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Big Brother 21 – Friday Recap for 9/20/19



Good morning Junkies. I’ll let you know right off, I don’t have very much today and I don’t have the random stuff I sometimes toss in so this will be a short one. I’m working on a season recap and that’s a bit more time consuming so a day like yesterday is a good day to cut short.

Last season, I broke down the games of the last 3 players, doing one of them each day. I was going to do that this season but realized, there isn’t as much to say. The game was so much different this year as far as what moves each of them were making from week to week. Tyler and JC did so much every week last year, it really needed to be broken down individually. (Not insulting Kaycee, she just played a different game) I’m not saying there wasn’t a lot going on this season because there was, it’s just harder to pinpoint specific game moves for each of the F3. All the players best moves or things that propelled them further, were more reactionary this year, rather than being planned. Christie is the only player I can think of who’d need an entire thread to go over everything they did in the game. She’s the only one who had her hands in everything….all the time.

This season, I’ve decided to break up the game as a whole into sections and recap what happened during those weeks. I’ll include how each of the F3 impacted the game during that time frame. It ends up being almost the same thing, I’m just going about it from a different direction. (Besides, if going this route doesn’t  work, you’ll forget about it by next summer and hopefully not hold it against me) I don’t know if it will be the mornings of Sun-Tues or Mon-Wed yet because it will mostly depend on how far I get with it today. (I’d planned to have all day to work on it but my sons girlfriend is out of town and he asked me if I’d be his plus one at a wedding this evening) Since I won’t have as much time today as I’d planned, there may be one more mini recap in the morning before I dive into a season review, I’ll just have to see how it goes. Steve will have his breakdown of the players and he did Jacksons last night so go to the previous thread and check it out if you missed it. He brought up some things about Jackson that I’d completely forgotten.


Yesterday on the feeds:


This isn’t one of those seasons where we see  two people trying to talk and scheme when the third is in the DR. A few comments have been made here and there but nothing like real campaigning. Everyone is saying they’re scared they won’t be picked to be taken to the F2 by someone else but so far, that’s about it. Here’s a look at what little we saw happen.

  • They had the traditional F3 meal but without a guest host to walk them down memory lane. (I’m assuming it’s because Julie will have Kaycee, Tyler, JC on the episode so maybe we’ll get to avoid the memory episode most of us dislike)
  • They received videos from home and I’d imagine that will be shown on the episode too. Jackson cried and told Beth he wanted to make him mom proud “just one time.” (He’s soooooo dramatic!) Besides, he’s  already gotten an hoh letter from her telling him she’s proud. (For the record, it was a fake account claiming Jacksons mom was trying to sue CBS. That didn’t happen)
  • Nicole’s done the best she could trying to feel included while also giving the love birds some space. They’ve done a good job making her feel included too but it still has to be so awkward being there with a shomance.
  • There was a lot of napping in the house because they’re trying to make the time go by faster. I can’t say I blame them.
  • Watermelon picnic. I’m hoping this isn’t “the” stool:
  • Even Nicole has been sucked into the watermelon vacuum of hell:
  • Nicole has a F3 dance she does often because there isn’t anything else to do. This one was to entertain Jackson and Beth:
  • Jackson and Beth were given some kind of sunflower gifts Nicole made for them:
  • Nicole talked us through the shower she had planned and what she should wear.  There was a brief debate over regular undies or boy shorts and she went with boys shorts. She’s a planner and didn’t want to run out of clean underwear since they can’t do any more laundry. (Sorry folks, this is what we’re working with)
  • Fresh from the shower and new clothing carefully chosen, time for more dancing:
  • Beth made a joke about Jackson mooning the camera while changing clothes:
  • This turned into Jackson berating Beth for wearing a bra you could see through her shirt or maybe a see through bra? (Not sure and not the point) He ran it into the ground, he’d leave the room, come back and bring it up again.  He told her he didn’t want people he cared about to see things like that. (Run Beth Run)
  • Nicole tried to make the point she has more to fear than Jackson does regarding going to the F2 but he wouldn’t have it. He tells her she has a 33% chance just like he does. (He has a 66% chance, 100% if Nicole were to take him) He’s trying to get Nicole to commit to taking him if she wins the last hoh but without committing to taking her. He’s only in the hinting phase so far. (Doesn’t this sound similar to Cliffs deal that Jackson thought was so offensive? You take me but I’m not taking you.)
  • More napping:
  • Jackson reminded Beth she had a job to do and a comp to win. She told him she’d never turn her back on him. He responded by saying he had to make it into those final two chairs. (This love story just writes itself, doesnt it? Makes my heart flutter)
  • There was a feeds leak and this is probably a glimpse of part 2 of the hoh comp:
  • Nicole looked down at Jackson and Beth from the balcony. (These are my favorite images for some reason) She said she wondered if the jury pitied her for being stuck with a shomance. She said she wasn’t the 3rd wheel on a bicycle, she was the bell you ring on the bicycle.
  • They had dinner together and gave their usual dinner speeches. Nicole said she’ll walk out with her head held high no matter how she places and said she respects Beth and Jacksons games. Beth said she respects both of them and she’d  be ok losing to either of them. Jackson hopes the past 94 days doesnt effect any of them and they can all be friends.
  • There was a lot of chit chat about watching the season later, the evicted hgs and telling secrets from the game. They went over alliances they’ve been in and opinions on the other players….the usual.

That’s it for today and sorry I didn’t have more. Part 2 should be played sometime today (unless they’ve changed it) and it’s usually late in the evening when when find out the results. I’m hoping for a Nicole win today (desperately) but it’s still anyone’s game. Beth winning the F3 hoh has the most predictable result in my opinion.  I don’t see her making a big move and taking Nicole, no matter what she thinks her chances are with either of them. I could see Nicole doing either one and taking Beth or Jackson. It seems Jackson would take Beth but if Cliffs jury stuff got into his head, (and we know it did) I could absolutely see him taking Nicole if he thought he could beat her easier.  I just don’t know who he thinks is easier to beat.


Have a great Saturday.



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  1. Cheryl

    Thanks Mel! Loved reading ALL your recaps and reviews this season! Have fun at the wedding tonight!

  2. SoftKitty

    A Season Recap! I love that idea Mel! Cawfee with Mel is the favorite part of my morning… Thank you so much for all you do for us Junkies!

  3. hogwild

    After seeing Jacksons goodbye message to Cliff I think he lost any chance he might have had of getting Cliffs vote and I hope Cliff shares that message with the jury. I really hope Jacholes rules for thee but not for me bites him in the ass.

  4. Alda

    Mel,have a nice evening with your son. Nicole has to win Part 2,or it’s all over for her.She can do this!

  5. ElaineB

    Thx Mel! Going down memory lane with this three would have been extra painful. Am sure Holly would have made it all about her. No need to reminisce about the shower stool, watermelon, or HOH mob mentality, against Nicole (and Outsiders) earlier in the season. Yes, we were spared.

  6. AIO_7

    ” (For the record, it was a fake account claiming Jacksons mom was trying to sue CBS. That didn’t happen)”

    I’ve read that some where else as well.

  7. AIO_7

    “They’ve done a good job making her (Nicole) feel included too but it still has to be so awkward being there with a shomance.

    She made the comment had she and Cliff voted differently and taken Tommy that the F3 week would have been so much better (be it Tommy or Jackson). I have seen the regret in her face several times.

  8. AIO_7

    ” I’m hoping this isn’t “the” stool:”

    I bet it is. I’d imagine they let them clear out stuff from the HoH before closing it down. Also looks like water mark stains on the legs.

  9. Avatar

    I just saw since season 14 the winner of the 1st. round has not won the game, let it be so again.

  10. Helen

    Hey Hey!! Thought I’d pop in and say Hi!
    Days comp for Nicole today!!
    Really clear pic of it on Hamsterwatch twitter page…
    A brain map…..

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  12. Apopkedave

    Why is Nicole so happy about being in a final three, how much does 3rd place take home? LOL

  13. mustangsally

    Looking forward to the end of this year’s BB. Jolly knows Nicole is going to watch the season, why are Beth and Douche still lying to her? Just because they say it doesn’t make it true. Mel, enjoy your night out with your son, mine is treating me to dinner

  14. Punkytripster2

    Can we now stop with Jackson’s getting special treatment cause his mom is threatening a lawsuit. It’s fake news and it’s why so many people think production is helping Jackson. I think Jackson deserves to be in final 2. He has played the game all summer I’m not saying I like the way he played it all the time but he has played it unlike most of this year’s houseguests. I think Jackson and Nicole both adapted to the game and made changes when they needed to. I would like to see both of them in final 2. I do think Nicole will beat Jackson but the two of them are the most deserving at this point.

  15. Avatar

    If Holly beats Jackson in F2, it would be an embarrassment for the whole show. I thought Tyler not beating Kaycee was a robbery but if Holly beats Jackson it’s a million times worse. At least Kaycee played the game and won legitimately in competitions.

  16. AIO_7

    Don’t forget your 10 votes for nugget Nicole’s AFP.

  17. Kari

    Yeah that “love story that writes itself” is making my heart flutter unbelievably. Someone better call 911 because I might be dead soon… LMAO!!

    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t let them do a load of laundry. That’s kind of gross actually. Seriously? It’s not like they’re *all* leaving tomorrow.

    What do you want to bet Nicole’s gets a standing ovation if she does have to leave? *Fingers crossed for an F2!!*

  18. Kari

    Does Someone have the link to vote for AFP?

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