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Big Brother 21 – Friday Afternoon Updates

August 9, 2019 | 206 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!


First, thank you to everyone who wished me well. I just had a small stomach issue. I think I must have eaten some of Jackson’s cooking. All better now!

Ok, on to the show. Not to further go into this topic, but I wanted to elaborate a bit on my post last night. I am very neutral on what Julie did to Jack. The thing I am not a big fan of are inconsistencies and one person bearing the brunt of everything. The last time Julie really put someone on blast like she did last night was Aaryn back in BB15 and there has been a boatload of absolutely terrible people to run through that house since then. That said, I do feel this season has been different for Julie. Now that she is basically done with CBS except for Big Brother, she has been different during her interviews. Far more candid in general with less scripted bullshit questions that she typically asks the people when they leave. Perhaps Jack just had poor timing in being the first really terrible person to leave the house since Julie’s weird breakup with CBS last year.

Maybe it’s her subtle way of taking shots at the network by exposing terrible people who are still on their shows after they fired her husband for things he has said and done? Kind of like “hey CBS, remember when you fired my husband? Let me expose borderline racist comments made on your show to national audiences rather than burying them in the live feeds like we normally do”.

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On to today –

Tommy is the new HoH and his current target is Kat with Cliff as the other possibility. Christie wanted Jackson out, but her spirits are telling her that she didn’t win for a reason and that was to get the band back together. This means we may see the 6shooters get tight again this week and Nick will probably slide right in Jack’s spot. Both in the alliance and in the bed with Sis. Makes you wonder how the house would be if Cliff made the bold move when he had the chance. I’ll analyze that a bit later in another post.

I will be shocked if the noms are before the trip today because it just wouldn’t make sense.  If the trip is after, Tommy will possibly have to change noms and it’s not really fair on him. You can’t expose your cards by nominating two people and then possibly having them play in a competition where one becomes an automatic nom and the other is safe. That’s bullshit regardless who is HoH. Say he nominates Kat and Cliff and they go on the trip for some reason. Kat becomes safe and Cliff is a third nom. Tommy then has to nominate 2 more people and then possibly another after veto. That’s 5 people being nominated with one HoH. Stuff like that has been done before, but only because people have quit midgame. It would just be overall smarter to have the competition first and then noms after.


10:40 am – Holly is up in the HoH room campaigning to Tommy. He has already told her she’s safe but may as well hammer that home


Jess points out how the screen downstairs doesn’t say Nominations Today like it normally does.

11:00 am – Feeds down. Likely for competition. Unknown how long it will take. I can’t even give a guess.

1:30 pm – Feeds still down

3:30 pm – Feeds are back!

It was the competition. Here are the results:

  • Christie lost – 3rd nominee
  • Sis came in second – punishment
  • Jackson won – safe for week

Christie is upset because she is starting to realize America may not like her


Jessica doesn’t think it was most loved/most hated.  It was. Sorry, Jessica

Ok, let’s count the votes right now based solely on projected picks and veto not used:

  • Cliff – Nick, Analyse
  • Kat
  • Christie – Jess, Nicole, Jackson, Holly

Now, this is very preliminary. Jackson and Holly are huge swing votes so Christie is going to have to spend the week sucking up to them which is fantastic.  Jessica and Nicole are almost certainly evicting Christie while Nick and Analyse will probably pick Cliff or Kat.  Yikes

If people are wondering, if it’s like past seasons, if Christie wins PoV and takes herself off, there should only be 2 noms.

If Christie goes home on Tommy’s HoH – perfect. Nullifies their advantage. On the same token, I really hate to see someone bust their ass playing this game only to get screwed by twists. I hate twists.

4:20 pm – Tommy is upstairs talking with HollyBeth

She is trying to play the neutral ground to see how the week goes. She is acting like it’s possible they’ll all form up again but the reality is that Jackson just doesn’t like Christie and it’s going to be hard for him to not get her out if she’s still on the block come Thursday.

Holly leaves, Sis is up. Tommy tells her it’s all okay

Christie joins in a panic and Tommy is trying to calm her down. Tommy is telling them that he believes he has a deal with Jackson who will vote how he wants. Does he actually believe Jackson is going to vote Kat out over Christie?  hahaha

Christie begins crying yet again. The person who cries so much but never sheds a tear.

Tommy tells Christie that Jess and Nicole won’t vote her out. I don’t know if he’s just telling her this to make her feel better or if he actually believes it?

4:40 pm – Nicole is downstairs talking to Kat about this vote

Nicole is saying how America loves underdogs and perhaps those three (Christie, Sis, Jackson) are savage in the DR which is why they were picked. She notices that the vote happened when her side was in power yet those three were still picked which sends a message of ‘good job, guys. Keep it up’. Nicole is absolutely correct in her reading of the vote. The fact that she’s telling Kat will further pull her to that side

The talk breaks up when Sis is called to the DR. May be punishment time

5:00 pm – Analyse is back from her punishment

She just has to wear that for a week.

Nicole, who is scared of birds, isn’t thrilled

I’m going to wrap this up. I’ll start a new thread after noms!

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