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Big Brother 21 – Friday Recap



I’m Unde9ably Gr8ful this game has finally taken a turn and someone else is in power. No matter how the week plays out, we’ll at least get to see the 6 Shooters scramble. Before I recap the day, let me clear up Beth again.  I talked about it in a previous thread but in case you missed it:


There still seems to be confusion over the powers so lets go over those in case they’re used this week. I noticed one of the clips on Thursdays show used a voice over. It was when Christie was telling Nick and Bella about her power. It’s because she didn’t tell it correctly when she was actually telling them about it. It sounded like they inserted part of the clip of her in the DR when she was reading the card about her power. It may be the one and only time she’s said it correctly.


Jack’s power: If he doesn’t like the names/chips that are drawn when they choose veto players, Jack can force a new draw for new names.

Christie’s power: First, if Christe chooses to use it, she can do it anonymously. (Well, she could’ve) If Christie chooses to use the power, everything about the veto works the same way as it normally does except for one thing. Someone will win the veto. (same) The person who wins it can choose to use it or not use it. (same) IF the person who wins it decides to use it and take someone off the block, the veto winner chooses the replacement nominee instead of Cliff.  That’s the only difference and that’s what makes it a Damond Veto. It’s the ability for the veto holder to make the replacement instead of the hoh. Christie does not choose the replacement nominee. She only has the power to upgrade the type of veto someone will win, whichever week she uses it. Christie would only choose the replacement if she also won the veto.

Everyone made their pitch to Cliff yesterday and they were all mostly terrible. Christie, Tommy and Jackson all chimed in about how upset they were over the way Nicole was treated last week. (Odd, no mention of how Kemi was treated) All three of them have removed themselves from the bad behavior. Jackson tried the ‘good old boy who hates a bully’ bond with Cliff and said he’d go up as a pawn, trying to get Cliff to target Nick.. Christie basically told Cliff he was expendable and Tommy pointed out how Cliff wouldn’t want to work with and be lumped in with the ‘bad people.’ (Bella and Nick)

Cliff eventually let Nick know he was safe this week. He isn’t happy to be working with Nick and Bella but he feels like he has to since the other side of the house has more people. Cliff suggested Nick and Bella fix things with Nicole so they can work together this week. Nick said he didn’t have a problem with Nicole.


Nicole told Cliff the 6 who saved her wanted her to put in good words for them. She told Cliff to act like she tried. She said she understood why Cliff wanted to go after Jack instead of Nick and Bella. Cliff said he didn’t have any respect for Nick or Bellas games but they need the numbers right now. Cliff said he’s playing for the future, not to just survive one week. He thinks they have to cut down the numbers on the bigger side first. He also thinks Jack is the biggest threat in comps. Cliff let Nicole know he’s making it sound like he and Nicole arn’t close and that they were only connected through Ovi. He said he would work the Nick side and asked Nicole to continue working the other side.

Beth was in a pissy mood early in the day because Kat was more ‘in the know’ than she was and has more of a connection with Cliff. Jack and Beth were depending on Kat to say the right things to help keep them safe. Beth didn’t like her game being in Kats hands. (It isn’t but that’s how Beth and Jackson see it)

I don’t know if Christie was checking for nose hair or manifesting a nose job:


Tommy met with Cliff to explain why the 6 should be left in the game. He’d have 6 people happy with him and he wouldn’t be a target for a while. That was the gist of it. How can you tell someone that you’ve already targeted and voted to evict, they wouldn’t be a target? He also suggested putting up one person from each side so no one would be mad at him. (Good try Tommy but Cliff can count the votes)

Cliff put on the paper flower his wife sent him when he went to make his nominations. He camera talked and said he was making a game move and no one could say he didn’t try to play the game:


When the food delivery arrived, Jackson asked Jack to save him some watermelon and pineapple. (Jackson is a have not) Jack told him that he’d get some next Thursday. Haha

This was the first day Sis thought about playing the game. Here she is trying to count and math is hard folks:

Bella and Sis are still playing a little tug of war over Nick. He sat talking to Sis and Bella came in and laid on top of him, marking her territory, I suppose. Honestly, the way these people behave, I won’t be surprised when one of them hikes a leg and pees on him. Once Bella ran off Sis, she talked with Nick and Sam. Nick is convinced Sis would flip on the other group. (6 Shooters) He said after Jack, Christie and someone else (Beth? maybe) was evicted, Sis would flip. Bella correctly pointed out that if it took that many people leaving first to get her to flip, she wasn’t on their side. (When Bella makes more sense than you do, it’s time to reevaluate) Nick said Christie and Tommy can’t be trusted anymore either. Sam still thinks Christie can be, just not Tommy. I’ve noticed several times when Sam is on the verge of having something click and then….nope, doesn’t happen.


Cliff came through for many of the fans and put Jack and Jackson on the block. Jack had a tantrum and started throwing away Cliffs cereal boxes. (You can’t make this shit up!) Cliff was saving them to make something to commemorate the moon landing anniversary or something like that. Regardless of what they were for, he was saving them. (If Sam was here from BB20, she could’ve taken them and whipped up a house for me to live in when my closing goes through and I have to move in a few weeks)

Tommy admitted it was an amazing game move and everyone was scared to make it except Cliff. Later, Tommy started crying and had to be comforted by Jack:


After Jack’s cereal box tantrum, he told Tommy he missed his dog so maybe he was ready to go home.He said he wasn’t manifesting it or anything. (Both jackoffs say ‘manifest’ a lot because of Christie)

Sexcapades Alert:

Jackson and Holly took a ‘nap.’  This was durng late afternoon when everyone was running around the house. Beth told Kat earlier she was going to lay off for a time because of her rash but I guess not. Jack was in the room and was talking to Jackson during part of it and that was just beyond wierd.


Jackson was annoyed because he said he wouldn’t have volunteered to go on the block if he’d know Jack was going up too. He really thinks his volunteering was the reason he went otb. He was also getting cranky after only a short time as a have not. His mood is getting darker, quickly. He doesn’t want to be otb with his best friend, he was mad the house got the good sushi this week when he can’t eat and let’s face it, he could be itching now too from Beths rash.

Sis was confused and had to ask if the plan worked that Jackson tried to use on Cliff. Jackson had to explain that it obviously hadn’t since 2 of the 6 of them were otb. (I’d like to see Sis and Jess compete 1 on 1 in a comp about general house/game info just too see which of their brains started smoking first)

Christie didn’t take long to make Cliffs noms all about her. She said the entire reason for them was to get her to use her power or to backdoor her.. (No, her power is why she isn’t otb) She’s already made several arguements for why she shouldn’t use it this week even though she told them she would. She doesn’t want to use it and she’ll sacrifice Jackson if she has to in order to keep it.  (I don’t blame her but I  wouldn’t have told the entire house I had a power to begin with)

Tommy cried for a second time over Jack going on the block. He said he “expected more from Cliff” and “it just wasn’t right.” He didn’t understand why he did it because Tommy plainly told Cliff just before noms that he wouldn’t be a target for a while. Christie reminded him they’d already evicted Cliff so maybe he didn’t believe it. (Um, no dumb dumbs, maybe he’s trying to get further than “a while.”) Tommy likes Jack a lot more than Christie does and it’s obvious. I don’t know if she was serious about the final 3 they have with Jack but I’m starting to think Tommy is serious. They should all three be evicted just for calling themselves LOL. Yep, they are the Lots of Love alliance. (I think Christie’s starting a separate alliance called the ‘save my own ass’ alliance, party of one)

This is totally random but did you guys catch Cliff hitting Bella in the head when he was evicted and went to hug Nick? The picture doesn’t do it justice, the video is way better.


Tommy suggested getting the group of 8 back together for a reunion tour of sorts. He said they should talk to Nick and agree to put everything in the past and work together to get rid of the ‘others.’ Tommy wants to put Sam and Cliff otb if he wins hoh. (He was pushing to get Sam out already) Christie said she can’t work with Bella and she needs her out first.  As the night went on, Tommy turned into a full blown victim over how Nick and Bella did them dirty. (Yeah, the 6 Shooters blindsiding Nick on Thursday sure was an a**hole move on Nick’s part)

Kat laughed about Jackson having porn on the internet of himself and told him the cameras don”t go off when he’s having sex. (Remember when Jackson was so cocky about being with Kat before the feeds came on so no one would know?) He thought we wouldn’t know about Beth either. She told him about clips of past hg’s being out there for people to see. There was also a discussion about condoms when they noticed one was missing from the box. Jackson made a big deal over wondering who used it. He accused Jack as if it were a bad thing. Beth told him not to shame people. (about using condoms? the feeds? Not sure) Jackson said “who wears condoms?” and “are you into rubbers?” to Jack. (Well, we have a good guess who brought the rash into the house) I don’t think they’ve had to bring in a haz mat team to clean the house since aftet BB9 but it may be due for another one this fall.

Jack told Tommy until he won the veto, he couldn’t be a d*ck. Tommy pointed out he didn’t really ever have to be one. Jack is probably so bummed over the idea of having to be nice to people. I thought Jack was losing it for a time last night. He was running around trying to be the house comedian or something. It was very strange. It reminded me of a movie where an alien is trying to mimic the behavior of a human and is going through the motions of what they thought a human would do bit without any emotion or intention behind it. I’m not sure how to explain it. He poured melted ice cream over his own head:


He grabbed Kat and either pretended like he was going to take off her towel or drag her in the other room:

Christie told Tommy she would use her power to save Jack but not Jackson. Tommy would want Sam otb and she would want Bella. Tommy is convincing the 6 that Sam is the cause for Cliffs noms. He said Sam talked to Cliff for a long time in the hoh room. Sam is playing a similar game to Tommys and he can win comps so I don’t blame Tommy for wanting him out. Bella going otb makes me kind of nervous because it’s an easier sell to send her out for people like Jess and maybe even Nicole. Kat is still with the 6 and I have no idea where Jess’ head is at in the game. I’m anxious to see how this veto plays out today. Steve should have the results for you later today or this evening.

Have a great Saturday.





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  1. IdaHoan

    What a great recap of a truly eventful day in the BB house. I think each of the houseguests should have to read this one upon eviction. It would clear everything up for them, since they’re all so curious about the way they are being perceived by the viewers.

    I’m not sure that a going-over by a Haz Mat crew at the end of this season will be sufficient to clean up the cooties left by THIS particular group; they may just have to burn it down, and rebuild.

  2. Avatar

    Crazyeyes gonna have a dilemma which one to use it on. Could she put up Nick, or is it back to Nicole again?

  3. kneeless

    Thanks Mel, at least There’s a little more to work with now that the sex pistols are OTB.

  4. kneeless

    “Sis was confused…” No more needs to be said. That will sum up her BB experience.
    Not sure why Tommy is so intent on bringing Nick & Bella ‘back in the fold.’ I realize N & B aren’t the best players but why on earth would the want to re-establish that trust.
    Jack has to wait to be a dick, that may be the best line of the season so far. Thank God we have the J Bros in there because they’ve taken martyrdom to a whole new level. Thank you guys for being so benevolent, what role models. I REALLY cannot tolerate those boys!

  5. Joy

    great recap Mel, thank you (I’m starting to itch again).

  6. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    This whole recap wad hysterical and even more so because it’s all true. You can’t make this idiocy up. Of all the things I feel entitled to be salty about, the saltiest is, WHY does TT constantly cry?!? Not one damn thing has happened to him…..yet.

  7. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    I forgot to say that I did see Cliff elbow Ratty in the head and rewound it 3 times. It was fabulous!

  8. hogwild

    As Imunderstand Christies power only lets her give the veto winner the choice of who to put up so if say Cliff or Nicole win POV her using it would be pretty much pointless as it’s doubtful they would change the noms. Maybe Nicole would and put up Bella but that is far from a given Nicole might not like Bella but she knows the jackass bros are the bigger threat.

  9. ElaineB

    Thx Mel! Am ready for the noms to be set!

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  11. Pink13

    I look forward to your recaps Mel! Thank you!
    It is nice to not have to decipher nicknames!

    I don’t think anyone in this house is loyal to anyone else!!!

  12. Nancy

    Just finished watching BBAD..I was amazed Jackson was acting like he was holding court, giving his speech on how they need to win POV and HoH and, blah blah blah..he was so stoic and serious..but that jackhole hasn’t won anything! Everybody in that room listening to him turns my stomach..
    Wish I had seen cliff elbow ratty..I’m such a child, I would have giggled.
    And bless her heart, but everytime I see Sis, I visualize ? Over her head, or dancing unicorns , once in a blue moon the light flickers on but rapidly fades into shiny things.

  13. Mel

    Jack used his power to get a new veto draw.

  14. kneeless

    Kat was apparently picked but who else, do we know the other 2?

  15. kneeless

    Jackson took Holly up to see ‘his room.’ I think, since it’s camp, they should unlease some flies & gnats in that room.

  16. Avatar

    Today is my birthday (turning 34). I really hope for my birthday……Cliff wins veto and holds all the power for the week. Or at least someone who will have Cliff’s back will win veto.

    Other than that….wish me luck. I am going to see Thomas Rhett in concert at Hershey stadium and it is outside and we are in the middle of a heat wave! Got some water freezing to keep hydrated.

  17. ElaineB

    The model of the space craft with the American flag on the table is great.

  18. Mel

    It sounds like the original draw included Sam, Jess and Beth so Jack did do better in the end draw. He still had Sam but he exchanged Jess and Beth for Sis and Kat.

    • Sassy

      Not sure that better. Beth and KK are interchangeable as bed buddies for JJ. Sis and Jess, well, have you figured out whether either brain has started smoking yet?

  19. Stephanie

    I would LOVE to see Sam win VETO, agree to use CC’s power to swap the nominees & then NOT swap the nominees flushing out her power while managing to get one of the JackAsses votes out. Now THAT would be a power move & a great addition to his BB resume. I also would totally take Bella to final 2, everyone hates her.

  20. AIO_7

    I still don’t think Nicole is out of the woods this week.

  21. Stephanie

    I would be so ashamed if any of the 8 were one of my kiddos.

  22. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

  23. mckay

    Great recap. I love how the people that voted out Cliff are telling him that they can trust him. Ok, but Cliff can’t trust you idiots…

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