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Big Brother 21 – Friday Recap for 8/23/19



Good morning, hope everyone is heading towards a fantastic weekend. It’s finally cooled off some here (for now) and it’s great! I’m really looking forward to fall this year, like every year, but this summers heat has me super anxious. We’re 2/3 through the BB season so I guess it will be here soon enough.

Christie decided to have some whipped cream after she took a pie to the face yesterday and that’s the image at the top. Here’s another one and yes, Christie found a way to chew whipped cream…with her moth open, of course.


Remember when I was finding the positives if Christie stayed and said the feeds would be more entertaining with her there? Yeah….about that…..let’s just say, it hasn’t happened yet. Otherwise, I’ll have to say, I’m full of it and don’t know what I’m talking about. I also guessed Cliff would get the prankster power because of casual voters….wrong again. Even with the prankster being chosen and noms, yesterday was really boring. It’s the reason I’m here so let’s go over it anyway. (We can count how many times I’m wrong again today, just for the hell of it)

The day began with Christie already knowing she would be going up as a pawn. I have no idea why Beth thought it was a good idea to tell her ahead of time. They knew there would be some kind of power so if I were Beth, I wouldn’t have been spilling everything that soon. As it worked out, Christie wouldn’t have had to know at all.

The moment Nick won, we knew who he was putting otb. Sure, he was still after Jess but he didn’t want to sit otb next to her. If he thought he was going up, Christie is who needed to be beside him and he knew it. With different personalities, he maybe could’ve went to the hoh and said “if you put me up, I’m going to have no choice except put up Jackson beside me” and made some kind of a deal. He could’ve tried to make a deal instead of keep it a secret. That wouldn’t work though because Jackson was already suggesting putting himself up if he won it to make sure he could play in the veto.  I think if Nick said that to Beth, Jackson would’ve told him to bring it on.  Secret power is usually better but I’ll be shocked if Nick is able to keep it a secret anyway because he runs his mouth about everything. Honestly, with the way he handled it, I can’t believe they haven’t already figured it out. He’s behaving the same way Jackson did whe he was the rogue vote he blamed on Nicole and he did a terrible job.


I forgot to mention that Beths dog is named Jackson. Mine is too but I dont have a boyfriend with the same name so I think it’s funny.  My Jackson hasn’t been chosen for the pet of the day and this is kind of cheating but this is my 70 lbs of sweetness:

Speaking of Jacksons rogue vote, Nicole “pied” Jackson and smacked him pretty hard with it. When he asked (jokingly) why him, she said ‘cough, rogue vote, cough.’ It was funny and I have to say, I’m liking this pie thing. I thought it might be stupid and get boring quickly but it just doesn’t seem to get old. Sure, it’s pie and not bricks, but we can’t have everything. Nicole is loving it and it’s the most fun I think I’ve seen her have this summer. She said she wished all the hgs could come back so she could do it to all of them. Jess said “wow, we’ve found something Nicole is passionate about.”


Other than the disagreement between Nick and Christie in the hoh room with Beth and Jackson, the day consisted of pies to the face, working on Nicks pimples and Tommy continuing to scream into his microphone. (Even I like you, being a house scremaer will turn me against you quickly)  I’m not kidding, that’s about all that happened yesterday. There’s tension between Nick and Christie but it’s more low key than last week. (so far)

Here’s a few other things that happened:

  • Hgs were told about the prankster details and that Beth will only choose 1 nom.
  • Nick told Beth he would put up Christie and Jess if he won. He also told everyone he would take down the 2nd non if he won the veto.
  • Tommy seemed paranoid all day. He said he didn’t want the power but worried about being safe.
  • The large table was replaced with the smaller one.
  • Cliff promised Beth she had his and Nicole’s votes.
  • Beth told Jess too much of what she’s thinking regarding the game since Jess tells everything. Most of it was about the power and knowing if Jess went up as a replacement, they’d know Nick had it.
  • Jackson thought Nicole had the power because after noms, (when Christie went up) Jackson hugged Nicole and said thank you. He said she just looked at him and didn’t say anything and said she had a bad poker face. He and Beth were happy if it was Nicole. (I suppose it didn’t occur to him she looked confused because she didn’t know what the hell he was thanking her for) Cliff thinks Nick is the prankster.
  • Christie started thinking Nicole was the prankster too. She said Nicole was emotional when she came out of the DR and said it was because they got the small table. Nicole, at the time, said it was emotional because it was a milestone in the game. Christie said they (production) didn’t asked anyone else about the smaller table. Jackson told her they asked him. (He may have decided to work with her but he loves proving her wrong)
  • Tommy and Nicole talked about production and how they’re pushed to say certain things in the DR. (Not breaking news) He said he just tried to go along with it and give them what they want even if it’s stuff he doesn’t think or want to say.
  • Beth debated over putting Nick otb before noms. She was afraid he could win the veto. I couldn’t follow along with this logic because even without the prankster making one of the noms, Nick could win veto so maybe there was a strategy in there that I missed.
  • Cliff admitted to Nick he may not use the veto if he won it.
  • Beth told Jackson she would beat him in a F2.
  • More pies to the face. They all had to shove it in their own faces too.
  • Beth debated planting seeds that Christie and Nick are working together. She and Jackson went back and forth over Christie finding out and not working with them. He said she should just tell Christie everything Nick was saying (about Christie and Nick agreeing to keep each other safe and throwing the hoh comp to the other) and let her take care of it. Beth told.
  • Christie and Nick hashed everything out the other had sad. They both wanted to be seen as the truthful one to Jackson and Beth. Nick said he never told Christie he would throw it to her. Christie said he tried to make a deal but she didn’t want any part of it. It was more of a debate than an argument and it definitely wasn’t a fight.
  • Nick told Nicole Christie lies all the time and it’s how she gets away with stuff, by lying her way out of it. He asked if Nicole would put him otb and she said no. She wouldn’t tell him who she would  put up but said it wasn’t good for her game for Nick to go home. She also said she would use a veto on him even though she knew the rest of the house wouldn’t like it. Nicole told him she feels he’s safe with Cliff if it’s Christie and Nick otb. Nicole also subtly suggested Tommy may be a good replacement if Christie came down. Nick didn’t agree or think he’d stay over Tommy. Nicole said she thought he would and people would see it as a chance to take a shot at Tommy.
  • Jackson and Beth have both said they won’t go after Tommy. Beth said she’d never put Tommy up. (The person no one ever wants to go after is the person who needs to go home ASAP)
  • Nicole told Tommy she thought this week could be a reset week and maybe no one would be evicted. She thinks it fits with  the prankster stuff. (I do too. I also think its possible because it would allow for a double eviction to happen)
  • Nick thinks the convo in the hoh room with Christie, Jackson and Beth is the reason he went otb. He actually thought he was doing a good job of not going up if that hadn’t  happened. (He’s wrong)
  • Everyone has been sharing hide the veto hiding spots. (Unless they’re lying to each other, this could end up working the same way a knock out comp works. The comps where they have to pick 2 people to go against each other always reveal a lot. Going after someones hidden veto intentionally, could do the same)
  • Beth doesn’t want to get too cocky and worries they’ll be in the hoh for 2 weeks. (Here’s a crazy idea, leave the room and hang out with other people. It’s not a rule you have to stay up there all the time, it’s a choice)

Beth doesn’t want to be a target but she can’t be humble either. After she won the hoh, she pointed out that Julie said it was a skill comp. Jackson said it was luck. She said she wanted people to think it was luck but they both knew it was skill. She brought it up again the next day. Jackson, the man with all the quotes, said “pride cometh before the fall.”  I don’t think the house has her figured out at all and I still think she’s one of the front runners to win the game. Christie is a mean girl and is who she is although she’s in denial. Beth is a mean girl who apologizes to the cameras after and thinks she has us fooled. Christie is self centered where Beth is a con man, con woman in this case.  Along with Beth and Tommy, I think Jackson could also win the game but his is more dependant on how some of the comps play out and the timing.  Yes, I see a scenario where Jackson could win this game. Despite what Beth thinks, I also see a scenario where Jackson beats Beth. If this week stays slow, maybe I’ll go over my thoughts on peoples chances for the win. I don’t like predicting until half the people are out and that’s where we are now. I don’t see the point with all the twists because too much is random. This season isn’t decided by any means and that’s one good thing about it this year.


Here’s a couple of shots that were caught of the area behind the walls of the house. One is behind the storage room and the other is just to the left of that space because the camera was panning at the time. These are my favorite screen shots to get but there’s nowhere for them to fit in with a recap so I don’t usually use them.

Check back later for veto results and have a great Saturday.









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  1. Robin

    Thanks so much Mel, and have to say that you give us a “Jackson” that I can love…. what a beautiful baby!

    • Leta

      Ditto. Mel does a great job … must be part of my insomniacs club as the updates come morning, noon and night.

      Mel — although I’m not a huge poodle fan, I do love the Standards. Their personalities are usually much more laid back then the yippie Toys of the breed and I’ve found they are extremely smart. Once, a gazillion years ago when I was a gazillion years younger, I made a living — a pretty good living — out of doing the beloved “puppy cuts” on Poodles of all sizes. Your Jackson pulls my heart strings as his looks reminds me of a Standard I really adored. I had 2 black Standard clients (my primary doctor owned them) named Ozzy & Izzy. I loved when they had their monthly bookings, because they really did have cute personalities, but Ozzy was a little more outgoing than shyer Izzy. Sadly Ozzy had epilepsy and had a seizure he didn’t survive. Izzy passed 2 weeks later. She took his passing so hard, the doctor was convinced she passed of a broken heart as he just woke up and found her one morning. Shortly after that I decided I was getting tired of getting bit by all of the Chows (I was the only shop in town who would take them due to their notorious reputation of being mean) and moved on to another profession. Anyway, I DO love the picture of your Jackson. What a sweet looking boy he is. 🙂

      • Avatar

        I have read that they are the smartest breed of dogs.

      • Robin

        Just recently had to put down my Pepper… poodle/peke mix. He was 16 1/2 years old. Poodles are so smart and that brain carries into the mix breeding. He was my best friend for his whole life and a companion for me in my disability. Miss him still everyday…..but in the end I could not be so cruel as to leave him in pain…. so poodles have a special in heaven in my book!

      • Nancy

        I’m sorry Robin..we never quite get over the loss of our special furry friends.. my sympathy *hug*

      • danmtruth

        Thanks for the story Totally agree about the standard Very smart dogs good temperament usually also very protective of there family

      • AIO_7

        “Miss him still everyday”….

        I know the heart break, Robin.

  2. Robin

    Glad you mentioned the Nicole Tommy convo, I had seen this detailed on another site and I was shocked that this chat got past production monitoring the house. Wish I knew how to give production the strong message that the audience would prefer a more organic season with people showing their authentic personalities. While Tommy may seem “put on”, I really think that this is his day to day persona.. Nicole as well. I am sick of the poor and phony acting and would love production to get their fingers out of my pie!

  3. Avatar

    Morning everyone

  4. Nancy

    Saturday morning with mel..no better way to start my day..thank you for the recap, and I agree with Robin, thank you for a Jackson we can love..your regal baby is gor-gor-gorgeous! Had a poodle as a child..she was pampered more than me..thank you for sharing your baby with us..
    Now, what’s with Cliff becoming Nicole’s mouthpiece..let lil ol nicole go up to HoH and put her own two cents in..its offical..I’m over nicole! I’m astonished that Tommy would take CC off the block if he won veto..I’m shocked anyone would..that girls gotta go.
    and did nicole really cry cause they hv a tiny table, I understand she said it was a milestone, but for christ sake, get over it. Hey, I have an idea nicole..start playing the game..how bout that! Oh, hollybeth, it was LUCK that you won the last comp..get over urself..
    Oh my, I’m grumpy this morning..Happy Saturday friends

  5. Alda

    Good Morning Mel and Jackson.My stepmom had 5 poodles at one time.Cocoa,Bridgette,Suzette,Bobo,and Gigi.They were very smart dogs.Jackson looks like a stromg boy!

  6. Robin

    I actually think that the pie throwing might be good therapy for N, J and C. Help with learning to do something other than play nice.. lol

  7. CatLover

    Thanks Mel, and yes your Jackson is one we can love. Beautiful dog.

  8. Mary

    Good morning everyone. Cat fight, unfortunately it’s in my living room with Big Boy and Little Lady, and wasn’t in the HOH room yesterday with Nick & Christie. Though I must say there are similarities, even though she ( Little Lady ) is less than half his size, after chasing each other up and down the hallway, around the furniture, playing catch me if you can. Now he’s laying there just egging her on, come on I dare you. From her screams you’d think he was attacking her, and of course she’s the aggressor waiting to go for the kill shot, a bite to the neck. LOL Kind of what CC does to make sure she’s heard. The I love you’s will be later, after a nap, then they will be grooming each other, kind of like the other house guests did to each other last night. Have a great day !

  9. Leta

    I’m snarky this morning, so these damn HGs better be at least interesting today. I discovered about 3am that I lost a huge amount of research that I thought I had backed up — but NO — apparently I hadn’t. Nothing to do about it though except do it again and be salty while I am.

    Nicole. I am so over Nicole. I for the life of me can not figure out what production saw to even cast her in a BB house. She really is clueless in game play. My fantasy is that she gets picked for veto, wins veto and actually goes through with taking NN down. Hey! I said it was a fantasy. Would Cliff still keep up his protection of her as the other HGs turned on her like she was chum?

    • Sassy

      I wouldn’t mind that either. Beth would nominate someone else and CC would go home! Or reset! The damn universe is working hard for her. She not only has a good friend in TT, she also has friends in production.

      • Leta

        IF — that’s a HUGE damn if — that was to happen, do you think Holly would renom Jess? I think if she was to do that, surely to god they would finally vote CC out. NOT because they are loyal to Jess (who would be? why would they be?) but moreso because it’s an easy way to finally get CC out. But, as stupid as this lot is they would probably send #CluelessJess to jury and keep CC.

    • Helen

      Yes,I think Cliff will still protect or attempt to protect Nicole. Unfortunately,I thinkNicole is going to be Cliffs downfall in the game and I hate to see it because I would really like to see Cliff in a F2. The house (other than Cliff) already thinks Nicole is the prankster this week…if Nick wins veto and takes himself off the block I think there is a high chance Holly will replace Nick with Nicole and a high chance Nicole will get voted out. Nick has already told Tommy Nicole promised to take him off the block if she plays and wins veto,..Tommy will spill that info to Christie and word will get back to Holly and Jackson.

      • Leta

        Helen, I agree. Cliff has got to get outta of his Papa Bear mode with Nicole and break up that “package”. If Nicole was to end up next to CC otb, CC would be her ruthless self as she runs thru the HGs spreading her “truth and loyalty” to them all. Nicole can’t even come up with a game plan, worries to much about what the other HGs think and has big ole hearts in her eyes when she is even in the same room as NN.



    • AIO_7

      “Would Cliff still keep up his protection of her as the other HGs turned on her like she was chum?”

      Uhhhhh, NO,

      • Leta

        AIO — I don’t think he would either, so we might finally be in agreement on #TeamHogg! I hope we’re right!

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  11. Avatar

    It is too late in the game for twists that effect the game. However, Beth would have put up Christie anyway, so here is yet another meaningless twist. The only way it can have an effect now is if Christie is taken down. If I understand the prankster rules, if that happens then Nick will get to name the replacement. His best play would be to choose Jackson (if he wasn’t the POV winner). That way Nick could try to point a finger at Christie for going back on the deal she made with Jackson, and the rest of the week could have some fireworks.

    However, regardless what happens, I agree the final prank will be a reset, and they will play the week again. This will allow for a double eviction the night the first eviction goes from 7 down to 6. That is usually when double evictions occur since all remaining players can play for POV without need for a draw.

    I also think it’s possible for this week to be to be a double eviction simply because the KC Chiefs have a preseason game on Thursday night, and every year double eviction occurs that night, and I can’t watch it live because BB is preempted for the game and shown at 2:00 a.m. the next morning. Mel knows what I’m talking about!

  12. Mary

    After hearing some of the conversations yesterday, sure hope Nicole doesn’t win the veto. I think if she did, and took Nick off she would put a larger target on her back. This past week I have mixed feelings, Cliff says him and Nicole are a package deal, is that so he can use for a shield, early on he had thrown her under the bus to deflect people looking at him. That has CC concerned, which has me confused because I thought I heard her say to Holly=Beth yesterday morning that it didn’t matter to her they (Holly & JJ) were a couple, they were playing their own game. Then we have Nicole saying she would never put up Nick or vote him out.

  13. Leta

    Cliff is up making breakfast Taco’s. He wishes he had some real hot sauce in the house.He Saying he would give an arm and leg to have some Tabasco Sauce. (like all of us Texans, he covets Tabasco Sauce. And like Cliff we all love our football, Whataburger and Tabasco Sauce!) Says he is tired, both physically and mentally. It has been a stressful few weeks, with the eviction of AD and the starting of the JH. You can tell Cliff (be it his age or whatever) is so much more mature than his fellow HGs. He tells us he loves everyone in there and he has no one that he doesn’t like. Saying when he goes, he isn’t going to take it personal either. (unlike most of them, he understands it’s a g.a.m.e.) He’s amazed of how limited his targets are at this point. Saying after this week, the HOH is only going to have 6 people to choose from, which is a 1/3 of the house. He tells us how tough that is. He reviews Holly’s HOHs dates and makes the point that she has never been nominated. (Let’s hope THAT fact really sticks in his brain.)

    I love me some #TeamHogg

  14. Leta

    We had fish . . . now we have the adorable animals.

    • danmtruth

      Must be picking POV players

    • Avatar

      Leta I know the drive well my second ex hubby was from Harlingen. I live about 20 miles or so from Louisiana border. I didn’t get to reply yesterday but I like your 50+ BB season idea. I wonder why they only have the older HG being male? I know in season 2 they had Sheryl or something close to that name. In more recent seasons we get Donnie and a whole bunch of older guys. I like that Cliff is smart and is in fact a fan, so he has been willing to play. Let’s face it. It’s,hard to play a game when half the house doesn’t include you in the game talk especially early on. Cliff, Nicole and Jess early on were put OTB so it was hard to play and not,remain on everyone’s radar as a pawn.

  15. Leta

    Cliff, JJ and Jess will play.

  16. Mr. Beardo

    Happy weekend Junkies and happy start to the college football season! Good luck tonight G8trgirl! Hope your squad will be ready for my Dawgs in a few weeks.. Woohoo and yeehaw!!

  17. Leta

    Awww Geez. CC is startin’ her blubberin’ again. They all were in the KT and JJ told her if he wins veto he is taking NN down. CC burst into tears. And then blockhad JJ profusely started apologizing telling her he was just teasing her.

    ATTENTION : Someone has stolen JJs balls.

  18. Sunny - fka Newbie 2017

    Since I’m not really a Newbie anymore (and a lurker for a year before that), I changed my moniker. If BB returns next year, I’ll drop the fka – formerly known as. I’m probably one of the only ones who likes and understands Nicole. She reminds me of me when I was younger and even a lot still today. She took a couple weeks to read and feel everyone out. She saw what was happening and tried to warn Nick & Bella. (as wells as to try and form an alliance with them). They were just too dumb or thought they were really part of the cool kids crowd to believe her. She went back into hiding with the exception of Cliff, who she knows has a kind heart and soul. At times I think she’s hiding behind Nick who is a target and other times he is really the only one besides Cliff that will talk to her. She tried forming an alliance with Jess and Jess blew that up for her, so she’s done with her. I’m not sure why Nick is giving her attention, other than to try and get the numbers on his side against Holly and Jackson by using her. It has to be difficult being in house as a quiet introvert when you’re overwhelmed by people who think they are all that and want screen time and notoriety. I would bet she knows more about what’s happening in the house than she lets on.

    • Nancy

      Imho… I think she’s wrong for this show, and especially wrong for this cast..I was rooting for her, but I’m over her as a player..I want her to prove me wrong..

      • Sunny - fka Newbie 2017

        Every year they have a quiet/awkward/doesn’t fit in type person. It’s not new. I understand her and why she’s doing what she’s doing. After a while, you just get tired of people not understanding you and go sit in the corner and be quiet. It’s exhausting to try to explain how you are to those who aren’t like us.

      • Nancy

        @Sunny..not judging, just saying..yes they do have the quiet ones, but they usually at some point play the game..nuff said..and I might understand her more than you realize..peace my friend

    • Jennifer

      I agree with you. Also a Nicole supporter though I would really like to see her do something. She has not done anything to deserve to win.

      • Sunny - fka Newbie 2017

        I agree, she hasn’t done enough to win. But she has tried on at least 3 occasions to make a move, join an alliance, be part of a group that does something. She has tried to play this game. She keeps getting shot down. As I stated before, Nick & Bella blew her up, Jess blew her up, Kat blew her up. Has she made the best choices in who to try to join, absolutely not, but she has tried to play this game. Just because you don’t play the same as everyone else, doesn’t mean she’s not playing. And no, I’m not related or know her. She would be what I think my daughter would be like, if I ever had kids.

    • Painter1

      Good observation Sunny. Seems like every time Nicole tried to help it bit her in the butt.

    • KelBel

      Love Nicole as a person who is not afraid to say no/walk away from situations that make her uncomfortable – fantastic role model for her students.

      As a BB player? My love for her is lost. If you’re a player who others will come to and divulge information to…don’t blow that trust by un-strategically just telling everyone everything you know. Use it to gain yourself favor in the game. It’s not because she’s a bad person, she’s an honest person. That doesn’t make for a good BB contestant.

  19. AIO_7

    ….”but this is my 70 lbs of sweetness:”

    Holy cow, Mel; that poodle is 70 lbs?

  20. Helen

    How convenient for production that the two people who would have potentially pulled someone off the block and potentially go up as replacements are not playing in Veto….

    • AIO_7

      If you think about it, Production can put any combination of chips in that sack that they want. How would we or the house guest’s know any different?

      • Sunny - fka Newbie 2017

        To show any sort of legitimacy, they should pull out the rest of the chips to show that everyone’s chip was in there. But then how would they explain if it wasn’t when production has an agenda.

      • danmtruth

        One year the HG pulled all the chips just to see if everybody had a chip and , , , , , ,yes one cip for every player They have changed the chips one year a player also claimed to be able to feel the names so just dug around Now they are flat screen printed nothing embossed

      • AIO_7

        “To show any sort of legitimacy, they should pull out the rest of the chips to show that everyone’s chip was in there”

        Yet they never do. I bet the house guests are forbidden to see the chips left in the sack.

      • AIO_7

        “One year the HG pulled all the chips just to see if everybody had a chip and , , , , , ,yes one cip for every player”

        That doesn’t mean they still do it.

      • Mel

        They’ve taken them out before to check and see if they were all in there.

    • Nancy

      It makes me go, hmmmmmm? And not the doofus from last night..I never ever for one second thought about production doing these things, until this year and being here..call me naive, my eyes are opening wider and wider..even tho I stalked y’all for years, never read everything..its true ..nothing organic is going on..I already knew that with the dr sessions, that’s obvious ..but..wow..have I had an education

      • Diane

        “And not the doofus from last night.” Just when I think you can’t make me laugh any harder…you’re killing me, lady. Hmmmmmm…

      • AIO_7

        ..”nothing organic is going on”

        I wouldn’t go that far. I think Production lets plenty of organic thing happen. They just know when to stick their filthy fingers into pie. For instance, I believe Jackson busting his ass to get Chrustie on the block, and his veto win, was totally organic. The way the week ended, not organic.

  21. HiHowareYa?

    I read elsewhere that Nick and Tommy were “doing something” in bed last night and the camera quickly switched away. Can anyone confirm or deny?

    • Helen

      Idk. But the conversation between the two became extremely uncomfortable for me to listen to…

    • Leta

      I’m not sure as I was working. But. it wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t really get their relationship. TT is a proud gay man. NN professes to be in love with Bella (even if his actions as a HG lay question to that claim) I don’t know why TT would allow NN to do the overtly sexual acts such a rubbing his penis with his foot, the gross power dry humping or the sexual innuendos NN lobs at him. If NN is bisexual, why not be loud and proud? As it is NN just comes off to me as a confused sexual deviant who in NO way should be allowed to counsel children. As for TT, he must enjoy the attention NN shows him, because it’s usually him who is climbing into bed with NN.

      • danmtruth

        Remember what nick has study and what he does Nick as christie pointed out correctly At his core he is a street hustler As such he can justify anything If it means being on the downlow no problem for nick if it gets him to the money As they say tis just skin The mantra of the man on the downlow

      • Sassy

        We may be seeing his coming out… I don’t think his sexual orientation should be an issue as a HG or a therapist. His creepy actions should be of concern. I honestly wouldn’t think any differently of NN/TT having sex then the rest of them. None of them should have sex on camera!

  22. AIO_7

    “Cliff promised Beth she had his and Nicole’s votes.”

    I’d expect nothing less from Jackson’s bobblehead doll. Nick better win veto.

  23. Avatar

    Will any of these 8 realize it’s getting to end game? Liking someone not so important. Still holding a grudge or your target from earlier days doesn’t get you to the end or a win I’m thinking NN wanting to take out Jess. Dude put up JJ if you win veto. It’s your chance. Also Tommy needs to experience the block. Holly too.

  24. AIO_7

    “Cliff admitted to Nick he may not use the veto if he won it.”

    Well, of course not; did any one really expect the house bobble head to go up against Master Jackson and his lovah?

  25. Leta

    CC is right. She really is unstable. While talking to Holly and JJ she tells them she is going “hard for the veto.” She says she knew that she had agreed to be a pawn, but didn’t realize it would be now. (HOLD UP. Holly didn’t put CC otb. But, clearly CC is telling them she feels she has honored her part of the “use me as a pawn” deal.)

    But, Holly isn’t buying into THAT. She tells JJ that CC is framing this like she is just a pawn and that is her honoring her deal.

    Holly: No, I didn’t put her up. Someone else did. You see how she phrased that? She thinks she’s off the hook on her end of our deal because someone else nominated her. If I had put her up, it would be different, but I didn’t.”

    Sorry, CC. As far as Holly is concerned, that manifestation was an epic fail.


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  27. Leta

    Holly has spent her morning in the HOHR, practicing her F2 speech. Yes, you read that right.

  28. Tam

    Hello everyone. I love this community!!!! Discovered it a few years ago and I am so thankful. It really opened my eyes to the BS of Production or lack there of, I should say, versus the broadcast version. I have watched BB since the very beginning and it has just gotten worse and worse. Maybe I have just gotten older, but I don’t think so. TOTALLY agree with the casting is a disappointment. I don’t even think that I am watching BB anymore, it’s more like the joke of Love Island and something from MTV. Did they do the casting from the Pornhub community, Hooked On Phonetics failures and Instagrammers of Look At Me Desperation? Just my opinion, but if they are doing stuff to pull in viewers from a certain demographic IT IS SADDD as hell because I wouldn’t want my kids in that demographic to see these people as Role Models. Cliff is about the only one I have respect for. The rest is a like watching WTF is wrong with the world…….Just my thoughts and venting…. Thanks for letting me share….Sorry if this is offensive to anyone…..

    • mm22

      Welcome tam

    • Avatar

      Tam it’s not that you are getting older it’s just the HG IMO aren’t really sure what this game is? How to play it and what is required to be declared the winner by the jury. They try to remain friends or friendly act like they are honest or all about the universe. Tommy loves everyone every way every how and tells them every minute of every day. I swear some must think if they just make it to the end, how about a resume. Imagine some of them trying to jurysplain why they deserve to win and what they did to get there. Anyway welcome I am new here too.

  29. Robin

    So, just dawned on me that production likes Cliff. I think they brought Nicole for him to partner. Everyone knows that it takes at least two people to win this game. Of all the types of people that could partner with Cliff, Nicole is perfect…. she could be his daughter… a very nice fatherly role for Cliff. This may be some of the better casting this season….

  30. Avatar

    Watching BBAD what is with Nick’ s pimple pop in face and back? They look like they are in the ER going at his zits with a vengeance.

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