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Big Brother 21 – Friday Night Fun

Good evening, everyone!


Let’s give you a quick recap of the day, and it will be quick because not a lot has happened since eviction…

Tommy won HoH as we all watched and the field trip competition was today. This meant the feeds were down for a large majority of the day while that played out. Christie, Sis, and Jackson were chosen to play and this is how it turned out:

  • Jackson – Safety
  • Analyse – Chicken suit for a week
  • Christie – 3rd Nominee

This threw a major wrench in the plans for the week as Tommy thought it was going to be a pretty easy time to get rid of Kat. Now he’s in the position where he could not only lose another number, but the closest ally in the house – on his HoH!


That’s basically it for what happened.  Feeds just returned, so let’s jump right in…

6:30 pm – As expected, Tommy nominated Cliff and Kat.  Kat is alone in the boat room crying

Christie nominates Cliff and Kat – both stay
Tommy nominates Cliff and Kat – both stay?  We’ll find out Thursday.


7:00 pm – Christie crying again. She says it’s not fair that she’s on the block.

I don’t know if I want Christie gone quite yet. She’s good for the feeds. I wouldn’t mind Cliff leaving

Now people are off scattered around sulking about the noms

10:00 pm – Been off and on the last few hours as there isn’t a whole lot to report


Nick has been really pressuring Nicole to join up with him and thinks he has a way for them to make the final 4. Jackson and Holly are also considering siding with Nicole which suddenly makes the ‘outsiders’ very popular. They went from complete underdogs to lowkey power players these last few weeks and now we have both sides of the house trying to pull them into their alliances. I wonder if Nicole will think of the time she was locked out of the HOH room when she decides her final path (which should be remaining with Jess and Cliff until Kat flips).

I’m going to head to bed now as Mel is busy this weekend so I’ll try to get some form of recap up in the morning. It won’t be as good as hers, but I’ll do my best!


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  1. hogwild

    Would love to see Jackson win POV and take either Cliff or Kat down Christie reaction be like.

  2. MartyMar

    It all comes down to POV. CC, TT, or Sis would need to win POV for CC to stay. But I think the ‘other side’ has as good a shot of winning: Cliff is great with puzzle / eye-coordination and brain games and would be my pick; otherwise, if JJ or Jess get picked, JJ is physical, Jess is mental; others may also have their hidden strengths. I’m stoked about this week; either way, it will be interesting…

  3. ColeeRenee

    I’m not sure how the rules go, but what if Tommy won POV…could or would he be able to take Christie off the block?

    • Colby

      Sounds like it.

    • ColeeRenee

      I am personally ready for Christie to go! Lol

      • Colby

        Me too. Then Nick, JJ, and Tommy, in any order.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I wanted CC to go until I heard Nick, Kat and Holly talking on the Feeds tonight. Nick was bragging to TT, WoA and CC in the HOH about he had Nicole under his control and he told her that if she didn’t vote with them he couldn’t protect her anymore. Then he got revved up and used the “F” word about a 100 times talking about Jess. He said he was going to bury her and that he wasn’t going to let any of those losers downstairs send him home. He said he was going to go downstairs and be fake with those fake b*tches. He said he pretty much hated them all. He only like Nicole a little better than the rest. He said he was going to win the Veto then win one of the HOH’s then bury them. CC said she was going to go downstairs and pretend to like them. She told them how every time she talked to them she fake cried.

        Kat and Holly were talking in the Target room and talking about getting rid of Nicole.

        I now want Nick gone more than anyone, then Kat, then CC. Don’t get me wrong, they are all piece of sh*t, but Nick was almost vile when he was talking about Jess and Nicole in the HOH.


      • HappyHippo

        Wow NK! That nick is a lil sob!

      • Vikki T

        I heard parts of Nicks convo with Nicole and it was disgusting. Long been wanting him to go as he is just sleezy and slimy.

  4. Alda

    I hope Nick doesn’t get picked for POV.He might get picked for houseguest’s choice.He swears he would take Christie down.he is just so all over the place.

  5. Mr. Beardo

    Bwahahaha! Poor Cryin Christie is going to manifest herself right into the jury house next to Aquadick. On her ex stepnephew’s HoH too. Priceless. Thanks America!

  6. Alda

    Sis doesn’t want Kat to go to jury next.LOL.She knows Jack and Kat would hook up.So in other words,for Jack to stay faithful to Sis I guess she’ll have to make sure he is never alone with any women.

    • Colby

      Yesterday Sis told JJ and Holly that Jack told her to hook back up with them and not to trust Christie and Tommy. They were onto the Christie and Tommie connection after the blow up.
      But since Tommy is HOH she probably won’t cross him.

  7. hogwild

    Cliff might not be entertaining on the feeds but I will take him over Christies fake crying and over the top theatrics any day of the week.

  8. ColeeRenee

    Out of all the people in the house…who do you like? I’m having a hard time finding a person this season worth winning! And who is your favorites from past seasons? Mine is Derrick Levasseur. I love his show on ID network Breaking Homicide! Lol

    • hogwild

      I like Cliff and Nicole they have been on the bottom pretty much the whole season but stayed strong and didn’t fold up Jessica truly impressed me with her HOH week she turned what was one of the worst seasons I have seen into a real game. My past favs Jessica and Cody for getting the last laugh on all the A-Holes in their season who trashed them and mocked them by winning the Amazing Race getting married and having their first child. To quote from a movie I liked paybacks a bitch and her stripper name karma.

      • Colby

        I agree, except it was Sam that caused the blow up that gave us a real game, and then Jess put the cherry on top.

      • ColeeRenee

        I missed that season of Amazing Race….now I wish I would have watched it to see that! Lol

      • MartyMar

        Hog and Colby – so true… Sam caused the blow up, which led to the best episode of the season (which aired Sunday after he left), and Jess followed through with the big win, the nom choice, and the POV follow through. Seriously, this episode was like watching beige paint dry until last Sunday. (And now you have me posting on this site, that I was mainly always just a passive fan of…)

        Actually, step back, Sam let the kerosene leak just a little, it was really Jack’s going to CC that caused the blow up. Had Jack not turned on JJ so quickly, there was a very real chance that Sam’s comments would not have caused the 6 to be 3 (or 4 with Nick). And it was Jess’s HOH, noms, and POV that made the rest of the week so satisfying…

      • hogwild

        True Sam set it all in motion and if he had not got voted out he would be on that list as well but Jessica took it over the finish line not something I’m sure Kat, Cliff,Nick or Nicole would have done if they had been HOH that week.

      • Avatar

        Thumbs up Hog.

      • Mello_One

        I’m gonna Co-sign that Hogwild. I like Nicole, & Cliff, but I always pull for the underdogs.

    • danmtruth

      I think it is easy to get behind Cliff and nicole Cliff has been battling since he battle back from the first banishment

    • Alda

      I like Cliff the most.Derrick was my fav of the past.

  9. MartyMar

    Hey all, how do I get my beautiful doggy profile pic uploaded? I see it in my profile, but not in the threads…

  10. Cat Lady

    I hope Christie goes..I can’t stand her and Cliff is a good guy. I’m rooting for a old person to make it to the end.

    • ColeeRenee

      If the noms stay the same…..I am positive that Christie will be the one packing her bags. I think it would be funny if Tommy won the POV and kept the noms the same.

      • danmtruth

        Dont see that happens Tommy needs her just fir the numbers

      • ColeeRenee

        Tommy will soon find out that Christie is not good for his game. America voted for her for the field trip….certainly he has enough brains in his head that this vote from America was for the most unliked people….and I’m sure his aunt wants him to find his own game and quit riding on cry baby christie’s shirt-tail.

    • ColeeRenee

      I’m always rooting for the good old guys like Cliff….us old people need to stick together! In the BB world…I’m sure 48 is considered old, but I’m cool old! Hahahaha!

    • hogwild

      I like Cliff because he is actually playing the game unlike Kevin from season 19 who I liked as person but he just let Paul and his minons carry him to the final four and then dump him. No matter how far Cliff goes you know he’s going down fighting I respect that.

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  12. MartyMar

    Haha, I love the random (or intentional non-sensical) thumbs down hits I’m getting. Hide you coward!!! J/k, I don’t need you coming after me… enough violence and crazy as it is…

    • hogwild

      Yeah that’s our board thumbs down lurker they even thumb down my Chrisite OTB happy dance gifs and videos on the previous thread. What type of person would thum down this?

      • KelBel

        Thumbsy thumbed me down for telling you “thanks”, Hog. I noticed Mr or Ms Thumbs has been busy tonight…. whatever floats their boat!

    • MartyMar

      Truth be, I love non-conformists. Love is too strong a word. I appreciate non-conformists. They are like the speed bumps on residential streets reminding us to slow down and not just say ‘moo’ like cattle.

      Thank you non-conformist!

    • danmtruth

      Never mind a person disagreeing with me and telling me why bur most of theses thumbs down are just for no reason Dont worry just laugh like i do

    • NKogNeeTow

      Marty, Thumby is our own personal Troll. He has long been part of the family. He’s like that cousin that nobody in the family talks about but everybody knows about. I tell everyone not to let the thumbs down bother you and don’t stop posting because of it. And just because you get one doesn’t mean someone doesn’t like you, more like they don’t agree with you. Don’t take it personally. Say what you have to say and stand behind it. 🙂

      • Nancy

        I had more thumbs down yesterday than ever before..I’m tending to think .
        Someone has a crush on me….u thumbs downer scamp..

      • Vikki T

        This is my big social media presence so I like to look at getting a thumbs down as my version of “trending”,

  13. SoftKitty

    I have to say, I love how many Cat avitars there are on BBJ!

  14. SoftKitty

    Back to game talk… I dislike CC as much as everyone, but I feel like she’s the only one strong enough to take out JJ. I’m afraid if Jackson stays in much longer, he’ll win the whole thing! If Christie is taken out this week, who is tough enough to take him out?

  15. Punkytripster2

    I am going to manifest that Christie goes out this week. Then hopefully we get a DE where we get rid of Tommy, Sis and/or Nick. Once they are all out now the girls will take out JJ. I even think Kat and Holly will vote him out. I think we might have a final four of all girls this season. Jess, Nicole, Kat and HollyBeth

  16. Avatar

    Hi everyone. Newbie here just started really watching bb this season. Subscribed to the feeds and enjoy reading all of your updates and point of views on the houseguests. What is up with NN? I find him
    VERY odd….ive seen him brushing sis hair, picking at Kats and Nicole’s toes, snuggling with TT. Not to mention the inappropriate sexual comments. He definitely creeps me out. Also does anyone know if CC is really ADs ex or was that just a rumor made up by JJ?

  17. Alda

    I want Christie out next,then Nick.I just can’t with him.

  18. Tonya

    So Christie and Nick talking in the target room. Its so messed up and not fair for her to be voted out(might) when it happened not from a HOH nom. Um..I’m pretty sure if Jackson was sitting as the 3rd nom..she’d be singing BB and America praises. She at least got a shot to save herself..can’t help it that she’s not a comp master as she self proclaims. This season has been a narcissist version of Barney and Friends.

  19. MartyMar

    I am loving watching Nick strategize with CC. Nick is essentially telling CC that if Cliff or Kat come down, TT needs to put a replacement whom the rest of the house will be okay voting out… Nick is stumbling for an answer, while CC’s brain is working: “hmmm… who would that be? (Nick)”. Nick is now definitely on my least favorite least; I don’t know how his therapy career can survive after this.

    • MartyMar

      (And now I get why so many entries have typos.. Ugh, too bad I can’t go back and edit… ‘list’, not ‘least’.)

      • Kari

        I have to use voice to text because I’m unable to see well enough to type macular degeneration. I am continually making mistakes as I’m sure that you have noticed. I really wish we had that edit button too.

  20. SoftKitty

    NK, I was trying to stay up for your BBAD recap, but am already nodding off! Hope it goes well for you tonight, I’ll read you in the morning with the coffee gang! Good night all!

  21. Kari

    I realize that Cliff is not one of the more exciting players, and people want the drama. But this year, I want the people OUT that are being jerks. So Christie would be my first choice out of these three.

    Please do not let Annalise go. I don’t like her but I don’t want to make jackass happy.

    I still am completely boggled reading people’s comments under the Facebook updates, (not inside the blog). There’s one chick that thinks Jack ruled the moon and should have won and there’s nothing you can say to her this going to make her see that he’s an evil SOB what makes certain generations so thrilled with asses?!

    • KelBel

      ha ha ha…Kari I know exactly who/what you are talking about…I tried to keep my replies to her level-headed, but inside I was screaming “moron” (among other things). but seriously….moron….

  22. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Funny or Die…

    Are Nick, CC, Waste of Air Simple Sis, Twinkle Toes Tommy the funniest things you’ve ever seen? Don’t you just die laughing listening to them?


    CC is terrified she is going home. Nick assures her she won’t because he has some info on Holly that Nicole doesn’t know about (Holly wanted to put Nicole up and send her home during her HOH). He says he’s been protecting her and will tell her that she owes him so he wants her to vote to keep CC. He says that if Cliff comes down, he will tell him that if he doesn’t vote with them he’s basically toast too. *Ahh, nothing smells as good as the aroma of fresh blackmail* He says he’s going to get picked for Veto and WIN! He says he feels it. *Where was all this intuition when he and Bella were blindsided?* CC is kind of skeptical, but TT is hopeful. WoA isn’t even sure what blackmail is so she just watches the pretty little birdies fly around in her he head.


  23. NKogNeeTow



    Uncle Cliff, Nick, Kat, and Nicole are talking about Days and the comps. Nick says he wants to play in Otev. Kat says she does too. Nicole is huddled under the covers. Nick says he’s not leaving until he wins something. *How about you win a ticket home?* Cliff says there are 4 people in the house who haven’t won something. Kat says that Kaycee didn’t win anything until the very end.

    Outside Camper:

    CC is talking to Jess. She is selling out Holly to Jess and telling her how Holly tried to get CC to use her power to f*ck Jess’s nominations. She says she has witnesses then swears on her sister’s life. *She’s sworn on just about everybody in her family. At the rate she’s going to cause the death of all of them.* CC is telling Jess how her side was determined to keep Nicole. She says but now everyone is best friends and all up each other’s asses and it’s making her sick.


    Kat wonders if they get visitors in the JH. She wants Brett to visit her there but she says she’d rather stay in the BB house.

    Boat Room:

    TT is telling JJ and Holly that he feels bad. JJ says not to because it’s a job that every HOH has to do and will only get harder every week. *True* TT says he’s most affected because of the silence but he doesn’t know what he could have done to make it better. JJ says someone had to do it. TT asks them if they get why he had to do it. He says that Cliff and Kat are the closest with and working with everybody. JJ tells him he did a good job.


  24. Ronduh

    I had to join the kitty bandwagon lol

    • Ronduh

      Crap nevermind…my picture didn’t change

      • Kari

        On the sidebar go to where he has an edit your profile story and then just a little ways down he has a highlighted area that says this should work..

        Go All the way down to the bottom of the page remove the picture you have and then click update then upload the next picture and click update again. I think if you don’t update in between the old picture doesn’t go away? I’m not really sure but that’s what I’ve been doing lately and it seems to work

      • mm22

        Ronduh that’s ok I’ve always liked that pic! -it’s nice to see the people side
        of the board n their kids/grandkids

  25. Kari

    My daughter’s cat, Mr. Pumpkin (Spiced Latte!) A rescue 2 years ago from a local no kill animal shelter l.

    3 years old and weighs 13 lbs. When he stretches out he is over two feet long tip of his tail to his head.

    Sometimes I think he belongs to me even more, because I swear he always wants to be next to me. I’m not a cat person, but for a cat, he’s not too bad. I actually think he’s part dog. When we come up the stairs to our apartment he runs to the door to greet us. If he knows we’re leaving, he starts whining..

  26. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    JJ is telling TT that with the Veto, someone has got to win it and change it or win it and leave it the same. JJ says there are a lot of tarps on the ground but it may be to protect the grass. He starts to tell TT and Holly about the bus trip. He gets a warning but keeps on talking. Apparently, it had something to do with food because he’s talking about fruit and eggs. TT tells him they were rooting for them. JJ says when he saw the chicken coop and the egg he was a bit worried because of his fat ass fingers. He said this time they didn’t use chicken wire. He said this time you had to get the egg out and roll it down a 15-foot ramp.

    Outside Camper:

    CC is telling Jess that w Kat volunteered to be a pawn because she felt comfortable that they would save her. Jess asks her if Kat/Holly(?) wanted Sam to go home or Nicole. CC tells her that Holly said that she and Sam were so close that she didn’t want her to go. CC is building up a case against Kat using Holly. They are whispering so it’s a bit hard to hear. CC then says she hates everyone and Jess laughs.


    • SoftKitty

      I always record BBAD and read your recaps first, NK. That way, I know which parts I can fast forward through. This will definitely be a fast forward part – I hate fake crying and I hate it when they whisper!

    • KelBel

      “JJ is telling TT that with the Veto, someone has got to win it and change it or win it and leave it the same.”
      —Uhhh, yeah, Jackson…that IS how it works…. duh.

      If the camping trip was eating/food related, it’s no wonder he won. No one would have stood a chance next to that human garbage disposal.

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  28. danmtruth

    CC is working hard on Jess fake craying how she is tierd of all the lies in the house
    CC is niw throwing Holly and JJ under the bus – start the tear yes one tear – How holly last week wanted CC to use her power to save Jackson But BRAVE CC stood strong – Cue the tear and snot blubber -because she gave her word to Jess that she would not disrespect jess HOH Wait ummmm Jes won the POV so it was her choi e no matter Christie had NO influence – starte panic tear and hyperventilate as she talks about how during Hollys HOH that she wanted to put nicole up and vote her out But thank god her and tommy were there to tell Holly how dumb it was Once more CC swore on her sisters life – i realy realy dont feel the CC likes her sister oh well on with the lie – how tommy and CC had to explai how wrong it would be to put nicole up If i renember Holly told jess and nicole this kast week

  29. Mary

    Nick saying he never lied to Nicole. Duh…. His HOH, I will not put you up, who was the replacement nom, and who did he want out and got blindsided by the flip. It was his HOH that they were up screaming about her.

  30. danmtruth

    This is what scares me with the CC and jess does she remember what went on during her HOH ? Where is nicole to fact check and remind Jess For some reason jess buys into Christie she is all for strong women and what Jess stands for Christie is just like jess in those 2ay strong indapendet women like her

    • Mary

      Watched Jess’s HOH questions on U tube today and one question was ‘Who do you have a crush on?’ Jess answered Christy. Personally don’t know how Christy keeps her lies straight. The truth is always the same but when you lie you have to remember what you said and to whom. CC is one big flat liar. That snake she keeps talking about is her.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yep, every time she walks in a room I hear a rattling sound.

      • KelBel

        I’m guessing she’s so great at lying because she’s had a lifetime of practice lying to everyone in the real world. If you’re a truly good person, I don’t think you could just go onto a show like this and morph into a slimy snake.

  31. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    Uncle Cliff has now joined Holly and JJ. He tells them he just wants to make sure WoA doesn’t get picked.


    Nick tells Nicole that he has to say something to her but if she repeats it he will never trust her again. He tells her that Holly wanted to put her up and send her home during her HOH and that TT and CC talked her out of it. He says he didn’t want to tell her because he didn’t know who she was close to 5 days ago. He says he knows for a fact that if she had been put up she would have gone home. Nicole says she doesn’t know who the f*ck to believe. *Definitely NOT him* Nick says, him. She says she doesn’t consider herself close to anybody. He says bullsh*t. He says he already knows what’s going to happen and that he’s going up next week. She tells him she would never put him up. He tells her to watch her back because they aren’t in her corner (Jess & Co.). She says she doesn’t know who that is. He says it’s more then she knows.

    He says that the only people he trusts is her, TT, WoA and Cliff. He says he feels good on her side but he’s skeptical about Jess because he knows she wants a girl to win. He says that JJ and Holly run the other side now and he’s scared. He says he’s going to have a proposition for her tomorrow if he wins the Veto and she’s not going to like it but she might like some of it. *Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing Nicole* He says he wants her to be his F2. He tells her that she didn’t go up this week because he protected her but can’t do it forever. She tells him that she protected him from being backdoored. He tells her that he protected her when CC wanted to put her up.

    He says he’s not going to mention the proposition again until after the Veto. He says that the F2 is staring at them. He says that if CC goes this week and WoA wins HOH, what does he do?


  32. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is telling Nicole that he didn’t want to flip because of Nicole. He said that he told the other side that if Cliff decided to take the deal then he would consider if but if not, he wouldn’t and Cliff didn’t take it. He tries to convince her that he did it to protect Jess and her group. He asks her if Jess is going to put him up next week. She says no. He asks her if she’s lying. *This bastard has the NERVE!* He asks her if Kat has said anything about putting him up. She says no. *Now I’m starting to want him gone more than CC*

    He just keeps talking, and talking, and talking. He asks her how Cliff knew something. She says she doesn’t know, she was ironing. He says then he was probably eavesdropping. Nick tries to convince her she’s on JJ and Holly’s pecking order. She says she knows she’s on the lowest on their totem pole because she has no power.


  33. danmtruth

    Again do my eyes deceive Last week during Jass HOH were nicole and jess sitting up by the headboard Holly at the foot of the bed kat off to the side Did holly NOT say she talked about putting Nicole up during her HOH but decide against it Did that not happen
    Now CC told Jess she will never lie to her Well except if its like something small game related , , WHAT ? ?

  34. Avatar

    CC is saying she only speaks the truth (which is a lie). I’m curious to know what you all think. Do you think she actually believes her own lies? Or is she just a good liar?

    What are the other houseguests going to think about her and Timmy when they find out that they’ve known each other for 7 years? It’s so hypocritical that the Holly/Kat/Jackson thing is what Tommy and Christie use as an argument against them, but they both know that they themselves are the ones who truly know each other!

    • danmtruth

      Thats what makes her such a good liar She truly believes what she is saying Like do they notice half the time she is crying no tears are coming Or how quickly she gkes from crying to talking like nothing happened But Christie is good with reinforcing how there is no reason to not trust her how other peoe are the ones always lying

    • Avatar

      I said before & I still say cc is just a natural born lier

  35. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Camper:

    Jess is telling CC she thought Jack was a big threat to her game because he didn’t give 2 f*cks about her and JJ did, more so than Jack. CC says she gets it. Uncle Cliff comes in and tells them the food is ready. CC says they should go get some food instead of laying in the bed like lepers. Cliff says they are missing nothing because everyone is sleeping in different rooms and it’s only 9:45. Cliff leaves and CC tells Jess that she feels emotionally beat. She says she understands what Jess was saying and that her big strong target shield is no longer there but that’s the game. Jess says that’s the game but at the same time, she feels like CC has made strong enough relationships in the house so that she isn’t getting f*cked over. CC tells her she hopes she’s right and they shall see. TT comes in to tell them that dinner is ready. Jess says that she’s not as good with the puzzles. CC tells her that if she ever has any questions she can depend on her for all the help she needs and she will always give Jess 100% and she can trust her and that she’ll never lie to her. CC says obviously you have to lie sometimes. Jess says you do and you have to do it sometimes.


    Everyone is standing around eating mainly in silence. Cliff thanks TT for cooking. They notice that WoA has been in the DR over an hour. Cliff tells TT that by this time tomorrow, no rocket. Everyone says they’re tired.

    Outside Camper:

    Jess and CC have finished their talk, hug, and head for the kitchen.


    Jess and CC tell TT that dinner looks amazing.


  36. Sherrilea

    ugh. I really hope Jess is not buying what Crusty Chompers is selling but I’m afraid she is. Damn.
    ot: thanks for the info on how to load an avatar. mines of my 2 new kittens. Zulu and Luna. we adopted them 2 weeks ago.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    BACK: *Another delay, had to restart this POS but I did write everything down.*


    TT is telling Nicole he does feel good with Kat and she’s good with everybody and maybe someone will take her off. Nicole says she understands but she doesn’t see why people say it’s not personal, it is but it’s a game. He says what he’s most afraid of this week is people conspiring behind his back and pulling a fast on Veto wise and he’d rather just know. He said he told her he heard rumors that Kat didn’t know she was going up. He said he told her it was an option. Nicole said, “So she did know?” He says yes. Nicole says just to see how the Veto goes. they say it’s scary. He says he’s glad that he’s not in CC’s position instead of his because he could have been. He said he would have been heartbroken if WoA had gone up because she just lost Jack. He said they are Nick’s Posse and he trusts him and he’s got a good heart. She says she just wants to win something. He says she will and it’s going to feel amazing. They tell each other they love each other. They tell each other they are good people.


    • SoftKitty

      NK, I do a lot of writing in my line of work… And one trick I use, is I type everything into a Word document first. Then I edit and correct spelling… Then I copy/paste everything into my form. That way, if we have a power surge, or something… My original narrative is saved.

  38. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole in bed listening to music.


    Kat washing dishes. Jess sitting on the oddly placed sofa. No one is talking.


    WoA is hiding next to the SR door trying to scare JJ but it didn’t work. She goes into the target room and messes with Nick. He tells her about the convo with Nicole. He tells her she has to be careful. She asks if Cliff heard him. He says no. He goes through the entire convo and says he asks Nicole where she stands because Cliff can’t protect her and who’s going to take her to the F2. He said he told her how they protected her next week. This is another tedious story, long and pointless. WoA is listening intently. Nick tells her that Kat just can’t win. He says he made sure he implied that if she won the Veto she wouldn’t use it. He says that Cliff is with them and they can take out JJ. WoA says she’s scared of Jess.


  39. NKogNeeTow



    Nick and WoA still whispering. They think Jess might win again next week. WoA asks what if Cliff wins. Nick says then they will tell him if he wants to stay in the game they have to work with them or he’s going home. Nick says they just need to win the Veto this week. She says she’s going to take a shower upstairs. He asks her if she’s sleeping up there. She says yes. He says he was invited up there too. She says it will be like a slumber party. She says she can sleep in the middle. She leaves.

    Cliff comes in and says he’s going to bed. Nick says he told TT that if he wins the Veto he’s using it on Cliff. Cliff thanks him for it. Nick says if there is a HG choice Cliff can pick him. Cliff says he’s not even going to bring it up to TT until tomorrow and tells Nick he’d love to have him in his corner.


    Nicole is laying in bed listening to music. Jess is sitting on the side of the bed talking to TT in that voice that sounds like a nasal buzz saw.


  40. NKogNeeTow



    Uncle Cliff is asking TT how it feels to sleep up there. He says he slept up there once with Jack but when it’s your room it feels different. Jess said that when she had the room she kept her girls up there with her because she didn’t like sleeping up there alone. Cliff says that when he had the room he loved that he could come up there and get in the big bed by himself and sleep alone.

    TT asks Cliff and Jess if they have any HOH tips for him. Cliff tells him the hardest part has already been done so just enjoy his time up there and to enjoy his pictures. Cliff tells TT he has a nice looking family. They look over the pictures and Cliff asks him what would his 16-year-old self had thought about where he is now. TT says he wouldn’t have believed it. Cliff tells him that when he was 16 (TT), that was Evil Dick’s season. *There are a whole lot of evil dicks in that house, both male and female.* TT says he wasn’t watching back then but has since gone back and watched seasons 6, 7, 9, 14, 15.

    Cliff says he watched season 1 then didn’t watch anymore until 8 then he and his wife picked up from season 16. They discuss their favorite seasons. They liked the season with Davonne and they both say they loved her. Cliff says it would be hard to come back for another season. TT says it would be living in stress. He says that when he leaves if you come back you understand the game more. Cliff said if he came back he thinks he would be different because he would know more. He said he certainly wouldn’t talk in the boathouse anymore. TT says he thinks if he came back he’d be exactly the same.

    WoA comes out of the shower and thanks TT for letting her use it. He tells her that Nick was going to sleep up there but does he think Nick would mind if they asked CC to sleep up there instead. She says it’s fine with her. Jess hasn’t said a word and Nicole is still listening to music but I hope they are taking note of this exchange.


  41. danmtruth

    Nick sees himself as rhe new jack He is the deal maker He tels Sis they are going to make a new 6 – they are stuck on that number – of nick sis CC TT nicole Cliff So sorry jess another alliance your left out of for some reason Nick does want to win the veto to take Christie down Even tho he just told cliff if he has HG chose to choose hime as nick ok it with tommy if he won he can pull cliff off Thats a lie So he pulls Christie off is a hero to sis not sure how this helps with his 6 person alliance but sis wants CC safe and Kat gone so nick is off to make this happen

  42. NKogNeeTow



    Jess is talking about CC crying. *Phantom tears doesn’t count.* Cliff makes a noise in the bathroom and it startles TT and he asks him if he’s alright. Nicole asks if there was a noise and they tell her about Cliff. Nicole is listening to Eminem and 50 Cents. TT gets his call to duty and goes in the bathroom to suit up. Cliff is in the shower. Jess tells TT that she’s going downstairs but while he’s in the bathroom, she’s standing off to the side mouthing something to Nicole. TT comes out of the bathroom and hugs her and leaves. Nicole tells him she’s going to leave soon and he says whatever she wants, and continues getting dressed. He says “Let’s get this over with” then leaves.

    TT sprints downstairs to the SR for his equipment. It’s the speed of light this time. And he’s off! He goes into the target room where Nick is reading the Bible. *I swear I’m just waiting for that poor Bible to spontaneously burst into flames.* He’s now upstairs and runs into the HOH and Nicole claps. He’s done and back in the SR, thenn back to the target room looking for Nick who is now in the kitchen.

    TT runs into JJ in the target room and tells him that he’s so happy he won. JJ says the BB gods were looking out for him and gave him a little blessing. He asks TT how he’s doing. TT says it’s hard. JJ says HOH is great fro the perks but the cons are tough. TT tells him they’ll just see what happens this week. JJ says that whatever happens, happens and that at the end of the day, they came there for themselves, by themselves but either way this week they are safe. JJ says he feels that next week will be DE.


  43. NKogNeeTow



    TT is telling Nick that he wants CC to sleep upstairs tonight. He says that she’s going to help him with a few things. JJ comes in, then Holly. TT tells Holly that he’s glad they are all sleeping in the room together. WoA is sitting on a bed whining about how she misses Jack. She says she hopes there is a battle back so she can get to see him again. Nick does not look pleased. CC is coming in the door and Nick whispers something to TT. TT tells him that if he wants to come up and hang for a while it’s ok.

    CC comes in and TT tells her that he wants her to be in a good headspace so if she wants to come up and sleep it’s okay. She says maybe she will and maybe she won’t. He invites the others to come up and hang out for a bit if they want to. On his way up the stairs, WoA jumps on his back and as he’s carrying her up the stairs he gets a warning.


    Cliff and Nicole are talking. She says she’s going to take a shower and she doesn’t know how she feels about everything. He tells her goodnight and leaves.


    TT, WoA, Nick, and CC are talking. CC is shoveling a big bowl of something in her mouth and talking at the same time. TT asks CC if she’s okay and says he heard some people were upset. Nick says, f*ck people. CC tells them that Jess was very upset. Nick asks why was Jess upset. CC says that Jess was talking to her very slow and she (CC) was crying a lot. She says that Jess was upset and didn’t understand why Kat was up and said there were others in the house who could have gone up. Nick asks if Jess was talking about him. CC said she didn’t say but she was implying. Nick says Jess can suck one. *Funny, I didn’t peg Nick as one to share.*


  44. NKogNeeTow



    CC and WoA are talking about Jess.


    Kat and Holly are counting votes. Kat is whispering but I can’t hear who she’s talking about. Holly asks Kat if she’s really going to jump ship (Nicole?). Kat says that Nick is trying to bring her (N) over on their side. Kat says she thinks that Nick is trying to charm whoever who is in power. Kat says that if she wins she’s putting up TT but want them to think JJ is her target. She says she thinks what TT did was cowardly and she overheard him talking to Cliff and saying he just needed to put up strong players. Kat said she was thinking “Dude, f*ck you”.

    They wonder if someone comes down who would TT put up. Kat says, Nicole or Nick. Kat says she asked TT if he was putting her up and he lied and is so fake. Holly says she’s just trying to play neutral right now. Kat says if the noms stay the same they all could still get CC out. Holly says that if she votes CC out she would be showing her cards. Kat says Nicole hates CC. Holly says that TT wants to keep the band together and is working really hard to make that happen. Kat says he told her that they definitely weren’t getting back together. Holly says she thinks he’s just trying to cover all of his bases. She says she doesn’t know what Nick is doing.

    Kat asks her if she won who would she put up. Holly says Nicole because she’s wishy-washy. Kat says Nicole is always wishy-washy and always wants to feel safe. Holly says that she’s afraid if she put up Nicole she wouldn’t want Cliff and Jess coming after her. Holly asks Kat if Nick or Nicole came over, would she work with them. She says if CC stays she would be at the bottom of the totem pole.


  45. danmtruth

    This veto will be big as so many alliance are trying to form. Mostly in nicks head He is really sure of himself and winng this veto

  46. NKogNeeTow



    WoA and CC are talking about Kat. Nick said Kat told him she would never put him up. TT says she’s told him she’s told that to everyone. CC says that Kat has thrown every HOH. WoA says that Kat told her she didn’t want to win because she doesn’t want any blood on her hands. TT gets another call to duty (speed of sound), just as Nick is telling them something about Kat. They all agree that she must go.

    TT makes his rounds and halfway through his horns start to give out and he says his hands are frozen. He runs through the house giggling every time he blows the horns.


    CC is telling them that this is a very scary HOH for TT. Nick says to trust him, he’s flipping Nicole. *She’d better not.*

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Mother’s tired now. She tried to act like a teenager last night and stay up all night and discovered she’s too old for this sh*t…lol. I’m off to try to read as much as I can from yesterday and today, then off to the Land of Nod. Sleep tight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Steve, I hope you’re feeling better.

    Mel, I hope you get your for-now home all straightened out and your cable on.

    Tonto, sleep well.

    Everyone else still up, good night.

  48. Mello_One

    Off Topic….Today I went to Wally World, aka Walmart, & I have to say that I was really apprehensive about going in, due to current events as of late. Such a horrid way to feel, imvho.

  49. NKogNeeTow


    I just saw your post from about 3 or 4 Threads back. Since Steve has broken down the threads and there are so many, I thought I would answer you here in case you didn’t go back to read my response.

    “August 9, 2019 at 12:04 am Edit
    NK, I have loved your posts for years and I have read every single one of them. I even feel as if I know you. My point was, dont throw stones in a glass house. And she went far and above doing her job, she tried to embarrass him on national tv only to advance her on political opinion. I still love you, but at least you could get my name correct…..LOL”

    I don’t think she (Julie) had a political opinion, but let’s agree to disagree. I still love you too, as I do all of you whether I agree with you, you agree with me or not. Sorry for messing up your name. I type so fast that sometimes I don’t always pay attention. But we can be BFFs too. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Thank you NK, I can always use a BBF. Im just an older gent from the south (SC) and sometimes the Hollywood elite really ruffle my feathers. I look forward to reading all of your posts in the future. And I was kidding about my name LOL. With much love.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Finally finished catching up but I just had to add one final thing before I go.

    A little while ago, Waste of Air was looking in the fish tank with Nicole and Nick. She got excited because she said they had a baby shark in the tank. Nick asked her if she was really that stupid or just pretending. She said no, and that there was a baby shark in the tank. He asked her “So you really think they would put a shark into the fish tank?” She said, “Yes, they did.” Nicole and Nick looked at it and said it was an algae eater. She asked what that meant. Nick and Nicole told her they were bottom feeders that also clung to the sides of the tank and ate the waste to keep the tank clean. She still didn’t get it.

    I’m dead. No really, I’m dead.

  51. Nancy

    Poor NK, the things you do to keep me updated, so I can fast forward thru BBAD this morning..I enjoyed your wit and my morning Mel. Which is sad..but it’s nice to start my day the NK way.

  52. Nancy

    Oh..sis didnt know what algae was, Y’all..
    And that’s not a big word..surely to God she couldn’t be serious.
    SIS, GIRL…oh forget…she saw something shiny and I lost her attention…

  53. Avatar

    Good morning Nancy..I see I’m not the only one here this early catching up on nk late extra strong this morning..not on purpose though..

  54. Nancy

    My new avatar is doing the “MANIFEST”..
    Manifesting Chompy right out the door.
    Let all dance the MANIFEST…

  55. danmtruth

    I believe Mel said that she was finishing up her move this weekend so She was not sure if she could do her update As much as i miss seeing it If its one less stress for her i gladly sacrifice one weekend update for the sake of her sanity

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