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Big Brother 21 – Friday Recap for 8/16/19

August 17, 2019 | 50 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning all, hope you’re heading towards a great weekend. The hgs went to bed a little earlier than they have been recently so most of the house activity happened in the evening after the noms. I took my first evening off from unpacking and it was great! It was just me, feeds and a big bowl of ice cream. I had to ignore the boxes that were calling to me and just say “not today Satan!” (I live close to a good will store now that also provides things for a local womens shelter. I think that’s where I’m heading today with half my clothes. I figure, maybe someone else can use them more than me and selfishly, I won’t have to put things away)

I’ll break today up into a before noms and after noms section and as always, Beth=Holly.

Before Noms:

Beth worked  on Jackson in a very subtle way. She said she would support whatever Jackson wanted to do this week. She also talked about how bad Nick is in the house and wondered if the relationship with Christie was salvageable.  Jackson simply said “no.” When he first mentioned putting up Christie and Sis together, Beth said she wasn’t sure about it. She felt like it would  be harder for the “5 to get back together.” He told her the 5 was dead and they wouldnt be getting back together. Beth didn’t push but she tried to make some subtle points. Jackson thought about telling Sis during his speech “it’s time you see the block” but Beth asked him not to and said she didn’t want to be a target. (Beth is the reason we can’t have nice things this week)

Jess asked Christie if she thought they took Kat out in order to disarm Jess. Jess said she knew she couldn’t take it personally because it’s just a game but  she tried to figure out what she did to deserve it. (Hahahahahaha) Christie said she didn’t know but had to be thinking “wtf?”

Cliff and Jackson decidied to start up the woking relationship they had earlier in the game. Cliff explained his deal with the new 6 was the only way to stay last week. Jackson said he wants Beth, Cliff, Nicole and himself to be a team against the others. Cliff agreed. Cliff had already admitted that going after Jackson and Beth was part of the deal he made with the new 6. Jackson seemed to understand it was just game and Cliff didn’t have much of a choice. The deal just ended up making Cliff look honest and his old alliance look worse.

Cliff spoke to the cameras and told us the new 6 never formed an actual alliance because of Tommy’s insistence. (True, Tommy insisted they not do it)  Cliff said, even if they had, he had to do what he needed to do to further his game. He said it included being devious when necessary.

I can remember back when I thought Beth might be a decent player but Jacksn was going to ruin her game. Well, things may have flipped. I recently talked about how Beth had never really left the Christie side of the house. She was only pretending because Jackson became a target after the 6 Shooters break up and Jess won hoh. She’s continued to trust Tommy and wants to trust Christie even though she knows she can’t. She continued to “wonder” aloud to Jackson if he thought it was possible to work with Christie again. She’s  encouraging him to trust Tommy but not Nick. Jackson said she couldn’t trust any of them. He reminded her they said it would be the whole house against the two of them. He said if he hadn’t won the hoh, they would be on the block. Jackson tried to tell her Tommy is playing all sides of the house. Beth said she still trusts Tommy anyway.

Christie and Sis cried even before the nominations happened. Chritie was already planning to go on the block. She and Sis talked about what nice and kind people they were. Christie said all she ever did was stick up for everyone else and it’s made her a target. (No, I’m not making this up)

After Noms:

Jackson nominated Christie and Sis. Beth told him he did a good job with his speech and then told him his fly was down. He told Sis and Christie it wasn’t personal and they were his biggest threats to prevent him from winning the game.

Sis was mad because she didn’t realize she was going up. She was mad she didn’t know ahead of time, mad Jackson didn’t wait until later in the game so they could actually compete and mad that he did it the cowards way. Christie also thinks he’s a coward. Sis actually seemed shocked she went up and they cried a little. (I don’t like Jackson but I don’t know what they thought was cowardly. He basically told Sis she was a pawn, put Christie straight up otb and didn’t make it a secret she was the target)

Christie said this isn’t how the universe works and that it works in her favor. Sis said they have been nothing but good people in the game and should be rewarded for it.  (They’re idiots and no, I’m not making this up either) Beth came into the room and tried to act like she didn’t know what Jackson was planning. They didn’t buy it and it only pissed them off more. When she left, Sis flipped her off.  Sis laughed and said she couldn’t believe Jackson thought she was a threat. Christie said it was obvious Sis was a pawn and she was the target. Nick told them not to stress and said he’d win the veto and take one of them off. Christie said the one who stayed otb would  still go home. Tommy  said to think positive because there was still a chance they both stayed. Sis switched from being mad because she didn’t know she was going up to saying “I literally f*cking knew that was going to happen.” (She doesn’t even comprehend conversation when she’s the one doing the talking. I mean, it’s sort of amazing to watch. It’s like seeng those strange animals you’ve never heard of on Nat Geo and going ‘wow, that’s kind of bizarre.’)

Tommy talked to Jackson and said he understood and didn’t blame him for the move. (Tommy’s trying hard to stay neutral. He wants to keep Jacksons guard down, get rid of him and pull Beth in as the 5th. He would have 4 people completely loyal to him and if Christie leaves, 3 people still wanting to go to F2 with him. He thinks he can get that from Beth too) Jackson went over the conversation he overheard Sis and Christie having when they were saying it was 2 vs 6 and said Jackson and Beth were on their own.  He told Tommy there was no way he could trust them again after that.

Tommy tried to tell Christie and Sis they needed to get one of them off the block and then the original alliance needed to start working together again to take out everyone else. (I’ve said it before, the biggest flaw in Tommy’s game is how rigid he plays. He isn’t flexible and he wants what he wants. He keeps trying to force these people to stay an alliance. He said coming into the season that he wanted to play a Kaycee game. I think he only sees the game this way. He needs one alliance to stay together until the end in order for things to fit the narrative he’s  created. He wants to be the nice guy who was friends with everyone and get rewarded for it with the win. I’m not sure he even has a plan B. This flaw is what’s kept me from saying he’s the best player in the game)

Christie told Tommy no and said she wasn’t ever working with Beth and Jackson again. Tommy mentioned what Jackson said he overheard her and Sis talking about. Christie said it happened when they were acting like they weren’t working together. (No, it happened just before Kat went home and Jackson even asked them about it. Sis lied and denied it) Christie said she understood that Tommy was trying to preserve his relationship with them. He said it wasn’t “preserve” because he didn’t feel the way she did about them.

Nick checked in with Nicole and they were both amazed neither of them went on the block but they’re still a little worried about a replacement. Nick assured her he had her back. She said she had his too.

Sis decided she wanted to be left on the block if Tommy or Nick won veto. She’s convinced she’ll stay against whoever is beside her (She’s pretty right? Who wants to evict a pretty person?) and she needs Christie to stay. First, she told Tommy to use it on Christie and later, told Nick the same thing.

When they were by themselves, Nick argued with her over it and called her stupid. He asked if she was really that confident she would stay and she said yes. She said she was willing to risk it. (Kat and Jack being in jury alone probably has a lot to do with this decision) Sis said she knew Nick would vote to keep Nicole if Sis came down and Nicole was the replacement. Nick promised he would keep Christie. Sis didn’t believe him and said she knew he wanted to keep Nicole and Cliff in the game. Nick admitted it would hurt his game but said he would evict Nicole. (I have no idea what he would do) Sis really believes Beth will keep her because she promised a long time ago that she would choose Sis over Jackson if it ever came to that. Nick said he didn’t think so and if Beths boyfriend wanted Sis out, Beth would evict Sis.

Most everyone has been trying to guess if they’ll have the hide the veto comp or maybe zingbot this week. They’ve laid down some rules for the hide the veto. No sugar or milk is to be poured out and they seem to be dreading this one because of having to clean the house after. Nick suggested to Sis and Christie they cheat by telling each other where they will hide their vetos.

Tommy ate something wih nuts in it and had to go to the DR. His throat was hurting and they talked like they wanted to monitor him closely overnight. (There’s cameras everywhere so I thin they have that part covered)

There was finally a meeting with Jackson, Beth, Cliff and Nicole. They agreed to work together and keep each other safe for a couple or a few weeks at least. Beth said she’s always wanted to work with Nicole. (Lie)  Beth said she wants to work with people she respects and be proud of her game. Jackson doesn’t want them otb at all and if it’s necessary, only if he’s sure they won’t  go home. (Did Beth forget about Kat almost going home on her hoh?) Nicole was happy and promised to try  hard to win something for them. Jackson said he knew she would.

It looks like Jess is left out of another group.

Hey, Jess and Kat, Nicole says hi:

Christie was teaching Sis how to manifest things to help them win this week.

Sis said she doesn’t count mental comps as actually competing. (Anybody shocked?)

Christie planted seeds about Kat and Jack to Sis. She was saying she was sure nothing would happen but in a way that came off as if she thought the opposite. Sis said she’s already thought about it. Christie also told her Beth will definitely vote to keep Sis. (Hahaha, I may not like her but she plays the damn game)

Sis blamed Tommy not making the new 6 deal official last week as the cause of their problems. It never occurred to her that all her trash talk, planning to go after Jackson and the things Jackson overheard her saying could have anything to do with it. Sis said she wouldn’t have thrown the hoh if she knew this could happen.

Tommy told Jackson hell probably be playing for Sis in the veto. Tommy must’ve said “I get it” 10 times. Jackson wants noms to stay the same but said he hoped he would take Sis down if he used it. Jackson told Nick he wanted them to stay the same too. Tommy said again he gets why Jackson put them up. He said he told Christie and Sis they were too vocal, too much was said and said Jackson wasn’t playing for 6th. (True) Jackson sort of insinuated Tommy or Nick could be the replacement if the veto was used. He was too subtle so no, Tommy doesn’t “get it.”

Jackson FINALLY may have realized using Cliff or Nicole as a renom isn’t a good idea. He said it would have to be Nick or Tommy because he couldn’t trus the votes. Beth asked Jackson if they’re doing the right thing. He said “for the first time in the game, I know I am.”

Tommy and Nick discussed the veto. Nick is worried about who Jackson would put up. Tommy said “it won’t  be me” because Jackson had already told him he wouldn’t. Nick asked if Jackson had told him that very recently or before this hoh comp. (Jackson said the same thing to Nick but he still seems worried) Nick wants to save Sis with the veto, wants to throw it so Christie can save herself and also hopes he doesn’t even get picked. I can’t imagine Tommy wanting to win it at all unless he gets paranoid.

Jess spent time with Christie and Sis. She talked crap about Kat and left some room to throw Nicole under the bus again. She told them the person who said they were making fun of Cliff was Nicole, not Beth, as they’d previously thought. Christie and Sis told Jess about Jackson and Beth imitating her the night Jess got so upset. Christie said they told everyone Jess acted like she was drunk or on drugs. (This is true) Sis and Christie said they wanted Jess to look out for whichever one of them stayed. Unlike Tommy, I actually do get it. Jess doesn’t feel safe and she’s either trying to blow up Nicole’s spot so she can have it or she’s trying to be with the ‘cool group.’ Being left out of everything has really effected Jess and I don’t think she cares who she throws out there. Jess truly doesn’t think she can trust Nicole so I don’t think she feels like this is a betrayal. Christie has always made Jess feel good about her for whatever reason. The strange thing for me was Jess’ anger at Nicole for being left out of the 6 deal but Christie was in the deal too. Why no anger towards Christie? (Jess is soooooo bad at this game but most of them think they can trust someone they can’t so I’m not going to single her out on this too much.  Jess has enough bad game play to pick on without this imo)

Nick, Tommy and Sis cuddle with each other:

Tommy sit that one out. Maybe he’s had enough because even though he told Nick to stop, Nick still thinks it’s funny to do this to Tommy:

There’s plenty of time for these conversations to turn into something. Jackson may continue to think Tommy or Nick should go up as a renom, Tommy may stop feeling so safe, Beth may convince Jackson he shouldn’t put up Tommy, etc.

The house has movement at least. In a season when most of us don’t like the cast, this is really best case scenario.  We don’t know what will happen, who will believe someone’s bullshit or which side Cliff and Nicole will jump to in order to stay safe for another week. I know we’d like to see Cliff get hoh again or Nicole win one but for now, this could be ok. Cliffs plan when he made the deal with Christie was to wait it out and have the other side taking shots at each other. Thas what’s been happening the past couple weeks.  As long as Tommy or Beth don’t manage to bring them back together, things are ok for now. If Christie leaves, Tommy and Beth have a better chance of putting the group back together and that does make me nervous. Personally, I want to see Christie go but for everyone else’s game, Christie, Sis or Tommy leaving could be a good thing.

Check back later to find out what happened during the veto and have a great Saturday!


The veto players were picked: Jackson, Christie, Sis, Cliff, Beth (Holly) and Nick



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