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Big Brother 21 – Friday Afternoon Feeds

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Good afternoon, everyone


I don’t even know where to begin today. You have Jackson rubbing deodorant on his taint, havenots ending early for god knows what reason, the 6shooters controlling the game another week, Kat scared of Jackson, everyone annoyed at Jackson, but Nick and Sam are the targets this week. The one person I was most rooting for last night (Nicole) was able to stay on the ropes a grand total of 10 or so minutes while the 2 remaining players hung around for about 30 minutes more than they should have because Jackson was yelling at Holly to not make a deal with Sis. What am I watching?

This season is going to rank up there as the worst cast assembled of all time. I’m not sure it will pass 19 or 15, but it’s up there. These are some absolutely terrible players who are being led by Christie – another bad player. Just a bit less bad than the rest? Jessica, Nicole, Cliff, Nick, and Sam are now dead in the water, especially when they lose one of their stronger competitors this next week (Nick or Sam). It’s not like it matters because they’re so clueless that only 2 (Sam and Nick) are even trying to pull their little liferafts together to form a stronger raft but the rest are just content floating around like it’s a summer day in a backyard pool.


As I mentioned above, Sam and Nick are likely the nominees today because they’re the only 2 still working together. The house is well aware of that and by the rest of the floaters not even trying, it doesn’t even give them a chance to pull something slick. They originally thought of putting Nick up with a pawn but realized that Sam can win veto and save both. Seeing as the rest are useless, you may as well put them up together and just evict the one who is still on the block come next Thursday. Pretty simple week. Sam’s vote to evict spoke volumes last night. He wasn’t sad about Bella leaving as much as he was sad that his chance of winning is done. That was a guy admitting defeat. It was sad to see.

Enough bitching, here are some updates

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  • 10:00 am – The house is up and eating. Jackson was already up a few hours ago raiding the pantry to make up for the week of slop. I’m sure he’ll be back eating again shortly
    • Holly pulls her girls aside and tells them how Nick made a short and sweet push about how he’ll be a good jury member so keep him in for one more week
    • Sam is chatting with Holly now. Talking about moles (the real ones, not the sneaky one)
    • His pitch is also to make jury.
    • Sam doesn’t want to sit in the jury with Jess. He’ll go crazy
    • Sam leaves. Pitch is over
  • 12:00 pm – Holly is just getting for the nom ceremony while talking to Kat about the competition last night
  • 2:15 pm – Sounds like the punishment is coming up for Christie and Tommy
    • In another room, Jack is praising Cliff and they’re happy he came over. Yup, Cliff is totally going to float to the end and then dumped at final 4
  • 3:00 pm – Still waiting for punishment reveal while Holly and Jackson spend the day in the HoH
    • Sam is upstairs now making a push to Holly. He’s trying.
    • Sam said if he’s otb with Nick and Nick wins a veto, he goes home?
    • It’s really pointless to talk to Holly because her alliance will tell her what to do
    • Sam is bringing in the bible to his campaign speech.
    • Holly should just tell him the truth and be done with it. He can’t be off the block because if he wins veto, he needs to save himself, not Nick.
  • 4:00 pm – Punishment reveal……
    • Christie and Tommy apparently have to wear poison ivy makeup all week.  Are you f’n kidding me?   I guess part of it is they can’t leave the house. Still trying to find if anything more.

I’m running to the store and will start a new thread once noms are done




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