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Big Brother 21 – Friday Evening Chat Plus Nominations

Good evening, everyone!


What a weird season. I don’t know how else to describe this season but just flat out weird. So many different things happened from it starting off slow, getting a bit racist, calming down, then getting super strategic with intense Thursdays. We haven’t had many blindsides and there really weren’t a whole lot of fights. The old guy everyone expected to be voted out first is now in the final 4. A guy with a lego head may win half a million dollars. Just all weird.

Here we stand now with two pairs inside the final 4 which is also another strange thing. Two pairs of allies who have been teamed up since early in the game actually making it to the end together? I can’t think of that happening too often. That puts us in this weird situation where they’re looking out for themselves while also looking out for their teammate to get into one of three available remaining spots. There is usually someone still expendable at this point in the game but not this season.

Due to that, we have the current situation where Jackson made all these deals to keep Holly in the house and one of them was for her to throw the most recent HoH. That deal guaranteed Cliff or Nicole a spot in the final 3 (Nicole ended up with it). Then we had Jackson with this weird deal with Cliff where Jackson is supposed to take Cliff to the final 2 if he has the choice. He talked to Jackson about that deal today and confirmed he’d still like it to happen – HOWEVER, he also said that he didn’t have a similar deal so he’s going to take Nicole if he gets there.


What the holy hell are you thinking, Cliff?  You don’t actually remind Jackson of that this far in advance (if you do at all). I understand you want to play the morally high game but at some point, it’s going to cost you. Jackson is most certainly taking Holly to the end with or without his deal with you. Now, on the flip side, telling Jackson now helps lock up his morality plea to the jury. He has to know that Jackson is going to take Holly so he may as well say it now so he can say he was always honest in the event he actually does make final 2. It’s good jury management. It’s just weird… but so is this season.

Everyone is all snugged in the living room on their own section of couch. I’ll be back if they actually do anything tonight.



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  1. Helen

    Everyone is all snugged in the living room on their own section of couch.

    Still herding…

  2. mustangsally

    Just need Cliff or Nicole to win POV! Bye bye JJ.

  3. davidsgirl

    What is really left to say about this season that hasn’t been said. Not much unless they keep making stupid moves. And I don’t rule that out. Ha!

    • stillstanding

      this has been the worse season to me. unlikable hgs. production interference(?), no penalties for rule breaking, missed opportunities and too many unanimous votes. (how is it that jessica made the biggest move getting jack out?). i actually don’t care who wins. on to next season.

  4. hogwild

    As strange as it sounds this could still work out for Cliff and Nicole if they get that veto you said it best this has been a weird season you got Cliff making these odd deals at the end you have Jackson risking major jury blowback for what he did with Tommy to save Holly these people are either crazy like a fox or just crazy.

    • SoftKitty

      I don’t think Jax made his move to save Holly=Beth. He did it to get Tommy out. Jax understands he can easily beat HB in F2. But beating TT in F2 would not happen.

    • AIO_7

      If/when Cliff walks into the jury house, every last one of them will drop their jaw and say “You left a couple in the house at F4?”

      Think about what he did; He (Cliff and Nicole) could have had a pissed off at Jackson’s lies Tommy going into F4 3 vs 1.

      Tommy didn’t want to face Jackson in F3, and Jackson wouldn’t want Tommy in F3. N & C could be sitting a lot easier right now. I still think they both (N & C) could have made F3 WITHOUT winning veto.

    • hogwild

      Seems like a big risk to me they could have just as easily gone after Tommy with Holly out and not have any possible jury blowback. Maybe it will work out for Jackson in the end but we have seen poor jury management cost people the win see Paul season 19.

  5. davidsgirl

    Oh, and if I ever rewatch this season of BB over again, it will probably be ten years from now. Ha! (I have really had enough of it to last a life time already.)

  6. AIO_7

    I’m holding out hope that neither Jackson nor Holly make F2, and any money. But if Hogg must go, I’d prefer that “loyalty” come from Jackson..

  7. danmtruth

    I will say the move jackson to take out Tommy was a goodone It brings up how smart this group has been Comparing them even to last year Just the Foute I might say that it was prety even if not Foute being slightly better Not even considering how level 6 would have walked all over them So what does everyone think of how well these people have played compared to other seasons Might as well talk about that seeing that there wont be much till after the POV

    • SoftKitty

      Level 6 wipes the floor with the 6shooters. I will admit Jax has played a pretty good game. And Cliff is surprisingly still in the game. I will probably remember Jack, but only because of his disgusting racist behavior… Not for any great game moves.

    • Avatar

      I feel like this season seemed unusually long. We had three different stages. First uber large alliance swallows unsuspecting BB house guest. Then The Christie show. And finally Jackson and his secrect F4. There have been worse seasons. BB16 is my gold bad standard. I didn’t really like BB19 he should’ve won BB18. The trio of Paul, and just ridiculous Christmas… oh don’t remind me.

  8. Helen

    Houseguests been called out twice now for napping..If it were up to me I’d say…next person that closes their eyes propr to 10 pm gets a penalty vote…

    • Avatar

      I think the threat from Jackson’s mommy to CBS changed the trajectory of a lot of players. She accused his mental health was in jeopardy. That is probably why he didn’t get the rule book penalties, the have nots stopped and every single jury member sang his praises in their interview with Julie. Couldn’t help thinking about this as he cried for his mommy last night. He’s a rich spoiled brat that has beef coddled his whole life…think of all the elaborate one to two week trips he’s taken throughout his high school & college days. He wasn’t crying because of the horrible lie he told that sent Tommy home, he was crying because mommy probably disappointed in him again…while she’s still trying to clean up his domestic violence charges while he’s at summer camp!

      • Avatar

        We know there was a letter & JJ confirmed as much to Beth.

        What I do not understand is why CBS would take any letter threatening any legal action seriously. There is a signed legal contract btwn JJ & CBS. If anything, it should have had the opposite effect.

        If any normal part of BB would be detrimental to the mental state of any HG, then they should be deemed unable to continue BB. A HG who poses a potential danger to themselves or other HG’s is a liability for CBS.

  9. Avatar

    Cliff should use the I was lost in the forest then ignored, then evicted and fought my way back to F4 for his jury pitch. Forget the “my word” b.s. plus its,not true. I want to add that I have more respect for Tommy a true fan and he wasn’t bitter on his exit. I don’t think we will have to worry about bitter jury syndrome this season. Fingers crossed.

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  11. davidsgirl

    I’m feeling ornery tonight so I will apologize now if I post something offensive to someone.

  12. SoftKitty

    Lol! That’s some high level Hogwild of Funny, DG!

  13. davidsgirl

    In case you haven’t seen this enough this summer. https://images.app.goo.gl/pzzJyeNvkVgTtVoo9 Ha!

  14. Avatar

    Heres tonight’s playlist for the unfortunate people that are going to watch BBAD tonight. This was the hardest one I ever made.


  15. davidsgirl

    I think we should send this entertainment into the house for Sir Snacksalot. https://giphy.com/gifs/home-video-lxrMx9eGFbhbq Ha!

  16. davidsgirl

    Even Michael was horrified at Thursday nights vote. https://images.app.goo.gl/udgrrhK8DXk9DHri7 Ha!

  17. Avatar

    What are some things you guys think could help Big Brother be better????

    • Avatar

      Production will no longer cut the live feeds over any stupid thing and HGs will be forced to follow the rules

      • Nancy

        No mamas allowed to interfere..lol

      • danmtruth

        Thats a good start

      • Robin

        I made few suggestions a while back. First, raise the stakes to 1 million with 1/2 going to an approved charity or civic group. Recruit some regular people and let go of the stereotypes. Recruit people who have a real platform not like this fake Holly shit… inspire young girls. How about an EMT or a fireman? How about some veterans? I just think we need real people not media wannabes.

      • Robin

        Example: This years two favorite players most of the season, a schoolteacher and a civil engineer.

    • AIO_7

      An independent auditor for competitions, and to help prevent Production manipulation.

    • davidsgirl

      Make them follow through with HAVENOTS!!! I want to see people hungry, angry, lonely and tired. Not with a full gut so one person can dominate every competition!

    • JennX

      Overhaul the entire casting situation… no more stunt casting of influencers, no family members of prior houseguests, no return of a handful of former houseguests (do an all stars or all new people). No dumb ass recruits that were picked because of how many followers they have paid to subscribe. The talent pool should be from open casting and mail in applicants. Not just LA.

      They need to have psychologically stable people. We need diversity. We want the script flipped where the Nicole Anthony’s, Ian Terry’s, Eric Stein’s, and the Donny’s are the majority and the popular kids that peaked in high school or college are the minority bottom feeders.

      For real! Change up the formula because what they’ve been doing is soooo not working. They should not just check off the list of frat boy, old person, nerdy/geeky/quirky person, jock, token person of color, token LGBTQ person, mastermind, superfan, or vapid shallow Beauty Queen.

      • AIO_7

        Good one, Jenn.. And while I’m thinking about it; I’d ban showmances. (or sexual activity in the house)

      • Robin

        Hear hear!

      • Robin

        Nooooooo AIO, real people do meet and fall in love, even in the BB house. It’s a normal thing for the soecies… lol. Just no cheap whores please!

      • Mello_One

        F A C T S, Jenn! You should go onto Jokersupdate, BB Alumni section, because Kasstings, the woman who cast for Big Brother Tweets on there. And you can say exactly what you said on here to her.

        Excellent Comment Jenn!

      • Avatar

        I think I’m in the majority that I would like a season where not a single HG:

        (1) has any sort of connection to any previous HG or to each other

        (2) has any sort of connection to Hollywood (including living there) or modeling

        (3) has over a certain # of social media followers

        I don’t mind BB seeking a specific criteria such as a career (i.e. nurse, accountant, etc) or lives in a specific area (i.e. Hawaii, rural Iowa, etc); somethingg that can be met by anyone regardless of what identity boxes they can check off.

        I want to see HG’s w/ substance who are there to play BB w/ the goal of winning $500K.

        I want to see a season where production does not interfere.

        Finally, I would love to see a season where there’s a panel of live feed subscribers who cast a vote for evictions & in F2.

    • Patricia

      Put real adults in the house. I have said for years now put 40-50 year olds in the hame that i would love to watch oh also make sure they r all married.

  18. AIO_7

    The Baby Lady’s latest … (some CBS bashing)


    • JennX

      Why is she called the Baby Lady? The only place I’ve seen Maranda called that is here

      • AIO_7


        I discovered the Baby Lady over at Jokers, and linked her over here. NiK made the comment that it always looked sloppy in her back ground, so I started introducing her as the Sloppy Lady. Well, a lot of people visit BBJ”s and Maranda might be one of them, so I didn’t want her to see us calling her the Sloppy Lady so I started calling her the Baby Lady.

  19. Mary

    New thread kiddo’s……………….

  20. Robin

    Confused….. I don’t see a new thread?

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