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Big Brother 21 – Friday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone. I hope you’re having a great Friday!


It’s nomination and camp competition day in the Big Brother house and Julie Chen said the power will be a classic BB power (Diamond POV?).

The feeds are currently down as I write this, so I’ll catch you up on the morning. Jack is growing tired of Sis, and Cliff offered himself as a pawn to Nick who is likely going to put him and Jess up together. Nick doesn’t want to put up Nicole so barring a veto win by either of those two, she should survive the week and begin to pretend she’ll do damage to the house alliances next week.


I say that because Nicole finally figured out the 8 person alliance only after Jackson’s rogue vote. He tried to pin it on her and something clicked in her head how there is a large group working together and she’s not part of it. Her plan moving forward is to weaponize Kemi and have her do some of the dirty work by trying to split everyone up. I don’t think that will actually have any impact, but I do think the gr8ful alliance is going to split sooner than later regardless of Kemi or Nicole. This is the time of the season when the house starts forming the long-term bonds that will carry them through the remainder of the season.  Jack and Jackson are remaining close with Holly and Sis sort of tagging along. Nick and Bella are starting to drift and Jack can feel it. Tommy and Christie continue to be secret close partners who are kind of floating between groups and putting themselves in a really good position to make it far in the game.

For better or worse, those 8 will make up the majority of the final 8 because the rest just suck. I’m fairly certain that Jess went for $5k last night which is what her comment was about to Julie after the competition. That is following her picking Jackson to represent her at the veto competition which shows she has checked out. That leaves Sam, Kat, Nicole, and Cliff who are all awful competitors and may only win trivia or pure luck competitions. Yes, someone will come back from Camp Comeback, but they’ll likely leave the first opportunity the house has to evict them so I don’t really count them as threats.

I’m sure some of those 8 will be sniped out by maybe a lucky Nicole win or a Sam win or maybe even a Nick/Bella backdoor but I’ll be shocked if fewer than six of gr8ful make up the final 8.

Alright, enough rambling. Sign up to the feeds for free here



  • 1:00 pm – The competition is still going on and they may go right into noms (possibly)
  • 2:20 pm – Feeds still down
  • 4:00 pm – Back. Sounds like the competition had cockroaches they had to stick their hands in. Yea, I’d rather snakes.
    • Trying to figure out who won the comp. May have to wait until people are alone
    • No noms yet I don’t think
    • Everyone thinks that Jess won because of the way she’s acting
    • Jackson points out how Jess changed her story about finishing the comp so they’re almost certain she won
  • Downstairs, Jess is telling Kat that she didn’t win
  • 4:50 pm – Feeds down likely for noms
    • Not for noms, but Christie told Tommy that she did win the comp and it was the diamond power of veto. Great, the power get more powerful
    • Nick is telling Jess that if she goes up, she’s not going home. Cliff is the target
  • 6:30 pm – Feeds back
    • Cliff and Jessica are nominated
    • Jack is offering himself to play veto for Cliff lol
  • Meanwhile, upstairs, they are having a group conversation
    • David comes in and they kick him out saying they’re talking game. Annoying
    • I mean they are talking game but it’s still annoying
    • They are all talking about things Nicole has said and working each other up.
    • Apparently, Nicole said she was trying to flip the vote to save Kemi yesterday. The group is getting really worked up over what seems ridiculous
    • They say that Nicole is the reason Kemi namedropped Bella and Nick
    • Jack comes up to the HoH room with Nicole. They tell him to come in and shut the door on her face.
    • As the group of lunatics are up in the HoH room, Ovi walks up and knocks on the door. They tell him to go away and he tells them it’s not cool to slam the door on Nicole and Jess and it’s not nice. He walks away upset. It’s so frustrating that the really good people in the house are all in camp comeback or soon to be out the door
    • The HoH douchebags are upstairs and form a 9 person alliance. Good job jumping on the douchebag ship, Sam
  • 7:30 pm – The talk has broken up and the DBs are in the kitchen while Nicole has been banished to the bedroom. Cliff is keeping her company
    • She wasn’t literally banished but she feels it because nobody else is talking to her
    • In another room, Jackson and Holly admit that they think what Nicole was saying about Nick and Bella was true.
    • Upstairs, Analyse is still worked up at Nicole and still wants to tell her off. She’s unreal
    • They are all also saying that Nicole is telling people that Nick called Holly a bitch. Whether or not any of that is true is undetermined
  • 8:00 pm – The people in the HoH room right now are just insufferable

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