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Big Brother 21 – Friday Feed Updates Bonus Leaked Feeds

August 2, 2019 | 139 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!


What a wild night in the Big Brother house as you can say that August 1st is when BB21 actually began – finally! We went the entire month of July with virtually no arguments, but as soon as the calendar flipped the page, the house went crazy.

Before I begin, I had a lot of people ask me, so here is the link for field trip voting. Remember, first place gets safety, second a punishment, third becomes a nom.

Alright, to quickly summarize the events of the house – Christie told Sam that she was cool with Jack or Jackson going home when Cliff was HoH. Sam decided he didn’t want to leave the house with this dirt, so he told Jackson about it (and a few others). He was going to use it in his speech but decided against that. Jackson was already a bit skeptical on Christie, so this was the icing on the cake to be against her. When Tommy heard about what Christie said, he threw fuel on the fire by reminding people what they speculated early on which is that Holly and Kat may know each other outside the house. This briefly created a situation of Kat/Holly/Jackson vs the house (and by house, I mean the non floaters). Kat heard about this and quickly tried to distance herself from the situation and got upset at Jackson. Jackson and Christie argued, Jackson and Jack argued, and Christie did a great job at turning her lies around and deflecting them back at the house.

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By the time the feeds returned, Jess had won HoH, Jackson was sulking, and everyone was doing serious damage control to Kat for whatever reason. They all badly want her on their side, and it’s likely because she’s done a really great job at playing the middle. Christie promised Jess that she wouldn’t use her power this week. Jess decided that it will likely be Jack and Jackson who go on the block together. They’re going to pretend that Jackson is the target so Christie in fact doesn’t use her power, and then try to vote out Jack at the last minute. I’m not sure if this strategy will actually work, but the floaters have their backs against the wall and Christie still has her power thanks to Cliff, so there aren’t really many options to choose from at this point.

Right now, there is almost as much of a chance of Cliff going home as there is Jack because of the power and the veto competition tomorrow. The veto competition will have a huge impact on the game this week because the person winning has the potential to be the person naming the replacement nominee. If Jack’s side wins, Jack will likely be removed from the block and the power shouldn’t be used because they’ll have the numbers to vote out Jackson. If Jackson wins, he’ll save himself but that leaves few options to put on the block because Jess doesn’t want to put Holly up. If and when Christie finds out it will most likely be Jack and Analyse on the block together, she may be forced to use the power and try to somehow convince Jackson to nominate Cliff. That will be hard because they’re fighting, but Christie will make amends the second Jackson wins.

It’s going to be an interesting next few days and I’ll do my best to keep you all updated…

Watch the live feeds here

Leaked Video – Since this afternoon may be a little slow, I’m going to recap the Youtube leaked video. There won’t be any timestamps, but this is what happened leading up to the show:


Jack, Christie, Sis, and Nicole are sitting around the HN room. Jack is worked up that Jackson dropped the Kat/Holly/Jackson connection outside the house. Jack points out how Kat still forgives Jackson after the way he talks to her. Christie takes the opportunity to lie about her involvement of potentially voting out Jack or Jackson. She says she would have backdoored Jackson because Kat wanted him to. Jack is worked up and wants to call everyone out.

The group leaves and Christie and Sis encounter Sam in the bathroom and tell him they’re keeping him even though Christie hates him so he better work with them.

Nicole is in the storage room with Nick and re-tells her brief conversation with Jackson who confronted her because he saw her talking with the three. Nicole told him that’s a conversation he has to have with them and Jackson said “that’s a fucking yes” and stormed off. Nick is saying how those two sides are battling so they should keep their heads down.

You can hear people arguing in the boat room with the floaters all outside trying to listen by the bathroom. They are showing Cliff and Nicole listening but you can hear Christie yelling in the room. You hear Christie yell that Jackson was the rogue vote. Sam confirms it to Nicole. Jackson leaves the room and yells ‘glad I could fucking trust you, Jack’ and says he’s about to lose his shit when walking by the floaters.

Christie calls in Cliff and tells him how Jackson spilled that Christie told Cliff about the rogue vote. She then drops how Cliff, Holly, Jackson, and Kat had a 4 person alliance called ‘The Southerners’ and Jess reacts:


Kat mentions how they know one person in common (referring to the outside connection with Holly). Poor Cliff is still in there trying to defend his part in it which was a really small part.

Jackson is yelling back at Christie how he has to scream over her because she doesn’t let anyone speak. It’s Christie’s world and we’re all living in it. Jackson then tells Nicole that he was the rogue vote but not to pin it on her. It was because Holly and Sis were targets and wanted the target away from them. He didn’t care where it went and he’s sorry it went to her. Nicole says she understands, respects it, and accepts his apology.

Nicole gets a time check and this took place at 5:10 which was 50 minutes before the live show aired.

The talks are breaking up and now Christie is venting to Jess and how much Christie loves Kat. Christie says “who does Jackson want to go because that’s who I want to keep” (Sam was nearby)

Holly and Jackson are in the storage room and she is grilling him on what he told Jack. He says he thinks Holly and Kat knew each other from finals but he didn’t know either of them. Holly says Jack is telling people that Holly/Kat know each other. Jackson eventually says he needs to win HoH or pack his shit. He says they can’t trust Jack and she says “obviously. I could have told you that”. Jackson sulking about being burned by Jack.  Holly says it’s messed up because they don’t even really know each other. They met a few times, that’s it. It’s not like they were friends.

Holly leaves and plays damage control to Tommy and Sis by saying Jackson indeed told Jack about the possible connection between Holly and Kat

Jackson eventually comes in and joins the conversation. Jackson is denying Holly or Kat knowing each other. Tommy says Jackson was trying to make a new alliance without them and Jackson starts yelling back at Tommy how he wasn’t trying to make a new alliance. They’re all worked up because Jackson was pulling in Cliff and Kat and Jackson claims he was doing it for the entire 6 but Tommy and Jack are saying it was the side alliance.

It cuts to Julie getting ready and trying to listen in the house as she’s getting makeup put on

That’s about it. There was a ton of small talk but the gist of the situation was the argument about Christie potentially going against Jackson that was shifted brilliantly to Jackson potentially working with Holly, Cliff, and Kat on the side. Everything deflected off Christie and the plan went as expected.

Here is the link to the video while it’s still up

10:20 am – Tommy is chatting with Holly and appears to be paranoid about potentially going on the block this week.

Holly is telling Tommy how both Jackson and Christie handled the situation poorly. How Christie was screaming at Jackson and Tommy just had a face like ‘yea, my aunt can relate. She has dealt with Christie’s wrath in the past’.  Tommy didn’t actually say it, but the look on his face showed he knew that side of Christie.

Tommy is kind of frustrated that Cliff has been upstairs all day and not really giving anyone a chance to talk with Jess.

11:30 am – Jess is holding one on ones and it’s painful to listen to.

He doesn’t look like he’s having fun

Jess is sad because she just wants to be in the majority and nobody has ever asked her where her vote is going.

12:00 pm – Jack is explaining what happened in the house last night to Jess. She is telling him that she wants all the info but she’s not going to backdoor him

Jack mentions how bad it is that people know each other coming into the game. He’s going to feel so stupid with Christie.

12:40 pm – In the bathroom, Jack confesses to Sis that he thinks he made the wrong decision. He thinks Christie really isn’t loyal. This is because she hasn’t really shown any gratitude at Jack for exiling Jackson. It would have been interesting had someone warned Jack that Christie was okay with him going home during Cliff’s HoH. Oh, wait…. Sam did

In another room, Christie is telling Jess that she prayed for Jess to win HoH. Not to take credit or anything, but this was all Christie. Hahaha

Christie also says that she felt bad about not telling Jess how the vote was going. She really wanted to and felt awful. She’s such a bad liar

She continues on and on about how she really really really wanted to have Nicole tell Jess about the vote but someone (she’s not dropping names though) wouldn’t let Jess know. Yes, it was a huge thing against Jess. Let’s be real, Jess wasn’t even thought of and now Christie is trying to make her feel included. Nobody cared what Jess thought. Just admit it.

2:00 pm – Kat chatting with Holly. Kat is going to win the next HoH. You heard it here first

They are trying to figure out votes if it’s Jack vs Jackson. Also saying how Jess is actually a threat because she’s come close in many HoH competitions. Holly also says that she thinks Christie made up the Southerner’s alliance.

Kat says Sis annoyed her yesterday when she said ‘what you say determines my vote’. Kat calls her a 22-year-old bitch and she’d eat her in the real world. Meanwhile, Kat says Tommy is a bad liar and kind of sucks at this game. Jackson comes in to bring Holly food and meds. Kat continues and says Sis isn’t even all that pretty and she can name a bunch of her friends who are prettier. Holly says that Sis hints that she’s a little bit famous.

Ok, I can’t take much more of this cattiness right now. Going to close this thread and start a new one when noms are done.

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