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Big Brother 21-Friday Overnight Update

July 6, 2019 | 13 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I think it has me confused as to what day of the week I’m on since I was off on Thursday, worked on Friday and now off again today. I put a deposit down on a rental house yesterday so lets cross our fingers and hope my house sale goes through or I’ll lose the deposit. Not to mention, I have to start paying rent and will have a 12 month lease on a rental before the closing on my home happens. I live by a military base and summer move out season is crazy here so I couldn’t really wait for the sale to be finalized and then go find a place. It isn’t uncommon for rentals to be on the market for mere days, if not hours before they’re gone in this area. On the upside, I’ll have almost a month to move since I have to take the house so soon. I figure I can take small things here and there and move the big stuff all at once near the end. Even a procrastinator should be able to pull that off, right?

Enough about that, lets talk about yesterday in the house. They were a little freaked out by some earthquake aftershocks and I would be too. I’ve never experienced it so as much as I’d like to complain about Christie repeating “I’m scared” over and over, I won’t. It was annoying but probably because I’m just tired of her voice. Jackson has suggested there were no earthquakes before David came back so there’s that. (There weren’t any before Jackhole was hoh so there’s that too)

They had the whacktivity comp and we still don’t know who won or at least I don’t if I missed a confession about it. It leads me to believe Tommy probably has it. He may be the only one who played that could keep it a secret. (Jack probably won it tho. FML)

Speaking of Jackhole #1, he decided to be honest to a degree with Kemi and Jess before noms. He let them know they would be going otb. He assured Jess she was a pawn and he told Kemi how amazing he thinks she is as a person. (I said to a degree) He and Kemi talked about having the same birthday and both being cancers. Kemi told him he was a different type of cancer than herself. It went over his head but was a good moment for me.

Kat has turned into a different person on the feeds. She talks to David about the game and doesn’t seem to care who knows. She has these very insightful moments and then just like Dory, it’s gone.  She appears to be getting closer to Jess and Kemi too. Jackson dumping her was a really bad game move (for him) because she was a solid number for him. He made such a point of telling her he was only doing it for game reasons (which is a lie) so she took it to mean they arn’t working together in the game anymore. She’s off to find a new group of people to work with. Do I think she’d go right back if he asked? Yes. Do I think she’ll be evicted before she can do much damage? Yes. (I can dream for right now tho)

Cliff is really disappointing me because even though I understand he’s trying to fit in, he’s started taking it too far imo. It’s one thing to agree when people are against David but he’s going to Jack and telling him everything David says and injecting a few insults of his own. He’s volunteering the information and it’s not a good look. Besides, keeping some info for himself would be a whole lot smarter. I did appreciate when Cliff spoke to the cameras one day and said he didn’t like some of the things he was saying, doing and participating in. He said he hoped we would understand that it was only for his game. I think this was regarding Ovi and before David came back. He said it wasn’t how he felt but by already being the “old guy,” he had to try and fit in with the group. Just like everyone else, he’s trying to be the cat who lays down the biggest dead mouse at the doorstep of the power people. Everyone knows that is Jack and we have to sit and watch all these people practically grovel at his feet. They’re all doing it but Cliff is older so it comes off even worse. In his defense, I didn’t get in an uproar when he said Daid was aggressive and intimidating. He meant as a player, not as a person. David definitely gives off vibes of assertiveness and confidence, which I love considering his position in the game. It’s part of the reason some of the house is so freaked out by him being back. David isn’t sticking to the same old humble and meek routine that underdogs need to project in order to not appear as a formidable opponent. “Agressive” has become a trigger word and I get it but we also have to look at the context of what a person is saying. I’m not excusing everything Cliff has said but I did want to clarify what I think that particular camera talking session was about. David IS walking around with confidence and inserting himself into things so he definitely could be seen as a threat in the game. I think it’s great tha he isn’t just going to lay down and wait until he’s out for good. David sees it as ‘what the hell, what can they do, evict me?’ David also reads the house better that half the people who haven’t been gone.

Bella did her rat reporting too. When asked, she told Jack everyone who was in the 4 person womens alliance and confirmed Jess is the ringleader. (Kemi, Jess, Nicole and herself) I dont mind a rat if they actually know what they’re doing. Bella just opens her mouth and shit tumbles out. That’s not strategy,  that’s stupidity. It’s disappointing because she has the potential to be a troublemaker but the kind that entertains us. So far, she’s the kind that just has you facepalming a lot.

Jessica was another one who didn’t seem to think Jack was an issue for herself just yet. When David tried to talk to her and point out what was happening in the house, she seemed almost bored. She truly didn’t have a clue she could be going otb which was ridiculous. You can’t talk to the women who are cuddled up with the men about a womens alliance and not realize it’s going to get out. It’s a “know your audience” kind of thing. It was done way too sloppy and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. The womens alliance is the excuse for putting her on the block. It isn’t actually why she’s otb. Once she got the heads up, whose shoulders did she go cry on? Holly and Sis. I like her but she’s really bad at this game. Jess was very offended when Jack questioned her about the womens alliance. He said he’d heard she was the leader of it and she denied it. (Note for later, this is ALL she took away from this talk unfortunately)

Ater Kemi and Jesse were nominated, Jess was very upset. Kemi handled it well and people took notice. Just as I was thinking about how the target could easily switch, Jack and Christie said as much. It doesn’t mean it will and it could switch 5 times before Thursday but there is the possibility. As I’ve said, I like Jess but assuming noms stays the same, I’d gladly give her up to keep Kemi. (Ya, I know I don’t vote and frankly, I think that’s one more thing CBS needs to fix this year)

A lot of people were down on Kemi coming into the season and I don’t really blame them for it. Kemis entire intro package was about being confrontational, a big mouth and troublemaker. It’s obvious now that this was CBS at their finest filling the ‘angry black woman’ role. She’s nothing like she was portrayed but that IS how she was portrayed and that’s all we had to go on in the beginning. Remember last year when many of us thought Winston was going to be amazing based off of preseason interviews? How long did that last? (Don’t hide, many of us have to live with the shame and it’s ok) People who watched BBCAN7 recently wrote off Anthony during his interviews too. (He came in 2nd btw and easily could’ve been the winner)

After noms, Bella confided in Nicole that she told Jack about the Black Widows. (womens alliance name in case it hasn’t been mentioned yet) It was a long rambling reason that made absolutely no sense. Nicole was upset over potentially becoming a target. Bella told her she did it to help the two of them but Nicole wasn’t having it or buying it. She could see how it might help Bella but no one else. Nicole ended up telling Jess and Jess was furious. Jess kept insisting Bella was the person who actually started the alliance. Jess has convinced herself that this is the reason she’s on the block so all she could talk about was who started it. (For the record, unless someone has a clip showing otherwise, I believe Bella started the talks about it and Jess ran with it from there. I also think Bella named it)  None of this matters but Jess thinks it does. Bella also told Kemi what she did and gave reasons for telling which were equally as stupid as what she said to Nicole. (If there is any strategy in this at all, I’m guessing Bella thinks by sacrificing Jess, it will keep the others safe)

Kemi and Jess had chats last night pretending t each other that they were trying to figure out who told…while they both already know. It was all very confusing. Eventually, Bella asked Nicole if she (meaning Bella) did in fact, start the alliance because she said she can’t remember. (Bella is just a hot mess) Later, even Nick asked Bella why she told Jack? She said “because he asked me.” (Well, ok then, glad we finally got to understand this complex strategy)

Kat told Jack she would vote how he wanted but she was planning on hanging out with Jess a lot this week. I have no idea if it’s true or not.

Jackson is still obsessed with every move David makes. He’s repeated the same things to all who will listen about how he isn’t going to let David get under his skin. I hate to break it to Jackson but David started wearing Jackson like a Hannibal Lector mask days ago. That’s how far David is under Jackhole #2’s skin. The ONLY enjoyable part of this shit show is seeing Jackson be so miserable while David just moves on along with his day.

David and Ovi were sent to the DR and received “camp suits.” It looks like a boy scout knockoff or something. (think Alex in BB19 but without the hotdogs and grill)  Yeah, there’s nothing like dressing up a couple of people in stupid costumes who are already being isolated and singled out. I did hear David make a comment about women liking men in uniform which was pretty cute.

It appears everything is back on the regular TV schedule so I’d expect the veto comp to be played later today. This reminds me, Kemi asked Bella if she would use the veto on her if she won and Bella told her it probably wouldn’t be good for her game. When Kemi told her that Cliff said he would use it on her, Bella told her that Cliff lied. Bella just spreads joy everywhere she goes, right?

Lastly, the problems going on this season arn’t going to go away.  Since it continues, I feel I should be open with my thoughts on it as well and my honest opinion is, I don’t know. This isn’t meant to be a cop out or someone riding a fence on the issue we’ve seen so far this season or any in the past. I know EXACTLY how I feel about the things I’ve heard people say. What I mean is, I don’t know what the best action is for CBS to take in these situations.

My first response is to kick them off the show and it’s because you hate to see people rewarded by getting to be on TV when they are so awful. We also don’t want to give this ugly behavior a platform. I don’t disagree with anyone who feels this way.

There’s also something to be said for letting it play out as it was originally intended. When BB began, it was a social experiment to see how different types of people would handle living together. That’s exactly what we’re seeing so is the concept suddenly wrong in the moments we don’t like what we’re seeing? We’ve seen mob mentality begin to form on this show before and we’ve seen racist and sexist behavior too. These people could possibly be shamed and actually learn from the experience or they can simply be shamed. (There will be shaming either way) That, of course, will be up to them. We’ve seen people lose jobs and friends over their time on BB. Regardless of staying or going, they won’t be given a free pass. Do we remove something from view that’s hard to see simply so we don’t have to see it? BB would be more light hearted and fun if we do it that way and I do resent my summer escape having to get so heavy and dark when this happens. (I don’t watch Real Housewives when I’m in the mood to do any soul searching either) I also don’t think removing something unpleasant from my view makes it gone.  It only removes it from my view and that’s not a good thing either. This is why I say I don’t know what the best solution is because an argument can be made for both.

Some of these people are terrible but I don’t want us to start our own mob mentality either. For example, they’ve said some very terrible things which we should be upset over. This quickly can turn into dissecting every word they say and reading things into every comment that arn’t there which is what some of them have done to David and Kemi. We’re looking for it at this point so if Holly for example, were to say ‘I can’t stand David,’ people will say that’s a racist comment or that proves they’re a racist. Well, that exact comment isn’t racist and she should be allowed to dislike David. (I’m not picking on Holly, I just needed a name to use)  My point is, some of these people have already shown us who they are so we don’t have to keep coming with receipts that are stretching what someone says to make it fit into the box we’ve already put them in. There’s plenty of legit comments from them to take care of that. As Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” I don’t blame US for getting wrapped up in doing it either. Once people have done enough damage, they lose credibility and the benefit of the doubt so it’s easy take every comment in the worst possible way. They did that, we didn’t. I just don’t want to become what I don’t like about them. I’m going to try to ignore the morons as much as I can and enjoy the people I like. I don’t know how it’s going to work out but I’m going to try. They’ll have to deal with the things they do and say eventually. We know BB fans and there is no escaping it so I’m going to try and practice a little patience too.

Have a great Saturday!



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