2:10 pm – Feeds back. No noms it seems just a switch to the smaller table. Weird?

3:00 pm – Waiting around for noms. Not a ton happening today

3:45 pm – Christie is up in the HoH room again


She is talking about Nick… again

Christie, on her sister, never said she’d throw a comp.

Jackson goes down to get Nick. Let’s get a fight going

Nick joins and Christie tells him that she’s really upset because Nick told Jackson and Holly she (Christie) would throw the HoH competition. Nick denies it

They go back and forth for a while and it appears neither ‘lied’ about the other person. They agree they probably interpreted Christie’s comments about feeling safe different


Christie – “You say what you say when your back is against the wall”… haha. Christie of all people to Nick.

These arguments are tiring because they’re just repetitive and pointless.

New thread is here


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  1. Nancy

    Round and round it goes, where it stops know body knows…who will win prankster???

  2. Leta

    I’m hoping the Prankster’s choice is revealed when Holly does her reveal — without her realizing until she turns the key and the wrong face pops up and then they announce the Prankster has struck. 😀

  3. Helen

    I hope if.Cliff won prankster he doesn’t tell anyone! Holly is already telling everyone she meets with….oh,I hope the prankster shares with me so we can “work together”….
    Please Cliff….keep it to yourself if you won….

    • Holan

      Agreed. If he tells anyone, everyone would know by the next day. Very few things have stayed a secret in this house. I still can’t believe TT and CC haven’t spilled the beans on purpose to someone.

    • Patricia

      I thought the post said nn won the prankster?? Did i miss something

    • Houseguest Doug

      Have you watched any Season of Big Brother?

      If you have you will know there has only been one group in the History of the game that has been able to keep their mouths shut.

      So asking this group of idiots to keep anything quiet is next to impossible. I promise you the one who gets it will keep the secret for 2 hrs max before they spread to people they think they can trust.

      If Cliff wins it he will broadcast it on one of his faux broadcasts to his Cliff-a-minac’s which people will over hear.

      This people have no clue how to keep their traps shut and that is just the way Production likes it.

      Saves them from tipping off the contestants.

  4. danmtruth

    Did not think that this would be more about the TV views Not to mention production can say how ever they want it to go
    Holly=Beth is already trying to back tracking with Christie on the block So they were told about how the prankster will work So cristie in her passive agresive way that she was not happy going on the block Holly chaneled her inner nick and started to talk a mile a minute Tripping over her words
    If its Cliff or Nicole i can see them putting Tommy up Best case Tommy goes up Nick wins takes himself off than Holly needs to put up another nom
    Funny Christie does not understand why anyone cares that she is in a showmance Wow nice moonwalk backstep by christie

  5. Houseguest Doug

    If the House Guests have been paying attention at all this year. Then Holly should put up Cliff & Tommy as they are the highest percentage of Production …OPPS! I mean America choosing them as the Prankster.

    This way if one of them wins the Veto most likely Tommy he can pull himself off the block and you know that Cliff is going to put up Christie to sit next to him.

    But we are not dealing with smart players this year. Holly will no doubt put up Nick & Cliff. Now if Cliff is the Prankster I would assume the power would allow himself to be removed and he will put up Christie in his place. They just have to hope whoever wins the Veto keeps noms the same and Christie or Nick will be heading out the door.

    Production will be pissed if Holly puts up Nick & Cliff and Cliff has they assigned oops! America assigned Cliff as the Prankster as it would mean Christie or Nick would be going home and those are two players that cause drama in the house.

    Production love people who stir the pot.

  6. danmtruth

    Did not think how much this would be about the TV viewers because it was so short of a time to vote

    • Houseguest Doug

      It is not even a real vote. They do it to as a soother to the viewing masses. No one actually adds up the votes.

      Production already decided who is the Prankster once Sis was voted out.

      Don’t be fooled by this ploy to make you think there is anything that is not pre planned and scripted by Production.

      • KelBel

        I’m thinking it’s more of a ploy to get more people to pay for feeds, since you can’t vote unless you give them your credit card info

        ….and THEN they don’t add up the votes and do whatever they want to do.

  7. AIO_7

    “Regarding the punishment, Cliff, Nicole, and Jess have to make pies and throw them in the faces of whoever it tells them to.”

    *Clapping like a seal* YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY…..12 year old’s across the country celebrate.

  8. AIO_7

    “Holly is a little bothered how Christie swore on everything that she’ll be happy to be used for anything if she stays in the house, yet showed hesitation when Holly asked her to be a pawn.”

    You don’t say. One would have thought her and her hot lovah would have thought about that on Wednesday.

    • KelBel

      And yet they still plan on using her as a pawn. Shit, even Sis might be able to see thru CC’s crap better than Jolly’s dumbasses.

      • AIO_7

        Sis may see it now, but she was a little slow on the uptake the days before eviction. As soon as neither of them won veto, she should have separated herself from Chrustie and parked herself beside Holly.

      • KelBel

        I’m saying the CC situation is so obvious that even Sis would figure it out, so Jolly sure should!
        I don’t know if separating from Chrustie and sucking up to Beth would have helped Sis…Beth seemed to want Sis out no matter what…after all, Sis flirted with her man. *eye roll* Isn’t she supposed to be the mature one? What she should have been worried about is whether or not said “man” flirted back. Whatever, Beth is clearly insecure with her fake hair, makeup, and paranoia. Sorry, tangent…starting to hate Beth as much as Chrustie.

      • AIO_7

        Can’t say I watch the feeds all that much, but I never saw Sis flirt with Jackson.

      • KelBel

        I don’t have them at all…but Jackson did tell Beth that Sis was flirting with him (mind you this was a long time ago) and it doesn’t seem that Beth can get over that.

    • Leta

      Yes, CC was a little salty about it when Holly told her last night.
      CC – “Obviously, I prefer not to. Obviously, I did say I would go up as a pawn. I didn’t realistically mean. I didn’t know that meant right now. I was assuming when we get to 5th.”

      If CC survives this week, I would put her ass up EVERY week until she’s gone. LOL

      • AIO_7

        “I’d never bad mouth Sis
        Even if I did, I wouldn’t be.”

      • KelBel

        Her assumptions doesn’t = reality. Yet she’s got her ways of manipulating. If you say you will go up as a pawn so that you are kept in the house, then you go up as a pawn whenever the hell they say you do! No one said she WILL stay until there’s 5 (which it sounds like she’s already changing to 4, 3), she just said SHE preferred to go out 5th. And as it’s been said, it’s HER world, we just live in it (in her f-ed up mind!)
        I’ve never hated a BB player as much as I hate her. And I really had it against Paul and his minions.

      • Nancy

        @AIO..best statement ever…wonder if she realizes what she says..

      • AIO_7

        “I’ve never hated a BB player as much as I hate her.”

        And yet Lips and Snaxon had the ‘wisdom’ to save her.

      • Leta

        KelBel it’s true! I think she is hated more than Paul. And that’s not an easy achievement. I would give anything to see her and TT as the final otb and see what shit they squeal about on each other.

      • AIO_7

        “@AIO..best statement ever…wonder if she realizes what she says..”

        Reminds me of someone else, but since we can’t get political, I won’t say who.

  9. Petrichor

    Nick got the power

  10. Hollymarie

    Nick just walked in the bathroom and confirmed to the camera that he got the prankster. Said he needed the power and thanked America.

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  12. Leta

    If NN is smart he will put up CC or JJ. And forget about Jess. She’s as harmless as a housefly.

  13. Leta

    NOMS TODAY up on the monitor . . . won’t be long, peeps.

  14. KelBel

    Okay, I take back my previous comment. I now hope Nick DOES tell Beth that he got the prankster and if Beth nominates Nick, in return he will nominate Jackson! *fingers crossed*

    • Leta

      I want Holly to nominate NN with CC, because then he can take himself down and put up JJ. They can’t renom NN, so then hopefully if JJ wins the veto, JJ will talk Holly into putting TT up with CC.

      • nancy

        I thought Holly only got one nom.

      • Sassy

        I think she only noms 1 person and the prankster noms the other.

      • KelBel

        She only gets to nominate one. He gets to nominate the other. He doesn’t get to take himself down. So if Beth chooses Nick as her nom, he’ll be next to whoever he decides to put up.

      • Leta

        I thought the Prankster COULD remove themselves? I think I’ve watched too much live feeds. LMAO

      • Leta

        So, if one is taken down via veto the Prankster gets to renom — not Holly.

      • Mary

        @Leta to my understanding and I may be wrong, I thought that whoever nomination comes off the black gets to replace the nam. Though as stated I may be wrong. I didn’t vote, I don’t have a dog in this race.

      • Mary

        nom not nam*

      • Leta

        Mary ~~~ NN was awarded the power to take one of Holly’s two nominations away and then if there’s a Veto used on the Prankster’s nomination then NN will also get to name the renom.
        What’s not clear is does she name two nominees and then the NN picks one of them to go or will Holly know from the beginning that she can only pick one, with the Prankster selecting the 2nd? If she is allowed to name the first 2 noms, it would allow NN (if he’s one of her picks) to take himself off and replace with his pick. I guess we’ll have to just wait and see cause the whole thing is a little murky to me. LOL

    • Sassy

      I think that’s what he will do either way. If JJ and Nasty are OTB at the end of the week, JJ goes home.

      • KelBel

        Or does he? Since CC convinced everyone that Nick is such a threat that only she could stay in the house to save them all from him (gag!!!)

      • Sassy

        Yes, CC would be the tie breaker and I think she would vote JJ out before NN.

      • AIO_7

        I don’t see Nick beating JJ. Nicole and Cliff are too susceptible to JJ’s strong-arming.

      • KelBel

        It’s deranged to say, but if it comes down to NN and JJ on the block next Thursday, I hope JJ goes! Seriously, you know this game is f-ed up when you start routing for the house perv to stay!

      • KelBel

        But Sassy, CC gave JJ and Beth her word that she would go after Nick! And how many times last night did we have to listen to CC the liar talk about how her word is all she has, blah blah blah. JJ deserves to go before NN just for listening to such crap!

      • Sassy

        AIO – Wed night, Nicole said she will not vote against Nick even if it’s not a popular opinion. She feels like he’s really protecting her. From what? I have NO idea… she may have a crush.

        Kel – CC is all about “HER truth”. Her truth changes to fit whoever and whatever she is talking about. There is a BIG difference between THE truth and HER truth.

      • AIO_7

        “AIO – Wed night, Nicole said she will not vote against Nick”…

        Yet she did; and so did bobblehead Cliff.

      • KelBel

        Amen to that, Sassy! THAT is the truth! lol

  15. Mello_One

    Doesn’t the PRANKSTER Twist remind us of the HACKER Twist from BB20???….Glad that Nick won the Prankster Twist.

  16. AIO_7

    Nick in contemplation . (Probably thinking *how can Production screw me next*)


  17. KelBel

    @Jen….with all the excitement over noms and pranksters, your sweet Fenway has been overlooked. Love the pic! <3

  18. danmtruth

    It was funny to watch and listen to Holly=beth tell cliff in shock that Christie was already backing off on being used as a pawn “what i did not think it would be this soom Was christies response to possibly going on the block Holly=beth telling cliff how at first all christie talked about was making it to 5 but now she is talking 3 or 2 Really Beth christie might have lied to you Im shocked Shocked that you figured it out this quick Gee if only christie was on the block so you could get her out ? ,? Oh wait she WAS on the block

  19. Nikki

    Nick got my vote as many times as they would let me.

    I LOVE Leta’s plan!
    End result is CC & TT OTB, where they belong. I’d like to see CC gone & TT taken down a notch.

  20. Nancy

    Jen… how cute is that birthday pic of Fenway?! I love that you celebrate ..beautiful ..thanks for sharing.

  21. Helen

    Nick tells Nicole that he would nominate either Christie or Jess if he won America’s Prankster….

  22. Colby

    Now Nick thinks America loves him.
    He is probably now going to become even more obnoxious, if that is possible.
    Excuse me while I go barf…………

  23. Lather

    I have never been a Nick fan, but I sure hope his prankster power lets him really screw over multiple people’s games.

    Delighted to see America didn’t vote for “God’s chosen ones”.

  24. MartyMar

    I don’t get all the happiness of NN getting “America’s” vote. Isn’t that something akin to saying America is rooting for NN? Why o’ why would we want to send that kind of message??? Granted, TV-only viewers may not realize how scummy he is, but on this site, I’m just surprised this group of BBJsters aren’t convulsing over that message that NN is “good” with all…. ugh ugh ugh… gag gag… gross gross..

    (Though, I do like the CC/TT plan!!!)

    • Helen

      Great plan but it is t gonna happen…tommy won’t see the block this week from nick or holly
      Neither will Jackson…
      Best we will see is with Nick and Christie or Jess and Christie

      • Sassy

        If Beth puts up NN, if his pick wins Veto, he may put up JJ.

        1. He can beat JJ
        2. He will be pissed at them (Beth/JJ) for putting him up.

    • Hollymarie

      Can’t speak for anyone else I can’t stand him either, but what crusty did was so wrong. Nick had no influence over anything last week and still ended up with all the blame for having the balls to play the exact same game she plays, without having to lie.and create fake drama EVERY week. Plus he was our only real shot at getting her back on the block from the realistic choices. Cliff would have done whatever Holly wanted. He was already talking about it being unfair that her HOH would be hijacked. Nichole would likely do the same, as would Jackson. The other 3 never had a shot at winning it. Hope he noms Crusty, but theres also Jackson. Can you imagine him going on Holly’s HOH! Everything we wanted on Tommy’s, but on the flip side! Would love for C, K, or Tommy to go this werk!

      • Hollymarie

        ***C, J, or Tommy

      • MartyMar

        Fair fair HollyM. I’ll accept America’s vote as a vote against CC. She was already sent a wake up call from America and seemed to not get it. I doubt she’ll understand the connection between her actions and NN’s prankster win. However, seeing how big her head has exploded overnight, I’d be happy to concede on NN getting prankster if it gives hope CC goes back OTB or signals she’s still disliked (and from the sound of the Sis hiss, if Holly heard it, that’s another signal to her if Holly let’s it escape).

    • Nikki

      I’m not a nick fan either and I don’t want him to win the whole shebang, but he’s the only one with cajones to clearly go after CC. Hopefully he forgets about Jess. She’s a non-factor.
      I CANNOT stomach CC. I’ve been annoyed since the crazy hidden advantage. But at this point she’s so arrogant and fake, I really want her to eat pie! CROW PIE, or even that famous “chocolate” pie from The Help. Lol

  25. Colby

    I saw the very tail end of Nick and Nicole talking, but didn’t hear their conversation.
    Did he tell her he won?

  26. AIO_7

    Did any one else hear the groans in the CBS audience last night when Holly voted to keep Chrustie? You very rarely get that reaction.

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  28. Avatar

    I don’t care who got what if cc would just go home

  29. danmtruth

    The biggest down side along with christie still being in the house Is now Jrss feels empowered to talk more Worse yet people are agreeing with her and engaging in conversation Im looking at you christie and tommy

  30. Mary

    Can someone please put a sock in CC’s mouth. I’m sick of listening to her talk. She knows everything.

  31. Ashley

    I hope Nick puts up Crusty or Tommy — I want one of those two to go home more than Nick, and I HATE Nick!

  32. Mel

    I’m supposed to be working but I’m cheating for a few. (Self employed so I’m really screwing myself) I was just checking in to see if any of them have given any indication of how late noms might be today.

  33. Mary

    One of my all time favorite artists Harry Chapin

  34. Joy

    Nick won?! Fuck me. I didn’t want him to get it but apparently production (and some of you, no judgement) did. Oh well, nothing else has gone the way I had hoped this season, why should it start now? I guess we will see.

  35. ShoeLover

    Okay, so Nick is the prankster and it sucks he will not have any protection against the original HOH noms, if he is put on the block by HOH. That’s the big wrench in this “Prankster Week Shenanigans” If Holly’s original HOH noms are Nick and Christie, I can see “production” stepping in and choosing Nick as her first choice and then Nick choosing Christie as his prankster power choice to be on the block. It’s a neverending ending story because Christie is some how, some way gonna beat this prankster BS. Because of the prankster not having any type of protection from HOH eviction noms since its Nick. He would have to win veto to save himself and if that is the case.. i wonder if he will still be able to use the prankster power if he were to win and pull himself off the block if he were the original nominee. Then of course it will play out that Jesse is the replacement nominee and she winds up getting booted.

    **** this was what I dreamed last night..

    Should have gotten Christie out when they had her!!!

    Big Brother Dummies!

    • Nancy

      Dummies indeed!! Still hard to wrap my head around it..why the F did they choose to believe CC..now shes wavering on her promise to be a pawn..she my shocked look..pox on production!!!

      • AIO_7

        “Should have gotten Christie out when they had her!!!”

        “Still hard to wrap my head around it..why the F did they choose to believe CC.”.

        I don’t think they believed her. Sorry to burst bubbles and be a cynic; but I think Production offered Lips and Snaxon a F4 deal with CC and TT that they just couldn’t refuse.

      • Nancy

        I’m beginning to believe that, or something to that effect..I’m not a cynical person, but I’m not naive, especially watching feeds, and reading all the comments here..things fall into place..I really dont wanna believe it, but I didnt wanna give up my Santa belief either..but I did..again…pox on production!!

  36. Nancy


    This was me last night, after CC rose from the ashes and remained…

  37. Leta

    I wonder if they’re doing noms now or moving in the smaller table?

  38. Valerie

    So yet again a BB twist does nothing unless Nick gets creative and puts Jackson up to then try and back door Christie. Because Holly will put her up to protect her man. And if Jackson wins veto Nick gets to put up Christie. I wish people had voted for Nicole or Cliff, she said she would put up Tommy and Cliff agreed. Tommy needs to be on the block to sweat a little.

  39. Nancy

    Even tho the punishment is childish..I’m glad cliff gets to experience it…not for meanness..I love cliff..but he wants the whole BB experience..he will enjoy all aspects and appreciate it..he is so willing and laps up every memory he creates..I love that about him…I think a week of pie throwing is ridiculous..a day or two would have served the purpose..

  40. Leta

    Jesus H Christ. How long does it take to turn 2 fucking keys?

  41. Avatar

    Finally got to my dormroom and unpacked a littleand now time for my thoughts

    Production is going to tell Nick who to put up because we all know that they want Christie to win and they are probably going to rig AFP too so Tommy wins it

    Did they do a open Casting call in New Jersey for this season like how Sam last year most likely got in BB20 after attending a open Casting Call BB had in my area.
    This the one reason I can think of that so many people this season are from New Jersey or right next to it.

    Here’s a link to one of the articles of my local CBS station hosting the BB20 open casting call


    • Leta

      Hey Bennett! Glad to hear you are settling in to your dorm. Last night CC said TT wouldn’t get chosen for AFP because he’s gay. I can’t believe she actually said that and I can’t believe she actually believes that. What a piece of work she is. Yes, production is running this house for sure. Last nights HGs discussions proved it.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Let’s i plan on doing the rest of the unpacking tomorrow.

        Knowing production they don’t want Christie to know that Tommy is going to get AFP because they don’t trust her mouth

      • Leta

        Bennett — I’m sure you might have already mentioned this, but I’m fairly new here. Do you mind me asking what college you’re attending? My niece is starting her Frosh year at U.T. and I’m hoping she has a blast!

      • Nancy

        For CC to have said that was absurd..then said it was ok she said it cause she’s a homosexual too..first off, ur trying to rationalize why YOU won’t be AFP..ur sexuality has nothing to do with it..you are a self centered, self righteous, all knowing, manipulative, fake crying little back stabbing, lying bitch..nuf’ said

      • Leta

        Exactly, Nancy. Well said. ALL roads always lead back to Christie Lane.

      • Avatar

        Leta I go to James Madison University aka JMU

      • Kari

        Christy is one crazy bitch. LBGTQ people are accepted more today than they ever have been so that’s a stupid reason for thinking it wouldn’t be nominated. If they are nominated it’s because they’re annoying not because they’re gay.

      • Kari


      • Sassy

        She’s doing 2 things. First, she is trying to guilt people into voting for them to prove them aren’t homophonic… Second, she’s working her excuse for when she exits the house.

      • Kel-E

        Leta my nephew just left today and moved into his dorm at UT!

    • danmtruth

      Congrats on getting set up in your dorm Reading your post it seems you have a better idea of how things work than most of these HG good luck young buck

      • Avatar

        Thanks Dan

        The thing is even my CBS station said that BB Production extremely wanted someone from my area for BB20 that’s why BB got my station to do the casting call last year. They know what areas do they want the HGs to come from each season

    • Nancy

      And real life and memories are being created by Bennett..glad u got ur room setup..enjoy these years my friend..they are yet,another sweet spot in life’s journey..

    • Kari

      If you don’t want to answer this I completely understand but I’m curious what your major is Bennett?

      My daughter got her AA through the Running Start program in high school, but she hasn’t continued. I keep hoping she’ll consider it even if it’s about tech school. She’s super smart and I can see her going far but right now she’s being stubborn because Mom suggested it LOL. I guess I get that she’s almost 21…

    • Alda

      Bennett,are you going to an East Coast college? My grandson just moved in to his school yest.in Pa.

  42. Kari

    Absolutely hilarious picture of Fenway!! ❤️ Cats can be so damn funny…

  43. danmtruth

    Prank the house guest
    hide all hair extentions
    nick goes 24 hours wearing a shirt
    Start the vote

    • Leta

      I just had nearly $300 of groceries delivered this morning and can’t find a damn thing I want to fix for supper. How is that even possible?

      • Kari

        Oh my God I so understand where you’re coming from. Or how about the times when you make the dinner and then when it’s cooked you don’t want it?

      • Nancy

        I’m alone and that’s how I feel when I cook..I’d love somebody to cook for me..

      • Leta

        Kari ~~ You are my kindred soul mate! LOL I do that all of the time. I also suffer from insomnia, so my wake up is about 2am. By supper I’m exhausted and the last thing I want to do is cook. I’m trying to talk my hubby into going old school where the Noon meal was the big meal of the day. He’s not buying in tho because he has to go back to work after lunch and says the big meals would make him a sloth.

      • Leta

        Nancy — I used to cook huge supper meals EVERY night. Meat, taters and veggie. But now it’s just the hubby and I and it’s hard enough to cook for just 2. I can’t even imagine trying to get excited about cooking just for myself. I would live on Stouffers and Domino’s pizza. AND if you lived closer I would cook for you anytime your lil ole heart wanted me to.

      • ShoeLover

        If the hubby and I don’t do date night on Friday then it’s all the leftovers from the week’s end is what’s for supper here!!! And Leta!!! I so love the whole grocery delivery thing!! To shuffle through the grocery store is crazy now days!!!

      • Nancy

        @Leta..how sweet..I’ve stopped cooking meals..closest I get to a complete meal is when I cook a roast or something in crockpot..microwave died..I miss it..will hv to get one soon.

      • Kari

        It’s basically just my husband and I too Although our daughter does heated home periodically. I too have insomnia and sleep most of the day so I’m exhausted. Constantly. It’s so hardto even get some of the most basic work done let alone cook.I’m actually really lucky that he’s cool with going out to eat since it’s just the two of us.and yes sometimes we just pop in frozen Marie Callender pies LOL..

      • Leta

        ShoeLover ~~~ They started Shipt delivery here right after Harvey hit us. I haven’t been inside an H.E.B. in nearly 2 years. LOL Shipt is just too damn easy to do. I can stay in my PJs, drink my coffee, smoke my self silly, still meet my deadlines and just wait for my shopper to arrive. I love it.

      • Nancy

        If I didn’t go to grocery I’d never leave house, or see anyone..sounds pitiful on my part, but I’m good with it..plus I always get the wompy buggy with the loud screeching wheel just to irritate ppl..

      • Leta

        Nancy — those crazy wheeled carts used to drive me crazy. So did the people. After about the 3rd person I intentionally rammed with my cart while they held social hour in the middle of the aisle, hubby said he would do the shopping . . . alone.

    • Nancy

      HAHAHA..and put mittens on everyone who continually touch their face…may I pls still have a gag ball for Jessica..

  44. Kari

    “Nick is so good” *PUKE* Good at what, being completely perverted?

    Christy shows hesitation about going up on the block as a pawn although she said she’d do anything? *Color me shocked* NOT.


  45. Mary

    @ Leta- check your messages.

  46. Houseguest Doug

    Production will not agree but this is how I would play it if I am Holly now we know Nick is the Prankster.

    I would nominate Nick and Jess. Nick will of course replace Jess with Christie. Then let the games begin.

    CBS wants fireworks then let them have it. Now CBS may try to influence who wins the VETO but one of them would still remain on the block so don’t care which one of the two go home as long as one goes home.

  47. Patricia

    @jen oh hun ur baby fenway is too cute. And i also get gifts for my furbabies on there bday. N Christmas lol. Ok so as for nn getting it. I been praying n manifesting he puts us cc. Lol. But if he does put jj up hey u dumbass u deserve it. Ik im beating a dead horse but. Omg cliff for the love of all things bb u should know peeps only shout over the wall truths. They don’t risk jail to tell lies. Please tell beth n jj n nichole. Lol. This week should b interesting. Oh n beth how bout that cc already getting pissed at u for being a pawn. Please put her up.

  48. AIO_7


  49. Colby

    They got a new table.
    No word about noms. Sounds like that hasn’t happened et.

  50. Hollymarie

    Feeds popped back in briefly. No noms but they got the smaller table

  51. Nancy

    Feeds were out that long just to move in a table…now they will all say how sad it is with a tiny table..everybody they ‘loved so much’ is gone..one imaginary tear will roll down CCs face…

  52. Leta

    Feeds are indeed back — 2:15 PM In KT, NN says maybe they were counting votes while they were up there.

    Who is THEY?

  53. Colby

    Now Holly is thinking maybe she shouldn’t put up Nick.
    Stop it stupid! I want to smack her.

  54. AIO_7

    Who I thought of when I saw Holly in that blouse last night ….


  55. Mel

    Do we know how this is working yet? Surely, Nick cant take down one of Befhs noms. He could take himself down.

  56. LynnD

    A major plus in waiting to watch bb episodes……The pure entertainment in watching dumb dumb Sis’ DR babling about how liked she is and how safe she is BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  57. Mary

    Unfortunately the fewer people in the house, the more boring it gets.

  58. danmtruth

    Had to move in the smaller table to make room for zingbot
    If Holly=beth does not put nick up how does she explain that plus who us left ? Unless she us going to tell people she wants to backdoor nick Yet o ly 2 people wont play in the POV is she going to finally split from tommy and christie ? That seems why to smart and bold for her

    • Leta

      dan ~~ I can not wait to hear what Zingbot has to say about these winners.

      • Nancy

        Hate zingbots voice..sometimes I barely understand him..but pls zing CC to the point of fake crying…and again, I’m thrilled Cliff will experience it..

      • Avatar

        Unfortunately production is going to make sure that Zingbot doesn’t say the things that we want him to say

      • Leta

        He better be nice to #TeamHogg! But, I hope he zings the hell out of the others.

      • Leta

        Sigh. Bennett’s probably correct. But, hey! If that happens we can make up our own zings here. LOL

      • Colby

        I don’t think the zings have been that good the last couple of years.
        Hope they are better this year.

      • Leta

        Colby ~~ Me too. Last season’s were awful. Not funny at all.

      • danmtruth

        In the past i think the posters here have done a better job Back when it was ALLEGEDLY Kathy Griffin you could count on a few stinging comments Again production seems to go a little easy on some people
        This year they should not be lacking in material They could mention how Nick is playing all sid3s of the house making des and promises And how mad christie that he is doing a better job than her

  59. Leta

    All of this waiting around for noms helped me decide about Supper. I’m ordering from Dominos. A small hand tossed, hold the mushrooms please, Extravaganzza pizza. And I guess I’ll fix the hubby a baked potato since he still is on bland food.

    I’ll cook tomorrow. Maybe.

    • danmtruth

      Tell me Domminois is a local place and not the chain No problem with ordering out Just a pizza snob and no national brand is worth it sorry stay local stay mom & pop Thank god for door dash, uber eats just plain delivery all restaurant are with in a phone call

      • Leta

        dan ~~ Sorry …. it’s the national chain. We don’t have any mom & pops italian places here … yet. I pride myself on shopping local, even my pharmacy is mom & pop. There’s a place opening up soon down the street, but not opened yet. I usually try to get my pizza from Pappy G’s, but he doesn’t have it on the menu always and it’s a 1st come 1st serve with all his menu. When it’s gone, it’s gone. So, tonight it’s Dominos LOL

  60. Alda

    Jen,Fenway is so cute.We do the birthday party for our Duce too.Afterall,they are an important part of the family.

  61. Lynn

    It seems overtly clear that production wants Jackson out. 100 percent chance Nick puts him up (no way America actually voted for NN). What will totally confirm it? The veto is the bird call crap-because Jackson didn’t study for it because he couldn’t compete in the HOH. My rat-radar is going off! I guess Jackson’s mother’s threats made them indignant.

  62. Mary

    NN is playing it cool, knowing he is the prankster.

  63. LynnD

    Just watched the Baywatch portion of the episode.. Not sure which had more entertainment that little skit of theirs or the boo hoo hoo from Christy

  64. mustangsally

    Nick wins…really?? I think production decided. Just my opinion.

  65. Avatar

    Having rewatched Big Brother All Stars before BB21 I may be holding these houseguests to too high of a standard, but these are some below average players. I’d love to see a James or Danielle type player in this season or a great duo like boogie and the ever charming Will.

  66. Helen

    Canthey just do noms just to shut holly up?

  67. Diane

    Regarding Zingbot…I turn on closed captioning so I can understand him. I hope he’s funny this year. Goodness knows he has a lot to work with this season.

  68. Mary

    Okay, finally something good is happening.
    CC VS NN Round 2

  69. LynnD

    I know that I am a day behind everybody else on these episodes. And probably nobody wants to hear my two cents about an episode from a day ago. But I’m going to give it anyways I had read a bunch of comments regarding Julie’s outfit and hair and I have to agree 100% this has got to be the most hideous I have ever seen her look. So my thought on this does anybody else think that maybe since her husband is no longer in control of CBS and he left in such a disgrace that maybe they are truly just effing with her now because they can? Never would I allow anybody to make me look like that and go on a stage for a live show that is followed like BB.

  70. Avatar

    Hey Steve… I’m thinking your description of the power is wrong.. The power has nothing to do with the veto,, it was stated that the prankster was able to put up the 2nd nominee.. so if CC was put up and holly wanted to put up nick, then nick would use his prankster power to put up someone else.. and as I said it has nothing to do with the veto… am I right or wrong ???

  71. Kari

    I am doing a fresh post because I swear every time I try to comment under somebody else’s the system is dragging really slow or my tablet is doing something wrong and it never record me properly and then it at publishes it even though I don’t believe that I hit the enter button. Tablet is flashing back and forth from different screens on a whim. I truly apologize for my idiotic looking posts.

    I tried to mention above, talkin about celebrating pets birthdays, is that my daughter’s cat was adopted four years ago tomorrow so she calls that his birthday.. we know he was born this month but we don’t know the exact date.

  72. Avatar

    Nick you better nom JJ. If you waste on Jess. Does Nick nom before or after Holly.

  73. Mary

    Laughing, there are 8 people left , does Holly really think people aren’t going to come after her.

  74. Leta

    NN tells Holly to have fun with noms. NN: “Turn my key.”

  75. AIO_7

    It really pisses me that Lips and Box get to play king and queen in the HoH for this week too.

  76. Helen

    Well at least we know who noms will be….nick by Holly…Christie by Nick

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  78. Nancy

    Why the hell does nick insist on going after jess…what did she do to him? What did I miss

    • Leta

      He’s paranoid. I think one person told him his name was in her mouth for otb and he spiraled. Good news? They just called Holly into the DR and we have animals on the screen.

      • Mary

        @ Nancy, Back when Jess was HOH , Nicole’s big mouth told him she was going to use him as a replacement nominee. Luckily Jess won POV and kept the noms the same, though did consider using the POV on JJ and nominate NN . Our little sweet Nicole has a big mouth and likes to play telephone. She’s also the one who blabbed to Jess that her and Cliff got into a 6 person deal to keep Cliff safe and evict Kat. Cliff needs to get a roll of duct tape and put some around her mouth. I don’t know if that’s her strategy to keep putting targets on others but it is putting one on her, and that is why people think she’s wishy-washy.

      • KelBel

        If there’s leaked info in the house, it’s almost always due to Nicole. Why they even bother telling her anything anymore is beyond me. Sorry Nicole, I’m over you. You’re a good person and I appreciate your morals, but you’re not BB material. This is a game, for a lot of money, and you are sleeping/tattling it away.

    • Mary

      Maybe he wants her bed to be close to Nicole.

  79. Leta

    Kel-E ~~ Good luck to your nephew! Hook’em Horns! \m/

  80. Mello_One

    I read on Jokers that after Christie & Nick had a argument in the HOH, Nick was like he rather see Jess go OTB, because he feels that he can win BB with Christie sitting next to him?!

    I am really not into Conspiracy Theories, but the DR/Production is steering this game towards Christie sitting at the F2, and it is very Obvious?! Christie should have left this past Thursday, & due to some strange shenanigans she did not.

  81. Cat Lady

    I’m so disappointed Nick is the prankster

  82. danmtruth

    Nasty Nick knows that JJHolly are having buyers remose in saving CC so if he cant get off the block being up against CC is his only chance of staying JJ vote and cliffs along with nicoles

  83. Avatar

    I really have to give it to production. This move makes a really shitty season just a little more entertaining.

    Christie convincing the group to vote out Sis….I can not stand her, but brilliant game play. I believe that production had a major hand in that as well. Christie is not smart enough to come up with that on her own. Sis kept looking at the cameras past week asking for a way to keep Christie in the game. CBS took you up on it honey.

    Nick winning the prankster vote…bullshit! But for entertainment value, awesome! Very good move by production.

    Holly really needs to nominate Nick, but may nominate Christie and I am betting they have Holly reveal her pick first. They will tell the prankster who Holly nominated just in case they nominate the same person.

    Nick isn’t smart enough to put up Tommy right away. But when he sees Holly nominates Christie, (which she very well may do), he would put up Tommy.

    Best TV, Tommy wins POV. Removes himself. Nick gets to put up the replacement. THAT is when he nominates Jackson.

    That scenario would make for fun TV. However, this group really sucks so it’s not going to be anywhere near that entertaining.

  84. Avatar

    NIck will out Christie up!!! Nick will go up. Love it

  85. Mary

    Nick and Christie

  86. Nancy

    CCs in bed with cap pulled over face..

  87. nancy

    Personally, I’m tired of the “production does this/that” outrage. . Yes they do, season after season after season….Some of it is real and some of it is imagined. It’s a tv show and they do what makes it a good show.. The contestants know, or should. (Buyer beware.) I enjoy it and have have since Season 2.

  88. Mary

    New thread….

  89. AIO_7

    Bobblehead with his head back up the king and queen’s ass …


  90. Jen

    hey Nancy. I hope all is o.k. my phone is acting up so not sure this will post as a reply

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