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Big Brother 21 – Friday Recap for 8/30/19

August 31, 2019 | 282 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning. Before anything else, I hope all our friends in Florida, Georgia and as of recently, the Carolinas are doing well and able to take  the necessary precautions to stay safe. We’re thinking about you guys and hope you’ll check in when you can just to let us know you’re ok.

I also wanted to say thank you again for any and all donations you’ve sent. I appreciate you all whether it’s a donation, your well wishes, game insight or your humor. Steve’s site and all of you make the BB experience for me, just as much as watching the game itself.

Beth=Holly    Jolly=Jackson and Beth

Lastly, before I recap the day, NK……you are a Saint. I’ve said it before but last night is an example of it. As my recap will reveal, NK trying to update last night had to be some form of mental torture. This may have been the whiniest night of the feeds so far. I signed off around midnight because I couldn’t take it anymore and they were far from being finished when I did. (Insert a bow, a salute and hell, even a curtsy here for NK)

The top image was the face Jackson made the other night when Nicole joked about smashing watermelons in the hide the veto comp. ‘I’ll start the recap off with a comment from early in the day from Jackson because he said he thinks this season “has been better than most of the others.” Beth and Cliff agreed, especially because they all love each other so much. This should set the tone and practically the theme (if a recap needed a theme) for the day.

Jackson told Jess he was putting her otb. He said she and Christie would beat him in mental comps, they’re threats, etc. She said she didn’t understand (shocker) why he would put someone up who was a vote for him and that he wasn’t on her radar. She said if she’d had to break a tie on her hoh, she would’ve kept Jackson. (She didn’t focus on the fact that she’d put him up to begin with)  Jess told him people had made deals to get him out before and there was only one person still there he couldn’t beat. (Jackson may not value Jess as a player but she does spend time with Christie so he could’ve possibly gotten some info from her if he’d  tried. Maybe not, because its Jess but he didn’t even try) It was obvious he was so focused on remembering what bullet points he wanted to hit with her so he didn’t even listen to what she was saying. He didn’t ask her what or who she meant and she didn’t volunteer it. She said she wouldn’t have put him up if she won the hoh. (I think Tommy and Jackson would’ve been her noms but it’s Jess so I’m only guessing) She said she still loved him but didn’t get why he’d choose her to go otb.

  • Tommy told Jackson they have to be careful with Christie this week because “it’s almost time,” “PMS is a real thing” and he said “I’m scared of it.” (Thank you Christie for single handedly making grown men terrified of us)
  • Nicole tried to give Jackson some advice about Jess. She said he should give Jess a heads up about the noms because Jess wasn’t expecting it and she was going to be hurt and surprised. Nicole said “she thinks she’s good with you guys and loves you both.” Beth asked “why does she think that?” (Ya, I just realized this is out of order. Oh well, that’s how I roll…)
  • Jackson assured Tommy he wasn’t going otb at all. He said Jess was his target and Cliff would be the renom. Tommy asked why he didn’t used Nicole instead of Cliff to make sure Cliff stayed safe. (Awww, Tommy’s so thoughtful) Jackson insinuated if Jess won the veto, Christie would go home.
  • Christie asked Jackson who he would put up if one of them came down with the veto. He said probably Cliff. She tried to get him to commit to keeping her if it was Cliff up against her. He said he wanted her to be there but avoided giving her an answer about choosing her over Cliff.
  • Jackson told Tommy to use the veto on Christie if it made them feel better about everything. He said he would put up Cliff but didn’t want Cliff going home. He used the excuse of Jess only putting guys otb.  Tommy said they’d deal with veto together if it became an issue. (Sorry, that was confusing. Part of the time, Jackson and Tommy were alone talking but Christie  was there for part of it.  I’m a mess this morning!)
  • Beth wants to have a talent show and I think they’re planning it for Sunday. I think they’re bringing back Beths original song and dance number:
  • Jackson told Beth he didn’t think anyone had a clue they were in an alliance with Cliff and Nicole. (Of course not, he’s not putting them up and he’s telling Tommy he doesn’t want Cliff to leave but sure, ok)
  • Jackson told Cliff and Beth he preferred Jess but he wouldn’t be upset if either one of them went home. (That’s the opening they needed so we’ll have to wait and see what Cliff and Nicole eventually do with it)
  • Beth remembered Ovi having a funeral for a fish that died and said Sis was pissed because she didn’t want to participate.
  • Christie told Jess one of them will be going home even if one comes down with a veto. She also thinks the 4 (Jolly, Cliff, Nicole) are probably working together. Jess said she’s pretty sure there are 5. (?? I think she’s insinuating Tommy is with them) Christie said no and named the 4 of them. (I think Jess wants Tommy to be with them so she can have Christie all to herself) Christie doesn’t think Jackson even cares which one of them leaves but he probably prefers it be her. She said she isn’t salty about it, she’s just tired. She also said she can’t get mad at this point, it’s a game and Jackson is playing it well. Christie said she isn’t going to campaign if the 4 are working together because they’ll vote the way Jackson wants.
  • Jess became emotional and cried a lot. Christie said she was numb to it by now but understood Jess hadn’t released a lot of built up stuff yet and she was due. They hugged, bonded and had a little “us against the world” going on.
  • Jess wondered why Jackson didn’t put Tommy up. Christie said she thinks they made a deal after Nicole fell off the wall comp.
  • The hg had to mop again and Cliff said they asked him to “degrease” the floors so he thinks they’ll play hide the veto. He and Jackson went around trying to find good hiding spots together. (This is similar to the way hgs eventually figured out how to game the game with the stay or fold comp. I think this is the first year they’ve talked about working together to game this one too. Hey, it’s the evolution of BB)
  • Christie thinks they’ll play BB Comics because they could hear them outside building for a long time. She doesn’t think  it would take  that long for the hide the veto set up. Jackson said it would if they’re building cabins instead of  the tents they used before. (We haven’t had hide the veto, BB Comics, bowl-a-rina or face morph yet)
  • Christie still thinks production chose Nick as the prankster.
  • Beth told them all how she cut herself when she shaved, left a blood trail and was told she had to see a medic. (She’s been searching for her own storyline and she’s going with bleeding to death, I suppose)
  • Cliff pointed out that Beth is the only person left in the house who hasn’t had a punishment. Nicole said she was in a shomance with Jackson and that was punishment enough. (Nicole is much better than the zingbot. Now, if they’d start talking about Beth and Tommy being the only ones left not to be on the block, that would be great)
  • Jess talked to Christie about never having anyone in the game and being an afterthought to everyone. (Tommy sat there for part of it trying to use his sympathy face)
  • Jess said she wasn’t minimizing Christie’s month otb but she’s never had an alliance and always felt like she was otb. She said she didn’t really connect with people until the numbers got smaller and it hasn’t been a fun experience for her.
  • Tommy said he didn’t like Jess feeling alone in the game. He says they’ve always had her back. They talk about what a good game Jackson is playing. Jess said if he gets to the end, she’ll  vote for him to win because he’s been a target but survived. (She said this about Nick last week) The look on Tommy’s face though is great. You know he’s thinking about having to sit there, putting in his time, listening to her whine and cry only to hear her say, she’ll vote for Jackson. Haha
  • Jess, Christie and Tommy started talking about grateful and how it started because Jess began talking about being left out of all the deals….again. She said something about being #7 and Tommy said “no, Kat was 7.” (I’m sure that made her feel great) I CAN’T listen to Jess go through this again, sorry, moving on.
  • Beth was complaining to Jackson that she wanted to get pictures, see her family and do her own shout outs. (She’s pouting she isn’t hoh when she just finished being hoh??) She and Nicole asked how the talk went with Jess. He said she got emotional and told him there were bigger threats in the game than him. Jackson said she meant Cliff (she didn’t) and said she would’ve put Cliff up if she’d won hoh. (I have no idea if he believed this or if he’s trying to get Cliff and Nicole to believe it) Either way, he went the martyr route again and patted himself on the back for saving everyone.
  • Beth began talking about interviewing the other hgs so we could get to know the “real” them. Jackson thought it was a bad idea because it’s Labor Day weekend and he said no one would be watching. This didn’t sit well with her and it was only one of many complaints to come.
  • Jess was still talking about being alone in the game, the reason she got Jack out and not understanding why Christie remained close to Jack. Christie said she wished she’d worked with Jess from the beginning.  Jess was still crying to Christie and said “I don’t know how this will sound but I was waiting for you for so long.” (Jess is a terrible communicator but I think she’s saying she was better for Christie’s game all along and was loyal to her but had to wait for Christie to wake up and see it. Jess was the BFF she should’ve chosen all along) I actually felt for Jess in this moment (a weak moment, even I have them) but she kept talking and whining and the world righted itself once again. I went back to hoping she’s evicted this week. I’m sorry, this may not be best for everyone or some of the favorite hgs but I dont give a damn anymore! Try recapping or live updating this:

Jess talking: I mean, it’s like when you like need to go like and because in this game, we like don’t get the full like situation. If we ever, like wanted to like say that we are playing for like in this thing, it’s like not good for my game. Do you know what I’m saying?  (What I just typed ALSO takes 45 minutes for her to say it!! I’ve finally snapped and I can’t take it anymore!!!)

Sorry, I just had to get that out. (Insert here an image of me smoothing my hair back down, taking a deep breath, picking up my tossed papers off the floor and beginning to type again)

  • Beth continued to get more and more irritated with Jackson throughout the evening. He made a joke about something private that I didn’t hear to Christie and Tommy. I think it was about them as a couple, not the game. She didn’t like it and he’d already shot down her “interview the hgs” idea so it was building.
  • They were given a little alcohol and Jackson suggested Nicole suggested she shotgun a beer with him. She passed but Tommy did it. (For a moment, I wasn’t sure little Tommy was going to survive) The guys plus Nicole had the beer (I think) and Beth and Jess had the wine. Christie may have been in the DR. I’m assuming they saved her something but by this time, I couldn’t take Jess anymore and was checking out.
  • It didn’t take much alcohol for some of them to feel a little buzz annnnddddd the night got even more fun. Cliff taught them Aggie cheers with Tommy chiming in “I love it” occasionally when he obviously didn’t love it. Jess continued her pity party, Beth became more upset with Jackaon and Jackson started telling his frat boy stories again. (Ya, good times)
  • Jess spoke to Nicole about how she was feeling. It was long and confusing but I thinks she feels Nicole has kept info from her and not been there for her in the game. (So not true) Jess said Tommy was the only person who could beat Jackson and Nicole told her she needed to say that to Jackson. Jess said her game wasn’t about throwing people under the bus. (Her game isn’t about playing the game)
  • Beth vented to Tommy and Christie about Jackson and you guessed it, how she’s being portrayed on the show. She had an entire monologue.
  • Beth said she’s afraid she won’t be “known or relevant” for anything other than being the old person who hooked up with the 24 year old douchebag. She said “We literally knew each other for 23 days before I even kissed him but it won’t look like that on tv.”
  • Tommys face because he knows she’s full of it:


  • Beth continued to say “Like, I’m literally so conservative outside of here. I’m not the girl you bring home from the bar…..I guess that’s what he’s used to…..its not me at all. The bro talk….f*cking cool it.” Tommy said people don’t see her that way and neither does Jackson. Christie told her what Jackson talks about doesn’t have anything to do with her or how people see her. Christie said he’s just young. Beth says she know but he starts telling his douchy ass frat stories. She said “I was 24…..but I’ve done a lot since then….so stop dragging me into your douchyness.” She said she doesn’t want to hear it and clearly America doesn’t want to hear it either.
  • Some of the hgs were confident they wouldn’t play a veto today since they got alcohol last night. Haha

We could analyze Beth all day but this recap is already too long, especially for such a boring day. For now, I’ll just say Beth has it all wrong. Jackson has been a douche but that’s on him, not her. She’s been a bit of a mean girl but not as much as some of the others. The biggest issue I think a lot of people have with Beth is her need to “create” a story she can tell while we watch a different one. What she does with Jackson doesn’t bother me, other than my dislike of shomances in general. If she’s a bit older, more power to her. I never care for anyone who “wants to have their cake and eat it too.”  She’s in total control of what she’s doing so fine, do it and move on. If not, shut up about it and change it. The fastest way to turn the average feed watcher against a player is for them to try to lie to us. It insults our intelligence and tells us they don’t give a damn about the game, they’re there for something else. For me, this isn’t why Beth became “Beth” but it’s why she remains Beth. The weird thing is, her game would be one of my favorites from the remaining people if she’d let go of her “narrative” and just play the game.

It looks like Beth and Jackson made up:

We’re probably due for one of those all day long vetos but you never know. Check with Steve later for the results. Have a great Saturday.



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