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Big Brother 21 – Friday Feeds Plus HoH Results

Good afternoon everyone!


Last night was a weird one. They didn’t hold the HoH competition at all which is rare. We went a solid 12+ hours without a new official HoH which is probably best for some viewers based on who ended up winning.

The HoH room will once again belong to Jackson and Holly for the fourth consecutive week as Jackson won the HoH

I’m going to keep writing but I know people are wondering about the HoH so I am publishing this now and then updating, so check back….


Alright, now that I don’t have to rush, let me begin properly….

I hope everyone impacted by Dorian is doing ok. There are not many words to describe what anyone must be feeling if they have relatives in the Bahamas so I won’t even try. I’ll just say we’re all thinking of you.

If you came to the site this morning and couldn’t get on, I’m sorry about that. We had about two hours of unexpected downtime which worked out good because it allowed me to wake up in time to join the queue for Tool tickets. Unfortunately, 2,000 people were ahead of me in line and tickets were sold out by the time my turn came up. I’m bumming about that big time. The one band I really want to see and I’m going to have to pay outrageous prices from stubhub.

Enough about me, on to the game. There was a pretty large group of people complaining about Nicole’s brief HoH decision, but what was she to do? It was a pick your poison scenario for her. She had to pick a side and both options were bad. She decided to pick the side she had an alliance with which is just better jury management. While I can definitely agree with the people who say she should have gone with the side that is easier to beat, Cliff’s entire game has been about honor and integrity so he was fully on board with sticking with Jackson for better or worse. Nicole was the HoH, but Cliff’s opinion weighed heavily in her decision.


If I were in Cliff’s shoes, I would have betrayed Christie weeks ago when he promised he wouldn’t nominate her if she didn’t use the power. I have said time and time again that Cliff made a mistake by doing that and it just delayed his exit. However, Cliff is still in the game proving me and anyone else who doubted him wrong so I’m just going to have to trust his judgment here. He and Nicole are playing with integrity and there is no reason to shift gears now. That integrity could make the difference between $50k and $500k for either one of them if they’re sitting in the f2 with anyone but each other.

The reality is, and it all can be summed up in this paragraph, Nicole or Cliff are not beating any of the other 4 in athletic comps moving forward. If they are to make the final 3 together, one of them has to win the next HoH and the only comp they have a chance are mental comps. Christie is a much bigger threat than either Jackson or Holly in mental comps and Nicole knows that. She took out her biggest mental comp threat last night and it was the right thing to do. If next week is a physical comp, Nicole and Cliff are likely going to lose regardless who they played against. The entire season will come down to the type of competition the next HoH is. If it’s physical, they lose and one is sent to the jury while the other is sent to the final 3 to lose in those comps as well. If it’s mental, Nicole or Cliff will likely win and determine who sits with them in the final 3.

Alright, updates will likely be slow today because it’s a slow house, but I’ll update if anything happens.

Update: Cliff and Tommy nominated


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  1. Ashley

    Not a fan of Jackson — just glad Tommy didn’t win!

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      YES! As long as TT didn’t win. I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of Jackson, but I respect his wins when he needs to win. I also see a much better side to him since he and Nicole became brother and sister. I guess TT and Beth for noms are out of the question. 🙂

    • Avatar

      I wish TT had won because he would have put up Jolly. That would give the rest of them a fighting chance. As it stands I’llbe surprised if anyone wins anything other than JJ. If they win HOH next Thursday they have a SLIM chance of staying.

  2. Alda

    Jackson and Holly should order furniture of their choice for the HOH room.GEEZ!

  3. Mello_One

    We were so all overjoyed with Nugget’s win last night that I don’t believe that any of us mentioned Jessica’s awkward interview with Julie….Jess is always so smooth, I was surprised that her interview was so uncomfortable, & strange?! Idk, maybe it was just a case of shaky nerves for her?!

    • ElaineB

      I don’t watch any extended interviews, so I was thrilled when Julie cut the on-stage interview with Jess very short…lol, she had HOH and veto comps to get to. In other words, Jess you are the first evictee of the night, so get stepping.

    • danmtruth

      Julie was just surprised that Jess seemed so clueless She was just what did you think was going on

      • Tam

        That has got to be one of the greatest moments, too. If that doesn’t make a meme I would be surprised….

      • Robin

        I think Julie was stunned at how obviously clueless Jess was. Julie asked 2 questions but she never answered either one. Still getting caught up here, but loved Nicole’s win and her basket party. I always seem to see her like a sweet little girl until I watched her trying to explain spiritual principles to Jess. It wasn’t rocket science, but it was the broader concepts of forgiveness and what that says about our relationship with others. Most girls her age have no idea, she is a precious delight!

      • danmtruth

        The more you see and hear from nicole The more you have to like her She dies not bow to peer pressure She is not ashamed to admit to having standards she lives bye Look at her telling Jess about the deal / alliance she was iffered that did not include Jes She explained it to jes because she did not want to see her blindsid3d Whst does jes do thries to bliw up Nicoles game and go to christie who was the one cutting her out in the first place Even after that nicole tried to hep jes on a personal leveal She has proven time and again she is wise beyond her years

      • Tam

        Agree with you 10000%, Dan & Robin. She just makes me proud. You could tell Julie was proud of her, too, last night when she made the announcement……

      • Avatar

        I was surprised Julie didn’t let Ripley’s didn’t show up to interview Jess for her

      • Tam

        Bennett, that is funny!!!!

      • Tam

        Lol, Hog, you nailed it!!!

  4. jennyc

    dang. i enjoyed jollys run but it is time for some new HOH energy. I was rooting for the lone TT to get boxhead out

    • Helen

      Maybe next week…he can’t play HOH next week to secure his spot in F3…Holly can…
      If she wins HOH Jackson or Holly have to win Veto otherwise Jackson goes out on Holly’s HOH….

  5. Mello_One

    Tommy might be feeling, “Stick Me With A Fork, I’m Done” right about now…But there’s still the POV, either Holly, Nugget, or Cliff has to win it.

  6. TheRealBeth(TRB)

    Nicole and Cliff are two of my favorites of all time, so I hate to say it… but they should have taken a shot at Jolly last night.

  7. Aggiegal

    I just don’t want Tommy winning POV!

  8. AIO_7

    Hopefully this will be the week Jackson and Holly break up for good. I could live with Jackson putting Holly out.

  9. Mary

    Wrong Jackson, they had Sam doing cleaning. You guys are pigs and don’t even make your beds like they did last year.

    • Tam

      Mary, that’s the honest truth. They stay in the bed and I don’t recall ever seeing Holly cleaning up. I loved that about Sam from last year. She kept that place clean. There is no excuse for not pitching in. Loved that Tommy just pointed out a few things about that we all have been witness to. The dishes, the douchebag persona from being with Jack, and a few other things. It was great!!!!

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        I hope some of the others pointed out his fake sympathy faces, overacting, inauthentic ,”I love you so muches”, attention hogging Julie, over”OBSESSION” with everything, hooded romper wearing, filthy finger hotdog cutting, LOUD, fake laughing, obnoxious self.

      • NKogNeeTow

        But Pablo, how do you REALLY feel? …lol

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        Sorry, I’ve been holding that in for too long. It just burst forth like one of his impromptu kicks.

  10. danmtruth

    Now on to dreams that came true ( ahhem) Tommy over reacting what a surprise
    Swaggy must have said something anout how messy the house was Tommy loved ALL the hoast from last year It started that they felt S&B were very personal and had fun with them
    Tommy explaining that with jack around jackson WAS a pompous douchebag and all including holly agree

    • Tam

      Dan, yep…..eye roll

    • Nancy

      Still not a fan. But Jackson has done a 180
      I absolutely loved how proud he was of nicole..not the bullsh*t proud usually displayed..but a genuine brotherly proud..I find him endearing when interacting with nicole.
      Pull your shirt up on your boney shoulder, HollyBeth..and I dont give this showmance a snowball’s chance in hell of lasting til the holidays..it’ll end sooner..Mama will see to that

      • Tam

        LOL, Mary. I agree with you on all aspects. You can see HB jealousy seeth when he is being genuinely sweet to Nugget. He said he always wanted siblings and I see that in his interaction with her. Just sweet moments. You know that makes his Momma proud, too. Don’t imagine she is too pleased with side piece hanging on and trying to brother block his time with Nicole.

      • goldie

        I don’t trust any of his actions. He’s had years of acting training fooling his Mother.

      • Robin

        Dittos all around here!

      • Mel

        Nicole makes him want to be a better man.
        Sorry, couldn’t resist the movie quote. Lol

      • Avatar

        No Robin I don’t want to deal with that pokemon. don’t want a ditto to transform into a HG that I can’t stand when I watch BB. Imagine being in the same room as Jess, Christie, Jack, or Nick

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  12. Annabelle

    I only hope Jackson doesn’t let Beth make him want Nicole gone. If there is production interference then next hoh comp will be mental. JJ Nicole and Cliff deserve the final 3. Does TT REALLY believe that Beth would vote him over JJ in f2?

    • Tam

      I think that she would step over anyone to get that money. And then make excuses and cry her way out of it……..

    • danmtruth

      Tommy will convince her that she stands a better chance of beating him in a F2 than Jackson As the jury will only see her as his showmance that he drug along he could throw in you will be seen as a buzzard living off the kills of jackson She will be blinded by anger

  13. Avatar

    Did anyone else notice that extended embrace between Nicole and Jackson after she won HoH last night? It went on a long time and it seems to me like she is into him. That’s good for his game, not hers.

  14. Tam

    Nugget don’t feed the monster……..

  15. Avatar

    Not taking out Jackson was a mistake because the rest of the season will never have two mental comps in a row. Jackson only has to win the physical comp (either HoH or Veto) every week to stay safe.

    Funny Swaggy said something about the house being messy. He wasn’t in the house long enough last year to mess it up (except with bodily fluids).

    Explain to me the infatuation with Swaggy? The guy didn’t even make jury! I really wanted to root for Bayleigh last year because she lives less than an hour from me, but watching her behavior in the house turned me off of her quickly. Swayleigh isn’t a cute couple like Jeff/Jordan nor a pair of successful players like Brendon/Rachel (well, half successful).

    • Avatar

      TwoBits … I would have thought CBS would have distanced themselves from Swaggy after what he did to Kevin.

      • Tam

        WHAT!!! Oh my God, that is just horrendous…. I can’t believe that they did that, but wait, YES I CAN…. After all it’s Swag n Bag and Fessy, the male version of HollyBeth. OMgoshhhhh, just can’t with these people…. That is just so wrong on every level on conception. I am just glad that Kevin is cancer free and ok. They were horrible to him on the show, too. Just an utter shame….

      • Tam

        I can’t wrap my mind around this. That is just diabolical and I don’t know how they can even live with themselves. That is just wrong. So wrong. All about the money for them and not working for it, but using someone’s illness. What is wrong with people that use other’s like that for their own profit! Poor Kevin, but I am so happy that he beat that awful disease. May God bless him beyond measure. Unfreakinbelievable!!!!!!!! Thought I could stand them before but now nothing but a case of the red ass now. Worst that the people that call and scam the elderly.

      • Mel

        The timing is ironic too. Kevin had to have his 3rd (I think) surgery this week, yesterday I believe.

      • Tam

        Mel, that is just unbelievable. Wishing Kevin nothing but the best. If this is true, what a slap in the face by CBS to him. Just sad….. Just leaves a bad taste and more disdain towards them……Praying that Kevin comes out all the better and has nothing but blessings come his way…..

      • Avatar

        My2cents CBS seems to like the ones who America hates. If I remember they also liked Frankie Grande too and he was just a deplorable person.

  16. Alda

    Manifest this.Someone on another site said with JJ Hoh again he would put up Tommy/Cliff.Nicole.That’s a given.he said if they were smart they would join forces.Throw the POV to the one not on the block,forcing JJ to put up Holly.Then the 2 that are voting vote her out.That could work .

    • Tam

      Alda, manifest, manifest, manifest that. I am just ready for Holly to go. Yes, she has won comps, played the game, but to me she has played the mattress more than the game. If she had played her own game then I would have more respect for her. The showmance is ok, but just play your own game, be involved in the game with others instead of being up JJ’s butt like a tapeworm. She doesn’t seem to grasp that aspect. Hard to see her game when it seems like JJ is the only game that she has played so hard for. And there goes the shoulder thing. Can you imagine what she is going to be like when she has a hot flash for the first time! Not going to be pretty.

      • Alda

        Tam,that could really work if they put their heads together.As far as Holly goes,I have wanted her gone for quite awhile.Are you sure she hasn’t already experienced a hot flash or two?

      • Tam

        Alda, her time with JJ doesn’t count. Just because she isn’t wearing a top doesn’t count as a hot flash. Lol. I am talking about the real thing. Mercy me….

    • Robin

      What a genious plan!

    • Delta

      Alda that is exactly what I was thinking! I would love to see that happen.

  17. goldie

    Cliff will never win BB comics with that 7 month beer belly. Just hope Nicole manages to stay off the block!

  18. danmtruth

    Jackson talking about how he felt he had to get Christie out His reasoning being he felt like he was stuck playing christies game Tommy said funny thing is christie felt like she was just playing your game This did not even slow down JJ from talking Naturally Holly had to chime in with a story useless dumb
    I think Holly said that it was Kat who talk her into aplying to play BB That she was going to have Kat dogsit for her
    Is it me or do the feeds keep resetting this is on my tv using the firestick
    Before as JJ was talking he said after a certain day he felt alone That he only had Holly Tommy in his most hurt voice was You always had me I alwYs believed in you That hurts that you didnt think i supported you — This is why i do not like Tommy Its this pleeding victem How can you hurt me bye doubting me Save it
    It does sound like cliff and tommy OTB He cant chsnce his lady love Even tho she was complaing AGAIN that she missed out on so much of the BB experience Like never being a have not Did not get to compete in a lot of comos Well step up and be put OTB and get to experience THAT BB fun

    • Tam

      It’s not just you. It does it on my fire tv, too. Have called CBS, internet provider, and Jesus. You may have to reboot your wifi, and reset your fire stick/tv and it should help. It definitely tries the patience of Job. Does your just hang up and sometimes the pic is frozen and audio is still going, too?

      • danmtruth

        Yes will sometimes switch feeds and that helps Or as you said switch off than back on in a few min just frustrating as it happens just as some good game talk starts

      • Tam

        Dan, I agree, the other night was horrible because right when they were saying something interesting it kept happening. When they are boring, working like a charm. Just had to reset everything and it worked until they had an outage….

    • Tam

      Put her on the block, send her JH and then she can have the whole BB experience she is so desperately saying she wants. Grant that wish!!!! Manifest, manifest, manifest….

  19. Avatar

    This season is so bad that the only thing that would truly make me laugh is if Holly wins the entire thing.

    It’s over, Jackson will be the winner. He should be. He successfully surrounded himself with weaklings at the most important times.

  20. Mary

    It would be music to my ears if Jackson put Holly up as a pawn, telling her she needed to see the block. I also think if Jackson won the 500,000.00, she would tell him it was because of her he won. I know that sounds terrible but I’ve listen to her berate that guy and scold him like she is his Mother, over and over again, for nothing more than playing the game for himself. During his last HOH she made sure she was in the room for a lot of the 1 on 1’s. Glad he said he was going to hear everyone out this time, I just wonder if Miss Holly will allow him to make his own decision and put Tommy up as his target.

  21. goldie

    Here’s Ms. predictable Holly trying to look sexy with one bare shoulder.

  22. Avatar

    I know some people have already said this, but Jackson is growing on me. I still believe that is because production gave him a lecture, and it even increased more after zingbot when he realized he’s a douche. However I’m getting a little over the HoH reigns, it means Ho-Holly room now. My fondness of her decreases hourly. Wish she could be switched for Kat! Cliff was very noble to give Nugget the win, and hope they win future comps.

    • Tam

      Welcome, Elizabeth and I agree with you! JJ has his moments, but he has turned over a new leaf. HB’s leaf has turned brown and ready for it to fall from the tree. I love that JJ just told Nugget that she wasn’t a loser when she said that and he was quick to let her know it. Things like that redeem his standing in my eyes. Kat coming back in through the door as HollyBeth going out would be so freaking funny….Just daydreaming…….

  23. Tam

    Here is the a song for the HG as they are talking and contemplating……
    Journey……Wheel In The Sky…….

  24. Tam

    I love Nicole quoting Muhammad Ali….. She is so freaking funny and cute. The things she says out of nowhere are the best!!!!
    Then Tommy wondering if that was a book, a song, etc……LOL…

    • danmtruth

      She is as i said wise beyond her years
      Again Mr Young She has a Heart of Gold

    • Lather

      Someone made the comment to her about how much she was coming out of her shell (paraphrasing) and they loved all the funny things she said.

      She said she’d been saying them all along but it was so loud with all the other people no one could hear her.

      Sweet shade and she didn’t even realize it.

      • Tam

        Agree, Lather. When she was outside she said “Wait, Do you smell that”, pause, then sniffed, and then said “Smells like a load of bullshit to me”, everyone’s look was priceless…….Love this girl!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Lather, that was the other night in the kitchen when they were talking about all the rooms they had slept in. She said she had only slept in 1 with the exception of the night of the clowns when she slept in the target room with Cliff and TT. She said that she still woke uip with 2 clowns. TT yelled, “Zing!” Then they all told her they never realized she was so funny. She told them she had been funny all along but the house was so loud no one ever heard her.

  25. Mel

    Ahhhhhh bummer! Got off work early only to find out Jackson won the hoh. Damn it! I wanted Tommy to win it. It was the best chance for Nicole and Cliff to stay safe. Well, if Tommy wins veto, we’ll have to say goodbye to one of them unfortunately.

  26. Tam

    Cliff talking about the duck and cover drills brings back so many memories……Everyone looking like What!!! Nothing like living in that fear and looking up to see the horror of all the gum stuck under the tops of the desk……..

    • danmtruth

      Tam the sad thing is we had duck and cover drills for the atomic bomb left over from the 50’s As i was in school in the 60’s That morphed into drills for tornados Kids today instead of duck and cover Its active shooter drills Thats all to real for them to understand

      • Tam

        Dan, I agree with you. I recall so many stories from my great grandma, my grandparents, parents, my experiences, and now what these kids face. It is all just sad times for sure…..Feel like everytime I watch the news it’s a duck and cover situation…..

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  28. hogwild

    Back from IT was really hoping Cliff could win that HOH pretty much no doubt Cliff and Tommy will be the noms they just can’t let Tommy win that veto if the noms stay the same I can’t see Jackson backstabbing Cliff at this point that would be really bad jury management.

  29. Houseguest Doug

    Well well well look at that Jackson just guaranteed himself a spot in the final four and so did Holly. My guess is Tommy and Cliff will be on the block or Tommy and Nicole take your pick and as long as Tommy doesn’t win POV he will be waltzing out the door.

    Jackson only needs to win the next POV next week to be in the top 3 and we will see who he is seated next to. Funny how the tables of turned.

    What a lucky run it has been for Jackson.

  30. Houseguest Doug

    This is the way I would play it out. Jackson pulls Cliff and Nicole into the room and says. “Tommy is the target I am putting him up. Now I have to fill two seats which one of you wishes to sit next to him? I will let you two talk it out and come back to me with your decision. Keep in mind we have to make sure one of the 4 of us wins the POV or Tommy will pull himself off the block then I am left with you two in the hot seats. Or the other option is I put you two up and we backdoor Tommy but again one of the 4 of us has to win POV or the plan is moot.

    • Avatar

      … or

      Jackson pulls HOLLY into the room and says. “Tommy is the target I am putting him up. Now I have to fill A SEAT SO YOU WILL sit next to him.”

      • Tam

        Yes!!!!!! She wants to feel the full BB experience. Give it to her!!!!!!

      • Avatar

        That will never ever never ever happen and to think that it will is stupidity on a galactic scale.

        Jackson has to sit next to Holly or Nicole in the final. Cliff would get votes. Tommy would get votes.

        Nicole will not get votes because no one in that jury house will admit that she played a better game by floating. And, they would be correct.

      • nancy

        MyCents2 and Tam: “stupidity on a galactic scale”! That’s quite an accomplishment!

      • Tam

        lol, nancy…..i guess….i am doing good to be here on earth 😉

      • Robin

        Too funny, been waiting to see which one of the Jolly twins turned on the other first. They have already CYA with the fights and plausible reasons to jump ship.

  31. Tam

    Daydream…….I would love if JJ told Nicole that he was going to share his HOH room with her for a few nights. HB would flip her lid.

  32. hogwild

    This is how i see the votes possibly going for Jackson if he is in F2 with Holly and assuming he does not backstab Cliff or Nicole these I see voting against Jackson Christie, Jessica, Kat, Sis Tommy is a wildcard for me if he is in the jury. For Jackson, Jack and Nick If Jackson keeps his final four word to Cliff and Nicole I see both of them voting for him if they still end up in jury Tommy wins veto and he has no choice but to vote one of them out I think they will both vote for him if he has the chance to take Tommy out and instead goes after Cliff or Nicole I have no idea which way the their votes would go then as I said in my last post that would be pretty bad jury management.

  33. Tam

    Awwhhhh, JJ, did offer Nugget the room. So proud of him. Now just Hazmat the room! It’s these moments that are just wonderful to see. So sweet….

  34. Tam

    Cliff is just sitting there and hasn’t said a word hardly. That makes me sad to see him that way. I don’t like seeing people left out or not feeling included. Hopefully, he is just pondering things and not feeling that way. Hugggs, Cliff……

  35. Mary

    Holly would never let Jackson give up that HOH room. She would a bigger fit than she has before. Didn’t he just offer Nicole that bandana that is on Holly’s head? Holly ” Oh I love that color, took it and put it on. “

    • Tam

      Mary, you caught that, too…….She is beyond predictable at this point despite pretending when JJ offered. Saw right through the BS…..So much for playing her own game….Pffff that was the biggest crock

  36. Mary

    * She would have a bigger fit than she has before *

  37. Avatar

    So which one will reveal their dirty little secret first Crusty The Cruise Missile in the Jury House or the Human Rocket in the BB House


  38. Ronduh

    I think Jackson’s and Nicole’s relationship is sweet. So many hateful comments about it on twitter…yes Jackson is a douche, yes he’s an asshole, yes he’s a dick but that doesn’t mean he’s like that all the time and he can be a genuine person. I personally think he’s done some growing up in the house but it doesn’t mean he’s all of a sudden a swell guy. I still don’t particularly care for him but honestly Holly is just as big of a douche and instead of trying to fix that for national tv she’s just in denial. I would love for her to go next somehow on his hoh how awesome would that be?!

    • Tam

      Yes, ma’am, Ronduh, agree.

    • ShoeLover

      Yes, Jackson us a mama’s boy, immature and his actions in the house have been pretty ruthless, but. .. what I have noticed is being around Nicole more and having Cliff point out what a sweet innocent young lady she is has helped him maybe realize the total douchebag is not all he is capable of. Just like last night when Nicole apologized and worried she might have offended him by calling him *JJ*, mean. JJ immediately interrupted her and told her it’s cool, and she could never offend him. He adored her as his big sister and that’s what big sisters are suppose to do. Plus her values are truly important to her and you can tell he completely understands and honors that. Respectfully and hopefully not for the cameras. He still has a lot of growing up to do and maybe moving away from mama is a good thing. Anyhoos, that’s how I see it!! Sometimes the good rubs off in some pretty solid ways.

    • danmtruth

      People need to remember they are still young and have not been out in the world that long Holly has so she does not that many excuses

      • Tam

        That is truth, Dan.

      • ShoeLover

        Exactly Dan!!! Some mature faster than others and Nicole and Jackson are the perfect example!!! Both 24 and she is aware of her surroundings while Jackson still has a lot of impulsive tendencies. Anyhoos, Nicole is good for him and it shows!!!

      • hogwild

        No kidding dan I went to the top of the page and checked the profiles of Holly and Nicole Holly 31 Nicole 24 yet the maturity difference between them is night and day.

    • mm22

      I still think Jackson was influenced earlier by others (jack) which made him look worse
      than he is-I still am not a fan of Jackson but I think some people bring out the crappy
      in others. I think Jackson has a tendency to partner up with bad influences (hollybeth)
      and it just brings them down to their level. Now having said that “Jackson break
      free from that crazy *bleep* before she ruins the rest of your life”!

  39. Kari

    Okay Jackson seems to… Keyword seems… to have changed a lot the last few weeks. I feel like we’re seeing more real emotion from him? If he’s not he’s one hell of an actor. He did seem genuinely happy for Nicole’s win last night. I thought it was cute that he picked her up and spun her around.

    but obviously there’s very few people left to nominate. Holly is so damn insecure and I don’t get it against Nicole of all people but she’s hates anybody else he’s friends with. Do you think she could talk him into dominating Nicole?

    • Kari

      DAMN THIS TABLET!!!!! I don’t know what happened because I don’t recall hitting the send button.

      Anyway I was trying to edit the word dominating, LOL to nominating. Do you think whole they can talk Jackson into nominating Nicole with what seems to be a genuine friendship between them?

      I’d rather see Cliff and Tommy.. with Cliff up as a pawn. I just don’t want to see anybody when the power of veto because I want Tommy gone now. We can’t hope that Jackson will nominate Holly so that’s the only other real choice in my opinion.

      • Ronduh

        If anything I would think Jackson would take Nicole and Holly to final three if he’s in a position to do that but then again BB is so unpredictable especially with production interference this year. It’s hard to tell but I would hope he isn’t stupid enough to listen to Holly if she suggests it.

      • Robin

        I’m thinking she may want Tommy in place of any of the other two.

      • Helen

        She does…She and Jackson were talking one night not long ago…she prefers Tommy..
        Jackson prefers Cliff

  40. goldie

    I feel, to some degree, Tommy has gotten a bad wrap. He is very sensitive and emotional and that sometimes comes across as phony. I believe it was is due to his background in the theatre. He has grown up un the theatre, and I’m talking New York big time. Even in my smaller southern city theatre folks are different. I don’t mean that in a bad way. My mother, daughter, and now my grandson have all done lots of local theatre. Last summer I told my grandson he could only use the word amazing once per day! I’m just saying I know where Tommy is coming from and I think he is a really good person, but can also be obnoxious at times.

    • Ronduh

      Tommy reminds me a lot of my son so he never seemed that annoying to me because I felt a weird connection. My son is gay, early 30’s, and lives in LA. He can be very expressive in the way he talks and acts but that’s just part of his personality. It’s so easy for us to judge and make fun of people on BB myself included but I try to remind myself these people are somebody’s brother, sister, mother, father, wife, husband, friend etc. With that being said…some of these people are just idiots! Lol

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Goldie, I respectfully disagree. I was a theatre major in college and there are definitely “different” people drawn to this art. TT however, is not of that ilk in my opinion. I don’t believe that he has had one genuine moment or emotion in the house until last night when he felt fear for himself. I would rather deal with someone like JJ who may act like an ass sometimes but what you see is what you get. TT can never have enough attention and will do anything to get it. Of course, this is just my opinion and I respect yours. 🙂 I’m glad somebody likes him so I don’t feel so guilty.

      • goldie

        Pablo, I see your point. I don’t think I particularly like him, just trying to understand his over the top actions.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        I get it Goldie 🙂 It seems ever season there is one player that drives me nuts. Last year was Hailey and in the grand scheme, she was fairly harmless but just got under my skin.

      • Avatar

        I totally agree!!!
        I like Tommy but IMO he has been too much to watch. Last night he seemed “real” to me.

      • mm22

        .* I don’t believe that he has had one genuine moment or emotion in the house until last night when he felt fear for himself* pablo I thought the same thing!

    • danmtruth

      Goldie ,Pablo, and Ronduh nice discussion After i read Goldie’s post i wanted to answer Ronduh did a good job of pointing out that it is not gay bashing or just profiling Than pablo did a good job of explaining that as a theater major he has seen all types So its just how he acts phony in the house is his choice not just a personality thing It also must be pointed out TT underdtood what he was cast to do and be He filled that need You see it offen with him like thd other night as he was acting like Nicoles best friend Saying how he wish they could have talk like this earlier in the game He was the one who chose not to talk to a bottomfeeder like her Now that he needs her he wont keave her side They started to mskeup a silly song all laughs and having a good time Every time she said something TT could not stop laughing When nicole had to go to the DR TT just deflated like a balloon he sat all glum and silent That is Tommy

    • Mel

      I agree….mostly. He encouraged some of the bad behavior in the beginning and participated in it. After the week everyone turned on Nicole, I haven’t seen him behave that way. Since he’s someone who has ALL the feelings ALL the time, he’s annoying to watch 24/7. Selfishly, I always take a dislike to any of them who are screamers because I’m wearing headphones most of the time. That’s really about all he does that I truly dislike. I was immediately against both Christie and Tommy (fair or not) because they came in knowing each other. I can’t root for someone with that kind of an advantage. He’s said himself, he didn’t have to do anything the first half of the game. The theatrical stuff wouldn’t bug me if he ever came off as sincere. I suppose if the hgs can’t see through it, more power to him tho.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        “The theatrical stuff wouldn’t bug me if he ever came off as sincere. ”

        Bingo! You nailed why I dislike TT in one sentence. I love theatrical, don’t love insincere.

  41. hogwild

    Still not huge Jackson fan compared to Cliff and Nicole and he does still have the occasional blockhead/jackass moment but he really did turn his game around especially after Jack was sent to jury I feel Jack was a bad influence on him and the bad moments he has now seem to be due mostly to Holly influence when he doesn’t have them in his head he seems to be a pretty decent guy. I won’t feel nearly as bad if he pulls off the win as would have a month ago he would still be my third choice behind cliff or Nicole but i would take him winning over Tommy or Holly.

    • Helen

      I personally think he will lose to Holly in F2…Holly votes: Kat,Sis,Jessica,Christie and Tommy
      Jackson: Cliff,Nicole,(she may decide to stick with the girls,idk),Nick and Jack(he may switch once Jackson takes out Tommy)…

      • hogwild

        We are pretty much in sync on the possible Jackson/Holly votes Helen though I think Nicole will vote Jackson as long as he doesn’t blindside Cliff this week Tommy is who I see as the wildcard I feel like he would vote for Jackson but I can see Christie swinging him the other way.

      • Helen

        Holly and Tommy have always been pretty close..closer than Jackson and Tommy…but yeah, I guess he could flip it to Jackson…idk…

      • hogwild

        I think it’s going to be a close vote no matter who the F2 are.

    • Mel

      I still can’t stand Jackson. I won’t be miserable if he wins but I can live with anyone left winning now that Jess and Sis are out. They’ve all done things to be where they are. It won’t be one of the best winners but won’t be the worst either.

      I still think the only likable thing about Jackson IS Nicole. Lol

      • mm22

        I can’t think of one thing hollybeth has done to deserve the money-I do not
        like her at all so maybe it’s just me and I can’t see any positive things
        she has done

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        Me either MM. She doesn’t get under my skin like she does to others, but she is more of a nonevent IMO. I would not like to see her win, but I don’t care when/if she leaves.

  42. Tam

    Hog, I agree with you. He has his moments, he has been so much better since Jack left. Tommy even pointed it out when they were talking up in the HNR. He was spot on with his assessments and I think it really opened up another perspective view for him. I am just really hoping that Nicole or Cliff pull this off. It’s going to be interesting. Now if the computer would just quit freezing up and screen rolling… Life could be a dream…….

  43. Robin

    It occurred to me today that Jackson was on some pretty heavy duty medications when he came in the house. I’m wondering if some of the improvements are a result of adjustment or getting over withdrawal.

    • Ronduh

      That could very well be! I forgot about that. Maybe some of the DR sessions were therapeutic as well? A lot of meds need a weaning off period and it can definitely affect your personality. I have personally experienced that in the past.

    • Tam

      Robin, Ronduh….I agree and understand that completely.

    • hogwild

      That is very very possible of course I can be an asshole at times and I’m not on any medication my assholeness comes naturally.

      • Ronduh

        We can all be assholes at times! Especially in my old age…no more f*cks to give lol Sometimes I’m an asshole and I realize it but just can’t help myself! I couldn’t imagine being locked up with a bunch of strangers for 3 months with cameras rolling. People would hate me too!

      • Tam

        Ronduh and Hog, Right there with y’all…..I don’t think that they could medicate the natural born smartass out of me. Plus, I am like Cliff, I need to know what is going on with the world. Nice to participate here but couldn’t live in that house. The chorus to DMX’s “Y’all going to make me lose my mind” while Enya’s “Sail Away” plays at the same time comes to my mind…..

      • hogwild

        If I was ever in that house this would be what I would need a ticket for.

      • Robin

        Lol Hog, you and your asshole are a hoot!

    • jennyc

      i dont understand why BB would take people off medications. i could understand vetting them with their doctor but to disallow meds is not healthy! couldnt they dispense them in the diary room every morning to avoid whatever kind of abuse they seem suspicious of?

      • Ronduh

        I think they did that with Sam last year? I’m pretty sure she would get her meds in the DR room everyday. Maybe they didn’t realize Jackson was doing that.

      • Robin

        I think the problem is the refills and BB liability for the actions of people that could be unstable. Some scripts require monthly evaluation and oversight by a psychiatrist. Think about the law suits if there was a physical fight! I mean if they knowing put someone with a serious psychiatric problem in the middle of a social experiment.

      • Mel

        They weren’t legal based on his convos with Tommy and Jack.

    • danmtruth

      Good point Robin

  44. hogwild

    I know this has been talked about on the last thread but I have to say it again I was really impressed with Cliff for throwing that comp to Nicole Nicole did a great job but Cliff could have won that if he wanted to. I don’t think Nicole has any idea he did it she was totally focused on what she was doing and Cliff has not even said anything about it Cliff showed that he is a winner no matter where he finishes in the game.

  45. g8trgirl

    I am alive. Was sick for a while and as I started to get better, we evacuated as we’re only 7 miles from the beach. We is my mom, two cats and a dog. A site to see walking into to an nice, fu-fu, expensive, only place available hotel. But, we had to leave there as they could only keep us for a few days (who knew they were going to be like David and get booted so quickly). We then found ourselves in a 1 bedroom air B&B. Small, but spacious…and…no TV. Oy vey! Finally made it home yesterday in time for the DE. How nice it was to see all that on my first night home!
    As much as I want Cliff/Nicole to win the whole she-bang, I don’t see it happening. Sadly, it’s Jackson’s to lose.

  46. Mary

    Glad you’re home safe and sound too.

  47. Mary

    Was out for awhile, are they having the nomination ceremony now?

  48. Tam

    Yes, ma’am, Mary. Precious animals are on the screens……

  49. Robin

    Cliff and Tommy on the block!

  50. hogwild

    Feeds back Cliff, Tommy noms no surprise anyone but Tommy win that veto.

  51. Helen

    I will give this season credit for steering away from the “backdoor”…
    Everyone is being given the chance to save themselves…

    • hogwild

      Yep and if Tommy wins that veto and we lose Cliff or Nicole you just got to tip your hat toTommy and give him credit for doing what he had to do. I think this comp could favor Jackson or Nicole they can both stay calm and focused Cliff has the focus but his age will hurt him here Holly has not shown she is good at mental comps and part of this will be mental and I get the sense the pressure might get to Tommy as he knows the only one saving him is him.

    • danmtruth

      All except Ovi the first one evicted Never got a chance to use his power
      Tommy has been studying the memory wall the past 3 days intensely Even before that he would look It is BBcomics so we will see

  52. Mary

    Just re-watched last nights episode- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blCz6aa7pAE

    Noticed Cliff coughing and last night and today he wasn’t feeling so well. Of course he isn’t milking it like Miss Wyoming, though wonder if her interacting with the other house guests may have spread a virus around.

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