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Big Brother 21 – Friday Night Plus Nominations

Good evening, everyone!


It’s Friday night in the Big Brother house and there is still a ton of tension between Nick and Christie which may make for another week of annoying back and forth arguing.

The two had a weird argument in the HoH today based on Nick telling Holly and Jackson that he thought he was safe from Christie or she was safe from him so she was going to throw the HoH competition. When Christie found out about it, she – once again – swore on her sister that she’d never throw a competition and had Nick come up. When confronted, Nick tried to swing it like it was a misunderstanding.  The two went back and forth in a very borderline argument but never quite crossing the point of yelling before it calmed down.

Unfortunately for Nick, this was likely after his nomination was locked so if he actually did nominate Jess, he probably wished he could have changed it. And what I mean by that is Nick somehow won the Prankster competition and thanked America (in the image above). I think he thinks he is super well liked now, but the reality is, people are really upset that Christie stayed and watched him argue with her on the show last night. I’m assuming they voted for him so he would nominate Christie and if he doesn’t, yikes.


I wrote that last paragraph while the feeds were down, and I’m going to pause writing now because I had hoped they would be up by the time I got to this point, but they’re not so I can’t talk about who has been nominated… yet.

Alright, feeds back and Nick did do the preemptive strike by nominating Christie.  Christie and Nick are on the block


5:35 pm – Feeds back. Christie and Nick are nominated.


Nick heads to the bedroom and casually talks comps with Christie while Tommy is upstairs being concerned because he’s in the middle of those two

Jackson thinks it may be Nicole who got the prankster. Cliff originally said Nick but they think Nicole as well

6:15 pm – Nicole is near sleeping on one cam (being woken up at 3am for the pie thing didn’t help).

Jess comes up to the HoH room




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  1. Ronduh

    I swear…one of these assholes need to go! Every eviction night has been so disappointing IMO. (Except Jack’s) but seriously production needs to butt out. This is the first season where every single houseguest is so f*cking annoying.

  2. Helen

    Kind of a waste I think….those were going to be Holly’s noms anyway…
    As it stands today I think votes for nick to leave…Jackson,Tommy,Jess and Cliff
    For Christie to leave…Nicole..
    Even if tommy were to vote Nick to stay Jackson won’t vote against what holly wants…Jess certainly won’t vote for him and cliff will stick with his deal/word..
    Nick had a better chance putting Tommy up…cliff and Nicole probably would have been swayed to vote out Tommy over Nick…

    • Painter1

      Thing is Holly was going to use CC as a pawn but NOW the prankster put her up. As far as we know the house don’t know who the prankster is.CC is going to have another melt down.

      • oowee

        And since HollyBeth technically did not put her up as a pawn and she and JJ are realizing CC will easily go back on their deal, maybe they will correct the mistake from last week. Just need JJ, Cliff, and Nicole a se is gone. Nick can be dealt with later.

    • danmtruth

      I respectfully disagree i see Jackson realizing they made a mistake in keeping ChristieThan cliff and nicole will vote to evict christie Afraid that holly would want to get back with tommy and christie instead of him and nicole

  3. CatLover

    Oh boy. What a week this will be!

  4. Alda

    Now,all the crying will start again.Can’t we ever catch a break!

  5. AIO_7

    Bobblehead with his head back up the king and queen’s ass …


  6. Purring

    So Jess, is the only player that stuck to her guns and got out a good player, AD. Then quickly went right back into obscurity Boxhead was a wet noodle and got out such a big threat, anal lice. Production should just end this now and give CC the first place prize.

  7. AIO_7

    Win Veto Nick!

  8. Avatar

    3 times in a row on the block, it’s time to go

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  10. BBGurl

    Argh. If that scum sucking parasitic bitch skates through another eviction, I think that I may lose my shit. Cliff is an idiot if he keeps her over Nick. Jackson, too. And if they do, Goddess help me, I hope she friggin beats them. Not really, but damnit, I’m frustrated with all the bs meddling from production. ok, rant over. Blaming it on day 6 of a migraine from hell, 32 hours with no sleep, 9 days of temps from 107 – 113 degrees. I’m a cranky bitch. lol. night all. have a great weekend everyone. ~Blessed Be ~

  11. Helen

    Much as I hate even thinking or saying this I still honestly believe this is prank week and come Thursday no one will go to jury…September 5, double eviction….
    Hope I’m wrong

  12. Avatar

    So they kept cc to go after nn, but Beth is the one does it

  13. Mello_One

    I am just hoping that Nick doesn’t have a case of Diarrhea of the mouth & tell someone that he is the Prankster?! Can someone tell me, does Nick get to put up someone else OTB when he takes himself off???

  14. Avatar

    Get her out while you have the opportunity. You know she’s gonna fight like hell.

  15. Avatar

    Can someone please clarify this, please?
    Holly was to nominate 2 for eviction. Prankster hijacked 1 nominee…already? So if Holly was planning to nominate Crusty, would she get blamed for the nomination, or was the Prankster given credit? Did NN have to lock in his nomination before Holly gave her 2?

    • Purring

      They said prankster gets 1 nominee and HOH gets the other one; if one of their noms wins the veto then whoever picked the one that won the veto gets to pick the replacement. So is Crusty wins veto then Nick puts up the replacement.

    • danmtruth

      No they pulled all the HG before the noms Told them individualy about the prankster Told nick then so no one knows who the prankster is Not sure if he had to give his nom than or not
      So Holly knew she only need to make one nom Unfortunately for her last night before they knew of the twist Holly told CC that she was thinking of putting her up

  16. Mary

    As one board member said last week about Christie being on the block and going home. ” I’ll wait until Thursday, when she walking out the door”. Same goes for the final noms this week. There are pro’s to both of them going. I would like to see CC go because of my dislike for her, though I have just as many dislikes for NN as well. All I can say is I hope by tomorrow night neither CC, NN, or TT win the veto, and noms stay the same.

  17. Gerardo for AFP

    “It’s Friday night in the Big Brother house and there is still a ton of tension between Nick and Christie which may make for another week of annoying back and forth arguing.”

    Ohhhh noooo, don’t complain now Steve! You’re the one who wanted that creature Christie to stay for her alleged ability to make interesting feeds…

    Just kidding love you Steve 😉 And I’m happy now that Christie is on the block where she belongs 🙂


  18. Sunny

    Do none of them realize that Nick is the Prankster? How dumb are they? They kept Christie yesterday and now one of them as the Prankster puts her up again? Have they really not figured out it’s Nick? My apologies if this has been said before, but I’m kind of done with this season but still annoyed enough to comment every now and then, but not enough to read everything. I get too cranky if I did that!! Thanks for letting me vent! 🙂

  19. Avatar

    Apparently even Bella wants to boycott the Finale after the s**storm last night.


  20. Kari

    “Christy, the Freddy Krueger of Big Brother”


    that’s a good question though, has anyone ever been nominated this many times and yet not been kicked out?

  21. Valerie

    Why would they think it was Nicole? She told Cliff she would put up Tommy. It’s so odd they always think so poorly of her.

  22. Sassy

    FYI – The watermelon festival started tonight! Maybe JJ will self evict to go celebrate.


  23. Alda

    Would Holly put up Tommy for a replacement veto?

  24. Helen

    6:45 Nick talks with Nicole alone about his version of how things went with Christie, best possible chances for him to stay. He asks her to play for him in veto and take him down. More game talk in whispers between Nicole and Nick for several minutes

    Sad to say I think Nicole will .She would probably sell out Cliff for Nick…
    The giirl is infatuated with Nick…

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  26. Avatar

    Nick won the prankster so it’s going to stir thing up

  27. Mary

    Just hope that CBS doesn’t prank us this week, and not send someone to jury.

  28. AIO_7

    They are doing that stupid pie crap right now. I’m not even going to bother to screen-cap it to show.

  29. Avatar

    If Nick won the prankster then why is he on the block?

  30. Avatar

    I was researching the last time I remembered a non eviction week. It took me to my all-time LEAST favorite season 16. Not counting 15 of course. There it was BB16 week 11 Reset button. I apologize couldn’t get the video linked but there is a five minute YouTube of Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Caleb and the biggest waste of air on the planet Victoria arguing about the BB golden reset. Derrick and his pet were a no vote but the others wanted to press it. Starting a clock that ran out at the next eviction night. Frankie G.screwed himself. He won week 11 HOH and made his noms. Too bad cause when the clock ran out the eviction stopped, and the week reset this time Frankie didn’t win the HOH, same comp. The person he tried to evict won HOH and sent Grande home.

  31. Mary

    Nicole finally just ZINGED JJ – rogue vote

  32. Avatar

    I signed up just to leave this comment as I have no interest in posting here. I JIST wanted to say I come here every now and then to read the comments. This season does suck. So I quit watching. Here’s my comment and it won’t do anyone any good to respond as I won’t read back on here. You all talk about how vile these people are and how they are rude and so forth. Yet some of you sit back and do the same thing as you write about them. The names you have and call some of the house guest is just as childish as what they do. Some of you should really look at yourselves in the mirror and ask yourself how can you speak badly of people when you are JIST as bad as they are. Jist as they all in the house have there in little clique it’s exactly what you people are. It’s truly amazing.

    • Mary

      Welcome to Junkies Hmmm

    • Nancy

      Thank for recognizing and pointing out our “fault”… if it weren’t for you, I would never have known. Yes, u r reading this cause you are a curious person..you need to know somebody has responded..I am grateful you sign up JIST to leave one comment..now we junkies will continue to do what we do best..share strategies, share opinions, share jokes and respect each other..buh bye

      • Nancy

        Oh, please don’t forget to support Steve’s site..JIST reminding you, Hmmm

      • Mary

        Jist don’t forget we share music too Georgia Peach.

      • Nancy

        My bad ..forgot the tunes, screenshots, hogwilds memes…I just love this site..come back hog

      • hogwild

        I’m still reading Nancy see Christie is OTB again and I fear if the golden opportunity to vote her out happens again this week much like Jackson lost his balls at the last minute Holly will lose her tits or women lose at the last minute.

      • Nancy

        My day is complete..glad ur still reading hog..she’s going this time..I have a plan, if you come back I’ll share it with you..I promise, I swear on my twin sister

      • hogwild

        I have good news and bad news the bad news going to be short handed at work next week and of course that is when everyone hits us with big orders and short turn around times so I will be reading but probably won’t feel like posting much good news I’m on vacation labor day week and won’t have to deal with any of that garbag. If christie goes to jury house thsi week I will name my next dog after the person who makes it happen there is no higher honor I can bestow on someone.

    • Painter1

      People come here to share their opinions, no right or wrong just an idea they share.With all having Big Brother in common just like people who meet to talk about football,baseball,Maury. We share poke fun have a good time doing it. Its ok to not agree, everyone has an idea.

    • Avatar

      Hmmmmmmmmm, yes that’s why we watch reality t.v.

    • Kari

      Umm ok. JUST so you know apparently cared enough to make this one comment. And bs you’re not reading, LMAO..

    • AIO_7

      Don’t be fooled by Hmmm. We get a post like this every year. Probably a disgruntled Paul lover that we ran off with their tail between their legs.

      Buzz off, and good riddance.

    • Colby

      Welcome to BBJ, Hmmm.
      Of course, you will come back and read to see what impact your comment had, whether you want to admit that or not.
      All comments are welcome here as long as you are respectful to other posters, whether we agree with your opinion or not.
      The people go on the show knowing full well what they are getting into in this world of social media.
      Don’t come back if you don’t enjoy it here, but JIST know everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules..

      • danmtruth

        Never more proud to be part of a group as now when i read these responses. No foolish yelling just a laugh and move on
        Are we perfect No Do we claim to be perfect No These people sign up for this Its part of the experience We all judge each other in real life the only difference is were not PLAYING for money and in real life we are not gaving a site dedicated to critiquing us So do i feel bad NO Do i try to keep it game play yes

    • Nikki

      Does anyone else think HMMMM may be Bella?! Lol lol lol

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hmmm, that’s pretty much how I view your comment. Hmmm, you have no interest in posting here, yet you signed up JIST to leave a comment. Hmmm, you quit watching yet you felt the need to comment. Hmmm, it won’t do any good for anyone to respond because you “won’t read back here”, but if you don’t “read back”, how will you know if anyone responded or what effect your comment had, hmmm? According to you, the comments are vile, rude, and childish, yet you “come here every now and then to read them”, hmmm. You feel that we should really look at ourselves and ask how we can “speak badly of people” when we are JIST as bad as they are, hmmm. Kind of like you JIST did? Hmmm. And yes, we have our little clique JIST as they do in the house. It IS truly amazing!

      Every year a troll wanders in among us. We already have our own resident Troll named Thumby, so sorry Sweetie, that spot has already been taken. He’s ours and we’re keeping him! Now, if you’d like to stay or even come back, all are welcome here, whether we agree with their comments or not. If not, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other BB sites on the internet. Feel free to move about the country. 🙂

      I’m not going to remove your comment because the members have expressed their opinion on it, JIST as you have expressed yours.

      Oh, and by the way, WELCOME to the board! 😉

  33. KelBel

    I JIST can’t resist replying…

    Thanks, we all think we are pretty amazing too!

    If you don’t like what you read, why come on here every now and then?

    Either JJ’s mom is Hmmmm or Thumby came out of the shadows…

  34. Nancy

    Well, that was fun..now tell me please..has CC been crying or spiraling? I don’t wanna turn feeds on, I’m scared I’ll hear Jessica

  35. AIO_7

    Bobblehead staying up in there all tight with the king and queen …..


  36. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Has Christie finally run out of lives?


    JJ sitting on the sofa talking to TT and Holly. JJ gets warned about his mic. CC is sitting at the end of the sofa. *Rolling eyes* TT smells CC’s hair. She says she’s going to take a shower. JJ tells Holly he is going to start calling her Keylie. He says whenever she gets her key she turns into a diva. Holly tells JJ that the sass is only directed at him. She jokes with him about letting him “borrow” the HOH bed.

    JJ says he’s never cleaned so much in a house. He says it’s not clean but pretty clean. He said imagine if none of them cleaned. TT says there are dust bunnies that pop up all times of day. JJ says it’s because of all of the women’s hair. Holly says there are only 4 of them. TT says the house is so quiet. Holly says the 4 remaining 6 Shooters. Holly says Level 6 had 4 out before jury.

    They start talking about FOUTTE. JJ wants to know what that means. CC says it was like an abbreviation of some saying that they had. TT says it’s crazy that they know FOUTTE and Level 6. JJ says that next year someone will be sitting there talking about the 6 Shooters. *Maybe, but not in a good way.* CC is farting in the shower and they laugh.

    TT says he hopes he’s playing in the Veto tomorrow. JJ says he’s getting a good night’s sleep and f*ck staying up. Holly says she hopes she gets to play. JJ tells her that she’s HOH, why wouldn’t she. She says because of the Prankster. JJ starts talking in a country voice and says that BB will laugh and say, “Gotcha, repick the players.”


  37. danmtruth

    So the fiendish 4 of JJ HOLLY CC and TT in the bathroom talking and comparing there 6shooters to level 6 Stop the only thing you have in common is the #6

  38. NKogNeeTow



    TT wonders if he will be the next to be nominated. They think the Prankster is between Cliff, Nicole and Nick. JJ and TT say tht Cliff swore that it wasn’t him and they believe him. They wonder if it might be Nicole because she hasn’t won anything yet so America gave it to her. CC tells them that she thinks it’s Nicole because when Nicole came out of the DR she was crying and said she couldn’t believe she was upset about their table. *Why the hell would that make them think she’s the Prankster?*

    Holly says she thought it was strange that Nicole would cry over something like that too. TT says who knows. CC says it doesn’t matter anyway. TT says he hopes he gets to play so that he can help CC. JJ says they have Holly, Nick, Christie and 4 people to pick from to play. TT says that he thinks that whoever wins Veto it will show who the Prankster is. JJ says he thinks Nick might put him up. TT and CC tells JJ that Nick loves him and would never put him up.

    JJ says its amazing how they spend their days speculating. TT asks CC if she’d pick him to play for her and says that if he wins both of them are safe and would expose the true Prankster. CC says she’s the target and feels she’s being put out there again. *If your azz wasn’t there, you couldn’t be a target.* CC says that Cliff vocalized to her that he and Nicole are a package deal and if she’s against Nicole, he will not vote to keep her (CC). TT asks her when that was. She says just before the last eviction.

    JJ says they are down to half the house. TT and CC say that’s so crazy. Holly must have gotten creamed because she said she has to wash it out of her hair. She says she’s going to wash her hair and go to bed. JJ and CC discuss what snacks they are going to eat before going to bed.


  39. NKogNeeTow

    *Missed the first part of the convo because I was trying to go back up and read as many comments during the commercial break. I’ll address “Hmmmm” after the show.



    CC asks Holly if she’s talked to anybody and if so, where their head is. Holly tells her no. CC says that she just hopes that if it’s her that they will respect her(H) wishes. Holly says she’s been very direct. CC talks about when she and Nick had that discussion earlier. Holly tells her that everyone knows that she was fighting to keep CC there. JJ says he talked to Nick about 2 hours ago and Nick told him that he wouldn’t swear on God that he wasn’t putting someone up if he wasn’t getting something in return.

    CC tells JJ that Nick didn’t swear on God. CC wants clarification about what Nick says. JJ says he doesn’t know because Nicks talks so fast. *LOL* JJ says Nick wasn’t lying, he was just trying to put doubt in JJ’s head. CC says that Nick said he never said CC would throw a comp and it never happened. CC says does he think in million years that he would never put her up after she just blew up his game. She says he’s so confident. *That makes 2 of you.*

    TT says the game is so weird and gets in your head. He says he needs to get outside because he’s getting cabin fever. JJ asks Holly if she’s still going to wash her hair. She says yes. CC says she’s going to spend the rest of the game in a towel. JJ asks her about biting her nails. She says it’s from boredom and anxiety. CC leaves and JJ sings a little. TT says they should go to bed. Holly says she’s so tired she could just go to sleep right there. They get up to leave the bathroom and JJ sings on the way out and gets a warning.


  40. danmtruth

    JJ excited about the size of the cucumbers Strange lad

  41. Annabelle

    Christie you are sick if it? We are so sick of you. Jess you can’t paraphrase energy. Damn

  42. Annabelle

    Oh God Christie is describing herself

  43. NKogNeeTow



    Nick asks Cliff what would he do if his chip gets picked. Cliff is honest with him and tells him probably not use it unless the other’s told him to. Nick thanks him for his honesty. Cliff tells him he just needs to win it. Nick says it’s going to be hard either way and he just has to win the Veto. Cliff agrees, and Nick leaves for the kitchen.

    Outside Camper:

    Holly is going through her clothes. CC is telling her which one is her look. CC goes into the camper and hears WISTJ talking and ask what they’re talking about. She says some TV program. CC says she never watches it.


    CC goes and hugs WISTJ and tells her she loves her. WISTJ tells her she loves her too. Nicole is in her bed and says “I love you too” and CC climbs on the bed and hugs her then she and Jess leave the room.

    Outside Camper:

    Cliff, Nick, JJ, Holly and Jess are talking briefly. Jess leaves. JJ makes a joke and Nick laughs and says he’s a legend. TT comes in and he and Nick lay on the sofa with TT laying on Nick.


    CC is crying to Jess and telling her that if she at least she knew who put her up she could talk to them. She says that she’s staying positive but is so sick of Nick lying. She says that when it comes to the publicly calling out she’s sick of it. She tells Jess that Nick said she had approached him and she would probably throw the comp. CC says she told Nick that was stupid and that she was gunning for the comp. She said he was trying to shift the target off of himself.

    CC tells Jess that she told JJ to bring Nick up to the HOH and bring the Bible. She says when Nick came up she confronted him and wished him good luck on the comp. She says she told him she was looking for him to make sure they weren’t on opposite sides of the house. She says that she told Nick that he stood there with his hand out expecting her to shake it. She says that he asked him some questions and that after the noms he pulled JJ aside to talk to him. She said that if he wasn’t lying why couldn’t he say what he had to say in front of her.

    CC keeps saying why her. Jess tells her that last week she kept saying to use her as a pawn and that this week she still has the Veto. Jess says the last thing she wants is to let Nick make her (CC) off her game. CC says she’s just so sick of it. She says Nick is confident but there is a difference between confidence and she’s just sick of living with him.


  44. danmtruth

    Christie talking to her best BBF Jess as she starts retelling the story of the discussion in the HOH room and ZOOM off to another alternative universe The funny thing is jess says your campaign last week was put me up use me to take him out ,,,, uhm jess yes she said that last week but she did not expect to be used this early
    Please let her lose and stay on the block

  45. danmtruth

    Wonder if Steve will start a new thread soon or just let us babble on

  46. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Camper:

    Nick and Tt still snuggled up. JJ goes into the Target room, gets tissues to pop Nick’s zit and returns to do the deed. *What is with these people and their fascination with pimples?*


    Holly is now with CC and Jess. CC is telling Holly that she begged to stay and she just hopes that her nomination is more to f*ck up Holly’s noms. Holly says that Nick has beaten her once and he’s not going to do it again. CC says he’s never played against her. CC says she has to have faith so she just wants to stay calm and get her rest. She tells Jess she will see her in the RV. CC and Holly leave and go to the kitchen. CC tells Holly to get some rest. Holly talks about the smell of the pies and gets called to the DR. CC gets her water and goes into the outside of the camper.

    CC tells JJ that she’s sorry she missed the pimple popping. Production ask, “Did you wash your hands?” They laugh and TT says he got called out for not washing his hands when he was picking his nose in the bathroom. CC tells them goodnight and goes into the RV.

    Dr.JJ is still operating on Nicks pimples on his face. He notices he has 3 in his ear.


  47. NKogNeeTow

    He’s probably putting up another thread as we speak.

  48. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Camper:

    TT yells for CC to bring tweezers as JJ continues his zit-popping.


    Jess gets into bed and tells Nicole goodnight. I don’t know what she’s doing with that right hand under the cover and I don’t wanna know.

    Outside Camper:

    CC and TT are leaning over Nick to get a close-up of JJ’s work. There must be 20 tissues laying around. Just as you think he’s through, JJ discovers another one. Cliff is sitting on the other side of the room with his head covered up. Cliff tells them that he’s lived 54 years without someone popping a pimple on him. CC tells him it’s because he has good skin. Cliff is unable to look.JJ discovers yet another one and it sounds like it’s big.


    Jess goes to the door and yells out that they better be disinfecting. Someone yells “Nope” and she first gets back in her bed than out again, then back in again. She sighs and pulls the covers up and starts to talk to America and says that she’s under punishment and it’s getting pies to her face. She says it’s really hard this week. She puts her headband over her eyes and says goodnight to America and her family. She says she’s not going to get upset. She lays there in silence then pulls the covers up and puts her hand over her forehead.


  49. Vikki T

    Please give these folks something..anything. We have a choice of Jess talking to the camera while Nicole is trying to sleep or JJ, TT & CC popping pimples and blackheads on NN, including in his ears, using a Bobby pin (and REALLY getting into it). This is disgusting.

    • Avatar

      Yeah where has the alcohol been lately? All they do is go to sleep early and we get nothing towards the end of BBAD.

    • Avatar

      I know if something doesn’t happen by 2am I’m going to watch the episode of Today Drama Island where Heather decided to sabotage Gwen and Trent’s relationship by luring Trent into a trap and give him a kiss with Gwen watching

      • danmtruth

        Sounds better than Dr Jackson pimple popper

      • danmtruth

        Bennett is watching BB a wierd extention of your anthropology intrest So are you a purple and gold gung ho JMU Just knew from some nice NCAA basketball runs and John DiFilipo quaterbacks coavh And Charles Haley played in the nfl but was also illiterate Said when he first came into the league with the redskins that he had to go to restuarant that had pictures on the menue Sure a mix blessing for the university to claim him as a player Never did say if he ever graduated Very few players have Most in the nfl keave school after the last game to concentrate on work8ng out to make the nfl sad Some go back to finish there degreas Just a fewSorry to bore you not even sure if you care

      • Sassy

        I don’t find it sad that they focus on their NFL career rather than finishing the semester. If they do things right, their NFL career will support them forever and will have plenty of money to finish school after football and the money to do it. I can’t blame them for following the money. Not many get that opportunity, football is short lived, school will be there forever.

  50. danmtruth

    Poor cliff Tommy and JJ working on nick popping blackheads WTF i have never seen people so obsessed with doing this Christie has come out to watch Like this is a great spectater sport Ohhh ahhh These people are sick Nick let JJ use a pin to get pop blackheads in his ear Tissues all over the bed this is just gross

  51. danmtruth

    Tommy and NN talking tommy is worried that nicole might put him up as a renom Tommy convinced its nicole Nick already working on getting tommys vote again3st CC tels him he just needs 3 him nicole and maybe cliff
    Now nick and tommy cuddle These people know there are enough beds

  52. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Camper:

    Nick and TT are alone and talking. Nick tells him that he didn’t know whether he and CC were back together. TT says he feels like he’s on the outskirts. Nick tells TT that he thinks he might be able to beat JJ but he just doesn’t want to go up against TT. Nick asks TT if the Prankster. TT says no because he wouldn’t have put up CC. Nick says he would have thought they would have put up Jess. TT apologizes to Nick for being distant. Nick says that as long as they’re good he doesn’t mind.

    TT tells Nick that he knows he loves him. Cliff comes back in and says he hopes they don’t wake them up for anything. Cliff tells them he keeps waiting for CC. Nick asks why. Cliff says he put the cock under her pillow and put a trojan on it. Nick and TT a laugh. Nick says he’s a legend. Cliff laughs and says his wife is going to see him put a condom on a replica of a HG. Cliff climbs on the other end of the sofa and puts his underpants over his head, takes off his mic and gets ready to sleep.

    Cliff says he put body lotion under his knows to cover up that cream smell. TT closes his eyes to go to sleep while Nick lies awake. Cliff suddenly says his sign off to his family. TT asks who slept there before? Cliff and Tt say it’s so hot in there. Cliff has rolled over and hears the door then rolls over to see who it is. It’s Holly. She stops to talk to them for a few minutes as CC is called to the DR. TT and Nick tell Holly about the pimples JJ was popping.


  53. Avatar

    I have such a hard time following these comments this week. Mel has done such a good job drilling Beth into my head I forget her name is Holly and never know who that is! I have to keep calling her hollyBeth in my head!

  54. Avatar

    JJ just scared the sh-t out of Beth in the HOH room. She yells “you are so mean!”

  55. NKogNeeTow


    Holly going up to the HOH. JJ is waiting in the dark and scares her and she yells he’s so mean and calls him a jerk and tells him that’s not f*cking funny. They laugh and he says he’s so funny and she says she thought he was going to say he was sorry. She says she’s going to have some cereal and he goes into the bathroom. She says it’s so cold in there. She fixes herself a bowl of cereal and gets into the bed to eat it. She tells him that she forgot to shower. She asks him if he thinks they are getting pied. He says yes so just don’t (shower). He brushes his teeth while she sits in bed eating her cereal.

    Outside Camper:

    TT is trying to go to sleep. Nick is too but he’s restless. Nick whispers something to TT and TT laughs. Nick tells him that it takes him an hour or 2 to fall asleep. He says it doesn’t take him that long at home. Just as Nick is saying something else about sleeping, CC comes back from the DR and they say goodnight to each other.


    CC goes in, puts her headband over her eyes and scoots down in bed.


    Holly is sitting in bed eating her cereal. JJ is laying there watching the monitor and says that he pulled his back. They sit there in silence except the sound of Holly crunching. JJ tells her that TT told him a few things and was very presumptious and told him that if he wins Veto he’s taking CC off. JJ says that it also means that TT has no idea that they are working with Cliff and Nicole. Holly says she loves TT. JJ tells her that she has to remember that there is $500K on the line.

    Holly keeps saying she loves TT. JJ says he does too but they agree that they can’t say anything to TT about working Cliff and Nicole. JJ says again that he thinks Nicole has it. Holly says she’s not going to pressure Nicole about whether or not she has it. She says she just feels so bad lying to TT. Holly goes into the bathroom and asks him which towel is his. He says the blue towel is the shower towel and the gray one is the whipped cream towel. She says she’s glad because Cliff was there showering today and she didn’t want to use his towel. JJ says his towels are downstairs. She keeps saying he’s lying.

    Outside Camper:

    Cliff is snoring while Nick is whispering to TT. Nick is telling TT about the convo upstairs between him and CC earlier. Nick keeps reiterating that CC said she would throw it. TT is telling Nick that CC was looking for him (N) earlier and asked TT if he had seen him.


  56. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Camper:

    Nick is still whispering at 100mph. He is saying something about asking JJ if he thought he would have made a deal. It’s hard to follow what he’s saying. While you think TT is listening, he discovers something on Nick’s and starts picking at it. Nick starts whispering even lower. He says something about why would he make a deal. TT continues to pick at Nick’s face. The camera zooms in and TT is plucking Nick’s eyebrows. Nick never misses a beat talking and TT is really going at those brows and not being gentle about it. *Ouch!*

    TT is now plucking Nick’s sideburns and beard. TT says it looks much better. Nick is still talking and says something about Holly and noms being the same. *I hope someone else is following this because I can hardly make out a damn thing he is saying.* TT continues to pluck.

    Nick says he can’t believe SS is gone but she’s probably having so much fun with Jack. TT says that’s true. Nick says he wishes it was Thursday. TT finally finishes grooming Nick. Nick tells him he wonders what the comp is going to be tomorrow. Nick says it won’t even matter. TT tells Nick that people are getting close. He says he doesn’t know anything anymore.


  57. danmtruth

    Nick has put his time in with tommy but never told him he was the prankster Even tho tommh mention a few times how he was scared he would be the pranksters renom

  58. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Camper:

    Nick is still whispering to TT. He says he’s got a feeling then says something about Nicole. TT tells him he’s going to sleep because they have to win Veto. Nick says “Yeah” then turns over on his side. TT says “Big Brother we’re ready to go to sleep”. The lights stay on and Cliff starts to snore louder. *Funny, I noticed that Cliff wasn’t snoring at all while Nick was whispering. That clever devil!* The camera stays on the 3 sleeping beauties. Nick keeps sniffing. Lights are still on.


  59. amareels

    Night NK, it looks like all the house pets have decided to get some sleep. I’m going to follow their lead.

  60. NKogNeeTow



    Holly and JJ are in the bathroom joking around while she takes off her makeup. JJ says something about his DR and gets a warning. She says she left her zit cream downstairs. They leave the bathroom and he asks her where Nicole is. They get into bed and take off their mics. JJ gets up to turn off the lights (they are the last ones up). He gets back into bed and he tells her he loves this room, bed, shower and can they never give it up. She says she feels like it’s her room because she’s been there so much.

    She tells him she is going to leave the monitor on in case anyone gets called she wants to see where they go. She asks him if he locked the door and he says no. He rolls over on top of her and they laugh and joke. He rolls back over to his side, she takes off her glasses, they say goodnight and he tells her to get her butt over there. She rolls over and lays in his arms and the camera switches to the girls sleeping in the camper.

    The camera switches back to the HOH and JJ is laughing and telling Holly that all he can smell is the milk in her hair and it smells rotten. He whispers something to her and the camera switches back to the girls in the camper. *And just think, we have 45 minutes of this to go. Yippeee!*


  61. danmtruth

    Did the Eurythmics version for Amareels This surprising is an interesting version Better than sleepi g HG in an case

  62. NKogNeeTow


    Not sure who I’m watching, but they are sleeping in the dark. Cliff maybe? Yes, it’s Cliff sans underpants on his head. TT stirs in his bed, then settles down, then Nick stirs. Nobody wakes up. *I say pies in the face for everybody!* The camera keeps shifting from Cliff to Nick and TT and back. Cliff snores on and off. Nick sniffs in his sleep. *Yep, if I gotta watch it, you gotta read it.* Cliff snoring loud again. Nick appears to be asleep but restless. *I’m going to manifest Josh running through the house with pots the size of kettle drums*

    Camera changes to the girls sleeping in the camper.


  63. danmtruth

    Maybe if JJ had a bit of style and musical knowledge he could serenade holly with this

  64. NKogNeeTow


    Outside Camper:

    Cliff laying in the fetal position sleeping. TT coming out of the bathroom and headed back to bed. He gets in bed and crawls over Nick. Cliff stirs and covers himself up and turns over. Production comes on at 2:31 am (11:30 their time) and tells Nicole to make a pie and smash it into her own face. Cliff wakes up and says he’s going to be next. Nick and TT say they will get up for it.

    A sleepy Nicole gets up and goes into the SR to get her supplies. Jess sticks her head in and Nick says to her, “You know you weren’t called, right?” She says yes. *LOL* CC, Cliff, Jess, Nick, and TT sit around the table and watches while she makes her pie then sticks her face in it. Just as she finishes, Cliff gets called out to do the same.

    Because Nicole barely pushed the pie in her face, they tell her to push it harder. She does. JJ and Holly come out on the landing and talks to them. Cliff makes his pie, bends over and grinds it into his face. Jess doesn’t get called to pie herself. CC tells her they are going to wait until she gets into bed then call her. Everyone starts snacking while waiting to see if Jess gets called. TT, CC, and Jess are eating cold cuts straight from the bag. No one washed their hands.


  65. NKogNeeTow



    Jess says she’s hungry and going to make herself eggs. Cliff, TT, Nick, and CC are eating cereal. CC tells them that she thinks she is having trouble sleeping because the milky smell between Jess and Nicole smells so bad. Jess says that when Kat left she would wake up and cry because she wasn’t there. Nick says that when Bella left he had trouble sleeping and couldn’t sleep in that room anymore.

    CC says that she doesn’t buy milk at home and had forgotten that she liked it. Jess says that she hardly ever buys cereal at home. CC asks if Nicole went back to bed.


    Holly and JJ are laying in bed in the dark and watching everyone in the kitchen. They say that everyone looks so big next to that little table.


    Cliff says he can’t believe that they are so bored that they can’t wait for Zingbot to come. TT says that he knows Zingbot is going to say something to him but being in love with Nick and how it’s never going to happen. CC starts making fun and saying things that Zingbot might say. They start talking about the birds again and making the sounds.


  66. ShoeLover

    I really really hope Tommy washed is hands after finishing up on Nick. On my third beer!!

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Bear with me guys, only 10 more minutes of torture left…lol

  68. danmtruth

    A bit of sleep deprivation should make the POV comp interesting just hope its not some type of luck comp Also do not want hide the veto

  69. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is laying on the oddly placed sofa. They are talking about someone dying. Sounds like Real World cast. They mentioned Puck, who died of an overdose. They start talking about Nia Rivera. Jess says she was Puerto Rican. TT starts talking about other characters on the show. *Not sure what show they are talking about.* Whatever show they say it was only 5 or 6 seasons.

    They start talking about Glee. Nick asked if it was a show about singing. They say yes. CC tells TT that she could see him in that show. They start wondering whether SS is in the JH yet. Cliff thinks that it may be tomorrow and that she may have been doing press all today. Cliff says he’s going to bed and Jess tells him she will see him in 20 minutes. Cliff and Jess wash their dishes. Cliff tells Jess that when he hears her call he will get up to cheer her on.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Now I have to go back and read this blog, then the comments and see what this little Hmmm character is all about. Until tomorrow night, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  70. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tonto, Shoes and whoever else is still awake out there. 🙂

    Shoes, Dan, check your emails.

  71. Kari

    A late-night hello. I actually have after dark on and I don’t know why oh, LOL. Insomniac boredom? Previous years this was so much more entertaining.

    Really nothing to offer right now just wanted to say hello see if anybody else is still alive out there.

  72. BBGurl

    Thanks for the updates, all. As they say, down yonder, in the land of my birth, Hmmm, you can kiss my grits.
    it’s jist everywhere. lol

  73. Gr8designer

    The big “prank” is that after all this drama….no eviction this week!!
    Double eviction to come…..

  74. caRyn

    Christie has to know that America wants her out of the BB house or why else would they make Nick the prankster. That’s twice that America has put her game at risk and OTB.

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  76. Avatar

    I wanted Nick or Christie to win the prankster thing because I was hoping they’d put up Jackson. I thought it would be hilarious to see him go home on his gf’s hoh and watch her become unhinged for the next week or so. Honestly, with Kat gone, I don’t even care who wins anymore cuz most of them are horrible.

    • Sassy

      Welcome Bez! It’s not to late. If CC gets taken off the block, he has hinted at putting up JJ. At least that’s how I interpret him saying, he thinks he could beat JJ. That’s my truth and I’m sticking to it!!

  77. mm22

    They are all horrible-I don’t give anyone of them a break-my
    pissivity level has hit a new high with tommy saying if he wins
    Veto he will again remove christy. How can these idiots not see
    a connection there? The speaker incident? They live in the same area?
    Ect ect ..and Christy’s comments regarding tommy often sound like the two are
    bbf’s she knows alot about him, but the idiots just don’t catch on.

  78. Sassy

    Last night, I was listening to NN and Nicole talk for a bit. I can’t lusten long because his forced swallowing really bothers me. He was telling her that America loves him and why he thinks they love him. She didn’t bat an eye. She still hasn’t no idea that he is the prankster. I know I’m on the outside looking in and I know, so I think she should know, but I just want to shake her and tell her to get away from a Nasty!!

  79. Mary

    Mel’s morning thread is up.

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