Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Friday inside the Big Brother house and one of the rare times the backyard will be open on a Friday/Saturday (it’s usually when they are building comps). Having the yard open also means the veto meeting will happen either today or tomorrow, but as I mentioned this morning, I’m pretty confident Cliff is being saved.

I suspect a fairly slow afternoon as they’ll be spending a lot of time tanning but as the sun goes down, let’s hope the drama goes up (and by drama, I don’t mean Kat just crying all night).


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Also – Because we get a ton of nicknames every season, I’m going to keep a tally of them here.  You can also access it from the top menu by clicking ‘nicknames’. Feel free to contribute any nicknames that should be there so our comment section can have an easy reference.


  • 2:00 pm – Everyone chillin’ outside for now
  • 3:00 pm – Still tan time, so here are some screenies from the afternoon
  • 4:15 pm – People are starting to wrap up tanning
    • Kemi and Nicole are whispering in the bedroom but I can’t quite hear what they’re saying
    • Meanwhile, Holly and Sis are outside with their own whispers
    • Analyse is mentioning how hot Jack is but Holly is losing interest in him daily because of his personality
    • They feel the guys worship him and he’s trying to get serious ride or dies going with quite a few people
  • 5:40 pm – Sam and Jack are in the kitchen and Ovi walks by and they have small talk. Ovi leaves and Sam mumbles ‘douche’
    • They walk away and Sam tells Jack how nobody from that crew of Ovi, Jess, Kemi, Nicole haven’t even approached him to ask what he’s going to do. Rather than assume they’re just nervous, he thinks they’re just comfortable.
    • Sam says how Christie was going to give Kemi a speech about how she has been rubbing people the wrong way, etc, but Sam tells her just to say she’s a pawn. She’s not going to jury so it won’t matter.
  • Meanwhile, Jess is rocking Kat on the hammock
    • Kat is still a bit paranoid tonight but at least she’s not crying
    • Kat kind of hopes Cliff will be removed because she thinks he’ll vote for her to stay
    • Christie, Kemi, Sam, Tommy, and Bella are relaxing in the hot tub
    • Now we’re checking out feet
    • Jessica is outside telling Nicole how she doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Does she talk to Sam? Does she talk to Christie?  Pretty funny because Sam is complaining that they haven’t spoken to him. Miscommunication going on

Check back for updates