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Big Brother 21 – Friday Recap for 8/23/19

August 24, 2019 | 133 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning, hope everyone is heading towards a fantastic weekend. It’s finally cooled off some here (for now) and it’s great! I’m really looking forward to fall this year, like every year, but this summers heat has me super anxious. We’re 2/3 through the BB season so I guess it will be here soon enough.

Christie decided to have some whipped cream after she took a pie to the face yesterday and that’s the image at the top. Here’s another one and yes, Christie found a way to chew whipped cream…with her moth open, of course.

Remember when I was finding the positives if Christie stayed and said the feeds would be more entertaining with her there? Yeah….about that…..let’s just say, it hasn’t happened yet. Otherwise, I’ll have to say, I’m full of it and don’t know what I’m talking about. I also guessed Cliff would get the prankster power because of casual voters….wrong again. Even with the prankster being chosen and noms, yesterday was really boring. It’s the reason I’m here so let’s go over it anyway. (We can count how many times I’m wrong again today, just for the hell of it)

The day began with Christie already knowing she would be going up as a pawn. I have no idea why Beth thought it was a good idea to tell her ahead of time. They knew there would be some kind of power so if I were Beth, I wouldn’t have been spilling everything that soon. As it worked out, Christie wouldn’t have had to know at all.

The moment Nick won, we knew who he was putting otb. Sure, he was still after Jess but he didn’t want to sit otb next to her. If he thought he was going up, Christie is who needed to be beside him and he knew it. With different personalities, he maybe could’ve went to the hoh and said “if you put me up, I’m going to have no choice except put up Jackson beside me” and made some kind of a deal. He could’ve tried to make a deal instead of keep it a secret. That wouldn’t work though because Jackson was already suggesting putting himself up if he won it to make sure he could play in the veto.  I think if Nick said that to Beth, Jackson would’ve told him to bring it on.  Secret power is usually better but I’ll be shocked if Nick is able to keep it a secret anyway because he runs his mouth about everything. Honestly, with the way he handled it, I can’t believe they haven’t already figured it out. He’s behaving the same way Jackson did whe he was the rogue vote he blamed on Nicole and he did a terrible job.

I forgot to mention that Beths dog is named Jackson. Mine is too but I dont have a boyfriend with the same name so I think it’s funny.  My Jackson hasn’t been chosen for the pet of the day and this is kind of cheating but this is my 70 lbs of sweetness:

Speaking of Jacksons rogue vote, Nicole “pied” Jackson and smacked him pretty hard with it. When he asked (jokingly) why him, she said ‘cough, rogue vote, cough.’ It was funny and I have to say, I’m liking this pie thing. I thought it might be stupid and get boring quickly but it just doesn’t seem to get old. Sure, it’s pie and not bricks, but we can’t have everything. Nicole is loving it and it’s the most fun I think I’ve seen her have this summer. She said she wished all the hgs could come back so she could do it to all of them. Jess said “wow, we’ve found something Nicole is passionate about.”

Other than the disagreement between Nick and Christie in the hoh room with Beth and Jackson, the day consisted of pies to the face, working on Nicks pimples and Tommy continuing to scream into his microphone. (Even I like you, being a house scremaer will turn me against you quickly)  I’m not kidding, that’s about all that happened yesterday. There’s tension between Nick and Christie but it’s more low key than last week. (so far)

Here’s a few other things that happened:

  • Hgs were told about the prankster details and that Beth will only choose 1 nom.
  • Nick told Beth he would put up Christie and Jess if he won. He also told everyone he would take down the 2nd non if he won the veto.
  • Tommy seemed paranoid all day. He said he didn’t want the power but worried about being safe.
  • The large table was replaced with the smaller one.
  • Cliff promised Beth she had his and Nicole’s votes.
  • Beth told Jess too much of what she’s thinking regarding the game since Jess tells everything. Most of it was about the power and knowing if Jess went up as a replacement, they’d know Nick had it.
  • Jackson thought Nicole had the power because after noms, (when Christie went up) Jackson hugged Nicole and said thank you. He said she just looked at him and didn’t say anything and said she had a bad poker face. He and Beth were happy if it was Nicole. (I suppose it didn’t occur to him she looked confused because she didn’t know what the hell he was thanking her for) Cliff thinks Nick is the prankster.
  • Christie started thinking Nicole was the prankster too. She said Nicole was emotional when she came out of the DR and said it was because they got the small table. Nicole, at the time, said it was emotional because it was a milestone in the game. Christie said they (production) didn’t asked anyone else about the smaller table. Jackson told her they asked him. (He may have decided to work with her but he loves proving her wrong)
  • Tommy and Nicole talked about production and how they’re pushed to say certain things in the DR. (Not breaking news) He said he just tried to go along with it and give them what they want even if it’s stuff he doesn’t think or want to say.
  • Beth debated over putting Nick otb before noms. She was afraid he could win the veto. I couldn’t follow along with this logic because even without the prankster making one of the noms, Nick could win veto so maybe there was a strategy in there that I missed.
  • Cliff admitted to Nick he may not use the veto if he won it.
  • Beth told Jackson she would beat him in a F2.
  • More pies to the face. They all had to shove it in their own faces too.
  • Beth debated planting seeds that Christie and Nick are working together. She and Jackson went back and forth over Christie finding out and not working with them. He said she should just tell Christie everything Nick was saying (about Christie and Nick agreeing to keep each other safe and throwing the hoh comp to the other) and let her take care of it. Beth told.
  • Christie and Nick hashed everything out the other had sad. They both wanted to be seen as the truthful one to Jackson and Beth. Nick said he never told Christie he would throw it to her. Christie said he tried to make a deal but she didn’t want any part of it. It was more of a debate than an argument and it definitely wasn’t a fight.
  • Nick told Nicole Christie lies all the time and it’s how she gets away with stuff, by lying her way out of it. He asked if Nicole would put him otb and she said no. She wouldn’t tell him who she would  put up but said it wasn’t good for her game for Nick to go home. She also said she would use a veto on him even though she knew the rest of the house wouldn’t like it. Nicole told him she feels he’s safe with Cliff if it’s Christie and Nick otb. Nicole also subtly suggested Tommy may be a good replacement if Christie came down. Nick didn’t agree or think he’d stay over Tommy. Nicole said she thought he would and people would see it as a chance to take a shot at Tommy.
  • Jackson and Beth have both said they won’t go after Tommy. Beth said she’d never put Tommy up. (The person no one ever wants to go after is the person who needs to go home ASAP)
  • Nicole told Tommy she thought this week could be a reset week and maybe no one would be evicted. She thinks it fits with  the prankster stuff. (I do too. I also think its possible because it would allow for a double eviction to happen)
  • Nick thinks the convo in the hoh room with Christie, Jackson and Beth is the reason he went otb. He actually thought he was doing a good job of not going up if that hadn’t  happened. (He’s wrong)
  • Everyone has been sharing hide the veto hiding spots. (Unless they’re lying to each other, this could end up working the same way a knock out comp works. The comps where they have to pick 2 people to go against each other always reveal a lot. Going after someones hidden veto intentionally, could do the same)
  • Beth doesn’t want to get too cocky and worries they’ll be in the hoh for 2 weeks. (Here’s a crazy idea, leave the room and hang out with other people. It’s not a rule you have to stay up there all the time, it’s a choice)

Beth doesn’t want to be a target but she can’t be humble either. After she won the hoh, she pointed out that Julie said it was a skill comp. Jackson said it was luck. She said she wanted people to think it was luck but they both knew it was skill. She brought it up again the next day. Jackson, the man with all the quotes, said “pride cometh before the fall.”  I don’t think the house has her figured out at all and I still think she’s one of the front runners to win the game. Christie is a mean girl and is who she is although she’s in denial. Beth is a mean girl who apologizes to the cameras after and thinks she has us fooled. Christie is self centered where Beth is a con man, con woman in this case.  Along with Beth and Tommy, I think Jackson could also win the game but his is more dependant on how some of the comps play out and the timing.  Yes, I see a scenario where Jackson could win this game. Despite what Beth thinks, I also see a scenario where Jackson beats Beth. If this week stays slow, maybe I’ll go over my thoughts on peoples chances for the win. I don’t like predicting until half the people are out and that’s where we are now. I don’t see the point with all the twists because too much is random. This season isn’t decided by any means and that’s one good thing about it this year.

Here’s a couple of shots that were caught of the area behind the walls of the house. One is behind the storage room and the other is just to the left of that space because the camera was panning at the time. These are my favorite screen shots to get but there’s nowhere for them to fit in with a recap so I don’t usually use them.

Check back later for veto results and have a great Saturday.







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