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Big Brother 21 – Friday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone. I hope you’re having a great Friday!


It’s nomination and camp competition day in the Big Brother house and Julie Chen said the power will be a classic BB power (Diamond POV?).

The feeds are currently down as I write this, so I’ll catch you up on the morning. Jack is growing tired of Sis, and Cliff offered himself as a pawn to Nick who is likely going to put him and Jess up together. Nick doesn’t want to put up Nicole so barring a veto win by either of those two, she should survive the week and begin to pretend she’ll do damage to the house alliances next week.

I say that because Nicole finally figured out the 8 person alliance only after Jackson’s rogue vote. He tried to pin it on her and something clicked in her head how there is a large group working together and she’s not part of it. Her plan moving forward is to weaponize Kemi and have her do some of the dirty work by trying to split everyone up. I don’t think that will actually have any impact, but I do think the gr8ful alliance is going to split sooner than later regardless of Kemi or Nicole. This is the time of the season when the house starts forming the long-term bonds that will carry them through the remainder of the season.  Jack and Jackson are remaining close with Holly and Sis sort of tagging along. Nick and Bella are starting to drift and Jack can feel it. Tommy and Christie continue to be secret close partners who are kind of floating between groups and putting themselves in a really good position to make it far in the game.


For better or worse, those 8 will make up the majority of the final 8 because the rest just suck. I’m fairly certain that Jess went for $5k last night which is what her comment was about to Julie after the competition. That is following her picking Jackson to represent her at the veto competition which shows she has checked out. That leaves Sam, Kat, Nicole, and Cliff who are all awful competitors and may only win trivia or pure luck competitions. Yes, someone will come back from Camp Comeback, but they’ll likely leave the first opportunity the house has to evict them so I don’t really count them as threats.

I’m sure some of those 8 will be sniped out by maybe a lucky Nicole win or a Sam win or maybe even a Nick/Bella backdoor but I’ll be shocked if fewer than six of gr8ful make up the final 8.

Alright, enough rambling. Sign up to the feeds for free here


  • 1:00 pm – The competition is still going on and they may go right into noms (possibly)
  • 2:20 pm – Feeds still down
  • 4:00 pm – Back. Sounds like the competition had cockroaches they had to stick their hands in. Yea, I’d rather snakes.
    • Trying to figure out who won the comp. May have to wait until people are alone
    • No noms yet I don’t think
    • Everyone thinks that Jess won because of the way she’s acting
    • Jackson points out how Jess changed her story about finishing the comp so they’re almost certain she won
  • Downstairs, Jess is telling Kat that she didn’t win
  • 4:50 pm – Feeds down likely for noms
    • Not for noms, but Christie told Tommy that she did win the comp and it was the diamond power of veto. Great, the power get more powerful
    • Nick is telling Jess that if she goes up, she’s not going home. Cliff is the target
  • 6:30 pm – Feeds back
    • Cliff and Jessica are nominated
    • Jack is offering himself to play veto for Cliff lol
  • Meanwhile, upstairs, they are having a group conversation
    • David comes in and they kick him out saying they’re talking game. Annoying
    • I mean they are talking game but it’s still annoying
    • They are all talking about things Nicole has said and working each other up.
    • Apparently, Nicole said she was trying to flip the vote to save Kemi yesterday. The group is getting really worked up over what seems ridiculous
    • They say that Nicole is the reason Kemi namedropped Bella and Nick
    • Jack comes up to the HoH room with Nicole. They tell him to come in and shut the door on her face.
    • As the group of lunatics are up in the HoH room, Ovi walks up and knocks on the door. They tell him to go away and he tells them it’s not cool to slam the door on Nicole and Jess and it’s not nice. He walks away upset. It’s so frustrating that the really good people in the house are all in camp comeback or soon to be out the door
    • The HoH douchebags are upstairs and form a 9 person alliance. Good job jumping on the douchebag ship, Sam
  • 7:30 pm – The talk has broken up and the DBs are in the kitchen while Nicole has been banished to the bedroom. Cliff is keeping her company
    • She wasn’t literally banished but she feels it because nobody else is talking to her
    • In another room, Jackson and Holly admit that they think what Nicole was saying about Nick and Bella was true.
    • Upstairs, Analyse is still worked up at Nicole and still wants to tell her off. She’s unreal
    • They are all also saying that Nicole is telling people that Nick called Holly a bitch. Whether or not any of that is true is undetermined
  • 8:00 pm – The people in the HoH room right now are just insufferable

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  1. caRyn

    If you didn’t see the argument between Isabella & Kemi, it is on YouTube. I just typed in the two names and it was there. Also, Kemi’s speech.

    • AIO_7

      I missed it. I’ll check it out.

    • Nancy

      Thanks..I had missed it

    • caRyn

      Kemi did get too close. I would have pushed her off me. Sam was good to stand nearby the entire time to stop it from getting out of hand.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Kemi was walking away and then Bella charged her ass across the room like she was about to do something. Then when Kemi turned around and asked Bella why was she running up on her like that she tried to pretend she was just going to the kitchen (very convenient timing Bella– what could she possibly have needed that desperately in the kitchen at that very moment that couldn’t wait another 10 seconds until Kemi was out of the way?).

        Then she had the nerve to put her hands on Kemi. She’s lucky all Kemi did was move her hand away, she might have got the piss slapped out of her putting her hands on the wrong one. Then of course Bella played the victim (and never made her way to the kitchen by the way, as she apparently had needed to do urgently just seconds earlier). Bella is a jackass and she was embarrassed that Kemi completely exposed her for the fraud she is.


      • Sassy

        Yaaaazzz!! #STFUBella

      • caRyn

        We will have to agree to disagree. From my point of view Isabella stopped and Kemi turned around to respond to Isabella and Kemi took 3 steps towards Isabella and Isabella was standing still. Kemi got right up on Isabella. It also looks like Kemi’s hand was near Isabella’s face.
        I like Kemi and dislike Isabella but that’s what I saw watching the video.

  2. AIO_7

    “That is following her (Jess) picking Jackson to represent her at the veto competition which shows she has checked out

    Was she ever checked in?

  3. danmtruth

    Last night up in the HOH B/N TT and SamIam Sam thanked Tommy for coming to his rescue when Julie ask him a question just before the show ended With all the HG gatheted Sam was saying it caught him of gaurd and he had no idea what to say So he thanked Tommy again than started saying how unfair it was of juile to ask CUT TO FISH
    Its not what side of the house are people on Its what sub group if the H8ful are you in
    Last night was the first bad edit for Jack showing the disaster of a talk he had with sam Not being able to keep the number straight 8 oh no 9 right so goi g forward with the 8 no i said 9
    Usaly we talk about sides of the house this year its sub groups in the main group In that Christi & Tommy are working all groups well Tommy to Jack you have a final 3 with someo e other than me no problem big fella we can still work together in the six and Jack laps it up

  4. Helen

    Hard to believe a comp involving Madagascar hissing cockroaches is taking three hours when the players are nick,Analyse,Jessica and Christie

    • ElaineB

      Ana is probably giving them a f**king lecture. Jessica is late to the comp, because she was still putting on makeup…then when she sees the bugs, she cries. Christie is once again retelling her story of how she knows ‘all of Cliff’s game’ and then continues to talk the bugs to death. Nick is asking their input on who should go on the block.

    • kneeless

      They should have used anal lice instead of roaches!

  5. Cat Lady

    I hate this season. Every season I anxiously await a new season, especially since last season was so awesome. Last season had some real characters. This season it’s just a bunch of jerks, bitches and idiots. Who cares who wins.. I don’t. I have 2 ideas and wonder what everyone thinks..probably won’t be popular. How about a season where everyone is around Cliff’s age or the house be divided between half white and half black? Those 2 groups usually never have a chance because society is racist and shallow.

  6. caRyn

    I would be in a F2 with Isabella and just not tell her. Keep that girl in the game. Even after this week, after everything that has happened, she will still tell all. I just wouldn’t tell her anything. She likes to talk anyway, so I would just listen. Other hg have a hard time keeping quiet also so with these hg I would zip it. As David has proven – listen and observe. Keep Isabella as a target and gain the votes in the end.

  7. Helen

    Whack Panic comp was spelling DON’T MEET JULIE ON EVICTION NIGHT with individual letters plus combinations like GHT or ION – Christie and Jessica said they finished – Analyse and Nick said they didn’t (timed out/20 mins)

  8. Helen

    they were told the power was potentially powerful enough to win the season, if utilized well

  9. Avatar

    Christie probably got the power. Shes insisting she finished but didnt win lol. Sounds pretty gross. Shes says cockroaches were crawling all over her arms.

  10. Jennifer

    I didn’t realize not everyone competed in the wacktivity challenge until I watched the show Tuesday. I don’t like that. They should all get to compete for each power.

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  12. Holan

    Christie just told TT that age won the company and has the diamond power of veto for any of the next four comps.

    • Helen

      The big thing with the diamond power is she can use it on eviction night and she will name the replacement..

      • Colby

        She won’t use it this week unless somebody in their group gets backdoored, and even I think it would depend on who it was.

      • Alda

        Squirrel cheeks is sitting pretty,pretty good right now.UGH!

      • Barracuda

        Just a quick question. I know the DPOV can be used last minute and she can nominate who she wants. But the HOH is safe and the holder of the regular POV also. But…..let’s say cliff and Jess are nominated. Nicole wins veto and pulls off Jess. Christie is put up as a replacement. When she pulls herself off she can’t nominate Jess, but would Nicole be fair game? Or would Nicole be safe too?

      • Sassy

        Nicole would be safe too.

        She won’t use it on just anyone in her alliance. It will only protect her, TT and AD. The oxy thieves and JJ are on their own.

  13. danmtruth

    Before the comp Christi said if she won she would just tell everyone. Not say what the power is just that she has it so if you want come at me ,,,,,, right ok like no one bought that ,,,,, besides if she wins she will tell tommy

  14. Alda

    Nick told Jess if she goes up,she’s not the target,Cliff is.

  15. ElaineB

    Listening to all those in H8ful talk over each other….they will combust!

  16. Avatar

    Here We Go Again Bella throwing Nicole under the bus and starting up on your drama for no reason. That check and seriously not keep her mouth shut ! It’s hilarious because all the people in the room had been talking about targeting Nick and Bella for at least the last week and yet here they are doing their bidding once again. These houseguests are such fools I can’t even!

  17. Alda

    Nicole is the nicest,sincere girl in the house.This alliance of 8 is the lowest of the low.I really can’t stand any of them anymore.They are all liars.

  18. hogwild

    Cliff and Jessica noms to quote Hermans Hermits second verse same as the first

  19. Avatar

    They just suggested the name of there allience be The Nasty 9! Lmao that’s what they are!

  20. Vikki T

    Now they are unde9able. The alliance keeps growing.

  21. LO1004

    Wth is happening in the house right now? It’s literally 9 people screaming and trashing Nicole. I cannot believe the level of trash I’m watching right now. Beyond disgusted. Especially since they seem so pleased w themselves.

    • Colby

      Bunch of idiots. I guess Box is getting his way.
      Suddenly they decided that Nichole is responsible for everything, the wonky vote, trying to flip the vote, a bunch of them told the conversations they have had with her and she lied about everything.
      They are whooping and hollering and jumping up and down because they think they are such geniuses they figured out everything is Nichole’s fault.
      I am most disappointed in Sam.

      • ElaineB

        And next week, it will be back to the Sex Shooters, with S/B/N on the outside of it. This week they will celebrate H8tful/Nasty 9, since Nick is HOH. Guess if they include Kat, it will increase to the Terrible 10.

      • Colby

        Evidently it all started because Ovi got upset earlier when they tried to send him away because they were talking game and he said others were talking game to him, that he was going to come back and wouldn’t work with them.

    • Avatar

      They settled on “Unde9able” – Jack and Christie came up with it. It was SO awkward when Kat walked in. She has no clue what’s going on. Bless her heart.

    • Kari

      Absolutely sickening again why production isn’t stop this I don’t know

  22. Helen

    Wonder how long before Tommy tells Jack Christie won the power?
    He told Jack about the flaming five alliance

  23. hogwild

    Anyone else becoming less interested in this season with each passing day? I barely watch the network broadcast and really don’t care for any of these people some because of their horrible gameplay others for just being off the charts assholes.

    • Vikki T

      Ratbella just said people are probably saying this is the best season ever! WRONG!

    • g8trgirl

      I’m with you, Hog. I DVR the episodes, except for the live show, and I’m not in any rush to watch them. This is unusual for me because I usually run to the TV first chance I get to get caught up. As others have said before in recent days, our blog here is much more exciting.

    • Alda

      I have watched every season from the beginning.I truly hate,no that’s not right,I truly cannot stand most of these houseguests.They are just plain MEAN and HATEFUL people.I really don’t know if I will be able to keep watching this season.Somethings got to give soon.This is not entertainment to watch some slime balls treat nice people so badly.

    • kneeless

      I’m not going to be the person who says I won’t watch, but I am not very vested with this season p’s houseguests. I certainly am not as die hard of a fan this year. BB20 set the bar high & there’s no way these fools can compare. Let’s have a season of nerds!

    • mm22

      Ive been away n missed two network shows but because of unfair editing I have no interest in
      going back and watching. Years past I could hardly wait to get to that tv-

  24. Sunny

    Well this will be interesting to see how CBS/Big Brother spins this “discussion”! Anyone want to bet that none of this makes it on the show?

  25. Pink13

    Before the night is over everyone will know about the power, DV. What a disappointing bunch of people.

  26. Pink13

    Come on Nicole!!! You got this girl! Just hold on! Use those campers to your advantage and giddy up!!!

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  28. Vikki T

    At least there will be action to watch tonight as I stay up and wait on this hurricane hitting South Louisiana. Hopefully we keep electricity and stay above the water line.

  29. Sunny

    David is the most mature and nice guy on the show. Nicole is cool too. It’s too bad those 2 won’t make it far in this game. Goes to show nice guys finish last with this type of environment. 🙁

  30. danmtruth

    Sassy do you really see squirrel cheeks using the DPOV on Jack ? To me unless she tells him that thing only coming out for her and or Tommy
    Stop with the secret alliance already Calling this a game is like calli g Deer hunting a game As has been pointed out Is it really a game when one side does not know its playing Beside lets make it far and give the deer guns also
    Lets do math even NN JJ, and AD can understand There are 13 remaining HG You are in a “alliance” with 9 Leaving 4 on the outside 4 people who are not even trying to work together 1 thinks you might want him to join an alliance a d so volunteered to go on the block Which is nice because he is your #1target Explain why you need to come up with all these plans and reasons to trash them to justify getting rid of them
    Why after listening to them does this seem ohh so clear

  31. LO1004

    I’m loving David more and more w each passing hour. I hope he gets back into the game, and who knows maybe he’ll being some humanity back w him.

    I’m so disappointed, at this point it’s nearly worse than BB19.

    • HappyHippo

      It’s like they are trying to reach that level. So disappointing after last season. Bunch of assholes

    • Sassy

      The best David could hope for would be to come back and win HOH. Get out a big target and possibly break up that mob. He would be the target, no one wants to work with him because of all the lies they have made up about him, which they have probably already forgotten most of them but they will just make up new ones.

      • mm22

        It’s so easy for these people to make up lies and convince themselves they are really good people-I couldn’t even think up a good lie, then tell someone that lie then hide it on my face. Just exhausted thinking about it-I’m old

  32. hogwild

    I could never make it that house with this group by now I would have told them off with every cuss word known to man and a few they have never heard of and the odds are 50/50 I would have decked one of them and been thrown out.

  33. Kari

    I really hate that production allows that kind of treatment of other players. It should not be allowed.

    I need a reminder what the diamond power of veto means?

  34. Colby

    The liars club up there is so bad, denying things they are telling Nichole said when they know they are true, making stuff up, etc. I can’t even listen to them anymore.
    I actually would rather listen to Jessica!

  35. danmtruth

    Remember watching this Nicole trash-a-paloza is all for the benefit of Ratbella and Nasty Nick Some of these people are now trying to justify there nastieness towards Nicole

  36. danmtruth

    Tommy making the rounds with each of the sub nasty9 groups that the Sex Shooters are his number 1 the flaming 5 are his number1 what ever of the other final 3 are his priority number 1 He and Christi are doing very good at this

  37. Sunny

    I was beginning to like Christie with how she’s playing Jack and the game. Yeah – not so much now. She’s just as nasty as the others. I’m sure it’s difficult for Sam to extricate himself from being with the “cool kids group” but I’m disappointed he couldn’t come up with some reason to leave and not be a part of the nastiness.

  38. hogwild

    There are two things in this season I’m looking foreward to the end of it and when these nine assholes finally have to turn on each other.

    • Sunny

      I’m not sure I will be able to stomach watching the 9 unless something changes. Or somebody makes it through that I actually like – though there’s not many of them. Might be an early exit for me. Time will tell.

  39. LO1004

    Nicole is the only one not at that table. Did they not notice, or do they not care? Maybe both? DICKS!!

  40. Helen

    Info on Diamond power of veto…
    The Diamond Power of Veto was introduced as the final Veto of Big Brother 4 and was essentially identical to the Golden Power of Veto. Only if the winner chooses to use it, they will name the replacement nominee rather than the Head of Household. It was used by Alison Irwin to save herself from the threat of eviction. Erika Landin was the only possible replacement as Jun Song was already up on Nomination Block and Robert Roman was the HOH.

    The Diamond Power of Veto was reintroduced in Big Brother 12 and awarded to Matt Hoffman as a gift from Pandora’s Box. A week later, when he was up for eviction, he used it on himself and nominated Kathy Hillis as the replacement.

    It was a choice for America’s Care Package during Week 3 of Big Brother: Over The Top, along with the Double Power of Veto and the Boomerang Power of Veto, but was not selected by Scott Dennis. It later appeared as an option for fans to choose in Celebrity Big Brother 1 as part of the Pick-A-Veto twist on Day 20 alongside the Spotlight Power of Veto and the VIP Power of Veto. However, it was not selected by the audience.

    After two unsuccessful attempts at revival, it once again appeared in Big Brother 21 as the the prize for winning the Panic Whacktivity Competition. It was won by Christie Murphy, and had new rules. Instead of the holder openly using it during the live eviction, they would anonymously use it at the Veto Meeting.

  41. danmtruth

    After forcing the throwup back down after throwi g up in my mouth as Javk used the words ,honesty ,,,,,, integrity,,,,,, that this will go down as the greatest season in BB history Juzt stop yourself It was interesting that as holly was giving her beatitude saying how Oblivous Ovi said something to her then it went to fish till she was done
    Bella confirms she is plani g on bringi g Nick to meet Tiger mom

  42. Good Dog

    It’s fun to watch while hating 1/2 the house, but 90 % ,not so much. Only hope David gets back, wins Hoh then pov then repeat till the end.

  43. danmtruth

    Chicken bleep production is not showing Nicole going up to the HOH

  44. hogwild

    I started watching BB at number 17 there have always been couple of players I couldn’t stand but I have never been as disgusted with a group as I am this nine. The hive had a lot of bad players and couple of real goofballs but overall they seemed like decent people can’t say that about this group.

  45. danmtruth

    Nicole is not up there
    JJ pop a chubby when NN mention that at one time he thought JJwas the rogue vote He came out of his chair he was so excited Than they said it had to be either Nicole or Cliff
    Again you have 9 people you only need to worry about your own the other 4 have no power no influance

  46. NKogNeeTow

    *Waving at the late night Junkies*


    I just tuned in to Kemi and Squeaks whispering about the rest of the house. I’m sorry, I missed most of it. Squeaks is saying that she found out today that JJ and AD were pressuring Nick to put her up. She says judging by how they were celebrating upstairs, they’re just mocking picking them off one by one.


    DeadManWalking (Cliff) and his sidekick Orwell are talking to JJ. Cliff says he wants to keep the emotional and the game separate. JJ says he wonders how Nicole is doing. DMW says “Bad”. JJ says it’s a game and he doesn’t understand people that take things personally. He says he doesn’t but Squeaks is a little more sensitive. Cliff tells him that he’s not going to try to work his way upstairs tonight. JJ tells him that’s fine. DMW says he’ll be cool, he’s just on meditation time.


    Kemi is telling Squeaks that it’s funny but there are so many people that are emotional in this game. She says some people carry their emotions on their sleeves. She says that some people have more anxieties and anguish in nature.



    Sam is talking to Ratella. He says he’s never burned anybody yet. She says she trust him sometimes more than Nick. She says she’s never talked sh*t about him (S). He says he’s never talked sh*t about her either. They leave and go downstairs.


    Sam joins H8ful, Oblivious Ovi (Dbl O) and David. Everyone is talking over each other *as usual*


    Kemi is telling Squeaks that she feels like they are all playing each other. She starts to say something about the couples and the cam switches, then switches back to Squeaks talking. Sounds like Squeak is talking about feeding false info to Ratella. Kemi is telling her to tell Ratty that Kemi is going to come back into the house. and the other side will try to get her and come after her (Ratty). Squeaks says she was pissed at Nick and Ratty because of Kemi.


    OO, KK and TT are getting food. OO tells them he hates when people put fingers in the food. *Good thing he hasn’t see JJ with his tongue stuck down the milk carton* TT twirls out the door.


    CC is explaining her power to TT. He says she got the biggest one. She says she did the biggest sh*t.


  47. Sunny

    You can’t fix stupid! Even with duct tape.

  48. NKogNeeTow



    PMS is telling Kemi and Squeaks that “he” has a tendency to talk harshly. Kemi tells her that it’s not her (P) that it’s not her (P) responsibility to come down and apologize and he should do that himself. PSM asks her to please don’t tell him she said it. PSM is saying that he’s sometimes aggressive like her husband. She says it’s a mixture and what you’re willing to put up with. She says it’s in their nature. She says he’s typically a nice guy, one of the nicest ones there and it sucks. *I’m not sure who she’s talking about, I haven’t read the comments since earlier today and will try to catch up between commercials*


    DMW (Cliff) is telling CC, TP1 (S) and TT that he doesn’t want to push it and he’s not taking anything personally. CC tells him that she thinks that sometimes when you feel like you’re being pushed, you say things. She tells him to just give it some time. Cliff leaves.

    TP1 is telling CC that Ratella was telling Squeaks something Cliff said. DumbAss TP1 says that she wants to be there so she can confront “him”. *This bitch always wants to confront somebody and yet never says sh*t* CC says she now feels like a liar now because she didn’t realize that Cliff was trying to talk about what they heard of his Cliff Notes. She says she’s going to go tell him what she heard and tell him she didn’t mean anything by it. She says she doesn’t care.


    • Sunny

      Big blow up in the house started around 6:40 (BB time I think). The 9 being jerks. Nicole tried to warn Bella and Nick and the 6 turned it around that Nicole is playing both sides. Nick & Bella fell for it hook line and sinker!

  49. danmtruth

    NK trying to wave but as i listen its on facepalm after another
    PSM talking to nicole and Kemi saying she had a nice talk with MICKY☆ one of the nicest guys here in the house …. WTF After that gem she says that as a man they say thigs thT are agresive but dont even realize it just because they are men and dont know better WTF……. followed up saying this from a women whos husband says things where my sister says are you going to let him talk to you like that Oh she just does not understand as a man he does not know he is coming off as agresive Latter he will sometimes apologize WTF bizxor world am i in

  50. NKogNeeTow



    TP1 (S) is trying to sound like she knows what’s going on in the game. CC thought she heard someone outside and went to check at the door. She says just because he listens at doors she wants to make sure no one else is. TT says they are killing it right now. He tells TP1 to be cool. They then start to trash OO. CC says it’s not smart to threaten people who is in higher power than you. She says she misses the old Ovi. He comes in to get something and they start playing nice. He apologizes and tells them he hopes they weren’t offended when he came upstairs. TT tells him they love him. CC tells him he’s fine. *They are blowing smoke up his ass and he’s standing there with his pants down waving his ass in their direction*

    TT is telling OO that they will persevere and not to dim his light just because of what was said. CC tells him that Jess just came in there and said the same thing but nothing in the game is personal and they love him. He apologizes again and tells them the cookies will be ready soon. He asks them if they can show Cliff a little love tonight, then leaves. As soon as he leaves, CC says she thinks they’ve all enabled each other by being too nice. TT says OO is scared shitless and the 3 fall out with laughter. TT says now they have a maid. He said now not only do they get cookies but they have a maid. They all laugh again.


  51. danmtruth

    Target room TT & CC OTHEFR 4 person alliance with TP1&2 talking about how things are falling perfect for them Call Obl8viez Ovi there maid as he came in and offer them cookies
    JJ now pushing TT on that nicole is the rogue vote he is so proud of himself Every time JJ talks about what cliff said in his talk that was overheard chznges everytime is anyone surprised

    • mm22

      “I’m not the maid” sorry I love that commercial couldn’t help myself-but ovi you are the maid! Is
      it possible he’s just too nice of a person? Nope

  52. NKogNeeTow



    DeadManWalking (Cliff) is talking to CC. She is telling him that someone (didn’t hear who) wasn’t on the radar at first.


    Squeaks is saying that the little guy has to come out on top sometimes. Kemi starts talking about Tyler/KC from last season. PSM is telling that this is a great time not to be HOH because you get to see what’s going on in the house. She said she told Nick she’s not going to be fake and wasn’t coming after him and wouldn’t lie just to stay off the block. She said she told him he had bigger fish to fry.

    HOH Bathroom:

    JJ and TT are talking. TT says it all makes sense now. JJ says it all adds up. JJ tells TT it all adds up because Cliff was saying how he didn’t know whether to play it safe or stir thing up. TT tells JJ that Cliff came into the room and CC was going to bring it up to him but he told her no, to just let him sweat. JJ says good, let him find out that the house knows through the grapevine.


    CC is talking to Cliff about what she heard. She tells him that she just reacted when she heard him mention her name (through the door). She said it didn’t bother her, she still thinks he’s an amazing person and she’s glad she got the chance to play the game with him. *This is going on while TT is upstairs telling JJ that he told her to keep her mouth shut and not talk to Cliff about it…lol*


  53. danmtruth

    Jack is being even more spastic than normal randomly shouting dumb things
    If we have 4 feeds why do all 4 get fish when someone someo e on another feed
    Sam before talking to Ratabella how he can care less about the 9 because he is still number 9 Rat was stumbling over her words quick enough to reasure himeven telli g Sam she trust him more than nick at times WTF you 3 are working together and thats how you treat the guy your sleeping with

  54. NKogNeeTow



    Kemi is telling Squeaks and PMS about the decisions they make in the game.


    CC is tellign Cliff that you come into the game saying you know what you’re going to do. She says you expect to make alliances. Cliff tells them (AD is now there), that they know he and OO are tight and Squeaks just seemed to be out there by herself and they pulled her in. He says he doesn’t like that he said, she said stuff and he doesn’t have anything personal against anybody and he hopes they pass that along. AD says they’ve all said things they shouldn’t. CC keeps trying to assure him that he is alright with the group. AD tells him that if he were any warmer, he’d be Equador *Wait, what?* TP1 comes in and plops down on the bed.

    Cliff asks them if there is anyone in the house that has taken anything he said personally. They tell him No. *Which is a lie because they ALL have taken everything he said personally*. JJ and Ratbella come in, along with Nick and David. Somebody farts and they say it smells bad. David leaves and goes into the room with Kemi and Squeaks.


    David asks them if he can join them. They say yes. They ask where everyone is. He tells them in the next room and about the farting incident. He asks Squeaks if she’s eaten or if she wants anything to eat or drink. She says no she’s fine. She tells them she doesn’t know what’s going on and she feels out of the loop. David tells them that certain parties are happy. Kemi asks him if he was a recruit or a fan. He said he watched most of season *And STILL he understands better than the rest of them.


    Cliff asks the group if it was anything that he has done. Nick tells him no it was just that when he came into the room, they were talking. Cliff says he just doesn’t want to spend the rest of the week stuck in a room. Nick says no, it’s just that they were having a conversation.


  55. danmtruth

    Now they think eviction eill be moved up to Sun GENIUS
    Trying to tell Cliff the reaso they did not want other people up in the HOH they had to hash things out You do realize you just told him all the people in that room are working together WTF

  56. Amber

    What does Cliff mean? What is he so mad at Nicole about? I’ve missed something. For not telling him they knew what he said to the camera?

  57. danmtruth

    8 out of 9 in target room with Cliff as Cliff throws Nicole under the bus back up and drive over her again

  58. kneeless

    Who is the hat8ful targeting this week? What a loathsome group of people.

  59. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff tells them that when he leaves the house he will give each of them a handshake. PMS and KK come in with their faces covered because the fart smell is so bad. JJ is SO proud of himself for him. *Lower expectations* P and K are holding Swiffer pads over their faces. He says he cut one in the SR too. *What a prince*


    David tells Kemi and Squeaks it’s weird being in the house but not in the game. He says he has no power or leverage. He tells them that he walked in the room and Nick told him they were having a meeting and he had to leave. Squeaks said then the convo was game related. David said it’s because they were an alliance. He asks Squeaks if she thinks she can win a competition. She says depending on what it is. He says NO, it doesn’t matter what it is, she can win it. He says she has to go win a comp and watch them crawl and she will feel so good and she can shift the game to cater to her. He says the main thing now is to just show that what’s happening doesn’t affect her and she doesn’t have to give them information. She says that’s what she feels put her in this pickle is not giving people info. David tells her that people look for reasons to isolate. Kemi comes back into the room (she went to the bathroom). Squeaks leaves. David tells Kemi he wants to get back into the game because they are throwing people around.


    General shit-talking. They are wondering who will come next to host a comp. *At least KK didn’t scream out Brett’s name* CC gets called to the DR. She says it’s probably to ask her some questions. The group start to break up.


    OO and Squeaks brushing teeth. he leaves


    David still talking to Kemi.


    • mm22

      *Cliff tells them that when he leaves the house he will give each of them a handshake.* well thats might respectable of u cliff-would’ve been nice to some of that respect thrown nicoles way u azz

  60. NKogNeeTow



    Kemi is telling Squeaks that CC is pretty honest and asks Squeaks if she wants her to pull her in there. *Dammit Kemi! Just when you show me a glimmer of hope* She and David leave. Kemi is looking for CC (I think she’s in the DR). Kemi goes back and ask Squeaks if she want her to grab CC.


    Ratells, Nick, AD and TP1 are all laying in the bed together. *Think “Bob, Ted, Carol and Alice”. You have to be a certain age to remember that movie* Ratty asks Nick if he wants to make popcorn later.


    Kemi is trying to figure out how to approach CC. She starts whispering so low you can only see her lips move. Squeaks tells her she appreciates it. PSM comes into the room and tells them about how JJ farted.


    The Asshole Brigade that Nicole needs to go, then says it doen’t matter, her or Cliff. AD says Jess showed that she is a puzzle solver. Nick says he’s so pissed off that he didn’t see it. TT starts trashing Squeaks or PMS, didn’t catch which. Nick is saying that he feels bad about Cliff. TT says he’s a great guy but it’s just a game. AD thinks PMS has the power. He told them they can send Jess home then she will have to expose her power, then send Cliff home next week. DumbAss TP1 asks if she (?) said something about her. *I swear I’m starting to hate that Ho*

  61. Amber

    Apparently swearing on your grandmother’s life when telling the truth is awful. Sleeping with someone in a room full of people on camera? Nothing immoral there. These people are especially annoying tonight….

  62. danmtruth

    As the start to file out of the target room CC tells Jess if she wants she can pick her to play in veto
    AD stop picking your ass
    Again would love to watch this season with these people when they get out to see how they think they look being assholes to people
    How WRONG they were about Cliff beingAmericas player and making more money than them
    Wrong about what comps were co.8 g up

  63. NKogNeeTow



    Squeaks is telling PMS that she thought they wouldn’t let her in the room because of something that Ratella said.


    Cliff is telling OO that Squeaks should have just left well enough alone. He says that if he plays and wins the Veto he’s going to take himself off and she’ll probably go up but that’s the game. He said that he told the group that he had no knowledge of any of this stuff.


    Nick, Ratty, AD and TT talking about comps. Nick is saying he’s going downstairs to get a drink and asks them if they want to come. Of course they said yes. SamIAm comes out of the shower and is telling them what he said to Julie while he was voting.


    Kemi is telling Squeaks and PMS about a conversation someone had about TP1 and 2 (S & H). Kemi says JJ is the kind of person who would be honest with you. *JESUS CHRIST! SOMEBODY SAVE ME!* Squeaks says if you rewound right now and told her to align with AD and TP1, would she. She says probably not because they aren’t her personality types. The 3 sit there in silence for a moment.


    DeadManWalking (Cliff) is telling the group that he told Sqiueaks that if she had just sat there and been quiet, everything would have been alright but now both her and his game is in jeopardy. *Did this Hank Hill lookin Mo Fo just throw Squeaks under the bus?*


  64. NKogNeeTow



    Nick telling Ratty something about Nicole. PMS comes in and he stops whispering. Ratty gets a warning about her mic. Nick goes into the bathroom and asks if everyone is in the Boatroom. In the hallway, TT is telling Nick and Ratty something about a convo he overheard. They go into the bathroom and TT is sucking up to OO and saying how he called what comp it was. OO is saying he doesn’t want to take credit for it but is clearly basking in being in the presence of the Cool Kids. OO is telling them about his haircut. Nick asks OO what his predictions are for the evictions.

    OO tells them something about Kemi in the hallway. Ratty looks like a light bulb just went off. PMS sticks her head into the Boatroom and talks to KK. They both leave and go into the bathroom with the others. OO is telling the how he thinks Sunday will go. *Shut up Hazel. (Another reference you have to be old enough to recognize)*


  65. danmtruth

    Just cant take any more of the pity party with nicole & kemi Ok we get it this situation sucks There is nothing you can do right now move on
    Why has production let AD and Sis stay up in the HOH with the lights off
    NN now on this idea that the eviction will be moved up he is asking Ovi because Ovi k ows everything BB

  66. NKogNeeTow



    Random convos going on. TT leaves. PMS is talking about the cockroaches.


    TT is now in the room with Squeaks and CC. CC is saying that she never said that Ratty was bullying Squeaks. She asks Squeaks if she minds TT being there. Squeaks says she never said anyone was bullying her. She says she’s on an island there and she doesn’t have anyone in the house and she just talked to Ratty and told her that she didn’t know why they were coming after her because there were other people in the house to go after. She says she doesn’t take the word bullying lightly. CC says she never said she would put them up (N & R). CC says that was never a personal issue with Squeaks. She says Squeaks is just in a tough spot right now. Tt chimes in and says they should get certain people up in the HOH and talk it out. He says just a small intimate group and not the whole house. He says he went up to congradulate Nick and the room was exploding about Nicole.Squeaks says she’s not denying that she didn’t have a convo with her (Ratty). CC says that she wasn’t saying that Squeaks be put up because no one took the rogue vote seriously. Squeaks says she swore on her grandmother that she didn’t say anything to Ratty. Her voice starts to crack. She says that Ratty told her that nobody wanted her to go up and everyone loved her. Squeaks says that’s where she (Nicole) was so stupid because she told Ratty some things. TT says again that they should get a group together and talk it out. CC says not tonight.


  67. danmtruth

    As nicole sits in the RV waiting on Nick to apologize i cant help but think of this song

  68. goldie

    I don’t know if I can watch any more. The in crowd are so mean and obnoxious and the out crowd are so stupid and clueless. I don’t know how Nicole got to be public enemy #1? I wish Nicole, David, and Kemi were told to go to the backyard. The house would then be locked down —like in that old James Bond movie. This pack of monsters would be forced to live with one another—forever, or until they killed one another. Jessica, Cliff, and Ovi would continue to be clueless. Cliff would say, “it’s just a game, I don’t take anything personal” while throwing his friends under the bus Jess would continue talking, saying nothing, until eventually all that would come from her mouth is the word Like, over and over! Although, what she said tonight about her husband —-WTF. Obviously, she is denser than I thought? Ovi would carry on wandering from room to room, while still walking like a crippled old man, desperately trying to get in with the popular kids. I think I am finally too old for BB!

  69. danmtruth

    CC is so full of shit Her and Tommy in the room for no other reason than to make sure they are not put on blast at her eviction night speach Now lets see what they tell the other vipers

  70. NKogNeeTow



    TT is saying that what happened tonight was insane. Squeaks says and completely misconstrued. CC says she wants to know the truth and she thinks TP 1 & 2 wants to know the truth too. She tells Squeaks that if she’s the true snake then that will come out with everyone talking together. *This bitch here! Unbelievable!* Squeaks says they should have let Jess, Kat and David into the room too because that was pretty shiitty too. CC says they made that decisison not to talk in front of them and she stands by that. TT says if they felt like that then they should say something too. KK opens the door then leaves. TT tells Squeaks that he feels bad that this happened to her. CC tells her to take tonight and cry over it then talk to them tomorrow. Squeaks says she just can’t see how in thie house she’s public enemy #1. CC says it sucks. TT says he loves her and will be friends with her no matter what and to do what she wants. He says they can’t control what will happen, only how they handle it. CC again tells her to sleep on it then talk to them tomorrow. TT says to let it be heard. *They tell her this knowing good and damn well that HOH summit is going to eat her alive when she tries to talk to them…especially since everyone is up Nick and Ratty’s asses like hemmoriods this week* TT tells her again that he loves her and Squeaks burst into tears.


    CC and TT go straight to JJ and AD and report to them the convo they just had with Squeaks. CC tells the that she was walking by and Kemi called her into the room. AD says “fuck off”.


  71. Amber

    Christi makes me want to pull my hair out. Just saying

  72. NKogNeeTow



    CC is still telling them word for word what she said to Squeaks. She is telling them how she told Squeaks that Ratty never bullied her. She is laying it on thick. *Watching her is like going to a carnival and sneaking into that tent that has the 2 headed snake on display* They are all cross taking. TT is telling them who he told Squeaks should be there. Ratty is setting it up as a confrontation and should be done in the living room. The group is REALLY enjoying this. Nick said she’s playing Vanessa Russo’s game.

    CC is really laying it on thick. Ratty is saying that there is nothing she can literally say. CC tells them that Squeaks said the only reason she said those things about people is because she felt alone in the game. *She never said that*


    Squeaks is crying to KK. She is extremely upset and says she has family, students and parents is going to see this. KK is telling her that she thinks she should talk to them. KK tells her that everyone loves her and that it’s just been an emotional day.


  73. goldie

    I have never been a TT fan..all that”I love you “ over and over. It’s lost all meaning to him. He is just another shallow actor trying to gain fame. He might just win this game.

  74. danmtruth

    Once more this retelling of the conversation is taking longer than it took
    Nick talking a mile a minute Once more selective memory by most of these people Nick you did call Sis or Holly a bitch And Ratbella please she has trash everyone
    Now TT is talking to Analyse about jack trying to back away from her that jack makes such wierd comments Tell her just be happy that jack wants to seperate because Sis wants to hang out with CC more

  75. NKogNeeTow

    Before I forget, sending out prayers to all those in the path of tropical storm Barry. Be safe and check in!



    KK is telling Squeaks that she never heard JJ say anything about her.


    Ratella, Nick, AD, DeadManWalking (C), talking about selling inches off of their penisis.


    TT is planting seeds in TP1 (S) head. *Good luck with that. Nothing can grow there* He asks her if she thinks that AD wants to separate to get rid of her. He is telling her that CC said she thinks it’s taking a toll on TP1. TT tells her that it wasn’t about TP but about CC, but he could be wrong. TT keeps bringing up a necklace comment that apparently AD made. He tells her to just be happy and don’t show emotion because if AD is trying to create distance between them for his game, don’t be upset. TP says it upsets her because she wants to be with CC and it makes her upset because she doesn’t want CC to feel bad. She says that after the show she doesn’t see her and him together. *Should have thought about that before practicing the flute on him in the shower*

    TP says that she thinks that sometimes she thinks AD does things in front of her to make her jealous. TT says he thinks so too but hasn’t talked to CC about it yet. He tells her to start sleeping with CC and he’ll just start sleeping with AD. *I know what you’re expecting me to say but this time I’m gonna fool ya cause it’s just too damn easy…*smirk*


  76. Mello_One

    Big Brother Producers giving Jack, & Jackson Excellent Edits on the CBS telecast, and making Kemi the Villain. But people who have the live feeds, or online updates know better…Hmmm, what’s really going on here?!


    • danmtruth

      Thanks great read Unfortunately nothing live feader watchers have not seen As in past seasons when they have polls of fan favorites there is big difference Not surprising the HG with as we say the golden edit are high on the list While live feed watchers rate them low Yet to move the story line the way production wants it never changes Again thanks for showing us we are not just tinfoil hat wearing crazys

  77. kneeless

    Not gonna lie glad BBAD is over for tonight. Good night all.

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  79. danmtruth

    Our friends on the west coast going thru the earthquakes is scary
    Now our BBfamily down south dealing with the storms good luck

  80. NKogNeeTow


    Squeaks goes into the bedroom alone and says to herself “this fucking sucks so bad” then sniffs.


    TT is retelling the convo he and CC had with Squeaks. He is talking to JJ, TP1 & 2. TT is saying that the meeting should be between Nick, him, and the girls. TP2 says she feels sad for her but it’s put a target on her back. JJ says the personal side of him wants to just squash it. Cliff wanders in while they are talking. They don’t ask him to leave. TP2 asks do they risk causing a rift right now. JJ says what a tangled web we weave. *Preach Fartman!* Talk turns to coffee. TP1 tells TT that she loves him so much and literally wants to live with him and be attached to him.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Alright my sleepy heads. My fingers are cramped and I’ve still got to go back and check out some of those links Dan posted…want to see what his little mind is up to…lol. Also need to read and respond to messages. Again, everyone in a flood area, be safe and check in with us to let us know you’re okay.

    Nite Dan and everyone else who is still awake. Goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  81. danmtruth

    I want to go to bed
    Im sick wanti g to see more
    JJ telling Nicole he was not being a dick but he did not want to let her in because she would be tore apart Nicole crying on his shoulder PSM there also She is saying she just wants to talk to people

  82. danmtruth

    Thats it Sis Holly KK and Kemi in the RV with her just cant stay up sorry 2:1t am need to do things latter cant just say sorry was up with a friend (?)
    It is hard watching this game as lines blur between personal feelings and game play … not my original thought it was holly (girl in camo crop top ?)that us true It also might be it hurts Nicole more because N/B were people she trusted and confided in Felt so.e of those non game things were used on her Thats what stung even more Balle has that dangerous trait that she can change and forget facts to suit her The thing is she truly believes in the lie
    This Dr Phill junior is turning in

  83. WhereisPablo

    “The HoH douchebags are upstairs and form a 9 person alliance. Good job jumping on the douchebag ship, Sam”

    I knew this was coming, but I’d hoped it wouldn’t be at the expense of Nicole. I haven’t trusted Sam or TT since the beginning. I certainly hope David wins the comeback since he seems the only hope to salvage this mess.

  84. g8trgirl

    Maybe if enough people who watch the feeds and have groups like ours are vocal about wanting Nicole to stay, Grodner and team will fix competitions and stuff to see that she does, ala Victor, Paul, etc. A girl can hope, right?

    • danmtruth

      Our only hope now is the thing we hate the most some sort of intervention by production As i see it now Nicole is evicted this week putting 3 live feeder fans choices to battle for one spot They come back Unless they win or get HOH they are gone next week Than production is left with what they see as a group of jackels ready to tear into each other They want people they feel will be mean backstabbing selfish people Watch as they turn on each other with no sence or care of decency as im sure the personal attacks will escalate all guise as just game play Watch as i destroy you personally but dont worry as i love you and we will be friends after because i said its just game play that we all signed up for

      • WhereisPablo

        Exactly Dan!

      • kneeless

        I have been having the same thoughts. As much as we hate production interference, now I wish they’d step in & send Nicole some help. A double-edged sword, for sure.
        I am so sick if hearing “I love you..As a person.” So fake & insincere.

    • Sassy

      I’m not a fan of the H8ful, but I don’t want to see production intervene either. This season is just gonna have to suck and we can hope for a better cast next year.

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