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Big Brother 21 – Friday Recap

July 27, 2019 | 46 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning, I have to admit that I missed some things yesterday. It’s getting closer to moving and things have gotten a bit more hectic. Hopefully, you’ll forgive me for the next week of recaps. I’m moving a lot of the smaller things this weekend and the furniture next weekend but I’ll do the best I can. This is a local move so we’re not doing it all at one time. I thought this was a good plan but now I’m realizing, I’m just turning something everyone hates doing into a week long ordeal. Anyway, my apologies in advance.

We didn’t get any surprises with noms and didn’t expect any. Nick and Sam are otb. I’m with Steve, HollyBeth should’ve just told Sam instead of dragging it out all day.

Going back to Thursday night, I personally didn’t mind have nots ending as soon as the hoh comp was over. Along with my thinking have nots are dumb at this point, I’ve also thought it was dumb to make them wait until midnight. The BB week should begin with the new hoh. I think we just don’t like Jackson and saw it as another rule being lifted for him, which it was but normally, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Jackson began his day by cutting what seemed like, 10 lbs of fruit and served the ladies breakfast in the hoh. He did it in typical Jackson style by flipping on the light and waiting to be praised for being so amazing. I kept wondering how much the Jacks would flip out if anyone else used that much food for a meal.

It’s still early in the week but a few things are surprising me. My hope was that Jackson would be so bossy this week, he’d put a bigger target on his back. The breakfast in bed, praising HollyBeth for winning and being understanding about the women sleeping in the hoh is having the opposite effect. Sis and HollyBeth even talked about him being so amazing and wonderful. (We can’t ever have nice things!)

Sam did what he could to stay off the block but it wasn’t going to work. Jackson halfway convinced Nick they both wouldn’t have gone up (maybe just one of them) if he’d had time to talk to HollyBeth first. (Didn’t he talk to her all day?) Nick is the most aware of how screwed they are at the moment and even he said he believed Jackson.

I listened to the most bizarre and saddening conversation between Sis, Kat and Christie. Sis was taking about feeling stupid because everyone was using big words she didn’t understand. (Makes sense, 4 letter ones are her favorite) She said she didn’t know about nouns, verbs and adjectives. (This is a D1 college athelete, COLLEGE being the most import word I just used) They assured her it was normal and Christie educated them by pointing out older people, like Cliffs age, felt “vocabulary was a major thing” but it “isn’t a major thing anymore,” I know we’re in a time of shorthand texts and emojis but when did the English language become outdated? I get that hair scrunchies, land line phones, parachute pants and mailing a letter are things of the past but it seems words are also soooooo out of style people. Who knew?

Kat told HollyBeth she should be the replacement nom if one of them comes off the block. Kat said it would keep people from thinking they’re a duo and she knew the group wouldn’t vote her out. HollyBeth thought it was a great idea and said she was thinking the same thing. Kat said it would help HollyBeth not get anymore ‘blood on her hands’ too. HollyBeth filled Jackson in on the plan afterwards. They talked about how much they could trust Kat. She wants Jacson to understand Kat can be counted on. She said Kat wold have to be a serial killer if she was lying to HollyBeth.

Kat was a busy girl yesterday. She pushed for Nicole to be a target and said she can’t be trusted. Nick had told Kat he knew Kat was aware of the votes flipping last week. Kat believes this came from Nicole because Tommy said he’d told Nicole that Kat knew about it. (Tommy’s excuse was so Nicole would know she could count on more than just the 6) Actually, Sis told Sam and Sam told Nick but Kat doesn’t care for Nicole so it wouldn’t change her mind if she knew that anyway. Sis contributed to the  conversation by saying “she’s a snake.” (I may have to apologize for the times I called Angela furniture last summer. We didn’t even know what furniture was back then)

Kat also outed Cliffs Angels to HollyBeth so Cliffs safety and good position in the house could be ending sooner than later.

They must’ve chosen have nots (one of the things I missed) because Sam asked if it had already started.  Jackson told Sam to check and be sure. He told him all about not breaking the rules. He said “the last thing you wanna do is assume and take a bite of food and get a penalty nom. If you arn’t on the block, you get put up.”  This was infuriating!  I just recently talked about the need for us not to get worked up over his rule breaking since we know it isn’t going to change. Listening to him go over the rules and gives warnings was ridiculous. It’s bad enough to cheat and get away with it but to make yourself the expert on what not to do was beyond hypocritical. (I’m hypocritical too obviously, since I was livid when I heard this conversation)

Jack and Jackson got mad because Jess cooked and Jack said, and I’m not joking “she didn’t ask first.” (These people are….no words!!)

Nick asked Cliff if he’d use the veto on him if he chose him to play. Nick knew Sam was planning on asking him so every man for himself has officially begun. Cliff said he needed to check with people first to be sure it wouldn’t ruffle feathers so the Cliff bashing will start up again. Cliff threw Nick under the bus with the 6 Shooters after the chat about the veto. (Nicole and Cliff are my only hope for the season so even if they suck or make terrible decisions, I’m probably going to defend them the best I can. I’m just putting it out there. I try to stay unbiased when doing these recaps and I’ll continue to call out dumb moves even from people I like but I may need a little slack this season. The rest of the house, except Jess and Sam, make me physically ill. Jess brings the same amount to the game as Sis which is nothing.  Sam won 2 votes just to win them and is on his way out the door. For people who don’t infuriate me, I’ve got Nicole and Cliff left)) I’m aware Cliff is screwing himself but I’m not going to bash him for comments he doesn’t mean. He isn’t loyal to the 6 and neither is Nicole. They’ve just made bad decisions and are trying to stay afloat the best they can. If he needs to pretend to be loyal to these people, I’m fine with it. My issues are over what got them here, not how they’re trying to get out of it.

Nick and Christie had an honest discussion about what landed Nick in the spot he’s in. (honest on Nick’s part) Christie gave dumb reasons and the new thing is suggesting Nick and Sam are targets because they “voted against the house” this week when they voted to keep Bella. Nick said he didn’t turn on the 6, it was the other way around. They talked about his trying to keep Kemi and he said he wasn’t really trying but needed to convince Nicole he was since she thought Nick and Bella were working with her.

Jackson talked to HollyBeth about the timing of going against the 6. Jackson seems to think it needs to happen soon. (Nick talked to them about using him for numbers and maybe Jackson was listening) HollyBeth knows they will need to but thinks it’s too soon. (It is, if I’m being objective. There’s still a lot of people in the house. Why would they turn now when they’re capable of winning comps too?)

I know it’s easy to get frustrated with these people and it’s easy not to like them. I don’t like them either but we have to keep our expectations realistic too. We wanted the other half of the house who arn’t in the 6 to work together but it isn’t that simple. It is to us because we see what’s going on. They don’t know what we know but more importantly, people can’t just form a group and trust people out of nowhere. On top of that, everyone outside of the 6 has formed their own relationships with someone from the 6. They each have an angle they THINK they can work. It’s what Cliff is doing now. He isn’t trying to keep a group of people (the outsiders) safe that he doesn’t trust. He’s just trying to save himself. Sam still doesn’t fully distrust Christie and he thinks he’s close to Sis. Nicole thinks she has a good relationship with HollyBeth. Jess is convinced the jackoffs and Kat are looking out for her.  Not being part of the 6 isn’t enough to band people together. Last season, we had two defined sides of the house and we’re trying to view this season the same way. It isn’t the same as BB20. For example, Jess and Nick arn’t going to automatically work together without any foundation of a relationship. Even if Nicole was willing to keep Bella last week, a lot of damage was done. Clif wasn’t going to trust Nick and Bella when he could see how they were playing the game. Don’t forget about Kat, who rats everything they do try to accomplish. Being left out of an alliance isn’t enough to form a group that can work together. It will take well timed comp wins or the 6 turning on each other to turn this season in a different direction. It could still happen because Cliff and whoever remains between Nick and Sam are very capable of winning comps. It’s BB, anything could happen.

Have a great Saturday.



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